Available for slicing and dicing – Al Gore’s new e-book ‘Climate Crisis 101’

People send me stuff, in this case it was Al Gore. I’ve got to travel, and can’t get deeply into it right now, but I wanted to alert readers to this new effort, I’m sure you’ll have fun slicing and dicing the claims made in it. I’ll collect all the points and publish a rebuttal. – Anthony

Dear – [redacted]

At Climate Reality, we get a lot of questions about how the climate crisis is impacting the world we live in. Some of the most common questions have to do with the science behind why and how our climate is changing. How certain are climate scientists that climate change is real and caused by human activity? How do we know? Why should we care and what can we do?

In our Climate Crisis 101 e-book, we teach you the basics of climate science and explain how you can take action today.


The simple fact is that the climate crisis throws natural systems out of balance, and is affecting the health and livelihoods of families around the world. It’s a reality felt by many, and it’s important to tell this story in a way that sticks.

Download the free e-book now for a helpful 101-style refresher on what is causing our climate to change, the crisis unfolding in front of our eyes, and what we can do to solve it.

– Your friends at Climate Reality

PS. If you’d like to help Climate Reality continue spreading the truth about the climate crisis and the clean energy solutions at hand, consider making donation today. Thank you for your support.

Of course right after that message, he immediately asks for a donation, typical.



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You donated, didn’t you…

Duncan Smith

Too bad the minimum ‘other’ donation starts at $5.00. I would donate $0.01 just to know the VISA transaction fee would probably cost him more than the donation itself.

Pop Piasa

That’s why there’s a minimum. Al makes sure that even defecation is profitable for him. That way he can buy all those carbon credits which allow him such a ridiculously large carbon footprint and still be one of the richest men ever to live on public money.


Download a tome of utter nonsense? No, I don’t think so. If I want nonsense, I can dig up the silly rhymes from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. ‘Jabberwocky’ is good.

Maybe if they tone down the rhetoric designed to frighten small children and give them nightmares, I might spend a few seconds, which I will never get back, on another one of Algore’s moneymakin’ scams. I think it’s a real shame that he’s operating on the same level as that Nigerian Prince fellow whose associate in the southern USA was arrested last week for that scam.

Actually, Jabberwocky is a good alle-gore-y to the CAGW meme. They try to convince us we must beware the Jabberwock, with jaws that bite and claws that catch. AKA the Man-Bear-Pig. To help us slay the Jabberwock, send money to Algore.

…and the mome raths outgrabe.

J Mac

In truth, I’d rather flush it…..

J Mac

The section on “What do we mean by Climate Change?” is priceless anecdotal alarmism!


Being an e-Book, it won’t even burn…for warmth, of course.


If it was in paper I could make some use of it. The old Sears catalog is about used up in the hunting camp sh*t house.


“If it was in paper I could make some use of it. The old Sears catalog is about used up in the hunting camp sh*t house.”
reminds of the review of a book which went “Dear Sir, I am at present in the smallest room in the house reading your book. At the moment it is in front of me, soon it will be behind me.”


“How certain are climate scientists that climate change is real and caused by human activity?”

Not very.

J Mac

“We are confident this scary shit might be happening. Send money…”


J Mac

Y’mean more money?

Dan Murphy

Just when I thought I was getting too cynical, along comes Al Gore to let me know I’m not nearly cynical enough.

Paul Seward

In flipping through his “book” it appears it is targeted for a 5th or 6th grade class. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it instituted in our “re-education classes” in our mind control grade schools.


“it appears it is targeted for a 5th or 6th grade class”

Gore must have hired a junior high student to write it.

Far beyond his level.


I read it in a very few minutes. It’s just the same old same old. No real science, obviously, just assertions without backup, but I guess the actual science is pretty complicated.

We’re all gonna die unless you support our socialist plans and pay more taxes.

David V

If it refers to “97% of climate scientists”, and it does, it’s good for the garbage pile.

100% of “climate scientists” were never surveyed, so claims about what 97% of them think can be trashed.

I do like that it has now been reduced down to the niche area of “climate scientists” though, it used to be “scientists” which was even more misleading.

Still a crock though!

97% of 79 climate scientists, after they culled out the other responding 3,000 geo-scientists, agreed that is it now warmer than prior to 1850. Wow, what an observation.
My question is who were the 3 of the “select few” who FORGOT the Little Ice Age? Michael Mann is one…

Yeah, the logic probably went something like this:

* Okay, we didn’t quite get the level of response we were looking for, but we’ll take the 50% of those who DID respond and call this …………. “100% of all responses”.

* Well, on second thought, THAT 100% doesn’t have enough people with PhD’s, so we best eliminate half of those, and then call the 50% of the 100% the REAL “100% of all responses”.

* Now let’s see, we might even have to do a bit more refining, since even THOSE didn’t go to the University of East Anglia, and didn’t study under Professor such and such who was a devout student of human-caused-climate-change.

