Climate Craziness of the Week: Michael Mann hawking “climate toothpaste”

You just have to see the photo below, from the Mann himself, who has on occasion referred to me as a “carnival barker” while apparently not fully understanding how he looks at times. Hilariously, we have this photo from his Facebook Page:

Here is a closeup of the product. Ridiculous as it is, it’s a real product, sold at something called “The Climate Store”.

Apparently, the intrepid Dr. Mann is getting behind this woman, Ms. Meitiv, who seems to be running for a county council position. She apparently asked him to give a talk called “What’s up with the weather?”. Hmmm.

It was part of a publicity stunt at a bar and grill called “The Barking Dog” and seemed to be “heavily” attended:

So, the next time Dr. Mann throws a Twitter tantrum, which is almost daily, we can now say to him: GO WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOME CLIMATE TOOTPASTE!

Surely, there will be other climate related personal hygiene products coming down the pike that Dr. Mann will endorse. We await those with bated breath!

244 thoughts on “Climate Craziness of the Week: Michael Mann hawking “climate toothpaste”

    • The closest ANY toothpaste ever got to actually claiming to do anything, was a certain brand of “decay preventative dentifrice” which when used in conjunction with regular trips to the dentist could result in less tooth decay. It made no claims to do anything if you didn’t go to the dentist every six months, nor did it say what happens if you just go to the dentist regularly, and forget the toothpaste.

      Honey works just as well to get the kid to put the brush in his mouth and brush his teeth. Cleaning your teeth is nothing like making your tea or coffee sweet tasting.

      With teeth it is the brushing that gets them clean not the minty goop. With the tea or coffee it is the other way round; it is the sugar that makes it sweet; not the stirring, which does nothing for the sweetness without the sugar (real or plastic).


      • Dogs clean their teeth when they gnaw on fresh bones. It stimulates saliva production, and the porous, spongey texture works like a big toothbrush.

      • With teeth it is the brushing that gets them clean not the minty goop.

        Actually, it’s the rinsing that gets them clean, and I feel that many people are NOT tuned into this.
        As in the case with Earth’s temperature regulation, it’s the WATER, Mann.

        I wonder whether a CLIMATE diarrhea medication is in the offing

      • Roger Knights October 19, 2017 at 10:34 pm

        … claims to prevent plaque from forming on teeth.

        For the same reason, I use xylitol to sweeten my coffee. I’ve only been using it for a few years but it seems to be effective. YMMV There does seem to be some evidence of remineralization as well.

        Why doesn’t Dr. Mann show teeth in his pictures. It could be that no toothpaste company would use his teeth to advertise their product.

      • Bicarb.,mint oil,coconut oil,xylitol: mix to paste: makes brilliant “toothpaste”; (if I feel lazy just add a bit of warm water & use as mouthwash). Re the 2 idiots in photo : I’m sure they’ll rake in a lot of dosh for the manufacturers of this dodgy product as there’s still way to many plonkers that believe all this carbon dioxide/climate change rubbish & they will be deluding themselves into thinking they’re “doing their bit” to avert climate change!

      • The whole point of brushing your teeth is he regular appliation of fluoride, which strengthens the tooth against the acids formed in your mouth as a result of eating. Didn’t any of you ever do that experiment with the eggs sitting in vinegar? Brushing the eggshell with toothpaste kept it hard. The shell of the egg that was not brushed turned soft and rubbery after a couple of days.

      • Wait at least a half hour after a meal before brushing. The enamel will still be softened from food acidity and easily strip when abraded.

      • “Reminds me of the Flouride speach to Mandrake.”

        We must not allow D e n i a l i s t infiltration, D e n i a l i s t subversion, and the global D e n i a l i s t conspiracy, to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids.

      • in fact tooth blackening worked extremely well at protecting teeth – better than our Western methods, but unfortunately Western culture all but obliterated the practice.

        I happen to have very thin enamel and was told at an early age by the dentists in my family (3 of them) that I was making things much worse with my scrubbing to get white teeth since they were naturally yellow due to the thinness of the enamel – my scrubbing was wrecking what little remained. Since then I quit scrubbing and have had very few fillings needed since – I had more before the age of 18 than I had since (I’m now 51)

        Maybe I should take up tooth blackening .. hmm.

      • Fluoride does improve the acid resistance of tooth enamel — but at the cost of changing the mineral structure. The fluoride ion is swapped in for . . . I forget the radical; learned it in Inorganic Chem back in ’74. The new mineral is more acid-resistant. Unfortunately, since the new fluoride component is smaller than the radical it replaces, your enamel is now more physically fragile. Fewer cavities; more fractures.

        The professor who taught Inorganic Chem thought fluoridation was wonderful. The professor who taught Mineralogy begged to differ. (I was a geology major.)

