L. A. Times conceals facts regarding climate policy repudiation which triggered Australian PM Turnbull’s ouster

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The L. A. Times concealed from its readers the key role played by the repudiation of Australian PM Turnbull’s climate policy which triggered his toppling from office.


Instead the Times mislead its readers by framing Turnbull’s removal as being driven by a challenge from a more anti-refugee populist candidate while failing to ever mention anywhere in its article the key role played by the refusal of his coalition to support his despised climate change legislation.


The Wall Street Journal clearly identified the highly unpopular climate and energy policy failures of Turnbull’s regime which lead to his downfall noting that:

“The trigger for Friday’s internal coup came over energy policy, which has bedeviled Australian politics for more than a decade. Australia has a wealth of coal, natural gas and uranium, but Australians pay some of the highest electricity prices in the world thanks to federal renewable energy mandates that force retailers to buy expensive wind and solar power.

Instead of cancelling these market distortions, Mr. Turnbull mulled curbing gas exports, begged coal producers not to shutter old plants and proclaimed his fealty to the Paris climate pact, though Australia’s contribution to global CO2 emissions is minimal. His proposal for a National Energy Guarantee was essentially a carbon-emission trading scheme that would have expanded wind and solar subsidies at the expense of cheaper fossil fuels and done nothing to lower energy costs.”

Even the New York Times acknowledged the key reason for Turnbull’s unpopularity when it said in an article regarding his climate policy schemes just prior to his final removal:

“Though recent Australian governments have been reasonably progressive on many of the issues that have tested other democracies, such as gun control, health care and wages, and Mr. Turnbull’s achievements include legalizing same-sex marriage, the bitter divisions over climate change have led to the fall of two prime ministers in the past decade. By jettisoning his energy bill, Mr. Turnbull narrowly escaped becoming the third, at least for now.”


The L. A. Times will no doubt continue to provide misleading information regarding the flaws and failures of climate alarmism and renewable energy political advocacy while concealing climate and energy policy scientific and economic reality from its readers particularly in the bizarre “Alice in Wonderland” political domain of California.

The rest of the world however is ignoring the phony climate and energy claims of California and the L. A. Times and charging forward with new initiatives driving increased use of coal and other fossil fuels needed for affordable and reliable energy while addressing the obvious shortcomings of costly and unreliable renewable energy as highlighted with just a few examples of the many articles demonstrating this energy and climate global reality displayed below.





Political leaders in California and at papers like the L. A. Times have failed to grasp that they are losing their climate alarmist, renewable energy propaganda political policy battle with the rest of the world ignoring them and taking actions needed to address their real world energy and economic needs.

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    • I live near LA and I paid $0.35 per kWh last month. $538 to cool a 2400 square foot (230 m2), two bedroom home.

      • I got ya beat…. I paid $0.48 per kWh (in San Diego CA) because I managed to exceed my extremely meager baseline allowance by a factor of 4 so they quadrupled my rate as punishment. I had a $860 electric bill last month.

        • thanks, that cured the lump in my throat from feeling sorry for myself about last years $0.25 kwh average.

        • I managed to exceed my extremely meager baseline allowance by a factor of 4 so they quadrupled my rate as punishment.

          The sounds like a way of passive rationing.

    • I used to receive the LA Times daily for over 25 yrs. it was always a bit tilted left from the start, but at least it wasn’t all editorial which attempt to ‘rebrand’ itself as ‘news analyses’.
      Mostly I read it for the slant to ‘know thy enemy’, but the lunacy became more than my blood pressure would suppress and the general quality suffered greatly. I cancelled my subscription and have not looked back.

      • The LA Times is ALL pro-illegal alien … ALL the time. Absolute reconquista drech. The rag is unreadable. It doesn’t believe in America, borders, sovereignty, Law, or anything other than turning CA “Brown”. Even “Browner” than it already is.

  1. Perhaps the third of three dominoes.


    Where is the next domino, Governor Brown perhaps?

    • may be Quebec this fall, provincial election in progress and a business friendly pragmatic newish party is leading. We may yet see a new pipeline east.

      • The Trudeau government has picked a fight with Saudi Arabia. That could cause energy problems for eastern Canada. link If that happens, watch all the formerly anti-pipeline Quebecois demand a pipeline.

        Folks are willing to virtue signal until it costs them. When the chickens come home to roost watch them all rationalize excuses to do what they formerly condemned.

