You’ve heard of “the third degree”? Now you can have “the Mann degree”

From the “I’m going to need a barf bag” department. Dr. Michael Mann comes up with his own degree program.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Climate science is a field devoted to the study of Earth’s climate in the past, present and future. Understanding the Earth’s future climate is vital, and in response Penn State has established a new dual-title doctoral program in climate science.

“In the past, climate science was often viewed as this niche field, but it’s starting to become integrated with everything else because climate impacts are pervasive,” said Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science and program coordinator. “Climate change is affecting our food and water supplies, coastal management and national security, and every other facet of our built and natural environment.”

Expertise in climate science is relevant across many disciplines, and Mann said this program was developed to meet the increasing demand for climate information.

“Having a degree in climate science is germane to so many fields now; it’s important in private industry or in fields focused on risk management like insurance and reinsurance,” said Mann. “Having a background in climate science is a real plus, and it will make our graduates more attractive for jobs in industry, as well as positions in academia, government and nongovernmental organizations.”

Administered by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, a particular focus of the program is on understanding the impact of human activities on climate and understanding and predicting natural climate variation.

The program will provide a rich curriculum in climate dynamics and observations, numerical and statistical methods, the physical climate system, biogeochemistry, and human dimensions of climate change to ensure that all students have a broad and deep understanding of the science and its application to society.

“Not only will graduates have expanded employment opportunities, they will be the new generation of leaders trained to help society prepare for and adapt to the Earth’s changing climate,” said David Stensrud, head and professor of meteorology and atmospheric science.

There are more than 40 faculty from five colleges associated with the climate science program.

“We’ve had an increasingly strong presence in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science and elsewhere around Penn State in climate science. We literally have hundreds of researchers across the University working on various aspects of climate science,” said Mann.

Students electing this degree program will earn a doctorate with a dual-title in the participating program and in climate science. The graduate program in meteorology and atmospheric sciences currently offers the program but additional graduate programs are expected to offer the dual-title program in the future.

“This new program addresses what is arguably the greatest challenge we face today — the challenge of mitigating and adapting to climate change,” said Mann.

For more information about the program visit and

180 thoughts on “You’ve heard of “the third degree”? Now you can have “the Mann degree”

    • Rev. Al Gore missed this opportunity. His followers should join immediately. Also he himself could earn this very academic degree.

      • With his GPA, I very much doubt Al could qualify. After all, this is not directly a Cli Sci degree, but an adjunct to separate, established discipline.

      • To D.J.’s point it would have to be honorary as The ALGORE pencil is not sharp enough to pass the course required even for this science degree for dummies program.

    • Ha! … and they mock Trump University. Talk about your useless degree. And BTW … the Trump Univ. tuition is a BARGAIN by comparison to this dumbed-down, access-for-all, sub-qualified, “college” student … required “education” debt.

          • Some where in the files of ” useless information”, but might be needed in a climate argument, is a story a about a guy that went to Harvard and was selling his degree online, E Bay. I know plenty of people that went to the schools councilors with the idea that if they got this degree or that, companies would be knocking down your door to hire you at some amount of money that you could, not only repay the ridiculous sum you borrowed, but live very well…. that didn’t happen. Much like the Catastrophic Global Warming.

  1. At least this program is more appropriate for ambitious bureaucrats than Environmental Health Engineering, which Obama’s last EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, had a masters in.

    • As a Chartered Structural Engineer, I bitterly resent the glib casual sticking & gluing of the term Engineering to all & sundry half-baked degree courses! The classic of course is Social Engineering! It should be named Social Manipulation!

      • Maybe I should change my degree and title to Rocket Manipulator? Nope! that just sounds too smarmy, like some tyrant with a few dangerous weapons.

        Yeah, I too cringe when trash truck drivers are called ‘sanitation engineers’.

        But, at one time the medical profession was practiced, at best crudely due to the limited knowledge of it time, by barbers who acted as field surgeons (hence the barber pole). When actual medical study began in earnest, these more learned men wanting separate themselves from the ‘barbers’ adopted the title of ‘doctor’ from the academics and doctors of philosophy of that time. And now they feel entitled to claim the title as their own, as all other doctors aren’t real doctors.

