Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Catholic Online reports that new priests will be expected to be familiar with and promote efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

New priests to learn about global warming as part of formation

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) — The Catholic Church is intimately concerned about climate change. The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences is the world’s oldest, longest running scientific mission. That body, which advises the pope on matters of science, has concluded that global climate change is real and is caused, at least in significant part, by human activity.

This is important to the Church because creation care is part of our mission. We are called to be stewards of creation. It’s also important because climate change can exacerbate the ills of poverty. Poor people in much of the world are the most vulnerable to changes.

Unfortunately, the issue is politicized. In the late 1970s, when the issue threatened the financial interests of the fossil fuel industry, the political lobbies, chiefly in the United States, financed a massive political disinformation campaign to manufacture the illusion of dissent within the scientific community.

We know because this manipulation of public opinion has been caught and documented. The fossil fuel industry funds nearly all of the climate change skeptics, going so far as to commission questionable studies, to financing think tanks, and even paying individual bloggers. The deception continues today.

But what does this have to do with the Church?

The Church has a responsibility to care for people, and the environment. And care for one is also care for the other.

Now updated guidelines for the formation of clergy says new priests should understand this as well:

“Protecting the environment and caring for our common home — the Earth, belong fully to the Christian outlook on man and reality. Priests should be “promoters of an appropriate care for everything connected to the protection of creation.”

The new guidelines suggest that in the future, priests will also have a good grasp of the global climate change problem and will share this with their congregation.

Read more:

From the Vatican website;

The Gift of the Priestly Vocation

… For some time now, experts and researchers, active in different fields of study, have turned their attention to the emerging planetary crisis, which is reflected strongly in the current Magisterium regarding the ‘ecological question’. Protecting the environment and caring for our common home – the Earth – belong fully to the Christian outlook on man and reality. They constitute in some way the basis for a sound ecology of human relations. Hence they demand, today above all, a “profound interior conversion. It must be said that some committed and prayerful Christians, with the excuse of realism and pragmatism, tend to ridicule expressions of concern for the environment. Others are passive; they choose not to change their habits and thus become inconsistent. So what they all need is an ‘ecological conversion’, whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evidence in their relationship with the world around them. Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience. Therefore it will be necessary for future priests to be highly sensitive to this theme and, through the requisite Magisterial and theological guidance, helped to “acknowledge the appeal, immensity and urgency of the challenge we face”. This must then be applied to their future priestly ministry, making them promoters of an appropriate care for everything connected to the protection of creation. …


Whats next? Excommunication of scientists whose theories aren’t approved by the Pope?

Update (EW) – Added a quote from “The Gift of the Priestly Vocation” from the Vatican website.


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Jimmy Haigh

Everything else they preach is utter bollocks so why not?


Don’t be one of those people. Despite the recent leftward tilt in the papacy, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of charity throughout the world for centuries. Unfortunately, as it is a body run by humans, it has had its share of mis-steps over time (including the topic covered in this article). But the message of salvation, love, and charity will endure forever. And you can live with that.


“Forefront of charity throughout the world for centuries.”
Yeah right, tell it to the poor souls who were murdered because they wouldn’t convert. That’s really charitable. Or those who are starving while the inside of the church glitters in gold. Yeah, right, that’s charitable too. And it still goes on. If you are Catholic and speak out against what the church is doing you get threatened to be excommunicated. Then there are the pedophiles in the church who are protected by church authorities, that’s charitable too. The other word for charity? Why it’s love. It seems the leadership today is becoming more aligned with Earth Worship rather than spreading Christ’s gospel message.
But none of this should surprise anyone. Anyone that reads and studies the scriptures in the Bible. No, what the Catholic Church is up to has long been foretold in scripture. You may try to read it and study it for yourself instead of having some man in the hire of the Catholic Church, or any church for that matter, tell you what the scriptures, also known as the Word of God, are telling you.
Yes, the message of salvation, love and charity will endure forever but you aren’t getting that message by listening to the leadership of the Catholic Church.
Don ‘t feel bad, many Protestant churches are guilty of doing the same thing. Funny, they all say emphatically that they are not Catholic but many of them follow many of the Catholic traditions that are against God and not in alignment with him.
Ok I’ve said my piece, let the social denigration begin.


Did you know your popey turned in two of his own, who were fighting for farmers right…they were tortured and held in jail for a long time without charge. Your popey is just another pedophile protector. Another globalist stooge…

“…the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of charity throughout the world for centuries.”
And they also have a fifteen-century history of theft, rape, torture and murder.
“… it has had its share of mis-steps over time”
I wouldn’t consider the destruction of Alexander’s Library by Justinian because he believed no knowledge or ethics existed before his beloved Jewish carpenter; the invention of the rack, the strappado, the Judas Pear, the widespread ignorance and prejudice for over a thousand years, including the burning of heretics a “misstep” per se. That’s like saying The Black Plague was a case of the sniffles.


Freemasons give more to charity pro rata per head of membership than does the RC church.

Catholic Church has been at the forefront of charity throughout the world for centuries.
bs. the church is one of the richest institutions on earth. they take money from the poorest of the poor, under threat of you “burning in hell” if you don’t pay up. it is legalized extortion of the worst kind.

Ricky Refreakin Cardo

This whackjob pope is a BIG “mis-step”.


It is estimated (conservatively) that the Catholic Church killed half the population of Europe during Reformation alone. So much for the Catholic’s love and charity. They made Hitler look like a bump in the road.

Agreed but this pope has swung to far to the left and he is taking the whole church with him. Of course that is who he has always been and the folks that elected him to the position knew it.


As a Catholic, I am only concerned about spiritual matters with regards to Catholicism specifically. The Pope is neither a scientist nor a politician. Papal infallibility may have worked at one time, but I, like practically every other practitioner of all other religions, pick and choose what I like and dislike about Catholicism. I will not accept the Pope’s stance on climate change described in this article, nor refugees for that matter.


A lot of the bad stuff done in the name of Christianity was not actually done by the Church. It was done by the nobility and those that served them. In the case of some of the nastier crusades; it was done by the public itself… The power structure in Europe wasn’t how many Americans imagine it. The Church did not control the nobility and was often there trying to soften it and shame them into being more humanitarian… even with non Christians and people who strayed from the church. The whole conversion thing, in Europe at least, was due to a historical oddity. People who left the Catholic church often joined politically rebellious proto socialist movements that advocated overthrowing the nobility. Ergo the nobility say them as a threat and tried to execute them… The church would roll in and try to save them by asking them to rejoin the church to show they were not political rebels / threats to the nobility. They didn’t ask the nobility to go on the attack and generally were just trying to save people from being murdered by asking them to rejoin… this got spun into the church causing the problem (see what most people think of ‘the inquisition’).

“Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming”
Don’t you see history repeating itself: such an idiotic unscientific preaching from the Vatican occurred in the 17th Century when the Inquisition hauled up Galileo simply because he had the audacity to provide hard, scientific evidence contrary to the Church’s teachings. He demonstrated that the Earth travels in orbit around the Sun, and not vice versa as proclaimed in Holy Scripture.
When will the Green’s ever learn that true science does not mix well with unfounded medieval faith.
Volunteers please! Who’s first to go for a long stretch – literally, with the Inquisition to disprove the Green’s faith?


@perry, throughout the world, the Catholic Church is the greatest provider of social services. When the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Samaritan’s purse are going to countries in which there has been a natural disaster, unless Christianity is illegal (such as in some Muslim countries) the Church is already there and has been helping people on a day-to-day basis.
Religious orders have been founded specifically to help the poor by educating people, training them in trades, opening hospitals, helping all. This goes back 2000 yrs.
@Freeland_Dave, I can never understand why protestants complain about the Catholic Church, yet ignore that it was the Church that codified the Bible that Martin Luther truncated.

Thank you,renbutler. There are those who will always find fault but mostly because they are unread or choose to be ignorant of the truth. The Catholic is the only Christian church whose founder was Jesus Himself. All others can name their human founders. Jesus fore told of persecution and failings BUT He also promised to be with us until the end of time. From the moment of conception we became eternal children of God. We came from His heart and long to be reunited with Him after our earthly body gives out.
We are not required to believe or follow any human who tells not tell the truth or distorts God’s law or love.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all God’s children even those who don’t believe We are all loved by God.
Sister Marie

Joe Nesmisth

“… the message of salvation, love, and charity will endure forever”, regardless of your religious/faith affiliation. This is yet another example of the Pope/Catholic church putting its nose where it does not belong.

george e. smith

They do need to learn that the universe does NOT revolve around Rome. They also need to recognize that they are responsible primarily for much of the overpopulation in may Latin American Countries.
But when your power depends on dutiful paying slaves, you want all the people you can breed.

I’d like to point out that everybody on this thread is being exercised by a “fake news” story. The actual finding about paying attention to man’s impact on creation is NOT an endorsement of the editorially inserted bull about fossil fuels and oil companies paying for a false narrative. That crap was never even a part of the Catholic Findings but the “spin” put in there by some environmentalists extremist

well said, renbutler


Blame the messagers, not the message?

Lawrence E Fogarty

Christianity was co-opted by the Roman Catholic Church and their week Protestant counterparts the Protestants It amazing that people believe there was only 4 Gospels. The central point of the RCC under Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons was that they kept out any Gospel that went counter to their scam, especially the fact that you DON”T need a middlemen for you relationship with the Supreme Being. ( Gospels left out Gospels of Judas, Mary Phillip etc)
For those who want to know the WHOLE story read the Gnostic Gospel’s by Elaine Pagels, Professor of religion at Princeton and many more.
The RCC hierarchy with their costumes (they look like they should be on a floatt during Mardi Gras) bling, jewelry, rapmant pedpphile, and hoscus poscis BS is believed by so many it is scary.


No one knows what the Roman Catholic Church spends on charity or anything else, however charity might be defined. Its budget isn’t public.
Catholic Charities, USA, does however rate four stars from Charity Navigator:
Better than the Clinton Family Crime Foundation, obviously.
But then there were those indulgences that launched Martin Luther’s revolt. The Papacy needed to sell those in Germany to finance its wars in Italy.
And the Church was at war with itself over the enslavement and slaughter of American Indians.


has been at the forefront of charity
Exactly, and what he’s doing is just more of the same. Getting money from the first world to funnel to the third world….he’s just discovered using this scam to do it
People have got to stop falling for this…and thinking he’s stupid..
Thinking these people are stupid is what’s going to cause us to lose. He’s not stupid…he’s manipulating
The church is losing members in countries that pay..
..and gaining members in countries that get paid
He’s not going to gain any members by saying don’t pay….and he’s buying third world members by telling them the church will get them something.


