70,000 March in Brussels to Demand Climate Action

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A message to French Yellow Vests that greens and EU supporters can field large groups of demonstrators. But half the pro-climate action marchers were school children.

70,000 March to Demand Belgium, EU Increase Efforts to Fight Climate Change

By RAF CASERT / AP January 27, 2019

(BRUSSELS) — At least 70,000 people braved cold and rain in Brussels to demand the Belgian government and the European Union increase their efforts to fight climate change Sunday, the Belgian capital’s fourth climate rally in two months to attract at least 10,000 participants.

The event was described as Belgium’s biggest climate march ever, with police estimating slightly bigger crowds than a similar demonstration last month. Trains from across the nation were so clogged thousands of people didn’t make the march in time.

Some 35,000 schoolchildren and students in Belgium skipped classes Thursday to take their demands for urgent action to prevent global warming to the streets.

Young people have set a good example,” protester Henny Claassen said amid raised banners urging better renewable energy use and improved air quality. “This is for our children, for our grandchildren and to send a message to politicians.”

Read more: http://time.com/5514197/belgium-climate-change-protests/

I’m disgusted by how greens seem to think it is OK to use children as political pawns in their nasty game.

The school children, half of the climate action marchers, have no idea about the real world. They have never experienced the misery of watching their meagre weekly pay packets taxed away by distant green politicians who have no empathy or concern for the problems of ordinary people.

120 thoughts on “70,000 March in Brussels to Demand Climate Action

    • An artificially induced response to intensive climate brainwashing, endorsed and encouraged by teachers and curriculum.

      The left-wing socialist-marxist plans for political domination of the free world are well advanced.

      • Take away their Iphones and tell them it is to save the world. They will change very fast their opinion about saving the world.

      • If they got what they want, i.e. no fossil fuel generation and all renewables, they would be freezing when they get home.
        In the UK at present we have snow and freezing cold nights, but little wind
        Current demand for electricity is 46.4 GW
        Production is:
        Coal 7.06
        Nuclear 6.96
        Gas 24.07
        Wind 2.44
        Hydro 0.62
        Biomass 2.48 (courtesy of US forests)
        Solar 0.55
        Interconnects (net) 1.58

        On Sunday wind was puffed up as providing 33% of electricity demand, 8GW in a demand of 24GW.
        Now it is providing 5.31%

        Is wind/solar reliable?

      • Give me the child and I will show you the man. They have been actively brainwashing kids on both sides of the pond for at least 25 years and just look at them!

        • unfortunately, those Jesuit techniques are copied by all ‘soul thieves’. I was horrified when I heard that even my 7 year old grand daughter proudly told me that she had marched for a better environment and that my daily walks were good for its protection. What can I tell her to convince otherwise? Very sad. I am afraid the new religion is filling the void left by the catholic one that has mostly disappeared from Europe.

          • Great that they are educating young kids about the environment – the more the better. Old men who are climate change sceptics simply cannot relate to them.

            My son and daughter both go to a Polish catholic school and it is brilliant. Uniforms, strict discipline, loads of homework (in fact too much). Kids very polite and well behaved and they have a school mass once a week. Very happy atmosphere in the school.

      • The Teachers of course organized the marches. The Teachers are marching for chaos. The science, engineering, and economics associated with CAGW and the solution to CAGW is 100% false.

        The money spent on green scams is not reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions which does not matter as we did not cause the CO2 rise.

        Emotions are at 11.

        Thoughtful ideas: 0

        • No, it’s the work of a 17-year old schoolgirl, a certain Anuna De Wever: https://downeastblog.blogspot.com/2019/01/downeastblogs-twat-of-day-award-for.html

          And: http://downeastblog.blogspot.com/2019/01/rise-of-planet-of-apes-sequel.html

          Of course, she wouldn’t have had such tremendous success if Belgian MSM, which is completely and unequivocally leftist throughout all it strata and publications (there just is nothing like Fox News or The Telegraph), had not given her airplay big time.

          They made a heroine out of her, and naturally all political parties except VB jumped on the bandwagon…

          … because many of the now 17 year old schoolchildren, not to speak of the 18 and 19 year olds, will be eligible to vote for the first time in the national and European elections in May.

