‘Our Planet Is In Peril’: Cory Booker Compares Green New Deal To Fighting Nazi Germany

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Fighting Nazi Germany

2:45 PM 02/08/2019 | Energy

Chris White | Energy Reporter

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker appeared to compare adopting the so-called Green New Deal with fighting the Nazi regime.

“Our planet is in peril, and we need to be bold,” Booker said at a Friday campaign event in Iowa. There are a lot of people who are critical of the deal. Critics claim “it’s too impractical, and it’s too expensive.”

“And when the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save Earth … from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes?” Booker asked rhetorically. “We came forward.” (RELATED: Does Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Outlaw Every Building In The Country)

“We came forward with the Marshal Plan,” he added, referring to a U.S. program concocted during the 1940s to rebuild parts of German and other European countries bombed out during World War II.

The GND, which was introduced Thursday by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calls for a “10-year national mobilizations” toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming. A separate fact sheet published online claims the plan would “mobilize every aspect of American society on a scale not seen since World War 2.”

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) hold a news conference for their proposed “Green New Deal” to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S. February 7, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Ocasio-Cortez’s original concept received support from Booker and other potential presidential candidates. The updated version, however, which was rolled out Thursday morning, got only tepid support from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who called the idea a “green dream” Wednesday.

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216 thoughts on “‘Our Planet Is In Peril’: Cory Booker Compares Green New Deal To Fighting Nazi Germany

  1. Projection? The green blob behaves like a classical mass movement, acting as if they were an evangelical religion, much like the socialists of various flavors before the Second World War.
    While the NSADAP had eugenics as a cause to exploit, the greens have climate science. Neither actually seems to treat the centerpiece of their obsessions in a rigorous manner. I am sure a National Socialist could no more rigorously define “aryan” any more than a green blob member could rationalize why more than 1.5 degrees warming is deadly.
    But I think either should be taken seriously as a threat. True Believers might do nearly anything.

    • If the leadership can’t define why more than 1.5C warming is deadly, why should anyone expect the average drone to be able to do so?

    • The green movement sounds more and more like Hitler’s Germany. Invade and tare down sectors of society, rebuilding it in their preferred format, all the while striving for globalized governance. Cory Booker has one thing right, the Green New Deal movement is exactly like Hitler’s plans in the late 1930s so we do need to fight AOC and her ilk with all the fervor of the Allies against the Green Axis.

      • WRONG – Hitler’s Germany was not about global governance or creating fake science. Hitler strictly forbade exporting Nazism because it wouldn’t work without Germans (obviously). Everyone knows that the Germans were way ahead of the US, Britain, France and the developed world in scientific matters. So it’s truly stupid to accuse the Germans of fake science.

        Stalin and the USSR openly exported Bolshevik Communism all over the world. Their stated goal was Communist world domination. Bolshevik Communism was responsible for at least 100 million deaths worldwide. Look to Bolsheviks and Stalin for a beautiful example of state managed, insane ‘science’ run amok.

        George Orwell wrote 1984 and Animal Farm based on his experience with Communism during the Spanish Civil War. Both novels highlight the fact that Leftist Communist ideology generates fake knowledge. For example, in 1984, a goal of Big Brother is to force people to believe that 2+2=5. They used torture and mind manipulation to achieve this.

        Even Jordan Peterson has a Youtube video on the weird mentality of the Soviet era secret police. They had a fetish about forcing their victims to confess to crimes they obviously did not commit. Very much like the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials.

        The concept of ‘denier’ as in Global Warming Denier or Holocaust Denier is a beautiful example of Orwellian doublespeak.

        The Germans were not guilty of that kind of reality-bending nonsense.

          • Hmmm… maybe not.

            But it´s allways possible to do things better. So far everything is going by the book (mein kampf). We must just wait and see…

          • ‘Hence the distinction between national (hitler) and international (stalin) socialism’: I don’t see the difference. Stalinisem: One type of government to rule the world. Hillerisem: One type of government to rule the world. Both based on totalitarianism and so called “social justice”. You can not have social justice without individual justice nor can you have have social freedom without individual freedom.

          • There is always a time for a first. This is an amazing first for me.

            tarrasik and GW,

            Germany happens to be the main Nation triggering and fighting two WW for global dominance.
            Especially in the second one, with Nazis in charge of Germany the fever of global dominance by Nazi Germany was beyond the clarity of obvious.

            Oh well, their vision of global government will be like a Nazi AUN instead of simply UN.
            Hopefully not too hard to figure out what “A” stands there for.

            Oh well, maybe I got it all backwards….again 🙂


        • Hitler didn’t want to export Nazism…true…Hitler wanted to export Nazis. His goal was to build grand Reich Cities in every country he conquered and, after eliminating undesirables in those other countries, populate those new Reich Cities with Germans

          • “Hitler didn’t want to export Nazism…true”

            Not true. The Nazis did try to export nazism, though mostly only to countries with “aryan” population (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, flemish Belgium). And they were perfectly willing to ally themselves with kindred political movements however non-aryan such as e. g. Moslem extremists in the Middle East and the Balkans.

          • Per the WIKI article on “Occupation of Poland”

            From the beginning, the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany was intended as fulfilment of the future plan of the German Reich described by Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf as Lebensraum (“living space”) for the Germans in Central and Eastern Europe. The occupation goal was to turn former Poland into ethnically German “living space”, by deporting and exterminating the non-German populace, or relegating it to the position of slave labour. The goal of the German state under Nazi leadership during the war was to destroy the Polish peoples and nation completely and their fate, as well as many other Slavs, was outlined in genocidal Generalplan Ost (General Plan for the East) and a closely related Generalsiedlungsplan (General Plan for Settlement). Over 30 years, approximately 12.5 million Germans were to be resettled into the Slavic areas, including Poland; with some versions planning for a movement of at least 100 million Germans over a century. The Slavic inhabitants of those lands were to be eliminated by genocidal policies

            So the ultimate plan was to exterminate/relocate/subjugate indigenous peoples and repopulate with Germans

        • “Everyone knows that the Germans were way ahead of the US, Britain, France and the developed world in scientific matters. So it’s truly stupid to accuse the Germans of fake science.”

          Physics and chemistry, sure; however, there was a lot a fake genetics in Nazi propaganda.

          • If Hitler hadn’t expended so much capital on hosting the Olympic Games, he would have had more to pour into the German War Machine.
            They had developed Stealth Technology…The Horton Ho 229 which had twin Jet engines and could travel a 620 mile range in an hour
            There was even plans for a larger Horton 18A with 6 engines and a greater payload capacity
            If Germany hadn’t run out of wartime capital and these had been deployed, the War would have ended differently

          • Bryan A
            February 10, 2019 at 8:52 am
            As far as I can tell, two main points the Germany lost the War, in my opinion.
            First it lost the battle for or over Britain, against any odds it still lost!
            Second it lost almost its entire main army in Russia due to a very cold freezing winter.

            First loss, the turning point, the second one, the end of Nazi Germany then.

