Finally! Actual Evidence of Russian Collusion!

Guest post by David Middleton


Lawmakers Cite Evidence Russia ‘Colludes’ With US Green Groups to Block Fracking

Kevin Mooney / @KevinMooneyDC / July 10, 2017

Forget about allegations of Russian interference in U.S. presidential elections for a moment, or even “collusion” between Russian officials and Trump campaign operatives.

The real action is in the European and U.S. energy markets, according to a letter from two Texas congressmen to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that details what they call “a covert anti-fracking campaign” with “little or no paper trail.”

The Daily Signal obtained a copy of the June 29 letter to Mnuchin from Reps. Lamar Smith and Randy Weber, both Republicans who chair energy-related House panels. (See the full letter below.)

Smith and Weber quote sources saying the Russian government has been colluding with environmental groups to circulate “disinformation” and “propaganda” aimed at undermining hydraulic fracturing. Commonly called fracking, the process makes it possible to access natural gas deposits.

The sources include a former secretary-general of NATO, who is quoted by the GOP congressmen as saying:

Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called nongovernmental organizations—environmental organizations working against shale gas—to maintain dependence on imported Russian gas.

This anti-fracking campaign seizes upon environmental issues and health concerns that could be used to constrain U.S. drilling and fracking exercises, the letter explains.

Gazprom, a large Russian oil company, stands to benefit if Russian-funded environmental activism results in reduced levels of fracking and natural gas production in the United States, Smith and Weber tell Mnuchin.


The Daily Signal

If Donald Trump Jr. committed Treason by talking to a Russian lawyer about an adoption program [/Sarc]… Wouldn’t actual collusion with the Russians to undermine US energy production rise to at least the level of a minor offense?


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148 thoughts on “Finally! Actual Evidence of Russian Collusion!

      • The Democrats haven’t lost their Reason, nor is it in any way diminished. I think they are merely crazy.

        The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason. G.K. Chesterton

        The left, because of their superior education, have strengthened the reasoning analytical part of their brains leaving the part of their brains that evaluates their reasoning against reality to atrophy. link
        Calling the left stupid really misses the point and is actually wrong. They are simply disconnected from reality.

      • Bob,
        Actually, the Left doesn’t have superior education. The average IQ and level of educational attainment is higher among Republicans than Independents and higher among the latter than Democrats.
        For every Dumpocrap junior college sociology prof, public employee or ambulance-chasing PI lawyer, there is a GOP-voting doctor, engineer or business exec.

      • commieBob, “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that just isn’t so.”- Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States.

      • Gabro July 12, 2017 at 4:04 pm
        Actually, the Left doesn’t have superior education. The average IQ …

        You’re right. There’s a trap and I fell into it.

        Some people may recall seeing evidence to the contrary. They are likely thinking of studies showing that social conservatism is associated with low intelligence. This is true, but social liberals and conservatives is a different set of populations than republicans and democrats. link

        When you talk about Republicans and Democrats, the Republicans are better educated and smarter.
        On the other hand, when you talk about social conservatives and social liberals, the social liberals are more likely to have a college degree. link
        Most of my bile is directed at the Democrat elite and they are overwhelmingly college educated and smart. That said, most college graduates aren’t part of that group.

      • commieBob,
        “Calling the left stupid really misses the point and is actually wrong. They are simply disconnected from reality.”
        I think, many are “useful idiots”, and that’s who you are apparently speaking of . . but some, are idiot users . . and they are connected to reality, but in the manner similar to the way those we call “crime bosses” are.

      • They’ve merely convinced themselves that their mentally constructed narratives are “reality.” Because they say so . . . I gave a few of ’em an intellectual clout upside th’ head after the election when I informed them that one HELL of a lot of us are not LIVING in their “Narrative.” Obviously, they’re still struggling with the cognitive dissonance. Because they know they’re SMARTER, you see . . . not lookin’ too smart right now!

