Where I get hate mail from an unhinged eco-warrior

People send me stuff, sometimes it’s irrational hate mail from snowflakes…like this one.

Per our WUWT policy on such things, anonymity is not guaranteed, though it probably a fake email address anyway. And I thought Tripp Funderburk was over the top!

Anonymity is not guaranteed on this blog. Posters that use a government or publicly funded IP address that assume false identities for the purpose of hiding their source of opinion while on the taxpayers dime get preferential treatment for full disclosure, ditto for people that make threats.

I’d say there’s a threat in this comment, wouldn’t you?

If you want to make me Target#1, well then you go right ahead. Though I doubt people like yourself, who hide behind obfuscated emails and handles, have any real capability beyond doing anything beyond email rants sent from their mom’s basement.

And the left wonders why nobody is taking them seriously anymore when it comes to global warming aka climate change.

397 thoughts on “Where I get hate mail from an unhinged eco-warrior

  1. As always, so sorry Anthony to read this kind of foolish vitriol, especially on Easter Day.

    You’ve given it more attention that it deserves.

    The rest of us know the truth, and we keep the faith.

    • Felix. Good point. Your name brought to mind Felix Mendelssohn. And that brought to mind this:

      “The Gift of Music” by Theocracy

      Brought to you by one of the “old fat conservative white guys” who likes to hang out around this place.




      To Scorpion,

      You obviously struggle, given the verbal abilities you were born with, to express yourself.

      Try music.

      The melodies will give you wings to fly above creation
      whenever you can’t find the words to say.

      Better yet, try love.
      It is a force far more powerful than hate.
      Start with loving yourself.
      Then, you will start to love truth — for truth will set you free.

      With love from the One who as he hung dying on a cross said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


      Christ is RISEN!!! 🙂

      • You, Janice, strike me as a humanities type. How did you ever get to notice us, science-oriented guys? I istened to your musicale and enjoyed it. Can I say, noble thoughts not paid attention to by miscreants? Happy Easter even tough I am a Darwinist and all that that implies.

      • Dear Mr. Arrak,

        I’m glad you enjoyed the tune. Yes, not likely, but, worth a try….

        You are correct (and I’m not surprised, for you WUWT science giants have demonstrated exceptional intelligence over the years). Three of my four majors were non-technical. According to the “interest inventory” test we high school seniors all took, I should have majored in one of the arts. I didn’t. I hated school and just wanted a degree that would enable me to make a decent living. LOL. I should have majored in an art!

        I care deeply about freedom. That is why I am here. I enjoy the mental gymnastics (for me, given my lack of science ed.), but, I work to learn about CO2 science for one purpose only: to make sure the envirostalinists and enviroprofiteers are DEFEATED in their vile human CO2 schemes which cause widespread poverty and disease and generally put vice-grips on our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

        I found WUWT via Mark Steyn’s site — he wrote about and linked to WUWT in early 2013.

        After John F. Hultquist’s (and others’) warm welcome that April: I was hooked! 🙂

        Thank you for taking the time (as so many fine, bright, engineers and scientists do here) to keep WUWT the high-level science forum and super-peer review opportunity it is!

        Your admirer and ally for science truth,


        P.S. Thank you for your kind Easter greetings! The atheist across the street roared around his lawn on his riding mower this morning and is at this moment blasting away with his pressure washer to tell the world what he thinks of the day — poor guy. (and I will be praying that you can, someday, even if still a “Darwinist,” at least not be one with ALL that implies … 🙂 ).

      • Janice Moore April 16, 2017 at 1:09 pm

        … The atheist across the street roared around his lawn on his riding mower this morning and is at this moment blasting away with his pressure washer to tell the world what he thinks of the day …

        His antisocial behaviour will make his life more miserable and shorter. link Pray for him.

        Truly He is risen.

      • Amen, Janice.

        And, Arno, God made things very easy for us. (What rescuer makes it hard for those they’re trying to save?)
        Romans 10:9 doesn’t mention a belief for or against Darwin.
        After accepting Romans 10:9, all our past, present, future sin died on the cross with Him and remained there when we were raised with Him.
        Any “feeling” of separation from God” after that is “all in our heads”. That’s what the rest of the verses are about. Once one is “born again”, we still have the same “heads” we had before. What do we put in them? More importantly, what do we allow into our hearts.
        There’s a day coming when “we’ll know even as we are known”.
        We’ll know for sure that all of our “Why did I do that”, “Why did I think that”, What’s wrong with that”, “How could I have been so stupid” moments, truly are dead through no effort of our own.

      • And a Joyous Easter to you, too, from this agnostic…

        We probably won’t see this one for a while, though, as he almost certainly will be sent back to SJW Skul. He left out “cis-sexual” and “Mormon” from his screed.

      • Happy Easter Janice and All. I’m sorry you have to encounter nut cases like Scorpion Anthony but those who endeavour to speak the truth always make enemies I’m afraid. Keep up the good work everyone; truth will out and evil be defeated in the end though it might take a long time.

      • Thanks for the music Janice! Good stuff! More importantly, He is risen Indeed!!! Happy Easter!

      • Janice,
        I see you mentioned my name – again.
        I’ve inserted a link in an 8:37 pm reply.
        Pretty flower for Easter.

      • WoW! You say embarrassing things! I am for freedom too. As it happened. I got separated from my folks during the war and was able to get to the West while my two brothers and parents got stuck under the Soviet regime. One of my brothers was shipped off to to a Gulag and did not get out until Stalin died. Things are better for them now and I visit them even though I live here. They sure can appreciate the freedom they gained when the Soviet Union died. When the war was over I inveigled myself a scholarship, went to college here, married, and settled down.Had a fairly decent science job with the Apollo Lunar Lander module at Grumman until Nixon got elected. He hated everything about JFK and ordered the last three LEMs cancelled because Kennedy had started the program. Turned out he still blamed vJFK for stealing the 1960 election by stuffing ballot boxes in Chicago. Grumman already had the personnel hired but they were told to dump them. As a result, Grumman layed off ten thousand people in January 1970, I among them. That’s when I started teaching science and pretty soon retired. What science I do now is simply my retirement hobby. But But doing science is learning, in a way a child learns about its environment by being immersed in it. You are likely to learn things you had no idea of and react to them at times. Which means innovation, among other things. There vis more of course butI don’t want to get technical. If you want my technical stuff, put my name into the Google Scholar. They busied themselves getting together my titles, all the way back to the fifties. All the best, Arno

      • Thank you, Mr. Arrak, for that thoughtful reply. No, no, not “embarrassing,” simply the wonderful truth. Just stand up straight and — smile. 🙂 “Wow,” is what describes your life. I love freedom; you deeply appreciate its worth. I’m so sorry about your parents and especially about your brother. That was horrible.

        Losing that supercool job in 1970 was so disappointing for you. God had a different path. That was very hard to accept. Applied science lost a fine scientist, but, teaching gained an exceptionally knowledgeable teacher. I sure hope that many of your students have told you so.

        I’m glad you keep on enjoying science as a “hobby.” Your list of articles is impressive. Your Arctic Warming is Not Greenhouse Warming looks TRULY robust, with keen insights based on observations and solid reasoning.

        Such a pleasure to “talk” with you.

        And I WILL be praying for you — Александр Солженицын came out of the Gulag a believer…. 🙂

        God has not given up on you. He has been waiting and watching for a long time. The door is still open.

        Your WUWT friend,


      • Janice: Thank you for your gifts of music and perspective today. One … ahem … note: In later post you refer to “vice grip”. As former “English minor”, I fear you under spell, in grip of all-too-common vice.

      • You are SO WELCOME, all of you kind people above who told me so! Yay!! My pleasure. 🙂

        Ahem. Mr. Bill.

        1) I’m glad you enjoyed the music.
        2) 🙂 Never fear! As a former little girl whose dad gave her a [vise-grip] for Christmas one year (he gave me other stuff, too, lol) —

        (I was picturing the use in the lower left drawing)

        — I was (I think) okay, here.

        Thank you for taking the time to help me out. 🙂

        You will have many more opportunities — I have no doubt! (I make mistakes all the time)

        [The mods are assuming he purchased a clamping pair of pliers that Christmas… 8<) .mod]

      • LOL. THANK YOU, MOD! (no, just the vise-grip, heh) Oh, wow. That was hilarious. I’m so sorry that billk will probably never see this: billk — YOU WERE RIGHT! I was completely blind to that “c” and focused on the tense (plural versus singular) of vise-grip. Glad I came back here! lololol sure hope I learn a lesson…. *blush*


      • Janice: Actually, when I have an episode of pedantepsy, I often stick around to wallow in my virtue. As an “English minor” (“yah muthah was an English teechah!”) I sometimes try to convince people to spell or use words properly. Perhaps it’s an inherited trait.

        As for singular versus plural, I am less sensitive (number) and past being tense about how to present it.

      • Hm. If you are a pedant-a-holic (smiling), billk, then, “Thanks again” will annoy you. Heh.

        So! Thanking you for the first time (I overlooked saying thanks above — oops) for helping me spell!


      • IYou do appreciate my global warming job but warmists do not. You will not find any reference to it in any alarmist lexicon because it totally demolishes their view of the Arctic warming. Result is that those of their people who write about the Arctic still babble on about carbon dioxide and are wedded to the greenhouse theory of Arctic warming. This despite the fact that the warming proceeds twice as fast as their calculations permit and they simply don’t know why.. The article almost did not get written because I had already worked it out and was putting several pages into the “Arctic and Antarctic” section of the book. One of the things I predicted was that warm water carried into the Arctic Ocean was doing the warming. The book went to press and simultaneously a paper by Spielhagen et al. appeared in which they observed just such transfer of warm water I had predicted. They had taken an Arctic cruise and directly measured water temperature from the ship. This was too good for me not to use it but it was too late for the book. As a result. I opted for writing a journal article. That turned out to be a bigger job than I had expected because I had to fill in important background material. On top of that I exceeded the 6000 word limit the journal allowed and had to rewrite much of it. In the end I am glad I did because it ended up with much more useful information than I had initially planned. It has even attracted a fabulous readership — one or two people a year according Academia.edu!

