Heartland Climate Conference Returns!

It’s Back On! The Heartland Institute has a new date and place for our 14th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-14), postponed from its original May date due to COVID-19.

We will be hosting the two-day conference on Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17, 2021 at Paris, Las Vegas.

Once again, Heartland’s latest climate and energy conference will be the event to attend for those who want to meet the best scientists and experts from around the world who are brave enough to publicly tell the truth about the climate delusion, and what this means for all of us. For decades, so-called academic elites — with help from the mainstream media — have made a living peddling the delusion that human activity is causing an impending global catastrophe. As the years pass, the “climate crisis” keeps being pushed into the future. Why? Because the forces of collectivism and big, controlling government are using it as a means to gain more control over us.


The program is still coming together, but speakers at Heartland’s ICCC-14 will summarize the best available data on climate science and energy, while recommending policy changes that will place America at the forefront of a post-alarmist world in terms of climate realism.
Confirmed speakers include:

(Anthony Watts will also speak)

ICCC-14 will also feature timely, in-depth, and expert discussions about the benefits of a gently warming and slightly wetter world. By nearly all measures, the world is better off than 30 years ago.

To register, click here or call 312/377-4000. Watch presentations from all of Heartland’s previous conferences here, and learn more about what’s really going on with our climate at Heartland’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy.
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June 26, 2020 5:33 am

I celebrate a conference including scientists of integrity, I wish I could be there. There are scientists who post on this site who would not be out of place speaking at this event, in addition to Anthony of course. Maybe you could get some Australian Sky media to attend and promote the event, along with supportive media from other countries. I guess all that sort or detail is already in place. I would love to think we could make a difference.

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