Professor Ian Plimer book launch – Not For Greens

Institute of Public Affairs

The Institute of Public Affairs launch of Ian Plimer’s new book from Connor Court Publishing, ‘Not For Greens’, in Melbourne on Tuesday 22 July 2014.

HT/Paul Homewood

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Philip Mulholland
May 18, 2023 6:44 pm

Eat your greens.

Martin Cornell
May 18, 2023 7:06 pm

I give him a 5 just for having a glass of wine at the ready!

May 18, 2023 7:21 pm

The irony is fossil fuels have become the victim of their own outstanding productivity in producing so many airhead navel gazers and stinkers in residence-
New report argues ‘too many people’ are going to university (
Pol Pot wasn’t it that had a quickfire final solution to the ensuing problem but lefties don’t do irony let alone double irony.

Reply to  observa
May 18, 2023 8:30 pm

How about lefties ‘managed’ by a two iron? Would that work for you?

And by the way, I thought of it, I get first swing.

Asking for a friend.

Reply to  Eng_Ian
May 18, 2023 9:01 pm

Here’s the Marxists at work with the lead-up to ‘The Voice’ referendum-
‘Bedwetter’: Indigenous leader’s low blow over voice (
They want to create a race based permanent ‘advisory’ bureaucracy in the Constitution and you can see exactly what and how the likes of Pearson want it to be. ONE VOICE or else!

May 18, 2023 7:33 pm

My memory is not like it used to be but this is the first time I can recall any reference to this book – thank you.

I have ordered from Amazon.

Just checked the Apil Australian Government report on minerals.

Australian exports of fossil fuels set for record this year:
Met Coal AUD72bn
Thermal Coal AUD65bn
NG AUD91bn

Just under $10,000 for every person in Australia. Will buy a lot of useless solar panels and wind turbines though.

Reply to  RickWill
May 18, 2023 7:51 pm

Correct – FF industry profits are taxed. The Australian minister for CAGW & Energy Poverty, Chris Bowen has no problem taking the “dirty” FF $billions in income and using that to fund his renewable green dream. See the nutty left’s latest piece of political capitalism in the form of the “hydrogen head-start program.”

Chris Hanley
Reply to  RickWill
May 18, 2023 10:15 pm

‘Oh the ironing’, the current left-wing government that is so ferociously anti-coal for local power generation is at the same time boasting that they are better economic managers than the conservative opposition because of a ’21 – ’22 budget surplus, a surplus due mainly to the company taxes and royalties from booming mining industry exports including coal.

Chris Hanley
Reply to  Chris Hanley
May 18, 2023 11:59 pm

That should be the ’22 – ’23 budget surplus.

Reply to  Chris Hanley
May 19, 2023 2:02 am

If ever I have the opportunity I always ask them to nominate the critical policy changes that have led to this surplus… of course there are none.

In 2019 the budget was already forecast to return a small surplus but the Covid spending intervened. This has now ended and commodity prices and employment have held up – so we are back to how we were in 2019.

Steve Case
May 18, 2023 7:37 pm

13:00 The Spanish have created a way of creating solar electricity at night…when the sun sets they start up a diesel generator with floodlights on the solar panels…

That can’t be true, no one is that crazy. I just have to check that out.

And it’s not true. But what is true is another subsidized inefficient scheme to keep the solar farm working at night. A Google search on “spanish solar panels at nightLINK turns up stories about molten salt that keeps the generators going at night. LINK I seriously doubt that such a Rube Goldberg machine is actually in place and functioning.

I like what Professor Plimer has to say, but he needs to get his facts straight. His critics will home in on that one and ignore everything else.

Reply to  leefor
May 18, 2023 8:24 pm

For those who don’t click on the link provided by leefor: “Spanish newspaper El Mundo found that between November and January, 4500 megawatt hours (MWh) of solar energy were sold to the electricity grid between midnight and seven in the morning.
It has been suggested that some plants in the regions of Castilla-La-Mancha, Canarias and Andalucía have been using diesel generators connected to their solar panel arrays to illegally benefit from government subsidies.”.

OK, it doesn’t explicitly say ‘floodlights’, but I think Professor Plimer would be in the clear.

Steve Case
Reply to  Mike Jonas
May 19, 2023 12:40 am

Yes it doesn’t say “Floodlights”. I hope his book doesn’t say “Floodlights”. It’s the “Floodlights” part that my “No one is that crazy” remark was referring to.

More Soylent Green!
Reply to  Steve Case
May 19, 2023 6:55 am

Some people will do anything to make a buck. They justify it by saying “if these people are such fools as to pay me for this,” then they deserve to be cheated.

