Al Gore Steps In, Hosts Cancelled CDC Climate Conference

Al Gore

Al gore By Crop by Gralo of original image by Brett Wilson (brettw AT gmail DOT com) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons. Modified, added the CDC Logo background.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Al Gore is hosting his own cut down version of a Centers for Disease Control Climate Conference which was cancelled in the wake of the Trump victory.

CDC’s canceled climate change conference is back on — thanks to Al Gore

It turns out there will be a conference in Atlanta next month about climate change and its effects on public health. It just won’t have the federal government behind it.

The reason? Former vice president Al Gore.

“He called me and we talked about it and we said, ‘There’s still a void and still a need.’ We said, ‘Let’s make this thing happen,’ ” said Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. “It was a no-brainer.”

News of a revived conference comes days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly canceled its long-planned Climate and Health Summit in the lead-up to the change in White House administrations. Benjamin called the move a “strategic retreat” given the climate skepticism of the incoming administration.

The cancellation got the attention of Gore, who organizers said hatched the idea to salvage some semblance of the gathering.

“Today we face a challenging political climate, but climate shouldn’t be a political issue,” Gore said in a statement Thursday. “Health professionals urgently need the very best science to protect the public, and climate science has increasingly critical implications for their day-to-day work.”

It’s not clear whether CDC employees who were scheduled to attend the agency-planned event will be allowed to attend its replacement at the Carter Center. A CDC spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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I wholeheartedly support Al Gore’s private intervention. People in the USA have a constitutionally guaranteed freedom to associate. What they do not have is a right to expect the federal government to fund their club meet ups.

126 thoughts on “Al Gore Steps In, Hosts Cancelled CDC Climate Conference

  1. ” … but climate shouldn’t be a political issue,” Gore said in a statement Thursday. ”
    Ironic coming from the likes of Gore, who more than anyone else is responsible for making climate science a political issue.

    • Lets see Mr Gore says “climate shouldn’t be a political issue” an AMAZING statement since Mr Gore has been working to MAKE Climate a political issue virtually all his time since losing the election to GW Bush . Do we have a new ‘alt fact’ here? And he has made a VERY large income trading carbon credits etc etc as a result.

      • Yes, that is an absolutely gob-smacking statement from Gore. But what he really means is that there should be no difference of opinion and everybody must fall in line and accept all the assertions and solutions of the climate alarmists.

      • I wonder just how many of these teeming Yahoos would still be so quick to travel and attend those feel-good-fests if the expenses weren’t tax deductible?

      • “Alt-fact?” Alt-UNIVERSE is more like it! (What if Gore threw a “climate” conference, and no one came?)

      • I definitely believe the CDC should “allow” its employees to attend the meetings — at their own expense and on personal vacation time. Then we’d see what the dedication really is.

      • “… the CDC should “allow” its employees to attend the meetings — at their own expense and on personal vacation time.”
        I totally agree. It is not up to the CDC or any employer to define what their employees do on their time off so long as it does not reflect badly on the organization. But, in several organizations I have been associated with it was also ‘implied’ that if it did (i.e.,reflect badly..) you might as well pack up your thing. You would soon be taking a rather protracted vacation.

    • co2isnotevil –
      Ironic and absurd. If one really believes, as Gore does, that human CO2 emissions are the cause of the changing climate, then one should realize that the solution would require world wide political efforts.

      • To the extent that the science says CO2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change it would definitely require a global political solution. However; it’s the science itself that has become polluted by politics and it was his movie that precipitated the replacement of the scientific method with conformance to a political narrative.
        One or more will take the fall for this foolishness. It would be satisfying to see Gore and his cohorts rocking orange jumpsuits with numbers on them. The money involved makes Bernie Madoff look like a petty thief.

      • “To the extent that the science says CO2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change it would definitely require a global political solution.”
        Not necessarily. Even if climate change from human activity were proven, it could be that the change is beneficial, or that the effects of such change are less harmful then the political solution. However, in reality, the motivation for pushing the notion of human-caused climate change, especially for Gore and like types, is to counter the growing realization that political “solutions” invariably create more problems than they solve.

      • co2: It would require two things, first as you say, it would require that the science demonstrate that CO2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change.
        It would secondly require a finding that this climate change is on the whole, a problem big enough to require a solution.

    • From what I’ve read of Gore’s books, I’d say he considers climate as half political and half religious. He sees climate in his own rose-colored eyes: again, half politics, half religion.

