Senator Malcolm Roberts Challenges the Aussie Government to Prove CO2 is a Problem

An inside view into what it is like being a climate skeptic politician who is determined to get answers out of both his colleagues and government scientists.

Day Two CPAC Australia: Zuby, Alan Jones, and Climate Hysteria

Day two saw audience outrage after an Aussie conservative branch president, whose party switched to supporting Net Zero just before the election, told the audience they saw no need to…

Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Slams False Net Zero Inflation Claims

Former mining engineer Senator Malcolm Roberts is one of a handful of Australian federal politicians who have the courage to openly criticise the green madness.

Watch an Aussie Politician Squirm as Malcolm Roberts demands Evidence Climate Change is a Problem

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts wants a simple answer from the Aussie CSIRO: what is the evidence that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing dangerous climate change?

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