  2. Splicing Instrument Data On To Tree Ring Data 401 is a required course. So is Discarding Data That Refutes Your Hypothesis 420.

  3. The quote from Stensrud begins, “Not only will graduates have expanded employment opportunities…”

    Shouldn’t that read, Not only will graduates have expended employment opportunities…?


    • There are many fields of human endeavor where having a good education in how to lie and cheat, and fabricate data are a prerequisite. They’ll be fine.

    • The early ones got bank teller jobs but this employment is on the way out replaced by robots. Mann offers employment advice: they could become insurance and reinsurance salesmen … er girls, no…saleslgtbqwertyrens?^

  4. I wonder if Mann plans to collaborate with Penn State’s Geology Department, the field of science able to demonstrate (scientifically without the need for political considerations) that any current changes to our climate have occurred countless times in both recent and distant pasts?

    • Mann doesn’t plan to collaborate with the Geology department, he plans to co-opt the Geology department and make it his new ally.

      • At Penn State the professor is nominated to be considered for distinguished professor by a fellow professor. A committee of fellow professors considers whether he is qualified and they have a vote. A limited number become distinguished. Basically his fellow professors at Penn State think like he does.

    • Nope. He WILL, however, be collaborating with the African Studies Dept. … since all the poor 3rd world African people ovvvvv culllller … have been SEVEREly impacted by capitalism-driven-climate change. Mann-degree graduates will be calculating $$$$$ the amount of “mitigation” needed to “offset” white Euro-guilt. The intersectionality of the Socialist Econ Dept. and Mann-degree Dept. is strong.

  5. Michael Mann and his disciples of climate doom using the “unbiased” Mann climate computer models for teaching his version of climate change. What could possibly go wrong?

    • I would fear the potential for a psychotic breakdown of Mann’s students at some point when the GCM nth version fails to predict the slow rise, complete halt or fall in GT any better than GCM version 1.0 or when the super computer Siri voiced AI version tells them to include the data for the Latin Optimum, MWP and LIA that the next LIA is imminent.

  6. Pre-requistes are:

    Funny math
    Communicating in false urgency
    Cherry picking
    Political gamesmanship

    As a final test, students will be required to look at themselves in the mirror without throwing up

  7. From the article:
    “The program will provide a rich curriculum in climate dynamics and observations, numerical and statistical methods”
    The reference to “numerical and statistical methods” leads me to wonder if the students need the prerequisite of “Fudge Factor-101”?

  8. Similar to a Psychiatry degree, providing advice from a book of 300 possible psychiatric conditions with no physical data, tests etc, purely opinion based.

    Psychiatrist’s and CAGW scientists have a lot in common,

  9. “The program will provide a rich curriculum in climate dynamics and observations, numerical and statistical methods,…”

    yep, Mann is clearly the guy to teach his apostles all about his self-devised statistics and principle component analyses methods.

  10. “The program will provide a rich curriculum in climate dynamics and observations, numerical and statistical methods, the physical climate system, biogeochemistry, and human dimensions of climate change to ensure that all students have a broad and deep understanding of the science and its application to society.”

    Only now have they realized they had better start educating these fools? {facepalm}
    If only Mann had studied any of this perhaps the narrative would be different.

    • No the outcome would not have been different. Mann et al need the alarmism to keep the funding coming in. Climate science could not have developed any other way. If it had developed quietly with the conclusions that man could not affect the climate and that there was nothing to worry about anyway until 10000 years from now, climate science would have died with all the funding drying up. Why would the world need clmate scientists under the above scenario? Sure, the world needs meteorologists to predict the weather, but that is a different already established discipline. Climate science must be destroyed. It has no use or value. It will be impossible to ever have computer climate models within reasonable error factors to model a chaotic system like the earth’s climate. The IPCC HAS EVEN ADMITTED THAT. In fact with the ozone hole scam and the CAGW global warming lie and the common practice of deception within the science, it is slowly corrupting all other sciences. The world is at a dangerous place when more than 50% of all medical studies are fake according to the editor of Lancet and 97% of all climate studies are bogus because of reliance on junk computer climate models..