          It also helps to know that Ms Anuna De Wever does not want to be either a boy or a girl, has a mother who is a sociologist, and a father who works as a city planner i.e. he’s on some government payroll. Also, young Ms de Wever thinks that the solution to world poverty is that the World Bank should print more money.

          I’m not kidding, unfortunately.

      • At this point I’m kind of inclined to shrug my shoulders and say “if that’s what Europeans want, let them make their bed and lie in it”; after all, you can’t fix stupid.
        I kind of understand that Germans, having kicked off two world wars, feel they’ve been gifted season tickets to ride the guilt train, but why the rest of the continent has collectively lost the plot is a mystery to me.
        I honestly believe that if 35000 useful idiots and their kids are ready to wander around Brussels in the cold protesting a non-issue, it poignantly illustrates that too many people in western Europe today really have nothing sufficiently important to worry about, so they make stuff up to worry about instead (which in itself beggars belief since the SS EUropa has clearly hit an iceberg and begun taking on water, so there should be some real sh!t for people to worry about).
        Although the inevitable result of so many lemmings following their political establishment over a cliff will be a sad way to see several centuries of civilisation building fall in a pathetic heap, maybe it will be precisely the sort of cold shower the rest of us need to re-assess our priorities?

      • April 22, 1970 … my 8th grade classmates and I were ordered to “march” from our middle school in the upper middle class suburban enclave of Lafayette, CA to the downtown in a “protest” to show our parents just how “serious” their children were about the planet. With Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush playing on our transistor radios (no Walkman yet), we got a day off school to TELL our RICH parents that they needed to CLEAN-UP our earth. Yeah, right … we were OUT of class and couldn’t be happier. We would have happily “marched” to “kill puppies” … if it got us out of another dreary day of school. No … the march was “for” our Marxist schoolteachers.

    • When I was a kid, I never got on a bus and went anywhere unless an adult told me I had to. Henny Claassen should be ashamed. The kids are not setting and example. They are slaves to the whims of their adult supervisors. If we give those kids a choice between cleaner air and a modern lifestyle with cheap energy, they will choose the modern standard of living, just like all the adults do. They are not stupid, just controlled.

    • Well, I am not thrilled young children who are being used as pawns must suffer through this weather. Just because they have been Hoodwinked shouldn’t provide an excuse adding insult to injury.
      The adults however… Should be stripped of whatever clothing they have that was made directly or indirectly from “fossil fuels”.
      Then we can see how often they march and organise

  1. This is why children cannot vote or should not hold public office. At least in the US until they reach age 18.
    But historically our great-great grandfather knew 18-20 yr olds were still woefully too immature to make crucial decisions about democracy. Yes, they could carry a musket or rifle into battle to die for a country they barely understood, if at all. But to vote when they still did not understand? No, was the clear answer ofour ancestors.

    I suggest we return US voting age back to 21, as 18 is clearly, demonstrably too young. Too stupid. Too ill-informed.

    Align the voting with the drinking age and handgun buying age.
    Both were Progressive agendas from decades ago in the US.
    Clearly even the Progressives know that a sub-21yo man-child or woman-child, a person who cannot hold his/her drink or own a handgun. So why should an 18-20 yo participate in the keys to Democracy? Let’s return voting to 21.
    Repeal the last Amendment to the constitution. Repeal the 26th Amendment.

    • In Holland a girl of 10 and a boy of 17 received a prime time platform on national radio about this issue: the girl was not even able to formulate what she was protesting for. What seriously frightens me is that (subsidised!) MSM do not even recognize that persons of this this age must have been brainwashed and / or indoctrinated and loudly applaud for their childish opinions, without asking serious questions.
      It will hopefuly be a temporary hype that extinguishes when it is really getting cold and wet.

        • The MSM knows they are part n’ parcel to said “brainwashing” …… and they are proud of it.

      • Every generation rebels against their parents in some way, personally I think that dragging kids into this nonsense will eventually backfire. Especially when the kids grow up to have families of their own, and are struggling to pay all the green-energy power bills they’re calling down on themselves with these protests.

        • The problem with that is that they won’t even know the price is out of whack with what their parents’ paid. They will just see it as normal inflation.
          Now the intermittency of the unreliables – that may get their attention.
          I’d rather we not get to that point, however.

