Alexandria Occasional Cortex Blames Philadelphia Refinery Explosion on Climate Change

Guest WTF by David Middleton


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170 thoughts on “Alexandria Occasional Cortex Blames Philadelphia Refinery Explosion on Climate Change

        • How about showing a modicum of class and stop picking on Greta?

          First, learn something about autism in general and Asperger Syndrome (in particular – high functioning). It is VERY complicated and individual in presentation. As I recall, Oliver Sachs discusses this in several of his books (e.g., An Anthropologist On Mars).

          Secondly, consider if an affliction is something to be blamed on a child (not at all in my opinion) or on the “adults” (parents, alarmists, media) who exploit the circumstances.

          Third – redirect any sense of outrage, and always explicitly wish the best for the young lady.

          • “Modicum of class” went into the dustbin a long time ago… But, I do agree that poor little Greta shouldn’t be the focus of our ridicule.

            The activist and media retards who hype her nonsense should be the focus.

          • Bernie,
            The downside to her ‘condition’ is that she wants to use her power to harm you, me and civilization – because she KNOWS she is right and you are her enemy. She has had a small book of her thoughts and speeches printed for the gullible. By all means sympathize, but also recognize that she is dangerous and will have no mercy on deniers

  1. Sandy from Yorktown is proof positive that any idiot can go to the House of Representatives as long as there are enough super idiots to send you there.

    • Nah, she’s just a false non-blonde. She must be [dyeing her] hair. No one can be that dumb without being blonde.

      • I have heard there is a sure-fire way to tell if one is blond. I will not volunteer my services

        • You don’t have to check her pubic hair William, look at one’s eye brows to determine their true hair color.

          • Not necessarily, I knew a girl in 6th 7th and 8th grade that had light blonde hair and dark eyebrows. It wasn’t until later I discovered the comparison with the brow color but she always had light blonde hair.

        • Sure she is smart enough to colour her hair, all she needs to ask is “Which one do I colour?”

          • I heard that they are going to start making cars with the bright switch back on the floor as opposed to the steering column.

            AOC keeps getting er foot caught in the steering wheel.

  2. Climate Change started in 1850, and there is not a single case of refinery explosion known before that. The connection is obvious.

    I mean it is as obvious as that the disappearance of slavery in the US was also due to climate change, it disappeared almost as soon as climate began to change.

    /sarc (in case AOC or one of her fans reads this)

      • No climate change kills pirates, but it does drive global GDP just graph them … Loydo is available to help he is good at stupid meaningless graphs.

    • There is, however, a clear connection between the developmental rise and use of machinery and the fall of slavery (and use of large animals for labor).

      • Yes. Had the Civil War been avoided for just another twenty or so, John Deere and Cyrus McCormick would have ended slavery. The economics were about to change in a massive way.

        • I don’t know, on the one hand this assumes that all (or even most) humans will naturally stop doing something stupid and/or evil when it becomes uneconomical.

          On the Gripping hand, Wind Turbines are still being constructed.


          • slavery, like wind turbine construction, was supported and/or subsidized by the government.

            When the support goes away, so does (most) of the inefficient operations.

    • Earth’s Climate change really stated and never ended billions of years ago, but our most recent warming period started hundreds of years ago once the Little Ice Age started its upward warming about the year 1700. Generally speaking Earth has warmed about 2 degrees Celsius since then which is easily within range of other known natural temperature swings. Generally speaking for the last 300 years every year should be the warmest year!

  3. Who are the imbeciles that take that moron seriously? That is other than the press and apparently her fellow morons who elected her in her district and a few hate America, anti-Semitic fellow congress people? Too much of her would make me wish the world would end in far less than 12 years.

      • ummm . .
        One. Two . . .

        PS, I am sure the Seer of the Bronx would notice if her pay was twelve dollars short.

          • I’m not sure why ppl need to sexualize this. She’s not that bad looking, but naive and aggressive and that puts me off. But not you?

            People say skeptics are old white drooling men. Well I’m European, middle-aged, and self-identify as not woman, but could skip the drooling.

        • I agree she is better looking than Dianne Abbot. But her arithmetical skills are no better.
          Both would benefit from an arithmetic refresher course from young Mr Seb Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn’s son who graduated from Cambridge with an Engineering degree a year or two ago and is therefore presumably numerate.

      • Remember, she was a bartender. Can you imagine sitting at a bar and listening to her blather on? Can you imagine what would happen if you actually tried to talk to her about any of the real hard sciences involved in assessing the past or present climate?