      • To me it seems obvious that Mr. Gore knows he’s conning people . . and so too with any who make claims like “the debate is over”. Some may truly believe, but I don’t believe one of them is that guy . .

      • Not a surprise. He was a divinity school dropout.
        Although his parents wanted him to go to law school, Gore first attended Vanderbilt University Divinity School (1971–72) on a Rockefeller Foundation scholarship for people planning secular careers. He later said he went there in order to explore “spiritual issues”,[23] and that “he had hoped to make sense of the social injustices that seemed to challenge his religious beliefs.”[39] – Wiki

    • When a Democrat says that X should be a government responsibility but should be “politicized” it just means they want people to shut up and do what they’re told. “Education/Healthcare/etc. shouldn’t be politicized.” “But you think the government should run it.” “Yes, but…it shouldn’t be an argument.” “Uh huh. I see.”

  2. Make sure not a penny of taxpayers money is used and I am OK with liberals spending there own money, to soak up the charming AL Goreathon and his data smudging round circle of tin eared leftist!

      • Liberals spending their OWN money? You win the Optimist of the Year Award —– or you forgot your sarc-tag. Still and all it is a beautiful dream and when you dream you should dream big.
        Wait!, ummmm, a poor, penniless billionaire from the hinterlands of New York City, a man with no political grace or expertise, just took The Oath of Office in DC so I suppose it IS possible after all. Still, a liberal with his (her/its) hands on his (her/its) own wallet is as rare as a penguin in the jaws of a polar bear.

      • Of course not: CO2 is simply their coin of the realm. In 50 years, after everybody’s had a chance to see long-term effects, they’ll have moved onto something else.

  3. “Today we face a challenging political climate, but climate shouldn’t be a political issue,” Gore said in a statement Thursday.
    Really, Al?
    I happen to agree with the statement, but that’s not the current reality. DTS

  4. I agree with Gore’s statement: “but climate shouldn’t be a political issue
    Stick with objective facts, and verifiable / disprovable models based on the Scientific Method as described by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman
    So why was he so instrumental in making it political???
    Why do we allow Gore et al. to advocate climate models that are projecting tropical tropospheric temperatures 300% of realilty since 1979-’81?

  5. “climate shouldn’t be a political issue,” Gore said in a statement Thursday” ]
    Only a corrupt politician could say that with a straight face!
    What is the United Nations anyway? The corner convenience store?
    Read about the other wing of Climate Change – The United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 program.
    Its actually incredibly insidious and far more dangerous than Climate Change alone.
    Check this publication which sounds so great unless you can read though the lines
    And then check this one ! and check Page 8. The red highlighting is mine.

  6. Got to spend his oil money on something besides mansions, SUVs, and jet-setting.
    I suggest some college-level science courses.

    • Gotta start with some very basic science classes first – Grade 5 sounds about right and I know, I know, I am being way too nice to this total waste of space.
      And given that if he did attend Grade 5, there is a high probability that he would be “edumacated” in the lies and nonsense that he initiated so very long ago.

  7. Oh yeah, there is so much to do. Like explain to people how AGW is supposed to cause the spread of malaria, a “tropical” disease which, a few hundred years ago, was endemic in the swamps of London, Paris, & Moscow – until they drained the swamps.

    • commiebob
      This may be the best forecast available for that region. Money-sucking vortices tend to drop the temperate in the footprint, as recently explained here on WUWT.

  8. Who is going to attend this unnecessary jolly?
    More importantly, who is going to pay for the attendee’s expenses?
    Will state/government employees be attending, and will this be on state/government time, and expense?

    • I certainly hope that any publicly employed individuals take leave and pay their own way – tax payers shouldn’t be expected to pay for this boondoggle.

      • Is CDC a government funded entity?
        If so, a memo could easily be put out by the new Boss, saying that anyone who wants to attends does so on their own dime and own time.
        Cannot claim a sickie, will not be given time off.
        Will have to use long service leave but must take 6 weeks or all they have stored up (whichever is lesser).
        One month notice must be given for long service leave.

  9. So there will be a late season ice storm if the Gore effect holds true. It is long past time for this bloviating rent seeking scammer to be moved off the stage.

