Dismal ratings for DiCaprio's Global Warming Epic 'Before the Flood' – beaten by 'Bubble Guppies'


The weekend ratings are out, and they aren’t good news for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Global Warming Epic ‘Before the Flood‘, which we reviewed yesterday on WUWT. Showbuzz Daily has listed the top 150 TV and Cable programs for the weekend, and in ‘the hottest year ever’, discussing the ‘most important topic ever’, Before the Flood came in at #61 for the weekend.


Ironically, the kids show “Bubble Guppies” beat it at #53. Ouch.

Perhaps this snoozer didn’t do so well because of the stellar cast of characters?


I mean, who wouldn’t want to tune in and have a jet-setting actor-millionaire, a government handout beneficiary, a Pope, the globe-trotting Secretary of State, the lame-duck president, the ‘Horndog-in-Chief” and the leader of the U.N. come on for 96 minutes and berate you for doing things like driving your car, eating hamburgers, and just not caring enough about the planet like they do while looking down on us from their private planes?

This review on IMDB, says it all:

Al Gore says it’s so and therefore it is?

30 October 2016 | by pete-801-834182 (United States) – See all my reviews
Basically DeCaprio was told by Al Gore (who has made a hundred millions of dollars by preaching global warming after he retired from political life, gained a bunch of weight and had nothing to do) that anthropological global warming is real, and from that point onward DeCaprio was convinced. LOL! Then DeCaprio presents the ole “97% of scientists” lie that has traveled around the world. In reality 66% of scientists have no opinion about AGW — Those opinions were conveniently thrown out of the messaged John Cook study. Then DeCaprio presents cherry picked anecdotal evidence, without ever questioning whether it’s a case of Texas Sharpshooting. Why didn’t he present the Vostok Station / Greenland ice core data to put the last 100 years IN PERSPECTIVE versus the last 5,000 years, 11,000 years and 420,000 years? And if he’s such a big fan of anecdotal evidence over temperature data then why didn’t he mention that Greenland used to be green? That 20,000 years ago New York was covered by a mile thick glacier? Why didn’t DeCaprio interview Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, who is not part of “Big Oil” and doesn’t buy into AGW? Because DeCaprio suffers from confirmation bias. The rest of this propaganda piece (I mean movie) continues under the ASSUMPTION that humans are causing the planet to warm and we all need to agree to tax ourselves more. No thanks.
Here’s the trailer, you can count how many times smokestacks (venting steam), gas flaring, and other images of petro-doom are presented.

383 thoughts on “Dismal ratings for DiCaprio's Global Warming Epic 'Before the Flood' – beaten by 'Bubble Guppies'

      • According to the parents of young children that I know (including myself), the Bubble Guppies are much less frustrating than alternative shows such as the Backyardigans. However, while they aren’t nearly the powerhouse of Dora or the Paw Patrol or the juggernaut that is Spongebob, it’s far from an obscure little show. I would think being beaten by a second-rate truck show on Spike TV or routine news shows would be a better useage for an insult.
        On the other hand, this was also available for free on streaming media such as Youtube. I’m certain a large fraction of the audience watched this for free there at their convenience instead of waiting for a certain time for cable TV.

      • Speaking of Paw Patrol, there was a howler (pun intended) of an early episode involving a power outage. Apparently Adventure Bay gets 100% of its electricity needs via three 10-foot tall wind turbines. XD
        But on the whole its a fun CGtoon for the kids, with only the occasional bit of greenie nonsense to deal with.

      • I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times I’ve seen the “whole city powered by two dozen wind turbines) meme. It’s really hilarious when they have the damn things actually be scattered THROUGH the city. Hopefully they don’t ever have a turbine fire or, shudder in terror, Blade Icing.
        The winner has got to be Big Hero 6 though, with their tethered wind turbine balloons
        Ya, no way that could ever go wrong. >_<

      • Given the fact that the premise is a groups of superhero puppies including a dalmatian with an infinite water cannon, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • 1Save are you implying DiCap’s advanced degree GED, after dropping out of high school, does not credential him as a ‘Scientist’? ‘Climate Scientist’ I might agree.

    • I think he said in the TV flyer that flying around the world looking at stuff “Terrified” him.
      Earth to Lennie !
      Quit flying around the world if it terrifies you.
      Based on ancient advice about knocking you head against the wall.

    • It’s been all downhill artistically for Lenny since “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. So what else can an artist do but tilt at windmills? Environmentalism is a religion. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • The pitiful ignorance of people like DeCaprio who operate as though we humans can destroy a planet which has existed before us for billions of years (and likely a few more after we are all gone) is embarrassing. How many cataclysmic, life ending events have taken place before we ever came into being? Ice ages, eruptions, meteoric fires yet it’s strange, isn’t it that the planet somehow survived and renewed itself.
      If this planet dies, it won’t be caused by our pathetic little lifestyles. In all likelihood, as in every other of these events, it will be from external forces within our universe.
      Try controlling that, DeCaprio! Perhaps the pretentious little punk should just shut up and tootle off in his big, shiny gas guzzling jet. ( Does anyone think he understands his own hypocrisy???)

      • You don’t think it’s possible the environment could get changed enough that it could no longer support human life? I would guess the planet would survive and renew itself, yet we would no longer be around. I’d have to say that’s the main concern.

      • Is this a real comment? or is this a robot throwing in a comment to maybe stir things up? I can’t even understand how an actual human can think this way? Did you even watch this? They who made the film and the people who support this are well aware of the fact that Earth will be fine and move on with or without us…but that does not change the fact that we are still destroying it WHILE WE ARE HERE!! Like you must not have kids..because I can’t imagine how you think the way we live is okay for the future generations. Again…you must not have watched this….or watch or read anything about weather, nature and wildlife…because it’s about all of that..not just human consumption and abuse of resources. Who exactly would you like to make these type of films? Would it be better if it was Kim Kardashion? Opra? a poor homeless man? a college student? Who in your opinion is right to speak on behalf of this issue? I think a person of means who is able to travel the world and who has lived a life of luxury is the PERFECT person for the job. Especially when he gets to see first hand the undeveloped countries and what they have to go through just to be able to eat food…the fact that we are Americans are obsessed with things, money, and FOOD and people elsewhere have NOTHING! Sure, an asteroid can come through and destroy the planet next month….I get that we can’t control what happens in the universe but so what? so we just do everything we can to pollute the planet while we are living on it now? The fact that there are basic resources (sunshine, wind, water, and dirt) for us to use yet we choose to ignore them because we want more, we want bigger, we have to have it all…when really we do not need 85% of the things we are brainwashed to think we need. Your comment and many others on this page are terrifying to me. I don’t ever even read these things…let alone comment on another persons opinion but this…this is unbelievable to me that there are people out there who think this way. You should really go out and hug a tree, take a swim in a clean river, lake or ocean, take a walk through the woods…do SOMETHING to help make your ass a little more compassionate and a lot less bitter about life.

