Heads are exploding – Senate confirms Pruitt to Lead EPA

Via The Hill (h/t to ossqss) and the “your free range chickens have come home to roost” department.

The Senate voted Friday to confirm Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ushering in what are likely to be dramatic changes to the agency.

The 52-46 vote was almost along party lines. All Republicans except Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) voted for Pruitt, while all Democrats except Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) voted against him.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) did not vote due to a military conference he is attending in Germany. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) also did not vote.

Pruitt’s confirmation came despite repeated pleas from Democrats to delay the vote due to ongoing litigation regarding emails that a liberal group had requested from the office of Pruitt, who is Oklahoma’s attorney general — a position he will leave when he is sworn in as EPA administrator.

Republicans said Pruitt will bring much-needed change to an agency that exemplifies eight years of executive overreach by the administration of former President Obama.

“The nominee before us … thinks it’s time for the EPA to get back to the clean air and clean water business instead, and to do so with an appreciation for the complexity of our modern world,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on the Senate floor.

Trump promised to roll back Obama’s entire climate change agenda, including the Clean Power Plan, which sets carbon dioxide limits for power plants. He also pledged to repeal the EPA’s Clean Water Rule, which asserts federal power over small waterways like ponds and streams.

Trump said any new regulations will be judged on whether they benefit workers, and he would refocus the EPA’s mission on clean air and water.

At his confirmation hearing, Pruitt promised to take seriously the EPA’s mission, but also to improve cooperation with states and regulated parties.

“Regulators are supposed to make things regular, to fairly and equitably enforce the rules and not pick winners and losers,” Pruitt told senators.

More here: http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/320103-senate-confirms-pruitt-to-lead-epa

307 thoughts on “Heads are exploding – Senate confirms Pruitt to Lead EPA

    • Not simply done, but along with the Justice Department they can choose not to fight challenges to the CPP by the states, then Congress needs to get its act together to codify the fact that CO2 is not a pollutant in the context of the Clean Air Act. But for all intents and purposes the CPP is dead.

      • FYI: The 16 year old single malt is out, last time I did that was Nov 8, 2016, at 9:42PM, about the moment that it became apparent that Wisconsin was going red

      • Well the CPP can always be Trumped !
        People are going to have to start reading the US Constitution. You know that document that begins with ” Article I Section 1 ” and comes just after the short poem about “We the People” which as I recall is called the “Preamble to the US Constitution.” Get it ! “Preamble to …..”
        There’s some 4-H club judge up in Washington State, who has never actually read what it says.
        Well and it says it in plain ordinary English. Maybe that’s the problem with judges; they only know the mediaeval Roman mumbo Jumbo they studied in law school.
        The Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence, are written in English; the ordinary language of the United States of America.

      • That’s a very excellent graph.
        The alarmists’ answer is that the eventual equilibrium climate sensitivity is greater than the short term transient climate sensitivity because the oceans are slow to take up heat. They have an excuse for everything.

      • And with the normal extrapolation it will turn negative at some time soon.
        I just wonder when the climateers will pick that up, and say we have to reduce CO2 so that we will not cool.

      • both lines converge to zero around 2020-2021. After that, CO2 sensitivity goes negative. The more CO2 we add, the colder the climate gets.

      • I just wonder when the climateers will pick that up, and say we have to reduce CO2 so that we will not cool.
        Didn’t Hansen and many others claim that CO2 would cause cooling, before they said it would cause warming?
        It was about the time word processing computers became common place. When the post war cooling ended and things started to warm up around 1970-1980, all sorts of old scientific articles got dredged up. There was a massive global edit to replace “cool” with “warm” and the papers were republished as new work. Global cooling because global warming, and all the scientists that got it wrong previously now pointed to their “new” papers as proof they got it right.
        So if anything, global warming was caused by the invention of word processing.

      • Some of us have figured out not only that CO2 has no significant effect on climate but why it has no significant effect and have discovered the three factors that do explain climate change (98% match 1895-2015).

      • When the “signal” approaches zero when studied with increasing quality, it’s likely the “signal” is a procedural error.

      • Seems like a consensus.
        Funny – I always thought the concept of high climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide was quite a reach. If you simply graph the temperatures since the 1950s to increasing carbon dioxide concentrations it strongly suggest that climate sensitivity must be low, or even a negative number.
        Which, you know, is great news.

    • Mr. Michael: Yes, he does.
      For some context, here is part of a memorandum I wrote a couple years ago about the situation. Again, please, dear readers, note: this is for context and general guidance only.

      EPA’s own Inspector General, in a procedural review issued in September, 2011
      [Procedural Review of EPA’s Greenhouse Gases Endangerment Finding Data Quality Processes, Report No. 11-P-0702, at 36 (Sept. 26, 2011) at: epa.gov/oig/reports/2011/20110926-11-P-07 02.pdf]
      faulted EPA for procedural deficiencies including the refusal to use the Scientific Advisory Board process. Scientists’ Amicus Brief at 22. {Link: ***}
      “In particular, the Inspector General criticized EPA for failing to follow all recommended steps for an external peer review by independent experts. See Inspector General’s Report, at 36.” Scientists at 23. {emphasis mine}
      The D.C. Circuit Court appears to have aided and abetted EPA’s contrived ignorance when it declined to grant leave for filing of the Brief of Amici Curiae Scientists in Support of Petitioners Supporting Reversal, Coalition for Responsible Regulation, Inc. v. Environmental Protection Agency, No 09-1322 (CADC June 8, 2011), ECF No. 1312291. Scientists at 23. [Note: the Amici Curiae Scientists’ brief above would likely be a much better source of CO2 science than the rather crude, though accurate, science in Scientists (amici for Utility Air … v. EPA)]. “In short, EPA’s process was far less rigorous than it should and could have been. And the [C]ourt of [A]ppeals erred in failing to recognize the deficiencies in it.” Scientists at 24. ***
      {A c}ourt will consider reversal of Administrator when her or his:
      1) “failure to observe procedural requirements was arbitrary and capricious[;]
      [2)] an objection was raised …”of central relevance to the outcome of the rule[;]” and
      [3)] “the errors were so serious and related to matters of such central relevance to the rule that there is a substantial likelihood that the rule would have been significantly changed if such errors had not been made.” Sierra Club at 391 (quoting American Public Gas Ass’n v. FPC, 567 F.2d 1016).
      “… the “artificial narrowing of options [] (can be) arbitrary and capricious.” Sierra Club at 335 (quoting Pillai v. CAB, 485 F.2d 1018, 1027 (D.C.Cir.1973) held artificial narrowing of options to one alternative to be arbitrary and capricious).
      The “Unalterably Closed Mind” standard for removal of biased Agency official supports holding the EPA Administrator responsible for her gross negligence in creating an accurate and complete science evidence record. An agency head [FTC Commissioner, in this case] “should be disqualified … when there is a clear and convincing showing that the agency member has an unalterably closed mind on matters critical to the disposition of the proceeding. The “clear and convincing” test is necessary to rebut the presumption of administrative regularity. See, e.g., Withrow v. Larkin, 421 U.S. 35, 55 (1975)… . The ‘unalterably closed mind’ test … [will] disqualify[] [rulemakers] unable to consider meaningfully… .” Association of National Advertisers, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission, 627 F.2d 1151,¬¬¬ 1170 (D.C. Cir. 1979).
      Comment: That the D.C. Circuit Court gave the EPA the option to avoid looking at all the best CO2 science evidence does not excuse EPA’s negligence, if not recklessness, in promulgating a rule based on a grossly inadequate and, moreover, inaccurate, record, … The EPA’s rule was, thus, not rationally based.
      {Given that} the Administrator contrived to exclude important evidence directly countering the loudly and often announced GHG regulation goals of the Executive who appointed her {and given that the rule was} {u}nsupported by any best CO2 science, the ruling was arbitrary, …