    • The really sad part? Is that AOC’s election to the US House gives “legitimacy” and “credence” to every imbecillic utterance from this vacuous tart. She is getting intense media coverage, who hang-on, and repeat her nonstop nonsense. What a sad commentary on American governance

      • True Kenji,.. However what I find even more disturbing is that the Media do not challenge or hold her accountable. If they had done their real job of reporting facts, truth and correcting the falsehood of people, thus holding them accountable for their results as well as the “laws” that they pass,.. we would have never arrived at our present predicament.

  4. Does not appear that she is actually blaming climate change for the explosion. It does appear that she is making a clumsy attempt to use it as an analogy to make some sort of a point about climate change. However, her rationale completely escapes me.

    • Don’t try to figure it out. Applying rational thought to the utterances of morons will only lower your IQ.

      • Mmm, I just read twenty or so utterances in this hateful little pile-on. So many sexist bullies, wilfully ignorant of the fact the headline is just a silly, schoolyard smear. No, don’t try to figure it out for yourself Litebarters, just bend over and be grateful.

        • Loydo. You seem to believe if you lie, people here will believe you. You ha a a strange brain.

        • hey Loydo..from a female…shes a dumb bint and an embarrassment to the female side of the gene pool, I doubt Id trust her to be able to make a drink properly (maybe why she moved out of bartending?)and as her speech pattern/or lack theroef – suggests shes damn near 80 or less on an IQ scale. as for her pronouncements on climate?
          southparks talk to the hand springs to mind.

          • My wife got banned from Facebook for her “racist” attacks on AOC. My wife was born in Monterrey NL, Mexico, 100% Mexican, a citizen of Mexico, and permanent legal resident alien in these nominally United States.

        • She’s not stupid because she’s she. But she being young could play a role.

          I agree on sexist (and colorist) smear, don’t like it at all.

        • Mmm, I just read twenty or so utterances in this hateful little pile-on. So many sexist bullies, wilfully ignorant of the fact the headline is just a silly, schoolyard smear.

          Most of them are responses to the piles she keeps dropping around the schoolyard.
          Some regarding her looks are no worse than the caricatures you’d see in a political cartoon.
          ie Her teeth. Exaggerating her teeth to say she should but doesn’t have horse sense or to make a connection to the Dems mascot, she’s a public figure. To say she a little help to count to 12 … what has she ever said to imply she doesn’t? 😎
          But, I’d agree that to say she says such dumb stuff because of her teeth or because she’s a girl is going to far.

        • So, according to Loydo, if a woman is dumb, commenting on her intellectual capabilities is by definition hateful and sexist.

        • Funny thing… My wife, who is Hispanic, thought I was going too easy on Donkey Teeth Cortez and the idiots who took issue with my tone in this post… Probably because she has a degree in geophysics from Texas A&M and is far less tolerant of stupid people than I am.

    • Dan – think “spark” and “kindling” – while most commentators here think that AOC was saying that GW was the sparking – she is probably saying that oil production crated the kindling

      • I’m fairly certain she didn’t have a fracking clue about what she was saying.

  5. “Disproportionately impact working class people”? Yeah, your Green New Deal would do exactly that. A refinery explosion is an unfortunate accident with a relatively minor impact on the economy. Your GND is a deliberate, country-wide catastrophe.

    But that’s okay, in a few days she’ll retract her comment, say it was just a joke, and anyone who took her seriously is an idiot.

    • Refinery worker was the highest paid “blue collar” job in the U.S. (It probably still is.)

    • Well working class people will not be able to afford the new sexy electric cars, and hence will no longer own them.

      Then, by controlling public transport, they can control working class movement.

      So yes, impact working class people? tick!

  6. I think this shows AOC Marxists Foundation. She sees capitalism and climate change as the same evil. Climate change caused the disaster because capitalist built and ran a refinery. No refineries, no climate change.

  7. It is absolutely stunning that an alleged elected representative is so incapable of adding ‘1 + 0’ and keeps reaching a sum of 2 or worse, 22.

  8. A couple choices:

    1. AOC is incredibly ignorant.

    2. AOC is deliberately using any argument she can to deflect, change and manage public
    perspectives and secure her position on the left because she was so lucky to win the seat
    and cannot afford to lose a single vote. AOC, Tlaib and Omar – using the same techniques
    because they have the same financial supporter(s)?

    Take your pick.

