More wailing over Trump’s killing Obama’s overreaching climate regs – this time the doctors weigh in

From the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS and the “how do people survive the climate change when they move from New York to Miami?” department, comes this warning that has all these deaths attached to the press release. As I said about a similar press release wailing about potential excess deaths earlier today, show me death certificates that puts climate change as the cause.

ACP decries devastating impact of climate change order

Washington (March 28, 2017) President Trump’s executive order on climate change will have a devastating impact on public health, said the American College of Physicians (ACP) today. President Trump signed an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to roll back the major ways that the U.S. is combatting air pollution.

“Today’s executive order moves us in the wrong direction on this issue,” said Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, MACP, ACP President. “It signals a retreat from our nation’s efforts to curb carbon emissions and address climate change. Climate change is a problem we should be attacking aggressively on a global level.”

In a 2016 paper, Climate Change and Health, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP outlined the negative consequences that climate change will have on public and individual health. The paper cited higher rates of respiratory and heat-related illnesses, increased prevalence of diseases passed by insects, water-borne diseases, food and water insecurity and malnutrition, and behavioral health problems as potential health effects of climate change. The elderly, the sick, and the poor are especially vulnerable.

The executive order specifically directs the EPA to rewrite, and presumably, loosen the standards set forth in the Clean Power Plan. As cited in ACP’s paper, implementing the Clean Power Plan in the U.S. would avoid 3,600 premature deaths, 1,700 heart attacks, 90,000 asthma attacks, and 300,000 missed work and school days.

“Climate change is real, is largely the result of human activity, and is affecting our health now. ACP is very concerned about the harmful health effects that climate change is having on our patients,” continued Dr. Damle. “We need to take action now to protect the health of our community’s most vulnerable members — including our children, our seniors, people with chronic illnesses, and the poor — because our climate is already changing and people are already being harmed.”



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Obama and John Holdren purposefully built a massive climate change gravy train over 8 years. A dependency not unlike the opoid epidemic.

Ending that climate money teet sucking will not come without a lot of whining from the teet suckers.
That includes Physicians with climate-sounding research grants seeing “their” money redirected to defense and the Wall.

Maybe they shouldn’t have bet everything on a “should be a felon” for their Presidential candidate last year?

COLD WEATHER KILLS MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN HOT WEATHER. This trend is true in cold and also in warmer climates.

Excess Winter Mortality is the number of people who die in the four Winter months, as compared to the 4-month average for the non-Winter months.

Excess Winter Mortality globally is about 2 million people per year, including about 100,000 per year in the USA and up to 50,000 per year in the United Kingdom. Excess Winter Mortality rates are high even in warm countries like Australia.

Paradoxically, rates of Excess Winter Mortality are sometimes greater in warmer climates than in cold ones, probably because people in cold climates adapt better to cold weather.

Sensible governments encourage practices that reduce Winter Mortality, such as cheap energy, central heating, good home insulation, and free flu shots.

When governments foolishly adopt costly green energy programs. they drive up Winter Mortality – real people die in increasing numbers due to doctrinaire government incompetence..

A common-sense approach for governments would be to encourage cheap energy policies, not to drive up energy costs and winter mortality rates. Governments that drive up energy costs to “fight (fictional) global warming” are following imbecilic polices that preferentially kill off the elderly and the poor.

How is this related to influenza? The flu is a major contributor to Winter Mortality. Greater and lesser flu’s are a chronic seasonal threat to all societies. Governments that adopt imbecilic policies that drive up energy costs and increase deaths from influenza are incompetent governments that should be defeated.

That includes most federal governments in Western Europe, Canada and the Provinces of Ontario and Alberta, Australia and some of its States, etc.. Governments in the United Kingdom and the United States recently were changed and adopted sensible energy polices, after years of delusional green energy nonsense.

Cheap, abundant, reliable energy is the lifeblood of society – it IS that simple.

When imbecilic politicians fool with energy systems, innocent people suffer and die.

Regards, Allan

Cold Weather Kills 20 Times as Many People as Hot Weather September 4, 2015
by Joseph D’Aleo and Allan MacRae


The best part is the climate bedwetters have taken to heavy drinking to allviate their psychiatric condition related to TDS.

Marc Morano relates this on his Climate Depot site about Gina McCarthy interview with Politico:

““The approach they’re taking is really a slash-and-burn approach,” she told POLITICO.
“I really honestly don’t know what dragon they’re trying to slay here,” McCarthy added. “I really don’t. If they’re saying EPA has done something illegal, then let the courts decide that. If they think that EPA is anti-economy, then show me some data that shows that.”
McCarthy, who returned to her native Boston after the White House handover, admitted that she has turned to one of her city’s tried-and-true methods of coping with frustration: “We drink a lot of coffee during the day and other things at night. And night comes earlier and earlier.”

