The End is Nye – @BillNye the "Science Guy" loses his last shred of credibility – implosion imminent

From the “if Bill’s genitals could talk, what would they say?” department…and Josh.

First up, Bill led the march for science with Mike Mann recently….

…and then had a bizarre episode of his Netflix show that immediately followed. From Natural News:

In his latest plunge into quack science lunacy, Bill Nye has teamed up with Rachel Bloom in a vulgar, laughably embarrassing, science-excoriating “transgender anthem” video called “Sex Junk.” The song’s lyrics, which promote the whacked-out myth that human sex expression is not binary, include lines like, “Sex how you want, it’s your goddamn right.”

Another line from the vulgar song goes like this, while Bill Nye gyrates in the background:

This world of ours is so full of choice. But must I choose between only John or Joyce? Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice.

The song goes on to claim that transgenderism is all part of “evolution” … an assertion that has real scientists cringing everywhere.

After the cringe-worthy song finished, Bill Nye sums up his lunacy by stating, “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel, nice job!” If Charles Darwin were still alive today, he would no doubt squash Bill Nye with a giant Galapagos tortoise.

“The video was quickly excoriated by viewers, with the YouTube version receiving more than 10,000 dislikes compared with just 170 likes,” reports Breitbart News.


Josh has two takes on it:

Then, after his vulgarity video espousing sexual choice, he lectures us on having less children to save the planet:

Even certified warmists like Andrew Freedman are now questioning his credibility in the climate cause, citing this story:

Bill Nye Is Not the Right Guy to Lead the Climate Fight

The implosion has begun -the end is Nye


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Keith J

Just when you think he has hit rock bottom, he pulls out a pick axe and proceeds to go deeper.

Next, he’ll blame it on CO2.
I sure don’t want what Nye is smoking!

Walter Sobchak

Jimsonweed, no doubt.


It can’t be weed he’s smoking. That is to mild to give rise to this level of dementia.
No that line of thought of his requires some seriously demented hallucinogens!!!! Maybe he’s been cooking his own since he is a “science guy” and his homemade DMT/LSD/Whatever is leaving permanent brain damage.

Henning Nielsen

Maybe he misunderstood, and inhaled CO2 instead of exhaling it. Maybe he was trying to save the planet by taking on the guilt-breath of others, making them breath into his mouth (only remember, as in other cases of Nye-ness, to hold your nose). Earth-rescue by a new version of mouth-to-mouth resusciation.


What is there ’bout
Chromosome “Y”
That so creeps-out
Good comrade “Nye’?
Could it be that
This Gaia-freak
And all-purpose
Wanker hive-geek
Finds in his past
A trace of “white”
Just might corrupt
His genotype?
And make of him
A mere white-boy
And one of us
Vile hoi-polloi
Unfit for that
Greenwashed Synod
That would be our
Eugenics God?
Which to avoid
And to deNye
He lives his life
A flim-flam lie?

Dean Savage

Gotta be FatsoMannHockeyweed.

Eugene WR Gallun

Mike — Mastery of language! What’s not to like! Great poem! — Eugene WR Gallun


Thank you Eugene for the kind compliment. However, I’m belatedly displeased with the third staza since it doesn’t quite make sense. For what it might be worth, I’d like to offer an “improvement”:
Finds that “Y” and
A trace of “white”
Just might corrupt
His genotype?
Again, for what it’s worth

Nay, CO “two” is… SO binary!
It must be CO three… or maybe CO fifty-seven.
C needs more than just two choices, you know.


Still screwin’ around with that third stanza–think I got it now!
Finds that “Y” and
A gene for “white”
All his vaulting
Ambitions blight?


I think old Bill has encountered the joy of recreational drugs, there can be no other explanation for this.


But, transgenderism could be considered part of evolution as it is a mechanism for making sure certain people do not have biological offspring. “Yes, you, out of the gene pool!”
Nye might have accidentally been a bit right here, but surely not intentionally.
“It is good to be open-minded, but not so much that your brain falls out.”


My thought. Evolution is full of dead ends.


Extinction is God’s way of telling you He’s had enough.


That same argument is made for homosexuality. Yet we have natural sterility and viruses to perform that function, and transgenderism is associated with high mental illness rates. So it’s a Darwinian Disease.

george e. smith

So how come they aren’t extinct. Some of them must be cheating.




Some do. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner has 6 kids.
That could explain it. An alternative would be… well, let’s not get into the nature/nurture thing here.

Walter Sobchak

“So how come they aren’t extinct.”
Hardy–Weinberg principle even a fatal recessive (e.g. Huntington’s disease) will equilibrate. Only a dominant that is fatal before maturity will be eliminated.


Until recently, it was pretty much required of men to produce heirs for their families.


It’s the bits between your ears that’s important…not the bits between your legs.
In Bill Nye’s case he fails in both areas.

george e. smith

So Walter, I will accept your Hardy-Weinberg principle as you state it.
But so far as I know, no living person or formerly living person, every had four biological grandfathers, or four biological grandmothers; so I will stick by my claim that some of them are cheating.

D. J. Hawkins

Pickax! He’s excavating with freakin’ nukes!


Many of these “progressives” think they are just role-playing… acting. So when they’re ridiculed, they can tell themselves, “Oh, that acting part didn’t get such a great response, but look at all the attention I got!” Their ego need not take a hit, they needn’t be ashamed or embarrassed because – it’s all a show. Illusion. PR.
Listen to William Buckley’s comments of what he thought of Gore Vidal’s frequent attacks when they used to have debates. They (the progs) think it’s all a show, a meaningless spectacle to be discarded and forgotten should it not go the way they intended.
And since the majority of the media and journalists are political allies (or maybe just hostile to non-progs), a loss can be easily spun into a win in the Theater of Culture and the Court of Public Opinion just through repetition and selective narrative.


“Many of these “progressives” think they are just role-playing… acting”
But then they call out The Donald who is really collecting free publicity.

Leonard Lane

Kieth J, I agree how much lower could he go?
Is the intellectual and moral rot Bill Nye demonstrated with real intent the real consensus of the warmunists?


What possessed you to ask that question? When it comes to low there is no bottom.

David A

You mean he is infinitely deranged?

george e. smith

And besides; they still exclude hermaphrodites, so you still can’t tell one to go and **** itself.

Doug Ward

Actually, the ‘I’ in LGBTQIA stands for ‘Intersex’, which I believe includes (but may not be limited to) hermaphrodites.

Eugene WR Gallun

Mike —
The ability to ponder your own poems and find betterment is the mark of a good poet. Poetry is both inspiration and perspiration. Thank you for the better version of your poem.
Eugene WR Gallun

Brian R

Some would say that Bill Nye is a “Useful Idiot”, but I can’t figure out what what he’s useful for.

Henry Galt

He has become the farce of the movement

Bryan A

Bowel Movement??


…I think it’s required of leftists

UseLESS idiot!


Yes, but useful to the cause, comrade!


