Monday Mirthless – Green Gummer Gets Gummed Up at the Trough

We covered this over the weekend.Lord Deben is facing calls to step away from the trough.

UK Climate Change Committee head, @lorddeben facing calls to resign over what appear to be ‘colossal’ and ‘scandalous’ conflicts of interest

Now Josh weighs in with a cartoon.

62 thoughts on “Monday Mirthless – Green Gummer Gets Gummed Up at the Trough

  1. Climate madness is both a joke and a tragedy. Eventually the public will catch on but in the meantime grubs like Lord Deben will take all they can get.

    We have the exact same problem in the US. Republican’s seeking hand-outs for their constituents (and themselves) torpedo attempts to stop climate idiocy funding. We have to fight the “disease of the skin and disease of the blood” simultaneously. Good thing we are talented.

      • Republicans ???

        RINOs to be more accurate.

        Wot about the Marxists?

        They’re the ones pushing for the climate idiocy funding to begin with.

    • Republicans? We’ve got a lot of Republicans, including the guy at the top, trying to stop the climate funding farce. The big problem isn’t the RINOs still left, it’s the Democrats voting in lockstep with the fraud.

      • I’d say it’s both. Now that they’ve taken over the house, the lockstep Dems are a bigger problem but even before that you had the RINOs carrying their water. and any time you get around the Dems, you still have to watch out for the RINOs

  2. Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

    • Have you seen the bigger piggies
      In their starched white shirts
      You will find the bigger piggies
      Stirring up the dirt

      • To be more specific, the press and schools are telling them that the rich got wealthy by stealing from the poor so we need to redistribute the wealth back to the poor where it rightly belongs.

        • You have to wonder exactly how that mechanic works – how the majority of wealth is acquired from those who never had it.

          • There’s 1,000 needed to give one $ so one gets 1,000 dollars.

            But feel free to fetch your own story.

          • ‘There’s 1,000 needed to give one $ so one gets 1,000 dollars’

            And the irony there is, the ‘poor’ only HAVE that one dollar because they work for the rich guy who’s providing the market.

            Just like every small business tries to attach itself to a ‘whale’ – capitalism mimics nature and natural selection.

        • Yes, the “zero sum” economic fallacy taught in public schools has warped the minds of the new generations. Marx would be proud.

  3. John Profumo was a Tory Minister who was involved in a scandal (quite a spectacular one). Once out of Government he spent the rest of his life working tirelessly for charity and so, when he died, his obituary mentioned the scandal in passing and focused on his good works.

    John Selwyn Gummer was a Tory Minister who was involved in a scandal (using a child as a prop to feed suspect burgers to). Once out of Government he has spent the rest of his life working tirelessly for his own greed and so, when he dies, his obituary will mention the scandal in passing and focus on his grubby works.

    It’s the same act but in reverse.

  4. Wait a sec. I thought that all the lobbying cash came from “the fossil fuel lobby.” I had no idea that corporations in other industries would benefit from trillions of dollars in new global infrastructure spending.

    • “Wait a sec. I thought that all the lobbying cash came from “the fossil fuel lobby.” I had no idea that corporations in other industries would benefit from trillions of dollars in new global infrastructure spending.”

      I saw this interesting comment from Jeff Hester of Astronomy magazine where he says “Scientific Publishing is a $25-billion-a-year business”! He said Elsevier, one of the industry’s largest publishers netted a profit of $960 million in one year!

      I wonder if those publishers spend any money lobbying for CAGW?

      They seem to be making plenty of money so shouldn’t they now start paying those who fact-check the studies?

      I wonder what percentage of that $25 billion is dedicated to reviewing climate science studies?

      There’s a lot of money in CAGW! Everywhere you look.

    • I get a lot more results on whoever’s search engine after I visit the preferences page and shut off all the filters. Gugle’ and beeng are not favorites of mine.

      Just typing. 🙂

      • Anthony Watts

        You could always declare yourself reformed, turn alarmist, then keep WUWT supporters in the manner we would like to become accustomed.

        It seems there’s more than enough money sloshing around to do so.


        • It’s been done; Climate-Denialist recanting is becoming a popular fad among suspect members of the fraternity. My SiL posted an item on Fakebook of “… a noted former climate Change Denier who has seen the light, and now works against Climate Change.

          “I have seen I was wrong – why can’t all the other Climate Change Deniers see that they’re wrong?” ”

          I replied “Because we aren’t.”

      • I’ve actually been accused of the same thing on-line.

        Warmists have their lists of stock responses – one might even call them ‘stereotypes’.

  5. This is most interesting for a mere peon like myself as it lays bare the profound corruption and self-enrichment at the heart of the Great Green Scam. It will be fascinating to see how the Guardian and the BBC will spin the scandal, if they cover it at all.