Drink heavily Gina … and might I suggest a handfull of Xanax pills with that? Sleep well.


“Paradoxically, rates of Excess Winter Mortality are sometimes greater in warmer climates than in cold ones, probably because people in cold climates adapt better to cold weather.”

paradox falsifies the paradigm.
maybe it’s really vitamin D deficiency.
cuz it sure ain’t cold.

Gnomish – if I understand your comments, then you’ve got it wrong. Read the paper.

Adaptation and low energy costs are the keys to lower winter mortality.

Countries that drive up energy costs due to nonsensical green energy policies also increase winter mortality, which especially targets the elderly and the poor.

The numbers are huge – Excess Winter Mortality in the USA is about 100,000 per year. That is equivalent to two 9-11’s per week for 14 weeks every year.

Maybe you should nuke Greenpeace, World Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club.

Since the liberal agenda seems to be to kill off the poor after milking them for votes their energy policies seem to make perfect sense.


“Cheap, abundant, reliable energy is the lifeblood of society”

So true and the COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS might also note the increased life expectancy due to warmer weather as well.


“Adaptation and low energy costs are the keys to lower winter mortality.”
nice narrative – got any substance? i really looked and found none.
that’s why i say it’s not a winning talking point for the argument because it’s not substantiated by facts.
it can stymie a noob- much like the claim of 97% consensus does – but do examine the causes of death and find out it’s NOT cold (which you have already observed in the warm country statistics but disregarded)
the individuals who die in winter are mostly old and infirm who can’t tolerate much stress no matter where it comes from and they die of ailments. temperature is not an ailment and is not a vector of any diseases.
correlation is not causation and excess winter deaths happen everywhere away from the equator.
the case for vit D deficiency is stronger, imo.


Canadian Medical Association, CMA Policy

‘Climate Change and Human Health’, 2010, 5 pages.


“Climate change is increasingly recognized as a significant threat facing society and has the potential to be one of the greatest threats to human health in the 21st century.”

PDF at:



CMAJ, Sept.22, 2015

‘Doctors call for divestment from fossil fuels’

“Recently, climate change has been framed as a health issue.”

Article has links to more information on this topic.

gnomish – I repeat – read our paper AND read the references, especially the Lancet paper.

Then you might actually start having some hard information with which to form your opinions.


Canadian Medical Association

Resolutions Adopted (Confirmed), Aug.24-26, 2015 – Halifax, NS

P.4, No.49:

“The Canadian Medical Association will promote the health benefits of a strong, predictable price on carbon emissions. (DM 5-21).”

P.7, Nos.81-83:

Re: Fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment.


Remind me to check on my physicians political beliefs re climate change. I dont think these people portrayed in this post would be reliable enough to remove my or anyones appendix competently or at the right time.



Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

Yeah, when I worked in hospitals they used to tell me that the ones who weren’t good enough to treat patients went into medical administration. Nowdays, there is obviously a category of doctor who is even worse and he or she goes into…climate change alarmism.


That “paper” as usual is pure speculative fiction, or as we used to call it back in the day, SciFi. Anyone can “predict” anything with the usual Malthusian gloom, but it’s no better than the similarly “scientific” output of a Ouija board. And I second the above, “physicians” (mostly drug pushers, these days) are NOT meteorologists!

Warren Latham

+ millions

… and very well put.

The entire climate change fraud has done serious damage to scientific credibility. The SCOTUS has ruled the CPP to be unconstitutional as it subverts the will of the Congress. The EPA needs to have a complete re-staffing and be forced to obey the original mission statement set out by Congress and the President. All the current employees are corrupted and should not be on the Government payroll. Physicians beware of playing in the La Brea tar-pits of far-left agenda politics.

Henry chance

In a modern hospital surgery that have an anesthesia machine. They can give drugs, Oxygen etc.

The most common brand of equipment is made by Ohio Scientific. They of course now monitor blood gases. On a machine is a canister of CO2. Your increase in blood CO2 causes your pulse rate to rise. If you are given pure O2, you will have problems. Yes they give you CO2.

Louis LeBlanc

Almost unbelievable, but apparently some doctors will say anything they think sounds compassionate.

A corollary to a well-known aphorism: “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, head up professional associations.”

I would not let one of the “doctors” that lead the ACP, the AMA, or any of those organizations touch me – I don’t have a suicidal personality.


I often wonder if these chaps have access to information denied to the rest of us. I say that because the actual stuff we get to see is unconvincing at best and downright twisted most of the time.

What is it they see that makes them so sure but looks so false to us/

First temptation here is to hammer you (sorry, not enough caffeine in the system, I get cranky).