* So, that leaves a hand full of REALLY “qualified” “scientists”, whose word we can REALLY respect as THE most professional climate specialists. You see, we only consider valid those who have studied under those who have been properly funded by the approved sources — that’s what makes them the cream of the crop.

* Now we’ve narrowed it down to 12 scientists, whom we are calling the decisive “100% of all responses”, but, damn it, three of them don’t believe that humans have much to do with it, but one of ’em died yesterday, so let’s just round it off to 97% and declare THIS as the “percentage of all climate scientists who agree”.


Not only did they not survey 100% of climate scientists, Better than 97% of the surveys that were returned were tossed out.


How about 97% of climate scientists funding the rest of us that don’t believe in their outright lies and distortions?

That would be totally fair!


Does anyone know the names of the 97% of scientists? Are social scientists also included?


Of course social scientists are or Lew and Cook would out.


I actually did see a list of the so-called “scientists” polled. I think it was printed in a newspaper but it was some years ago. The list included mostly economists, sociologists, political scientists, and similar squishy areas of study. I searched in vain for geologists, physicists, chemists, and other real scientists.



They limit their “surveys” to people already know to agree with them.

Michael Jankowski

End of 2015 net assets: $11.9M ($26.1M in contributions)
End of 2016 net assets: $6.4M ($10.4M in contributions)

Translation: We’re bleeding cash. Send more money! We need more millions

Somehow they reported losses of $5,548 in “investment income” in 2016. That seems almost impossible to have done.

In 2015, they reported a “loss on sale of donated securities” of $117,899. So someone donated securities to get a tax break, then this charity sold them at a loss? For what reason? Something like Solyndra garbage that became worthless and had to be written-off?

James Beaver

I salute the financial traders that syphoned off those funds. I hope some of my trades contributed to their losses…


An absolute load of diarrhoea.

Duncan Smith

Sad, probably the most ‘hits’ Gore gets on his site all day due to WUWT. Gotta feel bad for the big guy.


(don’t feel bad for rich jerks)…


Are all rich people jerks?


The Climate Reality Project, Washington, D.C.

Board includes:

Al Gore
James Gustave (Gus) Speth, World Resources Institute (WRI)

World Resources Institute is involved with the “America’s Pledge”



World Bank Blogs

Profile: Rosina Bierbaum

Also on the The Climate Realty Project Board.



Energy Foundation, San Francisco, Calif.

Board includes:

Bill Ritter, Jr., Chair and at CSU, Colorado, New Energy Economy
William Ruckelshaus, World Resources Institute Board
Dr. Sue Tierney, World Resources Institute Board
And others



Speth and Ruckelshaus have been manipulating behind the scenes for decades and still at it. Ruckelshaus was first EPA director, Speth founded WRI.

The booklet contains a complete list of all the lies, disinformation, and logical fallacies that are always used by internet-trolling alarmists. I would have thought algore would have upped his game a little by now. Guess not.

Extreme Hiatus

I couldn’t bother reading it as that content is what I expected. On the bright side, nice of them to put all their fairy tales in one package for future reference.

Extreme Hiatus

In retrospect, I’m thinking that ‘Scary Tales’ is a better term than ‘fairy tales.’


It must be getting close to time for the end game. They haven’t come up with many new lies in recent years.


Same ol’ stuff they’ve been alarmed about for 30 years. I wonder if Millennial Generation isn’t living in their parents’ basements precisely because “you know, like what’s the use we’re all dead anyway, right?” Alarm becomes apathy and resignation very quickly if you convince your audience that they are indeed doomed unless other people show up to save them, then spend 30 years whining that nobody is showing up to save us and we’re still doomed. Only a bit later now.

So I considered rephrasing some things and making a fan fiction novel out of this thing, but there’s nothing in this list of bland threats and worn-out tropes for even an “Oh John Oh Marsha” episode. So “Oh Al Oh Bill Nye” will have to wait until I’m less bored, which isn’t now after I just wasted 15 minutes of my life on Crisis 101.


Al Gore should be publishing “get rich quick” books.

Back in 2000, he was worth $1 million or so. 18 years later he is now worth $300 million. Being a climate warrior is profitable. One needn’t invade foreign countries anymore to be a war profiteer.


The Algore made about $100 million after taxes by the sale of his network to Qatari oil sheiks via Al Jezeera. So most of his wealth, like Tom Steyer (another notable hypocrite elite) is from oil.
The Left is nothing but hypocrisy.

Gunga Din

The real “hockey stick”.
And the only he really cares about.

(Might make a nice billboard.)


That is all anyone needs to know. Follow the money. He’s gotten massively rich of the back of the climate scare (and his hypocritical selling out to “big oil”).