  10. 200 attendees expected?!
    With Big Al paying for the free condoms, drinks, drugs, enema pumps and prostitutes (every flavor under the sun) and cash and door prizes better expect 13 million from as far north as Knoxville, Tennessee, as far west Birmingham, Alabama, as far east as Savannah, Georgia and as far south as Mobile, Alabama. Heck, Bahama Islands might just send its entire population too if they can get free air travel (boat is too slow)!
    Great way to draw down Big Al’s money pile!
    Ha ha

  11. Georges Benjamin “It was a no brainer”. Indeed! Sometimes clichés don’t work for you too well.

  12. It might be time to kickstart that video interview thing we have discussed Anthony.
    Opportunity knocks…….

  13. Probably this confab will feature papers written by CDC employees on AGW’s threat to public health.

    • I don’t think that it can, didn’t the Trump Administration put the kabosh on all official communications coming out of the various administrative components? And presenting a paper from someone whose bonafides are based on CDC employment comes under that heading.

  14. It’s more “global warming will gives us all malaria”. More likely it will be the banning of harmless DDT and the promoting of “wetlands” (swamps).

  15. Now for the big question.
    What’s the weather forecast for the time and place of the meeting?
    You can guarantee it will be cold with possible snow!
    James Bull

  16. The end is near, the rats are vacating, and the leader refuses to admit it and is going down with the ship…………

  17. Sure CDC, NIH, NOAA, NCDC and EPA employees will be allowed to attend the conference.
    On their time and dime.
    They must file “Annual Leave” request forms. There are limits on how many in a department can be on leave at one time.
    All costs, transportation, meals, hotel rooms, taxis, etc. must be borne by the employee.
    All of those government reservations at the Hyatt, Sheraton, Doubletree, etc. will likely be cancelled as Federal employees seek cheaper places to stay.
    Trump should also check with State Governors’ to ensure they know the Federal Government is not hosting and that it may be unwise for State employees to attend.
    One does wonder exactly what Gore plans to present for all of the cancelled Federal presentations?
    Turning the cancelled CDC conference into another of Gore’s marathon climate presentations would really go over big with normal CAGW climate believers; (if any can be called normal).
    I’ll bet the golf courses are packed those days.

  18. “I wholeheartedly support Al Gore’s private intervention. People in the USA have a constitutionally guaranteed freedom to associate.”
    Agreed. We should permit these guys freedom of association and freedom of speech in their own time and on their own tab without harassment and victimisation, even if they once harassed and victimised those who disagreed with them.

    • No conference is necessary. The IPCC claims a nominal sensitivity of 0.8C per W/m^2. For an 0.8C increase in temperature, surface emissions must increase by 4.3 W/m^2 while each of the 240 W/m^2 of accumulated forcing each contributed only 1.6 W/m^2 to the surface emissions. How can the next W/m^2 of forcing increase surface emissions by 4.3 W/m^2. while the last one only increased surface emissions by no more than 1.6 W/m^2?
      How do we know the upper limit for the sensitivity of the last one? It’s the T^4 relationship between temperature and emissions, where each degree of warmth takes exponentially more total forcing power to sustain, thus the incremental sensitivity must be less than the average sensitivity.

  19. So, in an effort to cut carbon emissions, shouldn’t this be a video conference instead of an actual meeting?
    Preferably where the whole world gets to watch via video link, and ask questions.

  20. These “conferences” are really just a few academic hot-heads – who clearly were not getting the support from serious academics they thought ought to exist. Trump was just the last straw and now Al Gore is desperately trying to prop up his climate money making scam.

  21. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of pocket change available on demand.
    Yes Al. Green is good. Very very good.

  22. same as many of you
    climate not political?
    a no brainer..
    oh indeedy on both
    and the CDC..pretty much on wobbly ground
    keeping shtum might be wise;-)

  23. Health professionals urgently need the very best science to protect the public, and climate science has increasingly critical implications for their day-to-day work

    And the very best science health workers need is not the sort that is pedaled by the likes of Mann et al. I would hate to think that my meds were the result of science done to the same quality as ‘climate science’.

    • The CDC health workers need to improve their science on communicable diseases – their core reason for being. Climate, gun control, etc. is NOT in their mandate.

  24. I wonder how much money Gore will make out of this gesture. He’s not known to have done anything in the climate hoax business without improving his bank balance.

  25. Any Public Employee going to the now privately funded conference should be required to take a vacation day to attend… and should not be allowed to represent the government at the conference… meaning there should not be any displays of government IDs, logos, office symbols, letterhead, presentation materials and other governmental property.
    I certainly hope the Trump administration sees to it that any government personnel attending adheres to the general policies of attending a political event as a private citizen versus a public employee.

  26. hocuspocus13 – ‘Will Al be jt-setting there..???’
    No – I’m sure he’ll be cycling all the way, silly….
    Otherwise he could be branded a HYPOCRITE….