      • Did you even look at those coral reefs? Do you even know about the fish & bird extinction records? Have you any idea of our global drinking water future? Do you know how many oil & chemical spills there are a day?The unknown loss from the rain forests alone….oh they must not effect you directly so you don’t see them. How could your opulent life have produced such a narrow mind? You are trying to define our planet with comical fact minutia. You’ve decided to agree with the the sold out scientists & bought media so you can stay in your comfort box.

      • Meagan, as a father of 4, what’s wrong with the way we live.
        Just because you are terrified on non-existent boogie men doesn’t mean the rest of us are required to suffer from the same mental deficiencies.

      • For the person called MarkW…I don’t know why there isn’t an option for me to reply to your comment that I assume was directed at me…
        “Meagan, as a father of 4, what’s wrong with the way we live.
        Just because you are terrified on non-existent boogie men doesn’t mean the rest of us are required to suffer from the same mental deficiencies.”
        First of all I can’t even take a person seriously when they literally see a name right there on the screen then still manage to spell it wrong. Second of all…. mass pollution of trash in our oceans, the cutting down and wiping out of rain forests in order to make palm oil plantations to mass produce a filler for literally everything that is sold in stores in America, putting drinking water and wildlife at risk just to put another pipeline in, taking away nature and our wildlife to put up more factories, more homes, more shopping malls I mean come on man I could seriously go on forever. Who literally sits there and says someone has “mental deficiencies” and “boogie man” lol whyyyy am I not surprised some idiot would have something stupid to say on what I wrote. I don’t even know why I bothered to say anything…when it’s very obvious the type of crowd I’m dealing with….like most of the comments on here state that they didn’t even watch it once they saw who was in it. LOL okayyy…I’m really happy you are a father of 4 and hopefully for their sake you open your mind someday.

      • His carbon footprint is horrible and still has the nerve to do this. Same with Harrison Ford (who doesn’t like him, right?) on a guest show telling his fans to take the bus while he owns a dozen airplanes…even more sad was the sheep applauding it.

      • I do know one thing, I’ve been conserving & taking care of the environment for almost 60 years, saving water, planting trees, saving energy, buying Hybrids, minimal lawn, solar hot water in 1982, always the best environmental friendly things – long before that grifter Al Gore came along, spewing his garbage, long before the corrupt Scientists who rigged the studies & long before De Caprio.
        I have also spent lot of time in the woods & bush, there isn’t a whole wrong with our world, so Maeghan stop worrying & fretting about something you have no control over, or just do your bit & try not to be such a bloody bore – nobody wants to hear it. All that worry & angst will make you old before your time.
        What I have seen over the years though, is that a lot of the people/hippies who profess to be stewards of the environment like to drive around in combi vans that spew black smoke – they just talk – they don’t actually do anything.

      • Lol. Haters are going to hate. Yes, I have no way confirming or denying what he or the other scientists have said, I am guessing you have no science background to confirm or deny these claims either. I am not quite sure how this got so many positive comments but…….during these billions of years how many of them have had factories, cars, planes, houses, that have run directly off of carbon fuels….. You are gonna base the 4+ billion years on this planet off animals who haven’t done shit to hurt the Earth? Guesing you just completely ignored the facts or just didn’t listen to them? How has the fact the water levels, and the temperatures are the highest in thousands of years, or the fact the ice caps are melting at the highest recorded level ever? Please prove your theory because the evidence seems clear to me. Honestly though, what is the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen from your comment assumes the worst as my grandchildern won’t have a life on this earth. The best that can happen is we change in a small way. Honestly, 90% of the people in the world are going to keep living there life the way they have. It is going to take that 10% to change. If 90% of the USA changed their way of life by .01% we will see a difference. Let’s change the world!

      • I’m with you Maegan! I feel strongly that these folks did not actually watch the film, they just love to tear down its messenger. I’ve been fighting the fight to get the word out about this film and how important it is. There will always be adolescents who enjoy their “clever retorts” more than actually educating themselves. Let’s hope they figure it out and get on board. If not, vindictively, I hope they’re the first to lose their comfortable ways of life.

    • This coming from a person that supports a website that about a month ago was writing articles about record arctic ice growth. But, no, please get back to your insightful Bubble Guppy articles and commentary. Absolutely nothing is going on in the Arctic or Antarctic right now.

      • Nothing is going on in the Arctic and Antarctic that hasn’t happened many times before, both before and after Mankind’s appearance on this planet. You alarmists need to get a little perspective on the topic, and come to terms with the fact that the science is far from conclusive.

      • Koop, it really doesn’t help when you start off your insults with such weak lies.
        The articles a couple of WEEKS ago dealt with the early turn around of the annual ice loss.
        A few months ago there was an article or two that pointed out that ice loss had ended and that on average the arctic was gaining ice each year.
        Regardless, the arctic always loses ice when PDO and AMO are in their warm phases, and gains ice when they switch to the cool phases. The arctic also always loses ice when there is a strong El Nino.
        Nothing out of the ordinary has occurred in the last few decades, despite the eagerness of many to claim otherwise.

    • I thought so too. Really, I saw the short “trailer” one day on the TV and since it was DiCraprio, had no desire to watch this garbage. Should have known the Lib in Chief was part of the cast.