I say it all the time. The whole thing has way too much money, power and influence tied up inside it now to give a stuff what the real science is. Its a racket.

Dr Bob

I recently bought a copy of Al’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ from our local Salvation Army Op-Shop. It was only 50 cents, a great price for a good laugh.


Dr Bob,
If that was in hard copy, it may yet have a final use . . .



“Many of the attacks on climate science have come from oil and coal companies
and their allies who see climate solutions like clean energy as a threat to their
business. But instead of facing reality, they attack the science behind our
understanding of climate change.”
I have heard this argument for years. Has anyone ever produced an example of the the attacks on “THE SCIENCE” generated by the oil and coal industries? I never saw one. Further, if “THE SCIENCE”can’t stand up to the attacks regardless of their source it is still wrong. That is how real science is done.


“… allies” – There’s one of those words they should not use. It is misleading on their part.

The correct word to use is ‘acolytes’. This word has a more appropriate context in the scary advertising language sense. It is more likely to stir an intense reaction than a simpler, more bland word like ‘allies’.

Algore should let me edit that book so that it becomes truly alarming and has higher selling points. As long as I get 85% of the tax (tax-exempt, of course, as a volunteer), I’d be good to go with it.

Extreme Hiatus

Even better, “co-conspirators.” You know, like the big bad ‘right wing conspiracy’ that Hillary warned us about when Bill was lying about Monica Lewinsky.

The odd thing about that is that clearly makes Hillary a rabid ‘conspiracy theorist’ – which they say is a bad thing, except when she/it says it.


Socialists have convinced themselves that their arguments are unassailable. In their minds, the only possible reason why the vast majority of people don’t agree with them must be because of the nefarious actions of their despicable opponents.
There is no need to actually name these actions, they must be there. Otherwise they would be winning.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

I have gone through the document “Climate Crisis 101”.

Nowhere in the 18 pages he referred the word “Global Warming” except a table “How we know we’re causing global warming, instead used the word “Climate Change”. The definition he used for the word “climate change” is different from the definitions of IPCC & UNFCCC as he used climate change as de-facto global warming as he was shy of using the word “global warming”. Because of this he used “Scientists are crystal clear about the relationship between carbon dioxide and climate change “.

He recognised the existence of natural cycles but he did not refer to current such system and thus whether the extremes are part of this or not? But says extremes are associated with carbon dioxide.

He presented a map of global temperature anomaly of 2016 as anomaly of 1981-2010. This is El Nino year.

I can sum up that “Climate Crisis 101” is a “good for nothing” document. He is shy of using the word global warming.

Let him present the natural driving force [cycles] and then let him show the present day extremes are really extremes when compared to those present in the past?”

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy


I have never adopted the meme ‘climate change’. The whole issue/scam was sold as ‘global warming’ and I will continue to refer to the issue/scam as ‘global warming’ until hell freezes over! Least they never forget.

To say that gore is shy of using the word(s) “global warming” is truly an understatement.

A C Osborn

It was Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming CAGW.
Then it was AGW, with Catastrophic hinted at.
Global Warming without the A is just part of Climate Change and exists as does Global Cooling.

So Please give it’s proper Alarmist name ie AGW or CAGW.


I’m rather fond of CAGW, because then the followers of that philosophy become CAGWers, along with Warmians and Greenbeans.

January 19, 2018 at 8:01 pm

Yes, you’re exactly right…they need to be contantly reminded of how this all started. Younger starrey eyed ones also need to be reminded that the whole scam was changed after a few inconvenient cold spells. Maybe then some of them will smell a political scam in the making. Or am I too optimistic?


Right at the beginning the booklet says, “When we talk about climate change, we’re talking about the changes scientists have seen in long-term temperature, precipitation, and wind patterns, thanks to higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”

So he’s immediately ruled out any other cause that might change the climate.

Oh, he does make the “97% of climate scientists agree” claim (p. 9).

Pop Piasa

I appreciate you going through the painful process of reading Al’s malarky of misinterpreting nature, manufacturing statistics and anthropomorphizing the planet, then taking up a collection for his “spiritual” services. I haven’t the intestinal fortitude to take it on at this juncture.
I’ll just check back to see if anybody found anything besides the S.O.S..


In Dimmock v. Secretary of State for Education ( 2007), Counsel for the Government in denying Stewart Dimmock’s claim that “An Inconvenient Truth “ was political propaganda not scientific education,relied upon the Guidance Notes that accompanied the DVD as establishing that the material was balanced and argued that teachers could explain to students that some of the material was politically biased and with the Guidance Notes to identify the flaws the students could give their own views in response.
Judge Burton ruled that the film contained a degree of political bias but was generally founded on scientific research.
He found that there were nine cases of what the plaintiff called “ errors”.These are set out in the judgement.The Guidance Notes were ordered to be distributed to schools with the DVD.
Gore has never been pressed to identify and acknowledge the errors which the Guidance Notes “cured”.
No doubt this latest publication will continue to promulgate some matters which are essentially junk science.
Gore should be pressed in writing to address and recant these errors.