            I do not think Hitler could be blamed or hold responsible for the second one, while considering the very implication of the first major loss over Britain, almost the entire Luftwaffe potential against GB and the Allies.

            Germany did not lose the war because it had not a big enough or powerful enough army, or because it did not have any good enough logistics or not good enough resources or industry to support the war machine.
            It lost due to mainly man and weather, in concept of strategy…I think.


          • Everyone knows that the Germans were way ahead of the US, Britain, France and the developed world in scientific matters.

            So what, …… everyone also knows that the US was way ahead of Germany, Britain, France and the developed world in development of the Atomic Bomb.

            And you all had’ta ask …….. “Just why was Nazi Germany way ahead of the developed world in scientific matters”?

            Well “DUH”, to wit:

            The German rearmament was an era of rearmament in Germany during the interwar period (1918–1939), in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. It began as soon as the treaty was signed, on a small, secret, and informal basis, but it was massively expanded after the Nazi Party came to power in 1933. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_re-armament

            And what was the US’s “HIGH PRIORITY” in the 1930’s.

            “YUP”, instituting and trying to enforce Prohibition …… but only succeeded in creating a corrupt Legal system and organized crime, both of which is still prevalent to this day.

          • Olympics? I doubt it to be honest. We are talking apples to wardrobes to the comparisons are very abstracted, but the 1936 games cost about $30 to 50 million. The Bismarck apparently cost about 197 million RM. Conversion is about 1:4 apparent so, roughly, the 36 games cost the same as to build (not build and operate) one battleship.

            Also I wouldn’t draw too much on German ‘secret’ weapon projects. Concentrate on what actually became operational and WHEN it became operational. In context the US was developing a trans-Atlantic bomber during the war. This eventually became the B36 after the war, but the point was they were developing it, as a ‘secret project’ etc etc, DURING the war. Claiming that the Germans had all sorts of amazing super weapons just around the corner is largely meaningless without considering the large amounts of Allied ‘super weapons’ that didn’t get into service either at all or until after the war.

            As for Battle of Britain under the circumstances it is impressive that the Germans did as well as they did. What most forget to discuss is the fact that basically the prime function of the RAF was air defence Great Britain and the system in place in 1940 was the best in the world.

            Germany, having more or less stumbled into the rapid collapse of France (not that they were complaining, but pretty much everyone assumed it was going to take longer) they were then faced with the question of what to do with the UK. General feeling was they would realise they were not in a position to keep fighting and would ask for terms in a few weeks. They were then rather shocked with the British decided to destroy the French fleet to prevent those ships being seized by Germany – think about it, Britain had gone from fighting alongside the French to blow them up in the space of a few weeks – and suddenly realised they were going to need to do SOMETHING about Britain.

            Unfortunately for Germany they had never really seriously made plans and were forced into both the Battle of Britain and Sealion as pretty much planning on the fly. They tried a number of tactics, more or less failed at all of them and eventually switched to night bombing with the vague promise they would sort it all out come next Spring. (Then pretended it wasn’t important and invaded Russia).

            Britain naturally talked up the Battle because there was a war on. Why would you talk down a victory after all? Of course it was hard. Of course it was backs to the wall. Of course it was Their Finest Hour. Not saying it was a complete cake walk but the RAF had planned for this and fought the battle with a brutal pragmatism. The Germans hadn’t planned and fought the battle with a stunning ego that moved into a mild concern and eventually became something to deal with later. In real terms it cost the Germans a lot more then it did the RAF which despite loses, actually increased in size over the course of the battle.

            WW2 – big subject. We digress.

        • Sounds exactly like a Stefan Bandera Ukrainian Hitler apology.
          Kiev right now has the only holdover Nazi government, installed by Obama and Nuland, costing billions. Venezuela’s crisis is almost a carbon copy of this – will Nuland turn up with cookies like Maidan?

          Nazism is by definition globalist – the nation state, first given form in 1783, is to be rolled back, a Hitler clearly said, who’s model was Napoleon. Neo-con is just fascism with a grin.
          FDR told his son Elliot that Pennsylvania Avenue could easily be renamed Adolf Hitler Avenue if not defeated.

          • “Kiev right now has the only holdover Nazi government, installed by Obama and Nuland, costing billions.”

            Duh, and you spend your entire day watching RT+working for the SPB troll factory?
            It entirely escapes you, Ukrainians are now free to work in the EU, (there are 1000s in neighbouring Poland), which was what Maidan was all about.
            Clearly you have never ever been to Kiev!

            Good for them, they are now free to go and earn some decent money.

            I can only congratulate Ukraine for making their choice, sending corrupt “Yanu” back to Moscow where he & his Omon/FSB/Berkut hooligans all belong, then the USA sticking Manafort in klink for a decade for stage managing it all.

            As for the climate stuff, same as 1941, a few nice cold winters and we will soon see how the authoritarian socialist stalewarts survive the freezing cold.
            I don’t give them long.

        • ” Everyone knows that the Germans were way ahead of the US, Britain, France and the developed world in scientific matters. So it’s truly stupid to accuse the Germans of fake science. ”

          For the most part your statement is true –

          However, A large portion of the leading german scientists were jewish. Hitler removed most, if not all the jewish scientists from their posts, banned the teaching of most segments of science that were discovered by jewish scientists.

          It should also me noted that a majority of the jewish physists migrated to either Britain or to the US and worked on the manhattan project or the british equivilant of the manhattan project.

        • Yep. Green, greedy. Lenin-Stalin pagan wood idol religion masterfully blueprinted via a fascist type of capitalism

      • The Green New Deal reminds me most of Imperial Japan and the Rape of Nanking. Where the “super race” of The Imperial Japanese (eco-leftists) butchered all the Chinese males and burned the city to the ground (green retrofit every building). The Left has screamed their HATE of males so loudly and persistently, that the APA has actually labeled ALL men as toxic. All testosterone as toxic. Extermination comes next, as there is no cure … short of transgendering every male into a eunuch. And the women were raped, and tortured, and mutilated. The eco-left favors post-birth abortion to “thin the human herd”. The entire Chinese culture was selected for elimination and enslavement … so too the totalitarian, morally-superior, eco-leftists have selected Capitalism … esp. American Free Market (sorta) Capitalism … American culture for elimination.

        Our existential THREAT comes from the radical eco-left, who have the temerity to call OUR CULTURE the equivalent of Nazi Germany … to justify our DEATHS. We climate crisis skeptics will be put to the sword FIRST. Our voices, videos, and writing will be urgently silenced … by any means necessary.


      • Exactly what worries me Bryan A.

        With the difference that where I live we have the stigmates of how it started and ended. The words “ecology” and “bio dynamic agriculture” were part of the officially supported ideology. Earth had to be purified from polluting inferior races and their natural riches put under the management of superior (genetically) pure Arians.

        The entire nation was mobilized to create and support the required structures and “tools”.

        America should never forget the memory of those who gave all to terminate the resulting mayhem.

