Green Incoherence: Reaching Out to the Deplorables


GROUP OF MINERS WAITING TO GO TO WORK ON THE 4 P.M. TO MIDNIGHT SHIFT AT THE VIRGINIA-POCAHONTAS COAL COMPANY MINE. By Corn, Jack, 1929-, Photographer (NARA record: 8464440) (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Realisation is growing amongst greens that the left has lost touch with the working class, particularly the white working class – but how do greens reach out to people whom they openly describe as “deplorable”?

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, a strong supporter of Al Gore and climate action, in my opinion pretty much sums up the cultural position of greens towards working class people, particularly white working class people.

Green Day blame rise of Trump on stupid white people

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has blamed the rise of Donald Trump on “uneducated white working-class people”.

The pop-punk band released their twelfth studio album ‘Revolution Radio’ in October, their first record since 2012. Speaking to NME in this week’s magazine, available nationwide now, Armstrong compared billionaire TV personality-turned-Republican candidate Trump to Hitler and bemoaned the current state of US politics.

Describing those backing Trump as “uneducated white working-class people”, Armstrong added: “That’s the problem right there. There’s this white nationalism that’s been brewing under the radar for a long time. But now [Trump’s] been able to cause people to lash out and blame minorities and it’s really confusing. I mean, blatant misogyny going on at the same time.”

The singer also admitted that some members of his family are going to vote for Trump in the upcoming US election. He said: “I’ve got family members from Oklahoma that are big Trump supporters. And there’s no clear answer on why they’re supporting him because he doesn’t even have any policies.”

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At least some Democrat green supporters realise that the only way they’ll ever regain the White House is to reach out to these “stupid” working class people.

During an interview on CBS News’ This Morning, former presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders weighs-in on “what went wrong” in the 2016 presidential election. “This is what I think what went wrong- is what Trump did, very effectively, is tap the angst and the anger and the hurt and the pain that millions of working class people are feeling,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I think there needs to be a profound change in the way the democratic party does business. It is not good enough to have a liberal elite. I come from the white working class. I am deeply humiliated that the democratic party cannot talk to the people from where I came from,”

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How do you pack activists who think working class people are uneducated deplorables, into the same tent as people who see the working class as the grassroots of a Democrat renaissance?

The answer apparently is lots of government handouts for green energy.

May Boeve, the director of international climate group, which during the Obama presidency fought and won against the Keystone oil pipeline that is now back on the agenda, said building alliances with Trump’s heartland would be key.

“The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all,” she said. “Clean energy remains the greatest potential job creator in the 21st century, while climate change is still our greatest threat.”

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Its a bit difficult to arrange government handouts when most of your political allies have been booted out of office. But who knows, maybe business now embraces blowing profits and executive bonus cash on green boondoggles, even without government financial support.

… “Ten years ago, US business wasn’t on board about tackling climate change,” said Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth in the UK. “This time round you have a situation where US businesses and businesses more globally [support action], so this time around the environmental movement does not feel like it is on its own. We’re much better placed to fight this.” …

Read more: Same link as above

Lets not underestimate the ability of Democrats and the Green Movement to pack people with incompatible views into the same tent – but this particular outreach and reconciliation excercise should be very entertaining to watch. Who knows, maybe Billie Joe could kickstart the process, by staging a “stupid white people” live music tour of America’s mining towns.


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Bill P.

The answer is ALWAYS government handouts.
Obama in trying to destroy the coal industry actively promoted transitioning the coal miners to food stamps. Nancy Pelosi taught us that taking the government dime helped the economy – got money out there circulating – and there was no shame in it.
Lefties are constantly telling me that more and more “poor while trash” is the face of government welfare.
I guess that didn’t work.
Ah, well. Seeing it’s the Democrats they’ll likely double-down, elect Keith Ellison head of the DNC and blame EVER-THANG! on stoopid, ignernt Whitey.


Poor white trash actually voted for Crimton. Sub $30k was as usual overwhelmingly Democrat. Trump666 made gains in the people with jobs but not elite jobs.

Janice Moore

Yup. Aaaaand
a lot of black Americans voted for TRUMP!

Bwah, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Trump666? He only owns 300 companies, not 666, Andrew. You really should get your facts straight.

Bryan A

That does it… It’s clearly time for a “Stupid White Lives Matter” movement

Bryan A

Truth of the matter is, the Democrats lost because too many of their constituents weren’t comfortable supporting their party nominee. HRC did herself in


I think that the Democratic party is going to get a shake up that may well kill it.
Check out this guy!

The greens are guilty of many of the same techniques in my view. Especially with their relationship with the media!


Well try pasting this into your browser.
Without the quote marks that is.


Here is another relevant video. This guy is impressive!
Please paste this into your browser without the quotes.


The best thing we can do with ALL the opinions of these “entertainers” is IGNORE them. Caterwauling and torturing a guitar does not qualify ANYONE to rule the world! Or tell our leaders how to do it, either.


Nor does being good at reading lines someone else wrote.


“a lot of black Americans voted for TRUMP!”
Bannon, Trump’s advisor, claims Trump will get 40 percent of the black vote next time. He may be right. I think Trump is going to make a big push to help the inner cities and poor neighborhoods of the United States.


Hold on, folks – uneducated means ignorant, not stupid.


That’s right. Ignorant can be fixed.


….. Yeah, but going to a college or University doesn’t necessarily mean and educated mind is accomplished…. Propaganda and activism isn’t really an education.
After all, we have this weedy looking “Greenday” guy who sings songs thinking he’s more “educated” than guys that fabricate harvesters and farm equipment.
Just because he has a political opinion six words long, set to music and endlessly repeated…. He thinks he’s a fukin’ philosopher.
Yup, yup, yup….


When said by the Loopy Left, (un)educated means (un)indoctrinated.


I lived through the Spotted Owl Debacle on the southern Oregon coast. $19,000,000 grant money
to a group called Egret publications to build “Eco Tourism” on the south coast. It was to be a cable car ride through “old growth ecosystems” and they were to help make the displaced loggers transition to food stamps and re-education..
NONE of that happened.. and the $19 mil? I dunno?
BTW the photo at the top of the article? I’m likely related at least two of those men..


I’d surmise the $19 million disappeared into the pockets of various politicians, bureaucracts, and lawyers. As green graft sums are wont to do.


..Another great article Eric ..By the way, did you mean Billy Joel, not Billy Joe…?


Billy Joel:

Billie Joe Armstrong:


..Never heard of him…LOL

Janice Moore

Billy Joel replies to Billy Joe:
“Honesty is hardly ever heard,
and mostly what I need from you {Billy Joe, et al.}.”



Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Good Riddance

Janice Moore

SMC. “Good riddance” — lol, good one, but, how about no more promotion of that jerk? Negative publicity is publicity. I HOPE NO ONE CLICKS ON JERK JOE’S VIDEOS!


