LIVE AT NOON CST: End of Year Climate Horrors, er, Potpourri

On this final 2022 episode of Climate Change Roundtable, Anthony Watts, H. Sterling Burnett, and Linnea Lueken will cover a variety of topics. These include the energy shortage lump of coal Biden is trying to give us with his energy restrictions and plans, violation the law by not offering lease sales, helping Venezuela produce oil, which we will then import, how we’re offering high cost offshore wind leases, thus killing whales in the process, and rising blackouts as demand on the grid become greater due to the push to electrify everything.

Plus, the panel looks into the AOC Megaflop documentary movie “To the End” that only earned 81 dollars per theater on opening weekend.

And, we will cover the ESG horros nightmare plans that were exposed in a Texas Hearing.

Finally, the Climate Change Roundtable crew will take your questions about anything climate or energy related.

Join host Anthony Watts, Sterling Burnett, and Linnea Lueken for the last Climate Change Roundtable of 2022 at Noon CST, Friday, December 15th.

Watch below or direct on YouTube here.

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December 16, 2022 9:38 pm

In more breaking potpourri-
Californian regulators voted Thursday to approve a plan to reduce the state’s carbon-dioxide emissions by 85% by 2045, reaching carbon neutrality then, including by cutting petroleum usage to one-tenth of the current level.

While the residents of San Bernadino want to get the ball rolling immediately on that-

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