      • Marcos

        What’s I find chilling is that whilst the Yellow Vest campaigns couldn’t be stopped because there was no identifiable leaders, green campaigns get a free pass to openly arrange a demonstration of 70,000 people that could have easily degenerated into violence.

        Considering the current climate of distrust and civil disturbance I fail to understand why any government would allow a march this large to go ahead.

      • The use of propaganda on children is rampant. Video cartoons are being used in schools as early as grades 1-4 to sell the CO2 caused catastrophe as a major threat to their futures. Children at that age (6-9 years) have a concept of mortality, pain and threats that cause harm. They are easy to scare. I know this because I raised 5 kids, and have 8 grandchildren. My youngest three grandbabies are 6, 9 and 11. They all are aware of global warming/climate change from school, partially from videos provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The 11 year-old knows that 97% of scientists agree that he should be afraid of the future.

        What they don’t know is the difference between elements, compounds, atoms, ions, gases, liquids and solids, convection and advection, anything about heat and heat transfer, photosynthesis, nutrition, socialism, capitalism, biochemistry, lapse rates, Hadley cells, ocean currents – and “the physics”.

        It is -42C with a wind chill of -55C today. They are coming over this afternoon – and we will have a “little talk”. I’m their only grandpa, and they will know that 100% of their grandpas don’t buy the scam.

        • Yes I once dropped off my kids at school and they were just a bit late so they had to be signed in at the office. The announcements were being made over the PA and guess what they were throwing in climate change propaganda. I nearly threw up in disgust.

    • That is why the Left here in the UK want the voting age lowered to 16 down from 18, because they know just how easy peasy it will be to manipulate & control them to do their bidding, Hitler knew it well so he created the Hitler Youth, good Nazis through & through!

    • Young students know so much more than older people. That’s why their idols are old MEN like Lenin , Mao or Karl Marx who tell them to distrust older people.

    • At least 25. 18-20 yr olds are still “kids”. And example of why “kids” should be limited in what they do. In Perth, Australia, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a baby, conceived at 11. The father is apparently only 14, now.

      11 and 13 year olds making babies. 18-20yr olds making decisions for a nation? No thanks mister!

    • Joel, I’d go a step further and make voting open to citizens of any age; so long as you can prove you are contributing income tax to the country’s treasury, have served in the country’s armed forces or emergency services, or have retired after a life as a net contributor to the country you call home. I’d be inclined to add a no criminal convictions clause to the list of pre-requisites.
      You don’t get a vote at a company’s AGM just because you bought or received the goods they produce or happen to live in the same neighbourhood; you have to have put some skin in the game by purchasing shares.

      • If you have an income tax all citizens are criminal. That you don’t have a criminal conviction is because the IRS did not dig deep enough.
        A country with an income tax is not worth voting for. You’re just a slave.

        • Hi Robert, Are you advocating a country that raises no income (which to me implies, among other things, an all volunteer police service, totally privatised user-pays health care, all roads being privately built and paid for by ubiquitous tolls and relying upon untrained, self supplied volunteer militias to provide a credible defence/deterrent to aggression)? Or do you have a more creative way for governments to fund public services?
          …None of which is intended to be a sarcastic swipe by the way, I’m genuinely interested in knowing what you have in mind.
          I accept the need for taxation to pay for public services, I’m against seeing it squandered paying for a lot of bureaucrats to sit around shuffling pointless paperwork, ‘studying’ pointless or imaginary phenomena, manipulating energy markets or telling me what’s good and bad for me every five minutes of the day and in keeping a swarm of non-contributing parasites in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.
          On that basis, regardless of one’s age, I’d prefer that dole bludgers and rent seekers weren’t able to vote for which ever party bought their vote by offering them the most ‘free’ stuff – which in actual fact is paid for by me and anyone else who drags their enslaved arse off to work every day.

          • Read the US constitution written by the framers. The question is simple, Do you want BIG or small government.

    • I suggest we return US voting age back to 21, as 18 is clearly, demonstrably too young. Too stupid. Too ill-informed.

      “YUP”, and even though they don’t realize it, that is exactly what the current crop of “female” POTUS candidates are relying on.

      Listening to their emotionally driven feminist “promises” of what they are going to do if elected POTUS, …… should cause everyone to be eternally grateful that HRC didn’t get elected POTUS of the US of A.

