Site Move Cancelled

We ran into many frustrating problems attempting the site move at this time. Moving a site this large is a formidable task. After days of repeated failure by tech support and paid consultants, we are stepping back from the move for now.

Please do not swarm us with suggestions. We will be examining alternatives and will reach out for assistance when needed.

188 thoughts on “Site Move Cancelled

  1. We wish you the best of luck with your search for a new host. I do appreciate the magnitude of the challenge.

  2. “A swing… and a miss.”
    Batter steps outta the batter’s box, knock the cleats out, and takes breather.

    Hang in there, WUWT Team! We truly appreciate your efforts! Through perseverance, solutions will be found.

  3. Best of luck with the search. Some of us have ideas, but I am sure you and your team do too.
    If it turns out that you need help there are a few of us more than willing to help.
    Don’t be too shy to ask 🙂

  4. We then, let’s get back to exposing the multitude of Climate Change scams and its billionaire GreenSlime backers.

  5. Did the software guys blame the hardware, and the hardware guys blame the software?
    (Which is standard protocol 🙁 )

    • You are showing your age “Mr.”

      In today’s world of hypervisors, configurable instances, virtual switches and disk measured in petabytes, the “issue” isn’t hardware.

      Your “standard protocol” was retired 20 years ago.

      • Yup, nowadays it’s all about getting various black boxes to communicate with one another across the network. So, don’t blame the hardware and/or software guys. It’s the fault of the (probably low-paid) guy who adjusts the database that manages the black boxes. 😉

      • As long as hardware exists, it will be an issue, the same way software will always be an issue. You’re showing your ignorance.

        • Just add it to the long list of things Mr Pool shows his ignorance of. Pretty much every post he makes shows his ignorance of yet another subject.

          • Endicott……today’s hardware usually has a bunch of red leds in various places. When they are lit up, they indicate a problem. Like when one of the two power supplies in a box is fails. The box runs in degraded mode. and beeps. Or like when a disk drive in a RAID array goes offline and lights up the red led. Usually the RAID controller beeps too. Pretty fool proof these days. Most of the hardware in operation today has built in redundancy that allows the system to continue operation in a “degraded” state. Even RAM modules have ECC.
            Jeff and Patrick…….both of you don’t have experience with state of the art hardware.

    • As a software engineer I can guarantee you that any such problem is a software problem. The only hardware problem would be the bandwidth required to transfer a large volume of data and that’s basically just a time problem.

      • If BW is an issue, dump the data on to one or more SSD’s and physically move the drives. I don’t think BW was the problem. Comments are blocked on all posts after a couple of weeks, so old stuff can be transferred well ahead of time and it will never change. Assuming the system was already up and running on the new host, the only down time would be when transferring the last few weeks of posts and comments. Configuration issues, database incompatibilities and provisioning are all likely culprits.

        • Mr. Layman here,
          If I remember correctly, WUWT is a “cloud based” system.
          I don’t think there is a physical place to move the drives too.

          • There’s always a somewhere in a data center where you can plug in a laptop or removable drive and copy the contents to the cloud. There’s nothing mysterious about a cloud which is just another name for a collection of servers that share tasks and space.

          • You’re right, of course.
            But where is it and how accessible would it be?

            (I suggest we don’t wade in any further. The deep end of the Pool is already full of …)

  6. If you can’t “move” the site, I feel sorry for you. It means you don’t have a viable backup procedure in place.

      • Don’t worry Mr. Rotter no conjecture involved, with over 30+ years of experience in the field I know how these projects pan out.

          • Add so little evidence of reading comprehension to the long list of things there’s no evidence that Mr Pool understands.

          • Hank, let me see if I have this straight, according to you, the fact that WUWT’s move is not going well, proves that you are an IT expert?

          • MARKW the fact that WUWT’s move is not going well, proves it’s not being done by seasoned professionals.

          • Beyond that, Hank actually believes that “seasoned” professionals never encounter problems. That just further proves that Hank has never been near an IT department.

          • MARKW says: “believes that “seasoned” professionals never encounter problems.”
            Nope…..seasoned professional solve the problems they encounter. That’s why they are considered “seasoned.” That’s why they can survive decades in the business.

          • Let me explain it to you Mr. MARKW so that an “unseasoned” person like you would understand.

            Professionally, when a web site, or a web service is “moved” from one place to another it is done in several phases. Phase one, the new site is brought up. Phase two the data is loaded into the new site. Phase three the new site is tested. Phase four the new site is verified. Phase five the original and the new site are run in parallel for a period of time. Finally phase six cuts the DNS.