But is it cheating if it’s allowed?

Reply to  Mike Jonas
May 19, 2023 7:38 am

They possibly needed floodlights on at the solar sites to provide illumination for diesel generators placements, connections and operations?

Reply to  Steve Case
May 18, 2023 8:13 pm

They did it because they were receiving more from solar production than the cost of the energy to light up the panels at night.

Just because a naive search string doesn’t find something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I remember reading about this many years ago, there is an English article about similar worries about paying 44p for solar energy while charging much less for normally generated electricity.

another ian
Reply to  Steve Case
May 18, 2023 9:23 pm

DDG had no trouble coming up with this –

“Spanish nighttime solar energy fraud ‘unlikely in UK’
The Ecologist | 16th April 2010″

May 18, 2023 9:03 pm

hooaah I have only read a few of the 590+ pages in “Green Murder” and here’s another. Any low-cost electronic version? “Green Murder” doesn’t have much of an index. I have no time for long reads. I’ll be getting out the guillotine and dropping 10 pages at a time into the OCR to PDF scanner. DIY Project Gutenberg on an AES-256 encrypted hard drive.

May 18, 2023 9:06 pm

So the IPA, the fossil fuel industries’ publicity and lobbying arm, is promoting Plimer, who lost a bet about global warming, is widely regarded as a crank, and whose books are riddled with errors. Plimer’s concern for the truth is…casual, to be generous. Just to take one example of how error ridden his work is:,numerous%20errors%20from%20which%20Plimer%20draws%20false%20conclusions.

Plimer has said that volcanic eruptions release more carbon dioxide (CO2) than human activity; in particular that submarine volcanoes emit large amounts of CO2 and that the influence of the gases from these volcanoes on the Earth’s climate is under-represented in climate models.[40][41][42] The United States Geological Survey has calculated that human emissions of CO2 are about 130 times larger than volcanic emissions, including submarine emissions.[43][44][45]

The bet:


Reply to  Tonyx
May 19, 2023 7:45 am

And yet –
Al Gore’s numerous “unchallengeable” missives about the horrors of global warming go unremarked in Wikipedia.

Go figure . . .

Reply to  Tonyx
May 19, 2023 8:11 am

This finding might sway the odds in Plimers favour:
Radar satellite data reveals 19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes

Reply to  Tonyx
May 19, 2023 8:42 am

Plimer has said that volcanic eruptions release more carbon dioxide (CO2) than human activity

And he’d be right over the ages unless you have a definitive breakdown of natural vs anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere currently? Whatever but he’s certainly correct about the Green hypocrisy-
Climate Change Minister says jurisdictions outside NT will help offset Beetaloo gas fracking emissions (
Just need a bit more gas for the ‘transitioning’ until they get the wee problem of storage and dispatchability sorted. LOL.

Reply to  Tonyx
May 19, 2023 8:49 am

Oh and to make Ian Plimer’s point about needing coal for steel for those Chinese wind turbines have another chuckle-
Yes, Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek approved a coal mine. But save the angst for decisions that matter more (
Only the impotent are pure as they say in politics.

Rod Evans
May 18, 2023 11:34 pm

Went to Amazon Book Store online UK. Typed in, Not For Greens. The search came back with a picture of the book and the status. which is:-
“Currently Unavailable”
Now why did that not surprise me?…..

Reply to  Rod Evans
May 19, 2023 12:29 am

Rod, try e-bay

Rod Evans
Reply to  1saveenergy
May 19, 2023 1:09 am


Rod Evans
Reply to  1saveenergy
May 19, 2023 4:18 am

OK ebay had the book. it was not first up when specifically asked for by name, for some odd reason? The delivery is scheduled for June 8th???
It is almost as if there is a desire to block access to written product that does not meet the woke filter now in place across the net.

May 19, 2023 12:26 am

Video is an oldie but a goldie, (2014 ish). Copy it & distribute it.

The book ‘Not For Greens’ well-worth having on your shelf.
Available on eBay £14 or amazon £28

His latest book ‘Green Murder’ ( 600 pages ) is cheapest on eBay £25.

More Soylent Green!
Reply to  1saveenergy
May 19, 2023 7:02 am

It’s at (USA). Paperback only, which means I probably will never read it.

The cost of producing an ebook are negligible. I don’t know why more books are released as ebooks.

John Oliver
May 19, 2023 8:19 am

This guy is fantastic. Top notch effective communicator. It is not good enough to have the evidence. One must have the evidence distilled into a consumable form easily understood and rapidly digested by people with little understanding of the physics involved.

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