December 10, 2016 at 9:56 am
Luther didn’t expunge enough canonical books from the NT. About half of the Pauline Epistles are fakes (” pseudepigraphical”), forged long after Paul’s death in order to reinforce Church doctrine contrary to Early Christian practice and belief, once it became organized hierarchically and its adherents no longer expected a prompt return of Christ. Authorship of other NT books are similarly questionable, at best. The Church had mutated from persecuted minority to official state religion of the Roman Empire when it finally decided which books to include in the canon.
The Old Testament OTOH has been expurgated by both Jewish and Christian compilers. The second most popular book, Enoch, with Jesus’ sect the Essenes, as shown by the Dead Sea Scrolls, was not included in the Masoretic Text (AD 7th to 10th centuries).
Enoch fell out of favor with compilers of the MT because it showed Enoch “taken” by God in a manner akin to Jesus’ Ascension. Genesis 5:24 says, “And Enoch walked with God, and he was no longer, for God had taken him”.
It also describes in detail biblical cosmology, which was embarrassing even in the state of scientific knowledge in the 7th century. Yet it’s still canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Catholic and some other Orthodox Churches.


December 10, 2016 at 9:32 am
You appear to be unfamiliar with European history.
The Church condoned the mass murderous crusades of Charlemagne against the pagan Saxons and later of the Teutonic Knights against the pagan Prussians and Lithuanians, to name but a few instances of the religion spread by fire, sword and ax, in the case of the Saxons’ sacred groves.
Some historians have seen the Viking raids and invasions as retribution against the Christians who slaughtered their “southern” (ie, German) Nordic pagan coreligionists.
Henry V’s dad Henry IV, before usurping the English throne from his cousin Richard II, participated in the crusade against the Lithuanians twice in the early 1390s, then went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Unfortunately the organization has taken a hard left turn with the little bouncer from Buenos Aires. It’s merely a propaganda organ now. Still waiting for the main man to tear down those “hateful walls” around the Vatican City.


Amen, ren.

Mr. Lucky

Catholic charities are getting rich by bringing in the moslem invaders, and pretending they are refugees. You need to wake up to what is going on.


Many here appear the same to me as the SJWs probably appear to those same many people. Just believing what they were indoctrinated to believe by the very same “elites”.

The Clintons gave some of their Clinton Foundation money to charity — maybe 5% to 10% — so they must be wonderful people?
If Catholics are turning into socialists, then they oppose the faster rate of economic growth from free markets (vs. socialism) that has lifted more people out of poverty than any religion.
If you are pro-socialism, then you are anti-prosperity = anti-poor people.
The church has amassed a huge amount of wealth for itself that benefits no one but the clergy.
That’s true of many religions.

Lorenzo Shalimar Drakeford

Yes. I’m sure the moslem Trojan Horse refugees really appreciate the weakminded Catholics that want to help them. The issue of homosexual degenerate priests was bad enough. But to be so gullible and ignorant of life as to help people who want to kill us is unforgivable. Lebanon was a Christian country until they started helping devil spawn moslems. If thst is allowed to happen here what is “mother” Church going to do? Pray the Rosary? Prayers don’t stop killers. Grow up people.

Drew Velasquez

This Marxist pope must be trying to spur a mass exodus from the church…


“The Catholic is the only Christian church whose founder was Jesus Himself…”
Or, you’ve been misled. I see nothing in the Book that comes even close to establishing any man as the head of the body of Christ, but Jesus Himself.
I say, it makes no sense at all to believe that God made the world, to be inhabited by us, and included vast amounts of extremely handy fuels all over the joint, if making use of that fuel would be catastrophic for His Creations . . I say the ApOPE IS A FAKER

The Popes used to be a spiritual leader in recent years now this Pope is a political leader it scares me! Asked yourselves this has there been higher levels of CO2 in the past? Without the factories belching smoke and SUVs being driven all over! Further knowledge about climate gate! It’s so sad the world deception

Laura Edwards

Guess you weren’t mistreated by sexually repressed evil Irish nuns in the 1960’s. Bully for you.


December 10, 2016 at 10:37 am
Sorry, but the Greek and Syriac Orthodox churches, at least, are older than the Roman Catholic Church. The Eastern churches descend from the Jewish Christians headed by Jesus’ brother James.

Emanuelle Goldstein

Recent leftward tilt? How would you explain that old ex-Jesuit fossil Jerry Brown?



You obviously don’t have much knowledge about “The Black Jesuits” Te poopy pope is one of them.


Message of salvation? You mean the message that the sacrifice of the cross is not enough ,so one must earn his way into heaven by good works? No, I cannot live with that.

Just as I was thinking of returning and becoming a practicing Catholic, this! I have a long list of grievances and your response smacks of what I heard from the Archbishop of Denver while he was defending the pedophiliac priests in the 1990s. On top of that, corruption has been a theme within the Church for centuries. No thank, you, I have had it – the Roman Catholic Church is the poster child for hypocrisy.

Doug Clinton

if you call buggering little boys charity then the catholics are A1, top of the heap when it comes to charity


Catholic Charities uses tax payer BILLIONS for its “good works” by nurturing and rewarding illegal aliens to flood the US. Then they “help the poor” by helping them to gain access to Medicaid, food stamps and endless subsidies. The recent years of the Catholic leadership, including the US council of Catholic Bishops has driven away thousands of cradle Catholics who know right from wrong. Apparently, the Church leadership forgot two Commandments…”thou shalt not steal” and “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”. Very disappointing to see what they are now prioritizing as teachings.

… well said.

The Pope’s position on global warming is Masonic and the rallying cry for Masonc one world government. The Pope is a fraud and an imposter. His earth worship belief is idolatry. God is the guardian of earth. The planet belongs to the Almighty. God looks after his creation. God takes care of it. This is what parish priests should be preaching.

amitore locato

The message is more political than spiritual.Jesus came to save sinners, not to proclaim social justice.The message was to save people, not the earth and he said:Heaven and earth will pass but,my words never will pass.The catholic church are wolves, disguised as sheep.


Well said!
I am all for caring for our environment and take steps to do so, but I still can not get behind that “Climate Change” is something we have control over or that it is true the science definitely shows a human-induced warming.


In spirit I agree with you but the truth and facts are out there. The Catholic Church has been taken over by Jesuit Luciferins.m I’ve been Catholic most of my life but had to leaved use to the false doctrine being taught. Love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Be the Love of Christ. Stop supporting the Catholic Church, it is being used as an instrument for Satan, just as the bible predicted.


Dear Ren, never mind the insults being hurled at you, remember they hurled insults and accusations at our Lord as well. I completely agree with you. Although I do believe the highest levels of the church today have been hi jacked by the Luciferians, to fulfill end time prophecy, it has been salt and light to billions through the centuries. Denouncing birth control, which is man’s chemical rebellion against God, abortion, the sanctity of marriage, the 10 commandments…all uplifted by the church. The accusers who are so quick to judge others, must one day answer for their own great sins and all truth shall be revealed before His throne. In the meantime, may you be comforted by His presence and speak boldly of your faith.

Mark Porter

Salvation through works is about the biggest heresy there is. Ask a Catholic how they get to heaven. You’ll get a short list that usually includes tithing, church attendance, being a good person, and hopefully they’ll include the blood of Jesus. Ask them if it’s a 50/50, 70/30, or an 80/20 deal. Then point out that they should remember when they see Jesus to tell Him “Thanks they couldn’t have done it without Him”. Ah, the works of almighty man as they earn their way into heaven.


” Don’t you see history repeating itself: such an idiotic unscientific preaching from the Vatican occurred in the 17th Century when the Inquisition hauled up Galileo simply because he had the audacity to provide hard, scientific evidence contrary to the Church’s teachings. ”
Galileo DIDN’T provide hard evidence of heliocentrisim. That is part of what got him in trouble.
In his day there were two SCIENTIFIC objections that were fatal to heliocentrisim.
1. If the earth is moving, why don’t we feel it moving?
Newtonian physics, which answered that objection, wouldn’t be around for another 50 years. There was no satisfactory answer in Galileo’s day.
2. If the Earth moves around the sun, we should observe stellar parallax. How do you account for the lack of this observed stellar parallax?
Stellar parallax wasn’t successfully observed until the 19th century. Nobody then had any reason to believe the universe was as big as we now know it to be.
Galileo could answer neither of these objections. Objections raised by his fellow scientists.
Want to know what Galileo thought was his BEST evidence? The tides, because the earth going around the sun caused all the water in the oceans to slosh around. (Yes, really.)
The church was open to the possibility of heliocentrisim, but it demanded that it be shown to be more likely to be true than geocentrisim. Galileo could never do that.
It was only when he started demanding people accept it as true, without proof, and publicizing theological reinterpretations, that he was completely unqualified to do, that he was hauled before the inquisition. Afterwards, he was allowed to retire to a 2100 square foot villa home with a servant provided, such savagery on the part of the church. *rolleyes*


Freeland_Dave, why don’t you learn a little real history and put everything into perspective.
Yes, the Church has done evil things, but so has every type of organization.
Double standards just show how immature you are.

You’re are a idiot Jimmy. Many of us Catholics see this as not telling the truth.

Yes, and there is an outbreak of heresy in Canada, at the CBC of all places. The comedians are making fun of political climate activism.
Canada announces new climate change goal: increase meetings by 88%. Complete with video.

It may surprise people to know that in the spirit or unseen realm the spirit behind the pope, Hillary, Obama and all the immoral lot are the SAME It is the spirit that comes to kill, steal and destroy – The Words of Yahshua (Jesus) in John 10:10.

Pat Embrescia

The church is not the place to talk about global warming……which is a lie perpetrated by the left. Shame on Pope Frances for this imposition on our sacred space of church with this bilge.

Curious George

The Church can legitimately use a consensus. Unfortunately, they keep conflating it with science.

How a community can support the global warming mantra knowing that it is caused by human consumption of God provided natural resources, but be against birth control that reduces a rapidly growing World population that uses these resources that benefit mankind is beyond me.

Michael 2

Jimmy Haigh writes: “Everything else they preach is utter bollocks so why not?”
I happen to admire some of those bollocks such as “thou shalt not kill”, not steal, tell falsehoods, stuff like that. Being courteous and kind to neighbors. I’m a bit worried that someone with your negative attitude might be my neighbor.

what happened to “turn the other cheek”?

Brilliant response to Jimmy Haigh’s hateful remarks.