            The move of WUWT did not get past phase three.

            Now when have you gone live on a site you were moving without passing phase three? I assume your anser is “never” because all of this is beyond your field of experience.

          • When a website is moved and/or cut to a new environment, if it is done in a “professional” manner, the users will never be aware of it happening.

            Additionally, when the cut happens, the professionals cut down the TTL on DNS prior to the cut so that a fail-back can happen within seconds, and not suffer from cached DNS entries.

            Making the cut invisible is key to success.

          • Boy, Hank sure does get his panties in a wad when people point out to him how little he actually knows.

        • “Henry Pool July 23, 2020 at 1:44 pm
          Don’t worry Mr. Rotter no conjecture involved, with over 30+ years of experience in the field I know how these projects pan out.”

          Ha ha haha haha hahahaha!

          What did you do during those decades?
          Turn the monitor on?

          When ignorant and in doubt, double down…
          Pathetic and an utter failure.

          • “What did you do during those decades?”

            Earned a good living in the IT business.

            How about you?

      • Also Mr. Rotter, the “paid consultants” get paid by the hour, regardless of success or failure. They are in a win/win situation.

        • Whoa…

          Such dazzling insight.

          How much do we owe you for this brilliant bit of wisdom?

          • Hey Henry
            Ever wonder if you might be doing something wrong when everyone is firing on your target?

            No, of course not.

          • find some humility

            Mr Rotter, humility does not help someone knee deep in a information technology quandary. Track records speak for themselves.

          • Rich,
            You should know that counting the number of people o n the various sides of an argument or debate is always the very worst way to draw any factual conclusions about the topic at hand and who may be right.
            If you never heard anyone point that out, let me be the first.
            And I do not care how many people show up saying I am wrong about this.
            A show of hands is how politics is decided.
            Voting contains no information regarding veracity.

        • Mr. Pool. They quoted the “job” – fixed price. Not by the hour.

          They bit off more than they could chew with 13 years of content.

          Please do refrain from uninformed conjectures.

          • MarkW you remind me of an ankle biter. Did you know that 40 bits of addressing to the byte will cover a terabyte? Or that a 32 bit 256-byte sector address will encompass a 1TB disk? ROTFLMAO @ MARKW

          • MarkW you remind me of an ankle biter. Did you know that 40 bits of addressing to the byte will cover a terabyte? Or that a 32 bit 256-byte sector address will encompass a 1TB disk? ROTFLMAO @ MARKW

            No disc uses 256 byte sectors. Few still use 512 (think final generation 10k) and many of those are virtual. Sector size has been 4k for quite some time (decade+) due to improved format efficiency for rotating storage and paging efficiency for flash.

            Sounds like you’re confusing file system architecture with actual hardware.

          • Hank actually believes that two bits of information that can easily be found on the web proves that he’s the expert he’s been claiming to be.

            Pointing out your many grievous errors makes me an ankle biter.
            Then what do your groundless claims about others abilities make you?

        • Terabytes??? Are you really that out of date, Henry?

          You’ve never heard of zettabytes, have you?

          What a pity.

          Terabytes…. okay, what-ev-er.

          • Sara/Rotter, the entire 2010 edition of the Encyclopedia Britanica fits into 4.2 GB.
            My 1TB SSD drive in my laptop can hold 200+ copies of this encyclopedia.
            You can get a 5TB USB disk these days for less than $120.

            Now, tell all of us here that 13 years of posts and comments are more than 1000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britanica.

          • As of 2017, all of Wikipedia was something like 58 GB and could be downloaded very easily to a $9 (today’s prices) flash drive.
            No opinion on any other point being argued here.

            But there are plenty of people who think they know what they are talking about, but do not, on any topic one might care to name.
            Adding up votes sound comp!located to anyone?
            Recall the primary fiasco last Winter?

          • So what, Henry? My 1TB back up SSD holds a lot of stuff, too, but that does not mean that, unlike you seem to be, I or anyone else OTHER THAN YOU, HENRY, am unaware of the demands for storage space that online accounts demand.
            Yes, I can transfer the entire contents of my HDD to a 2TB jump drive for safety’s sake (in case a nuke goes off somewhere), but there’s a VAST difference between the data storage requirements for an online spot such as WUWT and what’s on your desktop.

            Computer graphics, for example require enormous storage space, and the “terabyte” space won’t even meet that need, especially for animation. The images shot for the remake of “Lion King” took up 12 terabytes all by themselves. That’s a lot more than your desktop drive and more than you can conceive of.