      Stop attacking us, our intelligence, our culture and our WALLETS.
      We have had enough of your tax grab schemes and AUTHORITARIAN Control Freak regulations.
      Lets send a message to Americas own NewLeftistNazi trash:

    • Yes, and the facts are so simple:
      CO2 is a “trace gas” in air and is insignificant by definition. It would have to be increased by a factor of 2500 to be considered “significant” or “notable.” To give it the great power claimed is a crime against physical science.
      CO2 absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight per molecule as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat producing 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. Pushing panic about any effect CO2 could have is clearly a fraud.
      There is no “greenhouse effect” in an atmosphere. A greenhouse has a solid, clear cover trapping heat. The atmosphere does not trap heat as gas molecules cannot form surfaces to work as greenhouses that admit and reflect energy depending on sun angle. Gases do not form surfaces as their molecules are not in contact.
      The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD Micheal Mann erased for his “hockey stick” was several Fahrenheit degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was 500 years of world peace and abundance, longest ever.
      Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 rises followed temperature by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. Therefore temperature change is cause and CO2 change is effect. This alone refutes the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.
      Methane is called “a greenhouse gas 20 to 500 times more potent than CO2,” by Heidi Cullen and Jim Hansen, but it is not per the energy absorption chart at the American Meteorological Society. It has an absorption profile very similar to nitrogen which is classified “transparent” to IR, heat waves and is only present to 18 ppm. “Vegans” blame methane in cow flatulence for global warming in their war against meat consumption.
      Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.
      Most scientists and science educators work for tax supported institutions. They are eager to help government raise more money for them and they love being seen as “saving the planet.”
      Read the whole story in “Vapor Tiger” at Amazon.com, Kindle $2.99 including a free Kindle reading program for your computer.
      Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

      • “adrianvance November 1, 2016 at 7:47 pm
        …present to 18 ppm.”
        You mean 1.8ppm/v, or 1800ppBILLION/v as is usually used in the media?

      • So… what is your source for all these numbers? Most numbers you stated are simply wrong. The only credible source for statistics like these are studies that specifically set out to investigate the impact of greenhouse gases on global temperature, for example. So link those in your reply.
        While ‘before the flood’ could have focused more on explaining the science behind what is happening and may suffer from ‘confirmation bias’, spreading false information that non-believers greedily buy into is equally bad.

      • Geez, couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks Adrian for updating the stats..just follow the money trail to see who is pushing carbon taxes etc

      • Disregarding all the other opinions you are presenting, the atmosphere most certainly does act like a greenhouse. If it didn’t, we would have no heat. Heat rises, without something keeping it in, well it would be pretty cold. Study the planet Mars maybe, and you will see how are planet would be without an atmosphere. Or even better yet, study Venus, which has an atmosphere that is choked with greenhouse gases. You seem to lack a basic understanding of science.

      • While ‘before the flood’ could have focused more on explaining the science behind what is happening and may suffer from ‘confirmation bias’, spreading false information that non-believers greedily buy into is equally bad.
        Dieter, that is the problem. There is no “science” to explain it. The warmists all use manipulated numbers and faulty computer programs to spit out horror stories that have never and will never materialize. Period. There are NO facts at all in DiCaprio’s movie. ZERO

      • Dude, it is you that has shown yourself to be completely lacking any understanding of science. Venus is hotter than Earth not because of any “greenhouse gas” effect, but because it is closer to the Sun and has a much higher atmospheric density. When you compare the measured temperatures from Venus to the Standard Atmosphere at the same pressures from 1b to 100mb you will see that the ratio is exactly equal to that of the ratio of the distance between the Sun and Venus and the Sun and Earth. In other words the ambient temperature of the Venusian and Earth atmospheres are explained entirely by the density of the atmosphere and the distance from the Sun. Atmospheric composition has no real impact.
        The atmosphere has mass and therefore retains heat. The composition of it does not really matter, only the density of it (as represented by pressure). The radiative properties of gasses are largely irrelevant over about 100 mb in pressure when it comes to heat transfer. That is why the Moon actually disproves the “greenhouse gas” theory.

    • I’ve seen Dicaprio on his private boat with models and strippers and flying around the world jetsetting and he has the audacity to tell us regular folk that we are destroying the planet. This is just a big circle jerks to the dems and Leonardos lending a hand to help them keep the White House. The reson this show did bad is because this country is in a crisis and it has nothing to do with global warming and limosean liberals like Dicaprio have no idea what the crisis is and thinks us regular folk are going to care about his pet project. People would rather see James Franco’s documentary on gay porn then this.

    • What I want to know is, do Guppy Bubbles contribute to global warming. If so, guppies must be regulated.

    • Di Cap Rio has no idea what he doing. Perhaps motivated by the guild of his fortune for pretending to be other people and little else. He is a moon-faced idiot who thinks he’s as important as Fat Albert Gore … who is totally irrelevant at this point. These warmists are fighting a losing battle, it’s getting colder and we have no more money for this stupid stuff anymore anyway.

    • Great comment. LOL. DeCaprio is surrounded by liberal sharks who are perpetrating the biggest fraud of all time.

    • Bubble Guppies is awesome. Best comment I’ve heard. Four year olds are way more intelligent than these Hollywood nut job liberals. And four year olds act more mature than they do. Hollywood liberals will foam at the mouthg, kick, scream, and cry if they hear anything they disagree with.

    • so the guy wants to understand or even help what’s the problem? How is starting a whole page of comments to put down people who are trying to understand informational? you people watching bubble guppies we talking about world issues here how can your opinion hold up here? I mean… watts up with that?

  1. And you wonder why the “green” presidential candidate is snaring a whopping 2% of the vote according to the polls?

    • The first plank in Jill Stein’s platform is not saving the planet. She leads with “Anyone who wants a job with the federal government, gets a job with the federal government!” And soon Nikita Krushchev will have finally been proven right.

    • No….I do not wonder why the green weenie is polling at 2%. The enviroliars have been attempting to control policy through scare tactics for decades. Unfortunately, they have succeeded far too often and have destroyed entire industries and the well-being of many families due to spineless pols who refuse to shut them down.

    • Well, the Green Party did just basically endorse Trump over Clinton and so you shouldn’t be too harsh with them because it’s likely right up your alley.