  11. Isn’t it tough to study the future without a time machine? Is there a computer course on creating models that give you the results you desire?

  12. Quote: “This new program addresses what is arguably the greatest challenge we face today — the challenge of mitigating and adapting to climate change,” said Mann.

    This is the domain of Risk Management, a well established practice in all kinds of fields. There is no need for this, what we have is perfectly well suited for the job.

    • Note that there is no mention of controlling or reversing climate change. Guess they have finally seen the light on that idea.

  13. Great, just what we need, more advanced degree holders that are educated such that they can only qualify for the worst forms of misanthropic, unproductive, wasteful public sector jobs.

  14. I love how he likes to have himself introduced as “distinguished professor of atmospheric science,” without, apparently, realizing that “distinguished” is an ambiguous adjective. A “suspicious” man, for example, could either suspect something, or be suspected of something. I always take it as meaning that Mann has distinguished himself from reputable scientists.

  15. On the bright side, they will have plenty of Klimate Koolade to guzzle, and it will be “on the house”.

  16. Will they be able to get the program accredited from an unbiased accreditation organization? Does such an accreditation organization exist? It would seem to me that there would need to be closure on the questions that we skeptics routinely ask. That might require, God forbid, panel discussions on the contentious issues and objective judges to rule on the arguments. Maybe even a Red Term/Blue Team exercise to resolve controversy! Personally, I think that it would be easier, and less trouble, to just define a curriculum of required courses in existing departments, without the taint of AGW bias. That is, take statistics courses from the statistics or mathematics departments, and not from Mann or his new program. And, take “biogeochemistry” courses from the chemistry department or geology department and discover that the term “ocean acidification” can’t be found in the textbooks.

    • You don’t realize what a threat climate science is to universities all over the world. Things have moved way beyond your musings. There is no one to stand up and say no to this mann and others like him. They are threatening to subjugate all other related disciplines under the guise that climate science is too important NOT to take a leading place in all the physical sciences. They already control atmospheric science and to a large extent meteorology through their control of the World Meteorological Organization. Control of all the other physical sciences is easily done because they control the National Academy of Sciences plus nearly every other multi disciplinary body of science.

  17. Weather impacts many things and always has. Unfortunately, Mann seems to have confused weather and climate.

    • No he hasn’t confused anything with anything. He knows what he is doing. He is leading climate science in the only direction it could go and survive. Climate science cannot survive without alarmism. If Mann et al were not doing this Climate science would strangle itself with lack of funding because why would anybody fund a study of the future if we knew that we couldnt do anything about the future climate and if we knew that there was nothing to worry about. Climate science would die a slow death. Climate science had 2 choices in the 1980’s . One was to wait for more studies to prove what if any was CO2’s role in climate or the 2nd choice of SPREAD THE ALARM. Hansen chose the 2nd path and 97% of all other climate scientists followed him. The 1st path would have led to climate science dying out. That is why climate science must be destroyed. We have learned enough to know that CAGW is impossible and we will adapt to AGW if it even exists.

  18. Students electing this degree program will earn a doctorate with a dual-title in the participating program and in climate science.

    The only program that offers this dual-title degree is Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. It looks like you get the dual title by taking courses in addition to completing the requirements of the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science PhD.

    This is not a Mickey Mouse degree. It requires an excellent background of skills and knowledge. Anyone who completes it should take pride in a worthy achievement.

    On the other hand … it is likely to make its graduates over confident in what they can actually do.

    All students should have to take a course that lays out the limitations of what is possible. That is what separates engineers from scientists. Engineers know the scope of their practice and are obligated to stay within it, on penalty of law. Scientists can bloviate ad infinitum with no penalty for being wrong.

    Just as an MBA leads students to think they can actually manage, with disastrous results, this PhD will lead students to think they can predict the climate and its ramifications, also with disastrous results. They will also probably imitate Dr. Mann and be really really arrogant in insisting that they can do things that are currently, and for the foreseeable future, impossible.

    • CommieBob,
      I have often used my adage: “A scientist can calculate a number, but it takes an engineer to make you understand how big a shitload that really is.”