            AI has been expanding by leaps and bounds for decades. I think you are rather naive and out of touch with it, especially when the use of “cloud storage” was brought up, which WordPress uses. That means the amount of room for storage is so far beyond your desktop that it’s further than the distance from here to Pluto’s orbit.

            Try learning new stuff. You are really out of touch with the world of omputers if you think ONE terabyte is enough storage for a blog like WUWT.

      • Speaking as someone whose life long expertise is exactly these kind of operations for large international customers: Henry has a point although perhaps bluntly made. Whatever one is running, a site should formally be able to be revived at any new IT environment from a backup like one would have to do with any disaster. This would be simply bypassing any type of logical migration of data which can become quickly extremely tricky without the support of code developers as normal tools indeed often fail when a site has grown to the complexity your mention. Been there done that.

        Of course there can be a reasons like not only a new host is to be migrated but also to different software or some environment where the needed access is limited. Otherwise simply moving any files and database would not run into that much trouble after some minor configuration changes.

        My free advice would to find some better advice and not take it out on helpful comments of people who might not know your situation but have seen it hundreds times before. You’re not the first.

        • Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sometimes it’s an annoying thing.

          I’ve moved dozens of websites. I used to host sites for Wells Fargo.

          I am not an IT professional, but am experienced enough to know we are dealing with an unusual set of circumstances and random shouts on the level of “turn it off and on again” are going to to nothing but continue to be annoying.

          And despite Henry and you thinking you have insight as to what’s happening, comments such as these are no different at this stage from have you tried hitting it with a hammer.

          I specifically asked people to not do this, so when they do, yeah it’s annoying.

          • “but am experienced enough to know we are dealing with an unusual set of circumstances ”
            All “moves” are unique. Nothing “unusual” at all.

            Think about it….if your main site goes down, is your backup of it working?………obviously the answer to that question is no because a “move” would simply be loading that working backup somewhere else.
            These are things one learns from years of experience. Unlike you Mr. Rotter, I am an IT professional. The websites, and services I’m work on are provide to paying customers that require 99.99% uptime. Not only do we have good backup procedures, we run disaster recovery sites at geographically distant sites. Not to mention running a “mirror” of critical servers at each site.

            Sounds to me like you have just enough experience to think you are experienced. Dunning Kruger at it’s finest.

          • Yeah, and 25 years ago I was paid 15k/month to move 80 MBs of data three times a week from London to San Francisco, put it on DAT and drive to Corte Madera so it could be used in ILM’s dailies.

            You still don’t have any insight into our current situation. Your observations are irrelevant. Your pronouncements of authority nothing more than irritation.

            Do you know the details? No?

            I can’t wait for you to tell me how my customers were stupid for paying me and there were much cheaper and easier ways to move that data. Maybe you’ll write a history of the FTP protocol?

          • “You still don’t have any insight into our current situation.”

            I don’t need insight.

            You summed it up yourself: “I am not an IT professional”

          • I don’t need insight

            Arrogance and ignorance such as you display certainly proves that you don’t have insight and have nothing helpful or worthwhile to contribute to the situation. pretty much par for the course for you.

          • ROTFLMAO @ MARKW “If he isn’t, that will make two of you.”

            another assertion without evidence.
            Are you “dbstealey” posting under a different name?

          • It doesn’t matter what I am, I’m not the one going around making erroneous claims.

            You remind me of those morons who go around claiming that unless one is a recognized climate scientist, you aren’t allowed to make any claims regarding climate science.

            Anywho, I’ve been a software developer for almost 40 years now. As to the projects I have worked on, I have no doubt that you use many of them every single day.
            I’ve worked on projects from those that run on PIC processors to massively multiprocessor mainframes. The current one uses a database that’s 10’s of terabytes in size.

            However I don’t use my nationally recognized expertise in software development as an excuse to go around insulting others.

        • “My free advice would to find some better advice and not take it out on helpful comments of people who might not know your situation but have seen it hundreds times before.”

          Um . . .

          Well, you get what you pay for.

          • For the people who don’t understand subtlety.

            “people who might not know your situation but [think they] have seen it hundreds times before”

      • useful suggestion?
        hope you and Anthony sat back and had a beer or whatever, a BBQ or nice meal.
        minor issues compared to yours have seen me with near migraines lack of sleep and a hammer inhand ready to “fix” the offending pc, well n truly. all an utter waste of energy n cortisol.
        theres a lot of US out here and while my incomeis low if a monthly sub is what would ensure Anthony can continue? maybe thats what we need to be considering
        it would be the ONLY webpage I consider irreplaceable and really would be miserably deprived without.

