Vatican Urges President Trump to Reconsider Climate Policies

President Trump (White House Portrait). Cardinal Peter Turkson.

President Trump (Public Domain, White House Portrait). Cardinal Peter Turkson. By HaiduculOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Vatican climate spokesman Cardinal Peter Turkson has just warned President Trump that if he doesn’t reverse his position on Climate Change, the USA risks losing “climate leadership” to China.

Vatican says Trump risks losing climate change leadership to China

By Philip Pullella | ROME

The Vatican urged U.S. President Donald Trump to listen to “dissenting voices” and reconsider his position on climate change

Pope Francis has made defense of the environment a key plank of his papacy, strongly backing scientific opinion that global warming is caused mostly by human activity.

“This is a challenge for us,” said Cardinal Peter Turkson, the pope’s point man for the environmental, immigration and development, when asked about Trump’s executive order dismantling Obama-era climate change regulations and his immigration policies.

“Fortunately, in the United States, there are dissenting voices, people who are against Trump’s positions,” said Turkson, who is from Ghana and was one of the driving forces behind the pope’s 2015 encyclical letter on environmental protection.

“This, for us, is a sign that little by little, other positions and political voices will emerge and so we hope that Trump himself will reconsider some of his decisions,” Turkson told reporters at a breakfast meeting.

China, which had fought attempts by foreign governments to limit carbon emissions in the past, has become a strong proponent of efforts to halt global warming.

“While Trump is moving in the opposite direction, there is another great power in the world, China, which is showing different signs, as if America is creating a vacuum that China is filling,” Turkson said.

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Frankly it is obscene for the Vatican to promote China in this way. One of those “different signs” China has been showing lately is a renewal of its brutal crackdown on Chinese Christians. The crackdown has included the large scale demolition of Christian icons, and the arrest of at least one Vatican appointed priest, coadjutor bishop of Wenzhou, Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin, while he was helping to prepare the funeral of his predecessor.

If Vatican climate spokesman Cardinal Peter Turkson is somehow not aware of these outrages, perhaps he has also not received the latest memo about Chinese climate leadership.

China has just insisted they don’t want “climate leadership”, presumably because the Chinese understand that “leadership” is greenspeak for “pay the bills”.


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Sounds like they are simply trying to distract people from the ongoing sagas of pedophile priests, and the church coverups.
Look! a Squirrel! is not going to work.

The Badger

But it’s a RED squirrel !

george e. smith

Fat lot he knows about it.

The climate is exactly what Mother Gaia wants it to be.

So there !


Nikola Tesla put it as:
“There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact.”

Hoodwinked by a green zealot: How ideologist behind dash for diesel called C02 ‘worse than terror’
The scientist behind the dash for diesel is a committed climate change activist who once described global warming as a greater threat than terrorism.

Professor Sir David King, 77, was the architect of the policy to cut fuel duty for diesel cars as Tony Blair’s personal scientist.

Yesterday he admitted he got it wrong, having been driven by an obsession with carbon emissions. The former Government chief scientific adviser, knighted in 2003, has presided over many controversies.

In 2004 he wrote in the journal Science: ‘In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today – more serious even than the threat of terrorism.’



” . . . a RED squirrel”
Yeah. As in Square . . . Tiananmen . . the Mutual Admiration Society of Bankers, Bolsheviks, and dual citizens living well in America’s congress . . . etc., etc.


So, he magically knew Christianity is not founded on fact? Pfft, lightweight ; )

george e. smith

That Albino squirrel is a dead duck.

Every raptor in the territory , has his number on their bucket list.




The whole point of Christianity is that it is not founded on fact. Were it so, then no faith would be required. In Protestant theology, as I’ve mentioned, salvation requires blind faith in a belief incredible by normal standards.

That the itinerant, 1st century Galilean Essene preacher Joshua, son of Joseph, allegedly of Nazareth, was in some sense the son of a tribal deity, died and arose from the dead, so that those who believed in him would have eternal life, is not a fact. Sorry to break the news to you, but that belief cannot be verified as factual. And that’s the point.


Depends on how you define “fact”.
It could very well be true, it’s just not something that is provable.
Not being provable is not the same thing as being false, it’s in that category of, We’ll never know for sure.


During WW 2 the saying was, there are “no atheists in fox-holes”.