      • Janice, why did you have to spell Solzhenitsin in Cyrillic? He is known by his Latin spelling evrywhere but in Russia. I did not say this before, but it so happens that he was incarcerated in the same Gulag as was my brother Henno.. Henno got to know him and says his conversations with Solzhenitsin were the one bright spot he had during this time there. Later, when it was all over and Estonia was free again, I visited them and tried to get more information. But he just did not want to talk about anything related to the Gulag, oeriod. And he recently passed away so nobody will know what was said then.

    • I suspect that this hate mail was a response to one of his comments being deleted on a recent post. It was was deleted without explanation. The explanation, as I recall, was for language and attitude such as exhibited in this hate mail.
      There was also an encouragement to “tone it down” and re-comment.
      Seems he/she/it chose to send an email instead.
      (But maybe my suspicion is wrong.)

      • TYPO!
        “It was was deleted without explanation.”
        Should be:
        “It wasn’t deleted without explanation.”

    • Yes, it is terrible, sorry Anthony from me too. But you are the moderator, so it becomes your publication too at this point. People can complain to a range of legal entities about offensive or abusive behavior in text or public contexts and I think they [we] should, to remind losers like this one how to behave online. Society must aim to strike a balance between two valued rights: the right to communicate freely and the right to live free from vilification. It beats me how, why, these nuts keep going, we are on the verge of extinction from nuclear war, between the USA and North Korea (and China), yet they rant and vent on about this catastrophic [no] rise in temperature.

    • Anthony, I am so very very distressed for you and I need to soothe my soul with a blast in my supercharged V8.

      I’ll go soft on the pedal of course…

        • Seconded. SWATTING has been labeled as a new type of harassment and yet the left has done such for a very long time. Spreading lies and false accusations is a favorite tactic of the political left, and with the ease with which one’s identity can be stolen in the electronic age they have expanded their repertoire.

        • The key is to not be on social media. Which I am not. And I do not post personal information, so while some can find me, the ones that would seek to do me harm are not smart enough to figure out how.

      • Inclusiveness courses that teach students to riot, burn and damage anyone who is different from themselves and the “message”.

        (I know you’re being sarcastic. I’m not.)

      • I want to strongly caution everyone on this thread, not to speculatively stereotype Harish, on account of his little, mouthy rant-booger, as just some sort of obnoxious, under-supervised, spoiled-brat, hive-abused, brain-washed, trophy-magnet, can’t-get-a-date, “front-row” dumb-kid, who is just out to prove he “can too” concoct a “zinger”, using just one of his two occupied hands, at the keyboard, despite his spastic-dork lack of multi-tasking skills, in order to impress his socially retarded, “Face Book” friends. That’s not us–we’re better than that.
        Notice that ol’ Harish is quite the master-of-war, geo-political, “big-thinker” strategist: civil-war, Russkies and the Trumpers vs. the “fifth column” American left in cahoots with Japan, China, the EU, and India! Hmm…I wonder if Harish might–just “might” is all I’m sayin’–“get off” on these sort of day-dreamy, wanker-assist fantasies–and not in a way that his mummy would approve, I mean. For more, in the same vein, but less amusing, one might Google: “youtube larry grathwohl william ayers 60 minutes.”

      • Sadly I think you are wrong. I think this is the perfect example of what is now being turned out by the universities especially in the UK. They are ex trade schools that have given themselves university status and fill the minds of their students with garbage. Where I work, we have a constant turn over of such people because somehow even basic common sense seems to have be either killed off or disabled. They have to sing from the same hymn sheet but their religion is blind observance to what they are instructed to follow. I is a classic example of culot behaviour.

  2. Yes, Anthony, there was. Good for you to post that for all the world to see.


    All “Scorpion” managed to do for his cause with that potty-mouth temper tantrum
    was to blow him/herself up.



    Anthony and the Science Realists: 1000

    Scorpion and the Climate Clows: 0

    (No. I did not read it. Just skimmed it. Not worth my time.)

      • I would consider this “scorpion”‘s rant as an enigmatically ignorable fringe opinion from a very purposely ignorant perspective. Brainwashed and self-aggrandized badass is a fair description of this individual.

    • Janice, For the sake of Easter , forgive the guy, it might have been his only day off. ( Remember it might also have be the only day this month you guys don’t get rain . Chuckle)

    • What I find fascinating is the belief that everyone who disagrees with the global warming religion is an old fat white male conservative.
      The left, to the extent that it thinks at all, thinks only in stereotypes. It’s almost as if it’s impossible for them to imagine people as individuals. I guess that’s how they justify to themselves their desire to exterminate all who oppose them. To the leftists, those who oppose them aren’t really human.

      PS: Another fascinating thing is it’s belief that only the US opposes it’s cult, and that all by itself, the US is forcing all other countries to abandon the cult as well.

      • Interesting is that many liberals are white men…and some of the most acerbic vile spewers they are, too.

      • The real reason they use stereotypes lime “old fat white male” purely the red herring argument. It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, it gets their opponent focused on off topic arguments.

  3. You handled this just right, AW.
    That fellow is truly unhinged…..
    Over the rainbow.
    He’s crazy.
    Bars in the window.

  4. Wow, that sounds very much like an old troll, jadegold. I do believe I can dig out a link to a compendium of its biggest hits, with a rundown on exactly “who” it is. Hell, just google jadegold, it should be in the top 3 on results.

  5. Probably should have just sent that one to trash.
    Such a window into an empty head is unnecessary, we have the media to provide that point of view.
    Special snowflakes abound.
    However another threat of violence from the non-tool using segment of society, is always great for comedic relief.
    I expect if this person is exposed to consequences, they will immediately claim;”I was only joking”, just like their heroes at Greenpeace.

  6. The right is all fat white guys……who would have thought they would win an election….LOL

    8 years is 2/3 rds of the people’s life time, and they thought they were always going to be right…because that’s what they were taught and all they know

    liberal = bigots

    • Racist, ageist, sexist and fatist. I though the “liberal” left hated all those things.

      Seems that the moral norms they espouse only apply to other people. HYPOCRITES.

      • “Racist, ageist, sexist and fatist. I though the “liberal” left hated all those things. ”

        Nope, the only thing the Left cares about is POWER. Everything else is mere slurs they use against those standing in the way of their insatiable quest for POWER. Hence, the Left have sold out those who previously gave them POWER (gays, women, Jews, poor blacks, Christian hispanics) in favor of new fast-breeding groups who always want more government, no liberties, more handouts and are a route to give the Left more POWER.

        Once you understand that then the Left are seen to be on a consistent course – because they only thing the Left truly cares about is POWER. And once they have POWER they need to change society to they get even more POWER, which is why they work to not only control every aspect of your life, they now work to control what you can say and think. Power (the ability to impose one’s will on others) is more addictive than heroin – which is why the Left will never be content, will never give up, and will use any devious and immoral means to get their fix.

      • A former member of the FEC gave a speech this week in which she claimed that the government needs to start regulating political speech.

    • “Liberal” is a misnomer. The correct word is “Progressive”. True liberals hew to the ideas of the great J S Mill, to whom the behaviour and beliefs of today’s “liberals” would be anathema.

      • True, they call themselves progressives, but all their ideas are regressive and hurt the poor and powerless the most …

      • In the US “LIberal” is used to describe guilt-stricken middle class, arts educated crypto-Marxists. Or, as I prefer to describe them: crypto- fascist neo-puritan fundamentalists.

      • Unfortunately, that is not the case. The brilliant – genius – liberal people whom I count as friends are adamant in favor of Global Warming. I think it is a case of information bias…they never actually hear any other side to the argument.
        We should not fall into the error of bad characterization of people who disagree with us, or we bring ourselves closer to the ranters we critique.

      • Indeed, Jan. Another of our commentators posted an Aristotle quote a couple of days ago, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

      • You are quite right Jan for many cases. However, there are some severely nasty and/or stup1d people out there too and that is the kind of case we are dealing with on this thread. We have local friends and neighbours who have fully accepted the MM catastrophe scenario and also many who think like we do.

        Old white not-fat Annie 😉

      • Jan

        I’m going to have to repectfully disagree. In my experience liberals / progressives / greens may be “well” educated, i.e. equipped with numerous college degrees, but they are as a group incapable of rational thought. Their mental activites are dominated by emotional responses to immediate stimulae in the form of headlines and sound bites. They are incapable of absorbing facts, and completely unwilling to examine and refute contrary opinions, but resort immediately to name calling, or change the subject to avoid having to admit that they have no facts to substantiate their position.

        What’s more, every liberal I know is completely amoral and quite content to flaunt every law and convention of society while at the same time trying to use those same rules to constrain those they oppose.

        We’re supposed to abhor generalizations, but this experience has been universal in my case. I have the pleasure of living and working in the northeastern U.S., a liberal bastion, and I have had no shortage of test cases. I eagerly await the day when I can have a debate with any self styled liberal that doesn’t degenerate almost instantly into name calling or fingerpointing.

    • “Childish” is right.
      Who uses “Twits” as an insult?
      It’s the vocabulary of Roald Dahl.

      This is why it is best to ignore insults.
      The offensive are never useful.

      • Who uses “Twits” as an insult?

        Young. British, middle class, probably from the south of England. Almost certainly from the home counties.

        I.e. basically someone who owes their existence to the world built by ‘fat bigoted old white men’.

        etc. etc.