        • the issue is Quebec has pipeline access from the west and the USA but blocked the Energy East proposal to the maritimes ” because environment and climate change” so a boycott wont hurt the intransigents. the whole twit storm…ugh

  2. “Alice in Wonderland” political domain of California…..

    Isn’t that what the guide book says to do?..
    …Chavez, and then Maduro, first thing you do….take over the media

      • Facebook, twit, google, etc are just doing it….somehow free speech is no longer a liberal talking point

        • So refusing to die is now committing violence?
          Israel is no theocracy, but everyone of the governments that you support is.

          Your hatred of anyone who doesn’t bow down to Allah has driven you completely insane.

          Mods, hasn’t this guy earned a ban yet?

          • No MarkW, we need to be reminded.
            Never again.
            And no I am not Jewish, my ancestry is Slavic.


          • Never again doesn’t apply only to Jews. There has been plenty of genocide since ww2 some of which could have been prevented by the gutless UN. link link

          • Mike the Morlock

            Lest we forget.

            For the Fallen

            Poem by Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943), published in The Times newspaper on 21st September 1914.

            With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
            England mourns for her dead across the sea.
            Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
            Fallen in the cause of the free.

            Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
            Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
            There is music in the midst of desolation
            And a glory that shines upon our tears.

            They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
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            They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
            They fell with their faces to the foe.

            They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
            Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
            At the going down of the sun and in the morning
            We will remember them.

            They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
            They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
            They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
            They sleep beyond England’s foam.

            But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
            Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
            To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
            As the stars are known to the Night;

            As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
            Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
            As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
            To the end, to the end, they remain.

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          mohammed (sbuh) said he personally beheaded 600 jews in a single day.
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  3. A good thing Turnbull is gone. Now if only the EU realizes what a self-destructive path they are on?

    • Tom Halla

      Germany is rapidly exposing itself as the most vulnerable country to a popular revolt because of it’s insane energy policy. If it’s government is exposed in the same way Australia has been, then say Ta Ta to EU climate Change policy. And it is crumbling as we speak.

  4. The new PM is a Tony Abbott (Former PM back stabbed and outsted by Turnbull) protege. However, the new PM’s reign will be short if he doesn’t dump the disastrous climate policies of Turncoat Turnbull and the traitors that allowed him to get this far.

    • Craig

      Hopefully Abbott will hold a little sway. I have seen his speeches on climate change, the guy is a seriously committed sceptic.

      But by the sounds of it, Aussie politics is in such a mess because GE’s are only 3 years apart. That’s insane. All the politicians do is prepare for the next GE.

      • If I recall the news correctly, Abbott had been party leader during the last election, thus the presumptive Prime Minister, but was forced out in an intra-party operation after the election. Not being able to have any real control over who the PM is is a definite drawback for the Australian system.

        • Tony Abbott is a egotistical galoot despite being a climate skeptic. He was tossed out by his party for damn good reason and has been white anting Turnbull ever since. Mind you Abbott had torn down Turnbull’s leadership previously while they were in opposition so there is history aplenty between the two (not that Turnbull did not deserve it that time either)

          While Turnbull is a leftard on climate he was not of refugees and in fact the opposition are pretty much on board with the policy (they stuffed that up so badly last time they were in power). Turnbull is actually far more suited to being a president, he would be a Trump lite without the salacious aspects, being an autocrat and a self important so and so. He is not a team player which is what our system requires.

          What has happened is that two rivals from opposite ends of the pary spectrum have done each over again and again. The blood is now spilled and hopefully the party can move on.

          It is odd that this sequential turnover has occurred over the past decade after two decades of pretty much the opposite but such is life I suppose.

          • Mr Abbott was undermined by Turnbull and the ABC from the word go.

            He should NEVER have been deposed by the whim of the slimy underhanded narcissistic Turnbull.

            He would have won the next election, just as he won the previous election, by a long way.

            Turnbull has basically destroyed the Liberal party by trying to compete with Labor and the Greens on the far-left of politics.

            Hopefully ScoMo will head back towards the conservative roots of the party, but we will only know his intent by his actions towards Mr Abbott. Without some contrition towards the conservative viewpoint, the Libs can NEVER win back all those that Turnbull turned away by his evil,self-aggrandising,back-stabbing of the rightfully elected PM.

          • Fred, get real. Abbott stuffed up in his own way as did Turnbull. Both had to go. They are both relative extremists in what has to be a consensus team cos that is how our system works.

          • All those who vote down KK should remember that in the Jonova blog before and after the leadership vote , Komrade Kurma was the only one who correctly called the result, whilst everyone else was blathering on about the relative merits of Dutton v Abbot v Turnbull.