Sometimes your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.


A useless tool.


As a bad example, would be my guess.

Mike Bryant

If Bill Nye is embracing the future… I’m staying here in the past…

Every action has its reaction, and in Mr. Nye’s case the action was being a well-paid and usefully idiotic tool, and the reaction is his apparent insanity.

Speedwalker has found himself in much direr straits than this… and has always prevailed!

Eugene WR Gallun

— great comedy — anybody remember the Mr. T commercial he did in England where, from a truck, he shot speedwalkers in the rear end with (I think?) a giant ping pong ball gun while calling them mildly politically incorrect names? That commercial was shelved very quickly.
Eugene WR Gallun

Peter Morris

It was actually a Snickers commercial.

Eugene WR Gallun

Peter Morris –You are right. it did create snickers. — Eugene WR Gallun

Myron Mesecke

I’ve rewritten my reply three times now because I just can’t find the proper words.

Myron, would ‘simplism’ and/or ‘blank slate syndrome’ be of any help.
I know. If Nye should be painted red he could then be known as the “rufous dufous.”


Why complicate things Myron?
The tried and true still express the proper sentiment:
“Holy crap, what a frickin’ jackass!”


“If Charles Darwin were still alive today, he would no doubt squash Bill Nye with a giant Galapagos tortoise.”
That is a great line!!
Maybe Bill should have lived in China. They had rules about the number of kids (and the number of dogs as pets, too). He’s have been much happier there, I think. Maybe we could send him over now. Kind of late, but better late than never. 🙂

Bengt Abelsson

Why would you do that to the chinese people? Seems a bit over the top.


Guess it could cause a diplomatic incident, though I think the Chinese would just move him out to a rural area and have him gather firewood by hand. Should keep them both happy—Bill would be saving the planet and the Chinese could ignore him.

I’m surprised Michael Mann isn’t dancing with him.

tom s

I get hives just looking at the insidiously dishonest ALARMIST ‘Mann’.

You have to wonder if Nye has mental problems. He is clearly not right In the head, beyond I would argue the craziness of a ttypical enviro fanatic.

john harmsworth

I think his bow tie is too tight.


Clay Sanborn

Rev 21:8 seems apropos: “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Pat Frank

Let’s give a little credit here — people can have sex with whomever they like (consensually). But sex is private business; nothing to parade in the streets or exhibit on TV (fat chance).
Bill Nye’s clearly has serious problems distinguishing vulgar from civil. He’s also wrong, and he can’t keep quiet.
Anyone claiming that gender is socially constructed is denying approximately a billion years of evolutionary history. Post-modernism is a kind of new creationism, in that it creates ever new levels of stupidity.
By the way, if you ever get into a conversation with some progressive nutter, point out that “social construction” is itself socially constructed. Their argument can be safely dismissed by their own logic; it’s subjectivist nonsense.


So gender is socially constructed, but trans people want to embrace the stereotype so badly that they want the hormones that supposedly don’t matter and surgery which supposedly doesn’t matter. Just a little confusing.

Eugene WR Gallun

ccscientist — Good point. — Eugene WR Gallun
PS — Remember the good old days when most nutters simply believed they were Napoleon?


“Just a little confusing.”
It is worse than vegans who need to have stuff like veggie burgers.

Tom O

I well remember a female co-worker that told me that she knew better what a woman wanted that was why she was better for a woman then a man. Then she had a sex change operation. I guess in that respect, she told me more about what a woman wanted, and it raised my spirits.

“mutual masturbation” is a more accurate term than “have sex” .

Bryan A

They say you should be married to your partner before having sex, perhaps Mr Nye really just wants to be able to marry himself

i’m going to jump in on this with the contentious fact that the dichotomy of gender is not as clear cut as we were taught –
Intergenderism that requires surgery to create an identifiable gender is a condition that affects as many as 2.7% of people in some populations.
With the greater frequency of DNA testing recent discoveries have revealed some folk who appear male, have all the dangly bits and none of the nice girl bits are actually XX chromosome and are female, the reverse has occurred with fully phenotypic females complete with ovaries and all the functional bits being found to have XY chromosomes – and thus male.
Then there’s all those chimera and mosaics – once believed rare we’re finding greater numbers of people with mix-and-match DNA inside them.. in one study of a bunch of 80+ female cadavers in a morgue, male DNA was found in 80% of the breasts and 65% of the brains of those women. that’s XY DNA, not the XX you’d expect
From a biological perspective there are other higher lifeform animals that express gender based on social, environmental and chemical external triggers, and even some species that appear to be fully female but who can, during the mating season, grow the bits required to mate and fertilize their female partners – all while remaining fully female.
Gender is just another of those things we were taught were absolute that turned out not to be so clear cut. I may have had my own prejudices in the past but I’ve learned a lot over the years and one thing I must say is, given the aggression directed towards transgenders, the social hostility, why would anyone do it? Seriously.. there’s a massive amount of downsides, some of them lethal – and few to no upsides – and it’s taught me that transgender people are some of the bravest people in the world. No, think about it.. really..


You’re absolutely right. Transgenders aren’t harming anybody. Let’s leave them in peace.

Joel Snider

Again, if it was simply about live and let live, I would be fine. If a man wants to put on a dress and pretend he’s a woman, or perform some kind of surgery to alter his body, hey, I don’t care. I’m not going to bother the guy – he’s got enough problems.
But don’t tell me, I have to pretend right along with him. And if his presence in the women’s locker room at the gym upsets the actual women (or young girls) there, then he has to leave – that’s why we have those walls in the first place. I don’t think it’s ‘brave’ at all – I think it’s self-indulgent – especially when forcing an obviously deviant lifestyle upon others.
And far from ‘live and let live’ – we have Progressive governments telling us we don’t even have the right to escort a man in a dress out of the women’s room, under penalty of prosecution.

Eugene WR Gallun

By your definition of brave. sadists. who for their own enjoyment. inflict pain on others and who everyone despises must be some of the bravest people in the world.
To borrow from an above comment — If Charles Darwin were alive today he would no doubt squash you with a giant Galapagos tortoise.
It is moral to have sympathy for the ill — but that does not mean that you should have sympathy for the illness and encourage it.
People are born imperfectly all the time. Some short of limbs. Some with things like Downs Syndrome. The list is long –and medical scientists are endlessly working to shorten that list. Because biological mistakes occur that does not make them “normal”
As far as gender goes you are conflating genetic problems with mental delusions. They are two completely different things. Really, what is the difference between a man who believes he Is Napoleon Bonaparte and a man who believes he is really a woman? The answer is — a somewhat different set of environmental influences operating on someone with an obsessive mental illness
Schools don’t allow teachers to teach children that they are Napoleon and likewise teachers who want to teach this gender bender stuff should not be allowed to teach. Environment seems to determine what type of behavior a mentally ill person exhibits. People like you would make the world less safe for the vulnerable.
In a formal government created environment you would encourage the exhibition of your chosen brand of mentally ill behavior.
You seem to me to be a person who embraces fully the latest crazy pop psychology fad, never examining it to deeply.
Eugene WR Gallun

I’ll just draw, possibly an inappropriate, comparison here.
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.
However, as your descriptive piece demonstrates, things are rarely as they seem.
In terms of accepted climate science (the 97% variety) walking, quacking and looking like a duck most certainly does not mean the climate has feathers can swim, and goes quack, quack..
But that’s not what we are led to believe is true climate science, which is of course settled, so the climate is a duck. All the 26 alphabetic letters of climatic chromosomes matter naught. The climate waddles, articulates itself, and resembles a duck, so we’re all ducked.
Is my spelling OK?