  7. This guys a jerk. He’s also not very sharp, if it wasn’t for skeptics speaking up we’d all believe the exact same thing.

  8. Let him comment on the snow coming this week in Europe. How’s that for climate change. Don’t be surprised if the media doesn’t cover it, Read facts, don’t be fooled by the 97% consensus.

    • Jimmy,

      You may be closer to the truth than you realize. I would say that two things that characterize this individual is that he does not have a firm grasp on reality and thinks that his opinion is above reproach by those he dislikes. He insults the readers of this blog, apparently thinking that we will be so injured by his name calling that we will slink away. One of the commonly recognized characteristics of the mentally unbalanced is that they are convinced that they are sane and it is everyone else who is the problem. Tolerance isn’t in his vocabulary. He probably should be taken into custody for observation before he hurts himself or someone else.

      • You raise the knife,
        you make the change.

        You rearrange me ’till I’m sane.

        Scorpion NEEDS to be in the March for Science. We need him there too.

      • As I like to say, only the completely insane are completely convinced of their own sanity.

        And words like tolerance or rationality used to mean something, but on the tongues of Leftivists they become just another set of tribal identifiers. Instead of being based on your empathy and understanding, you’re tolerant because you express the “correct” opinions. Instead of being based on your dispassionate weighing of evidence, you’re rational because you’re in the “correct” tribe. You’re a free thinker because you think the “correct” thoughts.

        The fatal contradiction is easy to see in a vacuum, but one way Leftivists get their crap past the radar in universities is by perpetuating a writ-large version of the “only sane man” delusion, which I sometimes call the siege fallacy. In their narratives, university campuses become brave little embattled islands of free thinking and tolerance in a raging ocean of bigotry, conformity, anti-science, and anti-intellectualism. “The barbarians are at the gates, we must stick together and fight the good fight for freedom!” is the implied rallying cry. And it’s a very appealing narrative, especially to the college-aged who still retain some of that adolescent rebelliousness. Few things stroke the ego like being able to think one is a valiant rebel hero fighting the evil empire. It can a lot of time and/or effort to shake that delusion and see that it was the equivalent of the Galactic Empire claiming to be the Rebel Alliance, and getting away with it.

      • Thank you, John Hultquist, for sharing that pretty photo! (I saw your announcement of it above) So THAT is what those little yellow flowers are called! Glad, indeed, they made it out for Easter — brrr, what a year!! Rain since early October, and wintry blasts into mid-April. “Life’s good.” That brought up a happy memory and made me smile. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!

      • Well then, head off to your safe space for some cheese sandwiches, frolicking puppy videos and a massage. :))

    • Maybe no such word as fattist, but this person is definitely a body shamer (shamist?).
      And I think you mean misandrous (hating men), not misogynous (hating women). 🙂

      • Us old not-fat white guys just can’t keep up with all the things we are supposed to hate.
        The “just make things up crowd” needs to slow down.

      • John F. Hultquist April 16, 2017 at 8:46 pm
        “Us old not-fat white guys just can’t keep up with all the things we are supposed to hate.
        The “just make things up crowd” needs to slow down.”

        Us old white guys, fat or otherwise,are not allowed to hate things. We are on this earth only to be objects of hatred for all the haters to focus there ire: otherwise they’d have to look to themselves….

      • To be Globalymannigorisized
        Well, I’d give it. But…well, it something to with a planet such as ours, Uranus and a hockey stick.
        I don’t want to end up in the Scorpius Constellation.

    • They can adjust Wikipedia.
      Maybe they can adjust all the dictionaries (the online ones) to include “fattist”?

      • actually “fattist” can be found in the urban directory. Has somethin to do wit prejudice against fat people.

  9. You know skeptics are making real progress when the other side goes nuts or fires blanks. Good example of the former here. Good example of the latter over at Judiths.

    • cuz we’ll be using lasers, drones, and cyber warfare

      LOL….last time I checked it was the old fat white guys using those things

      • I did 4 years in the USAF a few years back. I am a NY Republican, admittedly somewhat of a rarety, and I was very far to the Left of most of the people I served with, but far to the right of most of the people I know. Anyway, few enough of those warriors are in agreement with that commenter. The very reason is the disdain of the very conservative values that drew folks like my dad and I to serve in the first place. Put simply, all the toys in the world are useless without the resolve to use them

    • Nah, Griff is actually well mannered and polite and he always has content in his posts. We may not agree with him but he is always welcome here.

      This Scorpio feller is just a jackass.

      • Thank you Frazier, I do try…

        I say again I am not paid, or a member of any political party or ‘green’ organisation or lobby group. Not a leftist by political persuasion.

        I am a private citizen with an interest in climate science.

        I try to read both sides of the argument – so why would I not read this blog/website, giving its ‘most read’ billing? 🙂

        I must say I do get a lot of abuse – not least from people who say I get paid to write here.

        Which is why I am semi anonymous – frankly I feel unable to comment under my full name and home address. That might also be why there are few other commenters of my viewpoint here – or not.

        • I don’t think any contributors here would come and attack you in your home Griff. That you could infer they might is indicative that you really don’t know us. We may be verbally enthusiastic but I have never known it to go beyond that from this side of the house.

          The motivated activists, well that’s a horse of a different colour.

      • As respectful as Griff is his posts are rarely even remotely accurate .. just lots of wishful thinking of the great green dream.

  10. This diatribe is logical brownian motion: it randomly weaves in and out, back and forth, between several topics. The conclusion of their tortured path is clear: use an ipad to launch some hellfire missiles Anthony’s way. clearly a snowflake that has spent too much time playing video games.

    • How can he have an Ipad if he is a “poor, brown skinned, Bangladeshi farmer about to lose his house to rising seas ” ??

      • Especially since, last I read, Bangladesh is about the only country in the world which is increasing its land mass. Silt is out-running sea-level rise.
        He can’t even get his rant right!

      • The Himalayas are the tallest mountains on Earth, and a very wide and very deep stretch of very tall mountains as well. All being eroded very quickly as they are young and very steep, and get a huge amount of precipitation. And much of that mass wastage is delivered by various river systems that converge right smack in…you guessed it…Bangladesh!
        And with the Indian subcontinent still driving itself underneath the Asian plate, I would not be a bit surprised to find out that Bangladesh is actually rising.
        I checked but could not find a map showed tectonic uplift zones.
        But I bet it is.
        And certainly it is the site of some massive alluvial deposition.

  11. I’m offended… I was excluded because he just assumed only white males would be capable of such ‘denial’ Wrong… Because I think scientific evidence trumps mathematical models. And last I heard, Bangladesh has water issues that go more to poor land use management and aquifer depletion than rising sea levels… I always feel if people wish to blame climate change for everything, then the real reason for environmental decline will never be addressed – and they will be so disappointed, even if we did trim CO2 emissions.

    • We have trimmed emissions by a huge amount, no thanks to the snowflakes.
      It is his buddy China that is the really big elephant in the room now.
      I would like to see his face on the day he finds these things out.

      • How could you know who it is?
        There are thousands with that name. A long list with that name in California alone.
        Even if a name is one in a million, there are hundreds with it.
        And this name is a lot more common than that.
        Plus, as stated…it could be fake.
        Who would use real name in such a post?

  12. Such a brave digital entity hiding behind a presumed veil of anonymity. He would not last a day in the real world.

    I just have to laugh at the sea level rise comment. Like the farmer is gonna get swamped tomorrow from a 20,000 year trend in sea levels.

    Queue up Dr. Smith “Oh The Pain!”

    Happy Easter to all the sane people!

  13. Ooooo…. I like this hate mail. It is creative. The use of foul language is not over the top. It is well and cogently written. Overall, this is the best piece of hate mail I have seen posted on this site. Thank you Mr. Watts for sharing this. I’m glad the watermelons have finally found a lackey that can write an entertaining piece of garbage.

    I grade this hate mail: B

    • dunno…I would have given it a D
      Picking the word Scorpion says it all….starting with delusional

      • It’s hate mail. By definition it’s delusional and illogical and hypocritical and ugly. I think it is a much better effort than many of the other works Mr. Watts has posted for comment. It’s not an A effort, for sure, but for hate mail, it’s respectable.

  14. “Naw, I’ll take an iPad any day over an AR-15… as long as it is networked to a Predator armed with Hellfires” in reference to threatening Anthony as Target #1 for standing in the way of a stable, healthy planet.

    Wow…I don’t think I have ever read any kind of violent threat like that posted by a WUWT comment here. And if it was, I would sure hope it would be edited out. Nobody is advocating violence against anyone here or to anyone on the other side of the fence. This is a battle of ideas and scientific truth, not some guerrilla war.

    The worst I have done here on WUWT is advocate Congress to investigate Dr. Mann for a possible act of terrorism, in his statements about ‘burning cattle alive’ in his opening remarks to Congress a few weeks back on the scientific method, and generally shouting fire in a crowded theater about his unscientific pronouncements that would cost the planet trillions of dollar. That is fair ball.

    • Unfortunately, the left is showing its violent tendencies against anyone with whom they disagree on an almost daily basis. They betray the tolerance so often preached at others and project their own characteristics of violent extremism on those with whom they disagree. Hypocrisy to the max.

      • Even the sainted David Attenborough is reported to have said , at the time of Trump’s election , that he wished he had a gun in order to shoot Donald Trump.
        There are times when the mask slips and you see the true face of the “ilberal ” elite .

      • This weekend a prominent black Democrat declared that Trump was not her president.
        I seem to recall 8 years ago, these same people declaring that anyone who failed to respect Obama couldn’t possibly be a patriot.

  15. Bibles… the poor guy forgot to mention that his version of us white guys also cling to our Bibles, not just our guns. The email does sound threatening, and it is clear this chap has lost the “debate”. But it is not too late for his redemption.