        Remember, by declaring CO2 a pollutant, green hegemony sets a de facto framework to control all breathing beings.

        It’s no more a racial or species question, control went on a global unprecedented scale.

        Those guys want power and money by means of an invented process. However once they get it, their only solution will be to persist and carry further or risk to be held accountable for the resulting destruction.

    • The Reichstag fire being blamed on a Communism threat and used to justify extreme action that lead to a dictatorship presiding over atrocities is a good analogy for what this is all about.

      • And somehow Americans don’t see 9/11 as exactly a failed Reichstagsbrand. Per recipe with inside action, the goal being crippling the Constitution. Look what happened afterwards!
        A keen economist wrote this would happen as soon as Ashcroft got his job months before, quoting Karl Schmidt, Hitler’s jurist.

        • I still have hopes that my kid, age 9, will one day also fly happy vacationers to the sun instead of guiding bombs on target.

          Will totalitarians ever learn that somehow they get kicked at the end ?

          Apparently not until it happens.

          • Mueller, now harassing Trump, covered 9/11 up. It is still not declassified. Trump must declassify all russiagate right now to prevent another insane attempt.

        • As I said above, have you ever spent time in any form of reality known to the rest of us?

          I’m not going to re-argue the truther nonsense other than to point out that every piece of so called evidence to support that position has been thoroughly refuted, by multiple sources.

        • “And somehow Americans don’t see 9/11 as exactly a failed Reichstagsbrand. ”

          Mostly because we’re not stupid.

          We and most of the world have recordings of Bin Laden admitting to the plan for 9/11. In addition, it’s pretty clear if you actually STUDY the Reichstag fire that the “False Flag” Theory has never held water.

          It was almost certainly the actions of Van der Lubble, done in the hopes of sparking a massive Communist revolution against the German government and the ascendant NSDAP.

          American management of it after the fact has left *much* to be desired, to put it mildly- as the DHS and TSA show. But this doesn’t mean it was INSIDE JOB any more than the far worse NatSoc consolidations mean the Reichstag Fire was.

    • Nazi’s killed 6million
      Stallin killed 20+million
      Mao killed 30+ million
      AGW Killed – zero

      • Joe, I believe your numbers are out of date.
        National Socialism (Hitler) 12.5 to 25 million
        Marxist-Leninist Socialism 120 to 170 million (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot)
        Then there is WW2 in Europe. It started when Stalin and Hitler conspired to divide up Eastern Europe. Hitler attacked Poland first on 1 Sept 1939, their Soviet allies attacked seventeen days later after they had signed a non-aggression pact with Japan. So, I would divide the 40-50 million civilian dead in Europe during WW2 to the National Socialists and Marxist-Leninist Socialists. They were all socialists of one stripe or another. Just like AOC.

    • None of these kids, relatively speaking, have no idea what a real threat to civilization looks like. Thus, they can equate a clogged toilet to an apocalypse.

      Equating WWII’s Nazi threat to a climate change that has not been shown in any way to be human caused is simply not of this world. Sea level change, climate change, ocean acidification, polar ice changes, all doing absolutely nothing unusual. And we are to panic and allow a socialist take-over of our country and world?

      • We DO have to remember who elected her – a dependably liberal district in New York City. I think it is a mistake to even infer that her electorate is at all representative of the thinking of a broad section of the population. However, they are no doubt pleased about the waves she has made and the attention she gets.

        • Excellent, NW. Context is important.
          That said, Booker and Warren, two candidates for president in 2020, jumped on her band wagon. Now that is scary. They clearly are dumber than she is, since she has since pulled the GND. They haven’t acknowledged how stupid it is, and they are old enough to know better. She’s a child. Warren looks older than me (65 yo) and she doesn’t get it.
          Says a lot about our politicians – and our lawyers and our judges.

    • “Has the world gone mad?”

      ….for the most part…everyone has sat back with their ass in their hand and watch it happen

      bitched, moaned, and complained about it all….but did nothing

      • Suggestions? I’ve voted in every election, donated money to candidates. I’m form Virginia (didn’t vote for Northam, Fairfax or Herring). Northern Virginia is feeding at the public trough. The rest of the state has very little say so. Dave Brat lost because his district was redrawn.
        I am open to suggestions.

          • When President Clinton was accused of assaulting a woman, the head of NOW declared that since Clinton stopped when asked, he had done nothing wrong.

            Leftists only use standards as weapons to attack those who oppose them. They never, ever, intended for those standards to apply to themselves.

      • Mad, I would say insanity has taken over. Booker and Cortex are foolish communists and even more foolish people think that they have good ideas. To be a slave in a once free country is unacceptable to me. The “live free or die” is one I will firmly adhere to.

    • No, but Democrats have, in the form of the hysterical progressive/socialist/radical/liberal/Democrat ultra-orthodox believers in their Green religion of Climate Change. And theirs is the only religion allowed (except for Islam), so everyone else of any other belief system, please bow down to the “One True Faith.”

      That self-proclaimed well-educated and intelligent individuals who are members of this country’s government are unable to recognize the utter destruction we would face — with the elimination of the commercial aviation industry, trucking, and fossil fuels; the mandatory retrofitting of every building in the United States; the installation of hundreds of thousands of land and ocean-based windmills, and millions upon millions of solar panels on roofs across the continent — is utterly incomprehensible.

      Do the environmentalists really want migratory birds roasted in mid-air when flying over millions of acres of solar panels? How about birds being decimated by windmills? Do they want the American landscape and seascapes scarred by windfarms wherever anyone looks? Would the National Parks also be subjected to this treatment?

      How many people in dozens of industries would lose their jobs? If you consider just the aviation industry, consider the following: as of 2017, there were 17 major U.S. carriers; 609,000 pilots; 965 million U.S. passengers flying both domestic and international airlines on 9,756 million flights. How about the flight attendants, the mechanics, the flight controllers? How many millions of people will be losing jobs, and what would they do instead? What other industries could absorb how many of those highly skilled people into jobs they’re not trained for, and may have no interest in?

      Does this mean that families will no longer be able to visit relatives in distant destinations nationally and internationally when they want to? When a loved one has died or is critically ill, and hours are crucial? Or to attend a wedding, or the celebration of a newborn? What happens to the travel industry? How many millions of people are employed in resorts worldwide? Where will they find work when Americans can no longer travel overseas? The restaurant industry is tied to the travel industry. What happens to that? Are we marching right back in time to the 19th Century, when it took a horse and carriage an average of 8 to 12 hours to travel 50 miles, including stops for the horse to rest and eat? How do you travel overseas for a 2-week vacation when it typically takes about a week to go from New York and Southampton, and if you’re going to or from Hamburg, it can take up to 11 days (10 nights) to make the journey?

      One question leads to another, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, more. Have any of the progressive/socialist/radical/liberal/Democrat geniuses considered any of them, and come up any answers? One of Shakespeare’s most famous lines was “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” I’m no Shakespeare by I say “let’s lobotomize all the Democrats.” The world will be a better place because of it.