Janice, I don’t care about their politics (Billy Joel’s or Billie Joe Armstrong’s). They’re entertainers, nothing more (and yes, Billie Joe seems to be a jerk (but what do I know, never met him, not likely I’ll ever meet him)). Besides, I was having fun with the music video skirmish. :))

Janice Moore

lol, okay, okay, SMC. My guess is you are a man (not concluding that). Men can, on average much more readily be pragmatic, while women are likely to be value-driven. The key for both is, of course, to temper logic with intelligent emotion and vice-versa. I can NOT be neutral about a JERK like Billy Joe !!!! Happy for you that you can be.
Guess…… we’d better….
“{ }Call the Whole Thing Off”



Oh Janice, you wound me. Why don’t you just ‘Shoot Me Again’.

ps: Yes, I’m a man.

Janice Moore

Aaaaa! I like Metallica, but that was too scary for me!
Okay. S. M. C.. Your cute little crack below made me think of pasta and that reminded me of this sweet song and this is how I am signing off TO GET THAT SCARY MUSIC OUT OF MY MIND.
“Bella Notte”

Dedicated to my dearest.
And, to you, SMC, sweet dreams of spaghetti (or whatever). 🙂
Thanks for the fun.

Janice Moore

Oh, for PETE’S sake! ANOTHER jerk! (the person who won’t let that video play anywhere but on youtube)
Here: “Bella Notte” (I — hope!!!)



Have a good night Janice.


He does sound like a real jerk, but I still like those songs.
Which just goes to show, people who are good entertainers or artists or whatever have never given anyone good reason to think their opinions on anything have any particular value.
Hell, even professional opinionaters do not seem to have any propensity to have anything to say that is worth listening to.


I thought he jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge ?

Janice Moore

Nope. That’s ode news. 😉


Groan… Bad puns will be flogged in the pubic square with a wet noodle.

What became impossible to conceal was the contempt of the “intelligensia” for the peons, excuse me, the “working class”. The other problem is that the actual depth of involvement by the greens was mostly at the level of fashion or custom, not any real understanding. It was cool to be green, as all the people they were trying to suck up to were purported greens, and virtue signaling was no real inconvenience to themselves. Silly ass rich people can be destructive, like former fashions for certain bird plumes as hat decorations.
Only a rather small minority of the greens are really committed to their holy cause, and the politics is dealing with the hangers-on.

DD More

Tom, your “intelligensia” keeps on making statements like “The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all,” she said.
When we know 100% renewable energy economy that works for NONE.
But I have moved on from being a Deplorable. Now I’m “Negative, dark, divisive and dangerous“. Pretty cool huh?
I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump,” Mrs. Clinton fumed.
With that kind of recommendation, I will soon be a ‘True Romance’ cover model. That and if I can just covert 25 lbs of fat to muscle.

I wonder how he defines “uneducated.” I mean, since he obviously lacks an education himself.
I suppose he considers those Ivy League students who needed to play with crayons and
puppies after Trump’s win would be his idea of educated folks. We don’t need (or want) such educated folks.


hmmm I guess the song
” I wanna be american idiot”
was closer to home than I figured?
wont be supporting them any more, not that i really did prior;-)


Billie Joe Armstrong is a high school drop out, yet presumes to call blue collar workers uneducated.
Good luck winning back the votes of factory, oil rig and construction workers, loggers and especially coal miners, Loony Leftie coastal Dumpocraps. Not gonna happen. For years they’ve been tuning out their union bosses, who schmooze with limousine liberals in Hollywood and Manhattan, to vote their real interests. This year, they totally ignored them.

I have two engineering degrees and a bit more…
I have been responsible for energy projects worth billions of dollars and have initiated several significant improvements that made these projects much more successful.
The best managers I know have great respect for their people; they know their names and the names of their families, listen carefully to their opinions, are loyal to them and get strong loyalty in return.
I have much greater respect for the average working man than I do for ivory tower academics, especially the lefties, who seem to have two common characteristics – they have negative integrity and no common sense.
Regards, Allan


I have two degrees and feel the same.

The man makes the credential. The credential does not make the man. Warming a seat in a college or university does not mean you earned an education. Working your backside (or your brain) off doesn’t mean that you didn’t earn an education. Education is personal. Schooling, though, is not necessarily the same thing as education. Besides, the books never cover everything. Earning a living is the best education. You can’t beat the school of hard knocks.


Another example of the liberal superiority complex. Everyone else is wrong, uneducated, unwashed, deplorable even


“I am right and good, you are wrong and bad, and I have better things to do than argue why.”

Janice Moore

{H}ow do greens reach out to people whom they openly describe as “deplorable”?

Lie to them.


Tell ’em it’s rainin’ ; )


And since those being rained on were uneducated, the rainers thought that they could get away with it.
(Although we’ve got 4 years now to see if it starts raining again.)
[and there are those like Griff that like the rain so much they can’t understand why the rest of us don’t like it]


“Lie to them.”
This website is funny, in a sad way.
I read a lot of contempt for the “lefties” and the “greenies”, suffused with complaints about how the same lefties and greenies have “contempt” for the middle/working class. Pot… meet kettle…
Now, considering how it’s been demonstrated that on average, your president elect’s public statements have been complete fabrications containing not an once of truth a whopping 71% of the time, I would argue that “lie to them” is how you gather support from the right… not the left.
Further more, I am very confused with the fact that this here website used to be a science based website, I know I know, over the past few years it’s really become a political and propaganda site, but on occasion it still contains actual science. That being said, I am very surprised at the amount of readers a “science based” site like this contains, that have no issue with their political class getting stuffed with bible thumping, evolution denialists.
I mean… sure, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but how can one be interested in climate science going over hundreds of thousands of years, while at the same time supporting people who want school children to be taught that the earth is 7000 years old… I don’t get it.
Tit for tat, hate for hate, contempt for contempt, an eye for an eye… you’ve all gone blind.


86.4% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


Speaking of lying, here comes another leftist to demonstrate how it is done.
No it has not been demonstrated that Trump lies 71% of the time.
The problem with leftists is that they actually believe that the lies they tell each other are the truth.
Disagreeing with a socialist is not evidence that you are lying.


“I mean… sure, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but how can one be interested in climate science going over hundreds of thousands of years, while at the same time supporting people who want school children to be taught that the earth is 7000 years old… I don’t get it.”
I haven’t been reading this website for the full ten years it has been operating, but in the time I have been reading I have never heard even one person claim that the Earth is 7,000 years old. I’m wondering where you got this notion.
Actually, I do understand where you are coming from: You are putting forth an unsubstantiated talking point meant to imply that people who read this website are not very science literate.
How dumb is your talking point anyway? Answer: Pretty darn dumb. You probably thought it was pretty clever, I’ll bet.
Feel free to voice your Leftie opinions here. We will be happy to straighten you out.

Tom O

Thanks for the contempt. I don’t know why you have it, but I do know you earned mine.

