LIVE NOW: Live Stream Climate Alarmism Rebuttal from #COP25

Former Trump Climate Science Advisor Will Happer Headlines Climate Forum Rebutting UN at COP25 in Madrid – Questions will be fielded online.

Five-hour live-streamed program begins Tuesday, Dec. 3 at 7 a.m. EST
Watch LIVE on YouTube here

Dr. Will Happer, former science advisor to President Donald Trump, is headling a lineup of climate experts speaking at The Heartland Institute’s climate realism forum December 3 in Madrid, Spain. The forum, which will be livestreamed around the world starting at 7 a.m. ET, is taking place at the beginning of the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP25) climate conference in Madrid, where the COP was moved after unrest in Chile caused by rising fuel costs forced the venue to be moved from Santiago.

WHAT: Forum rebutting the United Nations’ climate agenda.
WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 | 13:00 – 18:00 CET (7 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET)
WHERE: Madrid Marriott Auditorium, Spain and livestreamed on YouTube.

UPDATE: You will be able to ask questions of the panel by using the chat feature online at YouTube by following the link above.


“The Heartland Institute is honored to present Dr. Happer at our prebuttal of the December 2-13 UN conference,” said James Taylor, director of Heartland’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy. “Dr. Happer will provide valuable insight into the powerful scientific evidence that shapes President’s Trump climate realism. Dr. Happer’s impressive scientific credentials and accomplishments are unsurpassed. The world needs to hear Dr. Happer present the scientific case against a speculative and highly dubious climate crisis.”

Other confirmed speakers include climate scientist Stanley Goldenberg, meteorologist Anthony Watts, Chilean scientist Douglas Pollock, European Institute for Climate and Energy General Secretary Wolfgang Müller, advisor to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Lord Christopher Monckton, International Climate Science Coalition Executive Director Tom Harris, and Heartland’s James Taylor.

Guus Berkhout, a member of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and founder of the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL), will also speak about his organization’s “European Climate Declaration,” which was presented to the United Nations and European Parliament in November. 


13:00 – 13:10 CET
[7:00 AM – 7:10 AM ET]

Introductions by James Taylor

13:10 – 13:25 CET
[7:10 AM – 7:25 AM ET]

CINTEL – The Climate Declaration: There is no Climate Emergency – No hay Emergencia Climática
Guus Berkhout, Benoît Rittaud

13:30 – 14:00 CET
[7:30 AM – 8:00 AM ET]

The Benefits of Carbon Dioxide and the Case for Climate Realism
William Happer

14:05 – 15:35 CET
[8:05 AM – 9:35 AM ET]

Sound Science vs. The Climate Delusion
Stan Goldenberg (Climate Change and Tropical Storm Myths)
Anthony Watts (Doctored Temperature Claims)
James Taylor (The Truth About Prominent Climate Scares)
Jim Lakely (Moderator)

15:45 – 17:35 CET
[9:35 AM – 11:45 AM ET]

Consequences of Green Extreme Climate Policies
Douglas Pollock (How Climate Activism Failed the Chilean People)
Wolfgang Müller (The Renewable Power Nightmare in Europe)
Christopher Monckton (The People vs. The Climate Establishment)
Tom Harris (Wind and Solar Power: Expensive, Diffuse, Unreliable and Environmentally Damaging)
James Taylor (Moderator)

17:45 – 18:15 CET
[11:45 AM – 12:15 PM ET]

Climate Policy in the Trump Administration
William Happer

The Heartland Institute is a 35-year-old national nonprofit organization headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.

78 thoughts on “LIVE NOW: Live Stream Climate Alarmism Rebuttal from #COP25

  1. Shame that the hapless and hopelessly brainwashed Pippi Thunderpants won’t watch. She might actually learn something for a change. Either that, or her head would explode. Win-win.

      • Greta can’t afford to get older and wiser.

        That would be the end of her schtick and her parents’ gravy train.

        At some point dhowever, the juvenile pigtails must go, even for a near midget.