      Re: Computer Model Projections

      The U.S. Supreme Court in Sierra Club v. Costle while allowing the EPA to use computer models at all, expressed significant skepticism as to their accuracy: “We are more sympathetic to Sierra Club’s complaint about the reliability of EPA’s econometric model. Such models, despite their complex design and aura of scientific validity, are at best imperfect and subject to manipulation as EPA forthrightly recognizes.116 {emphasis mine}
      EPA’s Administrator {not the bogus CO2 finding admin.} stated:
      The truth of the matter is that the model that we are using is a reasonably good model, but you can alter the outcome from that model dramatically by just simply changing a few key initial assumptions that you crank into the model. I think those assumptions need to be tested, frankly, in a public debate and in a formal rulemaking proceeding, where people comment for the record, set out their alternative assumptions, saying, “We think this is really more realistic.”
      Ad.Doc. No. III-C-1, supra note 18, at 15-16, J.A. at 2956-57.
      The [computer output is] ultimately [] shaped by the assumptions adopted at the outset, and can change drastically for a given range of input data if key assumptions are adjusted even slightly.117 The accuracy of the model’s predictions also hinges on whether the underlying assumptions reflect reality, which is no small feat in this volatile world.” Sierra Club v. Costle at 332.
      The Supreme Court has in the past evaluated the skill of the models the EPA relied on “to ascertain whether the results have been improperly skewed by the modeling format. We conclude that EPA’s reliance on its model did not exceed the bounds of its usefulness … . We are in fact reassured by EPA’s own consciousness of the limits of its model,127 and its invitation and response to public comment on all aspects of the model.128 The safety valves in the use of such sophisticated methodology are the requirement of public exposure of the assumptions and data incorporated into the analysis… .” Sierra Club v. Costle 657 F. 2d 298, 334 (1981). {emphasis mine}
      Comment: With regard to the CO2 rule (almost certainly promulgated subject to APA §§556 and 557):
      1) the EPA excluded expert science testimony of vital importance to truth; did not respond to highly relevant, “new”-to-agency, data; and it based its rule on terribly flawed “science” (including proven-failed climate models with no “public exposure of the assumptions and data”). Thus, the CO2 ruling was “unsupported by substantial evidence,” to the point that the rulemaking was, as to explicit discretionary authority, “arbitrary,” and, thus, certainly, as to implied discretion, “unreasonable;” and also, thus, the CO2 ruling
      2) violated the Fifth Amendment’s requirement of due process (a reasonable opportunity to be heard) as well as being a regulatory taking of the private electric companies’ property, i.e., their ability to produce their product, with no “just compensation.” U.S. Const. amend. V.
      As a result of the EPA Administrator’s excluding from record much valid, well-respected, widely held, scientific analysis:
      1) the record was grossly biased and incomplete; and
      2) therefore, the CO2 rule was not promulgated in a rational, careful (in other words, non-negligent) manner.
      Although the D.C. Circuit allowed the EPA to make this exclusion, such judicial acquiescence does not excuse the agency’s blatantly negligent (if not reckless) decision making. “There is a substantial likelihood that the [CO2] rule would have been significantly changed” but for the Administrator’s artificially narrowing the scientific expert testimony and evidence considered.
      Thus, per APA §706, the court should issue a declaratory injunction stopping the enforcement of the human CO2 “endangerment” rule at least until the incomplete agency record is supplemented after public hearings so that it contains all the best current science on human CO2 and its conjectured effect on the climate of the earth. The EPA’s refusal to even consider evidence from the climate scientists testifying against CO2 “endangerment” rule was a “strong showing of bad faith or improper behavior,” thus, the court should closely scrutinize the CO2 rule making by the EPA here.
      “Contemporaneous” Administrative Record – re: trial de novo versus referral of matter back to agency
      Where there is a “contemporaneous explanation of the agency decision,” even though very brief, the proper remedy is not trial de novo but requiring additional agency testimony, i.e., disclosure of the full administrative record. Camp v. Pitts, 411 U.S. 138, 142-43 (1973).
      Comment: Here, the full record (so far as I know) was disclosed. The problem is its contrived incompleteness. Thus, Camp v. Pitts would not preclude the court from issuing an emergency injunction to stay enforcement of the rule and or to try the Administrator for negligence or recklessness. ***

      Memo about EPA ultra vires rulemaking by Janice Moore (2014) at 15-18.

      • In case the import of the above research memo excerpts was unclear, Mr. Pruitt can, thus, re-open the CO2 “Endangerment” finding immediately for it was, inter alia:
        1. certainly without rational basis (given the inadequacy of the findings)
        2. likely arbitrary and capricious
        3. likely ultra vires (by the prior administrator)..
        If court could issue an emergency injunction to stay such a rule (see above memo), then, the new administrator can certainly do the same pending making fuller findings to find a “rational basis” for the rule.

    • “I assume he has the power to reverse the ridiculous “CO2 is a pollutant” directive.”
      He has actual science on his side if he does.
      If Carbon Dioxide were a pollutant, we wouldn’t want to consume it. Yet we have carbonated beverages without any warning labels.

      • The air we exhale is laced with CO2 at ~40,000 ppm; consequently, we could all be found guilty of creating poisonous gas if that absolutely stupid rule is allowed to stand.

      • TH, no he does not. He only has the power to initiate another endangerment finding. That takes about 18 months. And when concluded, will be challenges by greens in federal court. The situation is not legally simple, as I have commented before. There are several possible paths including congressional action. IMO start down them all, for redundancy sake. Most binding is Congressional revision of flawed CAA pollution definition. Problem there is senate filibuster/cloture. A path perhaps after the 2018 midterm elections.

      • It’s not that easy, because of the way it was done. It will take years – Pruitt is going to have to move strategically, methodically putting his people in place while he painstakingly weeds out every employee who is there currently. (none of them can be trusted)

      • They don’t mind if we consume it as long as they get their carbon tax. Yet another tax on beer. Sigh. God bless this administration. Drain the Swamp!

      • Yes Chris, it’s normal, in that almost anything is normal , or almost nothing is normal, in a chaotic system.
        IIRC there was snow in the sahara too.
        in 1981 IIRC there was snow in Johannesburg, South Africa. Something no one could remember in their lifetimes.
        Records are broken every day, because an interglacial is a lot longer than human memory and records

      • Chris, I am not saying it is normal to reach that temperature in February, but it did reach that temperature in 1918. It even said so in the article if you had cared to read it:
        NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — A warm front brought record high temperatures across Oklahoma, including near 100 degrees in southwest Oklahoma that tied a nearly century old record.
        The National Weather Service says the high in Mangum on Saturday reached 99 degrees to tie a record set Feb. 24, 1918, in Arapaho as the highest February temperature ever in Oklahoma.
        So not much change in 99 years, why the alarm?

    • There are several possible routes to this, to do it narrowly and administratively it’s likely the process through which the endangerment finding was produced was invalid and it might be withdrawn on that basis, a more thorough approach would be to get Congress to amend the Clean Air Act to remove the EPA’s authority to regulate CO2.

      • As Anthony said in response:
        My Inbox exploded with tips today, this one in particular. This unbelievably vile video from the 10:10 campaign takes the award for the most disgusting climate and carbon reduction video ever. It is in a class by itself, which is off the scale. See also Ryan Maue’s post below this one on the 350.org tie in for 10:10.
        I have to add to that: Off the scale and waaayyyy beyond the pale, I can’t find any words to describe that ( And I have learned some choice words as an immigrant, it seems you learn many of those 4 letter words first in a new country.

    • I’ve never seen that video before, it’s horrifying! The CAGW religion has now evolved into a full fledged, religion driven, terrorist organization. ‘Accept our way of thinking or we’ll kill you in the most horrific way possible!’ How long before actual murders occur because CAGW adherents promote the idea as a wonderfully progressive thing to do?

      • The Unconscious continually tries to create images of itself by projection and other processes. Thus the “No Pressure” video images reveal what is certainly lurking in the unconscious of the typical AGW believers who want big government solutions to the non-problem of CO2. More than a dozen people were involved in the creation of that hideous video; apparently not one of them had the moral instinct to say, “Hey, what are we doing? What does this say about us?” They gave the “excuse” that they “just thought it was funny.” That was how their Shadows made an end-run around their consciences.

