Earther should hire Anthony Watts:

Big increase is Antarctic Snowfall helps to prevent sea level rise

Is there a meeting between environmental and climate journalists each morning on which academic research should be dragged out of the bowels of academia?

Maddie, you saved yourself by calling up actual climate scientists to give the old, “so” quote. I like the one quote above which was something like, “so, higher temps mean more evaporation and precipitation.” Unfortunately, we’ll be hearing about this research as proof there is no climate change problem soon on the TV. Trump will divert science spending to border wall cement.

If anybody reading this doesn’t know already, Watts up with That is a climate change denial blog. Anthony Watts is a tool. He’s sort of changed the tone of the blog a bit to reflect the obvious. But it’s still bullshit. The comments are priceless for the linked post above.

Yes… Earther should hire Anthony Watts.  His review of this study was not riddled with errors.