  2. I wonder if it would have been #62 if Eric Worrall (who must have a strong stomach) hadn’t ‘taken one’ for all of us by watching it for his review? ; )

    • I watched it as well, You have to know the enemy and I just wondered if they would have something that would help their case. It didn’t and I wondered how much they had to edit the whole thing to make sure they didn’t actually pushed themselves into a legal corner by avoiding certain subjects like “AG Gate” re ESSO and other legal issues like Steyn and Mann.
      I survived but the bottle of wine didn’t! ( It got treated with a lot less respect than it deserved)

    • Much of the #62 ranking is probably the result of angst ridden eco-daft teachers assigning the propaganda as required watching followed by forced doom writing for grades.
      Thus ensuring another generation of students will hate enviro teachers and teachings.

      • I saw it was coming on, slightly intrigued, checked the brief (BTFlood), Leo?, Kerry, et.al.; So I missed it and doubt I will try to catch any (multiple) future replays; thanks for you all that did for the the reviews, so my assumptions were correct and 2(?) hrs of my time will not be wasted. TF may most be likely after the next Ice Age, Al. (solar activity decline factored? current aggregate factual data); this is a wealth distribution scheme, from the US middle class (not f**ked enuf already).

    • The Titanic was based on a total lie to make it a more exciting story. It libelled a heroic scottish office who drowned trying to save the lives of others rewriting the truth to present him a coward who pushed women and children out of the way to get on a lifeboat and save his own skin.
      If DiCaprio is so cynical and dishonest why would anyone have any trust in this film?

      • DeCrapio didn’t write Titanic. He merely acted in it. Wasn’t it Alfred Hitchcock who said, “Actors are cattle?”

      • Dead right Greg
        We went to the Dalbeattie Museum this summer, and saw the real story. First Officer William McMaster Murdoch was grossly impugned by the film.
        The museum actually has copies of letters from the film’s producers apologising for their errors.
        (Dalbeattie is where Murdoch lived and grew up. He is a long distant relation of my wife, and we have previously visited his memorial and his families graves in the cemetry there)

      • You’re right he didn’t write it, but since the guy wants to preach to us peons about what a bunch of selfish and wasteful cretins we are, I’d say he’s pretty hypocritical. I would think being part of besmirching somebody’s memory for a few bucks is pretty damn low. Even worse then driving an SUV.

    • Well any dummy that would sit on the railing of a ship at sea deserves some sort of “falling over”.

  3. My carbon footprint is a tiny fraction of that of each of the cast members. I’ve done my part, let me know when they’ve met my standard.

  4. Although still somewhat doubtful, it seems that the general public may be finally “wising up” to the propaganda masters. With NASA and NOAA constantly having to change “their past records” in their attempts to agree with the wild model predictions/projections, it leaves those who foolishly claim that our claims of past temperatures and climate must be exact if NASA/NOAA/IPCC etc. says so, in a bit of a bind.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people…

    • Although still somewhat doubtful, it seems that the general public may be finally “wising up” to the propaganda masters.

      It’s bad. The public has been lied to and misinformed for so long that it no longer believes anything.

  5. As the coming American election will show, the “Silent Majority” no longer believe all the B.S. that the liberal left Eco-terrorists keep spewing forth…They have cried “Wolf” way too many times ..IMHO…

    • I’d guess that the timing was hoped to give Hilliarty a real boost.
      Hope it helps give her a real boot.

  6. Leo’s next big movie….MAN-BEAR-PIG produced by big Al himself.
    Common guys…he’s cereal…

  7. “beaten by Bubble Guppies”…
    I think “Bubble Guppies” was more factually accurate, hence the higher rating 😉

  8. I’d love to sic Julian Assange on these clowns. I’ll bet the behind the scene shenanigans in the filming of this movie are hilarious.

  9. My youngest son loves Bubble Guppies. I can never figure out how they go to the beach at the lake when they live under the ocean (and why they have to climb trees when they could just swim; and why is there a tree at all?)?)?

    • Jeff, just think about why they always swim approximately 2-3 feet off the ocean floor instead of, you know, the entire rest of the ocean.
      And if I remember correction the beach and lake instances were imagination sequences.

  10. When are those who think they care about AGW going to stop canvassing each other for opinions and actually start talking to those they supposedly need to persuade? It doesn’t matter how many times they polish it, their message still looks like sh…
    You can PR persuade people to choose something they already want but it’s very hard to nudge them into doing something they will hate. Cutting CO2 is very difficult, expensive, limiting and destructive. The public will never embrace it. They might grudgingly accept it but only with exemplary evidence, a sage plan for the future and an imformed, humble leadership. None of which is currently on the table.
    I was pleased by DiCaprio’s movie. It demonstrated that they had even less to show the public than back in Al Gore’s time. No scissor lift to scare people into drawing the wrong conclusion. No spiraling hurricane counts. The evidence that renewables are a failure has rolled in since 2005 and all those green opportunities turn out to be fool’s green (like fool’s gold but less pretty).

    • That’s curious that you say that renewables are a failure. We have historically used fossil fuels because they are cheap and plentiful but they produce some nasty problems on the side. The amount of technological advancement we need to make to overcome the natural advantage of the cheapness and abundance of fossil fuels is not insignificant. Fortunately, many of us think that the technological advancement should be done during the time when fossil fuels are still relatively cheap and abundant.
      And you know what? I would encourage you to look at the price curves of PV solar and wind and instead of poo-pooing it we should collectively take pride in it. It is really far from a failure. Are they where they need to be to be economically competitive? No, not yet. But the writing is clearly on the wall. Are they as “green” as they were promised to be? Perhaps not but they have much less nasty problems on the side than fossil fuels.
      So that as a short hand version of the events in the last 40 years in regards to renewables, why do you consider them to be a failure? The technological leap was/is huge. We are undertaking it at a time when fossil fuels are still relatively cheap and abundant. Aren’t the technological and economic advances we made in renewables a great achievement and put us n a much better position for when fossil fuels aren’t cheap nor abundant?

      • They are failure because despite worldwide spending equivalent of at least 100 Manhattan projects per year for 15 years on them they still can not compete with traditional energy sources.

      • Hey Koop
        How much “energy” goes in to resourcing the raw materials, manufacturing the technology, delivering and assembling the technology that eventually ends up being used to collect, process and deliver the energy that you’ll be using to replace those cheap and plentiful resources currently being used now? Well? Hmmmmmm?