Tsk Tsk

Well, Merica, if you had traveled the 57 states like your outgoing President has, you would know that there’s plenty of science denial on the Left. GMOs? Your cocktail swilling friends would happily see millions of children go blind and die from vitamin A deficiency if it meant that all of Gaia’s creatures would remain pure and untouched by the evil patriarchy. Nuclear (sorry, Nukular) Power? They are so concerned about global warming that they almost universally oppose any new nuclear (sorry, nukular) plant builds and oppose extending perfectly safe and dependable existing leases. It’s much better to make energy more expensive to help weed out the undesirables. How about the economics (or lack thereof) of minimum wages? I mean, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that human labor is the one good that will defy the supply/demand curve. It says so right in this here model…
Be my guest in ridiculing all those bitter clingers with their bibles and their guns (Help me out here, who said that? I’m pretty sure he was the great uniter who forsake hate and division to lead by example. Right?) who believe that the world is 6000 years old and wrap yourself in your smug certainty that such beliefs will impoverish and cause the deaths of, um, no one. But thankfully the greens and the Left will more than make up for that. Who needs to take an eye when you can eliminate entire classes of human beings?
Careful how tight you clutch those pearls. I hear the fake ones can be quite sharp when they crack.

In reply to MERICA! –
I was taught TOLERANCE and the Golden Rule as a child. Tolerance of differing views is why this site is so successful whether the discussion goes from pure science to political science and everything in between. Recently, science has become very politicized. It becomes difficult to view science without looking at the politics behind it.
You could argue that science has always been politicized – think inquisitions, space race, colonization – many endeavours have been science enabled and politically motivated. Sometimes it is hard to draw the line between science and politics.
My career in consulting engineering put me firmly in the ground between science and politics so tolerating the vagaries of both was part of the job. Give me a problem, I’ll find you at least three answers. Then you pick the one that suits you, knowing the benefit and risk of each solution and your political bent.


Perhaps it escaped your notice that a GOP judge, nominated by a GOP administration, ruled that public school kids can’t be taught creationism as science.
Also, speaking of blatant, shameless, bald-faced lying, please remind me who said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? And, who claimed that no classified documents were on her illegal private server? Who claimed to have helped Haitian quake victims, while actually enriching herself?


Hmm. If you have the time I would entreat you to read this very informative article.


The blanket conceit that critics of the Darwinian paradigm, questioners of the orthodox geological timeline, and seekers of Christian evidences are all “anti-science” is naive, tired, and wrong. Those who spout it are only guilty of the same dogmatic thinking of which they accuse those groups.

tony mcleod

Clinton’s term, neither left nor Green. More confected nonsense from Eric “Click-bait” Worrell.

Janice Moore

Green = left.
Clinton = left’s chosen representative.
Clinton = “deplorable.”
Logical conclusion: Green = “deplorable.”
Good job, as usual. Eric.

Janice Moore

Note for the ill-informed: “Green” in current useage is “soft green,” i.e., radical, usually only ephemerally based in science, environmentalism. Hard green in current useage is “conservationism.” Soft greens are almost exclusively “left.”

It’s all Gang-Green (gangrene) to me, Janice. Thank goodness for Trump. MAGA (Make America Great Again). 🙂


You left out self-enrichment, Toney tony.


tony mcleod November 21, 2016 at 6:33 pm
“Clinton’s term, neither left nor Green. More confected nonsense from Eric “Click-bait” Worrell.”
Exactly. Worrell often twists things. Clinton used the word then apologised. So one very centre person (not let or right) used it realised the mistake.
What does Trump do? His attempt to reach out to woman was to stretch his hand just far enough to grab their genitals.

Brett Keane

November 21, 2016 at 10:45 pm : Yeah, just suck it up Simon. I see you have found your level again, trollbot.


Brett Keane
“My level” ….mmm I will take that as a compliment if you mean I didn’t lower my “level” to stoop to vote for the groping predator?


No your level is to vote for the woman who defended a rapist.

Richard Baguley

MarkW, when a judge appoints you to a case, you cannot refuse.

But you do not have to laugh about how you get the perp off on a technicality.


When you get a rapist off through technicality/lies and then after the fact you brag/laugh(cackle) about how you got away with it, are you still protected by the “everyone deserves the best defense” and the “judge appointed her” standard?
Or you a nasty self serving bitch?


Richard Baguley November 22, 2016 at 10:56 am wrote:
“MarkW, when a judge appoints you [Hillary Clinton] to a case, you cannot refuse.”
Richard, I think the rapist MarkW was referring to as being defended by Hillary Clinton, was Bill Clinton, not the criminal case you are referring to.


Hillary Clinton is herself an accessory to her husband’s rapes, and has also been accused of raping women herself.

Richard Baguley

DonM writes: “brag/laugh(cackle)”….which is a debatable characterization.

TA Bill was never convicted of rape, so why call him one?

PS DonM, obtaining a plea deal for a client is not “getting them off”

Trump has never been convicted of lying, so why call him one?
See how that works?


To include girls, as she and Bill were both part of Epstein’s international pedophile ring, a human trafficking gang further elucidated by Weiner’s laptop.


Richard Baguley
November 22, 2016 at 12:28 pm
Al Capone was never convicted of murder, yet he was indubitably a murderer.

Richard Baguley

Chimp, see my response to TA above with regard to “her husband’s rapes”

Also Chimp, your statement: “and has also been accused of raping women herself” is really very very funny.

“and has also been accused of raping women herself” is really very very funny.

Yes, I guess it would be funny to someone who laughs at getting a child rapist off on a technicality.
However, there are accusations out there by people that claim she is. You might say it is as credible as Trump’s lies.


It’s not funny to the women and girls who have made the accusations.
Do you honestly believe that Bill Clinton is not a rapist? You don’t believe the women who independently stated that his MO is to bite their lips?
The accusers are in his and her case infinitely more credible than the odious Clintons.


Richard, I’ll let others deal with Hillary’s misdeeds on that case. But I was referring to her husband.


Funny how the left pulls out every dodge in the book to deal with their own sides crimes.
Bill was never convicted of rape, so we can’t call him one.
On the other hand when it comes to Republicans, even the appearance of impropriety is sufficient to destroy careers. No actual convictions necessary.


Chimp, Richard doesn’t care. Bill is a member of his team, therefore he can’t be guilty.


“TA Bill was never convicted of rape, so why call him one?”
Because I think he is. Ever hear of Juanita Broaddrick? Ever hear her describe how Bill raped her? “Put some ice on that” Bill told her after he was finished. I believe her. I also think Bill Cosby is a rapist. He hasn’t been convicted, either. Yet.

Tim Hammond

Typical Liberal Left, unable to fathom that big government and support for Climate Change could possibly be Left or Green. Because not supporting either is “far right”. You simply have no idea where the centre is, and frankly look as out of touch as Clinton did.


In the view of most college campuses, there are communists, who are the centrists.
There are the socialists who are conservative, and everyone one else, who inhabit the far, to fringe right positions.


Wow, unless one is full blown communist, you aren’t leftist.
As to Green, she said she is. Most of here policies are.
I guess that this is another example that unless she’s pure, far left green, then she is neither.