Second thought in reality, though – their bank balances and stock portfolios are information, which they have access to, and we do not.

So you are quite correct.


I notice that as a group, doctors are well paid. However, their concern for the environment and so-called carbon “pollution” seems to fall by the wayside when it comes to their own lifestyles. I haven’t seen a doctor making a house call in a horse-drawn carriage lately. (Oh wait! I forgot. They don’t make house calls any more.)


Remember: Doctors are card-carrying members of the Deep Blue Bubble of the Upper Middle Class. You have only to see the titles of magazines in their waiting rooms; the Atlantic, the New Yorker, NatGeo etc.
Of COURSE they’re going to fall in line with that ol’ time “consensus.” BTW, they practice medicine by “consensus,” too–still pushing the nonsense of low-fat diets, low salt, etc. in the face of contra-indicating biological, empirical, reproducible, evidence. And so it goes . . .

Rhoda R

Depends on the doctor. Mine isn’t in love with Government interference and isn’t enamored with much the SJWs have to offer either so I suspect that he’s not a fan of AGW either.

I wonder if these people are on the list Delingpole writes about in this article the other day . It is a stunning description of what the EPA has become!

Gary Pearse

I do believe we will be seeing a lot of psychosomatic illnesses arise. Remember the ”Pause” in temperature rise caused Climate Change Blues, although most of them were women climate scientists in Australia I believe. Trashing CC has got to be worse than the Pause. One thing, it will cause poverty among climate scientists – hundreds of thousands of them who administer a simple linear equation that needs only one climate scientist to do anyway. And of course the climate laity will be losing its entitlements. The rent a mob business will provide employment for some of them for awhile. Yeah, there is going to be a lot of illness before all this hysteria dissipates.


Wailing and gnashing of teeth on a Biblical scale . . to hear them tell it ; )

Pop Piasa

Speaking of Biblical, I wonder when the clergy is going to step in and bash Trump as a “globe-trashing heretic” or “pawn of the rich”. The prog’s will need to cover all the bases while protesting reality.


On the subject of psychosomatic illnesses: I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, met an immigrant landscaper (and these guys work outdoors in all weather, like slaves) with a case of “Chronic Lyme,” or “Fibromyalgia,” or “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” Not. Ever. Funny how those only seem to stick to genteel rich ladies with time on their manicured hands to worry themselves sick about things like “climate change!”

Golsrider, We didn’t have time to become sick or take time off to be sick.( But we do pay the price as we get older).


That’s because immigrant landscapers and outdoor laborers don’t demand their aches and pains be given a name and declared a disease. They KNOW they are going to hurt and why. Sedentary people and those of the fairer sex demand to be told the have a “disease” and a named one at that.

Cold in Wisconsin

In our area (Sougheastern Wisconsin, just Downwind of the Chicago smog pipe) the most significant air quality issue in summer is Ozone. How does CO2 affect that parameter? The Ozone levels are SO much better than when I was growing up. Air quality has definitely improved, even as the temperature has increased. How can that be???


Cleaning up real pollutants like combustion side-products of nitrates and sulphur are the reason for improved near surface ozone decreases. Good policies based on 70s-80s science.

The EPA over the last 20 years got off onto the carbon pollution scam under the Clinton-Gore regime.
OBAMA-Biden took the fake carbon pollution scam to new levels.


We need to keep Messrs. Trump and Pruitt on that theme–pound the truth in the press as loud, strong and often as the Left pounded the CO2 lie.


What is and has been killing people is the money these warmist fanatics have taken out of the worlds economy, that could have been used for the real good of the planet and mankind!


Hear hear!

TG, what so many folks ignore or can’t comprehend is this: only the individual who earns the money, creates the jobs, and serves his own best interest as he sees fit can accomplish this. Individual liberty and voluntary association are the only “real good of the planet and mankind.” What people too often call that “good” is instead built on and carried out with theft, force and fraud; the lie these politicians and “scientists” are pushing. It is incredible to me that so few people seem to see and understand the mass of false altruism and fraud that masquerades as compassion for the poor and concern for “the planet.”

And the miracle is that vast numbers of people in the world are finding a better, cleaner life in spite of the lies and theft. Just think what might happen if everyone rejected trying to control the lives of others – whatever motive drives them to do so now.


On trump’s executive order, CNN has been quoting climate alarmists and the need to de-carbonize the economy. At least the pictures accompanying the article are correct in showing the cooling towers. Water is responsible for climate than carbon dioxide. Yes, a person is a scientist if he believes on AGW even if the person could not differentiate colorless carbon dioxide from water vapor.

Kaiser Derden

rico these jerks as the frauds they are …


Professional medical groups/associations had to be brought on board the climate change bandwagon.