      • To: Michael darby July 12, 2017 at 4:54 pm You forgot the /sarc tag. Anyone who says, “You to start getting your information from unbiased sources.” right after they reference is clearly sarcastic. Oh, maybe it’s that obvious…?

      • Michael,
        I get my information from myself.
        There is not the least doubt that GOP voters’ IQ is on average higher than Democrats.

      • Actual breakdown of voters:
        Democrats: 1/3 welfare recipients and violent criminals (median IQ 80), 1/3 low level public employees and service industry “workers” (median IQ 90), 1/3 low level academics and trial lawyers (median IQ 110). Hence, median IQ 90.
        Median IQ of Independent voters: 100.
        Median IQ of GOP voters: 120.

      • 80/3=26.667
        110/3= 36.667
        26.667 + 30.000 + 36.667 = 93.333

        Gabro says: “Hence, median IQ 90.”
        Rock solid proof that Gabro is a Democrat!!!!

      • Michael,
        Not fake. Real.
        I’m not being allowed to post the facts, because they are so politically incorrect.
        As you should be able easily to determine yourself, had you any interest in doing so.
        If anything, I was generous to Democrat IQ, because I didn’t want to descend into ethnic intelligence differences.
        I probably won’t be able to post the actual data showing that Democrat IQ is well below the national median of 100. But it should be obvious to the most casual observer why that fact is incontrovertibly true.

      • LMAO @ Gabro….how many digits do you need?
        110/3= 36.6666667
        26.6666667 + 30.000000 + 36.6666667 = 93.3333333

        Gabro says: “Hence, median IQ 90.”

      • How about Algebra 101 for you Mr Low IQ?
        80/3 + 90/3 + 110/3 = 280/3

        90 = 270/3
        280/3 is not equal to 270/3

      • Michael,
        OK, if you insist, although it should have been obvious:
        Median IQ of African-Americans: 85.
        Share of African-Americans in US population: 13%
        Share of Democrat African-American vote: 95%
        Share of Democrat national vote: 33%.
        Hence, share of AA Democrat vote: 39%.
        Assuming other 61% of Democrat vote at average IQ of 100, mean Democrat IQ: 95 at best.
        Sorry to go all ethnic on your pathetic a$$, but there it is.

      • “Median IQ of African-Americans: 85.”

        MODS, please ban Gabro for posting racist drivel.

      • LOL @ Michael Darby
        You didn[t read your first referenced article carefully enough:

        Economic liberals’ beliefs are based on the idea that individuals should be free to engage in voluntary transactions with others and to enjoy the fruits of their own labour.

        As Commie Bob pointed out, they are different populations. An Economic liberal is a conservative as we know them.

      • Michael Darby, you have confused mean with median. The median iq in the example you gave is indeed 90, but the mean is 93. Back to school for you.

      • Liberals are more likely to have a college degree. However those degrees are almost always junk degrees.

        • I know quite a few liberals, most with college educations and they can not think their way out of a closed phonebooth.(for the sarcasm impaired, google “phonebooth” and you will get it.)

      • C’mon, now.
        Those on the bottom half of the bell curve need their politicians, too.

      • Read that article, main question I have from it is who came up with the “dirt on Hillary” dodge to get someone from DJT team to meet her? Vellums, or some body on his staff? Seems peculiar. They could have got DJT to meet them himself if they had worked the adoption angle and then dropped the Magnitsky Act into the conversation. Only someone very familiar with the internal workings of American politics would go with that particular twist.

      • Also got to wonder, is this chick connected to gas/oil players in Russia? Inquiring minds and whatnot.

    • No big loss. the damn thing hasn,t worked in years, or should I say hasn’t been used in years.

    • Lithuania is member of NATO
      Yesterday’s Newsweek headline: U.S. Missiles Deployed in Lithuania In Face of Russia Fears

      • Wish she sounded more like Sean Connery, but the accent of the president of Lithuania unfortunately sounds more like Russian. Baltic languages are fairly closely related to Slavic, less so to Germanic, Celtic, Italic, etc.