      My other go to is: “Rocket science is easy, rocket engineering is a bitch!”
      Freshmen level mathematics can calculate an orbital trajectory, but its a whole different game to be able to design and build a reliable machine that will actually accomplish that task. I do both.

  19. Fools and their money are soon parted…

    Isn’t there a glut of these guys now? Good luck grads paying for this one! Ahhahahahaha…

    Oh, and wait till they all find out about that ‘climate couch’ too!


    • I absolutely REFUSE to allow these idiots to be bailed out of their $1,000,000 +- student loans. I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE ELSE.

      President Ttump needs to sign an executive order prohibiting bailouts or forgiveness of this kind to the student or the financial entity who issues such loans.

    • But the degree program is supposed to expand the newly-minted dual-PhDs employment opportunities in industry.

  20. Prerequisites for the program include the following
    1) 30 hours in anti-FOIA legal tactics
    2) 30 hours in statistics to erase undesirable data you don’t like through dark methods in modeling
    3) 20 hours in forestry science to pick just the right tree that fits the desired outcome in the “study”
    4) a completed JD or MPA to defend your weak science position and attack others
    5) a degree in psychology is preferred because that’s what most of this is in place of real science
    6) no prior knowledge of science so we can shape you our way

  21. “…graduates…will be the new generation of leaders trained to help society prepare for and adapt to the Earth’s changing climate…”

    Well, there it is–a new improved generation of bureaucratic helpers entitled to extra portions of fish-heads and rice.

  22. Employment opportunities? Riiiight, that’s all we need, a climate zombie on staff, doing nothing, thinking nothing, and producing nothing.

    • Steve, you forgot, “signifying nothing”.

      Yet they drone on and on about how the world is for sure and really, really this time, going to hell in a AG handbasket. As Tom Lehrer said, “If a man has nothing to say, the least he can do is shut up.”

  23. So what’s going to happen to the doctoral student who discovers the statistical fudge in Mann’s hockey stick? How will the student conscientiously continue the program knowing the course is a sham run by professors complicit in the knowledge of Mann’s dodgy work? Simply put, the student actually runs the risk of becoming unemployable in the private sector should the potential boss be a climate skeptic.

  24. A dual degree is probably a good idea for anyone even slightly interested in climate. As the field of climate science goes belly up in the next few years at least you would have something to fall back on.

    • “…at least you would have something to fall back on.”

      Or fall forward on, in the Roman sense of the word. A climate science double major is a double-edged sword that can, as the awful truth emerges that there is no emergency, be “fallen on” to restore one’s honour.

  25. “The program will provide a rich curriculum in climate dynamics and observations, numerical and statistical methods”
    Mann statistics produce hockey stick with random numbers…
    What a joke.

    • “Mann statistics produce hockey stick with random numbers…”

      That’s a gross oversimplification. I believe M&M found that Mann’s stats produce hockey sticks from Red Noise data, not just random numbers.

      • Yes its a simplification, of course the random numbers should be in the range of the data set, but the point still stand.
        And what about mixing data set on the same graph? Should be added to the curriculum too.

        • I agree, Mann is no angel by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s important to not state what isn’t true.

  26. Great — I’m going to Penn State to get my “PhD in Gender Studies and Climate Science”.

  27. “Having a degree in climate science is germane to so many fields now; it’s important in private industry or in fields focused on risk management like insurance and reinsurance,” said Mann.

    Can you imagine what will happen if they start using “climate science statistical methods” to re-calculate the insurance and reinsurance risks and premiums?

    The unusually gifted and dedicated people who run the international reinsurance businesses in London and Milan and are qualified in Actuarial Science. There isn’t a snowflake’s chance in Hell that a “climate scientist” will pass an Actuarial exam. It is actually 29 hrs of exams and requires a Masters and PhD in the mix. Good luck. Call me in ten years.

    And good luck with “climate science” assessing “risk” on behalf of the reinsurance industry. Climate scientists, such as guessing and fiddling is a science, can’t even produce a valid temperature series from direct measurements in the 20th Century. “Climate” is the average of “weather”. Insurance is all about weather events, not “the climate”. Failing to even understand the terms does disqualify one from having a shot at entering the Actuarial exams.