Lance Wallace

Anthony, you do realize do you not that carbon DOES appear on death certificates. When I was at EPA studying air pollution, we used to say that only one of EPA’s six “criteria” pollutants ever appeared on death certificates: CO.


and would that really have been carbon monoxide from suicide by tailpipe?


The third largest killer of people in the US is doctors. Why would I pay the slightest attention to that crowd?


What or who is number one or two?




My wife researches that kind of stuff. She said heart disease followed by cancer. I discovered a new word ‘iatrogenic’.


Actually water coolers kill more people than doctors. Check it out there are water coolers in all hospitals and less water coolers than doctors hence the water coolers have a higher cide rating.


Alex while your’e on a learning curve..look up how many of the meds prescribed actually have more chance of killing you than the “illness” they gave them to you for
since i learnt to read the real data and assess the actual worth n safety
i pretty much stopped using pharmas except for when i am seriously ill..and even then very very carefully. after research.


Drugs can be a expanding circle where one keeps getting another medication to offset the ill effects of the previous medication, With older folks this can get out of control pretty quickly. So yes good advice, pharma can have great benefit, but avoid it if you possibly can.


You might want to if someday you have a car accident and you need one to repair your punctured aorta and massive infection that follows. Or just go home and take your chances away from those killer doctors. I hear medicine men can actually still be had.

Steve Lohr

Good grief!! My only hope is that the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and screaming bloody murder will become a caricature of complete imbecility. Will they give us no peace?!!!


Most of this country is smart enough to know they have “peace” the minute they shut off the MSM and go outside. They can see with their own eyes and feel with their own skin what the weather is doing, unlike the loons who inhabit houses of media mirrors on the sterile coasts. Why do you think Trump got elected?


Probably not for a while.

Keith J

Plants don’t grow well in freezing weather.

Ed Bo

We obviously must forbid our frail old folk from retiring to Florida and Arizona — for their own good!



The Canadians who migrate to Florida for the winter have a higher mortality rate than the general rate for Canadians. The mortality rate for Canadians generally is around seven deaths per thousand per year. For the snowbird population it can exceed twenty. The snowbirds are dying three times as fast as the general rate for Canadians.

LOL You can prove anything with statistics. link

Tom in Florida

It’s probably how Canada controls health care costs for the elderly. Send them to Florida to die.


Maybe it’s all the head injuries.


Establishment physician groups have long been pushing anti American programs – civilian disarmament, sovietization of medicine, various restrictions, medicalization of life, and … CAGW.

I recently got an earful from one of my MD college roommates about the CAGW “crisis”. Was wondering where it was coming from, although I still half suspect our university, too.


They need to have a chat with the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. They’re a lot more down to earth.

michael hart

Yes. I’ve watched some of those Doctors for Disaster Preparedness talks when they are being addressed by speakers like Tony Heller and Richard Lindzen. The audiences usually seemed sensible, well informed, and not presenting any symptoms of climate hysteria.


Apparently, the Endangerment rule categorising CO2 as a pollutant to be controlled was NOT repealed by this order.


The endangerment ruling is not subject to presidential orders.


Doesn’t matter. The “Endangerment Finding” doesn’t mean that money or controls have to be applied to it, only that they could be.


The standard response of Warmistas, when pooh-hooing non-climate “scientists”, is to advise that if you are sick, visit a doctor. If you want climate advice, ask climate “scientist”.

Liberals love to appeal to athority, until you find an authority that has facts and doesn’t agree with their religious mantra.


My response is, If you are sick I would not recommend visiting a quack. As far as climate, it has not asked any climate scientist for advice. Seems to be doing fine on it’s own.

Doc Chuck

Spokesmen for my colleagues have long found irresistible portentous virtue signaling over collective matters outside their expertise which purport some relation to the “health” of the public, despite every enthusiasm for evidence-based measures in their own practices. Go figure!

Chris Hanley

Nice one!


I think world nations have to immediately schedule another Paris summit (with plenty of food, drink and escort services of course) and demand all countries increase CO2 output or suffer a “Not Enough CO2” tax.

Curious George

I am still laughing.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

“In a 2016 paper, Climate Change and Health, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP outlined the negative consequences that climate change will have on public and individual health. The paper cited higher rates of respiratory and heat-related illnesses, increased prevalence of diseases passed by insects, water-borne diseases, food and water insecurity and malnutrition, and behavioral health problems as potential health effects of climate change. The elderly, the sick, and the poor are especially vulnerable.” — All these are hypothetical-stereotype statements.

First foremost part is: they must tell the readers what they meant by climate change? Are they talking global warming or urban heat island effect or natural variation?