    • What they are saying doesn’t even make sense if you 100% believe in GW…..

      ..only if they have never heard of China, India, and the rest of the world

      • But still these guys need to match the Hilarious offering of 1Million solar panels…
        and with as much as possible noise and messing around.
        Needing funding and support, you know….a DNC internal struggle problem, I think.
        “Who gets the most”, that is the question…


        • Since Democrat Party leaders are running from this like it was on fire and they were wearing gasoline underwear it is clear none of them bought into it to begin with. Can’t be getting those phat checks from Big Oil if you put them outa bidness, don’t ya know!

          • Booker and Warren aren’t running from it. They’re either remarkably stupid – or they smell money.

    • pat,
      Any politician who even suspects this might be the case, should be prosecuted for treason. Although, as far as I’m concerned, ignorance isn’t a valid defense as it means that one is unqualified to even have a position. Surely, he must know that what he calls climate science per the IPCC is the most controversial science of the modern age. Although, he’s probably so ignorant, he doesn’t even know what the IPCC is.

    • Pat, do you think that he even cares that it’s a lie? He sees it as a path to socialist feudalism with him on the top of the heap. Once socialism rules watch concern about the climate to disappear. It’s just a tool.

      • “Once socialism rules watch concern about the climate to disappear. It’s just a tool.” No, you will watch men like me fight socialism. Either join the Human Race or be a slave. Your choice.

      • Rhoda R, you are spot on. “He sees it as a path to socialist feudalism with him on the top of the heap.”

        What they don’t have the ability to comprehend is that the degree of fall associated with going from a semi-free society to one without the energy producing technologies we now possess will involve a societal collapse so vast that the “heap” will probably be a only few inches high. The older members of the ruling class who do, perhaps, realize that there will be no lavish lifestyle for anyone after they achieve hegemony don’t care because they will be safely dead by the time all wealth disappears, and along with it much of the human species.

    • That is not the point at all. It´s just a great tool to brainwash everybody. And it works…

      From “mein kampf” rules : 1. Keep the dogma simple. Make only 1 or 2 points.

      Line from a great poet, Michael Jackson :
      “And be careful of what you do
      ‘Cause the lie becomes the truth.”

  2. Spartacus! The perfect democrat candidate. Failed Mayor. Lousy Senator that tries his best to apply a Religious test to Judicial nominees. And obviously a total moron when it comes to science, economics, and about everything else other than playing the race card and bloviating. Yep. He’ll probably be a front runner for the nomination.

    • And we should mention that Cory Booker has an imaginary friend by the name of T-Bone who gives Booker political advice.

      T-Bone has apparently advised Booker to run for president and to champion the socialist green cause. It appears to me that T-Bone has already failed his friend, and the course he advised will leave Booker subject to open ridicule.

      You’re not helping things, T-Bone.

  3. Do these people have any clue about the CO2 emissions of China and India?

    Even if we granted Booker the Nazi analogy, the result would be 50% of GDP/year just to rid the Atlantic coast of U-boats. There is literally nothing that the U.S. could do by itself to “save the world”.

    When we export all of our manufacturing jobs to China our CO2 emissions should go down. Their emissions will go up, plus the extra transportation emissions. This would be a net “loss” for the world by the alarmist’s own stupid metrics.

  4. Odd, I, too, saw a comparison of Global warming to Nazism. Instead of ‘we must take over the world to save it from Jews’, it is now, ‘we must take over the world to save it from climate change.’

  5. So we can expect: ration books, scrap metal drives, massive curtailment of professional and college sports, no new cars, no replacement vehicle tires, no more overnight air freight, no cruise ship industry, no vacation trips to sunny locales (or to ski resorts)? How would Sen. Bob Menendez cope without periodic trips to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic?

    • Amen.
      The GND is all about gaining votes in 2020 from the gullible youth, and from those who imagine themselves “victimized”. No mature politician actual believes they will enact any of those proposals. (AOC excepted.)

      To your point, there is no sacrifice involved in their “call to war”. It will happen if you vote Democrat (and wish REALLY hard), and then wait for the benefits to roll in.

      We will pay for it by taxing other people.

  6. Richard Chenoweth: Electric trains were not uncommon in Europe. I remember zipping across France in one in late 1958. So, one could power green trains by wind and solar. As long as a timetable was of no importance!

    Actually I am with Vuk above.

  7. Fighting this Green New Deal will be like fighting Nazi Germany, but he’s got it a little backwards as usual.
    This has to be fought (The Green New Deal) with all the might, and intelligence, and common sense that we can muster. It will be a lot like fighting communism, cause that’s what the fight is about!

    • Most Russians saw the german soldiers as liberators and would have fought on the German side until they discovered that Hitler like Stalin regarded them as untermensch. And that’s exactly how progressives think about the rest of humanity.
      That’s why they created their own version of hitler youth with the sacred mission to save the planet whatever the cost.

    • The Marshal Plan was part of the fight against Communism. In that respect it can be compared to the fight against GND!

    • Where you can find common sense today?

      We have one generation lost. They had been victims of systematic brainwash since the day they were born.
      They know only one truth.

      In their eyes we are only a bunch of old farts, who know nothing about nothing.

      Praise the brave new world.

    • Oh yes they could.

      I would be more than happy if I could find ONE intelligent representative from our government.
      In that environment engineers and physicists would be so frustrated that they would resign after a week.

      You can fight windmills but you cannot talk sense to a brainless politician.

  8. Marshall Plan amounted to just over $100B in today’s USD.

    I saw the Green New Deal estimated at $6.6T…annually.

    What math and history classes did Booker fail?

    • Oh! They realise it all right. But, to paraphrase RM Nixon: ‘It isn’t Nazi when “we” do it.’

  9. Look at this “New” Green Deal . Its the best thing that could ever happen, People, the potential voters, will finally realise that the Democrats, are as nutty as a fruit cake.

    Even allowing that Pres.Trump is a bit of a odd character, he is far better for the USA than the Democrats.

    And perhaps slowly they will realise that all of this Green rubbish is just yet another way to p Communism, a failed system.

    My wife and I were in the old USSR in 1988 and it was obvious that it was collapsing. Lots of military hardware, but broken petrol pumps at the “Shell service station.

    Even our Official guide was a bit ” embarrised at some of the things she was saying. , and was astonished that we from the “West” knew so much about the USSR. It was all rather Sad.


  10. The green new deal is a political perpetual motion machine. It’s an intelligence test for voters. It provides housing, jobs, unearned income, heath care, energy out of thin air, a complete rebuild of public infrastructure in ten years, reward without effort, a totally unspoiled, natural, vegan, organic biodynamic environment replete with prancing unicorns and semi-clad fairies and elves practicing free love under giant psychedelic mushrooms to the soundtrack from Hair. And it promises to control the climate so that bad weather is no more.

    If Democrats take this platform to the next election Trump won’t even have to try, and we’ll all be able to tell who is suitable for employment and who should be considered for psychiatric evaluation based on how they voted.