      • Hey Udar, perhaps a better comparison would be looking at the amount of subsidies for fossil fuels over the course of their existence to the amount of subsidies to renewables over the course of their existence. Would that analysis intrigue you or make any sense to you?
        On a related front, when is the proper time for society to invest in the replacement of a finite fuel which drives it’s economy? Should we be conservative in our estimate of how long we can wait? Should we base it on our politics? Should we base it on science? Should we consider any of the negative effects of the fossil fuel economy or the renewable economy?

      • I’m afraid that you are grossly inaccurate about renewable energy as it currently exists. If it were not for government subsidies and forced regulations these “alternatives” would have “gone the way of all the earth” years ago. As a supplement to REAL petroleum, which by the way, is not fossil fuel, it is a naturally occurring process within the earth. You might try searching for that hypothesis although you use Google at your own peril, considering they, YouTube, and all social/television media are in the pocket of the globalists, who control D.C. (where this Marxist crap is being force-fed to us through regulations, fear-mongering and censorship of opposing views).

      • At some point, market forces will kick in and make renewable energy sources competitive. But this is not the purview of the government. That path will cost billions of taxpayer dollars without a marketable product being produced…because when the research is subsidized in a time where there is no true demand for the eventual product, there’s no incentive to economize or ever come up with a viable solution. With unlimited cash resources that are written in to some massive omnibus bill, there’s no incentive for researches to kill the goose that laid their golden egg. These individuals are motivated by job security for the most part. The private sector is the best laboratory to produce the next energy breakthrough because a capitalist with resources is incentivized by the possibility of future profits and won’t be throwing money away at dead end research and development. What’s more, there’ll be competition to get there first…and to bring it to the market first and at the cheapest price.

      • As a mechanical engineer, I have NO problem with alternative energy sources, but those who are fond of this source of energy should walk the walk. Install solar panels on your house, windmills in your yard and completely go off the grid (no city electric, sewer, or water). And no burning of anything for heat (even wood). And no IC engine vehicles for transport (bikes work well, especially in the winter). And no deliveries of goods and services from IC engine vehicles (no Amazon, eBay, …). And no plastics either (made from that evil petroleum).

      • It concerns me that global warming alarmists are also pro-alternate energy. To me these are different issues and needed to be treated separately. Science seems to be leaning towards an ice age rather than any global warming trend. History shows us that ice ages and warming periods do occur, without any man-made influence. So weather is not a good argument for carbon taxes or alternate fuels, unless we think oil will be gone by the time the next ice age comes. That might be a reasonable argument.
        But I am pro-alternate energy, simply because we are overly dependent on a single finite energy source. The fact that oil is so much more efficient than any other source makes it even more concerning that we completely dependent on it. Where I differ is that I also see the value in increasing fuel efficiency. The more energy we can squeeze out of a gallon of oil, the better life will be for everyone. Eco-activists like Koop would be adverse to any investment in oil and gas tech.
        I’m not completely against government subsidies for big projects. That’s one of the few arguments for big government existing. Udar mentions the Manhattan Project, which is a big reason we are all not speaking German or Japanese right now. The interstate highway network is a good example of a project that probably couldn’t have been accomplished by the states. The Internet was a government project originally, completely subsidized.
        Ironically, solar has the capability to make homes much more self-sufficient. Imagine if you could build a home anywhere on the planet, with access to internet and electricity? Water is still a problem, that will not be easily solved. But I don’t think Koop would be happy if Right-wing nuts could even more easily go off the grid.
        And I doubt Koop appreciates the private efforts of billionaire Elon Musk to make solar completely a profit-driven industry. That is not the goal! Liberals want the government to control the transmission lines of power. Why haven’t Liberals praised Musk? It’s sad when even a good idea like alternate energy is really just a wrapper for a big government agenda.

      • Koop, is there anything you know that is actually true?
        The problems with burning coal and oil were solved over 40 years ago.
        Renewables aren’t 40 years old, we’ve been using wind power for more like 400 years
        Using the sun to create heat is as old as mankind and photovoltaics go back closer to 70 years.

      • Once again Koop demonstrates that everything he knows is actually wrong.
        There are no subsidies for fossil fuels. That lie has been well and thoroughly refuted many times, but that won’t stop the acolytes from repeating it.

      • alendarflux, we have between 500 and 1500 years to develop whatever will be needed to replace oil and coal.
        Don’t sweat it.

  11. About what one would expect from a GED certificate holder sitting on an immense inferiority complex and stack of cash.

  12. I notice that the second season premier of “Years of Living Dangerously” also on NatGeo came in 125th!
    This episode was hosted by bearded David Letterman in his un-funniest role yet!

  13. Caprioles de Leonardo. The movies with Donatello, Raphael and Mike (not Mann but Angelo) were funnier.

  14. A $$20 Trillion debt , a military running around trying to catch butter flies with a tweezer , social unrest ,
    mass export of jobs , a completely out of control EPA , a self dealing Presidential candidate running one step ahead of the law , a massive carbon tax about to be sprung on citizens and the current President setting the stage for a new “Save The Planet ” Charity Foundation like the Clinton money machine .
    A patronizing Hollywood hypocrite doesn’t even hit the radar . Go Bubble Guppies .

  15. Di Caprio was in the Calgary Alberta Canada region last winter to act for his movie “The Revenant”…. but they had to pull up stakes and move to South America due to a lack of adequate snow coverage needed to the winter scenes……
    It seems he was convinced by someone that the lack of snow was due to AGW. But in fact Alberta’s winter climate gets frequent cold reprieves due to a weather phenomena called a “Chinook”. It is like have a few days of warm spring weather from time to time throughout our otherwise cold winter season.
    In fact anyone who attended the 1988 Winter Olympics held here in Calgary will recall that we had Chinook weather conditions throughout part of the 88 winter olympics making for very comfortable conditions for tourists and spectators. Leonardo Di Caprio is not well though of in our part of the country because he is ignorant if not downright evil in his efforts on the AGW issues.

      • Wow! That is a big boat! You know, If there had bee a cataclysmic event like the one mentioned in Genesis, and the world had been covered by a massive flood – then, of course, we should expect to find: fully formed animals (fossils) that had been buried on every continent across the world, some in massive graveyards, and of course some of the fossils may still have soft tissue (including dinosaurs), and of course we should find sea shells on every mountain range due to the rapid uplifting as the fountains of the great deep ruptured – oh wait… that’s exactly what we do find! And what’s more, if Leonardo D. had ventured into that same book he would already know for sure that the world would NEVER be covered by a flood again – at least that’s what the Creator of you, me and Leonard D. said. It’s so simple. Beats makin’ stuff up and passing it off as truth.