      • I brush with whisky (dip the brush in it, then gargle it… then swallow it… then swallow it.. then…)

        The brushing removes any detritus between the teeth, the alcohol is antiseptic… and a mouthwash… and a drink!

    • Lol. When I look at the picture, I have a disturbing feeling that this Mann and women don’t go along. Does he have a family at all? His Wikipedia page does not give even a birth date!

    • i notice the time on the clock is 10:10′
      “Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody’s existence on this planet? Clearly we don’t really think they should be blown up, that’s just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?” Franny Armstrong, founder of 10:10

      • i also notice it lacks the standard warning label :This product is known to the state of california to cause cancer.

    • It is…implying that the warming climate has caused the eruption of an entire new species of Ursus.
      If the warmer Arctic is their niche to survival, then wouldn’t cooling it cause their extinction?
      The Grolar Bear should be on the Endangered Species List and be protected.

      • Aren’t those simply called Brown bears, as it isn’t totally clear the ursus maritimus (polar bear) is distinct from ursus arctos (alaskan brown bear) or ursus horribilis (grizzly bear)?
        These are merely subspecies (breeds).

      • Gabro October 19, 2017 at 2:51 pm
        They hybridize all the time, wherever and whenever their ranges overlap.

        Yes they do! But you sure will see plenty of people argue they don’t even when DNA proves it happens.

      • “…Aren’t those simply called Brown bears, as it isn’t totally clear the ursus maritimus…”

        We should ask. Isn’t Griff the resident polar bear expert?

      • If they can cross-breed (hybridize) then they are no more distinct species from each other than a Labrador retriever is from a poodle.
        It is merely that separation/isolation has favored some characteristics over others. Remove the isolation or alter the habitat and they will merge and adapt. As they have been doing, long before we came along and decided we control everything.
        However, I don’t believe the current fluctuations in ice free summer coast lines last nearly long enough for advantages of darker shaded bears hunting from shore to establish much of a presence.

    • And… South Beach? What is this zero carbs as well?
      or is it made from “Grolar Bears”…ugh which parts?

    • It does get better. Apparently she is a “former climate scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” No wonder Mann is willing to shill for her.


        2017 Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication, Climate One

        2016 Elected Vice Chair, Topical Group on Physics of Climate (GPC), American Physical Society (APS)

        2015 Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

        2014 Named Highly Cited Researcher, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)

        2014 Friend of the Planet Award, National Center for Science Education

        2013 National Conservation Achievement Award, National Wildlife Federation

        2013 Bloomberg News list of 50 Most Influential People

        2013 Elected Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

        2012 Hans Oeschger Medal, European Geosciences Union

        2011 Elected Member-at-Large of Section W (Atmospheric & Hydrospheric Sciences), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

        2008 Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

        2008 Profiled in American Environmental Leaders From Colonial Times to the Present

        2008 Website “” (co-founded by M. Mann) chosen as one of top 15 “green” websites by Time Magazine (April 2008)

        2007 Contributed (with other IPCC report authors) to the award of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

        2006 American Geophysical Union Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing (for ‘Geophysical Research letters’)

        2005 Website “” (co-founded by M. Mann) chosen as one of top 25 “Science and Technology” websites by Scientific American

        2005 John Russell Mather Paper award for 2005 by the Association of American Geographers [for article: Frauenfeld, O., Davis, R.E., and Mann, M.E., A Distinctly Interdecadal Signal of Pacific Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction, Journal of Climate 18, 1709-1718, 2005]

        2002 Named by Scientific American as one of 50 leading visionaries in science and technology

        2002 Outstanding Scientific Paper award for 2002 by NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) [for article: Delworth, T.L., Mann, M.E., Observed and Simulated Multidecadal Variability in the Northern Hemisphere, Climate Dynamics, 16, 661-676, 2000]

        2002 Article [Mann et al, “Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries”, Nature, 392, 779-787, 1998] selected for ‘fast moving fronts’ by Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)

        2002 Selected as one of 10 ‘Mead Honored Faculty’, University of Virginia

        1998 Council of Graduate Schools’ Distinguished Dissertation Award, nominated

        1997 Phillip M. Orville Prize for outstanding dissertation in the earth sciences, Yale University

        1996 Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship (DOE)

        1989 Josiah Willard Gibbs Prize for outstanding research and scholarship in Physics, Yale University

      • “2007 Contributed (with other IPCC report authors) to the award of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize”

        and what has a Nobel Peace Prize got to do with “science” ?

        In fact what has any of the past y2k got to do with science ?

      • Michael,

        Of course I can. Mann makes up fake “data” and uses tricks to hide real “data”, so he’s not a scientist.

      • Gabro, more hand waving.

        Now, please provide us with something to back up your assertions.

        (and please dispense with references to stolen emails taken out of context)

      • Michael,

        Are you really such a noob that you don’t know all Mann’s errors (to put it politely), or are you just trying to waste everyone’s time?