      • Lithuania was the least Russian-ized of the Baltic countries, so possible, but not likely.
        In Lithuanian school we were taught that Lithuanian is the oldest living language, apparently only a step away from Sanskrit. The other Slavic languages are quite different in form. Only Latvian is close as far as I know.

      • Sorry, but that makes no sense whatsoever.
        All the Baltic languages are equally far removed from Sanskrit, as is Greek. Sanskrit is also not the paradigm for proto-Indoeuropean. Greek and Sanskrit vie for which is better for preserving PIE vowels and consonants.

      • A quick web search will locate many resources for the similarity of Lithuanian to Sanskrit, as well as references to it being the oldest of the living examples. This is not surprising, since the people that came to live in that part of the world came roughly from the region that is now India.
        “It is related to Sanskrit (a classical language of India) Latin and Ancient Greek. It is the oldest surviving Indo-European language, which has preserved the most phonetical and morphological aspects of the proto-language which many other European languages come from. It is very important to the field of Indo-European language studies, which carries out research on the origin, development, similarities and differences of Indo-European languages. Scientists of different nationalities in this field use Lithuanian as their language of communication at their conferences!”

  1. Only anti-fracking activists? Most greenies are also anti-fracking, as are a fair number of politicians and “mainstream” media outlets.
    There could be more than a bit of projection occurring with Trump’s opponents.

  2. Support for the Russian government relies on an increasing standard of living. link

    Between 2000 and 2012 Russia’s energy exports fueled a rapid growth in living standards, with real disposable income rising by 160%. link

    At various times, Russia has had Europe and especially the Ukraine by the short curlies. If Europe were to start fracking or start importing American LNG, Russia would lose a lot of money and influence, ie. the ability to blackmail Europe and the Ukraine.
    Russia has plenty of motive to do dirty deeds. Putin is a KGB guy, it comes naturally to him. link

    • Ok, your statement makes sense when viewed as alluding to Russian opposition to Trump, but standing alone, the statement sounds like you skipped your meds.

      • Alan, I’ve read the above pithy statement three or four times and it doesn’t cease to be amusing. The only reason I never accused any of my students of skipping their meds was the possibility that it was true. 🙂

  3. Hillary mentioned this in a 2013 Speech to German Bankers. I believe Wikileaks released a copy of her speech. She said that the Russians and Arab groups were funding phony environmental groups opposed to the pipeline and to Fracking. I long thought the anti pipeline protests and encampment in N. Dakota was a Russian funded event similar to when the KGB organized and funded Anti Nuclear protests during the cold war. The N. Dakota protests took money, organization, logistics, communication, PR, etc.

    • It’s been common knowledge for a long time that the Russians have been trying to discourage fracking. Nobody wanted to do anything to stop them in the past, probably because the Left in both the U.S. and the Eu are on the same side of the issue as the Russians. None of them want fracking and don’t mind that the Russians are keeping it from happening in Europe.

        • Watermelons. Hate capitalism, and yet love their luxury hotels, airplanes, limos and buses, and restaurants. And don’t forget their Iphones, Ipads and wifi.

      • @ Mark W,
        “former” leftists and communists? Perhaps a few, but IMHO they have merely gone into the closet. And, there are quite a few who are in denial… 😉

      • Is there some kind of surgery that will help them blend into normal society when they come out of the closet?

  4. How soon the MSM have forgotten Ted Kennedy’s letter to Andropov asking for “help” against Reagan in 1983, and Bill Clinton’s traitorous selling of US military secrets to China in exchange for campaign cash, laundered via Buddhist monasteries and Indonesian international sleaze bags.

    • Presumably “help” along the lines of getting rid of JFK, anti-communist Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell and the Polish Pope,

    • Or the Dear Comrade letter to the leader of the Sandinistas pledging their help in undermining US foreign policy in Latin America.

  5. Collusion is like a group within a company not using the corporate email to avoid discovery or FOI for government, or a party national committee secretly feeding one candidate questions when they are supposed to be neutral.