Among the many notable counter-examples of atheists in combat are Korean War Marine fighter pilot and legendary Hall of Famer Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams and Army Ranger and Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, killed in a “friendly fire” incident in Afghanistan.

I think that President Trump should remind the Pope that, while he is “Infallible” regarding the Catholic religion, once he step outside that topic, he enters the realm of politics and becomes fair game to criticism and correction.

Then our President should politely but forcibly go through the litany of why CAGW is nonsense, from the inadequacy of the weather station collection to the fake adjustments to the models describing a make believe world to collusion to silence opposing voices as shown with ClimateGate to the negligible effects of mitigation possibilities being discussed to the costs, both in money and in the death & suffering of people without electricity.

Call him out – politely – for being on the side that opposes what the Church teaches.


I always believed the last Pope stepped aside under pressure from the elites because he wouldn’t toe the AGW line.

ewe stolt my comment!!!


If US pulls out of UNFCCCP treaty, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

How is that NOT “leading the world”.

george e. smith

Well it would be leading the world into obliviationhood !


Neither religion or politics has any legitimate role in determining what is and what is not science.

The Badger

This is a good theory but has it been tested in practice ?

Using emotional religious or political arguments to shape science has definitely been tested and in all cases, it fails miserably. An Earth centric Universe, creationism, climate science and vaccine controversies are a few of the instances where emotional arguments broke science. Of course, in the final analysis, the objective scientific truth will eventually prevail, although eventually may mean centuries.


So why would anyone look to either politics OR religion for advice on scientific matters?


Nor do scientists.

george e. smith

Nor any illegitimate role !


Tom Halla

Pope Francis has acted as if he is into liberation theology several times. This is apparently just another example of that sort of silliness of trying to reconcile leftism and Catholicism.

The Badger

Naahhh, it’s just that they have spotted that the left is in the ascendancy right now and need to keep the numbers up. Don’t all churches/religions adapt like that, spot a change in society and hop on the bus a bit to keep up. If they don’t they are doomed to wither and be overtaken by some more appealing “modern” religion.

Tom Halla

Liberation Theology is a fairly old heresy in the Catholic church, dating from at least the 1960’s. Pope John Paul II was notable for opposing the trend, largely because as a Bishop in Poland he had direct experience with communists.


Churches that have opposed gay marriage are doing much better than the churches that have supported it.


I should say, legal recognition for gay marriages.

Best keep an eye on the Pachamama popey. He act like a gaia acolyte.

george e. smith

Why doesn’t he give Brazil some new instructions on how to control their population explosion.


Kalifornia Kook

I’m a religious person, and I respect the Church – in general, but definitely not specifically. I wish they would stay out of matters scientific, even as science generally stays out of matters religious.
But then, CAGW is a little bit religion, and a little bit science. And a crap load of bullshit.


Who cares about “climate leadership”?
How much money does it yield ?

Kalifornia Kook

Excellent point. I knew I was thinking somewhere along this line, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


When do they grant sainthood to Angry Bird and Jerry Brown in the category of climate change miracles?


Maybe this former Jesuit (Brown) has gotten too big for his britches?


Climate leadership ….

….. ha ha, chortle chortle.

They don’t even know how to use a napkin and a pencil.

Pop Piasa

I can’t seem to eat well with two sticks in one hand, so maybe we’re even.

Clay Sanborn

President Trump should stay on the same tack that he is on, and for which he promised those that voted for him, and those that didn’t, and STOP all this climate nonsense once and for all. The pope should know that such things as climate are in God’s domain, and there is nothing that puny mankind can do to alter something in God’s domain.

Pop Piasa

Well, you’ve done it now… Reminded me to share the Ode to The Church again:

Pop Piasa

An Ode to the Church
On Fighting Climate Change

Bureaucrats and Global Planners
Speak in agitated manners,
Predicating great disaster:
“Climate change we now must master!”

Human guilt and blame beseeching:
“Children, shame we should be teaching!
Man has sinned by overreaching
Fragile Gaia’s limit!”

Beware their bold apostasy,
Their prophesy is vanity!
The firmaments will never be
Controlled by mortal hands.
So, use this world, as best you can,
To take care of your fellow man
And leave Earth’s destiny to God’s great plan!

The Universe is God’s, alone
Commanding elements He owns.
Perplexes any man’s control,
Yet, still provides for every soul!