        Aside from his statistical “analysis” so bad that he’s either a total ignoramus or intentional liar, there is “hiding the decline” by covering up the termination of one tree ring graph line behind “spaghetti”, and his persistence in using Tiljander’s data upside down. To name but a few of his egregious incompetencies, tricks and lies

        Are you really this unfamiliar with elementary “climate science”? Mann is a ho@x, sc@mmer and charlat@n, not a scientist.

      • Gabro, Mann is still on the payroll at Penn State.
        None of his work has been retracted.
        None of the awards and honors he’s received have been rescinded.
        and you claim he “not a scientist”


      • LOL @ Gabro

        Provides a link to this site as “evidence.”

        Gabro, you do realize that a blog on news and commentary is not how “science” is done right?

      • Gabro, I’m familiar enough with climate science to know that when someone’s work is replicated by their peers, with different measures, data and proceedures. to produce results that are show no differences, that calling them “ho@x, sc@mmer and charlat@n” makes you look like a fool.

      • “Michael Mann has yet to produce any science at all.”

        How true that is.

        Propaganda pap for his cultist followers like mark’s johnson to slap up in gleeful gullibility.

      • Michael,

        Read the link. It shows that Tiljander himself has told Mann that he’s using his data upside down.

        There are numerous links, if you really find that one, with all its citations, unacceptable for some reason. You just can’t handle the truth.

        Here’s some more truth you won’t be able to handle:

        Penn State’s own president said why he’s still employed there. It’s because he gets grants. The whole process is corrupt.

        Mann hasn’t been required to retract his packs of lies because the system is broken. He has no answer for the McIntyre’s savaging of his statistical crimes.

        If Mann thought he could beat Steyn in court, he would have gone to trial by now. But he knows he can’t. Even a jury without a single scientist on it can see what “Mike’s Nature trick” was “to hide the decline”.

        He’s a shame to the profession of scientist. He and his ilk have damaged science for decades and are coming close to destroying it.

      • Mark S Johnson October 19, 2017 at 5:07 pm

        Show me where you imagine that Mann’s work has been replicated by others, ie real peers, not pals.

        You won’t because you can’t.

      • Just think, little johnson, you will now be able to do something worthwhile to support your hero.

        Buy 10,000 tubes of his paste…… and use it to clean all orifices.

        Give it your friends and pressies etc.

        GO FOR IT !!!

      • AndyG55: “How true that is.” …..yet Andy provides no evidence
        Gabro: “Read the link” ….. When you provide me with a link to a peer reviewed study in a reputable science journal that shows Mann’s work to be in error……instead of a link to a “news and commentary” site I’ll follow it.
        Gabro: If you need to learn about all the studies that have replicated Mann’s work, go here:

        Latitude:….taking the contents of emails out of context proves you don’t have a clue.
        AndyG55: Hero?…….nope, but if you can dispute his work, “GO FOR IT !!!”

      • Your RABID belief in the anti-science of Mickey Mann is quite HILARIOUS.

        His propaganda and statistical NONSENSE has been ripped apart MANY times.

        Do try to keep up with REALITY, if you can.

        Have you got a getaway car ready for him as he continues to RUN and HIDE from Tim Ball and Mark Stein ? 🙂

      • LOL @ AndyG55

        1) Mark Steyn (spelt correctly as you seem to be unable to do) is not a scientist.
        2) Tim Ball doesn’t have half the “Honors and Awards” Mann has (see above)

      • Mark S Johnson

        October 19, 2017 at 4:50 pm

        Bryan A, if you have a point to make could you please make it?

        I did, perhaps it was so far over your head you couldn’t understand it?

      • Love that list , johnson.

        Seem the only thing Mann is capable of is SUCKING-UP to his far-leftist ant-science pals.

        Precious little science in that lot, wouldn’t you agree…

        (if you even the most basic idea what real science was.. which you very obviously DON’T)

      • Mann is RUNNING and HIDING. ( keep that car engine running for him , johnson.)

        He CANNOT face “discovery” of his statistical and scientific malfeasance.

        So funny to watch. ! 🙂

      • “Mark S Johnson October 19, 2017 at 4:31 pm

        Sure isn’t much there for science.

        It also means, you think that people have forgotten the “quid pro quo” manniacal engaged in?
        All documented in the climategate papers.

        Just as manniacal engages in dubious mathematics, bad statistics, bullied journalists, engaged in racketeering against editors, vilifies critics, slanders real scientists, etc.
        Manniacal also engages in swapping nominations and award honors with “climate team” buddies.

      • Really johnson, your RABID defense of the scientific junk that Mann represents, really does mark your low level of scientific comprehension. (as highlighted in many other threads)

        Please keep up the clown act 🙂

      • LOL @ ATheoK “All documented in the climategate papers.”