I’m unfamiliar with instances of human XX males and XY females. Could you please cite the literature on these discoveries.
Hermaphrodites exist, and opposite sex twins can affect each other’s development in the womb, but how does a normal XX fetus undergo in her embryological development the transitions leading to maledom?


Karl, it has been shown that pregnant women take on DNA not only from their kids, but from the person who impregnated them.
And it has always been known that what sex organs a person has depends on how a developing fetus responds to the two primary sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen.
All people make both. And all developing babies start out with incipient genitalia which is female in morphology.
3 out of a hundred people born not either specific gender?
What does it mean to say “…in some populations”?
The actual frequency of births, in which there is sufficient uncertainty to even cause hesitation on the part of the physician who assigns sex to the child, is more like 1 in 2,000.
And the vast majority of these cases are resolved within a few hours to a day or two. They typically involve such things as a greatly enlarged clitoris in a girl, or one of both testes being undescended in a boy.
And the number of cases in which there is enough ambiguity for the sex assignment to become a drawn out process of testing and parental education, is closer to 1 in 20,000 births.
Lets not get nuts here.
If it was close to 3% it would be a big issue, compared to what it is…a very rare occurrence but one that happens regularly given the size of our populations.
2.7% is about one in every classroom.
One in 20,000 is more like one out of a hockey arena full of people.
Lets keep it factual…making up bogus numbers while purporting to speaking authoritatively is not scientific…it is just making stuff up.
You know, like when someone decides that they “identify” as a different gender than they really are.
And what the hell does what is going on with other species have to do with any of this?


“things are rarely as they seem”
I think this is exactly the opposite of the actual case.
“Things” usually ARE as they seem.
Hence normality, reality, sanity, and Occam’s Razor.
Saying things are usually not as they seem, is like telling yourself you should not really believe anything much.


Chimp, the phenomenon is real, but exceedingly rare (“four or five in 100,000 individuals”), in which a person does not have the same genitalia as their chromosomal makeup would indicate should be the case.
This has been long known…I learned of it while I was still a teen…then again, I read a lot.
Not hard to find material on it.
But Karl greatly exaggerated the frequency of such occurrences.
It is nothing like the numbers he mentioned. Assuming Karl is a male. Maybe I should just say “the numbers zhe mentioned”.
XX male syndrome even has a name, “de la Chapelle syndrome”.
The other case is called XY gonadal dysgenesis.
These are medical conditions, 100%…not transgenderism.


I know a teacher who tried to teach a student to pretend to be Napoleon. Of course she worked in the drama department.

The chromosomally-challenged people to whom you refer are “transsexual”, I believe, and at birth their gender was “chosen” by a surgeon who decided which bits stayed and which went.. Ordinary humans who decided they were trapped in the wrong bodies are just insane — and crazy people always know there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s a crime they don’t get help instead of being allowed to poison themselves with hormones and butcher themselves with surgery.


“i’m going to jump in on this with the contentious fact that the dichotomy of gender is not as clear cut as we were taught – ”
I’m going to jump in on this with the idea that human children need to acclimate/prepare themselves (with the help of “society”) to being sexually reproducing critters, for many years, or they are likely to do a bad job of raising whatever children they end up having. They might actually resent their offspring for interfering with the satiation of their . .. hedonistic appetites, their careers, their social lives, etc. They might see them as a nuisance, to be placed in “child care”, or in front of the TV, asap and amap (as much as possible).
I don’t think it’s really possible to stifle their development/awareness of the reproductive/parental aspects of themselves for umpteen years, and expect them to suddenly be psychologically and emotionally ready to deal with baby human beings, who will in turn need to prepare and acclimate …….
(And yes, I realize a some people will need to accept that they, and their organisms, are not really the center of the freaking universe . . )


(..nor their orgasms ; )


No. Intergenderism, or intersex, is so rare that when it does happen it is a deformity. It is not something to be celebrated. Chimeras are, once again, genetically rare, so your argument is resting on a few anomalies.
Gender/sex is pretty clear cut. More science is coming out showing that there are profound differences between men and women, not less.
Transgenders receive social hostility because they make demands that we accept them and wage a war against reality. They are statistically more violent than ordinary individuals and have higher co-morbidity rates. Their suicide rates are not related to societal discrimination, and it seems you’re just accepting them because you BELIEVE that gender isn’t so clear cut when it *is*.
The cases you include are often XXX or XYY or XXY, which are all chromosomal disorders. Read: disorder. Not normal. But in all other species, and since we are a BINARY species (mammals adhere to a gender binary) there is only male or female. Citing a few studies on the anomalies does not represent the whole.
And @Trebla yes, they are harming people, and they’re harming children too. Gender ideology harms everyone. A dear shame you are all taking their talking points.

john harmsworth

Agreed. And I’m a little disappointed that this issue gets dragged into this forum when we have important things to focus on that are a better fit. Others can fight over it in better places and we can get on with what we do!

Pat Frank

XX males and XY females are examples of gene cross over mistakes.
To produce these outcomes, during meiosis and chromosome separation, a critical part of a Y gene incorrectly crosses over to the X gene. That part of the Y gene is responsible for male attributes. The XX person actually has a chimeric X gene with a Y addition, and ends up being a morphological male. Interesting to observe that that bit of Y overwhelms all the rest of the XX.
I have not heard of an XY female, but if they occur, it would again be because of a cross over mistake during meiosis. A critical X chimeric addendum on the Y gene producing a morphological female.
XX males have all male traits, including attraction to women. Their gender is entirely determined by their gene products. I’d expect likewise for XY females.
It seems likely that transgender people suffer from some in-utero incorrectly timed or inappropriate developmental exposure to some hormone, resulting in an imposed somatic asymmetry in self-perception. We can recognize that without distorting all of society.
Eugene Gallum’s point about Napoleon is apropos. Psycho-pathologically delusional people do not choose to be delusional. Should they be seen as trans-realists, with the rest of us mere cis-realists? Are we oppressors for insisting on physical reality? Should we distort all of society to accommodate the insistently delusional?
Karl’s 2.7%, by the way, seems suspiciously precise.