Ryan Harris

Giving primarily rich millionaires money to buy expensive sports cars and money to buy solar panels for their roofs is not progressive. Sounds regressive, using taxes from the poor rate payers on the grid to subsidize rich people. A progressive policy would GIVE solar panels to provide for poor people, tens of thousands that don’t have any electricity. A progressive policy would make buses and cabs and public transport electric and efficient. Progressive would use the public sector to push technology and lower prices for everyone, not just temporary subsidies for rich, early adopters. The dumb white people will support progressive policies, when they become progressive and are not self-serving rich people policies.


Therein lies your problem.
Government is incapable of pushing technology, and the only way government ever makes something cheaper is by taxing other people to pay for it for you.


What do we mean by poverty? Not what Dickens or Blake or Mayhew meant. Today, no one seriously expects to go hungry in England or to live without running water or medical care or even TV. Poverty has been redefined in industrial countries, so that anyone at the lower end of the income distribution is poor ex officio, as it were—poor by virtue of having less than the rich. And of course by this logic, the only way of eliminating poverty is by an egalitarian redistribution of wealth—even if the society as a whole were to become poorer as a result.

Yet nothing I saw—neither the poverty nor the overt oppression—ever had the same devastating effect on the human personality as the undiscriminating welfare state. I never saw the loss of dignity, the self-centeredness, the spiritual and emotional vacuity, or the sheer ignorance of how to live, that I see daily in England. In a kind of pincer movement, therefore, I and the doctors from India and the Philippines have come to the same terrible conclusion: that the worst poverty is in England—and it is not material poverty but poverty of soul.

Janice Moore


John Harmsworth

Poor means one who has neither a government job nor a grant to study (invent) climate change.


Keep saying it (or quoting it). Eventually others will understand….


I think this is from Theodore Dalrymple’s Life at the Bottom. Strongly recommended.


“The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all,” she said.
Large wind/solar projects are the death knell to any economy as they: makes all goods more expensive and less competitive, lower living standards, destroy jobs, put more people on welfare, decrease GDP, increase trade deficits, increase the national debt, devalue the US$, decrease tax revenue, force the Fed to print more money, and on and on— economic Armageddon…
The ONLY ways to actually improve the US economy are to: repeal Obamacare, end the Federal Reserve, trash the 76,000-page tax code and all income/withholding/corporate taxes, and replace with just ONE federal 15% sales tax, slash government spending 50%, cut the $2 trillion/yr regulation compliance costs by 70%, balance the budget, build THE WALL, return to a gold standard, end the CAGW ho-x, and allow free-floating interest rates.
If all the above were implemented, “we’d get tired of winning”.
Trump plans to do just two of the above…
A start, but it’s better than nothing…

John Harmsworth

Sounds good! Run for the Republican nomination next time..


Further weaken the tyrannical federal regime by selling or handing over to the states all the land administered as a DC colony by the central government in Western states, to include both the criminal conspiracies otherwise known as BLM and USFS.
Trump also opposes that needed reform.
Make vote fraud a capital crime.
Amend the constitution to award Electoral College votes on the NE and ME model, with one per congressional district and two for the statewide winner.

“Trump also opposes that needed [BLM] reform.”
I think more information would be helpful there Chimp! We have some encouraging appointments and there has not yet been time to discuss the latest National Monuments federal land grab or Obama’s earlier land grab programs. This is a very hot and under reported issue. The local people and the Indian Tribes are passionately opposed to this. The anti-Monument signs are everywhere. So good on you for bringing it up.
I can say that Donald J Trump did campaign in California for the mismanagement of water there to end.
Somewhat related, there are plenty of toll road attempts that local people are rejecting as well. We keep saying “No, no, how about no,” and the extremely expensive and unnecessary toll bridge and public train keeps coming back to us in a new package.


About 28% of the entire US land area (2.27 billion acres) is owned by the federal government, or about 640 million acres.
Apart from established National Parks, military bases, land occupied by government buildings, etc., almost all federally-owned land should be sold to the private sector.


Maybe he can be persuaded differently, but campaigning in NV, Trump specifically opposed turning federal land in the West over to the states or selling it.
But in any case, he’s preferable on this issue to Clinton, who would have supported continued land grabs by greedy bureaucrats.


“A start, but it’s better than nothing…”
Yes, and it’s a heck of a lot better than what we would have gotten with ole Hillary. It’s a new day.


Green Day was edgy back in the 90’s, but now they’re just a group of 40-somethings wondering how to deal with their thinning hair and spare tires. And of course how to keep their names in the press.


The fundamental problem for the left is that their policies do not make any sense. We all saw Clnton’s famous rant:

homophobic, transphobic, a basket of deplorables

People with these attitudes are unacceptable, yet there is never any mention of cisphobic or lumophobic. That is the problem. It is illuminating to see what is being condemned here.
These terms refer to geometric isomers in organic chemistry, where a cis isomer has two functional groups on the same side of the molecule. Conversely, the trans isomer has the two functional groups on opposite sides of the molecule. So according to the left, someone who has a hatred of functional groups on opposite sides is deplorable, while someone who is cisphobic gets a free pass. Does not make sense.
To understand this, we need to review Molecular Orbital Theory and the electron transitions which give rise to molecular spectroscopy.
HOMO: Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital
LUMO: Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital
HOMO/LUMO: The transition of an electron from the highest energy occupied orbital to the lowest energy unoccupied orbital. This is the lowest energy transition, and so is the “default”.
Again, we see the problem. Someone who is fearful of highest occupied orbitals is deplorable, while someone who is afraid of lowest unoccupied orbitals is, again, given a free pass. And again, this does not make any sense.
Or maybe the problem is that I have been called Racist and Sexist once too many times in this past election cycle.

Janice Moore

APPLAUSE! Where do we sign up for your class, Professor Tony! That was cool!
Next lecture: “Organic” — Don’t Get Me Started


cisphobic and transphobic:
I would have to counsel any student that has these phobias to try to stay clear of Organic, at least after requirements are completed.
homophobic and lumophobic:
If the very thought of Molecular Orbital Theory leaves you virtually paralyzed with fear and terror, that is perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, it is required. No escape for you.

In a democratic country, we have a right to speak about difficult issues like race and male-female relations without being called a racist or a sexist – particularly when those terms are being used to prevent discussion by those with an agenda of hate.
Racism is ascribing to people attributes based solely on their race. So, if you say “white men are racists”, you are in fact being both a racist and a sexist. Indeed, anyone who uses race in any way for a political end – is a racist, whether or not they deem it morally “good”.
Similar arguments apply to sexist (and remember, with men dying earlier on average than women – we never hear any of those feminists asking to “equalise the age of death”).
So, next time I suggest if someone calls you a racist, point out to them that by falsely attributing your views to race – it is they who are the racist.