      And ya best be praying that an emotionally biased “decision making” female does not garner a “win” in the Primaries.

    • Part of the issue is the same as ever: those saying “I don’t know” are shunned in favor of those who say “I know, and this is how it is” without any actual clue. It’s too bad that children aren’t been taught to say “I don’t know” more often, since they really don’t.

    • The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so.
      Recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. It responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala – the emotional part.
      This period is an opportunity to indoctrinate them with constant emotionally charged messages. The results are clear.


  2. Back in the 1970’s organized union power (much of it essentially communist politics in action) reduced Britain to working a 3-day week due to nationwide strikes by the coal miners and disruption of power generation. It brought down a national government.

    At the time I was very excited because it meant that as children we got to play Monopoly with our parents by candle light in a cold dark house. I think adults generally took a more dim view of the situation and thus Margaret Thatcher later came to power with a mandate to castrate the unions, which she did.
    I wonder which unions are organizing this entertainment for today’s children.

  3. Marxists can always deliver groups to the street. It’s what they do and it’s about all they are good at.

  4. It is despicable for adults probably many leftist teachers to use kids in their charge to push a political agenda, using them as a shield against criticism and questioning to which the adults themselves have no coherent answers, as Avi Yemini found:

    • That scientist used a scientific term I’ve not heard before when asked for scientific evidence that wildfires were greater. He said one in Australia was biblical, but gave no quantity.

      • Same temperature same weather conditions as Black Thursday 1851 when 25% of Victoria burned.
        Short memories or just bog ignorant.

    • It is despicable for adults probably many leftist teachers to use kids in their charge to push a political agenda,

      It worked in the past, …… why not again, ….. to wit:

      The first national Great American Smokeout was held in 1977.

      During the next 25 years the Smokeout was celebrated with rallies, parades, stunts, quitting information, and even “cold turkey” menu items in schools, workplaces, Main Streets, and legislative halls throughout the US.

  5. Did anyone, anywhere, at any time precisely define what they meant by the term climate change? So what are they protesting/fighting to prevent?
    — the world getting hotter in summers, or colder in winters?
    — the world suffering from flooding, or from droughts?
    — the world suffering from too much CO2, or too little CO2 for optimum crop growth to feed humanity?
    — the world suffering from too much cloud cover, or too little cloud cover?
    — the world suffering from too many insects (pests), or too few insects (species extinction)?
    — the world suffering from too many El Ninos, or too many La Ninas?
    — the world suffering from too much wind (claimed increase in storms of all types) or too little wind (for windmill power farms to be reliable)?

    Well, you get my drift . . . so much call for action, so little understanding of what to actually do.

    • When it comes to defining “climate change,” the answer to every one of your questions is: “Both.”

  6. If you are under fifty years of age you have been educated by Globalists. Time to re-educate yourself. The children don’t stand a chance.

  7. If you were a child and were spoon fed nothing but doom n gloom ,global destruction and the fact that your life will be over before it starts wouldn’t you march? Time to change how they are educated( or indoctrinated) about climate change.Teachers have become activists when it comes to cagw.

  8. Did none of these indoctrinated young fools note the irony of marching through snow against Global Warming?

  9. “Some 35,000 schoolchildren and students in Belgium skipped classes…”

    It starts! Always in the same place! Someone somewhere else, not too far away, tried this a while back, and it failed. I want to see those 35,000 schoolchildren and students give up their electronic devices, iPhones, Galaxys, laptops first. And fast food, coffee?

    At least in Brussels they have a decent tram network (Which I got lost on many times from Tervuren).

    Yeah! That’s going to happen!

  10. https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2019/01/electric-car-subsidies-largely-benefit-rich-tesla-and-jaguar-drivers/

    “The government had assumed 11,000 electric cars would be bought in 2018, with an average price of €43,000. Instead, 25,000 were bought for an average of €63,000 each. This, the paper says, means the subsidy scheme has overrun its budget by ‘a couple of hundred million euros’.

    It points out that the subsidies for electric cars are mainly funded by higher taxes paid by petrol and diesel car owners.”

    And in a lot of Dutch cities poor people no longer can go by car because their car is too old. So older cars have been made worthless. Only the rich can go there now with their government funded car.

    That’s how progressives care about the poor. No car no cake.