  1. They have borne false whitness!
    Now comes the judgement of the true history!
    Pruitt rides a huge black horse with hooves shoed with the best steel and the sparkes of the steel will burn the lies to a crisp !
    CLOP CLOP comes judgement

  2. httE.P.A. Workers Try to Block Pruitt in Show of Defiance ps://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/16/us/politics/scott-pruitt-environmental-protection-agency.html

    • From what I heard on the news (Fox Cable) it is unclear if the 800 workers are all retired of not. Given that list of names it should be a relatively simple search to discover if any of them still work(ed) there. It will probably also be necessary to CAREFULLY check the work product of ANY current EPA employees who were hired by ANY Obama appointees. If nothing else these employees are a potential source of leaks of ‘fake’ news design to subvert Pruitt’s goals.
      There is a REALLY GOOD reason for any members of the Civil Service to avoid ANY political activity on the job (besides the fact that it is a violation of the Hatch Act). That reason is illustrated above – it is simply not realistic to expect an organization to function when political forces are pushing in opposite directions.

      • Pruitt could start by eliminating all position created since 2007. People on those positions, of course, would be taken care of under Reduction In Force (RIF) procedures.

  3. Republicans said Pruitt will bring much-needed change to an agency that exemplifies eight years of executive overreach by the administration of former President Obama.

    Silly question that popped into my head, How does the Whitehouse get its electricity? Did Obama have some solar panels installed in the roof?

    • Martian life mystery deepens as Curiosity rover finds early atmosphere did NOT have enough carbon dioxide to warm the planet and create …

    • Carter installed Solar panels, Reagan removed them. “W” installed them again, and Obama installed more.

    • “Did Obama have some solar panels installed in the roof?”
      No, but White House staff have sighted Jimmy Carter roaming the halls late at night and turning off the lights.

    • I think Jimmy Carter did install solar panels on the WH roof. Pretty much ignored after he left office. Pretty much ignored while he was in office, come to think about it. Obama was supposed to have upgraded them. Supposed to have. I suspect that it was like that garden that Michael didn’t do all that much with when the cameras weren’t out.

  4. For the record: the climate is ALWAYS changing. 20,000 years ago where Chicago currently sits was under thousands of feet of glacial ice. In light of that fact, what is “denial”?

    • It is too bad that most of the residents of NYC appear to believe in climate stasis are ignorant of the fact that the Laurentide covered their city with around ice that was nearly a mile high at the same time. The list of other major cities whose locations were similarly covered by heavy glaciation in both North America and Europe is very long.

  5. Anyone remember this guy?
    EPA’s Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz

    Sombebody Queue up Bob Dylan “The Times They Are A Changin”

    • Or this perhaps?
      You walk into the room with your pencil in your hand
      You see somebody naked and you say, “Who is that man?”
      You try so hard but you don’t understand
      Just what you will say when you get home
      Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is
      Do you, Mr. Jones?

    • Nothing reforms an employee like a pink slip.
      (And I hear they’re very much in style these days at the State Dept, Dept. of Justice, and the EPA, just to mention a few.)

    • By the way. There’s been lot’s of activity from NASA in the form of “NASA scientists defying Trump”. I take it this means they’ve given up all hope of continuing in their jobs and are just taking as many pot shots as they are able before they get taken down.

      • Well, (@ the “resistors”) they can scream about Trump all day long, but, at the end of the day, in pushing for unsound immigration policy and AGW and “justice for: fill-in-the-blank” and the like, they are not defying Donald Trump,
        they are defying


        (yes, I’ve made this point before, on WUWT, but, I’m going to keep it up, for it is part of the inaccurate reporting flooding the “news” sources these days)

    • Unfortunately scalping Gavin Schmidt much like scalping Michael Mann would require the services of a Mohel, that and, in either case, there isn’t much scalp there

  6. Heads exploding, and butts-a-puckering.
    If anyone can get some snapshots of the faces on the current staff at the EPA when Pruitt walks in for his first day on the job, please post them.
    I need a new screen saver.

    • Now that’s the truth vukcevic. The EPA is one of the primary places where the “Climate Change” agenda lives and is implemented in an extraconstitutional manner. And that is why the left is going nuts. But it will take more than just reining in the EPA regulations. It will take congress passing laws to stop the agency from ever again being used in the manner it has been to circumvent the rights of the citizens and their commerce. This is a critical victory but just a beginning. I believe a Winston Churchill quote fits where we are now.
      “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
      We have a very long and hard fight ahead of us.

      • Love Churchill quotes. Here is another, “Democracy is the worst political system except for all the others that have been tried.”
        The EPA has tried one of the “others”. Now maybe we can get back to Democracy.

      • Really the point is that Pruitt is going to have to expose the malfeasance of what has been done at the EPA with good evidence in order to give congress the ammunition to make the laws to force the fundamental changes in the role and scope of the EPA so that it can never be used again as a tool by the government as a force to support social, economic, or political change in contravention of the Constitution.

  7. NASA was used to green wash and promote the catastrophic global warming fraud . Duplicating NOAA and the EPA charlatan work while completely discrediting the NASA brand .
    Clean house but make sure they don’t wipe their hard drives . In science if you and others can’t replicate the work supporting your assertions then nothing is “settled ” . ” Settled Science ” was a marketing slogan from non scientists like Al Gore . Complete and utter nonsense .
    Build and fly NASA but stay the hell out of the overblown global warming fraud business . It is beneath you .

    • Yes, Amber. NASA needs to stay firmly out in space – where it belongs.
      No, wait … that didn’t come out right.

      • We mustn’t lose the expertise and education of so many NASA employees, who, I understand from their teachers, took up space in school at a young age.

    • If they’re wiping hard drives it’s something settled: they were terrified of potential prosecution.

        • “they are backing up the data so it will not be lost.”
          That makes a change for climate “scientists”.
          Usually they are only too glad to get rid of it before anyone gets the chance to prove they’ve fiddled it.

      • Chris: “they are backing up data?” So they say, but why announce it? Why would the press cover someone in gov’t “backing up data”? Has Trump etc said they’re gonna delete something? If you want to know what progs are doing, listen to what they accuse the other side of doing. Here they are accusing Trump of deleting, when there is no info that is happening or gonna happen. They almost certainly called Hillary’s IT guys for that bleachbit stuff, got alot of emails to scrub. No data, but emails about how it got adjusted gonna need to disappear. Backing up data? Go ahead, knock yourselves out. Are you a betting man Chris? When we read (should only take 2-3 wks) that lots of stuff was in fact deleted, if you can show some data that was backed up, I’ll give you a nickel. No “backup”? You give me a nickel. On?

    • The “soft coup” left by Obama’s executive order on January 3, just 17 days shy of leaving, has been discovered and is all over non-Fake News outlets.
      I doubt any of President Trump’s people will fall in the wake of criminal leaking that BO’s EO allowed the NSA to work against this new administration.
      And I predict a number of people will end up in the slammer for breaking constitutional law.

  8. I want to make like the circus freaks in that old black and white movie, and start chanting “ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!!!”

  9. Probably the most inspired and influential pick of the Trump administration. If Pruitt is allowed the freedom of manoeuvre he requires, the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ is going to look like a garden party in relation to the havoc he could wreak amongst the entrenched federal alarmist fraternity. It could get very, very messy. Can’t wait…..

  10. And when the FOIA request comes up empty, they will demand that the vote be held up while the next stunt is tried. And so on ad infinitum.

  11. I do hope the FBI and Justice Dept. follow Mr. Pruitt into the building on the first day to set up shop and start investigations of wrongdoing by EPA employees and administrators.

  12. So far, I have been pleasantly suprised with Trump. I did not support him in the primaries, but so far. . .

    • philjourdan
      I would argue that General Mattis belongs on that list and the true order in which they belong remains to be seen.

      • And add Dr. Ben Carson — the HUD guy. What a STRONG first and SECOND (vis a vis their agency’s importance to core gov’t. functions) string the Trump administration has!
        Yay! Oh, Yay!! Oh, YAY!!!
        How America got her groove back. 🙂

    • Given Trump’s own statements about climate change, we might expect his cabinet nominees to follow suit. Tillerson does not. See today’s WSJ article by Kim Strassel, “DON’T WIMP OUT ON CLIMATE CHANGE”

      Then there’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who in his confirmation hearing said: “I think it’s important that the United States maintain its seat at the table on the conversations around how to address threats of climate change, which do require a global response.” Those are not the words of an official intent on bold action, but of a harassed oil CEO who succumbed years ago to the left’s climate protests.al-state relationship.