Inconvenient Truth was nothing but Fiction. Start to finish. And not even good fiction. Unless of course you were gullible sucker on the Left with a poor education from a liberal institution of higher learning., then it was Gospel from the Pope.

Pop Piasa

The worst Part was when Obama stretched the “inconvenient truisms” even further while addressing the nation, and publicly ridiculed any of his countrymen who disagreed with him. That wreaked of a hidden agenda to me.

Pop Piasa

Maybe they’re invisibly convenient truisms…


Off topic but somewhat relevant to media myths about cherished memes:

Musician Tom Petty’s death has now been revealed to be due to an overdose of oxycodone and fentynal.in his system … and not due to a heart attack as originally reported.

Revisions galore.

Pop Piasa

Sad, but unfortunately typical in that segment of society.


It’s actually rife throughout all segments of society, it’s just not being reported. I know it’s a little off topic on this site, but there is a prescription opioid epidemic going on.


Another interesting tidbit from today’s media. And a exquisite example of “What goes around, Comes around” in Liberal politics.

The Algore may be the Pontiff of Climate Change hucksterism, but now the real Pontiff, a Pontiff who embraced the Climate scam because of the money it promised to Catholic NGO charities, Pope Francis has just been tossed to the curb by the Left for his dissing the #MeToo movement.

The promise of this pontiff died in Santiago, Chile, this week when he slandered victims of sexual abuse.


Oh, dear, I cannot help but giggle over this news. Thank you, Joelobryan. You have given me a spark of hope that may become a bright light in the World of Shadows inhabited by the Warmians.


Even the first few [moderated] comments seems, well, a little illiberal about the Vatican.
If you haven’t read them – about eight minutes of your time. May well be worth it!


Gerald Machnee

Has Griff heard of the author of Climate Crisis 101?

I was hoping to do an in depth critique, with supporting technical references, just to show that I have some ability to exercise critical thought on a level worthy of respect, but, after a quick cursory scan of the publication, I opted to do THIS instead:
comment image?dl=0

Guess I’ll have to go for the respect thing at a later date.

J Mac

Your effort is more factual than the original.


Great cliff note critique.


Why is Al Gore still stuck in 101 level classes? Seven years of college down the drain.

Pop Piasa

Al should have been a Marketing major. It would be more useful in his current occupation.
One of the Dentists that ranked lowest in her class at the college I retired from, married a bright marketing MBA and now operates the most widely advertised practice in my area. The horror stories circulate from former patients, but new patients stream in to catch the “special offers” and “veteran’s free dental care drawings” on a constant basis. My Dentists were both at the top of their classes and we share the latest tales of terror from her practice not referring specialty work when they are only licensed in General Dentistry.


Ummm, because he’s an idiot. Will that do? He’s put himself into a hole and is still digging. There is this bit of advice: when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

I think he’s scrounging for as much cash as he can get, and as quickly as possible, because he has nothing going for him at all now. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, rien. Eventually, the sides of the hole may fall in on him and he’ll be hollering for help to get out, but… no one will hear him because of the glacier covering the hole.

Kurt in Switzerland

Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” has about as much to do with reality as a “Reality” television show.

Kurt in Switzerland

Here is a link to the “Pro Snow” project, a sister propaganda exercise, far removed from anything scientific:

Flims-Laax, hosting a snowboard halfpipe competition right now, has several posters of these “snow ambassadors”, clueless individuals committed to stopping climate change.



Climate Crisis? Al Gore and Michael Mann Fail Science 101
I recently wrote a post titled “Liberals Will Believe Anything,” in which I demonstrated that even the most ridiculous claims will be accepted as fact by kool-aid addicted liberals. I followed it up with a post addressing an article in The Guardian that made a claim and backed it up with quotes that proved their … Continue reading

You know that people like Gore and Brown, politicians, most probably don’t believe a word of what they preach. Gore has enormous sums invested in so-called green technologies and Brown loves to hand out taxpayers money as subsidies to his supporters. As always, follow the money!

Pop Piasa

They hide behind a big straw man named “Preponderance of the evidence” which is so old and tattered it’s coming apart.

Bruce Cobb

New from CR(a)P, download now – it’s fresh, steaming and hot.

Snarling Dolphin

Al once said, “In Tennessee there’s an old saying, if you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be pretty sure it didn’t get there by itself.” I’m pretty sure he was alluding to wind and solar power subsidies. Completely unnatural, inexplicable, and useless. Much like Al himself.

Gunga Din

A turtle can crawl to reach its goal.
It needs a hand to fly there.
What’s in in it for “the hand”?

Gerald Machnee

No word from Griff. I guess he has nor heard of Gore.