Janice Moore

What happened (in the ferd’s revised version of the B 1 b l e) to: “Answer a fool … lest he or she be wise in her or his own eyes.” (Proverbs 26:4)?
And where in the FRV are all the passages where Jesus sternly rebukes the Pharisees and hypocrites?
In your inapt citing of Scr1p ture you are to be pitied and you have proven nothing. Remember, “even the devil can cite Scr1p ture for his purpose. … (William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice — based on the devil’s mis-use of Scr1 pture in trying to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, Matthew 4:6 — Jesus soundly refuted him by accurately citing Scr1pture back at him)
And re: all the illogical arguments above against Roman Catholic charity over the years —
That a given charitable organization also has corruption within its ranks and misdeeds done by some of its members is NOT A LOGICAL REASON to assert that the organization overall has done more harm than good.
The charity done by the Catholic Church (and I am not a Catholic) is so well known and universal that it requires no defense. It is common knowledge.
In your blind hatred of God, you write ridiculously.


it is called truth, you may not like it, but he told the honest truth! something the RC church hasn’t done in centuries! peter the roman is your last pope, and after seeing what direction he is taking the church , it is easy to see why!


Fine, go with Spinoza’s Ethics then.


Then the Church should have followed the Ten Commandments and other laudable biblical admonitions instead of killing, stealing and lying.

Gunga Din

ferdberple December 10, 2016 at 8:35 am
what happened to “turn the other cheek”?

Well, to “smite one on the cheek”, in that culture, was not a left hook. It was a way to insult someone. Like slapping someone in the face with a glove was a challenge to a duel a hundred or so years ago.
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” … unless you respond in kind.

If they can preach immaculate conception with a straight face, why not global wrming? Let’s see, is his the same type Vatican Academy of Science that condemned Galileo for claiming the Earth was round? Let us be clear, millions will die of starvation if we don’t understand and mediate the global cooling about to extend for decades due to the expected solar minimum that will bring lower temperatures reducing crop yields for decades. A review of current solar science will reveal the validity of this fact. British and U.S. Goddard Climade Institutes are a sham of misinformation and cherry picked statistics while NASA satellite globl temperature data shows no warming and slight cooling. This science is NOT settled and further honest research is needed, not mindless adherence to the religion of Global Warming. Remember, first they warned us of global cooling, then warming, now they just call it change, so obviously this is NOT settled science.

Michael 2

John Sheridan writes “is this the same type Vatican Academy of Science that condemned Galileo for claiming the Earth was round?”
If so they are remarkably long-lived. However it appears your red herring isn’t correctly formed. The dispute wasn’t apparently the roundness of Earth:
In or about the year 1615: “Pope Paul V instructed Cardinal Bellarmine to deliver this finding to Galileo, and to order him to abandon the opinion that heliocentrism was physically true. On 26 February, Galileo was called to Bellarmine’s residence and ordered: … to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.”


Yet again I’d like to point out that the Church knew the earth is spherical. What got GG slapped in stir was claiming that the earth moves, not that it’s round.
The Church at that time overlooked the flat earth passages in the Bible, but made doctrine of those in which the sun moves around the earth (actually over it in the Bible), while earth remains immobile, and at the center of the universe.


I sure hope no one reading this stuff believes Chimp is as all-knowing as he apparently does . . He’s an SJW from an earlier batch, I am quite sure.


You can check any weather site for the time the sun rose today . . but most mature people realize that’s not an indication that the people running the site believe “the sun moves around the earth” . . and I never hear ANYONE say the world rotated me into the darkness . . But hey, if your programmed mission is to hack away at some aspect of the West, and you can’t face the possibility that you’ve been programmed, hack away you will, I guess.


“I happen to admire some of those bollocks such as ‘thou shalt not kill’, not steal, tell falsehoods, stuff like that. Being courteous and kind to neighbors.”
One may admire and believe any or all of these things without being Catholic. Believing and living all of them does not make one Catholic. As for what one must believe in order to be Catholic, utter bollocks, IMO, is putting it mildly.

David Stanley

For over 2000 years this organization of greed, bigotry, murder and hatred, dedicated to death, has controlled minds and bodies. This Global Warming Hoax is just the latest scam they are pulling and stupid Christians flock to hear and embrace the message. The Death Cult. AINT IT GREAT?

It reads like hyperbole but it is actually true. Paul contradicted himself about his appointment as an apostle (Acts 9, 22, 26) and blood sacrifice was deprecated by the prophets (Psalm 40:6, Jeremiah 7:11)

Here is a simple thought. The Church did not start the global warming story, but this one pope has recently joined the debate on the side of the warmists. One of his top cardinals has a 180 degree take on the AGW story. Yet you would cast blame on all and any who follow Catholicism. That is your biased outlook, but to each their own at the end of the day.

David 1st of all you have to be in total idiot to exclaim all Christians! I am a Christian I and I don’t believe in the global warming hoax,. God is very real! The laity of the Catholic Church has always been fine coming from a Protestant background. So sad your ignorance I’m going to pray for you


Please think for a moment, David, about why the US never fell for the CAGW. Why did all the Europeans fall hook line and sinker for it, so to speak, please wonder. And who do you think voted for our next President? It must have been Christians, don’t you figure?

John Waters (@Guidofacciano)

I’m in my seventies and graduated from a Catholic college. Since about 1965, I’ve only heard about five or six “homilies”. formerly known as “sermons” from priests at Mass mention the following reality, extremely prominent when I was a kid……….HELL! Priests rarely mention HELL any more. Global warming? (NO. it’s now conveniently named “climate change” by the Left, since the globe hasn’t warmed in about twenty years, and the climate changes in every atom on earth every second and cannot be logically argued against). It was warmer during Roman times than it is now-in Rome! The tundra reached France in the middle ages. The Delaware was frozen when Washington crossed it. Like Jesus, he could’ve walked across to Newtown, PA. Hey Pope…RESIGN….Priests…Tel;l us about Hell. Are you afraid to talk about Jesus’ commands to avoid going there?


Where was the Catholic Church during the holocaust — 6 million Jews plus others murdered in Hitler’s ovens? Did the church not know? Did the church not see? Did the church not care?


The Catholic Church has been taken over by the modernists, which in 1907 St Pius X warned about in his
encyclical PASCENDI. These intruders have attempted to promulgate, in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, abominable novelties in every aspect of her life, in the areas of doctrine, morals, liturgy, canon law, pastoral practices, seminary education and religious life. For example, would Pope Pius XII change the eighth commandment allowing divorced and remarried to receive holy communion or would St Pius X go and celebrate the heritic Luther’s anniversary. No way!
The new church don’t preach about Hell, because in their world nobody goes there. Few go to confession, but everyone goes to Communion. The Norvos Ordo Mass is just a Protestant service.
NovusOrdoWatch gives true information on the state of the church since Vatican II and Traditional Catholic Sermons have traditional sermons the way it once was.
There are Catholics who are presently adhering to tradition, bishops, priests, and laity alike,
However, Rome has lost the faith, leading most of the Catholic world to hell.

bob marks

Oh Jimmy – I see that your are student of Canon Law. – Not!

Aqu morales

Isn’t this the same bunch that preached that the world was flat??

John Ribbentrop

No, it was geocentrism.


Christian intellectuals were the first people to realize the geocentrism is wrong . . That’s who invented what we call science, O masters of all you imagine ; )


Copernicus relied on pagan Greek scientists who centuries earlier had hypothesized a heliocentric system. They too were opposed by pagan orthodoxy as impious for not placing earth at the center of everything.
Copernicus had access to pagan texts because of the Ottoman capture of Constantinople in 1453, which caused many Byzantine scholars to flee to Western Europe, with rare manuscripts. Copernicus studied Greek as well as Latin.
Nor was the scientific revolution limited to Catholic scientists, like Copernicus, Vesalius and Galileo. Kepler was a Protestant, as was the student who persuaded Copernicus finally to publish his hypothesis, and the printer of his book. Hans Lipper(s)hey, most often credited with inventing the telescope in 1608, was also Protestant. In 1609, Galileo heard of the Netherlandish device and made one of his own. Englishman Thomas Harriot observed the moon through a telescope earlier in the year (August) than did GG (December).

That is well-summarized by Chimp.
Copernicus’ system still modeled the heavenly bodies as moving in circular orbits. That is why there were still complications with the heliocentric theory. It was not long after wards that others were able to work with the observations and propose eliptical orbits around a central sun.
I would submit to you that Copernicus was not able to overcome his Greek training as much as was required. Aristotle taught the doctrine of the perfection of the heavens, which would require perfectly circular movements — and incidentally, this doctrine of Aristotle’s also ruled out that there could be sunspots and rough valleys on the moon!


“Copernicus relied on pagan Greek scientists . . yada yada yada”
I meant what we now call science (like I said). From the Wiki;
Science in a broad sense existed before the modern era and in many historical civilizations.[nb 4] Modern science is distinct in its approach and successful in its results, so it now defines what science is in the strictest sense of the term.[15]
To you (an SJW of sorts as I see it), it’s ever so important apparently that the Christian intellectuals who initiated what we now call science, were influenced by these or those persons of other cultures/belief systems or whatever, but to me it’s just the way intelligent/open-minded people operate . . I was responding to what some had said about “the same bunch”, and I figured they prolly were never taught what that “bunch” were up to . .

Everything else they preach is utter bollocks
Eleventh Commandment – Thou shalt not emit CO2

Edith Laidley

11th Commandment–You do, too, know what I mean!

Ed Lambert

Jimmy, we cannot claim Church teaching to be “bollocks” simply because it begins with the concept of belief, as all religion does. It isn’t subject to scientific judgment, not the theological and moral positions. They never will be. Science and theology do not operate on the same plain.
Where the Vatican is bollocks is its taking “consensus” in the science community as fact. The “consensus” scientists violate their own scientific principles. They do this because they have placed their own emotion-based “feelings” above all else in grounding their judgments.
This does not mean we should ignore efforts to clean the environment, conserve our natural resources, and find alternative sources of energy. Placing blame on the human population for climate change is rash. Certainly we cannot explain the ice ages of the past as being human-caused, nor the warming that once enabled England and Scotland to produce grapes and wine and export these–almost a thousand years ago.

Mike Graebner

Not true. The scientists at Reasons to Believe ( have developed a Testable Model for Creation
“More than a Theory” by Dr. Hugh Ross.


His model, if it warrant that term, is easily shown false:
Besides being absurd on its face. There is no more reason to imagine that modern humans were specially created 50,000 years ago than 6000.

Michael 2

Chimp wrote “There is no more reason to imagine that modern humans were specially created 50,000 years ago than 6000.”
Agreed. I doubt that it matters. More important to me is when *I* was specially created. ’bout time to renew that driver’s license.


Actually you would think that after the Catholic Church embraced the evils of Marxism in south America they would think twice about climate Marxism.


Since it took American trained and supported murder/torture squads to protect the dictators by dealing with priests (and those pesky peasants) we may need the same again.


The Church never embraced Marx… you fool. Read some history idiot.