  11. So not only are we “deniers”, they are mantling themselves with the honor and respect due to the Greatest Generation.

    Where does this charade end?

  12. It is perfectly possible that climate change might prove to be a problem if temperatures get too high.

    The problem is that natural causes are the more probable cause and if we first spend all of our capital “solving” for CO2 simply to find that solves nothing, then where do we get the capital to solve the correct problem.

    The saner solution is to roll out actual (as in implementable) energy solutions, likely nuclear in the long run. That can be cost effective and doesn’t require a complete reorganization of the economy of our world.

    If we have problems with temperature in the future, solve that problem then. We’ll still have the capital, likely more than now. And with better tools and technology.

    • The saner problem we should be solving is how high we can get our CO2 levels too. A goal of 800 to 1200 ppm will help us feed 10B people, trying to shave half a degree of warming merely bouys a few green stocks and fills a few politicians’ pockets.

    • The goal is the reorganization of the economy of the world. Climate change is the delivery device.

      • “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history”, Ms Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels.

        • ““This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model”

          There’s no need to do all that. All the Greens have to do is lobby to use nuclear reactors for any future energy needs. Nuclear energy can supply all the electricity required without producing CO2. Conservatives will join the Greens in pushing for new nuclear power. The problem is solved. No more existential threat to Earth. No need to disrupt the entire economy. Just forget about windmills and industrial solar and substitute nuclear energy. Think of the birds and the children.

  13. Let’s begin by mandating that all ocean shipping be sail powered once again. It’s a proven method that has worked well in the past, and there’s no reason it can’t be implemented immediately on all new ships.

    • We must demand retrofitting all existing ships that want to have the privilege of remaining afloat. For The Children!

      • Ooops, to sail efficiently, ships need a large keel. And no pitch (tar) for the caulking between all those wood planks for steel hull ships refitted to wood. Get the bailing buckets ready!

  14. I can remember electric trains in London and the outer suburbs in 1937 as a child.
    Again let us set up a short bit of track with a electric train and invite the Democrats with their Green Plan to show us how with some windmills and a few solar panels they can make it move.

    Far too much talk and no actual demonstrations as to how things actually work. We need to challenge them all of the time to “Prove”things.


    • Better yet. Show me the wind turbine/solar panel infrastructure that will power the heavy industry i.e. steel mills that will supply the materials to build the GND!

  15. Mr Booker is ill informed, it was not the “planet” that was endangered but rather Democracy and civilization itself.

    “And when the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save Earth … from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes?” Booker asked rhetorically.

    Mr Booker needs to read more history,

    This is what Mr Booker is proposing whether he realizes it or not.


  16. OK, that’s it then. War it is.
    World War II all over again.
    Although I must say I do not see quite how carpet bombing Germany and nuking Japan will help.
    But they seem to have that all worked out, so who am I to question.

  17. And when the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save Earth … from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes?

    The communist totalitarian regimes were/are every bit as nasty as the Nazis. link Everywhere communism has been tried, the result has been the same.

    When these people suggest that we fix our capitalist economy, we have to demand that they specify how their suggestion differs from communism. I expect the answer would be a toxic mix of bloviation and postmodern word salad.

  18. Cory Brooker and Ms. Cortez’s proposals do not add up:
    She is proposing 10 years for “100 % renewable energy.” Impossible. Here are the numbers based on Dept. of Energy statistics (all numbers are in one and the same unit, the GW).
    Over-all energy production in the US in 2017 was 3300
    Electrical energy alone was 465
    Now, the question is, which energy was Cortez referring to? One is 7 times bigger than the other. But, because renewables generate only one form of energy, electricity, let’s assume she meant the smaller number.
    In 2017, electricity production from renewables averaged 35. That implies 465-35 = 430 to go. Is that possible?
    Wind and solar are the only renewables with appreciable growth potential in the US. Together, they have been adding about 3.5 annually lately. At that rate, 430/3.5 = 120 years to reach her goal, not ten. And that is, providing the consumption should not be increasing during that century as it should in a prosperous and growing population.
    Cortez might say: So, we’ll grow renewable energy sources twelve time faster than we ever did!

    Unlikely. Nor is it in our interest. The renewable-energy industry already employs slightly more than either the gas or coal industry at about 250 000 jobs and growing. The irony: We are growing energy sector where one employee at thermal power-plants accounts for 1600 kW, in contrast to the 16 kW in W&S industry. The available US work-force will be insufficient to manufacture, operate, maintain, tear down, dispose of and erect all those millions of W&S plants that would be needed anew every 20 years.
    We also should recognize that jobs are a cost. And that unnecessary, unproductive jobs are demoralizing thus reducing productivity. Employing robots instead, as some claim, implies more energy yet for powering them.
    I claim: not in 10 years, not even in a century can we have 100 % renewable electricity, let alone all of energy. (But we could have: there is a better source of CLEAN energy – nuclear generated electricity and heat.)
    PS: In case you are missing wood, geo, bio, and hydro sources among the renewables – their yield is minuscule and has no worthwhile growth potential.

  19. Any publicity given to kooker is far too much!

    The same goes for markey’s malarky or ocasio’s ignorance.

    • You mean Ed MAHHHHHHKY, the emptiest suit political hack to crawl out of Boston politics in several generations.

  20. In fact it IS a lot like the NAZIs in Germany—always some fear or another to justify seizing power and wealth from citizens. But in this case, the evil threat are the politicians using fear, fear of witches, Jews, ice ages, the population bomb and famine by 1980, or whatever.

    The truth is that we need to fight these people. They don’t fight fair, because they use lies and misdirection . . . and fear to accomplish their ends, whereas we worry about truth and fact and our own self imposed morals. They have none

  21. Lacking any political platform that the people would embrace it’s more social engineering for the Left. If Green is their new calling card it means the desperation is increasing and they will dig their own political graves. Americans have proved over and over at the polls that given the choice between saving some sub species over saving people’s lives and standard of living they vote for the people. Carbon tax anyone? Obama temporarily enacted some Green plans to destroy our economy and livelihoods but given the chance to vote on them he knows he would have never succeeded. Kyoto anyone? I think the whole Socialism push is another dead end for the party as well. They are desperate. Trump can continue bungling his way through this term and he’ll still be reelected.

  22. Yes! Cory Hookerchild is correct!!!!~!!!! Fighting the lie spewing c**ts of Climatelie is exactly the same as fighting NAZIs, they are the same f**king thing!

  23. Well, I’m optimistic that the PoW camps the Democrats establish for skeptics are in Hawaii and not Alaska or Minnesota.

  24. It will be interesting to see Democrats like Booker campaigning in Iowa (first presidential primary). The state is primarily a farming state. It’s entire economy would be destroyed by the GND. Some people will figure this out and start asking uncomfortable questions.

    -Lots of cows in Iowa that the GND wants to eliminate.
    -Lots of corn grown for ethanol which is unneeded with electric cars.
    -A forced healthy diet would reduce the need for corn as well. No high fructose corn syrup, corn chips, etc. Can’t grow all that much fruit in Iowa.