  9. Back in the days before centigrade, we used to call AOC’s problem ‘room temperature IQ’. Nowadays, when you have to explain the concept, you have made the diagnosis if the person is over 40. For the young ones, we have to find another expression.

    • Oh I don’t know if there’s any problem with the saying, Fran. I reckon that 20-25 is her maximum IQ.

      • Depends on the scale. Negative IQs do exist in principle. 🙂

        Frankly I think her technical IQ is okay, it’s the education what is missing.

        • A O-C graduated in 2011 ftom Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with two majors, International Relations and Economics.

          The education was there. The IQ to grasp what was taught was not.

  10. It’s amazing that no one was killed in that blast. I did some contract work in that refinery when it was Sunoco. I seem to recall that it was jam packed with units very close to each other.

    One cause of blasts is from hydrocarbons leaking from pipes caused via corrosion, some leaks resulting from hydrogen sulfide, which is produced in greater amounts at refineries today to make fuels with lower and lower total sulfur levels, currently 10 ppm max for gasoline (almost 2 orders of magnitude lower than it used to be ~30 years ago). This reduction in sulfur is needed so that automotive catalytic converters aren’t poisoned in operation but refiners need to monitor corrosion even more carefully as a result.

    Leaks of LPG are particularly troublesome because its vapor clouds stay low to the ground and are slow to disperse, often finding an ignition source. It will be some time for the cause of this particular blast to be known, but pipe failure from corrosion is possible.

    • These days, I would also include sabotage among the possible reasons.

      If it is, then we CAN blame it on “climate change” – if we add “propaganda,” that is.

  11. Abolishing fossil fuels would eliminate refinery accidents–along with tens of millions of jobs worldwide.

    Actually AOC really wants to take us back to a Paleolithic hunter/gatherer existence: no ships, cars, airplanes, cows, etc. And maybe even abolish fire for cooking.

    • I think that this is, in fact, what she means. She envisions a Utopia where there are no engines, external or internal combustion; everything is powered by solar and wind, with no birds killed and no valuable land taken up; and everybody lives within walking distance of their job.

      • Billions… Fossil fuels literally feed half of the human race through the Haber-Bosch process.

          • I don’t have to read it. It’s a well known basic process* and resulted in two Nobel Science Prizes. It turns methane, a fossil fuel, into ammonia, which is used for fertilizer, which is used to grow food. Middleton is correct. Statements to the contrary reveal trifecta ignorance of chemistry, history, and logic.

            * It was the topic of a breakfast conversation with my neighbors two weeks ago.

        • WTF?
          David Middleton actually believes people literally eat coal.

          Mark Broderick June 22, 2019 at 11:20 am
          ….ROTFLMAO….The gift that keeps on giving….. : )

          rah June 22, 2019 at 12:11 pm
          Who are the imbeciles that take that moron seriously?

          • Properties of “Aspirin” was discovered, originally, in trees. And then in coal by some Germans looking for a dye. I know, it’s crazy! Then it was synthesised. I am sure you knew this already?

          • Once again, Loydo demonstrates that he is incapable of understanding what he reads.
            Only a total moron would conclude that David has said that people can eat coal. Then being a total moron would be an upgrade for you.

          • Instead of lying about what I think, quote what I posted:

            Billions… Fossil fuels literally feed half of the human race through the Haber-Bosch process..

            Or are you just too stupid to know what the Haber-Bosch process is?

  12. Is she not getting enough attention – AGAIN??? Everything she says and does seems to be aimed at getting her cartoony self in front of the camera. All she does is let us know what a dimwit she is. I guess it’s best we do know how very, very stupid she really is, since CLIMATE had nothing to do with a vat of butane.

    I lived across the river from and worked in Philadelphia for two years. There were fires at the refinery on a recurring basis, one of them being a cracking tower that ignited several miles away from me. All it took was a small bit of carelessness by a refinery worker to cause that and several other fires, one of them being a tanker in the river, in the middle of the night. That was in the mid-1970s.

    She needs to get her ridiciulous mouth sewn shut. But the more she rattles on, the more idiotic she becomes. At least she’s consistent that way.

    • “She needs to get her ridiciulous mouth sewn shut.”

      No way. Those teeth would bust right through.

    • Alastair, can you name one thing that Trump has said while in office that’s as stupid as AOC’s?

    • As you said about 6 months back, what AOC says is her own downfall as her party leadership will ultimately have to disown her in public, or be tarred with her drivel.

      So let her keep doing it as even children will see how absurd and ‘brain-free-zone’ her comments consistently are.