It was persecuted Catholic peasants and Mosquito Indians who revolted against the Russian-backed Communist Sandinistas and their Marxist priest fellow travelers and enablers. The then Pope told them to quit being secular mass murderers, but they didn’t obey him.


There has been bad Popes before, but God has always pulled the Church through. It is just a test for us all to stay faithful to God’s teachings.

Is your doctrine based on faith or on facts and reason?
No blood sacrifice: Psalm 40:6, Jeremiah 7:11. Paul’s contradiction: Acts 9, 22, 26.
According to St Malachy time is about up for the Church.


It’s based on all three.

claire kukielka



Yes his Papacy is a test, I believe Pope Francis, a typical Liberal Jesuit, (who was Un-cannonically elected on the 13th day, not the minimum 15 days – per StJPII) is a test of our faith and our orthodoxy – How well do we follow Jesus? The wheat and the chaff must be separated so that the chaff can be tossed into the unquenchable fire. This is the very reason for the extreme polarization we currently see on every subject in the world. But . . . Francis is not Petrus Romanus, Re-read the prophecy UglyTruth: the final entry is really of two popes. Petrus Romanus, the last Pope, is a good pope who FEEDS his sheep, not one who tries to divide and scatter them. The final pope with come after the three beasts of Daniel 7 (1.Lioness, 3.Leopard and 2.Bear) are destroyed (also known as the 2 Whore’s of Mystery Babylon 3_ _ _ + 1_ _ who are defeated by the Scarlet Beast 2 _ _) and the final pope will come from the East; _ _ _ _ _ _ _ – per Fatima, he will have one foot in the Orthodox church and the other in the Catholic. He must bring the two churches back together before Christ’s return at the next feast of Trumpets. There can only be one Church, the “153” Church, the Remnant Catholic Church, (all others will follow the False Prophet) when Jesus returns on the shore at sunrise – Jn21. Our final pope will have a difficult job, but if I have correctly figured out who he is, I can say he is uniquely gifted and will accomplish his task with our prayers and with many gifts of Grace from Heaven.

Patrick J. Moran

I think the tip off here is twofold. First, when you look back 100 years from any time period, scientist are certain about a lot of things that later turn out to be wrong. Second, isn’t there some quatrain from Nostradamus that a pope Ignoramous 1 would showup about the time a madwoman who was totally unable to speak the truth about anything just missed becoming President of the U S A because of all the fake news her campaign put out? OK so I’m making this up. Sometimes the crazy things you make up turn out to be true!


Well, the Golden Rule is pretty good.
And I loved the bit about killing family members who accept the status quo of brainwashing.

No. Remember John Paul 2. He’s the pope I focus on.

JPII was just as bad, but he delivered the ‘new age’ a bit more subtly. If you haven’t read it, I suggest the book titled, “Peter, Lovest Thou Me?” by Abbe’ Daneil Le Roux. The subtitle is: John Paul II: Pope of Tradition or Pope of Revolution?
(Instauratio Press, 1989) You may be able to find an online pdf. If not, copies are often available from online used book sellers.

As a Catholic, I am embarrassed by this Marxist, leftwing, New Age Pope. If according to the Bible,God created the Earth and he created man and woman.How is it that man, a mere mortal, created by the Lord is powerful to destroy his other creation – Earth? That would make man more powerful than God the Creator!?!


God is my Weather Man, always has been, always will be.

The climate has been changing since God created the universe, but the man-made climate change notion is a total hoax. Man did not make and cannot do anything more than alter for the shortest of short terms, seasonal changes. A SEASONAL CHANGE IS NOT MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE
The Pope is in better position to serve humanity, and parishioners world-wide, by addressing and solving his (1) Pedophile priest problem; and, (2) Money-laundering activities at the Bank of the Vatican.
“Global Warming and/or Climate Change” is a political issue of some substance. The Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America signed a solemn contract/pledge/vow to avoid politics in return for tax free status: The issue is IRS code reference 501-c-3. Hundreds of millions of dollars annually is invalid and we, citizens of the USA, grant religious organizations this tax-free money in return for their promise NOT to involve themselves in politics. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church is in constant violation of this 501-c-3 pledge.
An argument from Church may be along this line: We report to a higher authority than a contract with the USA. OK, “Fine, We agree with you. You report to God, you say. Pay the taxes. Give unto God that which is God’s and to Government that which is his,” or words to that effect.
I am embarrassed to know my church intentionally violates a written contract with my country. What about you?
Tom Coyne

So this (global warming NON-SENSE) is what the “smoke of Satan” looks like.

the Child Molestation cover up by the Catholic Church is the reason why I stopped going to Mass, then this Socialist Pope confirmed I had made the correct decision.

John John

In 1898, Carl Jung predicted what would become of the Church. After reading this article, I am convinced that Dr. Jung understood what would take place as the Christian myth begins to fade.

Rich D

What “myth”?

Mimi (@Mimi)

Agree. What a bunch of BS. They need to pay more attention to the perverts in their churches and keep their nose out of politics. Wonder how much they’re getting paid to stick their nose into this.


Talk about paganism intermixing with Christianity.

El Tigre

When it comes to climate change say NOPE to the pope. (just say NOPE)…

Mimi (@Mimi)

The Catholic Church, and the Pope are a joke. They could and should be doing so much more for the poor. Give up the gold rings, the pope mobiles, the ocean front property. Stop protecting the pedophiles. Stay out of politics.

What can anyone expect from the communist Pope from Argentina. Yes, he is part of the globalist elite communists trying to redistribute wealth from our pockets to the pockets of the U.N. mafia.


“Don’t be one of those people. Despite the recent leftward tilt in the papacy, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of charity throughout the world for centuries. ”
They have but they are also becoming the evil they are supposed to be fighting. Hoarding valuables/gold behind their walls……. which is against their own teachings, against God. They would get a better response from people if they actually acted Godly and gave away all their wealth. There are plenty of collectors who would take good care and appreciate some of what they’ve got hiding in the basement.
And for every time they are preaching global warming issues, they are not preaching the Gospel, which is the whole point of it, right?


There were reasons why the Reformation occurred. One of these was the Catholic Church indulging in political manipulation. I would have thought that the institution would have had enough centuries to have learned the lesson of sticking to spreading the Gospel, rather than becoming partisans in partisan politics.


Well, maybe the Vatican has improved a little in that regard. At the time of the Reformation, the Papal States were actually waging war along with their neighboring states and invaders like France, Spain and the Empire. Also the Ottomans, allied with the French against the Empire.

There is nothing in the Bible about Global Warming. Be not concerned with the things of the Earth. It’s the Devil’s domain, but the Pope should know that, so who is he working for?

A religious body that claims to speak for God, and yet ignores strikingly plain evidence that what their socialist leader demands that they endorse is a lie, essentially tosses away any relevance that body claims. In other words, the Catholic leadership is packed with phonies who have their heads up their collective arses.

They been selling pardons for sins for years so now they want to get their hands on the honey pot of global warming garbage

bet my comment never sees the light of day

Michael 2

Hal Slusher “bet my comment never sees the light of day”
Alas, it did.


Child molestation and Global Warming degrees, handed out by the Pope.


This article is from—-just some website.Not official in any way representing the catholic church. So don’t jump all over the church for an article posted by a left wing website that calls itself catholic.
I’m catholic and 99% of the catholics I know know that global warming(manmade) is BS and a cult.Unfortunately we don’t have one of our brighter popes at the moment. But remember that he only speaks with authority on matters of catholic church doctrine.His global warming opinions are just that–opinions.And dumb opinions at that.


Lord Monckton is a devout catholic.

william moran

its to cold to talk about global warming and mr pope get the hell out of politics and obama has brainwashed him


Lord Monckton is the leader in the fight against the ‘climate change’ cult.He catholic.
You people who use anything associated in any thin way to Catholicism that is bad in order to bash the church are as intellectually dishonest as the global warming mob.

Notice to the Vatican:
The People of faith are fully aware of your history and the acts you have done to cause great suffering on earth and upon God’s chosen people.
Now we have a decree of sorts to preach another false gospel called Global Warming which, by messages such as this one where you are instructing others to preach this nonsense, you have further exposed yourselves as the criminal and immoral enterprise you operate as.
All one has to do is go observe any Space television show with regards to the sun in our solar system which as it ages, it gets larger and thus, any object with mass, such as earth, will also get warmer. We also know that sunspot activity also controls the solar heat/radiation hitting earth. HOW DARE YOU SPEAK MORE EVIL AND LIES?
Get behind me Lucifer for you do not represent what is divine and holy for you have went against God and are among the fallen. Your time is near for the great revealing is starting to enter into the hearts of people and you will be foreclosed for your sins are an abomination of everything sacred and holy.
You will be exposed for the world to see.
Nothing can stop what is about to happen.
I am just a messenger…

Nils Rømcke


++ Coin James III (The Most Rev'd, Ret)

The Bishop of Rome is mistaken again, proving he is not infallible.


Since the Catholic Church no longer preaches Christ I supposed they have to preach something.

OK there Jimmy I’m sure your preaching sucks too…..

Clarification = ONLY the Roman Catholic Church is owned by the Globalists & promoting GW…. Coptic & Orthodox Catholics follow ONLY God’s word… not Soro’s.

Fr C

shut up!


Well they are professional liars, so why wouldn’t they cash in of the climate fraud aswell? thre’s big money there for all the people not preoccupied with morality or truth!

Jessie McIndoe

This pope is senile as hell. His brain disease is allowing his inner perversions to rise to the surface. Time to put the old buzzard into a safe, dark place with no windows.




It really is sad when bigots post to this site.

Carbon BIgfoot

The Library of Alexandria was torched by Pope Theodosius in 491 (?) so Catholicism could control the Narrative and set back man’s knowledge for millennia. The UN’s Agenda 21 which this Pope apparently supports, by using the wheelchair guy ( Homer’s words ), who is now a useful idiot in an ideological circle jerk.

From paedophilia to pseudoscience? Well it’s probably at least a move in the right direction.

Like it does not happen in your secular surroundings 0. You show zero intelligence cephus.


No one has said that it’s not occurring in the secular world. The problem is with the Catholic movement it’s occurring in the spiritual world and that is a problem for any church.
But you have sparked a good question. Which is better? Ignore the secularism of the Catholic Church, and all churches for that matter, or separate secularism from all the churches and start spreading the gospel message like Christ has instructed?
Then there is the obvious question, Make the church as secular as the rest of the world and allow secularism to permeate and replace all spiritual thoughts? You can’t have it both ways can you?
Here your complaint is that because it occurs in the secular world it should be condoned in churches who are admonished by God to turn away from the secular world and embrace him in the spiritual realm.