      For some time now it has been a marvel of irony that heads of industry, including Jeffrey Immelt of GE, and Rex Tillerson of Exxon, should have quaffed so lustily of the climate change Kool Aid. But it is what it is. My cynical view is that Tillerson cares not a whit about a warming environment, but is hard wired to make the most of the millions of shares of Exxon stock that he still owns in his new job.
      Just a thought… perhaps he’ll want to keep the price of energy high?

      • It is always easier to destroy a system from the inside.
        He may simply want easier access the the information and people he needs to knock down the whole corrupt edifice.

  13. “… thinks it’s time for the EPA to get back to the clean air and clean water business instead, and to do so with an appreciation for the complexity of our modern world,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on the Senate floor”
    Perfect – I couldn’t have said it better GK

  14. Pruitt has a large job ahead. In addition to unconstitutional Wotus and CPP, there is the bogus no linear harm model when the answer is no harm threshhold, the jiggered cost benefit sruff, field staff attitudes, and shonky EPA science. A big swamp to drain.

  15. And there is this.
    HJ 38
    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That Congress disapproves the rule submitted by the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement of the Department of the Interior relating to the “Stream Protection Rule” (published at 81 Fed. Reg. 93066 (December 20, 2016)), and such rule shall have no force or effect.
    Coal is back!

    • Hooray for coal and SOON — welcome back, BIG NUCLEAR!!! 🙂
      Re: the video
      Hm. Well, lol, we didn’t hire the man to dance. VERY glad President Trump is great at what he was born to do: be a CEO.

      • Janice, if you want to see the context look up “Hotline Bling Parody – SNL” It is a short music video having fun with the way “physics teachers and dads dance.”
        So now DJ T’s spot on the parody is a MAGA dance, I think because he looks like he is having fun….

    • AG Scott Pruitt was also among the Attorneys General who were suing to stop the internet handover:
      Oklahoma AG: Why I’m suing to stop the Internet handover
      By SCOTT PRUITT • 9/30/16 3:59 PM
      “At midnight tonight, the United States will relinquish control over the Internet’s central functions to an internationally-run private entity called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
      The United States government created this foundation for the Internet in the 1980s when government agencies and contractors created the authoritative “root zone file” and domain name system, which act as the Internet’s master directory and switchboard. Those two building blocks of the Internet have remained under ultimate United States control ever since.
      But now, President Obama has decided to cede this critical infrastructure to an international organization unaccountable to the American people and their Constitution. What is at stake cannot be understated. Like the invention of the printing press before it, the Internet has been the greatest instrument of free speech and the exchange of ideas in the history of mankind.”

  16. Don’t count your chickens yet, kids.
    Never underestimate bureaucratic inertia. I predict lawsuits, insubordination, wall-to-wall press coverage of “oppressed warriors for the environment,” constant leaks to media, and general footdragging. Dragging the EPA out of climate change will be like dragging Bill Clinton out of a cheerleading camp.

    • Remember, the EPA already begs environmental groups to sue them, so they can be “forced” to do the things they really want to do but are prohibited from doing.

      • talldave2 February 17, 2017 at 1:39 pm
        “Remember, the EPA already begs environmental groups to sue them, so they can be “forced” to do the things they really want to do but are prohibited from doing.”
        Now here is a thought EPA gets Sue’d The fed. A.G. prosecutes the case. Both sides call Climate Scientists as witlessnese’s, Then each side tears apart the other sides witness. Imagine certain individuals having to explain their ahem, work in court. With the subsequent Climategate E-mails entered during “Cross”
        I would need to buy more popcorn for my popper.

      • They do NOT have to be fired – simply transfer them to somewhere where they are really needed: I suggest a new office building somewhere N of Fairbanks AK. It’s nice and warm in the summer there! Hard for a judge to argue with a transfer – but it is probable that wives and families do NOT want to leave the Washington power base – OH WELL! can’t have everything.

      • As I mentioned earlier, a RIF action could also accomplish the same thing – simply eliminate all positions created within the last 10 years. Another thing about RIF is that people with more seniority can bump people with less seniority out of their jobs. And since Obama’s people are the lowest on the totem pole with seniority they would be the first to go.

    • Seriously folks, every week we’re going to get fawning coverage of people who are desperately trying to save the world from Trump. Including in the judiciary.

    • I think the first thing Pruitt should do is to ask for the dataset inventory and the backup status of them and all servers, including existing policies, procedures, backup architecture, offsite storage, etc… oh, and compliance reports. All that is relevant to the Intellectual Property of the USA.

      • All new cabinet secretaries should be doing that. The data preservation standards and cyber security demonstrated by the previous administration were horrid.

    • TB2, a war is never fought on one front or in one way. Gorsuch is an important SCOTUS front. Eliminating the FOIA subversion is a front. Whistleblowers is a front. Congressional revision of CAA is a front. Rooting out proven EPA-NGO illicit back channels and firing the responsible civil servants is a front. Much to do. Pruitt is up to it as a former AG.

      • That’s why it’s important not to hoist a Mission Accomplished banner at the end of major combat operations, even if it make perfect sense in proper context.
        Occupying EPA will be considerably more fraught than decapitating the regime or Pruitt’s thunder run through the Senate. Hard days are ahead — unfounded PR disasters will abound, new and more destructive tactics will be employed against us, and many of the occupied will never accept democratic rule.

      • “There will be numerous self-inflicted wounds too is my guess.”
        And McClod’s life of self-inflicted wounds flashes in front of him.
        And yet he continues it with his every post.
        Who is paying you to play the moronic fool, McClod?
        No-one can be a brain-dead as you display yourself.. !!

      • “That’s why it’s important not to hoist a Mission Accomplished banner at the end of major combat operations, even if it make perfect sense in proper context.”
        And you can always count on the MSM to take things out of context when a Republican president is involved. That whole “Mission Accomplished” character assasination of George W. Bush was just another example of Fake News.
        Unfortunately, it was, and is, very good propaganda. As soon as I saw the banner that day, I knew what the MSM was going to do: Hit Bush over the head with it, even though it was a celebration of the USS Abraham Lincoln’s “Mission Accomplised”, not a celebration of the end of the Iraq war, which is how the MSM characterized it, in an effort to make Bush look silly and disconected from reality.

  17. Was it Frank Gifford who would end up the monday night football game with the following song, ‘Turn out the lights, the parties over’. I guess the parties finally over!

  18. Matt McGrath, BBC environment correspondent
    “;Mr. Pruitt is perhaps the most controversial appointment in the history of the
    EPA – the Oklahoma attorney general has spent years fighting the role and
    reach of the organisation he now heads.”
    When attorneys file briefs and suits for clients, it’s not really a “fight” the attorney
    has invested any personal interest in. A state Attorney General is there to
    represent the legal and economic interests of THE STATE.
    Familiarity of the subject at hand, the court and administrative precedents, and
    flaws in the opponent’s procedures and documentation give the attorney and
    staff expertise in successfully challenging an opposing side’s position on whatever
    the proposition might be before the courts.
    Professional interest and experience do not necessarily indicate a personal
    view on the part of the attorney.
    It’s a logical error to conflate the views of Scott Pruitt the person with the
    actions of Scott Pruitt, the former Attorney General of Oklahoma. The error
    is compounded by extrapolating what Mr. Pruitt was doing in Oklahoma with
    what he MIGHT do as the Administrator of the EPA.
    There might not be a lot of flying fur a feathers for a while.
    Meanwhile, please pass the popcorn.

  19. If Trump and Pruett do what it appears they are going to do,
    then I’m thinking maybe we should keep the EPA.

  20. YeeeeeeOOOOOOWWWWW! 🙂
    Me, too!
    Time for
    ***Dancin’ in the Street***

    (youtube — Van Halen)
    Then, when you’ve danced your feet off, just sit down on the back porch steps with an ice cold lemonade and listen to some
    ***Struttin’ with Barbecue“!***

    … and smile and smile and SMILE.
    America is behind you.

