Breaking Down Biden’s Climate Bill – LIVE Climate Change Roundtable

The Heartland Institute

Immediately after Senate passage, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” was praised in the corporate media and among activists on the left as being the most-significant climate action the U.S. government in our history. But just like the bill won’t improve our runaway inflation rate, it will also do absolutely nothing to improve our weather or decrease the global temperature by the end of the century.

After about $400 billion more in taxpayer subsidies for green energy, the temperature might decrease by between about three-hundredths (0.028F) of a degree and nine-ten thousandths (0.0009F) of a degree. Maybe.

On this edition of Climate Change Roundtable, The Heartland Institute’s H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Steve Milloy join Host Jim Lakely to discuss the “climate fighting” aspects of the latest Washington boondoggle spending bill. Just how bad is it?


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Old Man Winter
August 12, 2022 11:59 am

5:26 Steve Milloy- No regulatory provisions; the one they tried to
insert to get around the W Va vs EPA decision “got stripped- the only
success they had”. Great news, if totally accurate!

Francis Menton- ” The bill is still not final, since it differs
substantially from a version previously passed by the House.

… it appears that the very most destructive provision of the proposed
bill got scrapped at the last minute, just prior to Senate passage.
That was a provision that would have attempted to substantially undo
the Supreme Court’s June 30 decision in West Virginia v. EPA.

… Under the Senate’s arcane rules, to avoid the possibility of a
filibuster and a requirement for 60 votes to proceed, the proposed
bill had to meet the tests for “reconciliation.” That meant that the
bill could only include provisions for taxing and spending.

… Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned that buried in the 725-page
Schumer-Manchin bill are provisions designed to “overturn” the Supreme
Court’s decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency.
Cruz did not name the provision or provisions he was referring to.”

“CEI researcher Marlo Lewis found disturbing provisions in the bill that
may be used to change the significant Supreme Court decision in West
Virginia v. EPA. Lewis writes:

‘No provisions in the bill would literally overturn West Virginia.
However, some provisions seem calculated to create specious talking
points for progressive judges who already believe—or profess to
believe—that West Virginia was wrongly decided.’

After citing such provisions in the new bill Lewis concludes:

“He [Manchin] is now sponsoring legislation that would amend the Clean
Air Act to expressly require CO2 emission reductions from fossil-fuel
power plants, and that specifically appropriates tens of millions of
dollars to promote the Clean Air Act’s use as a framework for making
climate policy. Enacting those provisions can only embolden opponents
of West Virginia’s Supreme Court victory.””

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