          • Thankyou Mike.

            I just thought it was obvious that although Turnbull just had to go putting in someone from the opposite end of the spectrum was pointless. While Abbott may have some fans here because he (quite rightly) thinks CAGW is crap and says so, he did so in such a way that undermined the government including all their other policy areas and gave free kicks to the leftard msm media as well as that slimy grub BS. He may be liked here for his CAGW utterances but he has been poison to his colleagues. Abbott thinks that what is in his head right now is the only game in town.

            Dutton needed to challenge because Abbott would have been laughed off the stage. Sorry Abbott fans but that iust the brutal reality of party politics unless you want to be a freelance sniper from the cross benches who will never be in government.

            That the centrists carried the day was simply to be expected as they knew exactly what was going on, this had been brewing for a couple of years and would have had rough plans in mind.

            ScoMo is a very solid and experienced operator who has now appointed his cabinet without much blood or fuss (as a good operator would). Relatively minor changes, a light prune of some dead wood, a couple more women into the ministry and Dutton stays put but with a lighter load.

          • PS SCoMo is off to Indonesia to sighn an FTA that has been in the works for some time. He will take the new Foreign Minister I assume, who moves across from Defence.

            This is looking like a seamless transition and not that much more than a cabinet reshuffle with Turnbull thrown into the pack.

            ScoMo has also indicated separating Energy and Environment which means the ‘NEG’ policy will have nothing to do with Paris Targets and everything to do with being reliable ( he used the ‘despatchable’ term) and cheaper. The gouging grub from AGL jumped as soon as he saw that his market manipulation scam was about to be busted.

            ScoMo will achieve outcomes that Abbott never did nor ever would. Sorry Abbotteers but that’s just the real world which is why we are at this site because Anthony is a leader of the real world.

    • We have yet to see what ScoMo will do with regard to Mr Abbott.

      That is what will signal ScoMo’s rule.

      Bringing TA back into the fold, and edging back towards the centre-right, rather than the distinctly leftist position they had under Turnbull, is the ONLY way the Liberals can bring back the conservatives who do most of the funding and legwork for the party.

      Dump Paris, dump the RET, NEG, and get the country going forward again, instead of being held back by leftist green ideology.

      • Leave Abbott where he is imo – in the dog house where he belongs. You will note that the ‘coup’ attempt was not for Abbott but for Dutton and very predictably ended up with ScoMo. Abbott was not in the picture anywhere. This was brought on as much by Turnbull’s ineptitude as anything.

        Abbott should leave politics frankly.

        • The fact you call yourself “Komrade” says all that needs to be said.

          The left are scared of Mr Abbott because he represents common sense.

          • Its sarcastic Fred.

            Abbott representing common sense? LOL. Awarding Prince Phillip a knight hood was common sense was it? For the record I was an Abbott supporter until then. I celebrated him getting rid of Turnbull the first time but once in as PM it was steadily downhill to be frank.

            But to Abbott diehards everyone is a green left communist. Honestly mate, you sound like some eco loon in bas relief.

    • I’ve just suggested to an Aussie friend who wondered what to do in retirement to go into politics. With a turnover rate like that he could be PM in no time.

      • He would only need to “serve” 3 terms, 9 years, to receive a full, taxpayer funded, pension!

  5. Turnbull’s dumping was triggered by his immense INEPTITUDE, and his huge drift towards the far-left.

  6. … the Times mislead its readers by framing Turnbull’s removal as being driven by a challenge from a more anti-refugee populist candidate …

    It is standard operating practice for the left to paint conservatives as racist, sexist, and homophobic. link Of course, they also complain about fake news. Pretty disgusting.

    • Spot on comrade Bob. Our ‘anti refugee’ policy is actually an anti 2.5% of boat refugees drowning at sea. That is a corpse unloaded at the end of every bus trip, 5 or 10 corpses at the end of every airline flight and a similar number as a train pulls into the station.

  7. The L. A. Times will no doubt continue to provide misleading information …

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Does a bear sleep in the woods?
    Is the Pope Catholic?
    Can a fat baby fart?
    Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

  8. “Mr. Turnbull’s achievements include legalizing same-sex marriage, ”
    I’m still amused that anyone thinks it makes any difference whether
    homosexual partnerships are “legal marriages” or not. Exactly how does
    one apply the marriage laws when both members are of the same sex?
    Marriage laws were primarily passed to protect 1) the weaker member (the wife) from the stronger member and the children. None f this has any meaning for homosexual unions. As far as I can tell,
    homosexuals who get married are just making things messy when the breakup occurs.