    • Alistair,

      Jealous much?
      1. you ain’t worth a billion bucks
      2. you ain’t the most powerful man on the planet
      3. because of num 1 and 2, what you think is witty repartee is actually the explanation of why your life is nothing but a pitiful existence.

  13. Why Rep. Occasionally-Coherent gets as much media attention as she does is one of life’s mysteries, I guess. In case you have not seen this, an interesting account of how her handlers selected an unknown bartender to run for Congress in an audition process. (Note: Buzzfeed, of course, put out a video a month later debunking this theory. Sort of.)

    • The Nut from New York gets so much attention to make the other nuts sound less cracked … particularly the ones running for President.

  14. Ignorance and arrogance, combined with a minimal conscience, is a profoundly volatile and dangerous personality mix, as Alexandria Cortez so fully demonstrates. Long on foolish incendiary statements and short on relevance to reality, it seems intrinsic to the ‘social justice warrior’ mentality festering within American culture today.

    • Thank you for the sound comment, J Mac; as a European myself, Im afraid it crosses the ocean, the ‘social justice warrior’ mentality; but reading through the comments, one gets punched by the inherent mysoginism (from the older white folks, Im guessing) too. From my (female, of course) point of view, that is as sad as AOC’s proofs of ingnorance, being carried to the top as a “representative” of a modern woman.

  15. Maybe this can be considered a perfect opportunity, from the CAGW perspective. The East Coast doesn’t want fossil fuels. This refinery explosion (full disclosure, I been to this refinery and performed work there) will take a substantial proportion of the East Coast fuel supply offline. This will help the CAGW faithful promote their idea of a fossil fuel free economy. They are, hopefully, prepared to take up the slack in order to demonstrate to the world how they can provide the necessary energy to maintain and improve on the standard of living, provide jobs, improve on the economy and, in general, promote the general welfare of the people living on East Coast…

    Or not. 🙂

    • That refinery was shuttered for a while not that long ago and there are several refineries in the area. Gasoline right now is still under $3/gal in Philly. It probably will have a minor impact.

  16. No, No, No

    She is doing wonders in trivializing and satirizing climate change scare like no one else.

    She deserves a medal for saving us all another trillion in policy waste dollars.

    • You’re right. Someone should engage with her to promote more looney tune Green Nude Eel concepts.
      A troll, so to speak.
      If handled properly, AOC could win the war for skeptics.

  17. “Abolishing fossil fuels would eliminate refinery accidents….” Ah, but the avian carnage.

    Why does AOC hate birds?

  18. Just when you think she’s said the stupidest thing ever, she manages to go one step further beyond expectations.

    Articulate (sometimes), convincing, with good camera presence, … but, man oh man, why does she choose to say such dumb things?!

    If a comet hit Earth, then I wonder what she might say?

    • Hank Hill said it best: every time I think I’ve heard the stupidest thing, you keep talking.

      • She needs some sort of award named after her.

        There needs to be a Guinness World Records category for her.

        She definitely will go down in history.

        Those all sound like positive statements, but if positive is what you think I really mean, then you didn’t read between the lines. (^_^)

    • “why does she choose to say such dumb things?!”

      I don’t think she realizes what she says is dumb.

      • Of course, you’re right, Tom Abbott — she probably has no clue how dumb she sounds. She’s a parrot, a trained monkey, a trick pony, a convincing robot programmed by somebody else. Her programmers are probably equally as dumb, in that they cannot take the time to do proper research or take the time to speak rationally, since rational thinking and speaking are not even in their grasp.

  19. The snake oil sale script is now devoid of any kind of fact. Yet people still believe the pitch. If they truly think we think the Earth is flat, I would call that the epitome of the coal calling the kettle black.

  20. Moderators

    These comments using the name “Alastair Brickell” are not from me in New Zealand.
    That is my name but I don’t know who is using it incorrectly. I have made no posts on this topic and I see there is another one upthread which is also not mine.

    Please investigate…I really doubt you have two commenters with this identical name.

    [Noted. All were from address. .mod]

        • Middleton
          June 22, 2019 at 4:25 pm

          Moderators, thanks for sorting this out.

          The imposter has three comments upthread at June 22, 1:50pm, 2:17pm and 2:19pm. These are NOT mine…is it possible to have them deleted or renamed?

          • Technically, I’m not a moderator; but I put his comments since he was exposed into moderation. I’m sure they’ll moderate “with extreme prejudice” after they review them… 😎

  21. Next up from her green thinking:

    Switch all agriculture to irrigate with Green Gatorade. It has electrolytes! Why use water, like from the toilet? And it worked in the movie! I think…..