    I doubt they could put up more wind turbines as the state already has too many.

  25. Diversity or color judgment (e.g. racism), Jew… White privilege and redistributive change, social justice without borders, Pro-Choice/selective-child or life deemed unworthy of life. Just like the National Socialists of that period. Just like the Nazis, but also an unhealthy conflation of logical domains.

  26. Here is a link to the updated summary & FAQs released by AOC’s office in conjunction with the draft of the GND resolution itself:

    Reading this summary+FAQs document is very entertaining, yet scary for its ignorance of reality. Among the highlights:

    — “Move America to 100% clean and renewable energy” (Specifically, nuclear power plants are to be eliminated)

    — “Create millions of family supporting-wage, union jobs.” (Apparently, non-union jobs aren’t worth including in the Resolution)

    — “Ensure justice and equity for frontline communities by prioritizing investment, training, climate and community resiliency, economic and environmental benefits in these communities.” (no definition provided for “frontline communities”)

    — Guarantee (no less):
    “ A job with a family-sustaining wage, family and medical
    leave, vacations, and retirement security
     High-quality education, including higher education and
    trade schools
     Clean air and water and access to nature
     Healthy food
     High-quality health care
     Safe, affordable, adequate housing
     Economic environment free of monopolies
     Economic security for all who are unable or UNWILLING to
    work” (capitalization emphasis added by me)

    “Yes, we are calling for a full transition off fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases. Anyone who has read the resolution sees that we spell this out through a plan that calls for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from every sector of the economy.” (Hmmm, among other things, I wonder what will replace cement and concrete? And asphalt, as well? And we will have to get rid off all those plants, including food plants, that release CO2 during nighttime.)

    “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast . . .” (Yes, that is a verbatim quote!)

    “The Green New Deal makes new fossil fuel infrastructure or nuclear plants unnecessary. . . It would simply not make sense to build new fossil fuel infrastructure because we will be creating a plan to reorient our entire economy to work off renewable energy.” (Hmmm, reliable and dispatchable renewable energy across the United States to the exclusion of fossil-fuel or nuclear powered backup generation capability . . . that’s gonna require a LOT of new dams, batteries, molten salts, flywheels, gravity trains, and compressed air underground storage. The waste heat from such energy storage processes is sure to contribute to global warming for hundreds of years into the future.)

    It’s better comedy than Saturday Night Live offers up . . . and this is only a sampling of the full document.

  27. The Marshall Plan was created to address something very concrete that actually happened!

    Our country did not start to mobilize against Germany because the “elite thinkers” amongst us theorized that Hitler would be a threat a decade or two in the future!

    Those efforts involved sacrifice; rationing of meat, butter sugar and gasoline (we didn’t have EVs to take the place of our ECIs). Our youth volunteered to fight overseas for several years without home leave. We had “Victory Gardens” for staples. Patriotism soared!

    Notice the GND only promises “free entitlements” and the righting of “environmental” and “social” injustices.
    Booker and AOC will pay for it by taxing OTHER people and by printing money.

    Imagine if today’s youth were asked to do what the “Greatest Generation” did willingly to fight Hitler. Not a pretty picture.

    • I wonder how many “red lines” Obama would have drawn as Hitler moved across Europe? How many times he would hold a press conference to “condemn in the strongest terms” the actions of the Nazis?

    • “Imagine if today’s youth were asked to do what the “Greatest Generation” did willingly to fight Hitler. Not a pretty picture.”

      Well, no doubt that applies to a lot of people, but not all. I had the opportunity not long ago to meet some young National Guard troops and must say I was very impressed with them. They were squared away, it top physical condition, and had their heads on straight when it comes to the world around them. I left feeling very confident in our future defenders. You don’t won’t to go up against these guys! Their level of training and expertise and knowledge of warfare are an order of magnitude greater than when I served during the Vietnam era.

      We are in good hands.

  28. “Cory Booker Compares Green New Deal To Fighting Nazi Germany”

    Are the Greens just about to murder 6 million Jews?

    J.-P. D. in Germany…

    • Seeing as how jetliners are put into service for about 30 years, Boeing should have been shut down almost 20 years ago. Time to shut it down. Too bad about the 60,000 employees split between the progressive states of Washington and Illinois,

    • The greens are proposing the elimination of >90% of the global populace as that is the only way current “Green Technology” can support the whole (remainder).
      After all, don’t they seek a global population of 50,000,000

  29. Of course Booker compared the “Green New Deal” to WWII. That has been the go to metaphore of “progressives” for more tyhan a century. Jonah Golberg reviews the history of the trope.

    “Everyone a Conscript” By Jonah Goldberg

    “As I have argued at length elsewhere, such as in my book Liberal Fascism, ever since the philosopher William James gave his lecture “The Moral Equivalent of War” in 1906, the agenda of 20th-century liberalism has been an exercise in trying to decouple the benefits of war from the bloody bits.

    “James, the philosophical godfather of progressivism (along with his disciple John Dewey), gave the lecture at Stanford in 1906. He proposed that war is “the only force that can discipline a whole community.” As a pacifist, James wanted to find some new way to inculcate toward productive ends the social solidarity and unity of purpose that war provides.

    “the New Deal, that great lodestar of the liberal imagination, was itself pitched as “the moral analogue of war,”

    “Roosevelt served in the Wilson administration and campaigned on a promise to bring the same methods to bear in the war on the Great Depression.

    “the New Deal has remained the ideological idée fixe of American liberalism, and from Truman’s Fair Deal to Kennedy’s New Frontier to Johnson’s Great Society and War on Poverty to Barack Obama’s “New Foundation” and Cold War–nostalgic rhetoric about “Sputnik moments” and “economic patriotism” to Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, American liberalism has been recycling the same motif over and over again, often without realizing it.”

    • “Udder Madness” By Jonah Goldberg February 8, 2019

      “Contained within the FAQ for the Green New Deal is one of the greatest sentences ever written with the intention of being taken very, very seriously:

      ‘We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.’

      * * *

      “It would be udder chaos as each cow tried to be neither seen nor herd because the steaks would be so high. I know I’m milking this by butchering a very serious topic. I don’t want to steer you wrong, and I understand why you might have beef with all of these puns that have moved pasture your lactose tolerance.”

  30. Well, in the very real sense that the GND would be familiar to Stalin who did fight Nazis (belatedly), I guess the good Comrade Booker is right.

  31. Markey reminds me of a dementia patient with xerostomia (dry mouth from hanging open).
    I suspect the Senator Markey’s xerostomia has a similar etiology.

  32. The democrats have been told they have people are secretly working on Star Trek-like transporter technology. They are currently looking for a supply of dilithium crystals.

    • “Democrats have always needed an enemy, real or imagined,”

      When one is a hater, one has to have something on which to focus that hate. And this fits in well with the Democrat tactic of trying to divide various groups in order to pit them against each other for political gain.