  16. It doesn’t appear to have the clues of diction and syntax that our dear peter gleick provided. But if enough people read this perhaps we will again discover the source.

  17. Probably a bad lead but an engineer from New Dehli has the name given in the yahoo address and he works for an energy company(BGR) that is working with super-critical generators.

      • That shows how low some of these people (term used loosely) go. If it isn’t the BGR guy (Anthony, I’m sure your super sleuths eliminated him from the IP trail) then that means this impostor actually is setting this guy up, because he’ll know someone at WUWT will try and track him down. People make up names, silly names, but this one seems very specific and he’s in the energy industry. I wonder if the impostor knows him somehow and this is a way of getting back at him? Just a thought..

  18. It is not just the Climate Debate that gets “results” like this. Pops up all the time in many different blogs and reddit subs which I frequent. Death threats to me via private messages are now in double digits. So far no phone calls or hate mail but many years ago I did have my house vandalised by “Animal Rights” group simply as a result of holding some shares in a particular company. Interestingly it has always been left wing groups that have resorted to this kind of behaviour.
    Even in personal discussion with those of the left I find that although I stay polite they can (with the right topic) very quickly lapse into the “You are a shithead” “Fuck you” type of conversation. The only exception seems to be those who are over 55 years old where it seems possible to have a good-natured discussion even when we are clearly a long way apart. I suspect the change has been due to something in the educational system and/or a general decline in politeness and personal respect in society.
    I keep records of all those acting aggressively and often advise them that I am doing so. It is of course quite easy to simply ignore them if it’s an online exchange. Only in one case, where there was a personal confrontation/threat, have I had to resort to legal action and they disappeared after that.
    With respect to moderating on line blogs or communities (I do a few myself) my policy is generally simply to delete comment and perma-ban without any engagement as I have found if you converse with them at all they simply come back with another alias. With no oxygen for them in any particular community they will give up after 2 or 3 attempts max and (presumably) go somewhere else.

    • I knew one that changed identities four times trying to get back into the comments section. He was a truly persistent man.

    • The animal rights whackos are truly whackos.
      I’ve had to get restraining orders due to a small group of them discovering my actual address after they hacked a no longer in existence hotmail acct,and somehow got into files on my since trashed desktop.
      Which led to my house and several vehicles being vandalized by the crazies.
      They came halfway across the country to do their harrassment too.
      Truly scary people.

    • Called “shadow banning” on reddit. A bit like the forwarding of unwanted telephone calls to an answerphone which BT is now offering in the UK using a database of thousands of numbers of scammers.

  19. There’s that Liberal Tourette Syndrome again. Angry children, poorly raised and taught, completely unable to effectively communicate in the adult world.

  20. Does that lunatic know that past progress and future progress for the next decades at least depend on fossil fuels?

  21. Whenever I respond negatively to a livescience.com article pushing Anthropogenic Global Warming, The Sh it comes down upon my head! It’s Fascinating because, Socially I’m way left but the but the Greenie Weenies are thoroughly Brainwashed. Need more WUWT readers to monitor Live Science and respond whenever CAGW rears it ugly head.

  22. So kommt die Lüge in die Welt.

    That’s how alternative ‘fake news’ are produced – there’s always someone to ‘believe in’.

    • That’s how the lie comes into the world.

      please don’t let me be misunderstood.

      • I am being wary that the phrase might be an idiom or an aphorism where the full meaning is not given by a literal translation of the words.

  23. By the end of the week on Saturday we could see the U.S. formally having formally ending funding for the UN FCCC & participation in the IPCC (by those funded by the US Federal Government and States) and withdraw from the Paris Agreement COP21 2015 due to the allowing of Palestinian membership by the UN FCCC in 2016!


  24. He seems nice.

    But you know, when all you have is Stalinism, everybody looks like a Kulak.

    I grew up around hippies. Despite their self-image conflict, this is not that unusual in terms of their behavior with regard to opposing ideas. We’re basically talking about a passive-aggressive tantrum that is trying to declare itself a philosophy (or worse, a civilization).

    It’s also about not being able to be a hero unless your opponents are villains. If your politics are just alternative policy possibilities, you’re not *special*, you’re not a *hero*.

    I’ll bet he also defines himself (frequently and loudly) as being against this behavior of his. Part of the illness.

  25. “… plants and animals have suffered because of …”

    Obviously the person is not a meat eater, but neither is a vegetarian, can’t stand the plants suffering.
    So what is left? Ah, yes, the fungi, that person exists on an all-mushroom diet, hence the hallucinations.

  26. Anthony,

    I think that name-calling ailment is call d the Climate Pronouncement Tourette Syndrome., CPTS. “Oh Lord, why did you put some jerks on this earth,” from the Bull Meechum in “Great Santini.”

  27. Ya know, all that these racist, stupid folks have to do is to perform a single study with the null hypothesis that the X% observed warming in the 20th century has been caused by natural means and reject it with a reasonable degree of significance. These folks neither understand science, the scientific method, or anything else. When such a study is forthcoming, I will give their case greater consideration. Till then, it is just Lysenkoism.

    • Oh, I don’t think they are stupid. They know what they are doing. They know how science works. I think they pretend to be scientists because it brings in the money with scare tactics. The politicians give them the money to further their global socialist causes. The funds are about to dry up in the U.S. The sooner the better.

      • I have been swimming around in the CAGW swamp for about 3 years now and I think there are several different kinds of indigenous life forms. There are those who truly do believe Global Warming is settled science and the Earth is threatened, they often seem scared the end of the world is coming. There are those who know it is a “scam” but have to keep up the pretence because their career, friends, etc depend upon it. Also there are those who are very clever and highly qualified who go out of their way to promote CAGW and attack those who don’t believe, sometimes they are very very devious with the things they say, post, etc.and it seems that they also know quite clearly it is untrue but they have an end justifies the means philosophy. It’s quite useful to try to label your opponent into one of the groups. I quite like the latter group for a good discussion and have a couple of NASA scientists on my radar right now which I am slowly reeling in. Might be lucky and get one to trip up soon, even if not all the blog chat is recorded so it’s useful for the future anyway.

    • That’s why they have to redefine the NULL hypothesis to something meaningless.
      Stokes and Moshpit have being trying to declare that the real NULL hypothesis is zero slope.
      That is, a belief that without CO2, nothing would change. Therefore if they can show that something has changed, they have proven that CO2 did it.

  28. I do think that we should not spend too much time going on about this fellow. We have other things of importance to consider.

    • Why not? It’s kind’a fun to lambast folks like this. Got to take a break from being serious sometimes.

    • Never underestimate the value of comic relief.

      One of the greatest weapons against tyrants is humor.

  29. old fat conservative white guys….

    Hm. That would be guys like:

    Sir Winston Churchill…. most of the WWII and Korean War veterans….. many of the Vietnam and Iraq War veterans…… some of your school teachers who tried so hard to help you ….. thousands of those guys who dragged themselves back in on the weekend to get your power back on ….. or who sat hunched over microscopes or keyboards or blueprints to make life better for everyone …… millions of those who worked day after day, year after year, decade after decade, at hard labor to pay taxes to fund roads and schools and the hospital you were born in……

    and, for many of us, guys like that man who didn’t leave, who handed out money for movies he never went to see, who fixed our bike chain when it came off again, who we (and, perhaps, you, too, “Scorpion,”) called: “Dad.”


  30. First, I doubt that somebody who appears to be a Sikh is actually a “Bangladeshi Farmer who is about to lose his home to sea level rise” let alone actually cares about any such.
    I would think that a “poor bangladeshi” would be more concerned at the concept that fossil fuel use should be discontinued, as being more immediate.


    that’s right , 1.75% of the power supply is Hydro – the rest fossil.

    Sea level problems in Bangladesh will not be solved by Solar Panels and Windmills. Etched into my memory is this one;


    Note the consequences.

    Anthony; this arsehole really wasn’t worth a post.

    • The link you provide also shows that the next 2 most deadly in terms of fatalities occurred in the 1800’s.

      CO2 can also cause time travel /sarc

    • Bangladeshi farmers use iPads, are educated in English, and care about “a stable and healthy planet”?

      If they had iPads, they might be able to get the information about how their own activities (groundwater abstraction, dredging etc) are causing 83% of the sea level rise in their homeland.

  31. ” nobody is taking them seriously anymore”

    “Anymore”? I didn’t take these clowns seriously in the first place.

    • Not taking them seriously is a mistake. The left starting has been resorting to violent protesting. So far, it has been relatively mild violence. But, if something isn’t done to curb the violence, it will get worse.

      • Some protestors are now being charged with “rioting”, which besides being totally appropriate, carries up to a 10 year prison term and a $25,000 fine. I also believe it’s a felony, which puts a real crimp in their rap sheet.

  32. Sometimes, the best way that one can discredit people that have this way of expressing their extreme views is…………….expose them in front of a large audience.

    They are far more counterproductive to those that hold a similar position than an intelligent skeptic armed with authentic data that contradicts the position.

    To be objective(which is tough to do if you are the target of numerous attacks that take on this tone) we are only amusing ourselves by drawing attention to a ludicrous comment from a loose cannon. Yes, it seems like since Trump got elected that this sort of hateful, inflammatory mentality has permeated one side. Many of them have just had their minds captured into a cult like belief system, that thinks anybody that believes differently than themselves is the extreme. Throw in the intense hatred and lack of accountability when using a computer on the internet and you have the recipe for a growing number of people that express themselves this way.

    Since this site also shows all the information that emanates from well spoken authorities who have similar views(less extreme) as this character but are able to communicate those views more professionally/intelligently, I think it is not unfair to also include something like this because it represents a mentality that exists(we probably can’t imagine the hundreds of hate mails that Anthony gets)……….even if it might magnify the political divide.