    • It was a complete waste of time. Same sex couples could be “married” via civil union, which could include all the laws currently protecting hetrosexual marriage. The law, Family Law that is, protects assets in a marriage those being money, property and children. Anyone who has been through divorce in Australia will know this.

      • absolutely Patrick. The $125 million could have gone to resourcing the Family Court and even family refuges for those fleeing violence. Issues an order of magnitude or more greater significance that the right to wave a bit of paper. The right to celebrate commitment to a union was never at issue.

  9. The issue with “narrative news”, which is really issue advocacy propaganda, is that most people don’t recognize the difference.

    I had an online discussion, of sorts, with a climate lemming today. It didn’t matter what facts I stated, that person just assumed that what was in their head (from the indoctrination) was true, no matter what. Sad.

    • The real beneficee of your discussion is not the lemming, but the lurker reading it who just may be tempted to go do their own digging into the matter. 🙂

      • Indeed, it’s not just the lemming who is your audience in a public forum, it’s everyone else who is listening/reading in. So even when it seem like you are arguing with a brick wall, just remember that there are those beyond the wall who are paying attention.

  10. When a moderate candidate for leadership of our Liberal Party is called a “hard-line anti-refugee populist”, I can only assume the writer is a card-carrying member of ANTIFA.

    The narrative that this was all about personal ambitions is being pushed by the lefty media in Australia too. But the key point was that last weekend Turnbull gave up all hope of getting his climate change fantasy written into legislation under the guise of a National Energy Guarantee. He could only be a lame duck PM after that – so duck season opened in Canberra. Perhaps his worst mistake (in the last fortnight, that is) was going behind the backs of his own party in proudly showing his draft legislation to the opposition Labor Party.

  11. ‘The L. A. Times will no doubt continue to provide misleading information’ This is what we call MSM “Fake News”.

  12. Ah yes. The Fake News Media are still at it. They are utterly incapable of providing news and information without applying their political narrative to it or straight out lying, both by admission and fabrication.

    In fact, Turnbull was completely undone by 38 disastrous polls and the launch of his new Nation Energy Guarantee policy legislation that contained a CO2 emissions target that pandered to the ecofascist Greens and the Climate Change elite and their media mates, which only guarantees higher electricity prices and more ecofascism.

    The Liberal Party room was at their wits end with Turnbull’s inability to represent Conservative values. They were finally coming to the realization that the Liberal coalition had lost its voter base and were looking at being annihilated at the next election.

    Dumping Turnbull as leader and representing more economic and scientifically conservative policies is the only way to regain the trust of the Conservative Liberal voters…. But you won’t find too much analysis about it in the ABC or mainstream news. It’ll be all how “evil” Tony Abbott ruined “nice” Mr Turnbull…. etc ad Nauseam.

    • “J.H.

      It’ll be all how “evil” Tony Abbott ruined “nice” Mr Turnbull…. etc ad Nauseam.”

      That’s already happening with calls for Abbott to get out of politics ASAP.

    • Ah well, since it is the L.A. times, an American newspaper, Australian sensitivities don’t fall into it.
      As a matter of fact, instead of using immigration policy to deflect from energy policy, they could have used “animal rights”

      Yes, today, the Turnbull government was toppled due to the disastrous Kangaroo infestation.
      Multiple cities being infested with the gentle beasts.
      One of the main issues has been the reaction of the ruws to the modern electric cars. It seems that the poor animals are startled by the silent vehicles and run in all directions attacking property and citizens. The new Prime Minister used the crisis to press a rollback agenda against renewable energy and vehicles.
      Will the rest of the world stand by.
      See I can write for the L.A. Times too.


  13. The new PM has it easy. Cancel the 400 million GBR scam. Build some dams. Give farms back to farmers. Restore the fishermen. Use Aussie coal and gas for electricity.

  14. They are not ‘refugees’. Anyone who has spent time in Sydney, knows that these Muslims are thugs, scum, bullies and sociopaths. It is amazing how such a minuscule portion of the population can leverage themselves into being so concerning.

  15. The BBC in the UK has also mostly avoided mention of climate/energy policy in their coverage, and dismissed it is unseemly infighting.

    “Last week’s leadership crisis arose after Mr Turnbull came under pressure from poor polling and what he described as an “insurgency” by conservative MPs.”

