Al Gore's climate doom movie drops 75% in weekend box office take, just 4% of earnings from 2006 original

Apparently Gore’s climate doom message just isn’t that popular anymore, even with a “climate caused” hurricane hitting the USA this weekend. Now in it’s 5th week (4 weeks in wide release, the premier was only a handful of theaters) An Inconvenient Sequel dropped 74.6% over the weekend as reported by Box Office Mojo:

It must be humiliating to be beaten by Captain Underpants: the First Epic Movie in it’s 13th week.

That’s a far cry from the fifth week of Gore’s original movie, An Inconvenient Truth, back in 2006, when it ranked 14th:

Note also the difference in take and theaters. In 2006, Gore’s AIT was in 514 theaters during it’s fifth weekend, now in 2017, AIS has only 127, basically 25% of the 2006 numbers. But the take is even worse. In 2006, AIT earned $2,016,408 while in 2017 AIS earned only $83,951 – which is just four percent of the earnings for the fifth weekend in 2006 of AIT.

Overall for all five weeks, AIT in 2006 earned $9,630,014, while AIS has earned only $3,329,343. That’s only 34.5% of the earnings for the original during the same period.

He’ll probably blame it on Hurricane Harvey.

To be fair though, movie going this summer has tanked across the board – maybe because people have so many other less expensive choices now, and maybe because there’s really not a lot of good movies worth going to anymore.

78 thoughts on “Al Gore's climate doom movie drops 75% in weekend box office take, just 4% of earnings from 2006 original

      • Why is theater attendance falling this season?
        People need the discretionary income for their renewable supplied utility bills!

    • Well the penultimate column showing $1 means it cost $1 million. He has already grossed $3.3million. Theatres keep just over half the revenue. So he’s out of the red, even if not minting money like he did last time.

      … maybe because people have so many other less expensive choices now

      Yeah, like paying for the “sky-rocketing ” energy prices Obama promised everyone.
      Apparently Gore movies are a victim of their own success. 😉

      • Don’t forget production costs are often only half of overall costs in Hollywood– promotion promotion promotion. To little avail in this case.

      • “Don’t forget production costs are often only half of overall costs in Hollywood”
        Yes, but don’t forget, the warmists in the media give movies like this millions of dollars of promotion for free…

      • Whether there technically are profits is moot. This is not going to make Hollywood producers stand up and think “We should make our own environmental movie.”

  1. I think the producers blame it on distribution. The distributors refused to put it in multiple theaters, realizing it would tank.

    • jorge, i wonder if that isn’t correct. They had it in only 1/4 of the number of theaters and yet it has grossed 1/3 the number of dollars. It sounds like just as many folks have shown up wherever it has been playing. (up until now at any rate)…

    • They were actually trying the same rollout method as last time, with first weekend 4 theaters, and then bring it up each week as audience grew. Theaters don’t have to show the film – so I think it is doing that lousy where theaters stopped showing it.

    • I wonder if it qualifies for the August Dump. Distributors release movies they don’t think will make much money in a month when people aren’t inclined to go to the movies anyway. The original movie was released in May. It went on to gross $46 million. link When it came out people were excited. Not so much this time. A total of zero people have mentioned it to me.

    • I’d blame it on Gore-fatigue myself. He’s just be trying to grab the limelight of too many years now. Hillary is in danger of doing the same thing and going the same way.

    • I had to look up another movie on that list, doing better than Al Gore’s missive, which I had never heard of: “Wolf Warrior 2”. Turns out it’s a Chinese war propaganda flick praising the heroic sacrifice of the People’s Army. (and that’s selling tickets here?) Someone should have messaged the Chinese “hey guys, try not to step on your ally’s toes over here!!!”
      Now I’m wondering if Gore’s film could beat “My Funny Uncle Stalin”. Probably wouldn’t have a chance against “Oh, that Rascally Rasputin!”

  2. My mother was Catholic enough to make me feel guilty about feeling schadenfreude, but Gore is such a pompous fool I will get over the guilt.

    • I have to agree with you. Captain Underpants is willing to show it all, and is not ashamed of the truth. He has greater credibility than Gore. I recommend that anyone suffering from “AlGoreaphobia,” (fear of Al Gore’s idiocy) go see Captain Underpants and have some catharsis from environmental doom and gloom.

  3. Perhaps it is inconvenient that Harvey is driven by warming (of the Gulf of Mexico) and is Nature’s way of moving heat energy from one place to another on earth. It also may be inconvenient that Harvey demonstrates the futility of man’s puny attempts to seriously affect Mother Nature.

    • It seems to have made a modest profit.

      On average, studios earn approximately 55 percent of the final gross. link

      It was made for one million and it grossed 3.3 million so far. That makes the studio’s take $1.8 million. The studio has just about doubled its investment. The average take per theater was $661. Add in concessions and the theaters may have made a profit. link The results may have been a pleasant surprise for everyone except Al Gore.