Trump chose to appoint to office, and as his VP, people who are factually known to have started, directly support or be supported by White Nationalists, the KKK, religious extremists, anti gay lgbt, whatever you want to call them organizations.
The future vice President of the United States believes that electro-shocks can cure gay.
White nationalists at Trump rallies are regularly seen using the Nazi salute.
You president elect himself was recorded, on multiple occasions, disparaging women, treating them as objects and boasting about sexually assaulting them.
So the statements of “homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic” are actually FACTUAL STATEMENTS.
As for the “deplorables” part, I agree that it’s rather an opinion and not a statement of fact and as such is no more or less accurate than anyone’s opinion about it’s veracity. I myself believe that it’s nowhere near a potent enough adjective to describe some of those people.


Your ignorant fact free spew against Trump is sort of a pathetically funny demonstration of how self hypnosis can undermine one’s capacity for rational thought.


They Insult You.
They Hold Your Values and Aspirations In Contempt.
They Despise You. Your Family. Your Community.
And Then They Expect You To Vote For Them.
Green Day had a hit in 2004 with the song ‘American Idiot’. Surprised that The Democrats did not use it as their election theme song. Maybe next election.
And The Left Green Liberal Axis Position Themselves As The Educated, Intelligent Ones!


My understanding is right wing voters tend to be better educated.
I live in an Australian town that is full of what Clinton calls Deplorables. It is a blue collar town. The Unions and Greens openly advocate the closure of industry – it is energy intensive. I can say the skilled workers affected are in high tech industry, on six figure salaries, and chose to fore go University education to get the better paid jobs. They are multiracial, there are homosexuals, and so on.
Normally the district votes in right of center candidates. The Left just don’t represent workers anymore.

Med Bennett

Trump voters are actually better educated on the issues than every other demographic group identified in this survey – Clinton supporters came in last.


I don’t know how it turned out this election, but in past elections voters were increasingly Republican as you went from high school, to college, to masters degrees. It wasn’t until you started into the doctorates that voters started to swinging to the Democrats.
Breaking down the doctorates, by far the greatest number of Democrat voters were in the soft disciplines. History, art, women’s studies, etc.

John M. Ware

You have mischaracterized “soft disciplines.” There is nothing “soft” about history. As a music historian, I worked with historical and musical data in various analytical ways and dealt with manuscript sources from the 14th and 15th centuries and printed sources thereafter, to say nothing of music theory and the history of instruments. Now, things like women’s studies, various ethnic studies, and all the politically-correct “studies” are, indeed, mostly data-free (though much good research has already been done in, e.g., African-American literature, music, and art) and could be called “soft” disciplines. Incidentally, in spite of my music Ph.D., I am a solid, conservative Republican and voted for Mr. Trump with satisfaction and joy in my heart. So there!

Paul Westhaver

but how do greens reach out to people whom they openly describe as “deplorable”?
If I knew, I would be strongly disinclined to help them by saying anything in public. Rather I’ll offer this advice…
If the Greens wish to attract more white blue collar men and women then all ya have to do is outlaw guns, beer, steak, and Walmart. I suggest you get on that right away. … good luck with that.

And keeping Nancy Pelosi as the Democrat leader is good, too.


And keep up the drumbeat with those protests and riots.
And, above all else, do not forget to call every Trump supporter as many hate names as you can think of at every opportunity.
Do those things, and choose Keith Ellison as DNC chair, and you will rout them Rs right out of town, lickity-split!

Paul Westhaver

doncha just love helping those greens!

“all ya have to do is outlaw guns, beer, steak, and Walmart” – sounds like official Scottish government policy.


Funny, I thought it was. Just change Walmart for Asda or Aldi. 🙂


I used to live in a town that had WalMart, Sam’s Club and Aldi in the same shopping center.
Heaven I tell you. No need to ever shop anywhere else.


Should have mentioned that Home Depot was across the street.

Peter Morris

Well of course more businesses are onboard than ten years ago. They’re getting a primo spot at the govt feeding trough.


There is yet another name out there now for liberals being issued by themselves. It’s called Contemporary Democrats. That is opposed to working class people, rank and file Democrats, and Yellow Dog Democrats. Or better yet, it’s the Party of Media and Branding Manipulators.


Well, if they want to be known as “Contemptible Democrats”…

David Ball

The punk ethos, as far as I know, is anti-elite, anti-establishment. What the hell happened? Hahahahaha


They became part of the rich, elite establishment…?


Yet nothing I saw—neither the poverty nor the overt oppression—ever had the same devastating effect on the human personality as the undiscriminating welfare state. I never saw the loss of dignity, the self-centeredness, the spiritual and emotional vacuity, or the sheer ignorance of how to live, that I see daily in England. In a kind of pincer movement, therefore, I and the doctors from India and the Philippines have come to the same terrible conclusion: that the worst poverty is in England—and it is not material poverty but poverty of soul.
Sounds just like a scene out of Atlas Shrugged …
Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Brett Keane

November 21, 2016 at 7:46 pm: But Brexit. And Doctors tend to live in a cocoon too…..

Remember, that those “in poverty” as you put it, have historically voted for the Labour party. And as a result, whilst Labour would huff and puff about getting people out of poverty, it really had no wish whatsoever to set them free.
And indeed, the easiest way to explain mass immigration – was a way to increase the numbers in poverty and thus increase the labour vote (although tories obviously benefit from cheap labour: cheap plumbers, cleaners, nurses, nannies, etc.)

Describing those backing Trump as “uneducated white working-class people”, Armstrong added: “That’s the problem right there. There’s this white nationalism that’s been brewing under the radar for a long time.

The idea that Donald J Trump’s election had anything to do with “white nationalism” is a head fake by the defeated media. The alternative and more accurate way of describing it is as a response of rural America to the people in the cities. Rural and Urban America have completely different economies, cultures, and interests.
The blue counties are where half of the pop of the entire country lives:comment image
Here is one county map for the presidential elections:

In the country we are used to the cities yanking the entire state around and spending the money on their own expensive projects.
But the important differences to keep in mind is that in rural America people there are generally more independent, own land and farms, and own small businesses. In the cities there are college students, academics, social workers, and a lot of people on welfare. These are dependency classes. One quick example of the clash of interests between rural and urban America is the fashionable statements about converting to Electric Vehicles. It is pathetic to think that anyone could subsist in the rural states with cars that are so limited in range, ability to function in cold weather, or in usefulness for hauling trailers or moving cargo of any kind. It is just silly when people in the city claim that evs are the cars of the future. It shows how little they get out and how narrow, self-interested, and incapable they are in their decisions.
IT is just a thumbnail sketch, but this gives a better understanding of the cultural and economic clash in the US. What is happening here has vanishingly little to do with “white nationalism.” I believe that the democrats have planned to make rural America entirely irrelevant in elections, and that the businesses and politicians believed that this was an inevitable trend. They believed the demographics and marketing experts who were saying this. But they are wrong. Rural America is not irrelevant and you would miss us if we were.