Freeland_Dave, to focus exclusively on sins committed by Catholic priests while at the same time ignoring the fact that the Church did nothing different than any secular organization did is unconscionable. Child molestation was never part of law enforcement, it was an issue taken care of by your dad with a shotgun so the perp would leave town.
It wasn’t until around 1980 that it came into the criminal justice system. The local case I’m aware of was accusations at a daycare center in a small town, which were eventually determined to be bogus; a therapist was planting false memories in small children’s minds.
There are pedophiles in every religion and in every profession; they can take years to groom a child and do so. The president of my state bar association was a well-respected attorney until caught on tape making arrangements to meet a 15-year old neighbor boy for sex.
A private school teacher was known to molest children and nothing was done about it. He went to work for the police department and the park police. He was only prosecuted two years ago. All of his behavior was known at the time and the principal of his school took no action. That’s more common in public schools, where it’s called “passing the trash” when they move a teacher to another school or district without disclosing why.
Mom told a story about a colleague whose daughter’s school had a pedophile teacher. The children were warned by friends and older siblings to stay across his desk from him and not let him near. A new child moved to the district and had no idea. She told her friends at a slumber party. The friend told her mom (mom’s colleague) and the teacher was finally caught.
I went to a restaurant at the mall with a friend and the high school age hostess seemed upset so nosy old bat that I am, I asked why. There was an old guy (60-ish) wanting to take her picture. He was insistent although she had said no. I asked if she’d told the manager and she hadn’t so I told her she has the right to feel safe at work and needed to tell the manager. When I left I asked if she had done so and the manager told him he couldn’t do things like that and threw him out. He said he’d go to the next restaurant, which would want his money, not realizing they were owned by the same corporation and shared a kitchen
Oh, and Jimmy Savile? On the prowl for years and nobody cared. What about Sandusky? Neither of these men was a Catholic priest and both were in positions of power. Sandusky even adopted a child who he molested.


Child rape has been in the secular English Common Law since at least AD 1275, when the age of consent was 12. It rose in England and other Western countries over the centuries.
Oregon came in for a lot of ridicule when, back in the early ’70s, it raised the age of consent from 16 to 18. Now many states have followed suit. Canada was recently shamed by Bill O’Reilly into raising its age from 14 to 16.
There were many convictions for child sexual abuse before the 1980s.

Roger Knights

The crime wasn’t the occurrences, the crime was the coverups.


In some Roman Catholic countries, the age of consent is puberty (Bolivia) or 13 (Peru), IIRC. In Brazil, it’s now nominally 14, regardless of sex or sexual orientation. However, there is a judicial precedent holding that a close-in-age exception allows those aged 12 and 13 to engage in sexual activity with partners who are five years older or less. This holding is legally binding, but not constitutionally formalized. So in Brazil, a 17 year-old can’t statutorily rape a 12 year-old, or a 12 year-old a seven year-old. Force would be required for the crime to constitute rape.


Both abuse and coverup were crimes, but other organizations beside the RC Church also covered up for child rapists. I grant however that a religion should be held to a higher standard.


Meant besides, of course. Have trouble hitting the s key with cold fingers. Headed lower, into low single digits, next week.

Roger Knights

Correction: The crime wasn’t just the occurrences, which were committed by individuals, but the coverups, which were organizational.


Suspected that’s what you meant.

That’s the globalists for you.

From paedophilia to pseudoscience
either way, they are still trying to screw us

Ed Lambert

Interesting, isn’t it, how the Church critics and the media have given virtually no attention to paedophilia existing in other religious groups. Granted the Catholic Church is by far the largest Christian denomination. And therein lies the reason why critics are after the Church: take down the largest denomination and the rest will fall easily. Another name for all this is contemporary liberalism–which is about as liberal as Lenin and Stalin were in “freeing” the Russians from czarist rule, never mind that millions were “freed” in the killing that followed.

El Tigre

There was sexual activity in my Boy Scout troop in the 1950’s.
Both the communists and the demoncrats are trying to destroy Christianity of which the Catholic Church is a large part. Reference AA-1025 and the fake ‘Catholic’ organizations set up by John Podesta et. al.


Its catholic bashing. These pedophiles came in from the outside to infect the church while serving satan.All churches are vulnerable. Its awful for the 99% of good priests to have to deal with this horrible situation.-But churches have been attacked since day one.
satan is horrible and got a few of his devotees into fairly high positions where they could be blackmailed by other devotees. That’s how this works.Same with Podesta etc.
Good news is that at least in the USA much of this has been cleaned up.
satan will attack any church…but especially the catholic church because it has the most influence.
This global warming nonsense is just another tool of the father of lies.

The paedophilia story is bigger than most people know.comment image

Don’t forget Marc Dutroux in Belgium. Horrible, horrible horrible case —-and very little was done. Why? Because the politicians, judges, lawyers, and police were all involved. There should still be info available online about Dutroux. Oh, also, the Madeline McCann case —is still ongoing —it has been somewhat resurrected because of PizzaGate. I just watched a one hour interview on the SGTReport (you tube channel) titled: The Darkest Secrets Revealed – Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut. I recommend it and others similar to it.


Good vs Evil, a difficult battle as evil has no bounds.
It is simple as that.


The one undeniable story is ACORN and how it was brought down.

Mimi (@Mimi)

lol cephus0. yup.


The merging of two religions! Both relying on faith not evidence and damnation of nonbelievers.

Excellent succinct analysis.

Pop Piasa

I suggest “Believe or be Chastised” for their motto..


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1; NKJV

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…
Hosea 4:6

elias attea

knowledge of God 2 Book of Tim Ch 2 v 3 soldiers of Christ do not get envoled in world affairs


Well spoke

This pope is not on the right side. He is leading many away from the Catholic church. Many believe he is an antipope. The prophesy of the popes is proving accurate. This is the 112th pope from that prophesy and it says he will not be of God, but instead of the great deceiver.

112th pope from that prophesy
interesting. third secret of Fatima (alleged) tells a similar story.

elias attea

yes he is not spiritual he is worldly Tim ch 2 v 3


Heavens, reading from Wiki :
” Given the very accurate description of popes up to around 1590 and lack of accuracy for the popes that follow, historians generally conclude that the alleged prophecies are a fabrication.”
Has this site suddenly switched to fostering spiritual beliefs or concocted tales. Maybe the warmists are right; just adopt the post normal science and run with what you believe is right (Mann).

Michael 2

Ljh writes “damnation of nonbelievers.”
Whereas you damn the damners of nonbelievers. It has a nice symmetry to it.

So G_d imbued Man with sin by making him out of the devil’s CO2 molecule ?
That’s Catholicism’s bottom line ?


I think his designer gowns went to his head…..


See? Envirowackism is religion not science.


Let me get this straight – Fake News will be disseminated from the Catholic pulpits?
Did I miss the report that the Catholic Church was now part of the UN’s IPCC? Are they now writing the Summary from THE Policy Maker?


Yes, quite sadly this pope is aligned with the corrupt and criminal global ruling elites. Very sad.


Check you history books, the Roman Catholic Church has ALWAYS aligned with the corrupt and criminal global ruling elites. B-A-U, not news.

Craig Moore

There’s a reason that Rome is called Babylon in the Bible. 1Peter 5:13


The so called modern Catholic Church was taken over from within in the early 1960’s with Vatican II. Since then, true Catholics do not go to this current Church. You are witnessing the morphing of religions into a One World Religion where we will all (except a few chosen ones) be slaves.


Well said


Are you or were you ever a “True Catholic”?
If not cast your aspersions towards the mirror.
We have stayed closer to orthodoxy than any other

bob marks

I agree John. True Catholics do not go to the current church. In fact, I believe donating money to today’s catholic church is financing our own destruction. And yes, I once was a true Catholic.


A strong case that “Francis” is not actually the pope:

Lee Bishop

All Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born, lived, and died as a sacrifice for our sins and that, on the third day, he arose from the dead thereby giving us all hope of everlasting life. Beyond that its just a matter of finding the place in which you are most comfortable for your worship. Only a fool would castigate someone else for choosing a different building and a different congregation.


Sentient, I too don’t believe that Bergoglio is the Pope, but not for the reason that Ann Barnhardt does. I am a Sedevacantist and believe that all the Popes since 1958 are not true Popes. I am fortunate to have Masses said by CMRI priests near my area. They are great. Here is a Sedevacantist view of why Ann Barnhardt is right that Bergoglio is not the Pope, but wrong in that she somehow thinks another anti-Pope, Benedict XVI is really still Pope.


The rise of Faith-based Science continues.

The Church was infiltrated a few centuries back…starting in 1515 with Pope Leo X (one of the Medici’s) who got in bed with the money lenders and decided usury wasn’t so sinful after all.


I’m against FAKE NEWS as much as you are. But this article is in a sense FAKE NEWS because it is represented in DRUDGE REPORT as an authoritative source. CATHOLIC.ORG is not an authoritative source for the catholic church.There are thousands of supposed catrholic authoritative sties out there that have no authority at all.
I love drudge–but he cant be posting crap like this.


The RC Church won’t learn – last time they tried to cuddle up to the left, it resulted in “liberation theology” which was a disaster from any viewpoint. (not a surprise that the current Pope was always partial to that view) Dear RC Church fathers, you just don’t “get” the reality that, no matter how hard you work to make the left like you, by sucking up to one of their pet projects, they’re STILL going to hate the church because of your stands on abortion and gay marriage. You won’t win anything that way, you’ll just disgrace yourselves further by showing how desperate for political approval you are.
And of course this just begs for an observation about the absurdity of a so-called “scientific theory” that is so desperately trying to get itself instated as Religious Dogma.

Why is the Catholic Church not interested in real science? Mother GAIA regulates herself quite well and is happy with more CO2 so the water vapor – cloud – rain negative feedback will delay our inevitable return to the normal state – Ice age and too little CO2 to sustain abundant life.

Janice Moore

Why is the Catholic Church not interested in real science?


Because real science does not lead to global socialism, a goal the Pope and Islam share.


Because they’re more interested in money. No doubt they’re getting paid/rewarded greatly for spreading the bs. That’s what they’ve become, that’s why I left the most corrupt church on the planet.

Michael 2

lenbilen says “Why is the Catholic Church not interested in real science?”
For a similiar reason it is not engaged in the manufacture of automobiles. Render unto science that which is scientific; something along that line.

Janice Moore

Michael 2 — That is an inapposite comparison. If believers in Jesus are to follow what Scr1p ture teaches, if they engage in vehicle production, they are to be the best vehicle manufacturers they can be. That goes for ANY endeavor, including science.
And they MAY be vehicle manufacturers (and scientists). Only if “caesar” nationalizes the auto industry would the they have to hand over their factories and “render” up. Further, what, precisely, is “caesar’s” is not clear from Jesus’ words to Peter beyond the taxes referred to in that verse.
Finally, your remark is beside the point. This is a matter of basic honesty. The RC leadership are LYING. They know they are pushing pseudo-science.