    • And, once again…… some JERK won’t let anyone view their video unless we go to youtube.
      Okay. Here’s the same fun music, but, 🙁 no cute dramatics to go with it.
      “Struttin’ with Some Barbecue” — Louis Armstrong


    • Well I’ve just been called to run to Canada and I’m liking the forecast. Depart Sunday morning with a load bound for Owen Sound, ON. The normal route up goes up Hwy 21 that runs right along the east coast of Lake Huron and last winter that road was closed a good bit of the time due to snow and wind. If this is global warming, I’ll take it since the forecast up there is for temps to stay well above freezing. Called in and requested a border crossing at the Bluewater bridge that crosses between Port Huron, MI and Sarnia, ON. That border crossing is less congested and busy than the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor and in fact going over there makes the route shorter with a lot less traffic to deal with even though it will be a Sunday.
      This will be my first trip to Canada this year and in fact since last Spring. That hiatus hasn’t bothered me one bit. But this a load coming out of Mexico that is hot. Being brought up to the Anderson, IN terminal by a team from Laredo and I take it on up from there.

  21. Good advise for everyone from the Ace of Spades HQ blog concerning fake news:
    “February 17, 2017
    Today’s #FakeNews Freakout: OMG, Trump is Calling Out the National Guard to Round-Up Illegals!!!
    Or not. Maybe just a provisional early draft memo — not even from the White House — included a provision that states could call upon the National Guards for specific duty on the border, you know, like Obama himself did a few years ago when the Unattended Child Illegal Immigrant thing was getting some (minor) attention from the media and he needed to pretend to be doing something about it.
    Fucking embarrassing.
    They have a new strategy, by the way. Sometimes, as with the NYT Flynn transcripts story, they write a scarifying headline, but then, in the body of the piece, they admit there’s no there there.
    But they rely on the headline to convey the opposite impression — and they rely on the Blue Checkmark Mafia to retweet the shit out of headline only, with the implication our explicit claim that the article says what it simply does not say.
    The other thing they do, obviously, as the AP did here, is straight-up lie. But that’s not a new tactic for this crew.
    Always read the article or the original documents. Getting freaked out? Is their viral hysteria infecting you?
    Put aside the false claims and primal yelps they’re making on social media and go to the original article — or, when they deign to supply it, the original document they’re blatantly misrepresenting.
    You can insulate yourself from hysteria in that way — don’t buy into their second-hand telephone-game-of-hysterics method of reporting. Go the source, and walk way with an eased temper.
    I said a briefer version of this on Twitter to these people:
    Dear Media,
    We all watched you in tears on election night, on our TVs.
    We saw your crying. There’s no denying it.
    And there’s no coming back from that.
    Anyone who cries like a baby while on television over the election results cannot claim to be able to put aside his deep emotional reaction and behave professionally and detachedly in the months to follow.
    We know what you are. We’ve always known what you were, but seeing the hysterical tears flow was proof to the rest of the world who suspected but did not know.
    And we’ll never believe a word you say again.
    Go fuck yourselves dead,
    The People Who Used to Watch You On TV”

    • In the past few days they’ve gone from Fake News to Very Fake News. I know, because President Trump said it.

    • Rah. I used to watch them just to see what kind of lies they were telling but I couldn’t stand it anymore so I quit watching about a month ago. I was starting to feel better by just watching fox news but now they are showing the lies that the propaganda news are saying. Now I am spending much more time on WUWT.

      • ” I used to watch them just to see what kind of lies they were telling but I couldn’t stand it anymore so I quit watching about a month ago. I was starting to feel better by just watching fox news but now they are showing the lies that the propaganda news are saying. Now I am spending much more time on WUWT.”
        Don’t watch the Leftwing Media, James, unless you want a headache. They are completely deranged over Trump and their loss of power and influence. It’s depressing to listen to their bizarre thought processes.
        As for Fox, one of the problems with Fox is, it is the New York Times and other Leftwing news outlets that establish the daily narrative in the news business, so Fox is obliged to cover those subjects, whether they are worthy or not, because the rest of the MSM cover them.
        There is also the new problem at Fox of a number of never-Trump reporters who don’t give Trump any more of a break than do the Leftwing news people. And some like Shepard Smith are diehard lefties, so don’t expect a fair accessment of the situation from him, or Quan Williams.
        What I do is, if I don’t like the tone of a Fox reporter, I change the channel and watch true crime stories, or the science channel.
        I stopped watching Megyn Kelly after she attacked Trump, and lo and behold, Kelly is no longer on Fox. Maybe changing the channel works. After all, they can see when people tuned out and they can see what’s going on at that particular time on their network, so maybe they put two and two together. Let’s hope so. Krauthammer might be on thin ice were that the case. 🙂
        Tune them out if they are lying about Trump.
        And the movie actors ought to pay attention to the tune-out.
        I used to love to watch Jackie Chan movies. Until the day I heard him say some really harsh, bad things about the United States, the nation that gave him every opportunity there was to make a success of himself. Since then, I won’t watch a Jackie Chan movie because I can’t get past his political views and to enjoy a movie one has to suspend reality a little, which is impossible when I recall what he said. When I see him now, all I see is that nasty diatribe he uttered against the U.S.
        Jackie Chan isn’t the only one on my list either, it’s a long list, and getting longer.
        My favorite actor, Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson is treading on thin ground with some of his comments. I would sure hate to never be able to enjoy another one of his movies because of his political views. He hasn’t said enough yet to turn me off, but he’s real close (a complaint about Under Armor’s CEO endorsing Trump). Stick to acting, Rock. You really are good at it. You are lousy at politics, as are most of your fellow actors.

  22. I hope everyone is right about Pruit. His talk is in the right place but I want to see him walk the walk. Tillerson’s corporate talk was all in the wrong place so we need to hope he does not walk that talk. Bottom line, though, the Trumpster seems to be still walking the same as he talks and if anything is attempted that would make him look like he is going back on his promises I feel he’ll take care of it. Hopefully.

    • 97% of Roman Catholics agreed that Martin Luther was a denier of church doctrine after he posted his 95 theses.

      • And 98 per cent of the Reformed Christians still believe today that the Catholic Church is responsible for divide the Church in the Middle Ages. The perspectives are so different. An old Chinese proverb says: There are three sides from each case, each thing. One that you see, one that I see, and a side which we neither see.

  23. Great news!!
    The massive clean up of the completely out of control and the most politically driven junk science organization in history of U.S. government can now commence.
    It will be a joy to watch the systematic dismantling of Obama’s EPA nightmare organization.

  24. Big Carbon shill and Baptist Church deacon in charge of a science department – that’s making me at least shake my head. Only in America. Does he “believe” in evolution at least? Or is he more in the camp of his close allies who say: “Cataclysmic climate change can’t exist, the group says, because God’s intelligent design is flawless, and would not allow it to happen.”
    Please keep your anti-science to yourselves.
    Don’t worry guys the dark ages didn’t last that long, well 800 years but whose counting.

    • Yo, tony–there’s probably more “science” in this bunch of commenters than exists at the EPA.
      And for someone who’s so obsessed with the environment, what happened to Western Civilization in Great Britain?
      There’s something like 28 Sharia courts there now, and none give a damn about the environment or your rights as a subject (except to Allah, or off with your head).
      You’ve been so focused with your holier-than-thou attitude regarding your erst-while vassal you failed to look behind you.
      Have you learned “God is Great” in Arabic yet? You should–it could save your life someday.

      • “RockyRoad February 17, 2017 at 3:43 pm
        And for someone who’s so obsessed with the environment, what happened to Western Civilization in Great Britain?”
        He lives in Queensland, Australia, the state where people fear day light savings because they believe it turns cows milk sour.

      • Western civilisation is alive and well in the UK which remains distinctly un-islamicized.
        No sharia round here!

        • “No sharia round here!”
          Lying again, Grifter?
          There are currently over 80 Sharia courts practising in the UK, and increasing continuously.