        Please, please, please provide me with a link to a scientific study that encompasses the stolen emails that comprise “climategate”


      • Mark (forgive me if I’ve called you Michael before, as I might have done),

        We’ve provided you with example after example of Mann’s antiscientific activism.

        That you keep ignoring these facts reflects badly upon you, not us.

      • Gabro posts: “example after example of Mann’s antiscientific activism.”

        His “activism” is not science. Please provide us with an example of SCIENCE that shows us all that his prior work is in error.

      • Mark,

        So you’re still afraid to read the blog link I gave you?

        No one but no one disputes the fact that Mann has never yet acknowledged that he turned Tiljander’s data on its head. Your attempt to divert from this shameful fact only shows that you really don’t care about reality. Only the false CACA narrative.

      • Johnson’s arguing from invincible ignorance was entertaining at first. Now it’s just boring.

      • Mark S Johnson October 19, 2017 at 7:40 pm

        I’ve given you example after example which shows that Mann’s “work” is not only in error, but intentionally so.

        That you can’t or won’t acknowledge reality in this regard tells everyone here all we need to know about you.

      • Mark SJ there is no point in supplying you with links to the easy deconstruction of Mann’s HS by statisticians. First, you are always asking for proof you aren’t trained to understand and time in sincerely trying to educate you on such issues is wasted.

        Do you believe there was a Medieval Warm Period and a Little Ice Age? If like Mann you don’t, there is nothing useful to be said. His homemade statistical manipulations were shown to give a hockey stick to random white noise. Disclosure :I studied paleoclimate (but history would do to take this down, too).

      • Gabro posts: ” I’ve given you example after example”

        You’ve provided two links to this site. Let me remind you that this site is for news and commentary. Now, please provide me with a link to a SCIENTIFIC paper, published in a reputable journal that shows Mann’s work to be incorrect.
        Thank you in advance.

      • Mark S Johnson October 19, 2017 at 7:51 pm

        Do you seriously suppose that links from this site don’t reflect reality?

        Please read them. The first shows that the scientists himself whose data Mann has raped called BS on the charlatan’s abuse of them.

        The second shows what an obviously shameful liar he is, or statistical ignoramus.

        The fact that you can’t be bothered to read the citations shows that you know where the truth lies.

        Obviously you still have not read the citation to learn that the author of the data castigates Mann for using his research upside down. You are pathetic.

        Mann dare not correct his upside down data nor look at other trees than the one from Yamal because changing either of those shows causes his whole house of cards to collapse.

      • drednicolson posts: “Now it’s just boring.” offering all of us nothing more than hand waving, and feet stomping. Please drednicolson, can you give us scientific evidence that Mann’s work is in error?

      • LOL # Gabro.

        “” is a blog.

        “” is a blog
        Seriously, do you understand that science is not done in “blogs?”

        You are funny.

        Please provide me a link to a scientific study proving Mann is wrong.

      • Gabro asks: “Do you seriously suppose that links from this site don’t reflect reality?”

        That is not the issue. This site is for news an commentary, it is not a site where scientific studies are published. I guess you don’t understand how science is done……..scientists don’t publish in blogs…..

        Now, do you, or do you not have a link to a scientific study that shows Mann’s work incorrect?

      • Mann’s use of PCA was quite clever but wholly inappropriate (IMHO). PCA was intended for use on populations of linearly related data but the climate is about as non-linear as you can get. Even worse, he just “happened” to derive the eigenvalues he used from time periods where tree ring data correlates well with global temperature (in other time periods it doesn’t correlate well), thus guaranteeing a high weighting for tree ring data in the result. As most people know, tree ring data often correlates extremely poorly with temperature because there are a great many important factors that determine tree growth other than temperature (amount of rainfall, rainfall pattern over time, disease, hours of sunshine, etc)

        I believe other scientists have replicated his results based on his assumptions, which merely means that he applied his method correctly – not that his method was in any sense correct or useful.

      • Mark,

        Either you’re a troll or intensely stupid and profoundly ignorant.

        The blogs to which I linked show that the scientist who gathered the data which the criminal Mann stood on its head said that he abused his data.

        Any rational commenter would accept that that means that Mann is an inveterate liar.

        Blogs are an acceptable medium by which scientists communicate among themselves and with the public.

        Tilljander says that Mann raped his data. On whose side are you, the scientist who gathered the data, or the charlatan who intentionally stood it on its head and phouqued it in the a$$?

        Rhetorical question.

      • Gabro posts: “Either you’re a troll or intensely stupid and profoundly ignorant.”

        How come you are unable to post a link to, or a citation of a scientific study that shows Mann’s results erroneous? You know full well that blog posts don’t cut it in the world of science.

        Gabro posts: “Blogs are an acceptable medium by which scientists communicate among themselves ”

        So is email.
        But, when a scientist wants his work to be scrutinized, he publishes it in a reputable scientific journal. So, again, I ask you please, to post a link to a scientific study in a reputable scientific journal that discredits Mann.