    • I completely agree that her being made a symbol of our eminent demise is ridiculous and terrible.

      However, it is my understanding that as a younger child she was diagnosed with Asperger’s disease (currently lumped in with the all inclusive “autism spectrum disorder” [ASD] by our brilliant and wonderfully effective mental health community ) that is characterized by being intelligent, but overly obsessive, compulsive and lacking in abilities to interact socially. Once these people get something in their heads, it tends to stay there obsessively.

      If this is true, then she is to be pitied as a tool of the warmists and they and her artist parents should be charged with child abuse.

    • The fear is that the people will be stampeded into wrecking the economy with non viable wind/solar energy. The greenies oppose nuclear, IMHO because it might actually work.

      In Canada, three provincial premiers have banded together to develop small nuclear reactors (SMR). The national broadcaster, the CBC, normally pretty SJW leftist, has been covering the story with some kind of impartiality.

      There was just a radio interview featuring a Canadian government person and someone from the Union of Concerned Scientists. The pro-SMR government person effectively countered the anti-SMR activist. The interviewer didn’t seem disturbed with that result.

      The development of SMRs will obviate the need for wind/solar. The economy will not be wrecked that way. The neo-Marxist greenies will lose interest in pushing CAGW. Sanity will prevail. We can then go back to fossil fuels.

  2. Happer didn’t last long as a Trump advisor did he?

    didn’t he leave in September after failing to convince the president to review mainstream research on climate change?

    • Trump is pulling the US out of the Paris agreement what is there to review?

      According to actual documents Harper said he would only stay to help on a specific project, there was none so he left.

      So Griff do you have any actual facts to the contrary?

    • I just skimmed the paper but something that has always confused me is the lack of convective forces in papers like Happer’s. I get the radiative forcing analysis but heat transfer in the troposphere in which we live is dominated by convective (and advective) forces.

      • Nelson, it’s true the paper is focused on radiative forcing, but convection is not ignored. Statements like these are relevant:
        “However, at any given time, large regions of the troposphere (particularly in the tropics) are unstable to moist convection.”
        “Most of the energy needed to replace the radiated power comes from convection of moist air.”
        “Variants of the radiative-convective equilibrium recipes illustrated in Fig. 6 are widely used in climate models. Unlike forcing calculations, which can be uniquely and reliably calculated, there is lots of room for subjective adjustments of the temperature changes caused by forcing changes.”

  3. Crank up the coal plants, oil fields, and refineries to plan for COP25 and 26. It’s big business all around.

    The rest of us are saving energy by waiting till needed on the “No Carbon Tax” revolt on a more massive scale.

    • Resource guy,
      The next meeting of the warmnista is scheduled to be in the Soviet non republic of Scotia in 2020.
      Our little Nicola Sturgeon (strange how our betters have fishy names – the previous one was called Salmon)
      is a fully paid member of the Church of Global Warming.
      I have no idea who is going to foot the bill for this invasion of the deluded, but I suppose Boris (who also prays at the altar of Gaia) will do so.
      The ruling SNP clowns reckon we can eliminate that evil plant food by 2030 and be “carbon free”
      In the meantime the pristine hills and seashore are being desecrated by bird killing totem poles.
      Glasgow should be avoided with extreme prejudice next year.

  4. Perhaps a young boy (crippled or otherwise handicapped would be preferable) as a mascot for the programme? He could admonish the IPCC for stealing his future by spending a lot of money and resources on “climastrology” rather than valid fields of research into his personal handicap. Jaded but pragmatic, it would certainly draw more media attention to the contents of the presentations. Fight fire with fire?

    • PJB,

      I’ve been thinking that for some time. But the best would be to use humor, not Greta-like admonition. The character must be immensely likable. First the memorable theatrics, then the rational, science-based background.

      A youth, in any case, whether boy or girl wouldn’t matter. He / she could become the official mascot of the poor about to be disenfranchised from affordable energy by the UN & the World Bank.

    • Watched the entire presentation — it was fantastic!