    • One of the other problems of alienation of their base for the liberals was the treatment of the catholic school sector.
      When Gonski 2.0 came out even the teachers federation did not oppose funding for catholic schools.
      Under the then minister for education, Simon Birmingham, the department managed to short change over 400 catholic schools, many would have had to close.
      Turnbull, to is credit, tried to sort out the mess, however failed to do so prior to the important by elections of Batman and Longman.
      Longman was a disaster for the Libs.
      It was this that triggered the spill.
      In both, the leader of the opposition said he would fix the problem, yet Turnbull seemed to think this not so important in the time line of these elections.
      A basic leadership failure.

      Immigration is not as big a ‘problem’ as indicated politically.
      All the conservatives want is to slow things down so the infrastructure can catch up.
      Per capita we take in more refugees than anyone else.
      Again, the Liberals failed to cut through with this.
      As stated above by Patrick, same sex marriage was the flavour of the year, they dropped the ball on the meat and vegetables, the real cost of living.
      Briefly, wages, taxation, fuel and car costs including tolls,power, energy security, electricity and gas price hikes, criminality by super funds and banks, school fees.
      Catholic schools in Australia are the most integrated with the migrant population and a synopsis of the middle class,aspirational battler.
      The Libs eroded them away.
      Perhaps Scott Morrison will bring them back.

      • News just in, Simon Birmingham lost education.
        He just got trade, wonder how he will go with the new world order?

        • ha! Aus “lost” education many years ago. around about the time the gen 60/70s teachers from uni hit our schools. been downhill since and crud like gillards gonski blathers compounded it.

  16. I have never understood Australian climate policy. They spend billions of dollars trying to reduce emissions, at great expense to its people, and then export millions of tonnes of coal to China. Do they think export coal is magic coal, that has no emissions?


    • Follow the money. China wants Australia’s mineral and fossil resources as its own and is probably covertly supporting climate activism in Australia to this end. Just as Russia supports it in Europe and the USA.

    • What as if it’s not about emissions at all
      ..but rather about Virtue Signalling politics and helping their subsidy hungry greenblob mates ?

      • Sure, it earned a whole bunch of money, we all know that. But how dare the same politicians spin their green credentials at the same time?

        Why are the press not exposing their hypocrisy? Why are there not demonstrations outside parliament? Why are the public not admitting that their hair-shirt activism is all a complete waste of time…?


  17. Oct 6, 2013 LA Times: “We Don’t Publish Letters to Editor Claiming Man Isn’t Causing Climate Change”

  18. Are we aware that:-
    Long before Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister, rumors that he was ‘BROKE’ plagued him ??
    To which mainstream media leapt to his defense, reporting his PORTFOLIO.
    Following in the footsteps of his Liberal predecessors, Malcolm Turnbull has spent BIG … ( article – Hey Big Spender – Howard King of the Loose Purse Strings)

    1. DRONES that can be hacked & hijacked – the first time you send on a mission could be the last time you see it again.
    2. Facial Recognition Security which is a farce.
    3. Compulsory vaccination – GESTAPO STYLE.
    The above mentioned visions for Australia COST Millions upon Millions of HARD EARNED TAXPAYER DOLLARS.
    And there is more.
    Extravagantly expensive projects to earn the love & gratitude of the global pals ??

    The global financial money lenders are loathed to cash up wasteful spenders, it is that they fret over the ability to repay loans.
    Turnbull was seen as a liability & he was pushed.

  19. The LAT has been systematically scrubbing conservative commenters from its website leaving only fellow travelers and the mildest of objectors as “balance”. I was kicked off 6 months ago over “complaints of extremism” to moderators. It is a DNC/Brusselian newsletter.

  20. Love him or hate him Donald Trump has laid bare the pure advocacy roll of most of the MSM .
    The truth no longer matters and as soon as you realize it the easier it is to move on .

    • The net is closing around Trump. The problem is you end up with Pence and Gilead instead of a just a garden variety kleptocracy.

  21. Trudeau legalized pot to make people as stupid as he is . What’s next ?
    How many more people are going to die so the government gets a piece of the action ?
    His PC climate control agenda is the same BS virtuous projecting as his gender bender language .
    Hey but budgets balance themselves in his silver spoon world and the kids are going to be really stoned when they inherit the financial train wreck Trudeau is compounding for them .
    Even Trump won’t talk to this mouse .

    • legalize? srsly? and candians are dying from pot?

      when your society is governed by requirements and prohibitions that carry criminal penalties RATHER THAN respect for individual rights- you blame a weed for the stupid?

      of course, you don’t dare criminalize stupid. bet ya can’t guess why.

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