      • I’d be interested to find out how many awards and scientific honors were awarded to Trofim Lysenko, too.

      • Rule 1: Constantly state that there’s no [Evidence] against your position.
        Rule 2: When [Evidence] is presented against your position, use an [Excuse] to dismiss it and see Rule 1.

        Arguing from invincible ignorance in a nutshell. I can even predict the chain of excuses.

        Excuse A: It’s not in a science journal.
        Excuse B: If in a science journal, it’s not in a reputable science journal.
        Excuse C: If in a reputable science journal, said journal is no longer reputable.

      • “Everyone commenting here treats Mann as the bogeyman,”

        No mark’s johnson.

        Mann is a yappy desperate non-entity.

        Only got a “name” for himself by massive mistreatment of data, and massive statistical malfeasance.

        Not long now until he HAS to face the music and front up in court…

        …. and is FORCED to bring his fräúdulent propaganda crap and scientific nonsense to the light of day.

        That will be GREAT FUN to watch ! 🙂

      • Mark’s johnson seems to think that if it isn’t published in peer review journal, its not science.


        Mark’s johnson has basically zero comprehension of the purpose of peer review.

        Mark’s johnson has never been anywhere near anything remotely to do with science.

      • Mark S. Johnson, awards and honors are not science. They merely reflect someone’s opinion.

        But you didn’t know that, did you.

        None of Mann’s so-called proxy work qualifies as science. It’s pseudo-science based in no physics at all. He merely uses statistical methods to elevate physically ambiguous time series into the recent temperature measurement record.

        So does everyone else in that benighted field. None of them are doing science. The whole field is a physically meaningless enterprise.

        His climate model work isn’t science either. Climate models are predictively useless and unfalsifiable. Also see my video presentation, available here.

        Climate models: unpredictive and unfalsifiable. You know what that means, don’t you Mark S. Johnson. But let me spell it out for you: climate models are a scientific crock.

        That pretty much covers Michael Mann’s entire professional record. He’s never done science. He’s not a scientist. None of his garbage output qualifies as science.

      • Mark Johnson says:
        “Seriously, do you understand that science is not done in “blogs?””

        He then posts a blog link from Jim Milks who is none other than an “Ecologist and environmental scientist” (left wing activist prof) who only rates average from his students.

        Mark will obviously say: “but but but look at all the science papers he posts”

        I read the abstracts of first 20 papers Milks sites and found the following.
        Several had Mann as the main author is co-author or were done by his co-authors in MBH 98.
        Several of the links were not found. Could it be that they were retracted?
        Several only covered only 250-500 years after MWP and starting during the LIA.
        Several showed the MWP which contradicted MBH 98 .
        Some used the same data and same methods and were not independent.

        Mark goes on to say:

        “But, when a scientist wants his work to be scrutinized, he publishes it in a reputable scientific journal. So, again, I ask you please, to post a link to a scientific study in a reputable scientific journal that discredits Mann.”

        I would post several links but I see they’ve already been posted.

        The only science Mark sites is from an obscure blog with very few commenters who appear to be his students. The only one to challenge him claims to be paleogeneticist and Milks calls him ignorant and a d___er and nothing substantiable.

        What Mark and Milks ignore about MBH98 is that Mann tried to erased the MWP to claim current unprecedented warmth which very few of the papers Milks sites support. There were no independent papers supporting Mann’s claim and the independent ones didn’t even cover the MWP period. The very few scientists to really “scrutinize” Mann’s work refuted MBH 98.

        I’ve come across these alarmist bloggers who baiscally say, “unless you refute all of the AGW science, it’s all valid” and later say, “all you need to refute a AGW sceptic is refute even one claim the sceptic makes”.

        I wonder if Mark is one of Milks students sucking up to Milks to get a good grade or whatever.

      • Both are far-left climate scâmmer sewers.

        Home to fetid borg-type creatures,

        Where mark’s johnson “feels” right at home

      • Mark S does nothing to hide his memorization of Alinsky’s Rules for radicals. Empty headed parrot. You ask him a question and he dodges it.

    • Mark S Johnson ==> October 19, 2017, starting at 6:52 pm, said innumerable times:

      Link and/or citation please……
      Got a citation for that statement?
      Again AndyG55 fails to provide a citation and/or link
      Everybody here bashes Mann, yet nobody can provide definitive proof that shows his work to not be accurate.
      Now, can you please provide us with the scientific study that shows his work to be wrong.
      Now, please provide me with a link to a SCIENTIFIC paper, published in a reputable journal that shows Mann’s work to be incorrect.
      Please drednicolson, can you give us scientific evidence that Mann’s work is in error?
      Please provide me a link to a scientific study proving Mann is wrong.
      Now, do you, or do you not have a link to a scientific study that shows Mann’s work incorrect?
      This site is hilarious. Everyone commenting here treats Mann as the bogeyman, and nobody offers any scientific evidence that any of his work is incorrect.