    Well done the Mail on Sunday!

  6. February 4, 2019 at 8:40 am

    The pronouncements by Lord Debden have had such a profound effect on the global warming discussion since he was appointed chairman of the government’s Climate Change Committee, that any historical reports that he passed to the government and upon which the government made important decisions should be thoroughly investigated to establish on what grounds the reports were drawn up. Also, those parliamentarians, in addition to Lord Debden who have been associated with the Climate change fiasco over the years such as Huhne and Yeo, should also be investigated to see whether their income over the years of their involvement was supplemented with any contributions from the climate change industry. Finally, all companies that have received government contracts as a direct result of the Climate Change Committee’s recommendations should be made to report undue payments made to government employees, and if they refuse, they should be investigated.

  7. Great cartoon Josh, but in the interest of accuracy Johnson Matthey don’t make batteries as claimed in the Press.

  8. I might have said I will believe in the CAGW hypothesis when pigs fly, but that is no longer a safe analogy as pigs of the green variety seem to alternate between gorging themselves at the public trough and flying all over the world to tell us how virtuous they are and how sinful are people in general.

    • I saw a t-shirt the other day: “With enough thrust pigs fly just fine.” Featured a porcine caricature of Nancy Pelosi with a rocket between its buns.

  9. When the UK leaves the E U, with no deal , its going to initially be far worse of. Only reasonably rich economies can afford the luxery of believing in such nonsense as Climate Change come Global Warming. .

    The UK rather than South Australia will truly be the canery in the coal mine.


    • Michael

      I would love to see the evidence for Britain becoming destitute following Brexit.

      Hard to come by though as Brexit has never been done before.

      The claims are much like climate change, lets all run around with our hair on fire telling everyone things will be dreadful in the future, then 40 years later when things are so much better than they were, rinse and repeat.

      The difference is, there’s more evidence for climate change than there is for Brexit, but the climate faithful still get it wrong.

      The real disaster would be having a Nicolás Maduro admiring, anti Semitic socialist party, run by Marxists (Corbyn & McDonnell), seducing gullible Brits into believing that the future is bright under socialism, voted into number 10.

      And for the benefit of those who know little of British politics (nor probably care) Brexit is a big problem for the civilised world which have parliaments and democratic systems modelled on the British system (and many have) because when a means to undermine it is found, the world will be far worse off than it is now.

      • In 53 days if you are very lucky, no deal and no end of the world. But the politicians are a resourceful lot. I will be surprised if they do not at least engineer a delay. After some time that could become a perpetual Remain.

        Once upon a time, a federal Europe seemed to be a good idea. Now it is abundantly clear that it has become an anti-democratic disaster for liberty. Not only for the UK, but for all 28 countries, and by the weakening our our allies, for the US as well.

        Here’s hoping for your successful escape, and the avoidance of a Labour government.

        • The EU has been great for the smaller, poorer, countries with open borders. Many found their way in to the UK, which is a major issue behind Brexit.

  10. Philip Bratby is correct: as of 20:22 UTC on 4th Feb, there is no mention of this on the BBC web site.
    I wonder why?

  11. They are pretty good republicans until it comes to voting to keep their farmers producing corn for ethanol.

  12. Why do people believe?
    CO2 feedback is a simple theory, relatively easy to understand and accept.
    People who are overwhelmed with multiple complicated theories retreat, back to one simple theory.

    Best path forward
    Quit talking about theories, and provide simplest possible evidence of actual trends.
    Don’t let the discussion be confined to the last 250 years.

    • Cynthia, you are on the right track.
      But “actual trends” are not the ultimate convincer; dollars are.

      They can quote all the statistics about who is concerned about a warming world, but ask who is willing to pay one extra dollar/pound and the results reverse.

  13. Cyntha has it quite right. Keep t simple stupid is the way it goes.

    While for the readers of WUWT can sometimes with difficult , go through the complicated graphs and explanations, the average person out there either cannot or can not be bothered.

    Only massive cooling and the grid failing will make a big enough impression.

    And persons of all parties who can make a buck will still latch onto a winner such as Climate change.


  14. Been trying to get the facts. Not so easy from Fort Lauderdale, as there are very few unimpeachable sources so far. It appears over $700k in payments to his ‘consulting’ company from conflicted ‘clients’ that at a minimum should have been disclosed under UK conflict of interest laws.

  15. The British House of Lords is absolutely infested with people who believe that arrogance is the perfect substitute for competence.
    The egregious Gummer is the apotheosis of this idiocy.

  16. There is a happy land
    Far far away,
    Where little piggies run
    Three times a day.
    Oh you should see them run
    When they see the butcher come-
    Three slices off their bum,
    Three times a day

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