    • Like an EPA head using a fake name on her e-mail account, or a Secretary of State setting up a private server for all of her e-mail?

  6. Russian submarine captain my arse.
    That’s our Sean Connery, such a successful internal spy that he infiltrated the acting profession to play the role of an MI6 spy thereby disarming the world of his future activities.
    So successful is he that he has even infiltrated the ranks of the Scottish National Party, a notoriously far left organisations bent on world domination, and rifled their files, presenting himself as a supporter, Pah! the fools.
    We Brits have a tradition of successful spies, Baldrick immediately springs to mind, a man of such cunning he has even infiltrated the notorious Green Movement.
    Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the courage of our stiff upper lip British MI6, salvation is at hand. They are everywhere.
    007 is on the case.

  7. So the Russkies are colluding with Leftist and Greenie organizations- certainly not the first time, and I am sure not the last we’ll see.

  8. Putin bankrolling the EU green movement to protect Gazprom makes a whole lot more sense than him trying to influence the US election which would carry all the risks of infuriating the American electorate without any great benefit. After all the democrats hadn’t made such a great success of opposing Russian interests in the Middle East or elsewhere.
    In any case, given that the USA and Russia have enough nukes to barbecue Europe and each other several times over, I’m more comfortable with the idea that Trump and Putin prefer talking to each on reasonably friendly terms. Which doesn’t mean anyone being naive about each other’s ambitions and interests.

    • “I’m more comfortable with the idea that Trump and Putin prefer talking to each on reasonably friendly terms.”
      The cold war was sustained by Western fear of Communism. The USSR breaks up and it turns, wholesale, to capitalism, dividing a huge political bloc into independent countries. But for some reason Russia is painted as the common enemy, once again, and promoted as a danger to the US, which it certainly isn’t, on any level.
      All this nonsense about green collusion, election interference and global hacking is nothing more than political smoke and mirrors.

      • I guess in your mind, Soviet disinformation campaigns as well as toppling of governments friendly to the West had nothing to do with the West’s fear of communism?
        The only reason the USSR broke up was because it was opposed by the West. The Soviets tried to keep up with Reagan’s military build up, and it broke them.

      • @ Mark W:
        Reagan’s military build-up AND the soviets’ desires to have microwave ovens and VCRs drove them over the edge. And to think that VCR technology is soooo passé. They should have held out for DVDs! 😉

      • MarkW
        “I guess in your mind, Soviet disinformation campaigns as well as toppling of governments friendly to the West had nothing to do with the West’s fear of communism?”
        Not that the West ever ran disinformation campaigns or toppled governments friendly to the USSR.
        “The only reason the USSR broke up was because it was opposed by the West. The Soviets tried to keep up with Reagan’s military build up, and it broke them.”
        “…….this project of creating a unified, centralized socialist state proved problematic for several reasons. First, the Soviets underestimated the degree to which the non-Russian ethnic groups in the country (which comprised more than fifty percent of the total population of the Soviet Union) would resist assimilation into a Russianized State. Second, their economic planning failed to meet the needs of the State, which was caught up in a vicious arms race with the United States. This led to gradual economic decline, eventually necessitating the need for reform. Finally, the ideology of Communism, which the Soviet Government worked to instill in the hearts and minds of its population, never took firm root, and eventually lost whatever influence it had originally carried.”
        It seems the arms race was only one of three reasons the USSR fell.
        And China? What possessed them to embrace Capitalism? A Reagan arms race as well? Or was it just common sense?

      • @2hotel9
        The most oppressive regimes of the 20th Century, but for one, were socialist based. China, Russia, Nazi Germany, Italy, N. Korea etc. the exception being fascist Spain which emerged from the right wing.
        Quite how the ignorant left wingers of the world have the gaul to level accusations of fascism at Trump and Mrs. May here I’ll never know.

        • And yet I see you posting comments defending socialism/communism/fascism. That tells me everything I need to know about you.