      • commieBob
        I certainly can’ understand Hollwwood accounting (it’s designed that way; even Hollywood people can’t understand it).
        Assuming the gross is the total of all ticket sales (the $3,3M you mention), 55% of that is indeed $1.8M – BUT I THINK THE $1M PRODUCTION COST NEEDS TO COME OUT OF THOSE “EARNINGS”…AS WELL AS ANY MARKETING EXPENSES.
        I seriously doubt the studio doubled their investment.

  4. I blame well funded deniers and Big Oil for a concerted effort to keep the movie out of theaters. /sarc off

  5. Unfortunately every school district will now licence the movie to be shown to young naive children who have never taken a science course. Do they still teach the carbon cycle?

    • Yes, just like they did with AIT, schools will buy the DVD for their libraries. And if competent science teachers decline to show it the “social justice” teachers will.

      • My 12 year old son was shown ‘Before the Flood’ in school. Good for him, he came home talking about the inconsistencies and Leonardo flying around in his helicopter (without my prompting). There is hope yet.

  6. Ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….. oh that’s hysterical.
    Nothing is funnier than watching someone who thinks he is serious being treated like the idiot that he is. Hilarious!!!
    The only people willing to shill for this one are the cool-aid drinking Gaia worshiping leftest religious zealots… about 4% of the dumbed down half of the country that might have considered wasting their time watching the first round of propaganda in 2006.
    Yeah….that’s about right.

    • Unfortunately, the vast majority of your kid’s teachers are in that goofy crowd you so accurately describe.

  7. “To be fair though, movie going this summer has tanked across the board – maybe because people have so many other less expensive choices now, and maybe because there’s really not a lot of good movies worth going to anymore.”
    Or maybe because the political Leftwing stances of these Hollywood actors put off their potential viewers.
    One has to suspend reality to a certain extent to enjoy a movie, but I find it very difficult to suspend reality when I watch an actor such as Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan used to be my favorite actor. But then one day he trashed the United States, the country that gave him every opportunity, in an interview, and now I can’t watch a Jackie Chan movie because all I think about is that disrespect he showed to the United States. I can’t suspend reality when it comes to Jackie, and many, many other actors who let their political beliefs interfere with their careers.
    This also applies to professional football. Twelve Cleveland Browns took a knee at their first game a few weeks ago. I won’t watch them play this year because of that.
    And yesterday I was going to watch the Sunday Night football game with San Franciso, since Kaepernick was no longer there, and just as I tuned in the channel the announcer shows a scene where another 49er is kneeling for the National Anthem. I guess he is Kaepernick’s replacement.
    Anyway, that’s two NFL teams I won’t be watching this year. As soon as I saw the guy kneeling, I changed the channel and watched something else.
    These football idiots need to change their method of protest. When you kneel, it may be protesting to you, but it is showing disrepect for the United States to a whole lot of us out here. Find some other way to protest. You have a right to protest. Leave football out of it. If you don’t, we have a right to protest *you*.
    I’m thinking some of these footbal guys have suffered too many blows to the head and are not thinking straight.

    • From the article…
      > To be fair though, movie going this summer has tanked across the board
      * Newspapers go all-in lib-left for many years, including full support for Hillary in 2016; newspaper subscription numbers tank.
      * ESPN goes all-in lib-left, cheerleading for Jenner and Kapaernick, and firing Schilling over a sarcastic tweet; ESPN subscription numbers tank.
      * Hollywood goes all-in lib-left, including full support for Hillary in 2016 and politically correct movies (Female Ghostbusters, etc); Movie attendance tanks.
      Notice a pattern here? Some businesses change course to appeal to a small fringe element of the population. Then they can’t figure out why their market share falls badly.

  8. “To be fair though, movie going this summer has tanked across the board – maybe because…”
    I like to think it’s because, thanks to Al Gore and Hollywood, people now realize going to the movies emits planet-destroying CO2, and it’s something we are willing to live without. Now, if we could only get Hollywood to shut down the CO2-belching supply-side….

  9. No piece of fiction in any medium is HALF so much fun to watch as the daily explosions of Leftist heads in response to the ongoing tide of MAGA!!!

  10. I wonder if there will be a Hindi version with all the necessary singing and dancing, starring Aamir Khan, with director of photography, Anil Mehta, costume designer, Bhanu Athaiya. Predictably finishing with glowing sunset as man marries girl just as we always knew it would. Something like ‘Yeh Haseen Vadiyaan – Roja’ ( )but with Al Gore as the nasty old Kashmiri curmudgeon trying to stop the romance.

    • tom0mason
      I really have no understanding of the Hundi-Bollywood-insider crap-pile you seemed to have sarcastically constructed in your post, but I interpreted it as a perfect-fit dung-pile for Al Gore.
      I laughed heartedly.
      Please don’t disappoint me by explaining otherwise.

