Elevated CO2 and the Enhancement of Plant Medicinal Properties

“overall, elevated CO2 provoked changes in the phytochemical contents of caraway plants, particularly at the sprouting stage and, hence, improved their nutritive and health-promoting properties.”

Climate Change – Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Inhaled Anaesthesia?

Every sector must play its part in reducing both emission of harmful gases and overall energy use.

Give thanks that we no longer live on the precipice

Fossil fuels helped humanity improve our health, living standards and longevity in just 200 years Paul Driessen Thanksgiving is a good time to express our sincere gratitude that we no…

Greening the hospital operating room – another thing best left alone

From the Canadian Medical Association Journal another one of those areas like the ridiculous attempts to green the military, where I think most people don’t give a rats patootie about…

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