    In a psychological realm, when we are subjected to unfair treatment or attacked and only we know about it, there is often more frustration than if we share it with others who see it exactly like we do. I do my best, trying not to judge other people but my wife is often the recipient of numerous stories about
    other people/situations that paint an unkind picture.

    She almost always sees it exactly as I do. If that was not the case, I might not be sharing so often.

    On a more pleasant note: Happy Easter Anthony and to all!

  33. It’s a fascinating (and somewhat scary) look into the mindset of a (most likely) young, college-brainwashed, pseudo-adult, with lots of pent-up rage towards “the establishment”, probably hates his father, who revels in his extreme leftist, enviro-loon, pro-Marxist ideology.

  34. It is a real shame to be exposed to such virulent bigotry but this is the age we live in and we must face it ‘head-on’.

    However, on this day, let not your hearts be troubled…
    A joyous Easter and Passover to all!

  35. Don’t bother them with scientific principles, ethics, or methods because they have Big Science on their side.

  36. I take exception to his rant. I am not fat. As well, someone needs to tell this person that fat shaming is a negative virtue signaling trait these days.

  37. The “letter” is probably from some lone nut, but perhaps not. After all, if you take out the foul language, it’s not appreciably different from Michael Mann’s recent Congressional testimony–same bluster, invective, name-calling, appeals to authority and “all the data” (mountains and mountains of it!) and “all the science” without any empirical evidence. I would not be the least bit surprised, Anthony, if your myterious correspondent was Michael Mann himself.

  38. Pretty idiotic stuff. It’s people like this that shame us on the left. But it is crucial to realise there are personality disorders on all sides of the debate, and I get this sort of nonsense from anti-vaxxers, gun nuts and right wing extremists. Take comfort in the fact that these people don’t have any real beliefs, they are just looking for someone to project their anger and hate against. It could be anyone regardless of political or scientific stance.

    • Yes we had an even more viscous and vitriolic attack on Anthony a few months ago by a climate skeptic angry that WUWT rejected his hypothesis of gravity being the total cause of atmospheric temperature gradient, the “cold object a can’t warm a hotter object” sky dragon kind of opinion. Troubled individuals with anger issues plus some delusions of grandeur and a sprinkling of narcissism, I guess.

      • I quite like the -g/Cp lapse rate equation which I think is what you refer to with respect to gravity and temperature gradients. Is that the hypothesis in question? At first look it seems a reasonable hypothesis to test so I think we should be fair and apply he same testing, null hypothesis, etc to this as we ask CAGW proponents to do to theirs.

        If you, or anyone else, has some links to this gravity hypothesis please let me know as I am doing research on it right now.f

    • Correct Gareth, nuts are equal opportunity politically. I’m the only non left in my family (I’m in business for myself and in Canada our left has been quite bit further left than that appellation in the US). The family are a bright bunch to argue with. I have caused them to think a bit though, as it is my opinion, that the party they support is not the one they think it is these days even if it has the same name.
      The same goes for the Democrats in the US, though. Under Olabama their constituency was in Euro-UN OFFSHORE NWO stuff., not US citizens who voted for them – elites yes, but not ordinary folks. The UNFCC/IPCC is not what a lot of folks think it is either. My family likes a-chicken-in every pot soshulism but this is no more. I trust (hope) your leftinesss is of the old fashion kind.

    • “… this sort of nonsense from anti-vaxxers, gun nuts, and right wing extremists … these people don’t have any real beliefs …”

      Such statements are more palatable when seasoned with evidence, and with definitions: “Right wing” is ambiguous, and “gun nuts” is pure propaganda. Only “anti-vaxxer” has a generally accepted meaning.

      • All the “gun nuts” I know are big believers in vaccinations, most of us having been across the water to 3rd World Sh*tholes.

  39. Yes am white (swiss by birth) and male, but i consider myself liberal and a keen conservationist who lives nature and the outdoors. I am a principle environmental engineer and i run a small no profit nursery growing native plants for revegetation projects , i restore lost wetlands, enhance degraded streams and improve water quality, i plant hundreds of trees a year. I own 1.1ha of land i have personnaly restored to native forest. Yet i am a luke warmer and my scepticism started when i met climate scientists at a metservice open day after asking them some basic questions – my bs alarm went off instantly!
    His / her cognotive dissonance is so strong we can only possibly be fat racist white hicks with guns and pickups and not well educated people who care for the environment and humanity.

    • I am white (swiss by birth) and male….

      But, are you fat?

      (“liberal” in Switzerland more than likely does not = “liberal” in the U.S., so only the fat part is missing…. lol)


      (And — good for you to do all that fine land management.)

      And anyway! What is wrong with FAT? Santa Claus was, er, I mean, IS fat! ….. and the AGWers all claim Santa is mighty concerned about “climate change,” being as it will melt him out of house and home…. lololool

      • No i am slim (not that matters) and in my 30’s. I am liberal in my view of the world and i have lived in many places.

        My view is provide habitat now and make species more resilient for whatever happens. There are far more pressing real issues to deal with now than some unknown future risk! Real conservation, am sicks off people who bang on about global warming but do nothing to deal with todays issues. They are not conservationists, they are anarchists in disguise

      • Hotwater,
        Completely. Conservation of resources and economic development go hand in hand. In the poorest of countries is were we see the most environmental degradation and despotic governments.

        The money wasted on chasing CO2 demons would be much better spent working real pollution and economic development problems in the 3rd world. Haiti is a prime example in the western hemisphere. Yet we see folks like the Clinton Criminal Enterprise ripping off the Haiti funds for their personal enrichment.

    • Are you a classical liberal, Hotwater, or one of those Marxist/Socialist Progressive Democrats that currently claim the term liberal as a cover?

    • i like to see people like you on here hotwater. too often we see the “liberal” label bandied about when talking about people that are nothing of the sort. they are pseudo liberals at best,but generally authoritarians .

      we have a political party in the uk named the liberal party. they are nothing of the sort. calling an apple an orange does not make it so.

  40. What we call “the left” or “modern liberals” or “progressives” are socialists. They will sometimes even self-identify as “cultural Marxists”. Classical Liberals were men like Thomas Jefferson and others. Too bad the socialists stole the word “liberal” and ruined it. See here for the beliefs of classical liberals: https://mises.org/library/what-classical-liberalism

    The progressives (modern liberals — whatever) are a foul bunch who are so convinced that they are “saving the world” that they think anything they do is justified by the goals they have. They think they have “high moral ground” even as they attack and beat people in the street.

    It is this “the ends justify the means” thinking on the part of these foul wretches that leads me to caution everyone. They can snap and do very foul deeds — so remember to be careful.

  41. She is picking sides to WW!!! like we use to divide up for sandlot sports. “Okay and I’ll take India. Come on India. Come stand over here next to me. Speaking of “deep psychological wounds” this woman (with such a vitriolic “men” fixation what else?) needs to be put on medication before she hurts herself and others.

    • Xanax sales must be exploding across the US the mass TDS epidemic sweeping Progressives. Panic attacks in the climate rent-seeking institutes of academia and US govt climatists has gotta be off the freakin’ charts right now.

  42. “And the left wonders why nobody is taking them seriously anymore when it comes to global warming aka climate change.”
    To be honest emails like this are not the domain of the “left” any more than they are the “right”. Climate scientists get this sort of rubbish all the time. Anyway whats with the left right thing anyway? Arn’t we here to talk about climate change and the causes and possible threats to life on the planet?

    • No, I doubt if climate scientists get that sort of email all the time. In Australia a few years ago a group if climate scientists claimed to have been threatened but it turned out they were lying. Read the blog owner’s statement about topics to be discussed for more info. What do you mean by climate change?

      • Oh come on, it is well known there are nutters on both sides of the argument who write this nonsense all the time. Best to ignore it and stick to the science.

  43. The IP address comes up as:

    I note that Lincoln, Nebraska is home to UNL and the National Drought Mitigation Center.


    WUWT’s recent highlighting of the foolish and now debunked permadrought claims in the DPR of Kalifornia along with President Trump’s OMB chief vowing to end US Govt climate change funding, likely has this band of climate rent seekers fearing for their employment future. Thus AW garnered the attention of one of these rent-seekers.

    • I put Cal’s governance more into the despotic category like NK. Given the fact that Cal voters are likely to replace the soft socialism of Gov Moonbeam for the hard left radical fanaticism of Gavin Newsome. In the 2018 election, the residents of Cal will be slaves to the tax and spend degeneracy of ilooming nsolvancy.

      • Ok… Well, I’ve been calling Chicago the Democratic Peoples Republic, I think they are slightly more left than California…

        Guess it doesn’t really matter, Communism, Fascism and Marxism are just different flavors of socialism.

    • Bill Illis April 16, 2017 at 11:57 am comment
      “Highest temperature in Lincoln Nebraska was in 1934”
      was an early subtle clue where the email came from.

  44. These people seem to share a limited vocabulary. It should be possible to train your spam filter on it.

  45. When u receive such trash, u know you are winning. Cheers and keep up the great work.

  46. That climate bedwetter should be reminded who is the Commander in Chief of the US military and the world’s largest most sophicated armed UAV owner-operator.

  47. Wow,what an ugly rant that was.

    Not one bit of scientific evidence or facts are to be found in this odious tome,it reeks of leftist hatred,someone who would possibly murder if he thinks he can get enough support from his peers. This person hates the concept of self defense,hates anyone who isn’t a leftist and unable to mount a reasonable debate on anything. I put up with it in my own family,where I have to keep my mouth shut to keep the peace.

    Everyday, I go outside into the weather,never feel endangered by the usual clouds,wind and rain at this time of the year. Yet people like him seems to think climate doom is around the corner,thus be nasty to anyone who has a sunny view of the weather. It seems that people like him are trained to be unhappy in general, since their leftist utopian nonsense never gets developed, to relieve the delusions they harbor in their dark souls.