The election was decided in the suburbs. Rural areas went for Trump, even though in much of the rural West, he is not liked, to put it mildly. Urban areas, obviously went Yugely for Clinton, voting themselves more goodies. The suburbs are perhaps surprisingly blue collar, as a lot of Yuppies live in the inner cities.
Based on my acquaintance, Trump probably won because of white women in the ‘burbs, who saw through Hillary.


the serfs didn’t go buy land once they left the manor, did they?
high population density makes people crazy in many different ways. it’s the best place for acquired misanthropy…lol

“Urban areas, obviously went Yugely for Clinton, voting themselves more goodies.”
You mean like the 1 in 7 people on food stamps now?
That’s the truth Chimp. And between the increased illegal immigration, the federal refugee settlement programs which placed thousands of migrants in each state, and the shift to the millennials as an equal demographic to the Boomers, the marketers and demographics experts were sure that the population would tilt away from the rural counties, never to return. If you go through a small town you will see just local retail, restaurant and repair shops and a lot of farms. That is a middle class, often church-going, small business owning, and independent part of our economy and culture.
If the dependency classes and cities can become large enough fast enough, the elections all go to the city voters state-by-state, from here on out. So to conceal the facts, they call it “white nationalism.” But out there is where the food is grown and where the ores and resources are. The strength and might of the nation.

gnomish November 21, 2016 at 9:22 pm says, “high population density makes people crazy in many different ways. it’s the best place for acquired misanthropy…lol”
They have a lot of chemical assistance for their problems as well. Though I have seen evidence that heroine is flooding some of the small towns. Not much heroine or coke interdiction at all, considering the extent of the pandemic.

Bruce Cobb

Reminds me of the recent SNL sketch “The Bubble”:

Bernie Bills! (:


Over the years, I’ve seen a number of studies on animals that are forced to live in crowded conditions.
It never ends well.


Zeke, having heroines flood small towns is not a problem. Unless there aren’t enough heroes to go around.

MarkW says, “Zeke, having heroines flood small towns is not a problem.”
That was very unfortunate spelling. Let me clarify that I do not oppose temporary visas with possible path to citizenship for heroines, Amazons, or women with superpowers, as it may have appeared. (: thanks MarkW

David A

It is more one sided then that map shows. Take San Diego County for example. Geographically it is likely that only the city of San Diego is blue.


Working class, okay. White working class… Don’t legitimize [class] diversity. It’s a progressive slope.

Black Working Class gets the double whammy, not only are they part of the basket of deplorables if they vote for their own self-interest, they are castigated for being “Uncle Toms” for providing an example of success for blacks that does include Theology, Politics, Entertainment or Professional Athletics as a vehicle.


While Trump’s competitors focused on smoothing functions, lowered expectations, and [class] diversity, Americans voted for Revitalization, Rehabilitation, and Reconciliation. Positive progress.

Med Bennett

Wasn’t one of their albums titled “American Idiot”? That pretty well describes their fan base.


Yep. But, no need to disparage the fan base.:)

Great music!! – but absolutely ace once I realised they were attacking all the “greenwash”.

Pat Frank

All those folks, from Billy Joe Armstrong to Bernie Sanders, have completely misconstrued their opposition (not surprising as their analysis is completely self-serving.
It’s not just white working people.
Their opposition is the people from all walks of life (and all ethnic groups) — working middle class including construction workers, oil-rig roughnecks, and farmers, through to working professionals — thoughtful tolerant people who are fed up to here with 40 years of progressive pieties shoved down their throats.
They’re fed up with the Progressive lie that America is deeply, inherently and irremediably racist.
They’re fed up with the villainously self-righteous Progressive war against the police.
They’re fed up with being taxed to support Progressive politics forced onto their children in public schools.
They’re fed up with an intentionally porous border, and the war against the American culture of civil freedom.
They’re fed up being told that the fully factually justifiable dislike of Islam is pathological and racist (This despite Islam’s obvious and world-wide self-indulgence in religious hostility, violence and murder, its claim of a divinely ordained misogyny and slavery, and its sacralized duty of social discrimination and oppression.).
They’re fed up with the related dishonesty of politicians who never name the enemy that is actively waging a murderous war against the West and its freedoms: Islam.
They’re fed up with a dishonest press.
They’re fed up being taxed to support academic feminists, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, critical race theorists including the despicable “Whiteness Studies” curricula, and others — all of whom consider it their virtuous duty to write learned essays whose whole point is to vilify Americans. And none of whom, by the way, understand the difference between knowledge and opinion.
It’s not the white working class. It’s everyone who is fed up with this.
Feel free to add to the list.

I’ll just offer my +

and I’ll offer a few more +’ss


Of all the oversimplifications of group psychology I have ever been exposed to, thee one I like best comes from noted author Robert Heinlein: “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”
This election was the rejection of those who would control us all by those who rebel at being controlled.

Pat Frank

tadchem, I’ve come to think of the Enlightenment as a cultural speciation event (we humans are the only culturally obligate species).
The event saw the emergence of a portion of the population that had an epiphenomenal ability to be facultatively individualistic, within a population with a long evolutionary gradient for a collectivist culture and a brain structure (mentation) that supported it.
The evolution of a group with an in-built preference for collectivist culture was necessary to social cohesion; a survival trait in a milieu of relentless competition.
The emergence of facultative individualism was produced by people whose brains were accidentally structured to permit thinking unconstrained by cultural mores, while not requiring it. Since their ability was facultative, they could as well adjust themselves to the collectivist culture, and so persist without revealing their difference.
However, the slow growth of rational thought by gifted individuals undermined collectivist morality, and the sudden rapidity of technology lent power to individuals.
The ‘culture wars’ we see now make sense as the struggle of two species for the same territory; in this case obligate collectivists vs. facultative individualists and the territory is human culture.


Well said, and (I believe) absolutely correct…especially the “thoughtful tolerant people” part. I can say, for myself, that I’m so emotionally weary of the constant vilification and condescension I’m subjected to for my beliefs/views. I’ve experienced, on so many numerous occasions (yes, yes, I know, “so many numerous” is quantifiably redundant, but it’s also rhetorically effective…), surprise by liberal friends and acquaintances at my considered explanations for conservative opinions…as though they’ve never bothered to even explore the potential for a rational, unsentimental logic behind the opposition viewpoint. And for that, I’M the stupid one? Please!
Also, yeah, I’m a fan of Green Day’s music (though I prefer The Offspring)…what can I say, I’m a Gen-X’er. But I’m a fan despite of their silly politics…and would appreciate it if they’d stick to music instead of wading into partisan politics. I mean, sure, punk often goes into social commentary and such, and I’m used to that. But railing against social injustice / issues doesn’t have to mean you have to act like a political hack. Case in point:

Pat Frank

Good on you for standing up for yourself, rip. I’m guessing you’ve got better arguments than the others, and that it doesn’t make any difference.

Adrian G

I find it hilarious that democrats (the plorables) complain that the less well paid and “uneducated” have voted for Trump. Democrats, socialists, labor, progressives (whatever you like to call them) have always relied on the lower socio-economic groups to get into power. Have you ever heard republicans or conservatives complain about that? Of course not, they just accept the outcome and get on with life.

