Carbon Credits: The Predictable Unraveling of a Flawed System

Whaddya mean the Indulgences don’t live up to their hype?

Carbon Offsets from Forest Conservation Projects have Been Overestimated

…there has been little rigorous evidence as to whether the projects deliver on their promises.

John Kerry Confronted Over His Private Jet Use — His Response Says It All

He’s making such a sacrifice for us all. This interview was in 2019 because Kerry FLEW TO ICELAND ON HIS PRIVATE JET, in order to ACCEPT AN AWARD. HT/Sara and…

Sanders And Warren Campaigns Paid Reparations For An Estimated 2,102 Tons Of Coal Worth Of Carbon In 2019

From The Daily Caller Andrew Kerr And Chris White Contributor February 05, 2020 8:07 PM ET Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren collectively spent $59,138 in carbon offsets in 2019…

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