  16. And speaking of shows . . . I happened to catch an episode of “Explorer” on the National Geographic Channel the other night, starring none other than Bill Nye.
    Of course the topic was ‘Global Warming’, though it was frequently referred to as ‘climate change’ during the program.
    He had a part of the show where parts of southern Florida are already being inundated by “tidal flooding”, as a result of rising sea levels. Some scientist of one sort or another indicated that South Florida and indeed much of Manhattan could be fully flooded by the middle of this century. In fact, Bill said, some banks are no longer writing 30 year mortgages in the area because of the rising waters. I bet.
    Another part of the show mentioned certain islands in the South Pacific where rising sea levels have already caused loss of property and potable water . . . from sea lever rise caused by global warming . . . caused by man-made CO2 emissions. Of that much Bill was certain. No mention of the parrot fish, the coral cycle or the fresh water lense. No. No actual science or investigation. Just unsupported pronouncements of ‘scientific fact’. Oh, and the statement that the time for scientific debate has passed . . .
    Then they showed a sequestration plant . . . it could put 1 million tons of CO2 into the ground per year. Oh, but manmade CO2 emissions are so much more than that . . . like 30 billion tons or something. They showed a graphic, comparing what this one plant could sequester vs. the total of anthropogenic sources. Of course they didn’t bother showing the non-anthropogenic emissions. A very telling omission, in my humble opinion.
    Then he went on about the weather; the hurricanes, the drought in California, tornadoes . . .then he added ‘the tsunami’ to the list of effects of climate change that are accelerating and causing destruction. I kid you not. When he was listing weather phenomena made more dangerous by anthropogenic global warming, he included the tsunami. Then he said ‘this is what the science tells us’, again reiterating that the time for scientific debate has passed. I was dumb struck by his lack of comprehension of the difference between speculation and science. And tsunami’.
    Of course there was the hand wringing. The impending doom causing widespread depression amongst climate scientists. Then he visited this guy in New Mexico. This was an actual climate scientist of some sort or another, who gave up. He quite his job as professor of doom . . . er . . . climate science, bought a place in the New Mexico wilderness and set up his dooms day survival ranch. Him and his wife.
    This guy says there will be no people left alive on the planet by 2030. I kid you not. Not that the planet would be uninhabitable by then, but that the plants and animals upon which we depend will have been wiped out by then. He didn’t bat an eye, he apparently didn’t even understand the contradiction of what he was saying. (apparently the Earth can be inhabitable by people but not the plants and animals upon which we depend . . . what does that mean, exactly?) It was an official scientific pronouncement, in the opinion of BIll Nye. We’re doomed. Well, even Bill had to admit that was among the more pessimistic views of CAGW. But this is a scientist after all, and you have to believe science. Or at least trust that Bill Nye knows the difference . . . I guess.
    And this was on the National Geographic Channel. I watched with my eldest child, explaining at each step which parts were probably scientific (Earth warmed during the 20th century, more likely than not a significant portion was the result of anthropogenic emissions of CO2, etc.), which parts were unfounded speculation masquerading as science (the weather trends, the massively accelerated sea-level rise which would have to happen and which is not found in any actual science anywhere, the notions of ‘tipping points’, the mere concept that tsunami are in any way related to any form of climate change, etc.)
    Anyway, with propaganda like this on NGC, its no wonder the uninformed think this is a real impending catastrophe. What chance to dim bulbs like Leonardo DeCaprio and Matt Damon have?
    Just thought I’d throw out my $0.02 about the caliber of TV programing re;CAGW.

    • The Pacific Ocean has more problems from Fukashima thanit does from AGW!!!
      [It would be helpful to all if you could expand on the problems Fukushima has caused for the Pacific and back it up with data or links. A bald statement like yours with spelling errors and multiple exclamation marks is unlikely to attract much interest despite your obvious desire to contribute to the debate. Just trying to help . . . mod]

      • Since the ocean is not having any problem with Fukashima, then it follows that AGW must actually be good for the ocean.

    • The best thing you can do is to cut your cable service to the basic package and get only internet and (if needed) a land line. Cable is a **giant** waste of money, and TV is fast headed for a la carte streaming services. I saved nearly $100/month by eliminating my “premium” cable service.

      • I use an antenna to pull down the local broadcast channels, and have eliminated cable entirely.
        If they ever do start a-la-carte, I may jump back in.

  17. This is always the problem with heart felt missionary work, the goal is always to convert the Unbelievers to the True Faith, but you gotta get the Unbelievers to pay attention first. You get together this big, high budget production, get some shiny celebs in on it, make your pitch, and then you end up just preachin’ to the choir. Now of course the choir loves all the attention and is gonna rave about what a good Sermon you gave, but the whole point of the production is gone down the drain when that happens.

  18. Does DiCaprio ever look out the windows when he is flying around the world?
    Then he would see how small the human influence on Earth is regarding factories and smoke stacks.
    The calving glaciers is a good and dramatic picture, but some history and relations would help.
    If they were not calving we would really be in trouble. The ice cap would grow or it would be a sign of no precipitation. What would you prefer. The calving is natural for an ice cap to be in general balance.

  19. I am so trying to stay open minded of both sides of this argument…..but trash like this makes it very difficult.

    • Staying open minded about Bubble Guppies would probably be a more constructive use of your intellectual time. Leon’s crowd are peddling total fantasy without a scrap of supporting evidence. When they get around to presenting some we can then all so try to be open minded about it.

      • Just when I am about to give up on humanity for being sheep I stumble across this great selection of comments by awake and aware common folk.
        Sadly, nye, DiCaprio, gore, obummer and their ilk all work for the NWO and their money printing minions. They gladly exchange the freedoms and future of their fellow slaves for a few million shekels. It seems to me it is finally time to totally destroy these inbred freaks who have been running the world for maybe 2000 years. The last generation of so called elite seem so inbred and idiodic to me I think they will bring their entire system crumbling down. I for one will not comply with their forced vaccine and GMO food murder campaigns.
        I also recommend folks start watching some flat earth videos and research the NASA space scam and sandy hook, Boston bombing and pulse shooting hoaxes. It is all one big giant total and complete lie. And it is all crashing in on these idiot inbreds who took things too far and now are waking up the sleeping sheep who are going to be $&/@issed.
        I’m not an inbred scumbag “elite”. I’m the real deal. The real leadership. The “elite” can kiss my white ass. I can print fake money too, scumbags. You are NOT nearly as smart as you dirtbags think you are. And poisoning our kids with tainted vaccines??? What did the little kids do to you to deserve that???