  27. This is more fun than I expected. They are chasing rabbits in the wrong directions during the first 100 days. That includes the biased press.

  28. Al Gore stayed in divinity school just long enough to master the shamanistic practice of manipulating the ignorant with fear and guilt. May God have mercy on his soul.

  29. “……..CDC’s canceled climate change conference is back on — thanks to Al Gore
    It turns out there will be a conference in Atlanta next month about climate change and its effects on public health…….”
    Are they kidding me? Do Al & company realize what kind of swings in temperature we get here in Wisconsin each year with the change in seasons? And they’re worried about a few tenths of a degree change in — what—30 years and its affect on our health?
    I mean, we can go from a polar vortex with temps below zero (Fahrenheit) in January to heat waves in the 90’s six months later in July. And that kind of thing happens every year! Guess what? We are all still alive and kicking here in Badgerland (except that the Packers’ loss last Sunday still hurts. You HAD to mention Atlanta in the post, didn’t you?).
    These bimbos need to get a life. Or something.

  30. I looked at the WaPo link and whilst the article is pure propaganda , some of the comments appeared to verge on the sceptical which was surprising , but not displeasing .
    So there is just over 2 weeks to organise a major scientific conference . now how will that work out do you think?
    Lets consider the speaker schedule .
    Start and opening speeches : 9.30 – 10.00 am , say
    4 presentations, 30 mins each with Q/A: 10.00 – 12.00 am (no comfort /coffee break)
    Lunch and opportunity to mingle and look at
    student poster presentations : 12.00- 1.30 pm
    4 presentations : 1.30 – 3.30 pm
    comfort break/afternoon tea: 3.30 – 4.00pm
    Closing address and summary
    from conference chairman : 4- 4.30 or 5.00pm (allowing time to get to airports )
    Who will submit :
    No time for prepare new presentations on new data so it will be some of the originally scheduled authors
    or someone rehashing a presentation or paper previously presented at an earlier conference .
    Would have been better to wait a few months and give time for a properly organised conference if it is so important .

  31. Al Gore has run climate change as his version of The Clinton Foundation….and it has worked beautifully to enrich him. The Gore effect has worked its magic in business as well as climate. If Al Gore is involved in a business it promptly collapses while Gore walks away with his cut. Current TV, Fisker autos, Chicago carbon trading exchange, Kliner Perkins green energy investments, etc.
    All massive failures and all hyped by Gore as the rock solid future. We are lucky to have Al on the other side.

      • My friend Peter Bocking once said that if Al Gore’s hair were set on fire it would provide enough heat and light for a small English village.

  32. This looks like a big marketing ploy… I one had heard of the CDC’s conference; it was doomed to obscurity, but the cancellation due to the EVIL TRUMP, then the saving by Gore, now all the Trump haters are aware and supporting the event.

  33. Mr. Gore has the money to spend – acquired through some questionable means. That said, it is a common thread that many causes of the left, climate change foremost among them, survive only because government or special interest money goes to support them. Absent funding from Mr. Gore, Mr. Soros and the federal government, the climate change issue would barely reach the back pages of the newspaper.

  34. Just make sure no Federal employee attends in an official capacity or spends a dime of taxpayer money on attending.

  35. If they were really concerned about CO2 in the atmosphere and polutants derived from the burning of fossil fuels then they would hold their meeting over the Internet and not in Atlanta. The technology is already in place. There are many good reasons to be conserving on the use of fossil fuels but climate change is not one of them. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate but our supply of fossil fuels is finite and burning them up just as quickly as possible is not a good idea. The alarmist community needs to do a better job in conserving on the use of fossil fuels. On this web site people are meeting everyday and discussing climate change without burning up additional fossil fuels in unnessary travel. This site appears to be open to all, world wide, 24/7.

  36. “Today we face a challenging political climate, but climate shouldn’t be a political issue” That would be a lot more convincing if a politician wasn’t saying it.
    I can’t wait to see the next “has-been” who crawls out of the woodwork to try and grab fame by dissing Trump. So far, we have Jane Fonda, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. It’s just a “has-been” hit parade. The progressives really are the party of the ancients.

  37. OMG Gore is beyond creepy. His time never materialized no matter how many lies he told. Gore believes in only one thing–HIMSELF !

  38. I did not see the date when this private event was scheduled. This would be good to know for this of us here because it will likely turn cold and we should have a blizzard or another ice storm.

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