Polar Bears and Climate Scares – the Real Truth Behind the Issue

By bucking the supposed consensus, Dr. Susan Crockford has face immense hurdles with her work on polar bears. Dr. Crockford joins me to tell the truth on polar bear populations and the climate scare.

Dr. Crockford is a zoologist with more than 35 years of experience. Crockford’s work includes published work on the Holocene history of Arctic animals. She is a former adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia and works full time for a private consulting company.

Dr. Crockford has published work that suggests the claims of climate change is hurting the polar bears is unsupported by the actual data, she has been ostracized and banished from her university for bucking the consensus.

For more information, visit her website at https://polarbearscience.com/

Here is the Podcast:

This is her book mentioned during the Podcast:

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16 thoughts on “Polar Bears and Climate Scares – the Real Truth Behind the Issue

  1. UVIC (my alma mater) now makes me want to puke for what they did to Dr. Crockford. Thank god my son has transferred and I don’t ever have to give them another cent of my money (except what they steal in taxes of course).

  2. I wish the CAGW crowd, who have made the polar bear their favorite “indicator species” would go up north and give their mascot a big hug. Maybe even feed them some soy burgers or something. Video at 11:00, wait for it.

  3. Having worked in the Arctic for a number of years I can say these bears are very adaptable to changing conditions. When Sea ice is plentiful these bears roam around looking for seals and other food sources. When the Sea ice is not so plentiful these bears have hollow fur hairs which allows them to be very buoyant and great swimmers. While flying in a helicopter from a remote site one time we were crossing the open sea and there was a polar bear swimming along at a good clip. We slowed down to get a better look at this bear and it actually stopped swimming and flipped over on its back to get a better look at us. After circling the bear three times the pilot turned and went back to our original heading the bear rolled over and continued on his way as well. We were about a mile off shore and the bear looked like it would reach land in a couple of hours. The pilot said that he would see a few bears swimming from Ice flow to Ice flow in the spring and the fall looking for seals and such. The pilot also said that the bear population was on the rise as they seemed to be more of them around. That was a little over ten years ago.

  4. Obviously, global warming has killed all the polar bears in Antarctica and penguins in the Arctic. /sarc

  5. Charles the Moderator – related to Polar Bear Climate Panic, check out the BBC news online, today. Arctic amplification fears! Siberian heatwave! All hysteria! As if this never happens with any regularity before the Demon Gas nonsense. More of the same, but grist for missing counter analysis, too.

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