Thank you Karl, I agree 100%, and I’m fully heterosexual female. Maybe it’s my science background, and understanding genetics, but it’s unsurprising to me, due to the re-combinant mechanism of chromosomal reproduction, and all the “gray areas” of human sexual orientation, that males and females often receive copies of X or Y chromosomes that in the past, would not have been expected to be there. Science progresses and now we understand why homosexuals and other gender variants exist, it’s genetically hard-wired. People don’t choose to be gender variant, its the hand they are dealt, literally, by genetic chromosomal re-combination. Gender variants are normal people, their sexual activity is their business, as with heterosexuals. It wasn’t long ago left-handed people were whacked on the hand by their teachers.
People can be intolerant of people who are different. As civilized, educated people, we have learned to accept harmless genetic differences….at least I thought so.


Karl’s number of 2.7% overstates the actual case by 4 or 5 orders of magnitude.

Chimp: here’s one example of a genetic male having female parts, in this case a womb and another stranger variant, a ‘female with abnormalities’ turns out to be XY male
chimera oddities abound – this example is quite interesting.
more on that mischievous Y chromosome
Menicholas I said ‘in some populations’ as I couldn’t recall the precise country figures, but some numbers are cited here As to other species, it serves to illustrate that gender is not as binary as we were taught in biology – I’ve discovered a lot of people think only males and females exist and nothing else. As to ‘things are rarely as they seem’ that was talking of false dichotomy (‘there are only two types of people in the world blah blah..)
Hotscot ‘if it walks like a duck’ .. so boyish looking girls should be considered male? Nono.. I assume you are male. Imagine being told you had to wear a dress and marry that sweaty bloke down the road because someone decided you were a girl based on your physiology while every sense in your body screams you’d rather put a gun to your head .. Many cultures in the past accepted that there were alternatives to male and female, American Indians purportedly recognized 5 or more ‘genders’, Thai’s still accept 4+..
Ah, found the population I was talking of- and my figures were as suggested wrong – it was 1 in 90 “The astonishing village where little girls turn into boys aged 12.. ”
I’d not cited references as I thought I had enough cred here to not dredge for hours in the wee hours of the morn looking for them 😉 I shall continue to look for the article where the woman had her child DNA tested prior to birth yet produced a fully phentoypic female.. albeit one with XY chromosomes.. and which went on to say as more testing was done, the frequency of this was found to be increasing..

Eugene WR Gallun

You say — “And it has always been known that what sex organs a person has depends on how a developing fetus responds to the two primary sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. And all people make both and all developing babies start out with the incipient genitalia which is female in morphology”
it took researchers a while to figure out that the cause was testosterone and estrogen but that “all developing babies start out with the incipient genitalia which is female in morphology” is, indeed, old knowledge.
I have completely explained Shakespeare’s Sonnets. (Well, while i can not swear who the Dark Lady is, i have a good idea.) They were written as patronage poems to a young Southampton who was still furthering his education. Shakespeare creatively uses “school boy stuff” in his poems — things Southampton was studying. These are some lines from Sonnet 20.
“And for a woman wert thou first created
Till nature as she wrought thee fell a-doting
And by addition me of thee defeated
By adding one thing to my purpose nothing
….But since she pricked thee out for women’s pleasure
….Mine be thy love and thy love’s use their treasure
The sissy savants of academia have always claimed that lines in Shakespeare’s Sonnets (particularly these) contain secret homosexual confessions. Distorted people have distorted imaginations. And they attempt to inflict their delusions on those around them.
Anybody have any trouble reading the above Shakespeare lines now?
“Use” is an interesting word. One forgotten meaning — It is short for “usage” which was what the interest on a loan was called and another being the property rights marrying granted to a spouse. In the poem, if Southampton marries, then the “use” his wife receives is a child. Part of Southampton’s education was the study of law.
Eugene WR Gallun
[“Useage” or “usury” ? .mod]

Eugene “People are born imperfectly all the time. Some short of limbs. Some with things like Downs Syndrome. The list is long –and medical scientists are endlessly working to shorten that list. Because biological mistakes occur that does not make them “normal””
I get this, but do we let folks with biological mistakes die from Grave’s disease.. or diabetes? Co-joined twins.. babies born with bits that should be inside which are instead out – relegated to freak shows? No we intervene and bring the weight of our medical community to bear to assist them.
Most kids wouldn’t think twice about their ‘gender’, they’re too busy being dynamos but when puberty hits and they emerge from their larval stage, some have an ohshit moment and discover they are the ‘wrong’ gender.. what, is their an expiry date on our compassion? Sorry kid, if you knew your tomboy-ism was going to be permanent you should have told us.. Sad fact is *some* people, call them de3formed or crippled if you wish, are not ‘normal’ and while some may live OK with their deformity, others might want it corrected – have a heart.. I know gender can be an icky issue for some but it can be life or death for these afflicted folk.
A further correction to my OP, chimera oddities was supposed to link to this
And i’ll reiterate my 2.7% figure was wrong as I already stated (the reason was actually I hit the wrong key, I intended to put 1.7 as per the wikipedia article I linked above)

Eugene WR Gallun

This thread seems about over nevertheless i will throw this in — a comment on my comment that brought up Shakespeare.
In Shakespeare’s Sonnets Shakespeare uses the term “love” in reference to Southampton. Today we don’t understand that term as it was used back then. To understand the term we must go back to the Old Testament.
[Note: The Old Testament ain’t that old. It was written by Christian Hebrews after the death of Christ. I bet you don’t believe that.]
The old Exodus Hebrews did not say that they loved God. What they said was that they feared God. By worshiping the Young Bull, the god of Canaan, the land to which they were going, they outraged God and He deemed them unworthy.and said He would destroy them if He were to go among them.
The only reason He did not destroy them back then was that He has previously promised that they would become as numerous as the stars. That had to be fulfilled — but once they were as numerous as the stars then God was free to destroy them.. So Hebrews feared God and their piety was performed to keep God as far away from them as possible — the thinking being that in that way they could hold back the day of their destruction. So Hebrew piety was inspired by fear. Fear of God defined their relationship with God.
Then Christ, an aspect of God, walked among the Hebrews and they killed Him and so brought about their destruction by the Romans who perform God’s delayed judgment.
What is the relationship between God and Christians? The answer, of course, is mutual love. Love defines the relationship between Christians and God. Love was the purest of all emotions.
A king spoke of loving his people and his people spoke of loving their King. And so too a patron was supposed to love his adherents and his adherents were to love their patron. Mutual love was the defining relationship between God and humanity and was supposed to be the defining relationship between all human beings.
So Shakespeare’s love of Southampton was the same type of love that Shakespeare felt for God.
Well, to be practical, Shakespeare by continually proclaiming his love for Southampton was placing a heavy burden on Southampton. Southampton, as patron, had to return that love. Shakespeare loves Southampton so greatly in the sonnets that one suspects that Southampton was much the poorer for it.
Eugene WR Gallun


“Note: The Old Testament ain’t that old. It was written by Christian Hebrews after the death of Christ. I bet you don’t believe that.]”
Of course not, Eugene . . you win that one ; )

