Flooded Tesla charging station in a floodplain that flooded in 2003..

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  1. Why would they put anything electric it a riverbed ???

    It’s the natural flood plain for the River Loddon, floods around there most years

    & there’s a clue in the name ‘Moat house’ !

    • Just like there might have been a clue in the name Fishlake before idiots built houses there and more idiots from the BBC went into hysteria when the area flooded and claimed it was climate change what done it. Duh!

    • Perhaps they though flooding was a thing of the past ever since President Obama slowed the oceans rising and healed the planet.

  2. A flooded gas station, with water getting into the tanks, and fuel escaping to the environment, would actually be a problem.

    As things stand, I can’t think of any other use that I would rather see temporarily flooded. For whatever reason, it makes me think of a derelict amusement park, maybe an abandoned Soviet amusement park. link How about an abandoned wind farm. link

    • commie:
      Here in Pennsylvania buried tank specs were upgraded some years ago to the extent of using double-wall tanks constructed of fiberglass to minimize the prior steel tank corrosion. Leakage sensors, fluid/gas with Alarm Systems mandated.
      Zoning and site assessments were also revised to avoid the problem you suggest and NO installation in Flood Plains is allowed. Drainage designs were also upgraded.

    • Made me think of downtown Calgary.

      Except they couldn’t get their act together enough to put in a charging station, so it was just a flooded hockey arena with the name of a (now bankrupt) oil company on it.

  3. “This says so much… Flooded Tesla charging station in a floodplain that flooded in 2003”

    It sure doesn’t say ‘smart’!
    So, let us guess:
    a) The land was cheap and available.
    b) No one protested.
    c) Neither Tesla nor their contractors bothered checking flood histories. Or they assumed endless droughts.
    d) Permitting officials were fed stories about the power of virtue signals.

  4. It’s a perfectly reasonable picture of an insurance farm.. part of the new Green Economy.
    Claims that it might be otherwise are groundless.

    Besides, many people have made down payment on the new Tesla Moatal 3 ( for which the farm was designed).

  5. What exactly is it supposed to say? All it says to me is incompetent fools put a charging station in a known flood-prone area.

    Tesla’s investment is under water?

    I give up. I guess I don’t understand the mind of an alarmist after all.

    • “What exactly is it supposed to say? “

      IMHO the climate debate is at a stalemate, and there has been and is nothing new that either side can point too. I view posts like this as necessary to keep people engaged. So, yea, it does serve a purpose.

      • engaged in what way? Revkin posted that it “says so much”, but he fails to say anything and sure, I’m slow, but I seriously cannot imagine what he thinks it says. Unless it’s really as brain-dead as “non-ideal situation ergo proof of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change”? How is this relevant to anything? Minor flooding in an area that routinely floods, means exactly…nothing.

    • “What exactly is it supposed to say? All it says to me is incompetent fools put a charging station in a known flood-prone area.” — Rich Davis

      That’s all it needs to say.

      • …flooded in 2003… we found marine fossils in our back yard, yet we put in an EV charger. Been OK so far.

        Probably they decided occasional shallow flooding was not a big problem. A quick Google search showed that the Wokingham site was powered up and available to use, something about isolated DC supplies. And probably awesome battery cooling.

  6. Last holiday it was lines of Teslas waiting to be recharged. Now this. Tesla seems to have a battery of problems.

    • You sound as if you are a man who would by my South Sea shares or if not I have some tulip futures that may interest you.

    • Ah maybe Simon can ‘splain us what a flooded charging station says “so much” to an alarmist. Give me one last guess. Is it that it rains in England and that never used to happen?

    • @Simon:

      What you say about the Tesla stock price may be true — for the time being. However, Enron’s stock price (remember them?) hit a high of around $90/share back in 2000. We all know how that ended, don’t we.


      If and when Tesla goes under someday, it may not be for the same reason as Enron. But bad endings are still bad endings no matter how and why they happen. There are probably plenty of investors out there who probably get burned more often than they care to admit to with bad investment decisions.


    • And the Bitcoin is selling well above it’s 10-year average (and the Brooklyn Bridge can be had at a bargain), Simon. Just because there are fools willing to buy doesn’t mean the fundamentals of the company are in good shape. Musk is running out of accounting tricks and it’s only a matter of time before he runs out of OPM as well.
      Tesla Net income:
      2014: -294.04M
      2015: -888.66M
      2017: -1.96B
      2018: -976.09M
      2019 (first 3 quarters so far:) -967.47M

      Unless Tesla makes nearly a billion in net profit in the final quarter (and given their track record, I wouldn’t bet on them doing so), this year will be yet another annual loss for the company. That’s not the sign of a healthy company.

      • And, by the way, the red ink didn’t start in 2014, least you accuse me of cherry picking the data. Tesla has never post an annual profit that wasn’t a negative number in the entirety of it’s existence, as even CEO Elon Musk has publicly admitted “Tesla has never made an annual profit in the almost 15 years since we have existed”

  7. If I had an electric car, I would want a potential re-charge station to be available
    during an emergency. Perhaps there are others on higher ground nearby?

    Other sorts of service facilities are taken out of use from time to time,
    so while this does provide a bit of hilarity the temporary shutdown is not a big deal.