  9. But – Trump is very much pro-fracking, isn’t he? So it does not make sense that he would collude with the Russians to discourage fracking.

    • Putin AND the Euro-greens can all FRACK OFF as far as I’m concerned; they’ll come crawlin’ to us for LNG shipments soon enough when they’re shivering their duffs off next winter. Gets pretty cold out there in Siberia-land, and them wolves HOWL!

  10. This is a report that would appear to make no sense. According to the US Energy Information website ( ) the
    total amount of Natural Gas imports from Russia over the last 5 years is zero. There is no
    dependence on Russian natural gas in the US and so there is no reason why the Russians would be funding anti-fracking groups in the US.
    On the other hand I can easily believe that Russia would be funding anti-fracking groups
    in Europe since that is where they export most of their gas.

    • If the US fracks it has energy excess to supply to Europe. This ruins Gazprom’s desire for expensive energy. Hence the Russians back groups in the US that are opposed to fracking. This is what the Soviets also did. See ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov on Youtube where he explains Russia’s techniques for subverting the West,

    • “There is no dependence on Russian natural gas in the US and so there is no reason why the Russians would be funding anti-fracking groups in the US.”
      Just think a little bit longer before drawing conclusions. Think US oil and gas exports to Europe. Trump’s objective is to turn the USA into the world’s biggest oil and gas supplier. So he is fishing in the European Pond now occupied by Putin and the Saudi’s. The Saudi’s by the way have declared war on the US Fracking business. They even offered 2 percent of Saudi Armaco to go public, only to have an impartial due dilligence going public on the Saudi Oil and Gas reserves and their extremely low production costs of 6 USD per barrel. After that publication they believed no sane banker would be funding US fracking operations ever again. There really is an energy war going on. In the USA low car fuel prices are the result. In Europe consumers pay 4 times the price simply because of all the insane taxation of car fuels. It’s a witch hunt.

      • This report/allegation has nothing to do with Trump and his policies. Reading the letter it
        is clear that the allegations relate to events going back 5 years or so. The claims suggest that it has been going on in Europe and the US since 2011.

    • Germinio, did you take extra classes in college on how to act dumb?
      It doesn’t matter that the US doesn’t import Russian NatGas, the fact that we used to import NatGas and now export it is sufficient to undermine Gazprom.

    • Being that you are a conservative, our political outlook may differ, but I wholeheartedly agree with your statement regarding this post.

      PS…”evil” is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

      • LOL @ Gabro: ” The average IQ and level of educational attainment is higher among Republicans than Independents and higher among the latter than Democrats.”
        Hi Michael. You then proceeded to give a blog post and a Snopes reference. Clearly you are unaware of the Leftist-bias of Snopes (which you can trivially Google), it is not an objective source.
        While there is little statistically significant correlation between IQ and political party a Yalw researcher was forced to conclude that the only correlation was found to be a higher level of scientific literacy for Tea Party membership.
        I myself have a PhD in Physics (Astrophysics), and would be close to Libertarian on the US political spectrum (which is the true “Far Right”). I often hear Leftists claim that they are “smarter”, because they got an undergraduate degree in feminist dance therapy or similar – not realising that those that create in a Free Market are generally “Right”
        The true nature of the modern political Left is about the extortion of wealth from the innovative and industrious using State force. This involuntary system is called “socialism”. People who are ignorant of economics are advocates of this deeply immoral system.
        The true nature of the modern political Right is about Individual Liberty, which can only be achieved with Limited Government. Hence they eschew taxpayer-funded healthcare, education, etc because all these rely on robbing your fellow citizens. People who believe in the Free Market of voluntary exchange understand that VOLUNTARY charity is not only more effective than INVOLUNTARY socialism, it is also much more moral while preserving your freedom (since it doesn’t require State coercion).
        Finally, those of the Left who claim their tribe possesses higher IQ and education than their interlocutors appear to be completely ignorant of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Hence linguists like Noam Chomsky are too stupid to understand they know nothing about economics, or business, or national defense, or geopolitics, or Islamic imperialism, or the vast number of subjects that Leftists smugly pontificate on – and are prepared to use State force to impose their ignorant ideas on others.
        If you Leftists had greater wisdom you woudn’t be Leftists. You wouldn’t advocate robbing your fellow citizens and imposing Third Worlders on them using State force just so you could narcissistically ‘virtue signal’.
        So your smugness about the Left demonstrates how blind you are, not how intellectually superior you smug Lefties feel.
        Apart from atheism, the Left is wrong on everything when all the facts are taken into account.