    And what other fields of endeavour are these characters going to dominate with their multi-disciplinary talents? Let them first fix their models.

    For further research:

    And it requires:
    •Effective communication
    •Problem-solving and decision making

    Ha ha ha! Get this:

    “The institute holds the right to cross-verify any record made. So it is highly recommended to keep a valid proof of your work done until you are recorded as a Fellow member.”

    The world works because people with actual skills make it work, including keeping the lights on.

    • My grandfather used to laugh that here in the US his title was ‘Certified Accountant’. He had left Scotland as a ‘Chartered Accountant’. To him ‘certified’ had an entirely different meaning.

      IMHO Mann, is certifiable alright.

  28. Will he also teach students to sue climate critics like Mark Steyn & drag the case out for over five years in a Federal court?

  29. The course teaches how to fake data, apply for climate grants, how to photoshop polar bears, etc.

  30. The global alarmists plan on taking over the geology, paleontology, and archaeology faculties of the world universities. Climate science really only got started in the 1970’s. According to their plan now; data before the 1970’s is either to be ignored, homogenized, or wiped out. Don’t forget that they have already taken over the atmospheric science faculties all over the world and of course they invented the climate science faculties. Usually they aren’t called that; so that it is easier to corrupt the related sciences like geo science, earth science, environmental science………………………ad infinitum. We could go on forever with bastardized faculty names around the world. I have noted that it is possible to get both a Master degree in Climate Science and a PhD in Climate Science.

    The World Meteorology Organization was the 1st organization to be corrupted by climate science. However the skeptic meteorologists of the world have been fighting hit and run attacks against the establishment to varying poor degrees of success ( Anthony Watts being a notable exception).

    Note that Penn State (where Michael Mann reigns supreme) has incorporated meteorology right into the Atmospheric Science faculty and called it the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. To give you an idea of the size of Penn State it has an enrollment of ~ 100,000 students. It administers almost $4 Billion in endowment funds and other largesse.

    Sure enough you will find Michael Mann’s pic and bio on the list of professors. Even more interesting is that this whole faculty is part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Note the 2 prong attack here. Climatology itself is a minor within the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Mann’s idea is to work his way up the faculty tree and corrupt everything he touches with his CO2 nonsense. Of course Penn State has faculties of Astrobiology, and Biogeochemistry where you can get a PhD in either one, along with the common ones like GeoSciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Meteorology and Geography. All these fall under the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences which is only 1 college of the 18 that Penn State has.

    Other interesting ( as far as climate science is concerned) colleges that fall under the Penn State umbrella are College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Engineering, and Eberly College of Science. Of course at the undergraduate level you can get any of the more than 1000 degrees that span the complete range of human knowledge. Things like Environmental Engineering ( a prime target for takeover by the alarmists like Mann) that conveniently don’t fall under one of the 18 colleges of Penn State, is only 1 graduate program out of 100’s. Thus the continual urge to expand and what better way than to create a new discipline?

    The universities get away with this because universities fall under state law even though the federal government provides more funding than the states themselves. So when a university wants to start a new discipline, what it typically does is create a graduate program in the discipline. Of course new ones are being created all the time with the subdivision of exponential knowledge. As soon as a program like
    Environmental Engineering becomes popular the university will then either create a special college for it or make it a faculty within one of the existing colleges. There seems to be no rules that the individual states have set out for the universities to go by. As long as the university can get endowment funds and or public funding they can get the go ahead. Of course it is easier to get the go ahead for a new program if other universities already have it. We all think of the federal and state and city bureaucracies of just how bloated and fat they are; but they dont hold a candle to the creeping bureaucracy of each university and college. When was the last time that you didn’t see any construction on a college or university campus?

