Fancy Leaving the Planet? Virgin Galactic Announces a November Flight

Virgin Galactic
The Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo spaceplane (central fuselage) resting under its mothership, White Knight Two, inside a hangar in Mojave, Ca., USA. By Virgin Galactic/Mark Greenberg – link, CC BY-SA 3.0, link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Virgin Galactic has announced their first flight from Spaceport America to be launched from November 19-23rd.

Virgin Galactic on first spaceflight from Spaceport America

Greg Rose
6 November 2020

Virgin Galactic announced its first spaceflight from Spaceport America is expected to occur between November 19-23, 2020. This flight will include revenue-generating payloads as part of the NASA flight opportunities program.

Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said the business has made good progress completing final preparations for VSS Unity’s first rocket powered test flight from Spaceport America this November.

“We also made meaningful progress on our second SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which we plan to unveil in the first quarter of 2021,” he commented. “During my first three months at the company, I have been continually impressed with the team and the tremendous work that has gone into making the dream of commercial spaceflight a reality.”

He also shared ticket sales details as part of Virgin Galactic’s third quarter financial results: “As we continue to prepare for commercial launch, we will reopen ticket sales following Richard Branson’s flight in 2021. I am excited and confident in our ability to execute our vision and provide transformative experiences to people around the world.”

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Virgin spacecraft don’t have the capacity to reach orbit, but a few minutes trip to the edge of space would still be a pretty amazing experience.

41 thoughts on “Fancy Leaving the Planet? Virgin Galactic Announces a November Flight

  1. Leaving the planet right now is probably a good idea. Though I would insist we turn right once we’re out of the atmosphere, I’d hate to end up somewhere on the left.

    • If New Mexico “controls” all airspace above, then yes, you must wear a mask. Our tiny tyrant governor is already threatening a possible crackdown on those that are not wearing a mask inside their own homes!

    • Yes, the entire election is blockchained and Trump and his staff were watching the election fraud that will become the biggest sting operation in world history.

      I almost feel sorry for the Democrats!


      • If true, that’s fascinating and fantastic news. Even as a Canadian I fear the spread of corruption. We have more than enough here as is, but if the US succumbs completely, then that is pretty much the end of life as we know it in North America. Value for tax dollar spent would be heading toward zero in no time, as it already has in many US states. And yet they wish to raise more taxes – carbon taxes!

        At least in a banana republic the weather is warm enough all year.

  2. They’d better hurry. Before long, Spacex will be offering 30-minute transatlantic service in sub-orbital Starships for less than first-class.

    • $200 ticket with bullet proof glass and full self flying by Jan 2021 easy, with rapid expansion to other continents by March and free Tesla rental cars at your destination (they will make it up with volume)

  3. So Branson needed government money to save his airline but this is no problem. Greedy theiving liar in my opinion.

    • I will never have any dealings again with Branson’s rip off Virgin empire after they cancelled my vacation in Maurius this year. They lied, broke the law refused to communicate( shut down email and phone lines, ignored posted letters) anything to try to avoid giving me my money back. Branson is a crook – Never trust an old hippy

  4. In 2006 I interviewed at 3 start up rocket companies, one in Seattle and two in Ok City Ok, but joined none, glad I did not, now in hindsight.

  5. Yes, the entire election is blockchained and Trump and his staff were watching the election fraud that will become the biggest sting operation in world history.

    I almost feel sorry for the Democrats!


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    Just wondering if the problem is on my end or if others have noticed it also.

    • Even further OT —
      I installed the fall Windows 10 “features” update, and my PC’s been acting a bit strange. Maybe that’s a “feature”.

    • I’ve been seeing that too, and multiple ads between every post past the first few. It was so bad that I had to turn the ad blocker back on for this site, otherwise it was unusable.

    • The issue seems to have been fixed.
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      Chrome has had 2 updates since my previous comment. Mayby the problem was on their end? (or Global Warming caused it. 😎

  7. I have some names of people I’d like to nominate for leaving the planet. But not on this little dog and pony show. I want them to leave the planet and not come back. 🙂

  8. Those look like conventional jet engines on the “mother ship”.
    Good thing they plan to launch this November.
    If Harris … er … Biden gets sworn in then The Green New Deal … er … The BidenPlan might cut off their fuel.

    • Rich people won’t get their fossil fuels cut off, only poor people will suffer that fate. Virgin Galactic is only for very rich people so, they’ll always have plenty of fuel.

    • I believe the center cabin structure is the rocket and that it is carried to a high altitude by the jet engines of the mother ship, before the rocket is fired.

      Doesn’t look like a large enough rocket engine to reach space.

      • The X-15 was carried aloft by a B-52. The B-52 wasn’t purpose built to do that but it got the job done.
        This is the same idea but purpose built on a smaller scale.

    • Actually it’s not a bad design for sub-orbital flights, it’s just not very scalable (i.e. larger vehicles). In conventional rockets, most of the fuel is burned up just getting the first few miles above the surface. Airplanes are a much more efficient, if not slower, way to lift you above the thickest part of the atmosphere. It just isn’t practical to launch large payloads that way, especially to get to orbit.

  9. Never mind layoffs, perfectly good aircraft being scrapped, a whole industry on the verge to collapse under excessive regulatory fuel taxation, covid insanity and green new deals, those with enough disposable cash will fly even without real transportation purpose.

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