Droughts and floods and heat and cold waves are part of natural variability. They are modified at local and regional scales through modifying climate system — ecological changes. Let me present a case of 1970’s wherein wheat from Mexico was imported in to India under PL-480 programme. This carried with it a weed, namely Parthanium [local name Congress Grass]. This weed spread like a wild fire both in urban and rural areas. The spores caused Asthma.

Urban areas with air pollution [not carbon dioxide] and with urban heat island effect steadily raised the chest diseases. more particularly among children and elders. —— etc

We must question the authors publishing the impact of climate change, what they meant by climate change? So far global warming has not reached a level that influence nature. Even journals must ask the authors to specify what they meant by climate change?

I used to participate TV discussions with Doctors on such issues and I questioned them but they have no answers.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

Very well written

Ian L. McQueen

As we really know,there are two types of “climate change”. The first has always been happening and probably always will. It is probably due mostly to the sun, but the cause is open to discussion. The second, the “man-made” kind, is largely or entirely due to the output of computer “models”.. As anyone who knows anything about programming computers can tell you, programs can be arranged to show whatever you want them to show.

Chuck Wiese

Expect the screaming to become louder and more hysterical when the Trump Administration ends the “meals on wheels’ federal funding to the well fed climate establishment that is used to only the best for producing the least, misleading the public along the way. Ending the attitude of entitlement never ends without a nasty fight to those who were on a gravy train.

But this chain of dependence must be broken. The perps could care less about what they are doing to the public to get those meals, from academia to special interests like this.


Actually, Meals on Wheels is now on track to having a banner year for donations from private citizens, corporations and foundations…

Thanks to the Fake News Media. The MOW kitchen where I volunteer just had a 25% uptick in donations.

Dare I say…yeah for Fake News hysteria!! Keep up the good work; there are a lot of non-profits that could use some fake news hysteria.

Stark, please correct me if I am wrong but the hysteria was crazy and I guess beneficial to boot. I read somewhere the government actually only supported MOW with $250,000? (Trump’s salary could pay for that, you know the one that he is not taking?)


Don’t say that too often or people will figure out they can actually exist without government handouts.


because our climate is already changing and people are already being harmed

This statement is really making the rounds. It has been all over the popular press lately.
I would love to pin these people down. Exactly what part of the climate has changed, in what way, by how much?
Exactly how many people are being harmed, in what way, and by what, exactly?


This is how “people being harmed” is done. Health problems vary over time, for example malnutrition. So just hunt for some health problem that has increased recently and blame Global warming. Voila done. Simple as 1,2,3 we have a Climate Change health crisis.

Even though CO2 alarmists like to disregard the past, I would invite them to visit the ice ages to see humans being harmed. And also to move their vacation homes to Alaska as a hedge against impending global warming doom.


“Climate change is a problem we should be attacking aggressively on a global level.” Well, yes – that’s been done thoroughly for some time. What about a Scientific approach?

Robert from oz

I know this is a little bit OT but hoping you wise Americans can help me with this .
Apparently here in OZ , unreliable and secure are the same thing !,-reliability-issues-after-hazelwood/8397696

Peta from Cumbria, now Newark

The best ever definition of an alcoholic= Someone who drinks more than their doctor.

Gina, sweetness, why are you drinking so much coffee?
Let me guess: To wake yourself up, to ‘feel better’ and to be bright and alert?
So I then ask, why were you ‘asleep’.
Why do you endure such a bitter and strong tasting stuff so as to feel better? Why were you feeling ‘bad’ in the first place?
I suggest its because you eat so much sugar in the form of carbohydrate food.

But it goes full circle, Positive Feedback at its most delicious.
Doctors say we need to eat carbs “to get energy” – from glucose basically.
Little do they say that glucose is quite toxic to animal cells. They never say we can internally make enough glucose, on demand, by slicing up fat molecules. As we evolved to do.

And so, in a panic stricken (the over-active startle response of chronic depressives) and the childish naivete of minds & brains that are always half asleep that builds windmills, solar panels and Ivanpah we stagger ever onwards towards oblivion – sure in the knowledge we are the smartest critters that ever lived. We know that last bit because everyone else always tell us so – there is no independent evidence or witness to the fact.
Meanwhile, we can’t even mange a puddle of water that we ourselves created.
(Oroville for the depressives who’ve forgotten already)


It’s by watching the wisdom of the critters in my back acres that I know we sure AREN’T the smartest. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the horses, deer and wild turkeys shook themselves off, looked around, and went right back to work on the pastures. People? “OMG, everything below 34th St. is flooded, the subways aren’t running, the power is down, O the HUMANITY, what’ll we DOOOOOO . . . ” The critters just winked!