    • tony mcleod February 17, 2017 at 2:32 pm
      “Cataclysmic climate change can’t exist, the group says, because God’s intelligent design is flawless, and would not allow it to happen.”
      Please keep your anti-science to yourselves.
      What drugs are you taking to spew crap like that? Were you born stupid or do you take a pill in the morning?
      You only supposed to use that line on the uncommitted or uninformed. In logic, it is called “poisoning the well”. When you try to use it against the educated and knowledgeable of the opposition you reveal yourself to be incompetent and unimaginative, go back to your programmers, you nitwit, you are a disgrace and an embarrassment to them.

    • R.S. Brown I’ll pay that one.
      RockyRoad – I think you’ll find there are no Sharia Courts in the UK. I don’t live there so you might just want to google it like I did. Are you saying your fundamentalism is better than their’s?
      Geez Mike why don’t say what you really mean? I understand Mike Pence and Dr. Ben Carson both think the earth is 6000yo just wondering what kind of nutty misconception Pruit is under given his fundamentalist background

      • tony mcleod:
        If you didn’t find “Sharia Courts in Great Britain” in Google, it’s because you ignored the results.
        I typed “Sharia Courts in Britain” in YouTube and here’s just the first page of videos:





        Click on any of these and you’ll find there are Muslim Patrols, Muslim Councils, and Tribunals. And there are many more such videos.
        Britain is a major source of providing leadership to ISIS, as this video indicates:

        As far as my “fundamentalism” goes, I support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. You know… “of the people, by the people, for the people.”
        So you can keep your “Muslim fundamentalism” which is equivalent to “Islamic Terrorism”, tony. I do believe Western Civilization is far superior to Muslim Civilization, which hasn’t progressed much since it was founded.
        You’ve proven yourself to someone who has no moral basis, asserting my fundamentalism is somehow equivalent to bloody Muslim terrorism that has a long, sordid history of using that terrorism to subjugate its own people and their neighbors.
        Indeed, one of Islam’s tenants justifies lying to further their objectives, tony.
        But your most nefarious point is to accuse those of us who don’t bow to the “climate change” borg of being anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth (as if you cared at all about the truth).
        So let’s start with a comparison: What is your CV? What are your scientific credentials, specifically?
        I have a college degree in geology and a graduate degree also. I have a college degree in mining engineering and a graduate degree also.
        Being both scientist and engineer has many advantages, but what are yours?
        You call people names, impugn their character and belittle their assertions.
        I believe the future is not yours. You haven’t demonstrated that you are an honest scientist; you can’t even do basic research.

      • tony mcleod February 17, 2017 at 6:31 pm
        “just wondering what kind of nutty misconception Pruit is under given his fundamentalist background”
        “just wondering” and from just wondering, you make a bigoted statement “Please keep your anti-science to yourselves.” “So If your just wondering” you don’t know what he believes. So your anti-science statement is brainless bigotry. You know about as much on American religion as you do of Science. You used the term “Fundamentalist” do you understand the meaning? He is a “Baptist” and you say a “deacon”, do you have a clue what a deacon is in his (Pruit’s) church? What functions they preform? If you don’t then why are you bringing it up as a negative?
        As I said your entire comment is unintelligent bigotry. Mr Pruit’s religion has not been an issue in the past. And if you had bothered to use the intellect you believe you possess, you would know that the subgroup you are referring to are called “Creationalists”.
        And no I am not a Baptist or a Fundamentalist.
        Try to turn on brain before operating keyboard.

      • Geez Rocky, you really have a thing about Islam don’t you. I’m so glad I could help lance that boil.
        You should get to know a few, there actually really nice people. I’m not one BTW.
        When I use the phrase “Only in America”, it’s actually not an insult. More a bemused smile and a shake of the head. Other non-US readers will understand. Stop taking it personally.
        There are plenty of good things to come out of America, but military adventurism, exceptionalism and intelligent design are not amongst them. The US is not above criticism.

        • “Geez Rocky, you really have a thing about Islam don’t you.
          So does anyone with any sense who has had experience of it in the Northern England cities such as Bradford and Oldham.
          As to getting to know a few, I’ve lived around them for the past half-century since going to university in Bradford in the 1960s, so I suspect I know vastly more than your “few”.
          Tell us, McClod, does ‘Rotherham’ mean anything to you?
          Or – slightly closer to your home, how about Cronulla Beach? S client of mine – an airline pilot as it happens – told me some very disturbing tales about the activities of the Lebanese there.

      • Lying again, Mcclod? No change there then.
        There are over 80 Sharia courts in the UK, and their treatment of women has become a national scandal.
        Sharia courts in UK face Government inquiry over treatment of women
        The Government is to launch an investigation into whether sharia courts operating in the UK discriminate against women – legitimising forced marriages and issuing unfair divorce settlements.


    • Only in America.

      America. A nation founded by God-fearing, Scripture-honoring people,
      such as this man:

      (youtube — George Washington scene, “American Carol”)
      800 years is a long time. Eternity is longer. Kingdoms, empires, states, such massive, important, things, and yet, your soul matters more than all of them put together. Your soul will live forever. You, however, do not have forever to decide where you will spend eternity. With every tick of the clock, you are closer to the end of the line for Tony M.. The train to Hell (which, given your remarks, appears to be the one you are on) is hurtling down the tracks. Once in awhile, it pulls into a station. There, you have a chance to get off and get on the train across the platform, the one going in the opposite direction.
      You are at such a station right now.
      Will you sneer and bluster and toss the gospel tract offered you into the garbage? Or, will you read it and really think about what it says? Think, Mr. McL, think! This may be the last station your train will ever stop at. The devil up in the engine calls out, “Wait awhile, Tony. You’ve got years left …..”
      In case you want to know what that little tract said, here it is:
      For God so loved the world
      that he gave his only begotten son,
      that whosoever believes in him
      should not perish
      but have everlasting life.
      John 3:16.
      If you confess with your mouth,
      “Jesus is Lord,”
      and believe in your heart
      that God raised him from the dead,
      you will be saved.
      Romans 10:9

      Please note: many people who believe what that little tract says will also say that they do not know how old the geology of the earth is, for many of them, it is simply “not proven.” Thus, your citing the fact that Mr. Pruitt is a Baptist is irrelevant.
      I’m glad you made that mistake, though — for it gave me the opportunity to write this reply in the good old Baptist evangelical tradition!
      Your future (I’m going to be praying!) sister in the Lord,

      • Will you sneer and bluster and toss the gospel tract offered you into the garbage?
        No of course not. I do appreciate your genuine concern for my well-being. It’s quite touching. Especially given that we have had our share of, er, disagreements. I respect your POV and your faith Janice.
        At times I am probably guilty of the “sneer”, something we all need to monitor. Not alone.
        I will disagree with you as to whether my salvation can be linked to my opinions on AGW. I’m sure there are plenty of devout and pious christians who share my pov. I don’t know if it helpful linking what is a material question with the spritual. Afterall the Truth (in my experience) is a pathless land. Each individual needs to find there own inner, quiet Truth.
        I also reserve the right to question the suitability and qualifications of anyone being appointed to powerful position. I’m not in your country, but these kind of positions have wide spheres of influence.
        Again, I do want to sincerely thank you for your generous concern. Tony

      • “tony mcleod February 17, 2017 at 8:59 pm
        I also reserve the right to question the suitability and qualifications of anyone being appointed to powerful position. I’m not in your country, but these kind of positions have wide spheres of influence.”
        But you didn’t question those appointees previously appointed by Obama, why is that? Might it be because you and they held similar opinions about AGW, ie, BIASED?

        • “But you didn’t question those appointees previously appointed by Obama, why is that?”
          They were “Progressives”, so to the likes of McClod and his nasty, pig-ignorant, condescending ilk, they can do no wrong, of course.

    • tone tone,
      “Or is he more in the camp of his close allies who say: “Cataclysmic climate change can’t exist, the group says, because God’s intelligent design is flawless, and would not allow it to happen.” ”
      Strange way to put it, cataclysmic climate change . . but the God of a certain Book I’m somewhat familiar with, most certainly “allows” cataclysmic climate change . . You sure that wasn’t just some sorta fake news propaganda line? ; )

    • Classic off topic rambling…..
      The real work of regulatory reform will proceed with determination and hopefully a few criminal investigations of the agency and its recent methods.