“Finally, your remark is beside the point. This is a matter of basic honesty. The RC leadership are LYING. They know they are pushing pseudo-science.”
Yea that pope is telling people all those lies. How dare he endorse the stance taken by every single nationally representative scientific body on the planet? I mean take the Royal societies position. All made up obviously…


Yes, it is made-up rent-seeking.
If you imagine that there really exists evidence for catastrophic anthropogenic climate alarmism (CACA), then by all means please trot it out. Linking to evidence-free organizational statements isn’t convincing.
Appeal to authority is anti-scientific. To quote Feynman yet again, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”. So-called experts.


Did you read the ink? If so, what part did you not get?

James Himes

Gee, I thought Jesus was all about the individual’s soul and spiritual life, not politics ….Rome has lost the Way.


Yes, James Himes. Funny that. I am familiar with the new testament – I never thought Jesus was much worried about the weather.


Gee, that sound like something Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin may have said.


I wonder how often an established religion embraces a new religion this way.

It is not a new religion. It is a natural spiritual outgrowth rooted in the same spirit.

Pop Piasa

A spirit of Gaianism, IMO.

I thought in the 70’s we were in the throws of the coming of an ice age. The 80’s it was acid rain. Then the ozone layer, then the polar vortex…. It’s amazing the earth has not cracked in half like a giant chicken egg.

Michael 2

appleblossompoultry writes: we were in the throws of the coming of an ice age.
Some were, some weren’t. Vietnam seemed like a bigger worry to me.

Mark from the Midwest

So the Vatican’s Academy of Sciences maintains its brilliant record of never being right on anything … after all, look at the luminaries that serve, like Joachim Schellnhuber, an atheist and advocate of population control, which reconciles nicely with the Catholic Articles of Faith …


Actually it was the same Catholic Church that had a priest come up with the Big Bang theory. Know facts.


The facts are that the Catholic Church has wholeheartedly embraced socialism, science is dead to them. As are the teachings of their own past scholars.

Roger Knights

They’ve likely done it because socialism sells in the third world, which is where their growth is coming from. (Notice how many new third-world cardinals have been appointed recently, expanding the total number greatly. That will seal the church’s pro-socialism position forever.)

Martin Luther where are you!


Hopefully on his way to Mecca and Medina.

By way of Tel Aviv.


As the letter of Jude predicted, he followed the rebellion of Korah in Numbers 16 and was a blemish on our love feasts. He is where one would expect.


In hell

Leslie Smith

You would think that the Catholic church would have learned it’s lesson about that whole Galileo persecution. Some things never change. And, when in human history has there never been disagreement and dissent among scientists?

Michael 2

Leslie Smith writes: “You would think that the Catholic church would have learned it’s lesson about that whole Galileo persecution.”
What lesson might that be? Anyway, people learn, churches do not.
“Some things never change.”
Like this stampede of Catholic bashing under any article with “Catholic” anywhere in it. I’m not Catholic, but I do not see the purpose in all this left-wing mob behavior.

Don’t they. Believe in God anymore the world changes every day since it was created


In a related story…. I don’t go to church any more.

What if there were a God. What if His interpretation of the first commandment included, “you shall not put Gaia before Me”. What if His way of showing “I’m in charge here” was to cause low hurricane activity?

Michael 2

I do not understand “what if” questions. If you want to tell a story, just say so. I suppose you want someone else to tell you a story.

John denny

This Pope is a disgrace. The Catholic Church is crumbling . Rot from within.


Soon to be a thing of the past


Children just won’t know what Catholicism is…


This is the vacuum that Islam is filling in Europe. The fall of Catholicism; just as Islam fills the political vacuum that is the United States.


It is certainly dying out in Old Europe, which is one reason why the Pope is embracing such garbage, since it plays well among today’s rich Western pagans and poor Third World animists.


This pope is certainly…different. Really makes you wonder about the prophecy of the popes and if Francis is the last one.


It’s not just Catholicism, it’s Christianity in general. Many of my Christian friends now call what they get at church ‘Churchianity’, because it’s just become standard ‘social justice’ claptrap that bears little to no resemblance to what’s in the Bible.
My guess is that we’re going to see a collapse of most of the mainstream churches, to be replaced by something that actually has some religion in it.

If global warming were true, then the UN IPCC researchers at the University of East Anglia would not have had to falsify climate data in what became the Climategate Scandal! “Global warming” is fake news!

Michael 2

Global warming, as measured in a certain way, *is* true, at times and places. Whether it is terrifying is up to you to decide. If you want to challenge IPCC and UEA, then you must produce your superior data.


Or just remind people that the IPCC’s initial expectation of 20 feet of sea rise over the 21st century was quietly corrected to 4″. An Inconvenient Truth was never edited to remove the prophesy of Florida being inundated by the sea.


…and as soon as I start hearing it preached from the pulpit I’ll stop attending mass.


Well, if he wants to help, I suggest his Popeness release ALL funds, jewels, art, stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, silver, etc. to be used by the masses to relieve their global warming pain. I could use $50 to buy some gas for my generator, it’s cold as hell here today in Michigan.

Mark from the Midwest

Not to mention the lake effect, just got my driveway done, and it’s now it’s time to get my driveway done, and when I finish that I think I’ll start on the driveway




Lol, well said

Never going to happen. The Rothschilds won’t allow it.

Don Lambert

They need to preach the “global warming” that God’s word really teaches! The one about the earth and all its works being burned up with fervent heat at the end of the age!


Thank you for the truth. What a waste of time and money. I look forward to a new earth.

john del negro

It took them 400 years to admit that they were wrong about Galileo. I wonder how long it will be before they admit their newest error?

Gerry, England

Our so-called ‘learned society’ the Royal Society has said that it will take 50 years of expanding ice sheets, brutal cold, population reduction before it will consider that global warming isn’t happening. It might even be warming up again by then but al least all the current charlatans there will be under the earth.

Dr. Robert Sungenis thinks Galileo was correct. He has some interesting things to say about geocentrism.


WikiLeaks: Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’ –
Wikileaks: Podesta’s Phony ‘Catholic’ Group Pushed Church Support for Iran Nuclear Deal –
Sadly, this is one Progressive program that actually worked!
Podesta email: We’ve conspired to ‘produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.’
VIDEO: AU students prefer Castro over Trump

Janice Moore



Maybe those Castro-loving students will want to do 6-month apprenticeship in Cuba and get their eyes opened!


The last time the catholic church tried to become political, it didn’t end well. I think it was the jesuits were the ones in charge at that time, too.

Donald Durdan

This pope is pushing me further away from my religion. I suggest he and the church stick to the practice of religion and avoid/shun political or scientific issues.

This pope isn’t professing the Catholic faith. Is he, therefore, a Catholic? Or is he an imposter placed in Rome to further the globalist agenda?


Oh yeah…heaven forbid the Pope tells the steaming masses quit breeding so many peol detriment to the planet.Also Im starting to believe more and more in abortion….TOO MANY PEOPLE is unsustainable.

Pop Piasa

Too many people trapped in “urban prisons” by their own learned social ideology and work ethic. – “The Sustained”
When “The Sustained” outnumber “The Sustainers”, the economy eventually erodes into the unbridled printing of currency to keep up. Oh, wait…


Wow, well put!

Have you made your exit plan then? I mean, will you lead by example?

And this is the same “Scientific Mission” which threatened to excommunicate and do who know what else to Galileo because he proposed that the earth was NOT the center of the universe. I also believe Vatican scientists opposed the premise that the earth was round and not flat!

400 years later the church still has the blood of Giordano Bruno on its hands.


No, the official Church cosmology was Ptolemaic, ie a series of nested spheres.
A flat earth was maintained by Early Church Fathers, because that’s what’s in the Bible, but from Augustine onward (c. AD 400), the Church made peace with pagan science, in order not to turn off educated converts. Read his “The Literal Meaning of Genesis”.

No milodon, the flat earth is not in the Scriptures — unless you skillfully read it into some texts and ignore others.
The Greeks had frisbees and drum-shaped earths and geocentric arrangements of the heavens. Augustine was the scholar who shoehorned the Roman Church doctrine to the Greek teachings. And that is where it stayed.
Oh how they miss Aristotle.

But even Augustine deserves some credit for not making up certainties where they are not merited, esp. in Astronomy.
Galileo said when defending himself against the scholastics,

“To this end they hurled various charges and published numerous writings filled with vain arguments, and they made the grave mistake of sprinkling these with passages taken from places in the Bible which they had failed to understand properly, and which were ill-suited to their purposes.
These men would perhaps not have fallen into such error had they but paid attention to a most useful doctrine of St Augustine’s, relative to our making positive statements about things which are obscure and hard to understand by means of reason alone. Speaking of a certain physical conclusions about heavenly bodies, he wrote: “Now keeping always our respect for moderation in grave piety, we ought not to believe anything inadvisedly on a dubious point, lest in favor to our error we conceive a prejudice against something that truth hereafter may reveal to be not contrary in any way to the sacred books of either the Old or the New Testaments.”…


The whole Bible, both Testaments, is a flat earth document, from start to finish. Reading 1 Enoch leaves no doubt, but, as noted, Enoch, despite its popularity in Jesus’ time and with his sect, was kept out of the Masoretic Text as presaging the Ascension of Christ, and out of most Christian canons for being too obviously at odds with pagan science.
First, consider the OT. The essential flatness of the earth’s surface is required by verses like Daniel 4:10-11. There the king “saw a tree of great height at the center of the earth…reaching with its top to the sky and visible to the earth’s farthest bounds.” If the earth were flat, a sufficiently tall tree would be visible to “the earth’s farthest bounds,” but this is impossible on a spherical earth.
Same goes for the NT. In describing the temptation of Jesus by Satan, Matthew 4:8 says, “Once again, the devil took him to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their glory.” Obviously, this would be possible only if the earth were flat. The same is true of Revelation 1:7: “Behold, he is coming with the clouds! Every eye shall see him…”
Further proof of the biblical flat earth comes from its “corners.” For example, “After this, I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth holding back the four winds…” (Revelation 7:1). Spherical apologists point out that the Greek “gonia” can refer to regions rather than points. Most translations of the Bible opt for “points”, eg. the King James version says “on the corners of the earth”, implying that the writer viewed the habitable earth as a four-cornered area.
This was indeed the way many early churchmen interpreted it, such as Cosmas Indicopleustes, as late as AD 547 (150 years after Augustine suggested that the Church should give up on a flat earth). The corners could, however, be those regions at the ends of the earth referred to in Jeremiah 51:16: “[H]e brings up the mist from the ends of the earth, he opens rifts for the rain and brings the wind out of his storehouses”. But an earth with ends is also plainly not spherical.
There is no modern astronomy or cosmology in the Bible, just as there is no geology, chemistry, meteorology, biology, physics or any other science. Nor does the Bible anywhere claim to offer a naturalistic picture of the world. Instead, it features talking serpents and donkeys, and cud-chewing rabbits. It’s a pre-scientific compilation of documents, which retarded the advance of science for 1000 years.