John F. Hultquist

My take: People east of the Hudson River (& similar places) are clueless.
Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” [George Carlin]
Someone thinks there are 60.5 Million “uneducated white working-class people” — And those are the ones that voted.
“Advertisers are grappling with a stark realization: After spending years courting U.S. consumers with aspirational images of upscale urban living, they may have misjudged the yearnings of much of their audience.” .. in the WSJ, Nov. 21 (restricted access)
“upscale urban living” Remember Arugula-gate, when Obama asked about the price of arugula?”

Michael Jankowski

Same-old talking points about uneducated, racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc, voting for Trump.
I think it was Mark Steyn who pointed out that there were over 600 counties that voted for Obama in both of the previous two elections…and about one-third of those instead went for Trump in this election. Why weren’t those uneducated whites voting against Obama?


cuz they did it twice already so they already have a yes.we.can t-shirt and obamaphone.


It must be that those uneducated, racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc’s, hate of women was much greater that their hatred dark skinned men; so much so that the trade off of getting the replacement phone wasn’t considered a positive.


Note the mention of nationalism, as if it is bad for anyone to be loyal to one’s country. The Nazis were The Nationalist Socialist Party, but the evil part of them was the radical imposition of socialism, made acceptable to Germans by cloaking it as a national pride issue.
Nationalism has been demonized, with the wrong notion that nationalism was the evil of the Nazis. It was nationalism that helped Britain stand up to the Nazis and American Nationalism helped us win WW II. TO have pride on ones country is not a bad thing and that is nationalism.
The other reason for them to denigrate and sneer at nationalism is that the UN and Agenda 21 need to destroy national sovereignty and that includes getting rid of or demonizing people who love their country.
It was the many different socialistic, economy-killing, personal rights attacks, and abrogations of the Constitution, combined with rampant lies and complete lack of transparency that lost the election for Clinton. Oh, and then there was her arrogance, two-faced public and private policies, rampant corruption, and her tolerating her sexual predator husband. A clearly dishonest person such as Hillary does not garner many female votes, even when she pulled the ovaries card, because women are good at seeing the evil in other women. She lost the election in myriad ways. Sure white working class men wanted a better economy, jobs, and fewer regulations—this does not make them bad in any way—it makes them adults. They knew Hillary was going to be more of the failed policies of our incumbent socialist only she would spend her time pilfering our treasury directly.


“Uneducated”….seems to be the word for pompous leftists attempting to pretend that their opinion has more value. But here’s a little suggestion…..when the polling companies are asking people whether they have a college education they should ask one more probing question. That question would be from which faculty did they receive their degree. There are so many utterly USELESS college degrees these days that to say one has a college degree does not necessarily indicate education as much as indoctrination.

For “uneducated” … read as “un-indoctrinated”.


Apparantly, unless you have multiple degrees in women’s studies, you aren’t educated.


I always lie to pollsters anyway. It’s a lot of fun.


I like Green Day, Billy and the gang.
Best keep them where they are. When Apple Inc. iTunes and Apple Music go bust, they will be back to playing in the queer bars off the main streets and on the street corners in SoHo for tips and giving trists in the alleys for tips, just like the old days come again.

Thanks guys and gals for all the comments , I am still smiling about the angst from the left. A thanks to JM, your comments make me laugh and happy every time!

Janice Moore

Sybot! (a) — THANK YOU!! 🙂 Happy to know that.


He said: “I’ve got family members from Oklahoma that are big Trump supporters. And there’s no clear answer on why they’re supporting him because he doesn’t even have any policies.”
Hey Billy Joe Stupid. Here’s a comprehensive list of Trump’s policies….. Can you read?

A “policy” is something upon which the democrats and republicans have mutually agreed to have slightly differing views.
What you are referring to are “consensus” – as in the democrats and republicans have mutually agreed that they want to have nothing at all to do with them.


It’s right up there with the left’s definition of bi-partisanship.
Republicans and Democrats working together to pass the Democrat’s agenda.


Even Bernie Sanders is completely out of touch with the flyover states. I watched him give a speech about how all white men have white privilege, imagine how well that went over in coal country.


Sorry, as a long-time habitue of SF Bay Area punk/whatever clubs – never liked Green Day at all.
Yeah, I’m sure plenty of other bands I did like are equally loony, but these guys sucked from day one.


Say, Jem, how are the Holograms doing lately?

Trump drains the swamp
Government officials not allowed to lobby. Bad news for Saudi Arabia, bad news for climate lobby, good news for America.


… reach out to these “stupid” working class people.

They aren’t so stupid. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama promised to improve the condition of the working people. They lied and implemented policies that really stuck it to the working people. In other words, they treated the working people like they were stupid.
The working people aren’t stupid. They do know that they have been betrayed. evidence


Wow read my comment above! It explains all of this!
or paste this into your browser without the quotes.
It could be that this will destroy the Democratic Party.


So the answer to being betrayed, is to elect a president who made big promises, but has been demonstrated to be a liar in over 71% of his statements?
How’s that going to work?

That “71%” is pure factoid, Merical. It is very similar to citing NASA GISS temperature “records” or Al Gore as an expert. PolitiFact or the WAPO are very partisan, and about as likely to rate the statements of any Republican “true” as I am able to reach escape velocity by putting my head between my legs and spitting.


Like most leftists, Merica has been convinced that a lie is anything a lefist disagrees with.


How’s that going to work?

It might not. Both parties have stuck it to these folks in the past. They have no good reason to expect that anyone will look after their interests in the future. It’s pathetic really.


Thanks commieBob … first person with an answer instead of an insult. Good for you.
Yes, I personally think that Trump won because people didn’t hate him enough to vote against him, but certainly didn’t like Clinton to vote for her.
It’s a case of “none of the above”…
I just don’t see anything improving this way.


I’m at a loss to understand how the “elite” can consider themselves as such … they’re barely educated, lack experience, and exist in a “progressive” echo chamber. The “deplorables” have an enormous advantage, life based experience … some might be ignorant but the right education can fix that. On the other hand, the “elite” display a level of stupidity that is incurable, it cannot be educated out of them. No wonder they cry so easily, that level of STUPID must hurt like hell!

What the “elite” don’t understand is we use “elite” as a joke.


I usually use it as an insult.


Dude named his band after a garbage bin schedule.
Need to say more?
If he had named his band free expression , wide awake , or Explorer his belief in global warming and Al Gore would have been jettisoned like a used water bottle.
That’s how trivial his belief system is.


global warming has only one use, one facility that uses it.
The entertainment industry uses it a a shorthand gag to signal the audience that their actor portraying a “smarter that you” character (Sheldon on the big bang theory, the Muslim guy on Scorpion, the dude playing Sherlock on Elementary) is actually smarter than you.
It’s losing it’s effectiveness in this role, but not fast enough for public safety.
If there is some way for WUWT readers to attack this aspect of the AGW fraud in their private life, you would be doing the country a service.

Barry Sheridan

Should the Democrat party ever learn anything about this defeat, which was bigger than the bare figures because of voter fraud, they might start by bringing to an end the abuse of those they claim to want to represent. While it is correct to assert that many working people have only a hazy understanding of some of the issues in today’s world, most can sense when they are being ridiculed and rightly they resent it because most are neither especially racist or misogynistic. The resentments bred by societal contempt may have helped Mr Trump gain the White House, if so it is fully justified, because for too long men have endured racial and misandric abuse, the time has come to push back in anyway they can.