  20. ‘Bubble Guppies’ is about a make believe underwater city. My theory is that the Alarmists tuned in to that show by accident, saw a city underwater, and just assumed they were watching Dicaprio’s show.

    • Steven , so glad that you mentioned that.
      I’ve been fighting that silly assed “ad” for the past 3 days and was beginning to think it was malware in my System10. I finally gave up on reading WUWT, closed it out and played Solitaire.
      I got by that hiccupping “ad” 2 or 3 times by end-tasking the Adobe Flash Player and/or re-loading IE.
      Even the Fox News website has so damn much “jumping”, ”flashing”, “jiggling” ads and “talking videos ads” on the PC display that there is hardly any space left for displaying the “text” of the News article.

      • Maybe try uBlock Origin or the equivalent. Don’t leave it on indefinitely as it deprives our esteemed host of earnings. I think it might have an immunizing effect for a while. I’m only getting a well-behaved ad for dot blog; “whatever you make, make it yours”.
        Hmmm everything I make is unmistakably mine unfortunately.

  21. I watched the movie just to see what sort of bat to take to the next discussion with some local liberals. The interesting part is that Micheal Mann has completely gone off his rocker and is now a full on “conspiracy theorist” come political commentator (he is also being hunted by nasty threatening inferred to be “right wing crazies”). The other interview that was interesting was one he did in India with an Indian eco-loon who stated the case pretty well for why slowing down the rate of electrification is a hard sell in the developing world.

    • I saw the first fifteen minutes, it’s narcisistic and boring. It seems dI Caprio really believes what he says, doesn’t realize it’s way overdone. And incredibly boring.

      • “It seems dI Caprio really believes what he says, doesn’t realize it’s way overdone. And incredibly boring.”
        I think you are right, DiCaprio does seem to be a true believer, and a pessimistic one at that. And the video *was* incredibly boring.

  22. I think what’s even funnier is that Truck Tech on PowerNation beat it by 4 places. Not saying that Truck Tech is nearly as bad as DiCrapio’s dribble, but that a show that is really the antithesis of CGW gets a higher rating.

  23. I watched it! The whole thing! It got me thinking that Leo is possibly the stupidest man on the face of the earth…or…this was a very subtle and cleverly construed comedy. Factless, ridiculous, and I hope NatGeo is totally embarrassed for broadcasting this garbage propaganda.

    • NatGeo went to the dark side years ago. Same with the History Channel and several used to be science magazines.

      • I agree totally… haven’t read Scientific American in years and even American Scientist is starting to suck out loud with junk science and alarmist innuendo.

  24. Apparently, someone is trying to generate viewership numbers for Leo’s latest, as I just got an offer to rent the movie for free in email, from “fandangonow.com”

  25. Sitting in a Doctors waiting room yesterday and picked up a 29th October 2016 New Scientist. Expecting to see the words”Climate Change” or ”Global Warming” on every second page, I was surprised that it was actually full of science Never saw ”Global Warming” or ”Climate Change ” anywhere (I was then called in to see doc and no chance to read magazine more closely.

  26. The message rings hollow when it’s delivered by a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who shamelessly kicks Mother Earth in the face with a bigger carbon footprint than anyone reading this.

  27. California tax rate added to the Federal tax rate is near 55% of income. The government wants another 6% for “green” projects. Same in WA state where a “Tax the C02 producers to death” tax is on the ballot. It will never end until we end the criminal governments first…

  28. Another Actor ……… acting like he is a scientist , unfortunately too stupid to know how Dumb he is !

  29. “Perhaps this snoozer didn’t do so well because of the stellar cast of characters?”
    If they all cared, they’d show the rest of us how to observe Air Hour. It’s like Earth Hour but instead of turning off the lights, you give up breathing for just one hour.
    Please, Lenny! Please, Mr. President! Show us hot it’s done!
    The world will be a much better place if you do.

  30. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Scam artists like Manbearpig always wind up roping people like DiCrapio into financing their perpetual motion machines and “the next big hit movie”. Of course it helps if they are also tone deaf hypocrites as well.

  31. Said DiCaprio on this news, “I’m willing to fly on however many private jets and take however many limos necessary to promote this film. “

  32. Yes there is and always will be changes to the climate. It has been this way from day one. The ones screaming bout it now want to use it as a fear factor toward power and control over all of us. they will use the money we will be taxed to build bigger businesses for then selves and leave us in the dirt. they are all a bunch of thieves and need to be put away in a safe ;place for a very long tine

  33. This whole “actor” thing reminds me of high school, where guys would do anything to get in bed with the best looking chick in school …….. even if she was as dumb as a post. Of course, as we age a few years and realize that that narcissistic dumbo had reached the apex of her emotional, spiritual and intellectual development, all of a sudden, everyone sees her as damaged goods. Such is the case with Leonardo, George Clooney, and the rest of those brain-dead Hollywood liberals.
    Worse yet, these clowns have NO IDEA that the old Communist Party merely renamed itself the liberal,progressive socialist party. At least the new name sounds warm and fuzzy and they like warm and fuzzy; it reminds them of those days in front of the TV watching Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
    DUMB as a bag of hammers. (Especially George Clooney, they don’t make idiots like him every day.)

  34. Imagine lecturing the world on climate when DiCaprio is a high school dropout. Full disclaimer: DiCaprio did later manage to get a GED.

  35. Doesn’t DeCaprio realize that we’re already being bombarded with more than enough climate change alarmism. Why in the world does he believe we’re in need of more of the same. He must be totally out of touch with reality.

  36. Well, to quote Leo himself when Cal planted the Heart of the Ocean on him in Titanic, “This is horses#!t!”

  37. DiCrapio is an idiot. I haven’t liked him ever since that documentary of his childhood, ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’.