Playing fast and loose with the scriptures there Chimp.
The vision that the king of Babylon had of a massive tree that filled the earth (and earlier of an enormous statue) was symbolic. Spiritual visions are usually non-verbal and highly symbolic, and are expressing simply and visually what would take many volumes to say in language. Jesus used parables to talk about spiritual things. And you, if you dream at night, dream in images too.
You know that it was a dream, a picture, because Daniel himself gives the meaning of the tree whose height is to the heavens. “It is you O king.” It was a picture of the Babylonian Empire. But the holy watchers came and cut the tree down. Daniel interpreted this in chapter 4 as the king going mad for seven years.
Folks, this is not a text which proves the flat earth!
Some basic rules of scholarship.
If you are going to handle any ancient or even historical texts, you are going to have to try to understand when spiritual images are used, as in the symbolism of the vision; or when an idiom is being used. In some cases there may be some figure of speech which is no longer in use.
You have to remember, the king of Babylon’s empire was a world empire, and it was very hard to get away from its shadow.
Goodness. By these rules, if you use the term “sunrise” or “sunset” you are a geocentrist!

Chimp says, “After this, I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth holding back the four winds…” (Revelation 7:1).” [Must be literal corners of a flat earth]
There’s a good college try. That is much more interesting.
John saw the vision. Let’s have fun and think of it as if he literally saw the earth beneath him, and he saw Angels preparing themselves and preparing the earth. They are “holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any tree. Then [he] saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice”
First, if he was close enough, he certainly would see the ends of the earth. Do you like NASA live streaming of flyovers? They are beautiful. But not far enough distant to see the earth’s entire sphere. None of us would accuse NASA of presenting a flat earth, would we? Well maybe some would. After all, it is youtube.
Syllogisms and philology are fun, and interesting; but they are failing you here. That text is not a flat earth text either. And the Greek word can mean an angle or a quarter. Besides this, the root word is unknown. So it is not a matter of astronomical certainty.

Do you know what Christians believe milodon? We believe that there will come a time when the earth reels to and fro like a drunkard.
The earth is violently broken,
The earth is split open,
The earth is shaken exceedingly.
The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,
And shall totter like a hut;
Its transgression shall be heavy upon it,
And it will fall, and not rise again.
Now that is so sad. But drunkards are three dimensional. 😀


To anyone who has studied Greek, the origin of the word is not unknown. It’s obviously derived from “gonu”, “knee”, and clearly cognate with the English word. I first encountered it not in the NT, but in Homeric Greek from hundreds of years earlier. One of Achilles epithets is “well-greaved” (shin guards), which is “ἐυ-κνήμιδες” (eü-knḗmides), even more obviously cognate with “knee”. Shin and knee in Greek are similar, ie knay and gonu. So a corner of a room is where you kneel.
There are passages in the Bible which also can be read as an earth shaped like a disk rather than a rectangle, but still flat.
The tree in the dream in Daniel is not regarded as fantastic. That the same idea, ie being able to see the whole world from a high place on it, appears, as I showed, in the NT as well, outside of a dream context.
In the Bible, the anthropomorphic sun does literally rise, come out of his tent like a bridegroom, runs a race like a strong man, then returns to the place of his rising. His return has to take place outside the solid, domed vault of heaven covering the flat earth, held immobile in place by its pillars.
It’s those who try to read science into the Bible who violate the rules of scholarship. There isn’t any science in it. It’s pre-scientific from Genesis to Revelation.
Nor is it a valid exercise to try to show that there is science in the Bible. The whole point is to take its incredible stories, such as the Resurrection, on faith. If the Bible were factually credible, then what’s the value of faith?
As an Early Church Father wisely wrote, “I believe precisely because it is absurd.” And as Luther sagely said, “In order to be a Christian, one must tear the eyes out of his reason.”
God remains hidden for a purpose, although of course He used to walk and talk with people, then spoke only from storm clouds or burning bushes, before finally the rule became, “to see God is to perish”. The human concept of God changed over the centuries during which the books of the Bible were written. Yahweh started out as the chief god of a tribe, who like Apollo rode in a chariot across the sky, as shown by coins. And He enjoyed a good burnt or blood sacrifice, just like the pagan gods.

Now milodon,
I am very interested in the use of the mountain where the devil took Y’shua to tempt Him, as a proof for a geographical theory. He “showed Him all the kingdoms of the earth and said, ‘All these will I give you, and their glory, if you will but follow me.'”
Now I have always pictured “all of the kingdoms of the earth” as meaning all of the kingdoms of the earth. This includes not only the Empires of the ME like Greece and Rome, but also future kingdoms.
And a helpful way to study these ancient texts is to compare Scripture with Scripture. Lucifer appears in Isaiah, and this is why I come to this temptation in the wilderness with a different understanding than you do. Ol’ Scratch is a spiritual being. And he has a very big “thing” about being the highest, above all the angels, above the stars.
“How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
13 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’
15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.
16 “Those who see you will gaze at you,
And consider you, saying:
‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms,
17 Who made the world as a wilderness
As you can see, he will wind up in the lowest little pit instead of the highest heaven.
So no flat earth there either. And incidentally, he may be able to make legitimate offers like that. For “the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” A lot of people will take him up on that. I wouldn’t take any offers from Ol Scratch, or any geography lessons though. (:
Nice that you have an early date for HOmer…(:


PS: The cognate is even more obvious in French than in English or German: le genou.

I am not so sure you have much of a chance of convincing people that the earth is flat because of the four knees in Rev 7, where angels are standing opposite each other, in the four quarters of the sky.
This kind of rifling through texts to pilfer what you need for a particular proof is very very common. In fact Galileo said that is exactly what the scholastics were doing to him, in order to defend Aristotle and Ptolemy.
See quote here:


It’s probably just an accident that the Greek word for knee, gonu, is so similar to that for woman, gune (goo-nay), as in gynecology. Greek u is written like a y but pronounced oo..


I don’t have to convince anyone. The Early Church Fathers were flat-earthers because there is no sphericity in the Bible. As noted, even in the 6th century, there were still Catholic intellectuals who insisted on a flat earth because the Bible clearly says so.
The map of Cosmas Indicopleustes from AD 547, for instance:comment image

need anymore proof that the Catholic Church is run by Marxists..I quit supporting years ago..Catholic Charities are a money sucking discrace


Jesuits, Communist with Crosses.

Marranos with crosses.


We are now seeing the downfall of the Catholic church – instead of preaching the gospel, priests will promote the false narrative of global warming. That’s why so many of us have left that church – it truly is a cult.

That’s a real turn off to practicing Catholics in the US, and probably a dire warning to Third World Catholics who’d like too some more economic opportunities. Global warming is becoming the alter-ego to Liberation Theology


Don’t they preach that it all started with paradise where people could walk around naked all year around? Most have been a warm place.


comment image


No polar bears.

over a couple of days, naked humans cannot survive temperatures below 27C / 80F. we die of exposure. the earth is now 15C. it wasn’t God, it was climate change that kicked us out of Paradise. We need at least 12 C of global warming to return to the Garden of Eden.
The Pope is trying to prevent the very thing that would allow us to return to Paradise.


Here is a quote from a character named Boris Alotovkrap that appeared at Zero Hedge a few years ago. I have never forgotten it. It is quite befitting.
“In cave in rural France is painting circa 5000 BC, and is tell story. One day is rain much and lightening is loud and scary. Leader of cave community is explain danger of lightening and is predict end of world if citizenry is not work hard for stopping of lightening. Every citizenry of community must bring it portion of berries and meat for sacrificial god and make incantation. Leader of cave community is so very smart, is not help hunt and gather, but is must make strategy and “guide” community for self-preservation technique. One day, citizen is look up and see is still lightening, but is look around and is still alive. Other is still alive. Lightening is come and go, and community is survive. Citizen is make comment at cave meeting and next day is fall in tar pit.
Leader of cave community is explain danger of tar pit and is predict end of world if citizenry is not work hard for prevention of tar pit…”

No dinosaurs.


Yes there is, on the right side sticking his neck up.


That’s an ostrich.


Birds are dinosaurs.

Michael 2

Robertvd writes “Don’t they preach that it all started with paradise where people could walk around naked all year around?”
Yes, they don’t preach that. They preach it all started with “Let there be light”

Coming from the Church which imprisoned Galileo for having the gall to profess the Earth was not the center of the universe. It only took more than 300 years for the Church to admit that Galileo was right and to clear his name of heresy. Safe to say the Church doesn’t have a good track record with whatever the ruling power mandated science of the day is.

It was 300 years after the Church had gotten in league with the international banking families. Thus, the change of heart.

David Popowitch

This is bullshit, they have no place preaching some global control agenda.

Michael 2

David Popowitch says “they have no place preaching some global control agenda”
Says you. When did it become your place to tell anyone else what is their place?

When did it become your place to tell anyone else what is their place?
the same can be said for the Pope. When did it become the Pope’s place to tell anyone else what is their place? nowhere does the Bible mention carbon pollution as an evil.
As I recall, the message of Jesus was to let God into your heart, and thereby God will guide your actions. Why do I need the Pope to tell me what God wants if I can speak directly to God?


“Why do I need the Pope to tell me what God wants if I can speak directly to God?”
That’s just the heretical kind of thinking that created Lutherans. I mean, if you didn’t need priests, you wouldn’t need to pay the church tithes. Then the RC wouldn’t be filthy rich.

elias attea



The last time the church got involved with science and said the universe revolved around the earth, they killed the disbelievers. Now they are again going to preach unproven and most probably fake science again. I’m losing my faith in the Catholic church.

That’s the whole point behind what the globalists are doing. They want a one world religion (or a dogma-less church), a one world government, a one world police state. What goes on in Rome isn’t Catholic. The church was overrun by atheists and luciferians decades and decades ago. Its ‘coming out’ party was Vatican II.

John Boles

If a god exists and catholics control that god thru prayer then can they not pray away the warming?


Here’s a quick lesson in syllogistic reasoning. For the conclusion to be true, both premises must be true. Your second statement needs some work. (Hint: no religion claims to control God.)


Catholics do not control God. No human does.


According to this pope he does control God. Seem to remember something from biblical teachings about false prophets and such and here one is in the Vatican. Imagine that.