      Democrats play on the basest of human instincts. They foment fear, anger, hate and division as a means to political power.

  33. Cory Booker: “And when the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save Earth … from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes?” 

    The irony is mind blowing! Booker and most of the designer-brained products of progressive Big Lie miseducation have no idea that they are servants to the new totalitarians that threaten the lives and wellbeing of billions of people.

    The Nutsies didnt threaten the planet. The planet isnt vulnerable to destruction by puny humans. They threatened most of humanity, exactly the intention of the exploiters of the invented Catastrophic Anthropo Global Warming crisis. Booker’s and fellow travelers’ numbed minds will never understand this.

    Who saved us from the Totalitarians last time? USA! That is precisely why they are coming for the USA now!

  34. In 1929 USSR dictator Joseph Stalin declared that peasants who owned one or more cows were “capitalist roaders” and thus “enemies of the people”. More than 1.8 million “kulaks” were “liquidated” by 1930 and their lands confiscated.

    By 1932 famine had struck and ~15 million people starved to death, mainly in the Ukraine. This famine-genocide is known as Holodomor.

    The same Stalinist policies are now endorsed by Booker, OAC, and other progressives, with the additional bludgeon of eliminating fossil fuels.

    Should all this come to pass, there will not be enough peasants to yoke up to pull plows on the confiscated farm lands and many tens of millions of Americans will starve to death.

    Stalin is correctly viewed as one of the most monstrous mass murders in human history. It is unbelievable that modern American politicians would be endorsing his insane policies.

    • That’s a Red Herring – look closer to home – its Confederate economics. The US only became an industrial powerhouse after Lincoln won, and within a few years Germany and Japan took off from agrarian backwardness. The British Empire looked on in utter desperation – result a century of war.

      ACO and the GND fully intend de-industrializing which means mass murder, or “optimal population” as decarbonizer Dr. Schellnhuber CBE smirkingly calls it.

      The intent is genocide on a scale to make Goebbels blush. To cover for the sticker-shock all kinds of free-stuff is pasted on.

      • The US was already an industrial power house. That’s how the North won the war.
        Of course having free access to the material wealth of the south did increase the rate of northern industrialization.

    • You couldn’t be more correct. It’s time for all sane people to start fighting back…as hard as we can!

  35. Has anyone noticed that there has been an increase in MSM propaganda about CAGW the last several days? It is everything from Fatherly magazine to the ‘usual suspects.’ I don’t think that it is a coincidence.

  36. Cory Booker’s mind is like alternating current.
    He is likely to change his direction before the next news cycle.

  37. It shouldn’t be called the Green New Deal , the Great Leap Forward is more appropriate. Like Mao, AOC and the lunatic progressive fringe want to totally repurpose the US economy for a period of at least 10 years in order to create the perfect “just” state. This could only be done at gunpoint. What could possibly go wrong with putting the government in charge of a plan to force the American people to save the planet and create universal social justice and equality. I mean, Mao killing millions of Chinese and the French Reign of Terror would be a small price to pay for a perfect world.What the heck, let’s give it a try folks, what do we have to lose.

  38. Seattle has recorded 10.6″ of snow (as of 9AM) so far this February. This already makes this February this snowiest since 1949 (13.1″ recorded) and the 2nd snowiest February on record (since 1945). Records taken at Sea-Tac. #WAwx

    You cannot have the worst snow in almost 70 years in a massively warming world. These records cannot occur in that scenario.

  39. Each time I hear “Nazi” My ears shut because I know we are in the “Goodwin law” territory which means there can be no more arguments on anything without being called bad names.
    Trying to equate the green new deal to the fighting of nazi Germany is just that.
    This is the typical posture of people having no sensible argument for their case.
    The problem here is that this madness is now turning into a political platform aimed at defining idiotic and dangerous policies for you and me !
    I think this illness should be given a psychiatric name so that pharmas can work quick on a treatment !
    I would that with “Climate Anxiety Derangement Syndrome ” . What’s your take ?

    • The Alarmists definitely need a lot of counseling. 🙂

      The problem is the crazy person is the last one to know he is crazy.

    • Of course you can call them whatever you like, but if they use the nazi dogma point to point, they are nazis.

      Renaming them with something political correct newspeak is not going to change anything.

      Saying apple is apple and nazi is nazi is an honest way to talk about these green monsters.

  40. mmmm scare the populace the offer youself as the saviour. But really Booker and Cortez, are we really that stupid?

  41. For every Marshall Plan $1 to Berlin, $4 went to Paris and $4 to London. Look what Germany accomplished – modern nuclear power, transport, housing.

    It defeated the Morgenthau Plan to force Germany back pre-Bismarck without industry. Today Berlin is imposing the Morgenthau Plan and refused any kind of Marshall Plan for southern Europe, shutting nuclear and coal down.

    AOC wants the Morgenthau Plan now for the US ! Looking at that Plan it is exactly the Confederate plan, from the Nashville agrarians. It’s a I’ll make my Stand, whistling Dixie plan.

    Interesting now that London supports it (HRM RIIA Chatham House photo-op with AOC) as they supported the Confederates then and Hitler also (Royals all involved).

  42. There is a very true saying, “The countryside does not need the cities, but the cities do need the country”

    Snag s that today we see the cities getting bigger, and the countryside getting smaller. population wise.

    The thinking in the cities is very different to that n the countryside.

    I used to wonder why the USA had a Electorial College, but now I realise that it is in effect what we here in Australia call a “Gerrymander”, a system of giving the folk in the countryside a greater say in governing the country. . It is not democrancy, , but it is necessary if on e wants stability.

    That’s why the Democrats don’t want it, Hillary should have won if one talks about the “Will of the people”.

    What I do not understand is FDR. I grew up in a time that FDR was my hero, that with the aid of Harry Hopkins, FDR saved the USA from gong Communist during the Great Depression.

    So was FDR a good or a bad man. He was unlike his uncle a Democrate, . So were Democrats back then very different to todays ?


    • Alexander Hamilton Federalist Paper 68 showed why the Electoral College (as is called now) is needed – to stop the tyranny of the majority. FDR saved the US by applying as much as he could the American System of Economics (Henry Carey’s book). Friedrich List applied exactly that to Germany. FDR’s New Deal with the RFC (Reconstruction Finance Corp) worked – AOC’s parody is a deadly attack on FDR and the American System of Economics. The German KfW is modelled on the RFC.
      Trump more than once reminded people of this, the first Pres. to mention this since they assassinated McKinley.
      This means Trump has enemies at the FED, WallStreet and the City of London – from there comes the endless harassment.
      Teddy Roosevelt nominally also a patrician was a disaster. FDR caught polio and emerged from hospital a totally different person.

    • “So was FDR a good or a bad man.”

      Well, FDR was a little bit before my time, and he had his good points and bad points. FDR was elected four times to be president, but I will note that after he died a Constitutional amendment was passed that limited presidential terms to two.