      Here you go dick* :

      McIntyre, Stephen; McKitrick, Ross (2003). “Corrections to the Mann et al. (1998) Proxy Data Base and Northern Hemispheric Average Temperature Series”. Energy & Environment. 14 (6): 751–771. doi:10.1260/095830503322793632.

      McIntyre, Stephen; McKitrick, Ross (2005). “The M&M Critique of the MBH98 Northern Hemisphere Climate Index: Update and Implications”. Energy & Environment. 16 (1): 69–100. doi:10.1260/0958305053516226.

      McIntyre, Stephen; McKitrick, Ross (February 2005). “Hockey Sticks, principal components, and spurious significance” (PDF). Geophysical Research Letters. 32 (3): L03710. Bibcode:2005GeoRL..3203710M. doi:10.1029/2004GL021750.

      McIntyre, Stephen; McKitrick, Ross (2009). “Proxy inconsistency and other problems in millennial paleoclimate reconstructions”. PNAS. 106 (6): E10. Bibcode:2009PNAS..106…10M. PMC 2647809 . PMID 19188613. doi:10.1073/pnas.0812509106

      mann’s penis.

      • Mark Johnson went silent rather suddenly did he not. Add in Penn State protected a child rapist for years, and did a whitewash inquiry there also. Only when they could no longer hide what they had did they come clean. One would think Mark would not hold the great Penn state up on such a high shelf. Add in Mann allow himself to lose in a court in Canada because he would not allow his data and methods to be exposed to discovery! That should tell Mark volumes but alas that fell on deaf ears of did not penetrate a thick skull.

  1. Apparently the UH-OH formula it meant to remove those stubborn GROLAR BEARS from between your teeth or something.

    Grolar Bears only exist thanks to a slightly warmer Arctic Climate. If you remove too much CO2 from the atmosphere, the Arctic will cool too much for the highly endangered Grolar Bear species to exist, they will go extinct. Do AGWers really want to cause the extinction of a very rare species of Arctic Bear?

    • Not so sure about “Big Oil” inventing him but Big Green certainly would need to.
      Sounds like Fodder for Josh
      Big green ventriloquist with their little Mann Doll

  2. Has Michael Mann gone barking mad? Selling toothpaste no less. And what does that have to do with climate anyway. Maybe this is a good sign that his research grants are drying up and he is out out on the hustings trying to make an honest living for once.

    • Earthling2…wouldn’t that make you Eve? I think Mann was born mad, and I agree with all you say except that he is attempting an honest living. Everything written on that packet is a lie…! And he is lucky I am not the CEO of Colgate or he would be facing a lawsuit as well.
      Grolar Bears? WTFH are they? Ha, ha, seriously though, doesn’t this say it all? We are after all talking about people who claim to believe the world is coming to an end because of….400PPM Co2!!!! In Australia we call disingenuous imbeciles like this; “Fuckwits.” Its kind of catchy, and I’m sure you’ll agree is the perfect descriptor in this case? Perhaps you have some other suggestions? I’d love to hear them.

    • I can’t see Mann trying out the honest living thing. He’d be kicked out of the Klimate Klub and off the Hockey Team. He’s nowhere near honest or smart enough to last outside of the protections of academia.

    • “Bruce Cobb October 19, 2017 at 2:06 pm
      I trust that it’s carbon-free toothpaste. Oh, and it’s bated breath. Easy mistake to make.”

      That is extremely doubtful.

      From the grizzly side of the parent toothpaste:
      Sodium Carbonate = NaHCO&#8323 (ground limestone)
      Glycerin = C&#8323H&#8328O&#8323
      Sodium saccharin = C&#8327H&#8324NNaO&#8323S
      Cellulose gum = Carboxymethyl cellulose = possibly C&#8328H&#8321&#8326NaO&#8328?
      Sodium Fluoride with Triclosan = C&#8321&#8322H&#8327C&#832l&#8323FNaO&#8322
      Sodium dodecyl sulfate = Sodium lauryl sulfate = C&#8321&#8322H&#8322&#8325NaO&#8324S

      • My mistake, missed the “;”

        Should be:

        From the grizzly side of the parent toothpaste:
        Sodium Carbonate = NaHCO₃ (ground limestone)
        Glycerin = C₃H₈O₃
        Sodium saccharin = C₇H₄NNaO₃S
        Cellulose gum = Carboxymethyl cellulose = possibly C₈H₁₆NaO₈?
        Sodium Fluoride with Triclosan = C₁₂H₇C&#832l;₃FNaO₂
        Sodium dodecyl sulfate = Sodium lauryl sulfate = C₁₂H₂₅NaO₄S

      • And the cardboard box, manufactured using CO2 releasing energy,

        and the plastic in the tube.. from petroleum by-produces

        Mann, that guy sure is a HYPOCRITE !