    I left the Democratic party about 25 years ago,never looked back,as their slide into the ugly leftist ideology has NEVER been palatable to me.

  48. The first paragraph sounds to me as it may have been written by a women, a women whom I remember from the old NewsVine blog site. Vitriol was her handle and it was always against white men. Something about this writing reminds me of a possibly African American women who forecast a browning of the American population and retribution for all the AA suffering then reigned upon the heads of the former white majority.

    I guess there is no way to assess whether or not this person has come back to blogging and onto this site.

    • The problem is that they all sing from the same hymnbook, so after a time, all start to sound alike.

  49. There is a Harish ingh bais on LinkedIn but really doubt that it is the right person:

    harish singh bais
    manager civil at Indu Projects Limited
    Indu Projects Limited
    Raghogarh Area, India 12 12 connections

    • Ummm…the name “Singh” if I recall means tiger and is most often associated with males of the Sikh faith. That’s truly very curious if this happens to be the writer of this threat. All the vitriol in the email is entirely against the principles of the Sikh faith. Of course that could very well be a false flag.

      I really don’t think we need to invest any energy (solar, wind, or fossil fuel) in ferreting out this individual. That would be the equivalent of trying to identify the source of a floating hunk of solid waste in the intake stream of a major metropolitan sewage treatment plant. It’s best just to let it float on by and into oblivion.

      • Singh means “lion,” not “tiger,” and you’re right – it is a Sikh name. (My husband is Sikh by birth, though not by faith.)

  50. steamin heap of delicious delirious triggeredness. it’s a bumper crop, this harvest season on climate derangement syndrome plantations everywhere! CO2, naturally.
    and the author has produced a most excellent diagnostic relattsio of his highly elaborated, self consistent delusory metaphysics. he could serve as holotype for the class.
    but an ipod is no threat and that would be his absolute defense against any accusation.

    • I know a certain socialist on this site who gets his dander up every time someone makes the claim that AGW is connected with the left. I wonder if he’ll get equally upset over a belief that all skeptics are conservative.

  51. So, if right wing conservatives are skeptic and left wing socialists are believers then the op must accept that agw is a political argument and not scientific.

    • +1 Man Bearpig

      AGWer: Look! I have a real fairy inside this jar!

      Science Realist: There is nothing inside that jar but a goose feather.

      AGWer: {peering inside} Hm. You’re right. But, the Greencoat who gave it to me said so…. I paid him good money for it. You and I are just not credentialed enough to see it. {low, confidential tone} It’s very, very, good at disguising itself. {nod, nod}

      SR: Over 30,000 of the “credentialed” affirm that there is only a goose feather inside that jar. Greencoats do all sorts of things to get other people’s money.

      AGWer: Yes….. yes, they do…… But! They do good things with it!

      SR: Those Greencoats do that sort of thing all the time. How could you be so naive?

      AGWer: Well, it was a very honest-looking Greencoat and when I said I couldn’t see the fairy, she said 97% of all the scientists she showed it to saw it and I should just believe them. And I do.

      SR: You mean, rather, that you are believing her. You haven’t asked 97% of all scientists about it yourself. I don’t trust her. Greencoats are KNOWN liars and, further, Greencoats are the main ones doing this “fairy in the jar” hustle.

      AGW: Yeah, well…….. Hey! Why are you so down on Greencoats. This is a discussion about science!

      Moral: When the subject being discussed has been shown to be a s c a m,
      you start talking about the s c a m m e r s (and about the profile of their typical dupe).

      • lol — well, well….. poor ol’ “AGWer” above gets a bit mixed up about the sex of the Greencoat fairy-pusher. That’s because she is a woman who looks a lot like a man….. a lot like someone whose face has appeared on the pages of WUWT before. So, perfectly understandable. And plausible! 🙂

      • Hey, “Butch.” 😉 Hope all is well with you.

        Lol, yes, she heads to the Ladies Room, unless……. UNLESS THERE IS A MIRROR ON THE DOOR! !!!! aaaaa, then, she stands there, hopelessly confused, goes crazy, and starts writing a comment on her phone aimed at Anthony Watts. The End.

      • Janice the 5.02 comment was funny and I finally after reading the comments ( and the rant of course) I had a bit of a sad laugh though. I’ll go back to the e-mail I send you. This guy ( girl) is seriously ill and dangerous. Could well be addicted.

      • Re: Asybot at 8:24pm — Yes, I see your point. Good to bear that in mind. For the record: I am not a pen pal with Mr. Asybot; just very infrequent “Are you doing okay?” e mails. Yes, for my peace of mind vis a vis one particular, very dear, person, I needed to say that.

  52. All the while that guy uses just as much fossil fuels as the rest of us, liberals are such hypocrites.

  53. Thanks Scorpion. I am again motivated to donate to this wonderful site. Funds have been flung. Happy Easter.

  54. That’s some good english there for a bangladeshi farmer. I get it the author of that comment hate white males.

      • I didn’t read what “the ManBearPig” said, but, I want to say that
        I HIGHLY DOUBT that it was our “Man Bearpig”
        who would put forth such a stupid argument.

    • I think the reference to the Bangladeshi farmer, is a hypothetical fictional being as no actual person or persons resembling this description, is in existence outside the vivid imagination of the unfortunate child who wrote this. I say ”unfortunate” as they don’t seem to have the benefit of an education or the privilege of good parents. I’m not making excuses for them simply suggesting a possible reason for their failure.

      • I think so too, I think he is a child of Indian parents now living in Australia or New Zealand as the rhetoric is similar to that in these countries, and also because he doesn’t know the geography of Bangladesh which is on a delta therefore very close to sea level. Geography does not seem to be featured in State Schools
        “Bangladesh, to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, is a South Asian country marked by lush greenery and many waterways. Its Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna rivers create fertile plains, and travel by boat is common..”
        He can look this up on his iPad if his mother will let him have it after all that foul language..which he has picked up at his Australian or New Zealand school. …bringing disgrace on a respectable family.

  55. Wow, would be hard to find more insults, abuse, rubbish and downright hatred in one article . . .must be a total lefty, all the trademarks are there. Hey, he got me on two points, older and white, not fat, I think that is slung as standard abuse because there’s an awful lot of brains and experience in life there and the Marxists know that’s a hard barrier to crack so they resort to their usual “loving, caring, inclusive” themes and words. Here in Australia we are now so surrounded by these people you can hardly speak. The main political parties are extreme left (labor) and left (conservatives) and none of them know what they are doing, we will be using generators and candles soon in the name of climate change.
    Dave of Reedy Creek, Queensland

  56. Actually enjoyed this. It’s a very clear sign that rational thought and ideas are finally winning out over this child like mentality associated with the snowflakes and liberal whiners of the world. Loved the hellfire bit, must be a very good gaming snowflake, a hero in his chat room where dragonslayers, echowarriors, and captain planet do battle with the evildoers of the rational world…you know, the one’s who work and pay taxes. Keep up the good work.

  57. This guy is clearly unhinged. What an incredible moron. He needs to see a good shrink. Wow….just wow!

  58. It’s notable that anti-Russian racism is now being flaunted shamelessly by the left and the warmist extremists. CNN, BBC and other left wong media are increasingly overtly Russophobic in their endless diatribe. It’s logical however for these progressive types to resent Russia since the regime which is the fountainhead of modern enviromnentalism, Na3i Germany, met it’s fate at the hands of the Russians.

    Hint: fascists don’t fare well in Russia. But hey – maybe with a handful of drones and some super skinny nonwhite model-lefties like Michael Moore on your side, you could try it on? With all the global warming going on you needn’t even bring any warm clothing.

    • The whole Russia/Trump angle is highly interesting, given the millions the Clintons took from Russia in return for the sale of US uranium assets.

      These days, it’s almost as if leftists invariably accuse others of doing all the things they do themselves. It is an interesting pathology.

      • If I want to know what the Left is thinking/doing, I look at the accusations they make against their opponents.

      • Yes, but I believe that the whole Uranium One imbroglio resulted in a $145 Million revenue transfer to the Clinton Global Initiative. That’s considered a very good day even by Secretary of State standards.

  59. Egos that huge go into mental breakdown when it becomes clear to them that their I.Q. is room temperature level.
    I have always said, after a small amount of research, this scam is an I.Q. test.
    That letter is last ditch desperation.

  60. A college education is supposed to temper this sort of extremist mind-set, but nowadays it often foments it. (I suspect this guy (or gal, mayhap) is a college grad–maybe even a college administrator!)

  61. Progressivism is a totalitarian ideology in exactly the same way as is 1slam. It uses the same brainwashing techniques to generate inhuman and completely irrational mindsets in its victims and displays the same rabid, violent intolerance to conflicting views. It is no coincidence that the progressive left are so supportive of 1slam – just as it was no coincidence the Third Reich was so supportive of Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito. Make no mistake folks – this isn’t a difference of political opinion anymore – it is all out war. We see it every day – the progressives always react to any democratic disappointment with total violence. CAGW is simply one of their fundamental axioms but the problem runs far deeper than that.

    • Thank you for stating the obvious. How can non Muslims see Christian churches overtaken and occupied in the west and see no intent of world dominance is stupidity.
      I am a humanist but I will volunteer to march at the front of any Christian resistance.

  62. Happy Easter Anthony, I’m sad for you that you have to put up with this. I do hope you realise there are many, many people who are grateful to you for WUWT and the open search for truth that takes place on these web pages. God bless!

  63. Silly, silly,silly. Don’t you see how your being played. That email was ginned up by The Donald to get the blood flowing in the base. MAGA! 😉

  64. … fat conservative white guys eh?