  11. The left likes parading children for propaganda when it suits them, throwing them under the bus when not (Covington)

  12. Henny Claassen must be the brother of Jan Claassen. Jan is an archetype in Dutch and Flemish culture for the village idiot.

    • A field trip is an organized trip outside of school for educational purposes, led by the teachers, with the school maintaining responsibility for the health and welfare of the students.
      Allowing students to leave classes on their own to engage in an unstructured activity beyond the control of the school is simply sanctioning the skipping of classes.

      I strongly suspect the latter applies here.

      • Call it an unstructured field trip, then. They looked like they had plenty of adult supervision – “Hey kids, chant this!” – and I’d bet those signs were made in schools and that the field trip will be the topic of discussion in class when they return to school.

  13. Wrong, as always. According to RTL, there were tens of thousands of schoolchildren on the march.

  14. .
    ❶①❶① . . . Sou from HotWhopper called me a “spineless wuss” . . .

    Before you leap to my defence (you were going to leap to my defence, weren’t you?), I am a big boy, and I can stick up for myself.

    Since Sou from HotWhopper wrote an article about me, I have returned the favour.

    Here is a small sample from my article.

    Sou from HotWhopper said:
    “I don’t know why deniers take offense at being called deniers.”

    I said:
    “I am also confused by this.”

    “I also don’t know why “Alarmist arseholes” take offense at being called “Alarmist arseholes”.”

    “Perhaps science will provide the answers to these perplexing questions.”

    If you want to read more, click this link:


    • Ask them the question: what is the right temperature of the Earth? And, of course, when they finally admit that they do not know, then ask: how then do you know that ‘global warming’ is bad?

    • Sheldon Walker – January 30, 2019 at 1:53 am

      Sou from HotWhopper said:

      “I don’t know why deniers take offense at being called deniers.”

      I said:

      “I am also confused by this.”

      “I also don’t know why “Alarmist arseholes” take offense at being called “Alarmist arseholes”.”

      “Perhaps science will provide the answers to these perplexing questions.”

      Me thinks the above “tripe n’ piffle” is proof-positive of the misnurturing of the youth resulting in an exponential increase in/of the “snowflake” generation.

      “DUH”, all persons currently living are a “denier” of something, ….. either intentionally or ignorantly (nurtured beliefs or misbeliefs).

      And it don’t take science ….. when common sense thinking will suffice.

      And it shouldn’t take science to figure out why so many people are completely devoid of the mental attributes of common sense thinking, logical reasoning and/or intelligent deductions. “DUH”, the primary reason is that their environment misnurtured/miseducated them …… simply because their parent(s), guardian(s) and/or the Public School Systems have been abject failures of their intended purpose.

  15. Gosh at the time my sons were playing truant I got unfriendly visits from child “protection” services. But I guess the boys were smart to stay away from school considering the nonsense they teach one there. Holland is worse even than Dutroux country.

  16. The far left Greens/Socialists have always used children as their pawns. Look at the anti-nuclear protests of the 60’s. Numbers propped up with ignorant children, every one of them.

  17. If it’s like the “Green Protests” In the U.S. the adults were getting paid to protest.

  18. What’s that now? They convinced thousands of students to skip class? Amazing. I’ll have to ask them how they managed that.

  19. Watermelons

    We want action on Climate Change and Socialism! Shouldn’t citizens of Belgium be focused on uniting their failing state.

  20. Since The Lancet study on mortality shows that we die 17 times more of cold than hot weather,
    I guess this “Marche pour le climat” purpose was to claim more global warming.

  21. “Give me a child until age ten and I’ll show you the man.” Compare the kids out marching to the band of Millennials worshiping the various groups of Al Gore and The Stomp Out Energy bands.
    It will take the return of glaciation and the mile high ice sheets they’ll be buried under to convince them human caused global warming is a myth. However, as the last of them freezes to death in the cold, imho, they will curse CO2.

  22. What an achievement, getting adults and children to march to impoverish themselves. Do I have to write sarc.

  23. Thanks for proving my point, Kym Not-so Smart.

    Shame they held the march yesterday. Today it would have been impossible due to the snow!

  24. There are more holes in Warmunist “science” than in a stack of Belgium waffles, but True Believers don’t care. Bandwagons are fun, and so is getting to play hooky for a day.