        I wonder what SUV he drives?

      • “AndyG55 October 20, 2017 at 12:59 am
        And the cardboard box, manufactured using CO2 releasing energy…”

        Aye, AndyG55!

        To add to your observation(s):
        • The inks used, the ink carrier liquid which is likely petroleum based,
        • Mechanized production for printing, folding, gluing and filling the box with the tube,
        • Fossil fuel transportation to deliver the toothpaste,
        etc etc.

      • “jaakkokateenkorva October 20, 2017 at 6:00 am
        Good point ATheoK. Carbonless products are rare, but perhaps it’s repacked silicone caulking.”

        Yuck! Makes my mouth cringe, just thinking about it.

        “jaakkokateenkorva October 20, 2017 at 6:00 am
        And there will be a market for something like this”

        A friend of mine that worked at the same USS Steel plant that I did, only in a different department (section of the mill).

        A universal feature throughout the plant was that supervisors who did not immediately need laborers, us peons, would assign the extras sweeping duties.
        One thing about steel plants is that a lot of iron ore settled everywhere. A pan full of iron ore is hefty dust.

        Anyway, that friend of mine drew a picture on a suggestion form illustrating the benefits of a chin cup on the end of brooms. So, that workers would always appear to be working, even when asleep.

        Another co-worker took his suggestion and stuffed into the suggestion box.
        Which indirectly identifies another steel mill quirk; i.e. nothing in the mill was made of alternate materials, unless absolutely necessary. e.g. wood, aluminum…
        Where this leads is that the suggestion box was plate steel with a heavy padlock.

        A couple of weeks pass until the department’s superintendent returns from a meeting at HQ. Livid is not quite descriptive enough.
        Another problem was that my friend couldn’t help but draw silly pictures all over the place. Everyone in that section of the plant knew his work; including the superintendent.
        My friend worked in the rolling mill, where glowing ingots of steel are rolled into sheets and thicker. Those ingots are sprayed with a mixture of water and oil to keep ingots rolling along and the rollers cool.

        Eventually burned oil and iron oxidation products falls into a pit where laborers descend and shovel out the goop.
        My friend spent quite a few weeks assigned to shoveling black smelly tenacious goo underneath dripping rollers.

        Somehow, he never learned to stop drawing silly pictures. It was a good chin cup design. 🙂

  3. No amount of toothpaste will wash off bad odour of the fibs emanated from the many of the CAGW’s loud mouths.

    • I think the idea is that the rot in the teeth of the evidence for CAGW is such that a ‘whitening’ is needed. I think the idea of climate toothpaste is nuts – enough to leave me foaming at the mouth.

      • Why would the Alarmists promote toothpaste? according to them we’ll all be fried and drowned before tooth decay gets us.

  4. “Grolar Bears”. Can nobody proof read any more. That’s as bad as the “no regerts” tattoos you see on line.

  5. I remain unconvinced. The ad copy mentions that it is toothpaste just once, and in the fine print. No mention on the product itself.
    It could be anything. Lots of medications are sold in that tube form. For example, topical lotions for skin conditions like ringworm and scabies. Another common one is a product for hemorrhoids.
    We hope the manufacturer did not make any mistakes.

  6. After applying his famous statistical algorithms, he put some on his head to cure baldness. A later inspection revealed that he was still bald and had a massive cavity between his ears!
    But it’s worse than we thought! The cavity is full of hot air and he’s been caught exhaling CO2!!!

  7. Well, if you think about it, it kinda sorta makes sense.

    You do need an abrasive to make a good toothpaste.

    On second thought, you really need a mild abrasive.

    Oh well.

  8. Whiter teeth reflect incoming solar radiation. What’s not to like? The perfect tool to slow down global warming. Smile at the sun.

  9. “Activist Activator”? “Anti-apathy Stimulant”? “Oh Yes We Can”?
    The bottom line for these guys is “Social Justice”, which doesn’t have a damn thing to do with honest science.

  10. Are you sure that isn’t a hemorrhoid cream tube? Considering the bum displayed in the lead pictures, it could use some….

  11. As a dentist, I can see what a farce it is. Toothpaste has tried and true ingredients(unlike climate assertions)- abrasives (well describes Dr Mann), humectants (hey Michael, water vapour is the chief greenhouse gas), stabilizers (hey Michael, the climate is actually quite stable), preservatives (no, climate action will not preserve the planet) and fluoride to (supposedly) stop the rot (alas, the IPCC could not get any more rotten.)
    As toothpaste is the opposite of what Dr Mann is, the hemorrhoid suggestion is very appropriate. Anything that comes from his mouth really should be stuck back up his…..or was that where it actually came from.