D. J. Hawkins

Only he speaks ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals. This is neither.

D. J. Hawkins

Doh! “Only when…”

D. J. Hawkins

@Forrest Gardener
Absolutely not. It is a matter of personal opinion, in which the Pope is no more infallible than anyone else.

D. J. Hawkins

@Forrest Gardener
Oh, come on! @@

Methinks Cardinal Turkson has Oreskes on speed dial, and visa versa.

Pop Piasa

Two (of many) “peas in the pod”.
I would wager that the communications within that network would be an interesting hack for those who engage in that sort of thing.

They both should know. 🙂

Pop Piasa

Wait, we can still lead China by pledging to reduce CO2 after only 25 years of rebuilding our economy!

That’s the perplexing thing about such silly criticisms. I’ve got to assume these are intelligent people speaking for the Pope.
Other than China now publishing disingenuous statements that they support the Paris Agreement and urging western nations to do the same, where is the leadership?
You know, that Agreemeny where THEY don’t have to do anything until 2030 and THEN they will consider pulling back on CO2 emissions, but until then, Western nations have to give them money (and coal, and buy their solar panels and turbines). Oh, and ruin their economies in the meantime, while China is encouraged to “catch up”.
Yeah, that Agreement.

NW sage

re …”assume these are intelligent people speaking for the Pope.”
Perhaps…but it also fits if one assumes those who ‘work’ for the Pope are ‘yes’ men who are following orders and have years of practice doing just that.


By getting involved in the climate change debate he along with the Pope have shown themselves to be politician’s and nothing more.

Pop Piasa

Has the Vatican forgotten “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…”? Or is the Vatican just paying its taxes to the UN?

The Badger

You just have to ask the “right” person, accept the answer, and leave a small piece of silver.

Pop Piasa

Don’t forget confessing first.

Steve (Paris)

Theology explained in one sentence. 10/10


You don’t need to ask anyone, just read the instruction manual.

The Vatican likes to support other major World Religions like CAGW and Islam.

Mickey Reno

Let’s give China the leadership role! YES!. Let’s move the UN headquarters to Beijing! Hell, move the European Union there, too. Let’s dump all the world’s Progressive stupid onto the poor suffering Chinese, who are struggling to emerge from abject poverty, and face a tremendous demographic crisis of an aging population, and massive imbalances in the numbers of young men to young women. Then, with single party authoritarian rule, the Chinese Communists can just toss the whole mess into the garbage without any political fights whatsoever.


Bruce Cobb

“Fortunately, in the United States, there are dissenting voices”. Yes, and they elected Trump. Those who dissent are against Big Climate, which has been the status quo for far too long. He has everything bass ackwards.

Pop Piasa

Do we dissenters outnumber the supporters of the socialist-leaning status quo? I think the majority was only due to the political system, so wisely devised. As in some previous elections, the popular vote was tempered by the electoral college system, giving the rural population an equal voice. That speaks to the AGW hysteria being largely an urban mindset, spurred on by UHI effects and the MSM propaganda.


A hard look at illegal voters might render the Trump victory a majority popular vote as well.
Something the Democrats definitely do not want.


The Vatican has a ‘climate spokesperson’ (seriously, like they would let a woman do the job)? Who knew, eh?

I guess as the pope is supposed to be a spokesperson for god, I suppose the ‘climate’ should get one too. I’ll pay about the same attention to both of them.

It’s worse than that. The Vatican has an official Climate Science Advisor, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, whom we ALL recognise issues recommendations and reports using all available science; in a completely unbiased manner.(/sarc)

Pop Piasa

Yes, Schellnhuber is truly the voice of Gaia, tired of humanity’s impositions on a fragile planet where God only intended his children to merely survive.


Threatening to give China the Climate Change leadership? Telling Trump he can relinquish the job killing responsibility of Climate Change when he doesn’t believe in it? Or how about telling Trump if he does this dastardly thing he’ll gain an economic and industrial advantage and transfer the burden of upholding this climate fantasy created by his best friend Obama to his best ally and trade partner…. China?

Tsk Tsk

Given this pope is a South American Bolivarian, I much prefer to never follow his lead. Maybe he thinks it’s noble to eat flamingos, but I don’t.