    Well, let me take this opportunity to burst the commentator’s delusional bubble: I am NOT fat. I am straight. And I was a dancer and visual artist for decades. Not quite the profile that this pseudo-clairvoyant, all-knowing wanna-be ass spews in his hate rant.

    Okay, I’m white, but that’s about all this twit got right.

    • Uh oh, I was reading back through the responses and saw that somebody here is not favorable to using the word, “twit”, as an insult, which I did.

      Given that a twit is the kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart, I boldly stand by my usage of that term in my previous comment. (^_^)

  65. I wonder if this doofus knows that drones and Hellfire missiles, plus the Internet, originally DARPANET, were invented by conservative white men.

    So much ignorance. So little time.

      • wrt “WERE they fat”

        … doesn’t matter. They obviously have the potential to become old. So, if at some point in their lives they may become fat, they are part of club evil.

    • And that a lot of white men still inhabit the upper echelons of the military ranks.
      Snot-nosed fantasies of killing people he hates in dramatic fashion.
      What kills me is the part about teaming up with China to kill anyone who emits CO2!

  66. I’ve started using the term Anglophobia (hatred of white people). There is an irrational hatred for white people common among Democrats. I think it is one reason why HRC lost. This Anglophobic email writer represents them perfectly.

  67. This should be reported although the judicial system is still in liberal marxmen control. To wit the judicial social justice ladies in the DC court handling the Steyn /Mann Snopes trial.

  68. “First they came for the socialists and I didn’t speak out—because I wasn’t a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out—because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
    –Pastor Martin Niemöller, 1945

    WAKE UP AMERICA YOU HAVE Liberal Progressive Marxists In Your Streets!

  69. When exactly does polite conversation devolve into impolite ?
    I’ve got in-laws visiting, this is a serious question.

    • About 3 drinks past lunch o’clock typically but if you work at it you could get in early with the right “greeting” when you open the door.

  70. But Scorpion, if it wasn’t for the great work and dedication of Sceptics like Mr. Watts and the many good people here at WUWT, everyone would be wrong like you. Someone has to get the truth and honesty out there.

  71. Well, given his name, he’s a Sikh hailing from India. His choice of Bangladeshis as climate victims reinforces that surmise. His use of American shorthand and vulgarisms shows education in the US.

    It seems likely he’s a first or second generation American of Indian descent living somewhere near San Jose California. Silicon Valley is first in his list of high-tech places and has a large expatriate Indian community. That means outstanding Indian food, locally. 🙂

    He’s also bought into the most mindless of left wing racist slanders. One lesson of modern politicized teaching is that there is no complex idea so fatuous and stupid that a group of intellectuals will not believe it, and teach it. Mr. Harish Singh has fully inhaled the tranch of progressive stench so readily available in the greater SF Bay Area.

    Most people of more general intelligence will eventually disabuse themselves of such stupidity (unless they are soft-subject academics), which means that Mr. Singh is likely pretty young; say 20 or so; an age certainly consistent with his fashionable use of poor language.

    • Pat Frank, skillfully creating a far flung mythical persona, simultaneously ignoring the geo-location of IP addressing. I suggest taking a good dose of ARIN WHOIS.

      • I put his age younger…high school.
        Maybe 15, 16.
        Young enough to have those silly childish thoughts about killing people he hates in dramatic fashion.
        I have known many people who were like this…even the dumbest and most ill-mannered grew out of it.
        They came to understand how this sounds to anyone else.

  72. I would keep a close eye on my personal security. This fool is not the actual risk. He is a neverwuzzer. Not even a wannabe. But one violent threatening twit implies there are others, maybe more inclined to action and less to big talk.

  73. Stable, healthy planets have never existed.
    The only thing that is constant is change.
    Some folks haven’t figured out how lucky they are to be living in the present, for sure.

  74. It’s interesting how this kind of mind works… Note the huge emotional content indicative of someone who makes decisions based on how they “feel” rather than any indication they rely on facts – so likely no science training. The tendency towards violence because of their feeling of helplessness and frustration – it’s very much like a child so likely a young male.

    The language indicates likely university level education, so I will go out on a limb and say a liberal arts degree. Poor grammatical structure indicates its likely a second language, or they just are not very good at language. Their understanding of military, weapons, and tactics indicates they have no military experience. The fact they posted indicates they feel they can successfully hide. The fact they hid to attack someone publicly indicates they are afraid to stand up and be counted.

    The questions are what set them off, and why at Anthony?

    I have noticed an odd correlation between younger people (college or near college age) using words like fascist in sentences where they are trying to silence people (threaten) that disagree with them. It must be a tactic they pick up at college. Really sad how poorly people are being educated.

    • Robert…my thoughts on his age as well…but i did not think of it in such well delineated terms.
      I just know this sounds like a kid.
      And has bought the most idiotic of the MSM fear mongery…example, no one has ever lost a house to climate induced sea level rise, and at 2mm a year, no one is likely to.

  75. @Writing Observer – I doubt that the author of the screed is Mormon. We don’t generally believe that way, nor do we tend to express ourselves in such an uncivil and antisocial manner.

    • (I’m virtually certain W.O. was faux faulting Scrapion for failing to drag Mormons into the screed, pops)

  76. This person seems a bit confused! He / she / it seems to be a great fan of Predators and Hellfire missiles; so am I, when they’re aimed at the right people (e.g. Taliban, A-Q, IS), but what do they have to do with discussions on climate? Sad.

  77. I feel sorry for people like the guy that wrote the letter. They probably had liberal parents and were brain washed from age 4 and up to believe in climate change, feminism, socialism, and a few other NGO promoted outright lies. Everything they’ve been raised to believe in is being debunked and rejected by mainstream society right before their eyes. It’s leaving them with nothing after being taught they were morally superior to all who disagreed with them. The anger and denial are the first two of the five stages of grief.

  78. I’m guessing this fellow is in the “Anger” phase of his evolution towards accepting the Skeptical arguments against the Hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming….. Just Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance to go.

  79. @ scorpion – get back on your meds, brother. You are embarrassing yourself something fierce.

  80. Scorpion sounds like a teenager throwing a tantrum! That’s how they purport to get their way. Then, on the other hand, if Scorpion is a mature adult, Scorpion has the mental aptitude of a teenager! (Maybe I’m being to kind on the teenager bit, a 5 year old might be more to the point!)

    • Age is no measure of maturity. There’s 14-year old adults, and there’s 40-year old kids. Maturity is a mindset, not a physiological given. 🙂

  81. Everything the guy says is true…

    …when applied to himself!

    He and his ilk think in these terms, and act on these terms.
    WE talk about science.
    He talks about conspiracies, of global corporate money.
    He talks in terms of mental illness
    He talks in terms of politics.
    He talks in terms of fixed minds.

    These are the features of his world-view.

    Twit? That’s a British term.

    He sounds like a fairly typical animal rights activist, or someone from ‘hate not soap’

  82. Translation: Little scorpy’s been watching the TV show of the same name and fantasising that he, too, can save the world each week in 40 minutes (plus advertisements).

    Such foolish vitroil from a fool in which the butthurt is strong.

    Scorpy is ignorant and revels in it. It is sad, and pitiful.

    The good news is that it also means you are hurting them, Anthony. So keep up the good fight. The cli-fi scam is unravelling like the South Sea Bubble before it.

  83. To which i reply this to the vile troll, thank you America for voting For a president that can do his job, Happy Easter to all.

  84. The climate denial mentality is a fascinating insight into the deep psychological wounds these (mostly men) have. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up fat, dumb and happy in a quasi-fascist corporatist state instead of as a poor, brown-skinned Bangladeshi farmer who’s about to lose his house to sea level rise.

    Well, the Awami League government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina, has authoritarian, even fascist tendencies, at least according to Hillary Clinton, democratic nominee for the last presidential election of the US.


    What is more, utterly fair skinned farmers in the Netherlands and East Anglia, along with pensioners in Florida, mostly white women, are threatened by sea level rise just as much as a brown-skinned Bangladeshi farmer.

    Except there is no acceleration term detected in satellite measured sea level data in the 23.5 years between late 1992 and mid 2016, for the entire span of this particular dataset, so sea level rise is not such a threat after all.

    The U.S. Left needs to partner with EU, japan, China and India.

    Yup. And the US left needs to endorse increasing CO2 emissions of those countries, while US emissions are steadily decreasing. Makes sense.

  85. He’d rather an iPad over an AR-15 connected to a “drone” (All that technology driven by solar/wind etc)? Too much “RedBull”, dialup takeout etc and computer games me thinks…

    To “Scorpion”, shut your computers off, step outside, it really is not that bad.

  86. “Enough people (and people yet to be born, and plants and animals) have suffered…”

    Really? As Willis quietly asks, where are the bodies?

    No he is not an Australian, New Zealand based “Indian or Bangladeshi”, he is American educated…”…destabilize…” gives that away.

  87. It is a kind of a manifesto. He uses every cliche’ the democrats AND Marx has created in the past 100 years. While he easily represents 90% of the vitriol he spews at others, and they are threats to the current host, I would not be too concerned. In the first place, he made it on a public forum. Real nut jobs do not do that for the most part. And in the second place, being he is impotent, it is merely rage.

    What caused Anders Brevick to act upon his frustrations was the lack of an outlet to voice his frustrations (Norway has a big no-no on hate speech). If nothing else, the Internet allows the release of steam and so less action on the parts of loons. One DA readily comes to mind (and his stalking of certain bloggers).

  88. Pity the fool.
    This skinny little exoskeleton speaks of “evidence”.
    Yet again, no evidence is cited.
    I’m waiting for some evidence. I’ve been waiting years. Still none.
    (Another typewriter-fighter tilting at windmills. Fat conservative white windmills)

    {His/her hatred and racism just drips from his/her ugly self.}

  89. The cult of CAGW continually must resort to name calling (Nazi, White Guy, Full figured, Trump Supporter, Non-Democrat and so on) as opposed to using scientific/engineering/economic based arguments to support CAGW and the massive forced spending on green schemes that do not work as it is a fact that:

    1) Observations and analysis does not support CAGW and in fact does not even support AGW.