  12. Hey this makes sense. After all my first introduction to a “scientific consensus” based on appeal to authority was:

  13. When is Penn State going to fire this fraud? If Michael Mann is really as much of a dolt as he appears to be, he is an absolute embarrassment to the Nittany Nation. He makes academia a laughingstock.

    • The Nittany Lions didn’t terminate Joe Paterno’s contract until Nov 2011. two months before he died.

      Tolerating Mann’s abuse of data is a no-brainer for an institution which tolerated child sex abuse and those who knew about it but did nothing until practically the bitter end.

  14. Mann! The end game of the falsified climate crisis is something I’ve been speculating on. I saw it as a chicken-head-cut-off thing with crazy athletic leaps and bounds but never saw this coming. I guess trying to divine the end game antics of the cukoo climate clucks clan is beyond analysis.

    • Good one. How about this idea? Climate Toothpaste, the carbon-sequestering dentifrice! Brush often, rinse and spit, repeat throughout the day. Converts your exhaled carbon dioxide into harmless dissolved carbonates!

  15. As a dentist, I can see clearly that Dr Mann has been clenching and/ or grinding his teeth at night. The thickened jowls are from muscles being beefed up. I can often tell from 10 feet away that someone is stressed out and grinding (bruxism.) Then I start asking questions about the symptoms and almost always find the headaches and earaches associated with bruxism.
    As it is stress mediated, it suggests that Mann has something he is uneasy about-something to hide? Perhaps he knows that he is full of crap and a total fraud? Stressing out that one day his life of lies will be uncovered and the SHTF moment of judgement falls.

  16. @Mark S. Johnson: As somebody who has a reasonable understanding of the scientific method, it seems to me that things which MM did were beyond the pale. His hockey stick graph seemed to me to be outside any scientific norms. McKitrick and McIntyre showed in a clear and understandable way how Mann’s Yamal math was in error. There are other very convincing critiques of Mann’s work. I don’t know anything about the rationale for any of the many awards which Mann apparently received, but I am thoroughly convinced by McKitricks critique. Citing awards is just another form of appealing to authority and is not a logical rebuttal of well reasoned and peer reviewed critiques. No matter how many awards a person has, I would not trust them if they did not, for example, report when data displayed in a graph is of two dramatically different types.

  17. The effect of Mann’s Uh-Oh formula can be observed in his treemometer, but nothing compares to Jerry Brown’s veto on the essential electric distribution network maintenance, which merit the warning labels. A distinguished effort to backfire the Enough Already!

  18. I did laugh at Anthony’s final sentence which I suspect was unintentional.

    At least it will be fresh bated breath.

  19. HOKKO SHTIKKO -the tar-based antitranspirant with genuine feathers. No more sweaty armpits when caught telling lies.

  20. We’re all gonna die because of the rapidly warming planet! But at least my teeth will be bright white!

  21. TRUE STORY….

    As a young engineer, I was Works Engineer for a UK medicines operation that produced, amongst other products, various toothpaste brands, and Preparation H (it was an American company)..
    As you can probably appreciate, all empty tubes in the UK were produced by the same company (UMP Venesta) – and after a quick check at Good Inwards that they say (for example) ‘Preparation H medium’ on the shipping box they would be brought straight to the packaging line to be filled with the product..
    Imagine our surprise, therefore, when the filling line was brought to an abrupt halt at the realisation that Preparation H was being filled into…… Evostik tubes….
    Much hilarity ensued at the visualisation of Evostik being filled into Preparation H tubes……!

  22. After Mr Johnson’s paean of praise for Prof Mann it seems awfully impertinent of me to mention the image that comes to mind whenever the good professor’s name is invoked.
    You see , after I learned here about Mann’s splicing of modern tree ring data to paleoclimate records , my irreverent mind immediately flashes to Piltdown Man. That, you recall, was a fraudulent fossil created by splicing a modern human skull onto an ape jaw . The fraud was not uncovered for 40 years and in the meantime was accepted as a real, if puzzling , human ancestor fossil by people as eminent as Sir Arthur Keith.
    There was once an exhibit in the ditch where the “fossil” was discovered in 1912 , but no longer ( I checked) , but a pub nearby in Sussex is still called “Piltdown Man” I believe .

  23. Toothpaste salesmann looks good on him and there is nothing wrong with a career refresh .
    Given the elapsed time since the hockey stick one would think an update would have been produced
    by now . People will always buy toothpaste but oh so scary global warming has run it’s course .

  24. What else will we learn about his personal hygiene? What does he use when reminded of sports, esp. Hockey? He must be sweating cobs thinking about his hidden collection of odd numbers I do not dare to call data. Is there anything at all to disguise that rancid odour of Angst?

    • Pig? Do you mean Sus scrofus? Aren’t these animals considered unclean in the religious sphere he allegedly belongs to?

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