      Took some notes related to the overall presentation but I’ll wait until I see a request for reactions.

      Does Heartland intend to edit the presentation into a series of press releases for MSM?

      I’ve never seen Lord Monckton give a bad speech but this one was a show stopper.

      Great Job!

      • Heartland is working on pulling out and editing each presentation now. Stay tuned.

        Jim Lakely
        Director of Communications
        The Heartland Institute

        (Rescued from spam bin) SUNMOD

        • Hi Jim,
          Great, there were numerous remarks that are perfect sound bites for the media.


  5. Ahhhhh…. Another year, another climate change Cop-out.
    “It’s CO2 what done it!”
    “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! ”
    “Send More Money!”

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  6. The BBC Radio 3 news report at 6pm informed us of this. Apparently Governments must take strong action now to reduce emissions.
    They followed that with a report on the trouble in Iran. The Islamic Republic has shown the way by shooting lots of people who were protesting about fuel price rises.

    Perhaps the irony was deliberate.
    Or perhaps the BBC can’t put 2 + 2 together.

  7. Considering the short time between when Anthony announced his trip to Spain (yesterday) and the date of his speech there (tomorrow), I believe it’s safe to assume he didn’t sail across the Atlantic.


  8. MCourtney: Here in the states, we find out what our journos really think from hot mic moments. Recently had a particularly raw example of a young lady who had the story of her career about a powerful pedophile, but ABC news killed the story. My guess is, the BBC can put 2+2 together, but they can’t go on the air with “Iran getting CO2 emissions reduced, is England next?” So they say it when they think the mics are off. Need to get that hot mic tape!

  9. I still think Monckton’s parachuting in and trolling the COP do-gooders a few years back was pure comic genius.

    He deserves a climate realist Green Planet award.

    More humor!

  10. “Live Stream Climate Alarmism Rebuttal from #COP25”

    Sorry folks.

    Mainstream Climate Alarmism Rebuttal not reported from #COP25

    Climate Alarmism owns the MSM, the universities, the schools, the political parties, the UN, the IMF, the ECB, the EU, the scientific organisations, the environmental organisations, some airlines, businesses with financial interests, the governments of developing nations, the governments of most developed nations, the film making world, the entertainment world and also the Governor of the Bank of England.

    Obviously, the list is not comprehensive and there are some exceptions that people may raise but in general this is what we are up against. I don’t expect to see or hear it on the national news tonight or any other night.

    But I wish you the best of luck and will follow its progress with great interest.

  11. Just and idea for the participants.

    We probably do need to start adopting the tactics of the wet pants brigade. We should call the proponents “climate criminals” due to the child abuse effect of the rhetoric, the murder and displacement of indigenous peoples to make way for carbon credit funded carbon sinks. Excess deaths of grannies unable to afford heating in winter. Deaths from food riots driven by diverting food aid to ethanol production. Deaths caused by miss allocation of funds from health to climate. The incineration or shock wave induced killing of protected wildlife, and the mass sterilisation of land required to build solar and wind power plants.

    They are the climate criminals… let’s call it that.

  12. Hot topic on Day 1: “Special Circumstances” (conferring preferential access to funding and capacity building). Some of the least developed countries in Africa, and some island states received that status under the Paris Agreement. But now, the other African countries want that status, then some South American countries said wait, we want it too, then Saudi Arabia said “if you get it, so should we”.
    LOL! The circus has begun.
    Oh yeah, Pelosi was there with a delegation to let everyone know that “we’re still in”. Apparently the democRats have decided to secede from the US, so that’s good news I guess.

    • “then Saudi Arabia said “if you get it, so should we”.
      LOL! The circus has begun.”

      Everyone should have Special Status! Except the United States.

      This is one reason Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords. We ain’t payin’ freeloaders to freeload!

  13. Last night the BBC marked the opening of COP 25 with an interview with Guttieres, who said that climate change is now “a fight to the death” (huh?) and an interview with the president of Micronesia.
    “What impacts of climate change are you witnessing?” asked the newsreader.
    He gave a long and rambling answer, but essentially all he said was it’s raining right now, and send more money.