According to this pope he does control God.
He certainly says he knows what God wants better than we do. Otherwise why not simply tell people to let God tell them what is right?
Or is his message on Climate Change from God, or some other source? If it is not the word of God, then what the heck is the Pope doing as the spokesman?

tom s

I pray for warming everyday…”God, I pray that it gets warmer because right now my fingers are numb’. …see, I just prayed. Let me check outside see if it worked…………..nope. Dang!


Sitting here with my Johnnie Heater hanging under the counter my computer sits on keeping finger thangs warm.


Ye of little faith. Go forth and burn some carbon and thou shalt be warmed.


Brian? Carbon is burning, it just don’t reach this corner of the house.

Pop Piasa

If I do some harm
By just keeping warm,
You’ll have to kindly forgive me.
I find my solution
Is carbon pollution,
Ere Gaia would quickly outlive me!

Bruce Cobb

I didn’t use to believe in God. Then Trump got elected.




all it takes if liberals stop breathing or breathing slower and they will cut carbon dioxide quickly

Mel Calvert

The Pope’s infallibility applies only to religious doctrine and must be ratified by the Bishops of the Church. There is much dissent within the Church with this Pope’s dipping into politics; and the writers claim that the dissenting scientists have been ‘bought’ by the Fossil Fuel Industry are just as outrageous as Al Gore’s dire predictions were years ago. Yes, Virginia, there is climate change. It happens every Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall! That all priests will bow to this lunacy is far from certain!

Well said Mel. My priest can’t stomach this pope. I really question his allegiance.

The Pope’s infallibility applies only to religious doctrine and must be ratified by the Bishops of the Church.
why would the divine insight from God need ratification by men? Why do humans need an intermediary to talk to an all powerful God on their behalf? Can’t God talk to us directly? If God is against CO2, why not just call us up directly and explain the problem? It you can create a Universe and everything in it, it seems you should at least be able to dial a cell phone. If God doesn’t make the call, perhaps that is the message we are meant to receive?

When the Pope (a true pope that is) speaks either ex cathedra (from the Chair of Peter) and ‘defines’ and ‘decrees’ a teaching on faith and/or morals, then he does NOT need ‘ratification’ from anyone. Even when the Pope teaches as a part of the ordinary magisterium, on the faith and/or morals, he does NOT need approval from anyone. However, in my opinion, this man is a plant (as were several before him) and is not a Catholic, let alone a pope.

Bloke down the pub

When the Christian faith was introduced to Northern Europe, they incorporated elements of the pagan religions already there in order to smooth the transition. Looks like the Pope is using the same technique to draw in members of the Church of Cagw.


Yes, people are contributing to global warming – the fact that there are more people on Earth than ever before means that people are contributing to global warming. So… is the Catholic Church going to promote birth control? The planet has been thru Ice Ages before and no doubt will go thru it again. Have the scientists in the Vatican have been listening to the same researchers have change advocates like DiCaprio who flies around on a private jet?


This Pope could say he was an atheist and it wouldn’t be surprising. He has supported LBGTQ and yet priests still can’t marry.

The Pope just compared reading fake news to coprophagia which is the eating of fecal matter. Now the church is disseminating fake news. Whatever is he trying to tell us?


That he’s the false Pope.


No further evidence required for me. I’ve heard enough.

James Steele

The Pope is a an Argentine Communist and he has hooked his star to the now failing new world order / Socialists and as we see trump quickly start to take over the reins of power, the FAKE NEWS of Global Warming, which is making guys like Gore and Tom Steyer Zillionarires off the rubes, will see themselves regulated to the dust bin of history. Remember in the 70’s it was the constant drumbeat of…. GLOBAL KOOLING & the NEW ICE AGE.. OOPS.. it started to get slightly warmer as the earths normal process and wham… the Crazies start screaming GLOBAL WARMING / CLIMATE CHANGE… The hoax is over !!! FINALLY.


Not to forget Elon Musk among the scamsters.
Think you mean relegated, but regulated works, too.


Why not just go back to the original message we got from the Nuns at
Catholic School — It is a sin to waste resources. — I have a relative who was a Nun
for years. She has the carbon footprint of a church mouse. The Pope should stay
out of Climate Science and focus on moral lifestyle. The Church should have learned their lesson
with Galileo.

Diane Scarpelli


Michael 2

Jim writes “The Church should have learned their lesson with Galileo.”
I wish I had a dollar for every mention of Galileo on this page. It isn’t about Galileo!


Yes, in point of fact it is about Galileo, it is about the Catholic Church spreading lies and suppressing facts, two things CC has ALWAYS been quite adept at.

BobW in NC

So the Church is going to preach a deliberate LIE rather than the Gospel of Salvation… it has abandoned God (see 2 Cor. 4:4 and John 8:44).

Janice Moore

Exactly. They cannot be that stupid (this academy of science thing, I mean). It is intentional. It is not a mistake. It is a lie. Goal (ultimately): money.

… has concluded …

That is the lie.
… has asserted…
That is the truth.
Note, too, any of you devout Roman Catholics reading who are now wondering if the AGW conjecture is, after all, true:
“Has “concluded” is NOT PROVEN.
I’m not a Catholic, but, as a believer in the same Lord and Savior, it makes me sick. Their leadership are just friends of the world, now. Indistinguishable. Thus, as an organization, the Roman Catholic Church does not de facto exist. They ARE the world.

You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes oneself an enemy of God.

James 4:4.
(It must be acknowledged here that there are many, many, genuinely devout Catholics who are highly competent, world-class, genuine, scientists and who are, likewise, appalled)

Mark from the Midwest

“They cannot be that stupid” … sorry Janice, they are that stupid

Janice Moore

I disagree Mark. That is to excuse them. Only a relatively few people on earth are that intellectually impaired. They may be foolish in taking such a parishioner-alienating stand, but, they are quite saavy about just how flimsy the conjecture about human CO2 is. They are intentionally deceiving their flock.

Curious George

“Has concluded” is a consensus. A consensus is a political fact, not a scientific fact.

Jim G1

Exit polls indicate 55% of Catholics voted for Trump, much better than the 54% who voted for Obama. This in spite of our misguided Pope and his commie advisors. Note that these idiotic policies are in no way church dogma. Remember that as the largest governmental organization in the world the bureaucrats will continually screw things up.


They cannot be that stupid..
Janice, this has nothing to do with “stupid”
The Catholic church is gaining members in countries that get paid…
…and losing members in countries that pay
He’s playing to his audience.

Janice, as I commented earlier in this thread: I think this is a perfect example of a “fake news” story. I am certain that the actual findings of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has absolutely no references to the “big oil” conspiracy or anything more “radical” than that mankind should pay attention to our impact on the earth by our deeds as we are charged to “protect creation”. If one looks at the address of the link Eric provided you can see readily that the original pontifical academy findings are passing through several green filters on their way to becoming this story. In peoples rush to show off their need to challenge authority, or erudition on the history of Christianity, or disdain for it all, they say stupid things that isolate themselves from natural allies like the very substantial conservative catholic movement. This battle, even with the encouraging news of some of Trumps appointees, is far from over. Allowing pet peeves to separate us is playing to the progressive game of dividing the public into ever diminishing groups requiring “special consideration” from an overreaching but “beneficent” government.

The goal is MUCH more than filthy lucre, Janice. It’s the carbon casino (Rothschild owned and run) and because you are a ‘carbon life form’ (as we were told by our predictive programming called television), most of humanity is to be taxed into oblivion because of its carbon ‘footprint’ and/or eliminated outright, and/or never allowed to be born. I’m sure you’ve heard of Agenda 21?

Have to agree with Mark here. If the leading lights of the regular academic institutions can be that stupid, why not the Papal Academy? One would think that in order to join such a strange outfit — institutionalized subservience of science to dogma — you have be on the not so skeptical arm of the normal distribution to begin with.


Michael, we have to stop thinking they are all doing this because they are stupid.
The pope is not being stupid…he’s being slimy
It’s his version of buying votes.
Telling people in the first world…where the church is losing members…they don’t have to pay…will not get him any more members.
Telling third world people…where the church is gaining members…that joining the church will get them something….’will’ get him members
Look where he’s been and what he’s said in the past….he’s playing to the third world..and has since day one

Specifically, you’re referring to the Catholic church. Definitely not the Church Paul teaches to in the New Testament.


If it is such a problem, shouldn’t we fix it by eliminating humans?


Just tell them if people aren’t working they can’t put money in to the collection basket every week. That will change their tune in a hurry.

Fake News will be disseminated from the Catholic pulpits?
Consider this fact regarding the Vatican’s Climate Change Summit that was used as bases for the Pope’s encyclical on global warming. Opponents, skeptical scientist, regarding climate change were banned to the Vatican’s Climate Change Summit. This act alone makes the Pope’s encyclical on climate change questionable at best. A French scientist, Philippe de Larminat, who authored a book arguing that solar activity not greenhouse gases was driving global warming, sought a spot at a climate summit. The powerful Vatican bureaucrat in charge of the academy insisted he had no business being there. “They did not want to hear an off note,” de Larminat said. The incident highlights how climate-change doubters tried and failed to alter the landmark papal document unveiled last week, one that saw the leader of 1 billion Catholics fuse faith and reason and come to the conclusion that “denial” is wrong.
Fred Singer, a leading scientific skeptic of anthropocentric global warming (AGW), is an atmospheric physicist, and founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), an organization that began challenging the published findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); said in an interview with the National Association of Scholars (NAS) that “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now.” Singer, asked what he would like to see happen in regard to public opinion and policy on climate change, Singer replied, I would like to see the public look upon global warming as just another scientific controversy and oppose any public policies until the major issues are settled, such as the cause. If mostly natural, as NIPCC concludes, then the public policies currently discussed are pointless, hugely expensive, and wasteful of resources that could better be applied to real societal problems.
Look, weather is cyclical. Climate is always changing, but Global Warming is a sham! Five Scientific Reasons That Global Warming Isn’t Happening:
1) There hasn’t been any global warming since 1997.
2) There is no scientific consensus that global warming is occurring and caused by man.
3) Arctic ice is up 50% since 2012.
4) Climate models showing global warming have been wrong over and over.
5) Predictions about the impact of global warming have already been proven wrong. Worse, however, has been the deliberate deceptions, misinformation, manipulation of records and misapplying scientific method and research to pursue a political objective.


Is it any wonder why the pews are emptying? I never knew that Jesus gave His life for the environment . . .I must be misguided, I thought if was for the salvation of souls!

And the catholic church drives itself even deeper into irrelevance and false doctrine. It has now become the willing propagandist for the leftist ideologues that this pope so truly loves.

Diane Scarpelli

The same leftist ideologues who mock and demonize religion of any kind as well as those who ‘cling’ to it.

I think they’re called “Klingons”.
Star Trek taught you most of what you need to know. (It’s all masonic.)