Gluconeogenesis, in humans, ‘burns’ amino acids, not fatty acids, to make the glucose. Glucose in its usual extracellular fluid amounts is *not* toxic to cells. Some cells, such as neurons and chondrocytes and red blood cells, primarily or solely, use the Krebs cycle for cellular energy needs. About 4/5 days of starvation are needed to switch neurons over to fat burning, and that isn’t necessarily good for them.

Glucose requires a transporter to get into cells. Fructose doesn’t, at least not to the same extent. Humans easily convert fructose into glucose, usually.

Ever had hypoglycemia? Yes or No? It isn’t a good state to be in. Same with hyperglycemia, or hundreds of other too low/too high states; where the distance away from optional represents the health risk.

That said, physicians are human too, so they are just as susceptible to the madness of crowds as the rest are. They do, though, have reality to deal with, unlike some other professions that I know of.


Being diabetic, I have gotten down to 23 mg/dl blood sugar (1.27 mmol/l). You DO NOT want to go there. Many diabetics die from low blood sugar. It was one reason for the increased research into an artificial pancreas that had both insulin and glucagon. In spite of people despising carbs (and dozens of other unscientific ideas) they are necessary. Protein does not raise blood sugar if you are really low. Glucogon may kick in for nondiabetics and help.
It’s so discouraging to read people dissing anything they personally have found as their new raison d’être to condemn society for. Constant cursing of doctors and sugar and medications is no better than the global warming believers.

Indeed. I’ve had mild hypoglycemia (from fasting) and I’ve seen someone need intervention from serious hypoglycemia. It is not a pretty sight.

Johann Wundersamer

From the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS and the “how do people survive the climate change when they move from New York to Miami?” department,

similar the PIK, the Potsdam Institute of Klimatology, “how do Norwegians come south of Cologne for skiing in the alpes, without having to deal with extreme storm floods.” department,

I wonder what the “College of Physicians” actually is. Is it it College where they learn to be “Physicians” It sure sounds Grand doesn’t it? From what I can see there isn’t much “learning ” going on, looks more like a “Safe” place every day, pathetic.

Martin A

I think there is far too much premature optimism being displayed here.

President Trump is just a minor hiccup in the progress of the Great Global Warming Religion.

In 1000 years from now we will still be praying to Saint Mann and Saint Hansen to save us from the demons of Beegoyl and Seeodoo. The fact that climate catastrophe has never happened will be taken as proof of the necessity for the sacrifices that will been made.


Or some new demon we need to be saved from.

Roger Knights

The average contiguous US temperature has only risen a little in recent decades—less than one degree F, and that mostly at night—so how can it already be affecting health here?

Obama’s programs would only moderate future global temperature rises by less than a half a degree or so, so how can a half a degree affect health as badly as these docs claim?


By the magic of the CO2.


Since when does The Narrative need to resemble Reality?


Common sense tells us it can’t, Roger! Our daily temperature fluctuates much more than half a degree or so but we have always managed to endure that with no ill effects. Right now in central Virginia, the daily highs and lows are fluctuating by as much as 20 degrees day to day, if this were so bad for our well-being I would be surrounded by dead bodies. I don’t think any of these Anti-scientists ever hear the words that come out of their mouths.


Johann Wundersamer

How come Swedes from Oslo to Rome into the Sixtine Chapel through the drought steppes of Munich.

Via the

Matt S

How much more moronic crap are we going to put up with in the name of climate change?


Just as long as skeptics are afraid to open their mouths in business, academia, even cocktail parties and tell the real story on this issue.


Given that there are more retractions in medicine, biochemistry etc etc etc than any other field, who in their right mind is going to listen to a mere quack?

“Quack, leave thy trade; thy dealings are not right, thou tak’st our weighty gold, to give us light.” – Hieroglyphikes of the Life of Man, Francis Quarles, 1638


Hahahahaha… goof grief. You could replace climate change with chocolate pudding and that statement would hold together just as well. I think any doctor subscribing to this claptrap should treat our most vulnerable for free. Lead the way.

Johann Wundersamer

I think they’re asking the wrong question. They should be asking why the well-to-do elderly like to fly south for the winter. 🙂

Tom in Florida

Or ducks for that matter.


Any critter that migrates, lol ^_^

Terry Warner

On an individual level the impact of +/- a few degrees is trivial and adaptation easy.

For the population as a whole there may clearly be some (very few) who would be pushed past their personal survival limits. They are probably already very ill anyway.

But this report is unbalanced as it fails to reference the positive impacts of a temperature rise – reduced frequency of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, reduced pedestrian fractures with reduced ice, reduced vehicle accidents due to lower skid risk.

And paradoxically, for much of the northern hemisphere a temperature rise may reduce greenhouse emissions as less space heating is required.

Evan Jones

Full implementation would have resulted in far more than 3000 deaths.