Eugene WR Gallun

Karl —
If you will reread what you wrote you will see that you quickly equate physical defects with later “self-beliefs”.
You claim that these “self-beliefs” arise due to awakening physical defects not hitherto recognized by the medical profession.
Mental illness is a physical defect. The mentally ill always have a difficult time dealing with people. And they develop some rather strange beliefs about why that is so. (There are, for instances, cases where the ill blamed their isolation on the “fact” that they really smelled bad and that physical bad smell they emitted repulsed people. More common is the fear of germs leading to excessive hand washing and a fear of being touched — not helpful in forming personal relationships.)
The point I am striving for here is that the mentally ill, for the most part, find “escape” in their fantasies — and the mentally ill are not very good at recognizing that their thinking is aberrant. The motto of the mentally ill might be —
………………………………………………If it makes you feel better, believe it
And the mentally ill are notorious for crafting small worlds for themselves from which they attempt to exclude all disturbing influences. Isolation is very often a manifestation of a mental illness.
But that is not the case we are facing today. Rather just the opposite. Our society is misapplying its natural sympathy for the ill.
The mentally ill are demanding that all of society join in their fantasies and proclaim their reality. A man stands up and says — I am a woman! — and makes the demand that all society join in his fantasy — and pay for his sex change operation.
No. A thousand times No!
Eugene WR Gsllun


Folks, if someone says they know what many thousands of people, who lived thousands of years ago, felt about anything, as though a single consciousness, and as though even individual people have single minded hyper-simple feelings about things, dismiss them as being at least somewhat unfamiliar with their own species, I advise ; )
I love God, and I fear God. The two things are not really opposites . . relating to humans, one fears alienating those they love, for instance. In the case of an all powerful heart-knower, one is extremely hesitant to do things He would disapprove of, and strange as that might sound to some, that’s a form of fear . . We watch what we fear, it’s a very basic thing . .

Eugene WR Gallun

John Knight —
I should mention that I am an atheist and don’t have any skin in the game as to what the Old Testament really says when translated correctly. I call it like I see it and let the chips fall where they may. (Mixed metaphors, I’m slipping.)
I admit that I do have a perverse streak in me. I like telling people a truth that they cannot believe, that flies in the face of all they have for so long “known”. As a kid I use to pull wings off flies and burn up ants with a magnifying glass. (Alright, not regularly but a few times.)
The Old Testament was written by Christian Hebrews. And one of the points of it was to contrast the Christian religion with the religion of those Hebrews who killed Christ. The old Hebrews are always running around saying that they “fear God”. Christian Hebrews when they arrived on stage were always running around saying “We love God and God loves us.” That was a major selling point of the early Christian faith — that God was a God of love and there was no need to fear Him.
When you know who the authors of a written work really were it gives you a big leg up in understanding the writing.
Eugene WR Gallun
PS — I hope this reply comes out somewhere near your response to me so that you will see it and it will disturb you further.


“I should mention that I am an atheist and don’t have any skin in the game as to what the Old Testament really says when translated correctly.”
Huh? ??? Sir, I have no words for that level of (what to me is) absurdity. IF the Book as we know it, is indeed an actual Communication from God, ALL your skin is most definitely in the game, as is everyone’s . . (If it’s just some human writings, then of course not) . . I’m stunned by your apparent lack of basic logical thought in this regard . .
“The old Hebrews are always running around saying that they “fear God”. Christian Hebrews when they arrived on stage were always running around saying “We love God and God loves us.” ”
How do you know that? Been time traveling (extensively) have you?
“PS — I hope this reply comes out somewhere near your response to me so that you will see it and it will disturb you further.”
I hope you take some time to think the matter through.


Eugene WR Gallun April 28, 2017 at 4:53 pm
[Note: The Old Testament ain’t that old. It was written by Christian Hebrews after the death of Christ. I bet you don’t believe that.]
You seem rather adamant about this, considering your claim to have “no skin in the game.” How interesting that Jesus could stand in the temple and read from a scroll of Isaiah when it hadn’t been written yet. He finished with the words: “This day has this prophecy been fulfilled in your ears.” And maybe that’s the rub – as an atheist you cannot admit the verity of prophecy, leaving yourself no choice but to invent an alternate scenario. You really think the early Christians had time to concoct the OT as a back-story before writing the New? Wow! That makes no sense to me at all. I think they were way too busy for that.
It might interest you to know that “fear of God” is simply “reverence for God.” Nothing to do with being scared.

Phil R

Pat Frank,

Post-modernism is a kind of new creationism, in that it creates ever new levels of stupidity.

I’m so stealing that! 🙂

Pat Frank

Welcome to it, Phil. 🙂

Michael Jankowski

Sonja: Alright, let’s say that there is no God and each man is free to do exactly as he chooses, well, well, what prevents you from murdering somebody?
Boris: Well, murder is immoral.
Sonja: Immorality is subjective.
Boris: Yes but subjectivity is objective.
Sonja: Not in any rational scheme of perception.
Boris: Perception is irrational, it implies immanence.
Sonja: But judgement of any system or a priori relation of phenomena exists in any rational or metaphysical or at least epistemological contradiction to an abstract and empirical concept such as being or to be or to occur in the thing itself or of the thing itself.
Boris: Yeah, I’ve said that many times.

Eugene WR Gallun

Slacko —
I am replying to Slacko (April 30, 9:46am) but I no longer know exactly where this post is going to wind up. Hopefully somewhere below his post.
I am adamant about this? — naw, as i implied in another post i like telling people true stuff they find impossible to believe because i like to see them have a hissy fit.
I have never translated the Book Of Isaiah so don’t know crap about it. I had never read the quote from Luke that Jesus uses. Do me a favor — in the future quote chapter and verse where this stuff can be found so I don’t have to do an internet search to find it.
I have, though, translated the Book Of Noah. It was written by Hebrew Christians but the story takes place in the distant past — the point being more current authors can write of about things they place happening in the past. That is what all history writing must do.
The Book Of Jonah is a comedy with a serious point. Jonah gets everything wrong even getting tossed into the sea when he says he fears God (he thinking he is saying that he would never do anything to cross God, the God he fears and the sailor thinking he is saying that he fears his God because he has committed some crime against his God and out of fear is running away — fearing retaliation).
The Book Of Jonah is about the Qiqayon — which represents a period of grace. The Christian Hebrews had a problem trying to explain why the Hebrews were not destroyed immediately after they nailed up Christ. In the Book Of Jonah we realize (it is not said overtly) that Jonah’s Israel was about to be destroyed after being given a period of grace about 70 years in length. Israel had received a Qiqayon which it did not put to good use.and God’s patience ran out. So after the nailing the Hebrew were given a Qiqayon of about 70 years in which to get their act together and accept the teachings of Christ which they didn’t do and so got destroyed. That is the important teaching of the Book Of Jonah — the real reason the Book Of Jonah was written.
So current authors can write about people who lived in the past to make points about a current situation.
Again I repeat, I have not translated the Book Of Isaiah so don’t know dog shiit about it but Isaiah was probably a figure of the past that was available for both Jesus and Christian Hebrews to comment on. That Jesus spoke about a historical figure before the Christian Hebrews wrote about him means nothing.
By the way Jesus sort shortened the full quote. The quote goes on to say — “and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn.
Jesus was sort of a Kumbaya kind of guy and seems to have been selecting what Isaiah said that was true. Jesus apparently wasn’t into vengeance.
And did the early Christians have time to write this stuff? Listen up — there are numerous writers who have written hundreds of book in their lifetime. And numerous books are published each year by a vast number of authors. So the answer to you is — yeah, sure they did. And in particular since a lot of what is written in the Old Testament might very well be Christian re-writings of older works.
Anyway, that is enough for today.
Eugene WR Gallun