Tom Halla

Bergoglio is Argentinian, therefore raised a Peronist, not Bolivarian, which is what the Venezuelan leftists call themselves.


May the Pope, his Cardinals and Allah all sleep in the same bed. Please leave the rest of humanity alone.


That is quite a happy circle.


I seem to have forgotten the Goreacle.

Pop Piasa

And the Arc of the Coveryerass.

Edward Katz

Let these various religious leaders focus on theology and never mind the climate, especially when they start claiming China will soon assume climate leadership. This is a country which has announced its coal consumption will continue to rise until 2030 and has given no guarantees it will decline thereafter. If this supposed to be leadership, I’d hate to hear what the followers are intending to do.


Not long before Franky declares the climate skepticism is a mortal sin, and those who do no not renounce their evil ways before dying, will go directly to hell.

Pop Piasa

I demand my time in purgatory! Let me redeem to the meme!

Jim G1

“Fortunately, in the United States, there are dissenting voices, people who are against Trump’s positions,” said Turkson, who is from Ghana and was one of the driving forces behind the pope’s 2015 encyclical letter on environmental protection.”
Unfortunately they are the same folks who are against everything else the Church is for including freedom of religion, prolife policies, marriage between men and women only, etc.


“Frankly it is obscene for the Vatican to promote China in this way. One of those “different signs” China has been showing lately is a renewal of its brutal crackdown on Chinese Christians.”

Maybe the Vatican is separating the important from the really important?


The climate has changed. It has improved. Why the denial?


Is this the same Pope that invited Muslims to live in the Vatican?


A full disclosure of where, and in what the various Pension Funds in the Papacy are invested might give a clue to the Pope’s enthusiasm for the CAGW cult.


“. . . pension funds might give a clue . . .”

Whoever controls the Vatican Bank and world’s central banks might also be worth a peek . . .

gerald the mole

I wonder how widely Cardinal Turkson has read and understood the literature on climate and what his understanding of basic science is?


The Vatican also reacted when Luther criticised them for trading absolution.

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

WUWT is that the Catholic Church is big in Africa (and they are losing in the 1st World). Africa (their crim UN delegates and leaders anyway) benefits from the crazy climate change money.

That’s why the Pope is going this way. It is all about money. Just like it always has been.

Johann Wundersamer

No mention of windelecs on the Vatican site map.

Shawn Marshall

I am Catholic. This Jesuit pope is an embarrassment. His theology is as perverse as his scientism; one might say pope-a-dope. The deep faith will survive this chastisement. It reveals how few ‘princes’ of the Church are truly men of faith.

Jim G1

I am also Catholic. So far none of the Pope’s “teachings” have been put forth as dogma. So his socialist ravings have no authority within the faith. I guess he does not recall St. Paul’s admonishment to the Thessalonians, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, If any will not work, neither let him eat.” Or perhaps his history education is lacking since socialism has not worked anywhere historically. Not the first time there has been a misguided pope by any means. His message of tolerance, on the other hand, may be good for us who are conservative to a fault. He is certainly proof that life experiences mold us into what we become to a large degree.

Pop Piasa

I agree. Dwelling on his misguidance by human advisors is wasted time compared to looking optimistically at his ministry of worldwide tolerance and Christian agape.
That said, I pray that he will cease to be used as a useful idiot by the global socialists.

The climate should be left in the hands of the Vatican . The church is specialised in answering questions about unknown phenomena. The IPCC transferred to Rome.



“Frankly it is obscene for the Vatican to promote China in this way. One of those “different signs” China has been showing lately is a renewal of its brutal crackdown on Chinese Christians. The crackdown has included the large scale demolition of Christian icons, and the arrest of at least one Vatican appointed priest, coadjutor bishop of Wenzhou, Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin, while he was helping to prepare the funeral of his predecessor.”

The Chinese leadership has started putting video cameras in the churches so they can monitor them more closely.

“Pope Francis has made defense of the environment a key plank of his papacy, strongly backing scientific opinion that global warming is caused mostly by human activity.”

That’s not from the Bible, but perhaps Heinrich Kramer’s interpretation of it, as described in Malleus Maleficarum.

This is the first attempt of the Roman Catholic church (world’s oldest multinational) for product innovation!
Now they are directly competing with the environmentalists!

When it comes to science, the Pope is a dope.