  31. A scientific community that developed computer climate models that pedalled a CAGW meme and that never had any accurate predictions.
    A scientific community that took over all the atmospheric science faculties the world over and turned them into faculties of global warming.
    A scientific community that predicted we would all be drowned by now or all burned from forest fires started by global warming.
    A scientific community that was caught through their own emails of trying to hide the decline in temperatures.
    A scientific community that was caught through their own emails of fudging data with tricks.
    A scientific community that refused to release their data so that others could try to replicate it.
    A scientific community that took over all the major journals in relation to any topic remotely associated with climate change and refused to publish contrary studies to global warming.
    A scientific community that kept on spouting a fake 97% consensus.
    A scientific community that turned peer review into pal review and thus is corrupting all of science.
    A scientific community that refuses to debate the issue because they say the science is settled but on NASA’s own web site it says the IRIS effect has not been proven or disproven. That one effect if true could destroy any capability of CO2 affecting the climate at all.
    A scientific community that rallies around any study that purports to debunk any contrarian study on global warming making sure that the skeptic scientists are drowned out.
    A scientific community that has as yet to publish any definitive physics on how the greenhouse effect actually happens.
    A scientific community that supports a scientist like Michael Mann who has tried to erase history vis a vis the mediaeval warming period and who even Dr Richard Muller of Berkeley a famed alarmist has said he will never read another paper by Michael Mann again nor read the journal that published Mann’s paper ever again.

    A scientific community that took over all the government agencies that had anything to do with climate and that have produced fake graphs and altered temperature data.
    A scientific community that punishes any scientist by demotion,firing, …etc who dares to object to any aspect of global warming.
    A scientific community that frightens little kids around the world with predictions of disaster that are impossible.
    A scientific community that sees almost every retired scientist come out agsinst the global warming meme because at last they have nothing to lose.
    A scientific community that threatens and hurls insults including words such as harlot at scientists who go over to the skeptic side.
    A scientific community that publishes fake debunk studies.
    A scientific community that defends the computer models which are actually junk science.

    A scientific community that admires its own and despises anybody who disagrees.


    • “…they say the science is settled …defends the computer models…”
      Why do we need new scientists?
      Just rely on the settled science and computer modelling –
      so simple a caveman could do it.

  32. The coming fight now is Earth System Sensitivity. It has its roots almost as long as AGW. Back in the 80’s was when it really got started. Almost 40 years later Michael Mann and his followers have decided that the IPCC is doomed and that they dont need it anymore anyway. They are losing control over its alarmist message and it is becoming more conservative as we skeptics are forcing it to tone down. Witness the IPCC RCP8.5 which doesnt really look scary as far as temperature is concerned.
    The Earth System Science (ESS) Education Alliance was formed in 2000 and has ~50 institutions signed up with over 3000 teachers. Their plan is to take over the geology and paleontology departments of every university in the world just like have they done to the Atmospheric science faculties. In their minds they have to because then they can control the past. Eric Blair aka George Orwell has unwittingly written their manifesto. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. Orwell should have reversed those 2 sentences. The recipe is simple. The thesis is that long term changes of the earth(which the alarmists will say is ultimately caused by short term changes caused by CO2) will dwarf the measly short term temperature changes of CO2. To do that they need to control the past with different climate models because only with the past can they control ( model) the slow processes needed so that they will project far into the future 500 years if necessary. To do that they have to take over the 2 faculties that are standing in their way.

  33. Why doesn’t he just be honest about it? Call it, “How to live off the taxpayers’ dime while producing nothing worthwhile”. A degree in “Nothing”. But it pays for the rent. (and the lawsuits)

    Disclaimer: I have a government job. I “live off the taxpayers’ dime”. (Well, actually the rate payers’ dime.) I help provide safe drinking water to about a million people. They need it everyday. They needed it yesterday. They’ll need it tomorrow. “Dimes” well spent.
    What has Mann provided? What will this “degree program” provide?
    More dime-hungry leeches.