Eugene WR Gallun April 30, 2017 at 4:05 pm
I am adamant about this?
Well, you said it twice so I figured you were stirring for something. And yes I should have quoted chapter and verse but it was after 3:00 a.m. My apologies.
Jonah gets everything wrong …
OK, Jonah is disobedient and has reason to be scared of God, I’ll give you that one. But it’s not an example of the general meaning which was respect and reverence. Men of great faith feared God — Noah was found worthy to be saved from “the destruction of all flesh” and Abraham was declared the seed of the promise of salvation (that the Messiah would be one of his descendants.) You implied that men of faith were living in fear. I’m just saying they weren’t running scared, they were obedient.
The Christian Hebrews had a problem trying to explain why the Hebrews were not destroyed immediately after they nailed up Christ.
Not sure I’ve heard that before. Maybe you figure they forgot about the earthquake and the darkness of the sun on the day of crucifixion. Anyway, they should not have been troubled for long as there’s only a 50 day window from Ascension to Pentecost when the answers again became available.
The quote goes on to say — “and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn.”
Yep. Jesus quoted only the part that had been fulfilled that day. There’s a time and place for vengeance.
… a lot of what is written in the Old Testament might very well be Christian re-writings of older works.
Well, you’re free to believe what you want but I must respectfully disagree.
And thanks, this is much more interesting than the seance nye guy.


The Bat Guano Crazy pandemic is spreading….
Run for your lives!


If he starts talking about eating brains, I’m pulling out my machete.


Bill Nye the twerking … twerp.


Oh my gosh!
Bill Nye twerking
Now I need brain bleach


The Anti-Science Guy has been accused of having once uttered the now un-PC words that “Gender is determined by chromosomes”. Gender of course is a grammatical term, not a biological one. It has been appropriated by radical psychologists to replace the facts of life, ie that sex is indeed determined by chromosomes.
There are genetic disorders involving accidentally inheriting different combination and permutations of sex chromosomes besides the standard XX or XY. But in general, even an XXY person will appear phenotypically male.
So do XYY individuals, as you’d expect:
XXX girls are, perhaps surprisingly, taller than average:
That the Transgender Guy now believes that chromosomes have no effect on “gender” just shows how far down the anti-science road the publicity hound has wandered.
He married for the first time, aged 50, but it didn’t work out well. From Wiki:
“Nye announced his engagement during an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and was married to his fiancée of five months, musician Blair Tindall, on February 3, 2006. The ceremony was performed by Rick Warren at The Entertainment Gathering at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Yo-Yo Ma provided the music. Nye left the relationship seven weeks later when the marriage license was declared invalid. In 2007, Nye received a protective order against Tindall after an incident in which she came onto his property and used herbicide to damage his garden. Tindall admitted this but denied being a threat to him. In 2012, Nye sued Tindall for unpaid attorney’s fees he incurred while he went to court in 2009 to enforce the protective order against Tindall after she allegedly violated it. According to Nye’s court filings, she was ordered to pay these fees and, to date, has not paid any of it.
“Nye is an avid swing dancer and describes himself as agnostic.”
Swing might be the operative word here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here’s how I generally put it:
Nouns have gender; people have sex.
Nouns that have gender are declined; people who are declined don’t have sex.

Eugene WR Gallun

AuricTech — Witty humor is somewhat lacking in our culture. Keep up the good work. — Eugene WR Gallun

But it is still funny.

Eugene WR Gallun

Ian Random — a couple pictures are worth a couple thousand words. — Eugene WR Gallun


Snopes claims that Nye never said the forbidden words, ie that gender is defined by chromosomes.
This is funny, since homosexuals used to claim that they were born that way. And indeed, some do have brains of the opposite sex.

Pop Piasa

Move over, Dr. Ruth. Bill’s sex engineering is taking over.


Good one, Ian! Very Funny!

john harmsworth

It makes sense that the screwball centre would be in L.A. Perhaps you could advise where exactly so I don;’t come across it by accident.

X and Y chromosomes alone don’t determine how the brain develops. As I said in a comment below, a boy generally undergoes brain masculinization during roughly his first year after birth, and the process depends on production of testosterone, conversation of the testisterone to estradiol (even though that is generally thought of as a female hormone), and on the developing brain to respond to the estradiol.


(I posted similar to this a few days ago … as an example of twisting statics. So again, but more in line with the subject article)
Which statement is most correct:
A) The average marcher in the “Science March” has no testicles.
B) Bill Nye is a scientist that will march in the “Science March”.
B) On average, half of the people that will march in the “Science March” have only one testicle.
D) Bill Nye is a good representative of the average scientist in the “Science March”
E) Bill Nye is a good representative of the average marcher in the “Science March”
F) Evolution means never having to say you are sorry.



It will be interesting to see what happens to Mr. Nye down the road. In the meanwhile he still has a following. He spoke at the Weinberg Center for the Arts, in Frederick Maryland on 20 April. It was a sell out so an additional performance was added the next day. According to the Weinberg’s promotional material:
“His career began as an engineer at Boeing, but not long after going to work for them, Nye began to combine his love of science with his flair for comedy, developing dual careers as an engineer by day and a stand-up comic by night. Eventually, Nye quit his day job and made the transition to a comedy writer and performer on Seattle’s homegrown ensemble comedy show “Almost Live,” where “Bill Nye the Science Guy®” was born.”
So he is a comedian and tells jokes.

Now you are making me want to dig out just what he worked on at Boeing. There may be some airplane types that you absolutely do NOT want to fly in.

Mark T

IIRC, he was in space operations as a trainer or something.

Dave in Canmore

Did I just hear that correctly? Climate change fanatics think someone is too political and is hurting their cause? Excuse me I must have something crazy in my ear!

Richard M

Bill Nye the pervert guy should be finished. It will be interesting to see if the liberal media will support him or throw him under the bus.

Mayor of Venus

Bill Nye is still the CEO of the Planetary Society. I dropped my membership about the time he got that position years ago. It seems he’s not spending much time working at being the CEO…..what with all the other activities he has time for. It’s way past time for the Planetary Society to get a real Planetary scientist as their CEO.