      • I haven’t read the comments on this site in a while. It used to be about science and the fact that that many readers think AGW is exaggerated. How did it become a place to question people’s IQ?

      • Moa
        I echo Shelly’s sentiments. Excellent post.
        Taxpayer subsidies supporting unproductive bureaucratic organisations like the UK’s welfare state and NHS are a horrendous drain on our resources.
        Far better to have a voluntary contribution system. Despite all the taxes we pay in the UK, the NHS is chronically underfunded, welfare is nothing more than a political battleground and Capitalist enterprise is crippled by left wing central control, overburdened with regulations brining with it unintended consequences, more regulation has to be introduced to control.
        The UK must get rid of half it’s government and civil service to compete if we’re not to disappear up our own bureaucratic arsehole.

    • Jeff Id July 12, 2017 at 5:16 pm
      I’m an evil conservative too but this post doesn’t fit on WUWT.

      Fracking, or more accurately frac’ing, has been a frequent topic at WUWT… There’s even a post category for fracking. Environmentalist mischief has also been a frequent topic.
      There are actually two posts on this story… probably because I was too clever with this thread title. The second post is by CTM.

    • Isn’t amazing the number of one time posters, who claim to be one thing or another, than use that claim as a platform from which to make announcements.

      • That is often the case.
        The entire stream of information fed to the public about CAGW, falls within the realm of politics, not science.
        It is in the alarm peddlers’ best interest to deflect attention from that fact at every turn.

        • Killing the lie of Man Caused Globall Warmining scientifically has already been done. Now we have to force people to step back, take a breath and admit it is a dead lie. That is the hard part, and graphs and math and satellite images are all well and good, ridicule and derision are the weapons that will win this war in the end. Look how well one man, Trump, is using them against our enemies in “media”.

      • I think Trump goes out of his way to make provocative statements just to enjoy the media’s predictable squawks of outrage. Like throwing fish to trained seals. It’s almost a game to him.

        • YES!!!!!! The “Dumpster Fire” strategery, throw buckets full of flaming, leftist horsesh*t into the faces of flaming leftist America hating f**ks. Make America Great!!!!!!!!

    • Take special note of Miss Veselnitskaya, who was not a lawyer as stated, sitting in the midst of Obama’s staffers at a House of Representatives hearing regarding Russia and sanctions. This occurred on 6/14/16 5 days after she met with Don Jr. Can you spell setup, and Obama related collusion?
      Earlier in 2016 this woman had been refused a visa to enter the US. Then magically a visa was issued for her, and now it is apparent as to why that visa was approved, imo.

      • “Earlier in 2016 this woman had been refused a visa to enter the US.”
        I’m wondering why she was refused a visa.

        • I came across some info stating that she was finally given special permission to enter the US. Meaning that she was allowed in by some high level contacts in the government. The entire affair stinks to high heaven. If you followed the link there are two photos shown in that story. The first one which shows her opening a door to enter into a building is presumed to be Obama’s Washington headquarters, where he plots against Trump and Republicans in general.. The second picture is her at a House of Rep hearing, where she is seated with Obama’s people. Another part to the story is that she is not a lawyer as is claimed elsewhere by liberal media.