Voter fraud???
“for too long men have endured racial and misandric abuse”
OK… answer me this.
If a recording had come out of Clinton in which she had said “I just gab them by the sac, it’s easy”… honestly, would you have immediately called for her dismissal?
Have you ever been stopped and frisked? Or shot at?

Hillary’s dismissal from what? Her marriage? No, she deserves the rapist. SHe is not doing anything else. Pretty much like most of the rest of her life.


I’m hoping that Trump can name a couple of SC judges who are smart enough to realize that there is nothing discriminatory about asking to see photo id before voting.
If that ever happens, 10% of the Democrat vote total disappears in the next election.


Yes, we must have voter ID laws in place. Identification is required for just about everything in life. You have to have an ID to check out a library book.
The only reason the Left doesn’t want voter ID is so they can continue to cheat in future elections. The Left has never been able to show any voter disenfranchisement connected to requiring voter ID.

Just a thing for Billy Joe to think about.
It might be just as well his demented, diseased, Russians-under-the beds, neocon candidate lost the election. It’s to do with a little old thing called WW3.
While Russia has just moved missiles into its own territory of Kaliningrad, a Baltic exclave bordering NATO-armed Poland and Lithuania, the EU is about to vote on its own army, to be up and running by next year. That’s right. The dodgy German Empire, currently mismanaged by drunks and mediocrities and owned by lobbyists, is about to go out on its own, as if NATO wasn’t feisty enough for them. (We’re not sure where hundreds of thousands of military age males will come from, but we can make informed guesses.)
Just add Hillary to all that, and it’s enough to make you want to jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge, Billy Joe.


Greens, climate scientists or renewable energy advocates haven’t described anyone as deplorable.
Some candidate in some recent election may have described her political opponents in such a manner.
‘greens’ and certainly not climate scientists, people accepting climate science as a reality, those involved in renewables are not part of a single political point of view, they are not all democrats or of the left.


Hey Griff I dunno about the STATES but here in Australia we had a green candidate in a federal election Clive Hamilton an earnest “climate change is our fault academic activist” who stated that if the people did not vote for candidates who favored strong action on climate change then maybe we would have to do away with democracy itself
In short the country should be run by concerned citizens who both care about and understand the need for strong climate action–for example people like him
Dont know what you call that but to me its arrogant green elitism
By the way he not only did not get elected but also lost his monetary deposit for not attracting enough votes
That’s democracy at work
Hamilton’s other argument was that to” fix ‘ the climate we should aim for zero economic growth
As a member of the Green party which favors a greatly increased refugee intake he and they need to be asked how will the refugees get jobs in Australia if there is to be no economic growth ?


Well, that’s the Green party in Australia.
I don’t support the idea that renewables (needed to fight climate change as well as a useful emerging technology) need involve zero economic growth. Rolling out a renewable economy will produce jobs and growth and save industry money.
My point is that this article is from a US Republican party viewpoint and falsely equates Clinton with all green/climate science/renewable groups.
but looking at it the other way, I still believe climate scepticism is a political movement, largely indistinguishable from US Republicanism and its political allies.

So you obviously stick your thumbs in your ears and mutter “La La La” every time Mike Mann or Naomi Oreskes begin yet another of their hate speeches…
Must have never seen the exploding children video either.
That’s Ok. I hear they’re building a bubble in Brooklyn just for you.

May Boeve, the director of international climate group …said:

“The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all,”

She’s touting for her real boss: Californian hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, who, I imagine, had even more billions to gain in a futures bet on a “100% renewable energy economy” which is pure Sci-Fi. It’s a whole cake-of-comfort to me that her idiotic analysis will continue to lose them the working class vote.
Refs: Steyer / 350 / ClimateProgress / CAP / Podesta / Conspiracy
(1) Larry Tribe:

From: John Podesta
To: Tom Steyer
Subject: Larry Tribe
Can you get your pall McKibben to organize Harvard student protests against him. I’m all for academic freedom when it’s not bought and paid for by Peabody Coal.

(2) (2) Roger Pielke Jr: Wikileaks and me

Les Johnson

Not sure how Sanders can state he comes from the working class, as he has never been part of it. He never had a job until he was 40 (40!!). Even then it was an elected position. He has never received a paycheck that was not as a result of being a public, elected official.
Five Pinocchios for Sanders.

“Its a bit difficult to arrange government handouts when most of your political allies have been booted out of office.”
With the US under Trump and UK out of the eco-fascist EU, public funding for “Greens” will massively dry up. As a result, the endless nonsense publicity for “green” will dry up and with the wheels coming off the green bandwagon, commercial companies will no longer see any benefit jumping on the clapped out bandwagon and greenwashing their products.
It will be the end of the ecocene.


That’s not the message the UK govt are sending out…
Boris Johnson today indicated the UK govt would be seeking to convince Trump climate change was important…
“I really must say to the right honourable lady that I believe she is being premature in her hostile judgments of the administration-elect.
“And any such premature verdict, I believe, could be damaging to the interests of this country. It is important for us in this country to use our influence, which is very considerable, to help the United States to see its responsibilities, as I’m sure they will.”
He added: “I think it is vital that we are as positive as we can possibly be about the new administration-elect. And, as I have said before, I believe the UK-US relationship is of vital importance.
“I think that president-elect Trump is a deal maker. And when it comes to climate change, this is something that the UK has led on globally, we have had outstanding success and, yes – I’m very open with the House – it is a message that we are taking to the administration, we believe it to be important, we believe it be in the interests of the United States and of the world.”


..Hey Griff, go ahead and hold your breath while waiting for Trump to give a crap …IMHO…


In Ontario, Canada, the premier (governor) went on a renewable spending spree and now power bills have tripled and she is apologizing for creating a situation where people must choose between buying food and turning on the lights. Obviously, activists have taken control and the working class, who are the demographic overwhelmingly affected by this predicament, have been abandoned. And yet they still believe this type of stuff:
“The best way to unite a progressive coalition with working class voters is to push for a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all.”
I mean, if you’re a conservative I guess you might as well laugh all the way to the bank, while hoping the left doesn’t abandon this suicidal position.

michael hart

Perhaps they have a ‘cunning plan’ to compare Trump with someone other than Mr Hilter in 2020. We’ll see how well “literally Stalin” out for them. 🙂

WOW! We (white working class) have finally overcome! Now we are the sought after minority! And minority we are considering almost 95 million not working.
Maybe we can link arms with Jesse Jackson and sing “We Shall Overcome”!!!


Americans have an obsession to race. For example, Democrats seem to think…
There are two kinds of poor people.
1) Black people with low income
2) Uneducated deplorable white trash
There are two kinds of people
1) White trash racists
2) People who know white trash are racists


“”Describing those backing Trump as “uneducated white working-class people”, Armstrong added:”
Hypocritical of him since he was a high school drop out.