I’m guessing that Nye is still stinging from being kicked of the March for “Science” leadership team for having the wrong plumbing.
So he’s going whole hog on the gender identity thing in order to get back in the good graces of his masters.


A plausible conjecture, given his pathetic publicity houndness. May well be the case, but he has long been promoting the PC lie that chromosomes don’t determine “gender”, which is of course a grammatical, not a biological or psychological term hijacked by radical opposite-sex restroom advocates and “identity” N@zis.
The Transgender Guy married for the first time at age 50. It lasted seven weeks and involved a restraining order. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
The fact is that a Y chromosome makes you phenotypically male, even if you have a double dose of X chromosomes or two Ys and an X. Two X chromosomes make you female, even if you have a third one.


There is one feminist who thinks biology does matter. Camille Paglia


Yup. One smart lesbian dame.

when you say “The Transgender Guy married for the first time at age 50.” Am I correct in assuming you mean Bill Nye.
I ask that question not to judge him, because of course no one in the UK knows of him, but that might be a concern as to his mental stability, if a marriage didn’t last more than 7 weeks.
And whilst we all must respect one another’s private lives (in my opinion ‘celebrities’ as well) if a 50 year old guy trucked up at a job interview, wearing a bow tie, having crashed his first marriage in 7 weeks, would any of us not think twice about employing him?
Nor do I want to get personal about the man, but he seems reminiscent of 1950’s, black and white TV, American comedians, Bilkoesque indeed. I recall a comic strip character of the time he reminds me of, though I can’t remember his name.
But somehow America seems beguiled by Bill.
I would not be surprised at all about revelations of his sexual proclivities in time as, whilst I question ‘normality’, he seems an exhibitionist. And if he’s not getting it with a wife of girlfriend, he’s getting it somewhere. Single celebrities rarely turn down the opportunity when it presents itself.
The UK has an enigmatic, unmarried, ageing celebrity, with a similarly overly secretive private life. I’m sure he’s getting it somewhere as well. The difference is he’s a good singer, and he sticks to it, rather than Bills penchants for diversifying into entertainment.
Should our UK celebrities sex life matter? No, not a bit, that’s his concern. But then he doesn’t overtly promote transgenderism. And certainly not as evolutionary progression.
Bill seems a strange man.
I think I just wasted my time, and yours.


Actually, is the SRY gene, located in the Y chromosome, what makes you male.
In some conditions where this SRY gene is transferred to the X chromosome will make a person male even with a XX karyotype. It is called the XX male syndrome.
And in some conditions where the SRY gene is missing or it is non-functional will render female phenotypes even with the XY caryotype. This is called the Swyer syndrome.
But those are genetic diseases.
If you want to know more:
I quote form there:

Embryos are gonadally identical, regardless of genetic sex, until a certain point in development when the testis-determining factor causes male sex organs to develop. Therefore, SRY plays an important role in sex determination. A typical male karyotype is XY. Individuals who inherit a normal Y chromosome and multiple X chromosomes are generally male (such as in Klinefelter Syndrome, which has an XXY karyotype). Atypical genetic recombination during crossover when a sperm cell is developing can result in karyotypes that do not match their phenotypic expression.
Most of the time, when a developing sperm cell undergoes crossover during its meiosis, the SRY gene stays on the Y chromosome. If it is transferred to the X chromosome, however, the resulting Y chromosome will not have an SRY gene and can no longer initiate testis development. Offspring which inherit this Y chromosome will have Swyer syndrome, characterized by an XY karyotype and a female phenotype. The X chromosome that results from this crossover event now has a SRY gene, and therefore the ability to initiate testis development. Offspring who inherit this X chromosome will have a condition called XX male syndrome, characterized by an XX karyotype, and a male phenotype. While most XX males develop testis, it is possible for them to experience incomplete differentiation resulting in the formation of both testicular and ovarian tissues in the same individual. XX male syndrome results in infertility, most likely caused by the inactivation (either random or non-random) of the X chromosome containing the SRY in some cells.


Yes I meant Nye. I had to post twice, as happens so often, and changed the text without checking the missing reference.
Celebrities are often not “normal”, whatever that is. IMO it only matters if they start scaring horses and frightening animals. Or worse.
Nye has been getting progressively, so to speak, worse, at least publicly.
Thanks. I’m embarrassed not to have kept up with human genetics after leaving the teaching of it in the 1970s.


Is there a point at which progressives will say, “We’ve arrived. There’s nothing left to fight for. Paradise is ours.”? No there isn’t. There will always be another cause and eventually it will be a really stupid, even suicidal cause. I think we passed that point a few years ago.


When your life is defined as fighting for the cause, you can’t ever allow the cause to win. It would leave you with nothing to live for.


Wrong plumbing and the wrong paint job.


It seems he was also of the of the wrong part of the spectrum.


Science fiction fan Rachel Bloom is the author and performer of those haunting ballads, “F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury” and “You Can Touch My Boobies”. Also of that holiday season classic album, “Suck It, Christmas”, featuring the hit song, “Chanukah Honey”.


I looked her up on youtube and you’re right! I’ve never even heard of her before today and that video was uploaded in 2010. I need to lower my standards such that I watch ‘performances’ by people with little or no talent.


She’s better known for her TV show, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.


It’s getting more and more difficult to distinguish oneself (or one’s ‘brand’ – ugh, I hate that term) as a ‘celebrity’.


SAVE THE PLANET! – get castrated


Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat


I like Crowder’s take.
Bill Nye thinks there is no argument allowed that global warming is real and your fault. If you deny it you belong in prison.
But your gender is a spectrum, and depending on how you feel, you can choose to be in ladies prison or men’s prison.

Ross King

In the top photo, is Mickey-Mouse-Mann holding Billie’s hand, I wonder?
We’ve heard of the obsessively closeted world of the mutually supportive Climate Science community (as evidenced by ClimateGate) but this is ‘Nye’ surreal.


This is not what they meant when they taught you to sing from the diaphragm.


It’s a source of good vibrations

The Badger


Another Doug

Marnof wins the Internet.


Great Steve Martin line! “That’d hurt, wouldn’t it?”


Um, may want to take a gander at his latest lunacy. Ice cream orgies…

Those talking ice-cream cones look a lot like talking penises. But that’s just sexist. This comment should be deleted.


If mine looked like one of those, I would seek the care of a skilled physician.

Bryan A

Is that part of the Weirding Way?


We should all thank Nye for not leaving a reproducing sample of his genes to humanity.


Shame his parents didn’t think the same way

Dr Dave

Upon reading of the latest antics of Mr. Nye, the non-science guy, a name popped into my head of another perverse person who made his living entertaining children… Pee-wee Herman. Herman’s career vanished overnight after his actions were “exposed” (pun intended). Hopefully Nye’s career will follow a similar circuitous path down the drain.
But do not fear, they both can both take up new careers as charter members of the Society for the Creative Use of Morality (SCUM).