        • Careful Oz, customers get upset when they see you pull out the hammer. That’s why we always called it the ‘forming tool.’ :<)

    • Henry –

      Not necessarily with wordpress. They not attempting to move their current wordpress installation to a new host. If they were doing that, your remark would be correct.

      They are instead moving from one kind of wordpress installation to a quite different one. They are moving from a self hosted wordpress installation to the service version which wordpress offers.

      I am decidedly no expert. But I think its entirely possible to have a foolproof backup system which will let you move your self hosted wordpress from one hoster to another, but still not have a backup system which will let you easily move from the self hosted version to the service offering.

      Just thoughts of a non-expert. It may not be as simple as you think.

          • Willis has proven himself to be a polymath.
            You on the other hand have proven yourself to be an ignorant blowhard.

          • Come on Rich and Charles, stick to the subject of the “move” and stop digressing into personal attacks. I believe they are considered “ad hominem” right? Willis is a stable genius isn’t he?

          • There’s no subject to stick to except your obsequious need to demonstrate value so you can feel better about yourself.

            Because the post says:

            Please do not swarm us with suggestions. We will be examining alternatives and will reach out for assistance when needed.

          • Seriously this adult version of: I”m not touching you” is beyond tedious.
            I’m changing my frame from beyond annoyed and mocking to just mocking.
            I’m sorry.

          • R U giving up????? Why don’t you get the “consultants” that were hired to talk to me…….cause you don’t cut it.

          • MARKW is like a bothersome fly, easily swatted away.

            Hey Mark, when was the last time you contributed anything significant? All you do is attack the people that don’t toe the line of this web site.

            Are you an IT professional?

          • Hank really gets his panties in a wad whenever someone dares to question his claims to expertise in almost ever subject.

  7. A server farm powered by molten salt reactors could have had the new WUWT website up and running in, well, just no time at all.

  8. At least WUWT hasn’t been CANCELLED! In today’s hyper environment that’s quite an accomplishment

  9. Just saying.

    No to be taken for granted or even seriously.

    But still only Anthony can “deplatforme” WUWT from the Cloud…
    aka purge the already gained value of WUWT in the Cloud.

    Kinda of a simple and maybe a silly claim.

    But hey the world is uge, cloud farms allover it.
    Cal is just a very small place, but ugely expensive when it comes to thingis like cloud hosting.
    Very very energy expensive, no good at all for competition in cloud hosting services.
    No good or efficient cloud hosting in Cal.

    Oh, whatever… just a simple and maybe silly shallow thought!


    • Yes, indeed, money is what solves human-made problems. Enough money could solve this server hosting problem. Big Oil and Koch brothers just didn’t come through for Anthony.

      Money of course is why natural climate change must be twisted into anthropogenic climate change with bought pseudoscience and its cargo cult climate models with the most elaborate Confidence Scheme ever undertaken. And then more money is used to buy political for more power in a pernicious circle. Power is the ultimate End.

      What money can’t fix is natural processes like the Malinkovitch cycles driving the planet out of the current interglacial into the next glacial period, or the multi-decadal ocean cycles.

      • I think someone else mentioned that all IT projects can be done:

        1) Quickly,
        2) Correctly,
        3) Cheaply.

        However, one can only choose 2 of the above three. This is a maxim of IT, and many other fields with “projects”.

  10. “One small step for Anthony (and crew) One giant leap…”

    Plenty of real brainpower and persistence at WUWT. 👍👍👍

  11. database imports failing?
    sucks doing multi gb imports remotely.
    also pita to try to ship a drive to another data center get someone hands on working on it to get running then do differential restore from current site at same time.
    just plain sucks.

    • LOL, you can move terabyte databases between data centers these days. Ever hear of OC-768/STM-256 ? ATT uses it for their backbone.

      • yeah heard of it and used it before.
        ever hear of WUWT being backed up by anyone using that level of infrastructure?
        don’t suppose your smarta$$ is stepping up to provide them colo services at a place with this backbone and blades to place there?
        didn’t think so.
        just much easier to stand back and act sophomoric isn’t it?

      • also backbone don’t help much when importing to servers.
        also can’t physically do anything there.
        and their large site import support sucks.