  25. This bill will give Pruitt the power to eliminate the EPA.
    115th CONGRESS
    1st Session
    H. R. 958
    February 7, 2017
    Mr. Sam Johnson of Texas introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Science, Space, and Technology, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned
    A BILL
    To eliminate certain programs of the Environmental Protection Agency, and for other purposes.

  26. Do not rejoice too fast…
    “An Oklahoma judge has ordered Scott Pruitt, the state’s attorney general, to release emails related to his dealings with energy companies. On Friday, the Senate voted to confirm Pruitt’s nomination to lead the US Environmental Protection Agency.
    State Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons, of the District Court in Oklahoma County, said Thursday that Pruitt’s office must turn over thousands of emails related to communications with fossil fuel interests that are not exempt by Oklahoma records law.
    The order is a response to records requests filed by the Center for Media and Democracy that date back to January 2015; those records must be relinquished by February 21, Timmons ruled. Other requests made by the watchdog group later in 2015 and 2016 must be handed over within 10 days, The Oklahoman reported.”

    • The level of obstruction practiced by the Marxist/Socialist Progressives this past month has been unprecedented.
      Yet President Trump has gotten more done to benefit American workers in 3 weeks than Obama did in 8 years.
      Even Richard Trumpka, president of the AFL-CIO, publicly supports President Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary.
      If the Marxist/Socialist Progressive Democrats lose the labor unions, they’ll be destroyed in the 2020 elections.

      • They already lost a significant portion of the union membership. If they hadn’t Trump wouldn’t have won. In reality what has happened is as the party has shifted ever further left the Democrats abandoned the working man for a base of victimhood fostered on the identity politics of race, gender, sexual preference, nationality (illegal immigration), and abortion, all supported by academia. As much as I wish Trump had won strictly on his own merits and platform the reality is that the democrats have been self destructing for some time as demonstrated by their continued losses of elected positions in all levels of government over the last years. Now, instead of the introspection one would expect after such losses they are doubling down on their new tactics. Witness the real nuts that they give voice to for the DNC leadership and the demonstrations.
        The fact is this is quite different than what we have seen before and most of us regular joes find it despicable. And the press, still in the their bubble and blissfully ignorant or in denial of these fundamental changes, continues to believe that it’s going to be democrat support business as usual but they’re wrong and their ratings are showing it.
        Trump is a pin in the media inflated opinion of it’s self and it’s belief that somehow their 1st amendment right is superior to everyone else’s. It is way past time for them to be asked why they as nothing more than employees of large media corporations should feel their job performance is above question by elected representatives of the people. Exactly where do they think they got that legal or moral power to be above reproach and not be questioned from? Why they feel they are above having their character questioned?

    • TomRude February 17, 2017 at 2:41 pm
      “State Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons, of the District Court in Oklahoma County, said Thursday that Pruitt’s office must turn over thousands of emails related to communications with fossil fuel interests that are not exempt by Oklahoma records law.”
      Well that is not Pruitt’s problem any more, it is the problem for the person taking over.
      Pruitt’s replacement’s first day…..
      Yup now where are they, What they are on a computer? which one. How do you turn this blasted thing on?
      Help! NOW what are you tell me “aid”, to check Hillary’s Server….

    • And the AGs for climate kooks and paranoid witch hunts have refused to release their emails about conspiring to frame innocent companies for fun and profit..
      I hope Pruitt tells the judge to stick it.

  27. Politics in the US are on a wild ride. That’s a good thing. We have essentially gone from the most leftist administration in our history, spun the car 180, and are now heading straight the other direction. No wets running things. Very few compromises on principle. This is what the election was about. And it is being delivered for once. Enjoy the ride folks.

    • It might be better than that. The Republicans are one state legislature from being able to call a Constitutional Convention and controlling the agenda and outcome of the same. Now I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but is certainly is a reality that I don’t think anyone anticipated that might come to pass in our life times.

      • It would be a golden opportunity to correct one of our worst historical mistakes by repealing the 17th amendment. (The one that made Senators representatives-at-large.) Proper federalism and the rights of states would then have a solid foundation again. That it would also deliver a deathblow to the Marxist/Socialist/Progressive Democrats as a politically significant group is a side bonus.

      • It is NOT a Constitutional Convention. It is a Convention of the States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution, amendments that would have to go through the same approval method as amendments proposed by Congress, i.e., ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures.
        In addition, the states would have complete control of their delegates. They could tell them what they wanted done, and what they didn’t want, and could yank any delegate for non-compliance.
        This is the only way we’ll ever get term limits on Reps and Senators, which would let them focus more on problems than on re-election.

    • Leftist? ROFL. You have no idea what your talking about. As the western world careers deeper into industrial militarism with tweedledum and tweedledummer taking turns as sock puppets.

      • Hey Ol’Tony, go outside and blow off the stink. Methinks you’ve been stewing in your own little world a bit too long.

      • McClod love the taste of his sock, and is a nothing but a puppet.
        Who is pay you to be such a clod, McClod?

      • Tony,
        You also have the right to remain silent. It may improve your relationships with others…..
        Up column you offer this apparent contrition “At times I am probably guilty of the “sneer”, something we all need to monitor. “ and here you sneer of ‘tweedledum and tweedledummer’.
        Hoist by your own ‘petard’…. and insincerity acknowledged.

      • J Mac. Ok, you have a point although I did pen the Tweedledum bit two hours before my contrite admission.
        And btw, my “sneering” pales in the face of the barage of childish rubbish that is flung my way – merely because I disagree, usually politely.

      • Tony you might come across as less hormonal if you could accept that whilst you are entitled to your opinions, they don’t matter.

  28. An Oklahoma judge has ordered Scott Pruitt, the state’s attorney general, to release emails related to his dealings with energy companies.

    And I’ll raise you Michael Mann’s…and Hillary’s…and “Richard Windsor”s”…and…………..
    PS I know that the Climategate emails gave us access to a bunch of info those under a legal FOIA request where trying to …avoid… releasing. Was there ever a release by them under the original FOIA request?

    • Maybe Scott Pruitt approved the sale of 20% of the US’s petroleum reserves to Iran in exchange for a multi-million dollar donation to his favorite bank account….err, charity!
      Oh, wait–that was Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia.
      But not to worry–it isn’t like uranium is a strategic mineral or anything (although the Russians did end up selling it to Iran, but that’s merely a coincidence).

  29. Oklahoma is an energy producing state. It would be odd if the AG did not consult that industry on regulations including federal ones. As long as no quid pro quo no worry.

    • True.
      Most politicians, in general, are ex-lawyers. They don’t have expertise on the particulars of what is before them. They need the input of “experts”, lobbyist, on both sides to decide.
      Eliminate the bribes and then both views are presented to those who may have been ignorant of the details and ramifications otherwise.
      Eliminate all the political/ideological/party/$$$ bias?
      We live in a world that is a long way from being paradise.

    • Nonetheless, the far-left greens will find something, no matter how small, to attack Pruitt with. Then, their friends in the compliant media will hammer it hard, as if it was something significant.

  30. Waited 8 years for this. While civil service rules will prevent him from firing a lot of people, I predict the EPA staff will look very different in 4 years.

    • You don’t get rid of people by firing them. You get rid of them by ending their position. Make them redundant, offer them positions in other departments and agencies in other locations, and cut off all chances of advancement.
      Pruitt is responsible for requesting a budget from Congress. If he doesn’t get enough funding for the epa to maintain all their departments, then he must downsize or violate the law wrt his budget.