  11. Leftists are so insane….
    In 1983, Ted Kennedy and his Virginia Law School roommate (John Tunney- former California Senator), ACTUALLY colluded with the Soviet Union’s KGB to “hack” Ronald Reagan’s 1983 reelection campaign:
    Now Leftists go completely insane for Donald Trump Jr’s bogus 20 minute meeting with a Russian lawyer that was supposed to have dirt on Hillary, but actually only wanted to discuss Russian adoption sanctions…
    Leftists are such crazy hypocrites.

    • I think the collective Left has finally gone completely crazy over their loss to Trump and their loss of the socialist momentum. They are definitely living on a completely different planet than the rest of us. Mass hysteria.

      • They’ve been proclaiming that impeachment was just days away since right after the election.

        • Actually they were declaring impeachment is just days away since Trump got the nomination.

    • Kennedy, through Tunney, PROPOSED collusion. I think that there was never anything further in the Soviet files. I suspect that in Russia, this level of treason would result in an immediate execution and this offer of treason was looked upon as probably a “provocation”.

  12. . . . American Democrats influencing the Canadian Election, George Soros and the Tides Foundation plus other USA NGO’s giving millions to the Liberal Party of Canada to defeat Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Direct money donations and direct election interference by Democrats in the Canadian election!

  13. If a foreign government has information that might be relevant to the decision of an electorate then passing it on is assisting democracy rather than interfering in the democratic process.
    The recipient of such information is under a duty to follow it up and ascertain the truth.
    Trump Jnr was simply doing his duty.

  14. Obama interfered directly in the UK Brexit vote by saying that the UK would go to the back of the queue in trade negotiations if it left the EU.
    He had no power to make such a decision that would relate to a time when he would no longer be in office.
    His interference was much resented in the U.K.

    • To a liberal, right and wrong are determined based solely on whether it helps them advance their agenda.
      This allows them to do the same things they condemn in others because it isn’t the action that’s wrong, but the result.

  15. It is naive to think that either party or individuals in the dem or rep don’t know what they are doing. You may think it’s stupid, they run to a separate agenda.
    Take the reserve Bank hair cut provision that allows bank to take your liquid assets in their care, transfer them to their balance sheet and offer you shares in the bank for a value set by them the next time there is a crash on liquidity.
    They are busy building that position now.
    Have a lovely day

      • Technically, we are a constitutional representative republic… not a democracy.
        A democracy is two wolves and one lamb voting on the lunch menu.
        Unfortunately for third party afficianados, our Constitution inadvertently created a two-party system of government, despite all the effort that went into averting factionalism.

      • First past the post voting guarentees a two party system. Which is why a prefer representational voting, with some kind of floor, for the legislative branch and preferential voting for the executive.
        Representational voting with say a 5% floor, means that any party that gets more than 5% of the vote, gets a number of seats based on their share of the vote.
        Preferential voting has the voter ranking the candidates on his/her ballot based on preference. The one you like the most, 1st place, next gets 2nd place, and so on. When tabulating, The candidates getting first place are tallied. If someone breaks 50%, the voting is over. If nobody gets 50%, then the candidate with the fewest first place votes is eliminated. (From the ballot, not in real life) For those ballots that had the eliminated candidate in 1st place, the 2nd place candidate is promoted to first place and all first place ballots are recounted. This process continues until someone breaks 50%. This allows you to vote for a candidate you don’t think can win, without throwing away your vote.
        An alternative to preferential voting is to allow a person to vote for every candidate he/she finds acceptable. Then it’s a simple matter of the candidate with the most votes winning.
        Another issue is to increase the number of representatives by at least a factor of 10. The only reason to keep it to 435 was because that was all they could fit into the chamber. With modern technology there is no reason why representatives need to go to Washington to vote. Let them stay in their districts where the voters can keep an eye on them.

      • If an issue or set of issues gains enough prominence in the minds of US voters to potentially lead to a substantive third party, one of the two major parties is likely to include it in its platform, removing the need for a third party.
        The US two party system also helps ensure, at least in theory, a governing majority. We’ve not yet had to dissolve a government and hold new elections due to a plurality party failing to secure a governing majority or coalition.
        And paradoxically, it leads to a certain moderation of views. Extremist positions can always get some local support, but will rarely appeal to the country as a whole. The unmasked extremism of the Dem elite was alienating enough to the party’s working-class base to help push key swing states toward Trump.
        A two-party system does have its advantages.