          • And sometimes you run your mouth and act like a total ass without having contributed anything whatsoever to the situation. Just sayin’

          • There is nothing positive than can be “contributed” to this cluster-f, just sayin’

        • dmacleo, this site was moved off of the wordpress servers a while back. There was a good reason for doing so. Has something changed to make them more attractive since the original move?

  12. Hey, Henry Pool. You say you are smart in this stuff and Charles isn’t.
    A direct personal challenge. Name your hourly rate here. If reasonable (and I am knowledgable in the matter as a former [small private company] CEO who hired many hourly folks like you) I will pay it up to 100 hours per my previous offer to Anthony via Charles. IFF you fix it. Else you eat your hours. Deal?

    • No Mr. Istvan, you made an incorrect assertion. I did not say Mr. Rotter isn’t smart. I said he was “inexperienced.”

      I am not a PHP expert, so you’d be wasting your $$$ hiring me. The hardware/software systems I am experienced in are several orders of magnitude above a simple PHP wordpress web site. However this site with double redundant servers would easily fit into a half-rack (20U.) Biggest cost would be Internet bandwidth.

      • I take your comment as a very public version of you abjectly declining my very generous offer to pay you to put your money where your mouth is, because it was BS.

        If this IT problem (to quote you ‘orders of magnitude above simple PhP’) is so simple to you, why not take my proffer and fix it for WUWT with the your ‘orders of magnitude’ greater expertise, followed by a big cashiers check from me for your bill?

        Nuff said. You lose either way as either Liar or Coward. Bye.

        (Hey Charles, I know this is much stronger language than you usually permit or I almost ever use. Cut me some slack this once.)

        • “I am knowledgable in the matter as a former [small private company] CEO who hired many hourly folks..”

          Istvan, “money” may rule you, it doesn’t rule me. I have integrity. You should talk to Mr. Watts about the “consultants” he hired, as you seem to have indicated to everyone that you have a wealth of experience in hiring them. Seems to me that he didn’t do very well with the batch he hired. I hope you can do better.

          • Hank admits he doesn’t know the technology used, however he is also quite certain that he knows more about the subject than do the people who were hired.

          • Pool
            If you actually had integrity as you claim, you would not have tried to impress everyone with how valuable your uninformed insights are when you were specifically told, “Please do not swarm us with suggestions. We will be examining alternatives and will reach out for assistance when needed.” Your insistence on pushing your viewpoint when it is not wanted, or needed, suggests you have some personal problems. You are not thought of highly by most commenters here and all you have managed to accomplish is to convince them that their original assessment was correct. Most people are their own worst enemy, as you demonstrate clearly.

          • Clyde, the people running this site need help. WordPress web sites are not uncommon, technical expertise with wordpress is not uncommon, and cutting to a new server is not rocket science.

          • LOL @ MARKW
            I’m not a PHP expert. I can load and configure Apache which runs above PHP (as PHP is a module underneath Apache.)……..tell all of us here when was the last time you loaded and configured a production instance?…. By “production” I mean a web server that is integral to generating a revenue stream?

      • Henry, thanks for the abject back down. Next time remember a simple political rule:
        Money rules.
        My very real money offer to you called your ‘expert’ bluff, and didn’t cost me a single hard earned nickel. So you admit you are not a PHP expert, yet posed here as one. Uh Huh. Not.

        Be gone, hopefully forever. Else I will come back to call your bluff here again.

        • Mr. Istvan, I did not “pose” as a PHP expert. I am a hardware/software/network engineer with a wealth of experience in IT. I have enough “retired” hardware in this room to run this little web site. You didn’t “call” any bluff, as I’m not bluffing. I suggest you go out and find experienced PHP/wordpress consultants to help Mr. Watts out. Better yet, you should offer your money directly to Mr. Watts, because this move off of a private VPS and back to WordPress is dictated to him by financial considerations. Poor Mr. Watts should know that if he were to rent out space in a co-lo facility, and purchase his own hardware, he could save a bundle over and above hosting services either by WordPress, or the ISP he currently is using. Unfortunately, when it comes to IT, I’ve got it all over you with regards to what to spend one’s money on.

          PS…FYI, my company has an outside consultant that is sandboxed into a VPS for our PHP apps. PHP is a POS.

      • Hank started this post by proclaiming that he knows better how to do such a conversion than the people who were hired to do it.
        Now Hank ducks a direct challenge by claiming he doesn’t have the knowledge to do such a conversion.

        • Dear MARKW… doesn’t take a stable genius to take the backup of a web site, and load it onto a different machine. Guess you’ve never done anything like that in your life or have you?