  22. Garry, June 22 has it right. The tiny .8 C from 1880 is just a part of
    the slow coming out of the peak of the Little Ice Age.

    We should be looking at what was the highest temperature during the MWP,
    do we have any proxies for that period. But if not we must have ample
    written records such as when ice is seen, and harvests were brought in.

    As the Church “Taxed” the peasants some 10 %, the tithe, there must be
    a record of the wealth or lack of it collected by the Churches.

    The same goes for the other warm periods in our past history, the [Minoan]
    and the long Roman period. They both had written records.

    So why are we supposed to all panic at a tiny .8C increase from 1880.


  23. A qualified bar attendant has warned that everyone is going to die in 12 years unless global climate taxes are forcibly implemented.

    Surely we should all be afraid…very afraid.

    • She later came out and said the she was only joking and that anyone who believed her is an idiot. We can only assume that such is the case with every thing that she says.

      • I recall that and I tried to find a link to that so I could re-post, but could not. Do you have a link (As always alarmists want links)?

        • @AOC
          Follow Follow @AOC
          More Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Max Kennerly
          This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and “fact check” it.

          “Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.

          But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added”

  24. Imposter Brickell,
    (with IP starting 219), speaking of “lost the argument”, Peter Gleick would be proud of you.

    • If a solar-panel or wind-turbine factory blew up, then she would blame the fossil-fuel backup systems that kicked in during down time to keep the wheels of idealized civilization going, claiming that the energy-density technology of real-world, developed civilization as we know it is evil at its core and should never have been linked to the wind and solar factories to begin with — that civilization as we know it should falter and just deal with the shortages, until the clouds cleared and the wind started blowing again.

      In short, she would merely say even dumber things, even farther removed from reality, all the while in the comfort of her fossil-fuel-enabled lifestyle that gives her the means to talk and be heard at all.

  25. What’s the message for Philadelphia Firefighters –

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blames oil refinery explosion on climate change, an existential crisis that will disproportionately impact working class people & burn its way up nationalistic / unilateral Philadelphia energy Solutions Refining Complex.

    UN must counter hood’s, favorite vegan, timeline max. 12 years.

    Trust Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

  26. It’s a disaster !!!!!!

    “The city’s Department of Public Health Air Management Services Lab “is testing samples taken from up- and downwind of the refinery fire,” according to James Garrow, spokesman for the department.
    The department will continue working with Philadelphia Energy Solutions to monitor air quality, Garrow said, before adding that he was “not aware of any immediate danger from the fire.”
    “Preliminary testing both at the site of the refinery and in the adjacent community has shown no ambient carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons (combustibles), or hydrogen sulfide,” said Garrow. Additional test results are expected late Friday.”

    • Think an oil refinery explosion is bad? Try a hexane explosion. Oderless, colorless, heavier than air. Hexane is used in processing soybeans among other things and about 20 years ago a Central Soya plant where I did a lot of work at in Indianapolis had a leak that went undetected. An automobile with a defective ignition passing by outside the plant it what they claimed initiated the explosion. Lots of houses around that plant were blown off their foundations. The plant never reopened.

  27. AOC keeps stepping in it. Then tries to scrape it off her overpriced designer shoes.

    I hope someone is collecting her witless twaddle into a single volume to be released right around election time. Bartending is too high end a job for her. Anyone besides me wonder if she thought tips were “free money” and she “forgot” to report them as income?

  28. Did I hear her and the fan club cheering with the demise of this fossil fuel capacity? Simply a bigger vacuum for all the windmills and solar panels to fill and bring down energy prices overall there madam?

  29. Two words for New Yorkers; recall election. It’s the only way New York voters can regain some dignity after voting for this complete idiot.

  30. She may be right.
    Climate change induce green policies, which induce erratic management policies, which at the end may pretty well induce plant explosions by sucking out all the money needed for security measures.
    make sense to me in a way.

  31. “If I took yer brains, an put it in a gnat’s ass, it’d look like a BB inna boxcar.”

  32. Think about it. A lot of refineries did not blow up, is that because of climate change.
    A lot of places had no storms/hurricanes, is that because of climate change.

  33. “Alexandria Occasional Cortex Blames Philadelphia Refinery Explosion on Climate Change”
    Makes sense for the high priestess of the Climate Change religion to so declare.
    A single explanation for everything.:
    God/Climate change did it.

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