Open Thread – AGU Week

Thanks to the help of many readers, I’m off to cover The 2013 AGU meeting, and I’ll be in San Francisco this week. I’m in transit today.

Weekend Open Thread

I’m taking the weekend off, as I need to do some climate unrelated work, which is physical, and always good for the soul, and I need to spend time with…

Thoughts on IPCC AR5 SPM – discussion thread

There’s so much to talk about in the IPCC AR5 report, and I have other obligations this weekend. So, it seems time for an open thread on the subject. A…

Open thread

I’m otherwise engaged today, so it is time for an open thread.

Open Thread Weekend

I’m traveling this weekend, posting will be light to nonexistent. Guest authors are welcome to post submissions.

Open Thread

I’ll be offline for a few hours, and won’t be able to publish anything new for a few hours as I’ll be without Internet access, though I may get lucky…

Open thread Sunday

I have family duties today. In my last open thread I noted that “WUWT story submissions have been a dry hole lately”. I’m happy to report that I found out…

Open Thread

I don’t normally do mid week open threads, but I’ve not found much of interest to write about tonight, and story submissions have been a dry hole lately.

Weekend Open Thread

Travel today. So by request, here is a Weekend Open Thread on Thatcher, who did much to kick off the CO2 global warming saga but later on became a sceptic…

Open Thread Wednesday

I have travel today, hence this open thread.

Open thread weekend

Traveling this weekend, posting will be light.

Weekend Open Thread

Traveling today, so post on any relevant topic.

Open thread weekend

I have some other things to attend to this weekend, posting will be light from me. But I’ve arranged for some entertainment.

Open Thread Weekend

Topics of general nature per the blog masthead today.

Weekend Open Thread

Just a bit burnt out today. Need to take a rest from blogging. Here’s some tidbits from email submissions to chew on though:

Weekend open thread – Attack of the Gorebots

I’m a little bit toasted from the effort to get WUWT-TV online, so I’m taking a rest. I did note with some humor though this gloating missive from Dana “scooter”…

Weekend open thread

I’ve got lots of work to do this weekend, so I’ll leave it to you folks to entertain yourselves for awhile.

Open thread weekend

The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred, at 2:40PM UTC (7:49AM PDT) marking the end of summer. Despite our Jay Zwally countdown to the end of summer reaching zero on the…


I’m traveling today, so new posts won’t be happening until perhaps the evening. Open thread, moderators please help where you can – Anthony

Open Thread Tuesday

Traveling today. Moderators feel free to post any breaking news items.

Weekend Open Thread

Taking a break, it has been an exhausting week. Postings resume Monday. Be sure to vote in the August ARCUS sea ice forecast poll.

Open thread weekend

I have an important project to finish this weekend, so I’ll be offline much of the weekend. Here’s some pictures of what I’m up to.

Open Thread Weekend

Off to chase the eclipse with my children, and then travel tomorrow to Heartland conference. Airplane has WiFi so may be able to keep up with posting en-route.

Open thread weekend plus poll

I have other projects to do this weekend, so I’m taking off. Moderation may be minimal or non-existent at times, so if your comment takes a long time to appear,…