          • You are not even talking about the issue any more, so much as deliberately giving the finger to anyone here who might be a Trump voter, aren’t you?
            What are you trying to prove?
            What is your point?
            The headline post said there were problems.
            Everything you are saying now amounts to giving someone a raspberry and calling them a stupidhead, or some such juvenile taunt.

          • Have you ever had a backup of a SQL Server or Oracle DB, then tried to load it into a newer version of the same DB? Rarely works – you have to do it via scripted data export/import with all the attendant errors/incompatibilities.
            If both the old and new sites are running the exact same versions of everything, then simple backup/restore works great. When they are different, it becomes quite a chore. I imagine that’s the issue here.

          • It’s a lot more than just transferring files from one server to another.
            The fact that you didn’t know that just shows how ignorant you really are.

      • I am not a PHP expert, so you’d be wasting your $$$ hiring me

        Indeed he would. At least you admit you’ve been spouting off on something that you admit to be ignorant of.

  13. Just made a small donation, can I take a swing at that juvenile basement dweller calling itself “Henry Pool”, please, pretty please,

    I’d just like to suggest that Pool should go and play a game of twiddlywinks on the freeway and demonstrate an amazing IQ to all and sundry. With luck it will be a Tesla in auto-mode.

    • Sorry, can’t demonstrate and amazing IQ because I am not “stable.” Only a stable genius would play tiddlywinks on an expressway.

  14. When I hear obviously intelligent people ranting at each other, my stomach aches. It is an unfortunate mark of the state of our “civilization.” I have modified (small) websites in PHP/HTML, and had then yanked away and updated to WordPress. Not much of an improvement if you have experienced PHP programmers around. Getting rare.
    $$$ doesn’t solve everything. Recent Florida disaster with unemployment, data files kept in COBOL, follow last 15 years at IRS travais, … Been with WUWT since shortly after John Daly’s marvelous and low budget site.
    What Anthony has done, after Global Warning Crisis is shown to be a non-crisis, should earn him the Nobel Peace Prize. Charles, thank you. Anthony, I hope, after all your hard work and struggle, you can smile a little at the incivility being vised here.

  15. So Istvan, Rotter, Watts and everyone else…..

    Please tell me why a SuperMicro 2U 2029P-E1CR24H with 256 GB RAM, 16 cores and 20TB of SSD can’t run this site? The current hit counter is 425,671,388 in 13 years. Assume this site runs for 1 year with 50,000,000 hits. 50,000,000/365/24/3600 = 16 hits per second……which 16 cores can easily handle running at 2.6 Ghz. This box has a pair of 10 Gbit/sec ethernet ports, so the ISP bandwidth is the only limitation.

  16. An archive site for those interested, and a current site (today and the last 12 months) for actual live use? …. perhaps?

  17. ddos protection/mitigation very likely involved with need to move off current host. non-enterprise colo balk at that and will force a tos issue and a migration.
    that stuff is very expensive.

    funny, when push came to shove an “expert” in moving stuff had to use a “not php person” excuse to avoid the job. programming language has very little to do with the move.

    • funny, when push came to shove an “expert” in moving stuff had to use a “not php person” excuse to avoid the job. programming language has very little to do with the move.

      Noticed that, did you?

  18. God. We’ve got a lot of experts. Most of whom have no clue as to what they are talking about.
    What happened to this? “Please do not swarm us with suggestions. We will be examining alternatives and will reach out for assistance when needed.”

  19. Kind of like when I got an Apple phone, took pictures on it, and they were lost in the cloud.

    Sometimes, you just have to start over or live with the devil. This applies most especially to tech.

  20. Is Mr. Pool demonstrating some Freudenschade? If so, is it because he does not identify with the goals of WUWT?

      • “desperate need to be acknowledged as an expert” His posts argue the opposite along with being a person that screams to be given “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
        I’ve respected Charles Rotter request, it is a waste of time to spin on something without knowing anything about the issues and the end result is just bad feelings.

        • I’ve done enough data transfers between differing systems to know that unless you are on the inside actually examining the data, you don’t know enough to have an opinion.

          The system that I work with, we have to transfer terabytes from the production system to our User Acceptance Test system on a regular basis. (To keep the data fresh for testing purposes. We can’t just mirror the daily transactions because it interferes with ongoing acceptance tests. So every few months we dump from one system to the other. They are both Oracle servers of the same generation and the boxes are identical. And every single time there are glitches.

  21. Have yet to see this maxim disproven:
    ‘If you want to make god laugh, just tell him your plans.’

    Give them hell guys.

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