If you thought Pee-Wee’s act was for children, you weren’t paying attention. It was childlike, sure, but it wasn’t aimed at kids.


I think that Bill Nye and Michael Mann are perfect examples of those advocating climate science, in every way!

Killer Marmot

This happened to David Suzuki in Canada as well. As he got older, he became more cantankerous and less tolerant with those he disagreed.

Ross King

As to David suzuki, last time I saw him was in First Class seating. Us “hard-arse” passengers were getting on after the ‘elite” and had to shutffe thro’ the First Class cabin to get to our assigned seats in the rear.
There he was, looking extremely embarrassed (as he should) as word passed doewn the line of crawling hoi-polloi: “Look who’s here!@ It’s David Suzuki!” I hailed him with: “David, what are you doing in first Class?” and he tried his best to disguise himself as a newspaper.


I think people who are certain they are right get cantankerous when people continue to disagree with them over the years.


It is astounding what a society worries about when it no longer feels the need to worry about survival.


That thought goes through my head at least once a month.


Useless idiot ?


He’s the perfect guy to lead the ‘Climate Fight’. He will show the world just how screwed and politically driven the whole ‘fight’ really is!


The Nye guy looks like the pee wee guy, bow tie and all. I’ll stop my comment here, I’m trying to be PC.

Josh is a genius: “I got no “why?” chromosome”
Hillarious. 🙂

Harry Passfield

That’s probably something to do with his Mann complex.

“Too jaded and political to be the face of the movement.”
It wouldn’t need to be a “movement” if the science was sound. It would just “be.”
Also, “too jaded and political?” Those things make him the biggest target of their affections! Promotion-worthy!

The shame here is a lot of people remember being inspired toward an interest in science when they were young, and Nye was a bit more focused on actual science. One of the guests on Tucker Carlson last night expressed that thought, and said she was very upset to see how far off the rails he had gone. I grew up (a long time ago) with “Mister Wizard” on Saturday TV, so I can relate to those feelings.
Sad to see what might have been a useful life turn into such a shipwreck. Hopefully it will not bring regard for science down with it.

john harmsworth

You worry too much. His life was never going to be useful.


I always preferred Beakman’s World, anyway. The female assistants were cute and the guy in the rat suit was pretty funny.


And on the stage backdrop behind the stage??
Bill Nye Saves The World
Psychopathic delusion
Mental illness has just gone mainstream. I still do not know what to say about that music video but it is nothing you would want children to watch.


Just watched the full video and if I wasn’t so embarrassed at the lack of talent of those ‘performers’, I would have busted out laughing.


I watched the video and I thought it was hilarious. But then someone told me it was a serious effort. I laughed even harder!

The Badger

A little unfair on Bill, at least he used the word “vagina”, could have been worse…which reminds me, how is Dr.Mann these days ?

Schrodinger's Cat

I gather Nye is some sort of Show Biz science personality. We have more boring versions of Nye in the UK. I imagine that such people, having access to the public via the media, also have excellent relationships with WWF, Greenpeace and “on message” academics who all willingly provide newsworthy scoops to provide alarmist headlines and propaganda.
Such people never actually present the alternative argument or any news that challenges their activism. Probably someone like Nye is a powerful PR asset to the believers but maybe vulnerable to errors of judgement such as the one described above. Here in the UK, our leading Nye contender is complete consistent and unlikely to make a similar mistake. Our Mr Nye is known by the initials BBC.

Bruce Cobb

I think his bowtie is shutting off oxygen to his brain.

Terry C

One of the lyrics in Rachel Blooms “song” suggested that the listener should have no issue with “give a stranger a handy”. I guess we should respectfully request a handy from her should we ever make her personal acquaintance.
Then another lyric insists that the listener should expect sex to include butt-stuff. Last time I looked, the biological (ie. scientific) function of the butt is to excrete waste material, not to take in other peoples body fluids, or to expose your mucus membranes and reproductive organs directly to another persons excrement .
The health and hygiene issues surrounding exposing yourself to this butt-sex activity is serious health and safety stuff.
Hey, whatever your kink is, knock yourself out, safely and hygienically hopefully. But for these people to publicly and openly try to indoctrinate others into such dangerous attitudes and activities is mind boggling.
And if this program is being targeted at anyone under the age of majority, I think they may be opening themselves up legal challenges and lawsuits.


Wow, just…wow. The word ‘degenerate’ comes to mind.

Jimmy Haigh

Desperately grabbing every cent he can until he is finally and totally rumbled for the fraud he is.

Peta from Cumbria, now Newark

and I thought I came up with some crazy ideas.
Just goes to show though, how much damage eating, drinking (and smoking) plants can do. They might look pretty and lovely and fresh and colourful and appear to just begging for to be eaten but, they really don’t want to eaten and will make you regret doing so.
Leave them to the experts, like bison, cows, sheep, bambi etc – after millions of years of veganism they know what they’re doing


I’m disappointed by all this bashing of transgender folks. It makes us look bigoted. We’re better than that.
For what it’s worth, I see transgender surgery as simply a form of cosmetic surgery. Just like a face lift, some of the people who want it are going to have unrealistic expectation of what it will do for their social lives — and some subset of them will really regret it afterward.
But hey, it’s none of my business if you want to get a pair of bunny ears grafted onto your head, as long as I don’t have to pay for them. Do what you like. But if you insist on showing them to me, I’ll probably laugh.

Leonard Lane

jdgalt. In a live and let live world what you say might be reasonable. But, we do not live in that world. One person should not be able to use the law and the courts to make their way correct and your way wrong. And they should not be able to do it by rioting, arson, and any number of other crimes. Take a look at Berkeley and see what has happened to free speech, individual liberty, and live and let live. There are intellectual and moral rules that help each other live free and maintain their freedoms. Sadly, I do not think the intellectual and morals Bill Nye is practicing and encouraging are to help each other but to force his will on others or destroy them. The term deniers is loaded with connotations such as Holocaust deniers and science deniers. Terms such as this are designed to degrade, destroy, and defeat others.

J Mac

Great cartoons, Josh!
Bill Nye – Leader of the Bowel Movement….

JB Say

For a laugh, watch Nye on Tucker Carlson’s show. He claims we absolute certainty that human activity causes ALL observed climate change, that we would be in an ice age right now but for human activity, then claims that the climate would be the same as in the 1750’s without human activity. This is their champion of science.

Tom in florida

If he is right then ………… whew!!! Perhaps we have misunderstood him, perhaps he means he is glad the weather is not like the 1750’s.

Jim G1

The science guy has gone the way of Scientific American, National Geographic and Discover Magazine. From Junk science to no longer firing on all cylinders. Even my one junk science magazine, Astronomy, which still has some real science is headed for Nye territory with the latest column by Jeff Hester citing the DK syndrome and “climate deniers” amongst those he speaks down to and castigates. It ain’t what people don’t know that gets them in trouble, it’s all the things they do know that just ain’t so. Samuel Clemens