    • ““What impacts of climate change are you witnessing?” asked the newsreader.”

      That’s the right question to be asked.

      • The newsreader will likely be called on the carpet for asking that question. Most newsreaders apparently know not to ask it, because I have seen and read countless interviews were people weep over the ravages of climate change, but never asked to give any specifics. If they do, they end up describing normal weather, because there aren’t any actual ‘ravages of climate change’.

  14. It is my opinion that if the northern US continues to experience cold winters the Dems will have to drop Global Warming before the 2022 mid-terms, simply as a matter of political expediency. I also think the whole thing will be dead by about 5 years from now. But that depends on what happens with the Sun.

    But will the repressive ‘No CO2!’ mantra go away? I doubt it. They will suddenly discover that CO2 is a cooling gas. They will look at the recent very high Solar Maxima when there was a temperature pause in process, clearly something was restraining rising temps, and that something will have been CO2. It would then be easy to unwind all the cheating, “Mistakes were made – we have corrected that now”, then re-interpret the record to make CO2 a coolant, “We understand so much more now than those stupid children back then”. Greta will be fully on-board, looking for redemption for having been misled as a child.

  15. Right Handed-Shark

    He gave a long and rambling answer, but essentially all he said was it’s raining right now, and send more money. LOL

  16. Greta has finally arrived in Lisbon, after about 4 hours of no wind. Heard on a Portuguese radio that they had to turn on the motor of the catamaran so they could make there way into Lisbon’s dock, in Alcantara…
    Bet this won’t get much of the news, but it’s a precious little point…

    She has said that she will stay some days in Lisbon, but will be in Madrid next Friday, stressing that she has to rest after 3 weeks!

    • “will be in Madrid next Friday”

      I assume you it is this coming Friday?

      In most countries you are are not allowed to sail into the harbor in a larger sailboat without the use of an engine.

      The last time I did so, was in the 60’s on an old three masted whaling ship, which had no engine what so ever. We put by-boats in the water to pull rope from peer to peer. The whole city came down to see the event 🙂

  17. I have watched the stream from Madrid and it is awfully boring. The same science, by the same people that I can read over here. I dont see anything that justifies the trip to Madrid. I am very interested in the science, but not while there is a COP going on, then I expect people from our side go there and fight the alarmists. Ask annoying questions to the visitors of. ‘How many polar bears are there’, ‘how long before the pacific islands sink?’How much rice willl there grow if we double CO2’. Accessible questions for anyone. And dont you think Happer, Monckton et al would be a lot more interesting (not for you maybe, but for the people we so deperately want to convince) if a journalist interviewed them? I was in Copenhagen 2009 and there was a lot going on that was from a journalistic pov lively, noisy, interesting, I assume that it will be similar in Madrid and I am sure that it is way more interesting than this sweathut for the people-that- are-right-but-to-whom-nobody-listens.

    • I have watched the stream from Madrid and it is awfully boring. The same science, by the same people that I can read over here.

      Of course — the science is all settled. It’s now just about how the climate-change loot laundered from taxpayers is to be divvied up.

  18. Youve got a very strong opposite to Greta in the last person Naomi use her!!! This person could have a major impact to support the skeptic position

  19. Naomi Seibt was so encouraging to see and hear.

    I think she said she would head over to the COP-25 meeting. In that case, it would be magnificent with a TV broadcast with Greta Thunberg and Naomi Seibt having a debate 🙂

  20. My goodness, can’t you fellas get some decent mugshots together. You look like a bunch of misfits.

    Only Happer has a half decent photo and it looks like that one was taken about 40 years ago !.

  21. As much as I loved to listen to all the announced speaker, Naomi Seibt gave me the happiest feeling. If she could be persuaded to do for example her video “CLIMATE CHANGE – Just hot air..? – Part 1” in English, she could be even more helpful to the average people.
    Even though the language here on WUWT is English, I will put the link to the above titled video:
    [ youtube ]

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