  11. Looks like it has likely beene removed from all theaters this week (the last of the 127). I cannot find it showing in phoenix anymore. I also tried NYNY and LA CA, and it was a no go there also.

    • Unfortunately, if it is released to YouTube, it’ll probably get lots of views.
      Has his first film been released there? How’s it done?

  12. Hmmm… Even with these hilarious box-office numbers, Algore will probably still be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary film….
    These dismal box-office numbers prove the Global Warming hype is starting to crash and burn…
    Unfortunately, it’ll take a brutal string of bitterly cold winters and another 6~7 years of flat/falling global temp trends to drive a stake through the heart of the CAGW beast…
    Given the imminent 30-year PDO/AMO cool cycles starting from 2019, collapsing solar cycles, a possible La Nina cycle developing early next year, and no significant global warming trend over the past 21 years (despite 30% of all manmade CO2 emissions since 1750 being made over just the last 21 years), mother nature will very likely soon oblige…

    • Unfortunately, bad numbers don’t necessarily prove “Global Warming hype is starting to crash and burn” – another (unfortunate) interpretation is the cancer is so bone-deep it no longer requires a crummy documentary from Al Gore.
      Remember, they’ve been teaching this crap to your kids for 10 years…

  13. It’s greatest accomplishment was making it onto the previews screens. Unsolicited ad placements are a key part of the warmist strategy of media count.

  14. Imploding under the gravity of the failure to cause climate change as advertised by propaganda using statistical modelling by so called scientists, in fact computer jockeys paid to prove CO2 was guilty by ignoring or artificially suppressing other effects. In fact what we see is a little bit of climate variability that is not a lot within this interglacial, on the way to the next 80,000 year ice age. Its all BS to justify £Trillions pa in renewable subsidies that also must make net grid emissions of CO2 greater – science fact. Thankfully with no actual significant effect on the climate.
    To point this out is not science denial as statistical correlation isn’t causation, nor physical determinsitic science. Climate change from CO2 is improbale and unprovable in fact. Atmosphere does not heat the oceans, the Oceans control climate and the atmosphere. The CO2 they release because they warm. It was never a problem before, as it sgould be if this was a real cause.
    What we have is a legalisedc climate change protection racket for a fast buck by law, and Al Gore is one of the biggest and most deceitful science deniers for personal gain within it, at the real economic expense in energy poverty of Billions of people in the developing and developed world, and sometimes freezing deaths. Al Gore is a dangerously egotistical and evil man to persist with this unravelling fraud on the real science, for the profit of himself and his rich crony lobbyist friends. Not a libel, true on the science and economic facts of the energy fraud as well as the dodgy models.

  15. maybe because people have so many other less expensive choices now, and maybe because there’s really not a lot of good movies worth going to anymore.

    Or maybe because common sense Americans are sick of hypocritical, self-righteous Hollywood leftists?

  16. The movie attendance results are, perhaps, a metaphor for the general “global warming” scare and society moving on.
    Four points
    First, global warming adherents have made so many over-the-top (jump the shark) statements (ice free Arctic Ocean) that have not happened, and stupendously stupid efforts ( activist group 10:10’s exploding heads video) that backfired that many folks have gotten tired of the whole cAGW mess.
    Second, researchers have shown the “science” is not settled. Internet sites, such as WUWT, have given this information a wide distribution.
    Third, demographics plays a role. A person that was, say 16, when the first movie came along (2006) is now 27. That person may now have university (or other) training, a job, spouse, and children. For almost all of this group, their interests have been refocused.
    Fourth, much has changed in society such that those with an activist character have other things to occupy their interest – black lives, gender pronouns, the terrible Donald, American disrespect in the NFL, and new smart phones popping up like mushrooms.

    • Unfortunately, human beings evolved intense responses to (real or perceived) immediate threats (e.g.: killed by lion), as opposed to noodling over “what’s the probability of a lion lurking in the grass & do I have good data” – better safe than sorry won the evolutionary race.
      In cartoons & real life, lots of nut cases wander around with sandwich-sign-boards proclaiming the end of the world is tomorrow – have you ever seen even one wearing a sign saying the world will go on for billions of years?

  17. I’d die of a heart attack if I had to sit through this smarmy idiots movie. I get palps just thinking about this scum of the earth hypocrite.

    • Joel
      It’s even worse than you thought…the 4% is not inflation-adjusted for the last 10 years.

  18. All those statistics and no one could come up with a 97% anywhere??? Have they tried adding up all the percentages and dividing by the number of days the film has been running? The lack of scientific rigour here is very disappointing

  19. Once the theatres and distributors have taken their cut there is going to be very little left in the kitty for Mr Gore.

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