  25. Those 70,000 protestors should have been marching on the Chinese and Indian embassies to protest their increasing CO2 production, and should be marching on the EU protesting the EU agreeing to allow China and India to produce unlimited amounts of CO2 until at least the year 2030.

    If you don’t protest China and India’s unlimited CO2 allowance then you are not serious about reigning in CO2. China and India will offset any reduction in CO2 by the EU, so the EU, by itself, is just spinning its wheels. As are the protestors.

  26. Good to know school and work mean zip while marching for some political movement is all that counts. Farmers—take note. People don’t need food. Hospitals—give everyone the day off. Airlines—shut down for a day and everyone can walk (at least that reduces CO2). Etc, etc, etc. No one need work—just march.

    • No one need work—just march.

      “YUP”, an organized “march” works wonders.

      Marching for breast cancer has cured it.

      Marching for LBGT has made it acceptable to everyone.

      Marching for equal rights has been 100% successful.

      Marching for women’s rights insures those rights are given.

      And marching for “open borders” and non-arrests of illegal immigrants gets Democrats cheering.

  27. 2017 Brussels population = 1.199 million
    assume fraction under 18 = 24%
    assume marching age about 13-18 -> fraction under 18 = 6/18
    multiply 1.199 million times 24% times 6/18 –> 95 thousand children available to march
    35,000 seems like reasonable penetration of the child march potential

    • You should base your calculation on the population of Belgium, not just Brussels. It appears to have been a country-wide fantasy-fest.

  28. I suspect that many, if not most of the demonstrators, are doing this to 1.) feel significant and 2.) experience camaraderie with the rest of the bunch.

  29. Brussels is feeling the squeeze of Trump pulling out of the Paris accord that would have funded those non-elected politicians’ Champagne, Caviar and Foie gras

    that’s why they are “commanding” to their mindless robots (ie; useful idiots) to go out and protest something they don’t understand, but are willing to obey…..

  30. Belgium faces winter blackouts amid nuclear reactor shutdowns. Some of this capacity can be replaced with renewables. But Belgium’s dense population limits the amount of land available to develop wind and solar farms. The electricity is generated in Belgium and in the neighbouring countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.) in different types of power stations. In Belgium, seven nuclear reactors generate 55 % of the electricity. This is followed by natural gas, the share of which is constantly increasing. Some of the electricity used in Belgium is imported from neighbouring countries (France, Germany, Switzerland).

  31. “I’m disgusted by how greens seem to think it is OK to use children as political pawns in their nasty game”.

    Nothing new, do you think most of the people in trenches in WW1 were high flying bureaucrats?

    Same as its’ ever been, the young get sacrificed for the benefit of the elite few, usually over some dodgy ideology.

  32. Climate activists are simply the new Khmers Rouges : they use schoolchildren to do their ugly propaganda ! And then, to kill their opponents ?

  33. 3.400 “scientists” published an open letter in support of the “Climate March” in Belgiun and now also the Netherlands. http://www.scientists4climate.be/

    The time has come for all the scientists who don’t agree with the AGW/Climate Change BS to publish an open letter as well. Action = Reaction

    Legal action is needed as well as Urgenda went to court in the Netherlands with a claim that the Dutch Government is not doing enough to reduce Co2 emissions. The judge agreed and the Dutch Government is now forced to take draconic measures to reduce C02 emissions.

    Existing climate critical platforms in the Netherlands like climategate.nl don’t have the punch to move the masses who are totally brainwashed by MSM and television. Ample opposition in politics as well.

    Can’t we drum up a counter action?

    Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are the bridgeheads of the climate change BS. Therfore any counter effort would be most effective.

  34. Watched the news here. Kids interviewed parroted all the standard crap of melting Polar Ice, raising ocean levels and the destruction of the planet. Fact checking is no longer taught in schools. It’s incredible as all those kids have grid access with their smartphones and fact checking is only a few clicks away.
    The are clearly caught in a bubble of social media and schools, media, politics and businesses only applaude their commitment “to the great cause”. It will be very hard to undo the brain washing without hitting them on the head with a rubber hammer or sending them into a “rehabilitation camp”. Good luck with this one.

    • But folks like you told us 15 years ago that cold winters were a thing of the past!

      Australia has also had some severe austral winters recently with record low temperatures.

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