  34. Actually, if you go the program link and look at the “Additional Information … courses required … Climate Science Dual-Title Handbook”, ther’s a pretty good line-up of courses. 45 years back when I was in grad school, I took a bunch of similar classes in Physics/Astrophysics, such as Fluid Dynamics, Radiative Transfer, Partial Diff-Eq, etc. ad naus., before going into climate science where I took softer sciences, like meteorology, field geology, and glaciology. (I say “softer” somewhat tongue in cheek, since those “softer” courses were a lot more fun and interesting!).
    Decades later I taught some of those same classes in Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado, along with classes on Meteorological and Climate Observations (and analysis) and Sun and Climate. However, during my (non-) tenure teaching, those classes became more “sanitized”. Before I retired, I had certain bits of information removed from my class website, I was not allowed to present information (like, for example, decreasing hurricane frequencies) that were “disinformation” designed to get students to question the “science of global warming”, and finally I was pulled from teaching climate classes in which I taught PDO, solar effects, and such along with GHG theory (and had the gall to present actual data). Then I retired, on time and on budget.
    So I strongly suspect the class load at State Penn is also sanitized. It would be interesting to see the actual syllabi for some of them, but even those class descriptions can hide the unsavory details.
    Richard Keen
    Professor Emeritus: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
    University of Colorado

    • “A particular focus is understanding the effects of human activities (anthropogenic impacts) and natural forcing on climate.” A particular focus should be on understanding the process, differences, if any, will emerge, or so I was taught.

      I have been lazy and a little scared to check degree requirements (courses) where these politically correct environmental “science” programs have either started or changed from long standing curricula. (like introductory biology to biodiversity). OK, there is more, but first it requires real chemistry.

      This is also interesting “Administered by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science…” I guess meteorology and atmospheric science are different as are mineral sciences from geology and earth sciences. I am confused. My degree names aren’t long enough. My course titles weren’t either, but the courses were. Sounds like we have censorship.

  35. Roger, from the 101 Dalmatians, says “melody first … then lyrics” … its his rule. I know nothing about music theory, and I think there is no absolute right/wrong way to put music to lyrics (maybe a better way …).

    But, I do know for sure that there is a wrong way to approach scientific theory.

    Mann’s degree program, requiring a conclusion first, followed by the evidence search/coordination/justification/compilation to support of the conclusion is the wrong way.

  36. A parody of a parody.
    (Bea Arthur) as Dole Office Clerk : Occupation?
    (Mel Brooks) Mannicus: Stand-up global warming prognosticator.
    Dole Office Clerk: What?
    Mannicus: Stand-up global warming prognosticator. I coalesce the data of human co2 production into a viable and logical comprehension.
    Dole Office Clerk: Oh, a bullshit artist!

    • Don’t forget the trick light bulb that glows when touched to the top of their graduation caps, and the official certificate of deputized authority in climate studies.

      Just think of the career opportunities that lay ahead!

  37. I already tried Degree Antipersicution for Mann. It counteracts how hockey can smell so offensive. Still the whole thing reeks of stinky emails. 🙂

  38. OMG … mitigating and adapting to climate change? Get back to me when when the Hollywood Eco-leftist Elites abandon their beachfront Malibu homes … as a personal “mitigation” to climate change. Get back to me when the market price of those homes craters. Thus far … the “mitigation” for these homes is that they’re … too damn expensive for anyone to purchase.

    Mann’s degree program should be renamed … Eco-Swampist Bureaucrat. He’s preparing students to get a job embedded-in, and feeding-at the taxpayer trough. Embedded-in our bureaucratic institutions writing and enforcing totalitarian regulatory BANS on … everything. Per his description … EVERYTHING … is impacted by climate change … which is an “existential” threat … therefore the Eco-bureaucrat is morally justified in regulating anything and everything you do.

    These people are sick, sick, puppies who should all be put to sleep … it’s the only HUMANE thing to do.

  39. so…when the shtf and the mails and lack or dodgy data are made known…whats this scam going to be worth?

  40. It’s the First of the Month.
    On such days, Yours Truly is to be found on the side of a very narrow country lane on all fours and with his arse sticking up in the air while pulling a small plastic bag out of a hole in the ground. On this occasion, a middle-aged dog-walking woman happened upon the event and paused to ask if I was OK.

    Plastic bag, secret hidey hole, remote location, maize plantations all around – is this a drugs bust?
    She *was* actually concerned for her self.

    “Yes yes yes I’m fine thanks, am just retrieving my ‘little weather station'”
    Her face was a picture – it had everything.