The reality is that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control, even Obama and Trump. If climate change is really a problem tnen Mother Nature is the one to blame. Climate change and air polution are two different issues. There is no real evidence that the small changes in CO2 that have happened have any effect on either climate or asthma. In fact increasing ones CO2 intake is often used to help stop an episode of hyperventulation.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Bishkek


The EPA is selling the argument that all toxins have no safe dose. Linear ‘premature death’ attributions are projected from some attributed rate at a high dose to zero, even if there is no detectable response to low or other values. This means they attribute premature death or disease or cancers to exposure to any natural substance known to be toxic at some level.

For example if a lethal dose 50 (LD50) is 1 gram per 100 kg person, then if the entire population swallowed a lethal dose it would kill half the population. The other half would survive. At one microgram exposure they say 1/2 of 1/1,000,000th of the population would die. 150 people. Linear extrapolation.

Rather obviously there are few substances that are fatal 50% of the time at 1 g and still fatal sometimes at a millionth of that dose. But that is what is used for these days to create ‘premature death’ attributions then to claim they can be avoided. This is a logical error. Attributable does not mean avoidable because all exposures are in a personal context.

It is well known from the claim that there was ‘no safe limit for radiation’ even though natural sources shower us all the time, and we evolved in that environment. See

The validity of LNT is widely disputed for all sorts of good reasons. It is used by the EPA to create inordinate demands for lowering exposure, either because it is possible to do so and it helps keep businesses striving to reduce pollution, even if there is no practical return on the investment, and also to use regulations in the international sphere to either punish those who cannot meet the requirements, or to simply drive competitors out of the market. Obviously it is used by the US coastal people to fight against the mountain people. It is also used to argue in favour of various technologies – not just ‘renewables’. The whole point of private advocacy is private benefit.

The clean power plan held that there was a few attributable deaths and attributable illnesses due to PM or other exposures. If they set minimum limits below which there was no attribution, (i.e. realistic limits) the argument would fall away for a lot of toxins are very low exposures. Simply breathing clean mountain air will be said to be a cause of health problems from ozone because of the LNT argument.


The EPA needs to take action against another very toxic gas in our atmosphere, N2. 100% N2 will kill 100% of the time. More heat energy is held by N2 in the Earth’s atmosphere then by any other gas and N2 is a very poor LWIR ratiator so it does not lose heat energy to space as readily as the so called greenhouse gases yet N2 gains heat energy through conduction and convection. A doubling of the amount of N2 in our atmosphere would have a much larger warming effect then doubling the total amount of the so called greenhouse gases. The EPA needs to take action to decrease the total amount of N2 in our atmosphere. Removing all of the N2 in the Earth’s atmosphere will definately have a cooling effect.


Exhaled breath is about 4% carbon dioxide. That’s 40,000 ppm. It’s hard to see how going from 250 ppm to 400 ppm atmospheric CO2 (i.e., what we breathe in) would have even the slightest effect on anyone.


It should be illegal for people to exhale because their breath is so toxic. The Earth would be a much better place if we eliminated the top two greenhouse gases, H2O and CO2, and with them all life that depends upon them. O2 is another gas that is bad for the environment because of O3, NOx, other oxides that are bad for the environment and the amount of heat energy trapped in O2 because O2 is a poor LWIR radaitor to space. Everything is really bad for the environment.


I suppose doctors have never heard of the cure being worse than the disease.

Sure they have ;).


Should the reporting of iatrogenic illness and death be voluntary or mandatory?

Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are third-leading cause of death in U.S.
Physicians advocate for changes in how deaths are reported
By Vanessa McMains / Published March 20, 2017
Analyzing medical death rate data over an eight-year period, Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. Their figure, published May 3 in The BMJ, surpasses the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s third leading cause of death—respiratory disease, which kills close to 150,000 people per year.
The Johns Hopkins team says the CDC’s way of collecting national health statistics fails to classify medical errors separately on the death certificate. The researchers are advocating for updated criteria for classifying deaths on death certificates.
“Incidence rates for deaths directly attributable to medical care gone awry haven’t been recognized in any standardized method for collecting national statistics,” says Martin Makary, professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and an authority on health reform. “The medical coding system was designed to maximize billing for physician services, not to collect national health statistics, as it is currently being used.”

I have my doubts about this or any other politically motivated, government funded studies such as this one. Doubly so when they project deaths from dubious statistics.

Show me the 200,000 + wrongful death suits each year.


The legitimate ones.

Are not doctor meant to ‘do no harm’ in their dealings with their patients? If government funded data indicates temperatures effectively not changing (within limits) then why are they saying this?

That was true in the past. I am not so sure of that, today.


I don’t think it’s true any more. They removed that oath quite a while back. There are several things doctors do that would be considered “harm” by much of the population (medications not included).