    • As all recent campaigns have noted, a campaign based on winning the electoral college is a lot different from a campaign based on winning the popular vote.
      Anyone who declares they know who the winner would have been had any past election been a popular vote election is fooling himself, or deliberately trying to fool others.

      Anyways, given the poor quality of voter identification in most states (especially heavily Democrat ones), we don’t really know who won the popular vote.

      • MarkW says: “we don’t really know who won the popular vote.”

        For your information Hillary won the popular vote. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

          • Mr 2hotel9: There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
            Hilary got 64,156,255 votes, Donald got 62,238,425.

            Show me your evidence of 1,917,830 instances of voter fraud.

          • Have you noticed that Los Angeles County in California has about one million more voters than residents eligible to vote?

          • Same in metropolitan areas across America, and it has been expanding into rural areas during the last 15 years. Keith will now attack you as a liar and racist and misogynist blahblahblah. Every time anyone attempts to inspect voter registration rolls they are assailed by ACLU, SPLC, NAACP, AFSME, and mainstream media as nazi space alien child rapists. You know that already! 😉

          • Why do you oppose voter ID? Why do you oppose verifying the legitimacy of people registered to vote in America? Give me a real, honest, legitimate answer to those questions, otherwise blow me vote fraudster.

          • Halla, Los Angeles County has a population of 9.8 million with 4.9 million registered voters. Hilary got 2,464,364 votes and Donald got 769,743.

          • Not according to AP. Perhaps you should check with your media source of record to see which lies are current, it would help you immensely.

          • 2hotel9, please post a quote from me that says anything about “voter ID.”

            I believe they label your argument a “red herring.”

            Now, why don’t you post the evidence of widespread voter fraud.

          • Keith, essentially all Hillary’s popular vote majority came from two states, California and New York, both with notoriously lax voter rolls. As there was active obstruction of any attempt to investigate voter irregularities, the failure to find what was being actively hidden in unsuprizing.

          • Actually, Keith’s own media has been talking about the subject for several years, they brag about how effective it is and how no one can stop them.

          • Got your panties in a wad right quick like. Thats good. Now, why do you oppose voter ID? One legitimate reason. Ought to be easy, lets us hear it. As for vote fraud and election rigging, it is so widespread even your media reports it. Toddle on over to AP and Reuters and Bloomberg and McClatchy and cnn and cbs and pmsnbc. Just because you support the Democrat Party and its efforts to subvert Americas electoral systems does not make anything you screech correct, your own media puts the lie to it.

            Tell us again how Shrillery Clintoon is the most popular, intelligent and beautiful human being to ever exist. We love laughing at that buffoonery.

          • Blow me, go to AP and read for yourself. No matter what link I post you will refuse to accept it, its what leftists always do. Twirl&spin. And since the subject of this post is Cory Booker, yea, he would not be in office without voter fraud and Democrat Party gerrymandering. It is the Democrat Party way. Prove it is not.

          • Halla first posts: ” Los Angeles County in California has about one million more voters than residents eligible to vote”

            I’ve proven him wrong on that assertion.

            So Halla now says: “Hillary’s popular vote majority came from two states, California and New York.”

            That is a fact, however, that fact does not prove widespread voter fraud.

            Please post some evidence of widespread voter fraud.

          • The statement which you did not address was the number of registered voters v. the number of eligible voters, not the votes cast.

          • And around again, twirl&spin. Your own media reports on it and you claim it never happens. Next you will say young black men are not murdering each other in epidemic proportions in major metropolitan areas around America. Its all thjose evil policemen killing everyone, isn’t it?!?! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is entirely too much fun.

          • Keith, I used to live in California, and they never once checked my ID. As Calizuela gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens, as well as voter registration to all drivers, draw the inevitable conclusion.

          • And from the same paper, https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/former-alexandria-resident-charged-with-voter-registration-fraud/2016/10/28/1799319a-9d1c-11e6-9980-50913d68eacb_story.html?utm_term=.5d681f87ed04 But vote fraud does not exist according to you, Keith. Get your story straight, sweety. I only had to scroll to the bottom of the article to cut that leg right out from under you. Now, head over to AP and prove there is no voter registration problems in southern Cali.

          • Halla, if you are not registered, you are not eligible, so in reality the number of registered voters is less than the number of eligible voters. You’ll also note that the number of votes cast is less than the number of registered voters.

          • 2hotel9 posts: ” it is so widespread even your media reports it”


            Give us an example of widespread voter fraud reporting.

          • Yes, he won, you lost, get over it. Shrillery was not, ever, going to be elected President. Period. Full stop. That you are so obsessed that she got the shyte kicked out of her by Donald Trump is hi-larious!

          • My favorite part is you have a list already cut&paste ready for whatever comment thread you find and you spend your day looking for places to drop them, like aromatic little turds. You leftists are far too entertaining, going to be a shame once you guys abort and euthanize yourselves out of existence. NOT!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Embrace your Malthusian nonfuture and rest assured we will continue to procreate and laugh at you.

          • 2hotel9 posts: “But vote fraud does not exist according to you, Keith”

            I did not state that. Please review all of my posts and note the number of times I used the word WIDESPREAD.

            In order to be widespread it has to be more than a dozen examples in 128 million votes cast.

          • Widespread, as in happens across the entire nation, in local, state and Federal elections, every time there is voting. All I had to do is scroll to the bottom of what you posted and there was an example of it on the other side of the political aisle, and you claim that means it is NOT happening.

            Want all this to go away? Simple. Verification of voter registration rolls nationwide, voters present ID when voting, problems solved. Why do you oppose that? Why do you instead want to play semantics games and throw around “links” that undermine your own position that vote fraud does not happen? What specifically is your political agenda? Lay it out in 10 words.

          • 2hotel9, these are the facts:
            1) Donald won the Electoral College
            2) Hillary won the popular vote
            3) There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

            I do admit to being “obsessed” with the facts.

          • Yep, facts, Shrillery lost. She got the popular vote in 2 states, the rest of the country told her to go pound sand AND WE MADE HER DO IT. She will never be President. I especially like that this makes you cry, thats just gravy on top!

          • Lay it out in 10 words:

            There is no widespread voter fraud. Nothing needs fixing.
            Only needed nine words 2hotel9.

          • Just keep repeating that lie to yourself, sweety, eventually you might even convince you it is true. Bye, Felicia.

  43. The “Green Revolution” is a fools errand. The increasing atmospheric CO2 is not the cause of global warming. Global warming is the cause of the increasing atmospheric CO2.

  44. I agree. These extremist climate alarmist tactics are very reminiscent of how the fascists became ascendant in 1930s Germany.

  45. We must fight the climate like we fought against the National Socialists in Germany in the 1940’s, by adopting their economic policies and perhaps even instituting the global, one-world government they envisioned.

  46. Booker’s right. Except he and the Green Deal are Hitler.

    Progressives always call their opponents what they actually are.

  47. Spartacus has spent too much time in washrooms .
    The Spartacus declaration was like the John McCain scream moment .
    Career ending for the big chair .
    I hope he runs .

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