NASA/SpaceX Countdown. Liftoff 4:33 Eastern.

Direct from America’s space program to YouTube, watch NASA TV live streaming here to get the latest from our exploration of the universe and learn how we discover our home planet.

34 thoughts on “NASA/SpaceX Countdown. Liftoff 4:33 Eastern.

    • If any indication was needed of the decline of the USA, just bear in mind that it’s 51 years since you guys were sending people to the moon. Now you’re making a big thing of an orbital launch, something the Russians and Chinese do as a matter of fact.
      What went wrong?

      • Really? Again, if China is so superior why are they not doing anything with it? Where is their orbital facility? How many personnel do they have in orbit? How many successful manned launches do they do each week? Trot it on out for us, show us how superior China is to everyone else.

  1. Hope this works up to spec no matter who’s name is attached to it. Success with this system will lead to others. Imagine a bunch of billionaires competing to have the best capsules and service the way they did with airlines for a while. Economy will return, question is how to fool them into happily spending piles of money getting humans off the surface in commercial way.

      • Really? Have you seen the obscene amounts of money these chuckleheads have weewee-ed away in their luxury airline contest? Get them to spend half that much creating the basic corporate structures for surface to orbit commerce and it will be a win/win for the human race.

        • Really? You ‘know this’ because you have personally risked your own substantial capital reserves to successfully build profitable corporate structures for similarly complex endeavors? Please provide bona fides on your own massive ‘expertise’ on this topic, so we can better understand what drives your contempt for those competing for high risk, high reward endeavors?

          • 2hotel9,
            As I thought. You have no relevant experience based knowledge to support your chuckle headed comments, or inform your baseless weewee-ing in anyway.
            Thanks for the confirmation.. and the laughs!

          • You get your panties in a twist so easy it is funny as hell. You got to be one of those karens always crying about comedians being so offensive. Wipe your tears, we are all still laughing at you.

          • Once again, nothing substantive, just more childish name calling as 2hotel9 goes ‘Wee, wee, wee all the way home!’
            Bad troll – No cookie!

  2. Presentation in such a childish and commercial style as to almost be vile. Also why is technical information allowed: I hear astronauts talking and that could help the Chinese in their endless copying of our plans. I hope it is disinformation. Giant NASA logos on lab coats?

    • The Chinese copying your plans?!!!
      The Chinese have got launch capacity far in excess of the USA.
      Why would they want to copy your plans…so that they could go backwards?

      • I keep hearing China has superior space capability compared to America. Why are they not using it?

  3. Weather trend is promising. We hope for the best at T-42min

    Is the rain making too much resistance?

    • lightening and heavy seas in the first offshore recovery zone. weather at the cape would have been go.

      • 10 minutes! If the window to hit the space station wasn’t so narrow they could have waited 10 minutes and the weather in the offshore recovery zone would have been in the green.

        • It’s tough to catch a rock that is flying 17,000 mph and 217 miles overhead.
          Especially when a change in velocity corresponds to a change in altitude.

          A pretty impressive feat that has since become routine.

        • Owen,
          It was an ‘instantaneous’ launch window, meaning little to no +/- margin on the launch time. Jim G’s comment applies. Minimizing the launch window reduces the flight time and total fuel burn to intercept with the Space Station, and reduces the overall on-board fuel requirements to complete the mission. Less ‘dead weight’ carried to orbit reduces the overall costs of the launch service or, alternately, increases the total payload weight that can be orbited at the same cost. Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!

  4. The two astronauts hate it of course because they have to go back into quarantine so as not to take the novel Corona Virus to the ISS with them.

    • They are under the usual NASA quarantine protocol, nothing different from other lifts.

  5. “JUST IN:
    Launch of SpaceX Scrubbed Due to Bad Weather – Rescheduled For Saturday”

  6. Well kids, weather remains largely unpredictable within a few weeks of interval but the climate models we use in our quest of global worldwide governance are guaranteed accurate to 1/100 of degree per century… It’s science, you know !

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