    “Its my semi-professional hobby” I sez. “Climate & weather & stuff. Comes from being a farmer”
    She seemed happier but was obviously puzzled about the sort of weather that goes on 18 inches under the ground.

    I says “See where you are now, on the lane with a tall & dense hedge either side. It is early-ish morning and here on the lane we are out of the sun, sheltered from the (gentle) breeze and is cool & damp from the previous night’s dew.
    Imagine now that you are in the middle of the adjoining (barley) stubble field.
    The ‘weather’ there will be different from where we are currently standing, on the lane?
    (The look on her now was as if I’d just announced that birds can fly – beyond obvious and this guy is patently nuts)

    “The plants did it” I ventured – “weather under the hedge is different from weather in the stubble field” (Despite equal amounts of CO2 in the air – I thought of saying but didn’t)

    She was patently a gardener of some sort and totally understood how plants respond to temperature, especially of the soil they’re growing in. Cold-frames, greenhouses, outdoor planting times, air-frost vs ground-frost etc etc

    *Hence* why I was pulling a temperature data-logger (thank you Lascar Electronics) out of a hole in the ground. In the morning. On the First of the Month. Every month.
    “Farmers are ‘changing the weather’ and it is *absolutely nothing* to worry about”

    Inside 90 seconds I’d gone from drug fuelled crazy to someone she’d bring home to meet her mother. She was happy and we have a convert.
    Are you listening Mr Mann, with your (new) science course?

    I *DID NOT*, repeat did not, continue on with ‘They are trashing the dirt and that *is* something to worry about’
    One step at a time eh

  41. What student would want to be part of a course where they know from the outset that no dissenting views will be tolerated? Mann will run this like his twitter account

  42. I personally think that Earth Sciences PHD’s from Penn State, Uof V, Maryland and Virginia should be declared invalid until new doctorate thesis and course work to allow them to have a balanced scientific view. These are not only Universities that should be considered for this but just my short list of some of the most serious offenders issuing what may be considered fake BS, MS and PHSs in the applied sciences.

  43. I dont agree with him – never have, never will. But one has to admit he definitely must believe in what he says, and for that I have a grudging admiration. But only that, as he is a believer rather than a scientist first and for that he deserves every bit of the criticism he gets.

  44. Great, Nobel prizes all round and jobs at Starbucks for brain-washed debt-ladened dim bulbs. When will the youth of the western world wake up to the gigantic academic scam?

  45. Mann suggests his fake climate science course will produce graduates attractive to recruiters in the insurance and reinsurance business. He wishes! I covered the insurance and reinsurance businesses for 20 years as a journalist. Risk takers love useful idiots who talk up risk. Higher premiums all round. Only a very stupid underwriter would write business based on forecasts designed to promote political and social objectives. Climate models that are never accurate would get short shrift. Of course in public they would shower the idiot with praise. But in private anyone with a Mann degree would be told to stick it in the bin. When real money is involved they would be required to write business based on proper evidence.

  46. The engineering department at my university had a required seminar called “How to Lie With Statistics”, which showed all of the statistical techniques that honest people with integrity should NOT use. Mikey Mann uses many of them…

  47. This is scary as increasingly it is hard to get staff that have been educated rather than brainwashed. This is going to add to the problem.

  48. i always hear that a university education teaches critical thinking skills, the ability to think for oneself .if that is the case why do so many with links to climate science all have the same opinion on the debate around mmgw ?
    it leads me to believe there is more indoctrination than informing happening in the branches of science linked to climate science.

  49. “This new program addresses what is arguably the greatest challenge we face today — the challenge of mitigating and adapting to climate change,” said Mann.

    Since when did Mann want to “adapt” to climate change? He has always been about preventing it at all costs. Is he waking up to the fact that people do not want to swallow his cure for climate change when the cure is worse than the disease? Adapting to climate change if, or when, it occurs is the only common sense solution to a problem that may turn out not to be a problem.

  50. I didn’t see the very important classes in “graph tricks,” “advanced data adjustment,” “misusing peer review,” “control of scientific journals,” and “shutting down opposing ideas.”

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