    2) The massive spending on ‘green’ energy has been an economic failure (triples the cost of electricity and will lead to brownouts) and has not significantly reduced anthropogenic CO2 emissions if the energy input to construct the ‘green energy’ systems and the reduction in grid efficiency is taken into account.

    3) It is a fact that there have been significant unintentional consequences to the undeveloped world due to the cult of CAGW’s campaign

    4) The lack of developed country funding support for new coal power plants is one of the prime reasons for unending poverty in the undeveloped regions of the world such as almost the entire African continent. It is a fact that 24/7 reliable economic electric power is required for basic industrial development.


    Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding

    On the Existence of a “Tropical Hot Spot “ & The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding

    Dr. James P. Wallace III Dr. John R. Christy Dr. Joseph S. D’Aleo August 2016

    These analysis results would appear to leave very, very little doubt that EPA’s claim of a Tropical Hot Spot, caused by rising atmospheric CO2 levels, simply does not exist in the real world. Also critically important, even on an all-otherthings-equal basis, this analysis failed to find that the steadily rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations have had a statistically significant impact on any of the 13 temperature time series analyzed. 68

    Thus, the analysis results invalidate each of the Three Lines of Evidence in its CO2 Endangerment Finding.

    Once EPA’s THS assumption is invalidated, it is obvious why the climate models they claim can be relied upon, are also invalid. And, these results clearly demonstrate–13 times in fact–that once just the ENSO impacts on temperature data are accounted for, there is no “record setting” warming to be concerned about. In fact, there is no ENSO-Adjusted Warming at all. These natural ENSO impacts involve both changes in solar activity and the 1977 Pacific Shift.

    Moreover, on an all-other-things-equal basis, there is no statistically valid proof that past increases in Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations have caused the officially reported rising, even claimed record setting temperatures. To validate their claim will require mathematically credible, publically available, simultaneous equation parameter estimation work. Where is it?



    On Petition for Review of a Final Agency Action of the United States Environmental Protection Agency 80 Fed. Reg. 64,662 (Oct. 23, 2015)

    Appendix I: Empirical Data show EPA’s Tropical Hot Spot Theory
    to be Invalid …………………………………………………………………….. 26
    Appendix II: Empirical Data show EPA’s Record Setting, Global
    Warming Claim to be Invalid …………………………………………… 30
    Appendix III: Empirical Data Invalidate EPA’s Claim that cited
    Climate Models may be relied upon for its Policy
    Analysis Purposes. ……………………………………………………………. 33
    Appendix IV: Ongoing and Biased Data Manipulation have Made the
    Instrumental Surface Data (1850 to date) No Longer
    Credible ……………………………………………………………………………. 37


    The key problem appears to be that the cost of manufacturing the components of the renewable power facilities is far too close to the total recoverable energy – the facilities never, or just barely, produce enough energy to balance the budget of what was consumed in their construction. This leads to a runaway cycle of constructing more and more renewable plants simply to produce the energy required to manufacture and maintain renewable energy plants – an obvious practical absurdity.

    A research effort by Google corporation to make renewable energy viable has been a complete failure, according to the scientists who led the programme. After 4 years of effort, their conclusion is that renewable energy “simply won’t work”.

  90. “research has shown that right-wing brains double down…”

    A “You Are Not So Smart” podcast listener! It is a pretty great podcast, but it has one very annoying trait–when discussing mental habits that are non-ideological (in this case, people with strong opinions often dig in and believe more strongly when faced with opposing information–the subject of a recent episode), negative examples tend to come from the conservative side of the aisle and positive examples tend to come from the liberal side.

    This loon’s conclusion is exactly why that trait is problematic.

  91. This would serve as a perfect worksheet for intermediate debate classes. It covers just about every fallacy in the book. Anthony, please submit this to your local high school or junior college for approval. A wealth of fault to be picked and discussed by young people learning higher discussion and argument. Heck, even I couldn’t readily remember and name every fallacy this dude succumbs to. It’s priceless.

  92. Does he not know that the vast majority of the actual – you know – soldiers that really do control drones armed with Hellfire missiles are not liberals?

  93. no anthony – i don’t see an “imminent’ threat – just a “fanciful” one that didn’t deserve the spotlight you are giving him

    instead of informing us about the nutcases out there (we know that) – or of his own pathology (he won’t listen) – you’ve given him a reason to cheer his ass off – and boast to the wide world of social media

  94. Based on the grammatical style, vocabulary and specific pejoratives, I’d have to say this is almost certainly a relatively well-educated but very angry British eco-warrior, sex unknown but probably male. Certainly educated in the UK, even if no longer resident there……and a typical “blind faith” believer in salvation offered by the new eco-religion. Sad……but let’s not underestimate how dangerous these people are!

  95. This country was founded by angry old white guys, not by immature, opinionated, self-willed hate-spewers projecting their own inner evil on others.

  96. I do feel a little sorry for some of these rampant climate alarmists. In many cases they have shaped their whole lives around the principle of trying to minimize their supposed personal impact on the climate. An acknowledgement that they have been lied to by the founders of their faith is for them a world-shattering experience.

  97. The phrase really ought to be ‘eco-terrorist’, not ‘eco-warrior’ – ‘warrior’ implies even a semblance of honor.

  98. That reminds me of someone I had been arguing with on another blog (nothing to do with climate) for about 2 years. We were on completely opposite sides and used to make fun of the others views but no extreme insults. This guy (lets call him David) and I were well known in the blog and one day he posted something about another participants sexuality. I (jokingly) commented that David must have gender identity issues himself. 4 weeks later he disappeared from the blog and surfaced under a different username in a transexual blog where he stated his wish to be identified as female and posted pictures of his transformation.

  99. A lot of people are against the Party that is lead by rich, old white people.
    You know, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer …….

  100. This reads to me like a kids babble.
    High school age, most likely.
    No doubt unhinged and full of hate, but also mixing in enough detail to know that this is someone who has been lapping up the MSM catastrophist fear-mongering drivel.
    Show us one farmer in Bangladesh, or anywhere else for that matter, who “is about to lose their house to sea level rise”.
    He obviously cannot…there are no such people.
    And then there is the skin color obsession. These youngsters are being indoctrinated into a hateful racist ideology in which skin color is now the most important thing in the world…not the least reason for which it allows singling out who to heap the biggest share of hate on.
    Several others things stand out, like a violent mindset that fantasizes about killing people who dare disagree with this enlightened and noble soul, the idiotic notion that white people tote guns but not iPads…or something like that…incoherent inanity is all it is, and the notion that the US military is going to side up with some leftists snowflakes to kill all the white people, and hook up angry teenagers with some iPad controlled missiles.
    But the most inane (if the inanities here can be ranked at all) notion must be this crap about the other countries of the world.
    This is clearly someone who is young enough that the ranting about Russia, from the MSM and liberal congressmen and women, is somehow a basic reality of the world social order.
    That American liberals will team up with some liberal countries and wipe out the US conservatives + Russia (LMAO) who are not on board with stamping out CO2 emissions!
    China…you know, that country that now emits more CO2 than the US ever did!
    What an ignorant dolt.
    Ignorant enough to likely be unaware that the US has now been decreasing overall emissions for nearly ten years, and that this decrease is due to the fracking revolution that these same liberal nitwits have fought tooth and nail to stop!

    The lunacy is broad and deep.
    It seems hackneyed to say, yet one more time, that one could not write this as a piece of fiction…it is too dramatically absurd.
    No one could even imagine tens of millions being at once and together this naïve, obtuse, misinformed, hypocritical, wrongheaded, and just plain wrong!

    He sure does seem like someone who will have trouble getting by in the real world.
    Here we see the result of preaching and indoctrinating a generation of children to the idea that the world is heading unavoidably for planet destroying calamity…unless the people who do not believe it are stopped from living out their sanity.
    Taught to hate themselves and half the country.
    Nice going liberals.

  101. The isp provides service within line of sight of it’s Lincoln Nebraska towers. Anjhula Singh Bais (Angela Singh), 36, is a Distinguished Alumni 1999 Lincoln Southeast High School graduate and classical violinist turned world-class model. Harish H Singh (Paul Singh) (Harish Paul Singh) 43, is related to Angela and her parents. Has lived in several places in California, including Berkeley, but appears to be in Lincoln now. Look at http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/scopion73 Anything else you can find on people search sites for a small fee.

      • I checked out Anjhula Singh Bais’ Facebook page – she doesn’t seem to wear her Greenie-ism on her sleeve there – has anyone thought to attempt to contact her about sending threatening anonymous messages?

  102. The paranoid rambling and victimhood assumptions identify a lefty, what Americans call a Liberal. I think that tag is rather kind. Mr Scorpion unfortunately hasn’t ever really been taught the benefits of critical thinking.

    I applaud Mr Watts for giving up space to the real science-denialists like Mr Scorpion.

    One may always be assured of balance, good humour and enlightenment at WUWT. Bravo, Mr Watts

  103. Have never seen so many comments !! I wonder why he is so angry. Usually when you “know” you are right you can sit back in the knowledge that everyone else is wrong. This man needs a mental check and locked up in a darkened room to recover his wits !!

  104. I see he posted his hate filled rant Easter morning. Maybe he needed to be in church so he can learn to love and learn Who is really in control.

  105. My final comment on this article (until my next one):
    “The US Left needs to partner with [list of hostile foreign powers] …”
    What a lovely euphemism for treason.

    • Sorry, the “left” in America has been partnered with [list of hostile foreign powers] since America was founded.

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