    However, as the water goes away there will be a mess. What does one do with
    fine sediment containing unknown chemicals?
    Hope someone does a follow up on this. Please.

  8. It was about time for Elon to hold a press conference and announce a new Electric boat to take everyone’s minds off of the lack of profits in all of the other ventures.

    Look! Squirrel!

  9. (1882) “… keepin’ up wid de ole sayin’ – we’ve had … hell and high water … and a mighty heap of high water I tell yer.” An Iowa (USA) weekly gazette printed that, which by the early 1900s became the popular slogan “come hell or high water.” Tesla now has the high water angle covered; which leaves to be seen whether they fulfill the axioms “and”, instead of the “or”, part about hell.

  10. There’s been some pretty severe weather in various parts of Europe so far this winter, wind and continued rain. Nothing exceptional apart from in MSM headlines. What’s different this year is the number of renewable power generation sites.

    Are there any reports of damage, flooded solar that sort of thing? I haven’t seen any but it must have happened.

    • That’s the best yet !!!

      I was always taught that… ‘Electric currents are grown in magnetic fields’

      Anyway it’s not water, the electrolyte leaked from the Tesla battery.

  11. I heard presidential candidate Bernie Sanders say the other day that he would build 500,000 new electric car charging stations if he is elected.

    I guess Bernie doesn’t think electric cars are a viable enough industry to build their own charging stations. He may be correct.

  12. MY brother-in-law has a large mitsubishi SUV which is a hybrid. Admittedly there has been a lot of rain in the UKbut all he did was drive through a very large puddle and now the vehicle is stuck in tortoise mode. He cannot switch it to purely petrol/gasoline and now has to take it back to the manufacturers.
    Not a great advert for them

    • If you had done the same thing in a Land Rover the engine would have cut out if you hadn’t replaced all the Lucas electrics with something that actually works. I know from experience.

  13. Warning!
    Always ensure your charging port is clean and dry before inserting plug to avoid the risk of electric shock while charging.

    • Share pushing in the mining industry is famous for promoting holes in the ground with nothing in them ,one has to look behind and see who’s doing the pushing and based on watt.

      • Third quarter 143 million net income. End of year looking strong too. Maybe he has turned things around. The Tesla 3 is certainly a wonderful car, so who knows?

        • Tesla 3 has a base model price of 42000 notes and the fast full charge is 31.5 hrs. good luck with that.

          • Oh dear 0-80% charge on a fast charger in 25 minutes. Range is 322 miles. Unless you are doing long distances a lot it is not an issue. Cheap to run too. Full charge about $4 at a charging station. And they are sooo much fun to drive, that’s without enjoying the tech inside. And they are only going to get better and cheaper. Hey but you stay with your IC engine, but wear gloves to protect the skin on your knuckles.

          • In case you hadent noticed that’s UK prices, Tesla recommend a 0.6amp/hr charge because it’s kinda to the batteries, there not affordable for normal people,but that’s the point right,only the wealthy can afford one and replace the batts , I wont be buying one I dont know any one who will.

          • Simon
            Your comparison with gasoline prices fails to take into account that most of the fuel cost is taxes, ostensibly for building and maintaining roads. If the same tax structure for automotive fuel was imposed on electric vehicles, one would be paying substantially more than $4 for a charge! That is nothing to crow about.

            Do you really expect a 322-mile range in the Winter?

        • net profit for 2019 (first 3 quarters so far:) -967.47M already takes into account that 3rd quarter number. It’s going to be another year of losses ( do you honestly think Tesla is going to pull nearly a billion in profit out of the hat in the 4th quarter? if so, I have this bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing, that is if you haven’t already given the Nigerian princes all your spare cash). And that isn’t the only quarter Tesla posted a quarterly profit (it’s happened twice before that I can recall). Musk accounting gimmicks occasionally give him a good quarter, but the yearly profits remain the same story – red ink as far as the eye can see.

        • The car is not capable of operation much below 0 C what telling is Tesla has no charging stations in North Dakota or Norther Minnesota where 0 C is not reached often for a month and a half. That were I spent most of my adult life, now I am in Arizona where Tesla batteries don’t last long in four months of 40 C temps. Get back to me when you solve the battery problem, I expect I will be dead by then because the human race has been working on that problem for over a century! I don’t see the solution anytime soon, I hope I am not right but I will not put any money on the problem.

    • Progressive legal system decides you’re made of the politically correct stuff and thereby immune from defamation calling an honest man a peddo and that’s the Ethical Funds sector signal to pile on again. We’ve learned to contextualise these things too comrade but we know who the real groomers of children are.

    • Could be because of all those people who put a deposit on a Tesla truck…that hasn’t been built yet! Pure speculation!

      • The world of finance is built on people who speculate. It’s what makes it go round. Some win some lose. Lets see how Elon is going in a year or two.

        • Based on the history of the company, Tesla will still be posting annual losses, same as the past 15 years. The only real question is how long can Musk keep doing that before the company goes bust.

  14. Tesla message management is so good at this point that they can confidently blame the user for their electrocution.

  15. Tesla charging stations don’t contain copper cables.

    Without copper cables the worth of flooded Tesla charging stations is Null, nil, 0, zilch, nada, ничего.

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