  31. Let’s just hope that skeptics come together and the technocrats get their minds around the idea that the Trump skepticism of calling AGW political BS is what reversed the dark ages we’ve lived through. 50 years of Greenshirt/leftist consolidation evolved to a single idiotic premise “climate change” are potentially going to unwind resembling Napoleon’s exit from Moscow.
    What can go wrong? Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Well there is the knee jerk lukewarm factions who can’t admit the leftist culture and actual history of the AGW policy cartel. They’ll want to babble for decades more of pointless spaghetti charts and billions more of make work funding after never producing a significant CO2 climate signal. More “could” and “may” articles then anyone will ever want to see are already in the pipeline from the cartel. The massive smear campaign of any skeptic, totally motivated by political ideology just about to hit overdrive. We should rally around terms like “uncertainty” or obfuscate the base globalist left agenda by calling it “madness” as if this is some recent phenomenon and is something other then what it actually is ??? A sure road to disaster.
    The key is to crush and destroy the entire radical social revolutionary agenda of climate and expose it while executing sound reversal of junk science climate policy. All the governmental, academic safe places and incubator sites defunded. Public education propaganda removed at once. The entire leadership faction fired and humiliated. The hate they’ve represented exposed just as the media left arm has been.
    If they’re allowed to fester, maintain skeleton structures they will only return even more totalitarian in design. The action policy plan;
    CO2 isn’t pollution, basic science restored.
    Paris withdrawn, all U.S. Funding for IPCC ends, disbandment and no U.S. participating. No global advocacy and the corruption of climate science acknowledged by the executive authority.
    All green crony subsidies based on climate fraud defunded.
    All federal funding, especially education funding for Climate propaganda ended.
    No federal funding of NPR/PBS, climate thugs among other vices.
    Yes, a good day. Progress but spineless backsliding of pandering skeptics is as real a threat as the fanatical left that is present everywhere. They will never change or moderate, they can only be defeated. Then as they path to power is hopelessly blocked the AGW movement will move into another new power agenda and AGW will go the way of past leftist hobby horse blather.

      • “tony mcleod February 17, 2017 at 6:43 pm
        Right, so the science is settled? Ever read Animal Farm?”
        It seems you haven’t. Animal Farm is about making all animals equal, except some animals are more equal than others and dissenters are “turned in to glue”. Sounds familiar? Socialism? UN Agenda 21/2030, maybe? Yes, please do read Animal Farm, it’s clear you need to if you want to refer to it.

      • The way you pounce on every one of my comments Andy, it’s like you’re…well…I don’t know what to think.

      • It was never “science” Tony that drove the climate cabal. The days of that fantasy are over.
        It was always elite political power crazed policy dressed as science with a conglomerate of special interests and ideology. From the scam green energy subside to the minions on campus wollowing about capitalism and their terrible employability prospects.

  32. I am starting to develop a visceral non-scientific reaction to the following:
    Journalists who discuss CO2’s “role” as a GHG without even mentioning the acknowledged “overwhelmingly large” ratio between the effect of water vapor and CO2. Even when they admit in passing that water vapor is the primary driver they will not say by how much, and you can put your thumb on the precise place that that actual number should be if the article was an honest one. It is usually missing. Monte Hieb does an excellent job not only in presenting the numbers but exposing the hair-splitting reality of excess CO2 fixation (in people).
    Those who fail to address CO2 lagging temperature in paleoclimate, not leading it, or fail to recognize what an extraordinary level of proof that would be required to establish simple and significant causation. Mentioning the “lag” elicits an “Oh, That…” response where language becomes vague and amplification/feedback is supposed to come into play… but only when people are watching and not during times of CO2 spike and declining temperature like Toba era volcanism.
    Shrill rants about the upward spike of manmade CO2 that are deeply silent on flat temperature.
    Hottest year claims by 0.01C “after” adjustments. Where is the outrage?
    Complete disregard for the CO2 level preference of plants, purported to be an integral part of the loving Gaia that environmentalists worship. You cannot hug sea level.
    TRAGIC RESULT: I just want to tell them to go fk themselves.

  33. Taking bets on when some attorneys go into Court and get a climate kook judge to shut down the reforms of the EPA.

    • Gosh Hunter, there’s a dark could in every silver lining for you. Of course those things will happen. The point is that the scam aspect of the climate movement is layed bare and if the science dandy wing of the skeptical community would just own up to their anti-political delusion of what actual has gone on for over 50 years this particular authoritarian curse could rest nicely in history.
      I’ll keep a broker thermometer next to my piece of the Berlin Wall in remembrance. I’ll think of the millions who died in carbon rationing and which side of the fight so many were on.
      I realize it’s far from over as well, the pathetic spinelessness and vanity of the science delusionalism of both alarmists and yes skeptics the main issue.

  34. Pruitt: “Regulators are supposed to make things regular, to fairly and equitably enforce the rules and not pick winners and losers,” OMG what a concept…returning to 1789 to define regulation, like to make regular…like to make it the same for everyone.

  35. How to handle current EPA leadership by Pruitt
    Step 1. Establish a “suspended from work room” be sure to make it fairly large, perhaps with movable partitions.
    Step 2. A. Call in who is expected to be the most recalcitrant senior staff guy,
    B. Give direction that within one day/week he will come up with a concept and timeline to rewrite an offensive rule and prepare it for publication in the Federal Register
    Step 3. Ask if he will comply, if yes go to step 5. If no go to step 4.
    Step 4. Immediately suspend him and put in room established in step 1.
    Step 5. Give continual cyclic review, analysis and direction
    Step 6. Rewash steps 2-5 with further guidance and response; response could necessitate return to step 4.
    Step 7. Call in the next recalicitrant one.
    Step 8. Wash “next recalicitrant one” through steps 2B through 6. Rewash.
    Ongoing reviews. A. Determine if any personnel in “Room” are no longer apparently recalicitrant
    B. Start “no longer recalicitrant” staffers along recovery path starting with step 2.
    C. Enlarge or reduce size of “suspended from work room”
    D. Block all personal IT. Monitor all government IT in accordance with current regulations and employee security/privacy releases.
    ”Tis hard to fire, ”tis easy to give them hell.

  36. Who was the tart that said she’d not have any “deniers” in her department ? … Go there Mr Pruitt and sack the lot !

  37. Mr. Pruitt is well aware of what a great pleasure it is to deal with the EPA management and their lobbyist bosses .
    Over the last 20 years an expanding triple layer of environmental regulation has occurred . FED , STATE and Municipal . Once a broad policy framework is in place State and Municipal governments can take it from there . There is no need for an armed EPA to duplicate work .
    The EPA has been hijacked by Democrat operatives and lobbyist’s which is clearly not the fault of most employees. AN EPA – Lite needs to get out of the Grant to pals business to be seen as neutral instead of
    doing what Democrat sugar daddies tell them to .
    CO2 is not a pollutant it is a highly desirable trace gas essential to life . The fact the EPA claims
    otherwise shows why it may not be possible to effect change in the EPA . They certainly could care less about the economy and the above video clip displaying their enforcement attitude about nailing people to the cross shows the kind of contempt that would destroy America .

  38. Oh, no…. According to Nancy Pelosi, soon, children won’t even know what unpolluted food, air and water look like…
    Pruitt needs to conduct a massive purge at the EPA or his tenure will be shorter than Flynn’s…
    Pruitt has 15,331 out of 15,336 EPA employees whose raison d’etre is now to utterly destroy him by any means necessary.

    • The press has plenty of negative statements about Scott Pruitt. I have never seen anything positive.

      That means he is the right man for this job. May he perform this task well.

    • Oh come on!
      Just go look at the legal battles he’s had with the EPA.
      Fox in charge of the hen house, sure enough.
      Follow the money!

      • Hey skanky, you nasty little slanderer, have you apologised to Dr. Crockford yet for lying about her professional qualifications to try to rubbish her reputation on the World’s most popular science blog?

  39. I don’t really know enough about Pruitt to have an opinion one way or the other. However regarding Chris’s comment on record high temperatures in Oklahoma for February, I can’t help but wonder if he would be making a song and dance if they were record cold temperatures. It is safe to assume that in that scenario we would be treated to the sound of silence or angry admonishment that “weather is not climate”.

  40. Mr. Pruitt is the most dangerous man in the USA right now . At least if you are part of the Triliion $$ global warming industrial complex . Mr. Pruitt should be accompanied by a tank or two because unfortunately
    the Democrat operatives have demonstrated they are prepared to hire mentally unstable people to do their bidding . Seriously please have adequate security because these loons are not going to be content with just paying protesters .

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