  16. Hey !! What about when Trump gave away 20% of American Uranium to a Russian backed company ??
    Oh wait, that was Hillary..
    Well, what what about when Trump gave the Russians that big red RESET button ?
    Oh wait, that was Hillary..
    Ok, how about when Trump said ” I will have more flexibility when I win the next election” ??
    Oh crap, that was Obama….
    Never mind…..

  17. Germinio, you are clearly unaware of the financial leverage Russia exerts in Europe, because of their role as monopolistic supplier of natural gas to the entire continent.

    • UK buys its gas from Norway and Qatar
      But your point is well made. Russia is firmly behind a lot of Green idiocy, to ensure that their gas is not challenged by coal or nuclear.
      Just as Al Gore was for the same reasons.
      In fact I would not be surprised if the Russians were not in cahoots with the Democrats and said ‘lets invite Trumps son to a bait and switch and if dad gets elected we can use it to bring him down’.

  18. The Desperation of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, New York Time and the Washington Post!
    Let’s hope that in the darkest hour of their desperation they will commit suicide by leaping from their lofty Ivy Tower offices, smashing their bodies upon the hard and unforgiving pavement below.
    Let’s encourage them!

  19. The hard-left progressive-democrat-media blok are so obsessed with attacking Trump, in contempt of all the Americans who voted for him, that they are blissfully ignorant of how obvious it is to everyone outside their twisted circle that they have abandoned themselves to unrestrained anti-Russian racism. They are a cabal or total racists who would make Hit1er proud. They don’t care who knows that they consider Russians as untermenschen. Not surprising that they find common cause with the 4th Reich EU.

  20. Actually Saudi Arabia is the Daddy Warbucks of the environazi movement. Russia is a piker in comparison.

  21. Trump’s statements that he would unleash the US fossil fuel industries would have been the Russians worst nightmare.
    The idea that they would collude to elect him rather that “Reset” Clinton is absurd.

    • Obama Admin relations with Russia became strained when Barri proved to be incapable of stopping the expansion of NG production and use AND export. The Syria mess came well after Barri and his anti-energy&technology cossacks dropped that particular ball, then Barri started making mewling sounds about allowing LPG/NG exports to go forward.
      Aaron? Trump is kicking the leftist/globalist cabal in its fecal stained teeth and laughing at them, all the while rope-A-doping the fake news crowd. Is this why you are upset? You wanted Killery in the WH so all this anti-American crap could continue? Too bad, so sad, it ain’t.

      • Was that addressed at me? Is there anything in the above post that indicates I would have preferred Hillary?

        • No, bottom half is to Aaron. I saw his comment while typing the top half and just did as a single post. Got the other computer running a print job so splitting attention. Hillary as SecState was much friendlier to further Russia dealings than others in Barri’s Admin, especially after Putin snubbed Barri&Wife a couple of times. He is rather thin skinned, as is she. Hillary just takes a snub in stride and keeps pushing forward to personal profit, she secured Willie Jeff those sweet Russia speaking gigs after getting the high hat a couple of times.

  22. Russia will use disinformation to forward all objectives. One objective might be to impede US energy independence. A much higher priority objective was to install an isolationist President who had no knowledge of, interest in, or patience for foreign policy and who could be easily outmaneuvered, manipulated, duped, and coerced.

    • Yet another reason why they wouldn’t support Trump, since he isn’t any of the things you listed above.

    • They only nailed Greenpeace in so much as Greenpeace over stepped it’s bounds and became an annoyance to the Russians.

      • Never contested the why, just stated the fact. They will nail them again when GP decides to focus on them again. As I said, politics do make strange bedfellows.

  23. So Josh Fox should be receiving a letter from the F.B.I soon? Or is he merely as stupid as he is ignorant?

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