Australia’s Voracious Termites Are Now “Driven by Climate Change”

Termites were well managed by our ancestors, but in the wake of banning powerful insecticides like DDT, they are now apparently a climate problem.

Children Die When ‘Eco-Lies’ Disrupt the War Against Mosquitoes

Why is there a dramatic increase when we have effective disease control mechanisms at our disposal? Because the application of those solutions has been hindered by environmental movements.

Enemies of humanity

Mosquitoes and uncaring environmental activists perpetuate poverty, disease and death Steven Lyazi After being infected again with malaria last July, I spent almost a month in a Kampala hospital. Paying…

New study shows Malaria has little to do with temperature or climate, but more with household size

For General Release – Summary of: Average Household Size and the Eradication of Malaria By Lena Huldén, Ross McKitrick and Larry Huldén Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A,…

Laugh of the day – where's that DDT when you really need it?

Over at DeSmog blog, the hilarity from the Daily Bayonet Story earlier today continues. Gotta love this comment from the DeSmog thread:

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