This is the same group that pushed the low fat and cholesterol, high carbohydrate diet that caused the diabetes epidemic we’re currently experiencing.


I don’t remember high carbs and I don’t think this is entirely why diabetes is rising. Blaming one factor in a complex situation is what global warming people do.

The elderly, the sick, and the poor are especially vulnerable.

They forgot to add minorities and women. All liberal fairy tales start with those groups as being ravaged by the evil conservatives.

When you do the maths there has been about 1million extra winter deaths in the UK since the climate scam started (Hansen et al turned up the heating in the senate?).

It now appears from my own research that it is very likely the cause of this warming was the Greens themselves as it stems from a REDUCTION in pollution following the 1970s clean air acts.

So, it turns out that the Greens were responsible for the warming – which they claim was so harmful – but in fact, if anything reduced the underlying massive winter death rate that affects not only the UK but is a global phenomenon also affecting places like India (20x the death rate from cold than heat).

So … when the scam is revealed … what will they do … they’ll claim they caused the warming, that the warming was good etc.


@ Scottish
For years I had responsibility for a crematorium and cemeteries in a city in NZ. Always the death toll was at its highest in late winter. It seems that this is a universal phenomenon. The argument went that the colder weather finally ‘knocked them off’.

DC Cowboy

This demonstrates the inherent stupidity of ‘Legislative fiat by eExecutive order’. What is so easily done (presidential executive orders) can easily be undone by executive order when a new President enters the Office. Actual laws are much more difficult to retract.


Obama mentioned that after Hillary’s defeat.

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Colonian Pub / Kneipen Order: and do you want your Pilsener ‘dry’ or do you want a Corn with?

Johann Wundersamer

Woll’n Sie ihr Kölsch’ trocken oder woll’n Sie noch n’Korn dazu?

Johann Wundersamer

Woll’n Sie ihr Kölsch’ trocken oder woll’n Sie noch n’Korn dazu?

Corrected :

Woll’n Sie ihr Kölsch’ trocken oder woll’n Sie noch’n Korn dazu?

I’d got as far as wondering what “n’Korn” could be …

Johann Wundersamer

Scottish Sceptic:

n’Korn is Uisky is Uodka is Wässerchen

is water of live.

Thanks for stand by – Hans

Johann Wundersamer

The difference is –

Scott – Uisge

Slavic – Uodka

German – Uaesserchen

/ cute tiny waters /

all says: DESTILLATED C6H12O6


no viruses survived, sheer energy delivered.

What’s more to ask.


“The paper cited higher rates of respiratory and heat-related illnesses, increased prevalence of diseases passed by insects, water-borne diseases, food and water insecurity and malnutrition, and behavioral health problems as potential health effects of climate change. The elderly, the sick, and the poor are especially vulnerable.”

Those risks have always been with us and as far as higher rates of those risks, there is no evidence to support that claim. Actually plenty to discredit it, since global population is increasing as well as life expectancy. It is shocking that physicians would make such outrageous claims. Witch doctors would make those kinds of claims.

Climate change has always been political and the political winds are changing. Groovy.


You give witch doctors too little credit.

Mumbles McGuirck

For great hilarity, today the PRC (Red China for us old guys) announced IT planned to stick by the Paris Accords.
Of course they do. They won’t try to reign in their CO2 output until 2030, about the time their industrial energy use will peak. And, according to the Accords, they are responsible for monitoring their own compliance. For lying Commie bastards, nothing could be sweeter. ‘m surprised they said this with a straight face, but hey they’re Chinese. 😉

H. D. Hoese

I have dealt with a fair number of doctors during the Anthropocene, and recall no non-medical discussion on climate, but concern with heat did come up. They are so overwhelmed with an aging population and rules that defy proper adjectives, it would only be the political types that would have the time to consider the problem beyond the season.

When my granddaughter entered medical school, the dean told them that they were faced with an unprecedented amount of information, and “…half of it was wrong.” If they cannot extrapolate that some to the system at large, probably don’t want them anyway. Remember, pre-medical students had, at least prior to the Anthropocene, a science related college education.


Have all these “professional associations”‘ leaderships succumbed to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy? What type of people gravitate towards the management teams of these associations – the political types? Do they represent what their membership thinks/wants or are they chosen for their “progressive” bona fides?

Doc Chuck

PiperPaul, if you are not already familiar with Physicist Harold Lewis’ eloquent letter of resignation from the American Physical Society several years ago, you will find it amply revealing in addressing the very questions you posed.

Doc Chuck

Trump has kicked the hornet’s nest.
This confirms that climate change really is the flagship of the hard left totalitarians.
Let ’em buzz and sting all they like.
The more they do so, the more they broadcast their contempt for democracy and for most of the population.