  38. Can you imagine a debate between DeCaprio, of Hollywood IQ, and a knowledgeable skeptic?
    We can tell by his transparent ignorance that DeCaprio never set foot inside a science classroom.

  39. How anyone can give credence to this putz is beyond me. Jetting all over the globe, traveling across town by limo, chartering super yachts to party with women that would normally not give him the time of day if he weren’t an actor with money, all the while giving us mere mortals the old “do as I say, not as I do” spiel about our bogus “carbon footprints”…hypocrite much?

  40. Decrapio is a terrific actor but I’m glad most of you realize he is not a Rhodes scholar, the global warming pushers don’t even believe it, they just see it as a boondoggle to swindle more money from US taxpayers, sad for the taxpayers, sad for the intellectually bankrupt that buy into this nonsense

  41. I understand they were going to call the movie Sominex or Ambient but those names were already taken.
    No such thing as “man-made” global warming.
    There is absolutely nothing man can do to affect the climate of the entire planet….you know, cause it’s a planet.
    https://youtu.be/BB0aFPXr4n4 – for a brilliant and funny take on environmentalism by the great George Carlin.

  42. Obscurity richly deserved.
    People are sick of being told how to conduct their lives by supercilious snobs who heed none of their own dicta.
    Obama has a pet dog flown to a vacation spot on a 747 as he lectured on carbon footprints.
    Leo earns Chief Hypocrite award. Flies to an environmental confab aboard a gas guzzling private plane.
    Etc., etc., etc.

  43. The Pope? Obama? Slick Willie? J Kerry-Heinz? This might be the biggest collection of douchebags ever! This makes “The Expendables” look like public cable access cast-offs…. Another Arnie Grape classic… You were more believable when you were playing Howard Hughes. Douchebaggery at it’s finest!

  44. So DiCaprio has turned out to be just another crook diverting funds from climate change sheep into his pockets by the millions. Who woulda though the man who was a natural as the Wolf of Wall Street could fit the part so well.

  45. Di Caprio has such a huge carbon footprint, he doesn’t have enough money to cover it all. All those trips in huge airliners back to back, when ever he wants. Have you seen pics of his house all lit up at night, no sparing the electricity. Every light in the house on. He don’t care about global warming.
    Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet to New York City on Wednesday, May 18, to accept an environmental award — and then hopped back on the plane to return to France just one day later.
    DiCaprio flies his LA friends 6,000 miles around the world so they can listen to his speech on GLOBAL WARMING. Each guest flying 12,000 miles from LA will release seven tons of CO2
    Dicaprio owns 4 luxury homes, you think all the lights are off in the homes he is NOT currently in? Heated swimming pools year around, when no one is there.

  46. The only global warming film worse than this biased piece of crap was Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” which, if one actually checked the predictions made in it, should have been titled “An Inconvenient Pack Of Lies and Propaganda”.

    • I wrote about these fraudulent “weather outposts” in college and both the professor and fellow students were shocked that they hadn’t heard of them before. Temperature-reading stations on a black tar roof, right outside of the HVAC air vent, where the internal hot air is vented back outside to be cooled again. I had tons of pictures like the one you have, so you can’t argue with what you see, can you?
      The Regressives believe their own propaganda against their obvious betters and think we’re all stupid. But in reality, it’s the far-Left Regressives who are dumber than a bag of broken hammers and who will believe anything they’re told by their though masters in Big Entertainment and the Alt-Left Media. They’re an emotional lot, without a shred of logic or common sense among them, which of course makes them a malleable bunch of dummies.

  47. Why in earth would I believe an actor who was educated on the back lot of a movie studio about global warming? Hey Leo, it’s the sun and you can’t do jack about it. What a dip shit.

  48. Better to stay quiet and believed a fool than to speak and confirm it. DiCaprio confirmed it. Pagliacio!

  49. I hope leonardo loses his shirt over this fiasco.
    Man made climate change is a farce, and most rational people are aware of it.

  50. Manmade climate change is very real, but CO2 has nothing to do with it. The CO2 ruse places the blame for climate change on you, not the people causing the change. Wake up, people. The cause is chemtrails and radio wave emitters like HAARP. The change isn’t yet global, but local manipulations of climate like in the SW U.S. have been going on for well over a decade. If the sun shows its spots again, you might be surprised how quickly things heat up. If you’re not yet aware of chemtrails and HAARP, you will be – – if they’re not stopped. The only question I ponder is whether or not DiCaprio knows he’s part of the ruse. It’s possible he knows just as well as the rest of us that CO2-induced climate change is total bullshit. After all, look at the pack he’s running with (the cast) in that movie. The scum at the bottom of the barrel, all.

  51. Are there more ridiculous photos of polar ears on ice floes? Like they can’t swim. It’s available on youtube for free I think. I still won’t watch it. I have far better things to do. No more money from me, Mr. DiCaprio.

    Stop attacking us, our intelligence, our culture and our WALLETS.
    We have had enough of your tax grab schemes and AUTHORITARIAN Control Freak regulations.
    Lets send a message to Americas own NewLeftistNazi trash:

  53. Don’t “Moderate” people… Let us post what we want… If anybody gets offended, don’t read comments section then… Why do we CONSTANTLY have to cater to those who are offended about every little stupid thing (Leftist Democrats).
    Stop attacking us, our intelligence, our culture and our WALLETS.
    We have had enough of your tax grab schemes and AUTHORITARIAN Control Freak regulations.
    Lets send a message to Americas own NewLeftistNazi trash:

  54. Anytime one suggests the “conversation is over” you can rest assured a very expensive inconvenient lie will follow. Minerals tell us the earths surface was once 10,000° now a 60 mile thick life producing cool crust. The poles had no ice until 34 million years ago that would indicate a very significant cooling. Ocean level rise or subduction due to plate tectonics? Carbon dioxide (human exhalant & plant food) deemed a poison by pseudo intellects and non scientists like Divinity School failure Al Gore promote this drivel as a way to line crony pockets by stealing from gullible and compliant citizens. There is no way to keep the Republic as Ben Franklin quipped “if you can keep it” because the public is lazy, ignorant, incurious, gullible, and taught what to think not how to think via a public education that ranks at the bottom of every industrialized nation. We are a nation of buffoons soon to lose it. Global warming is the least of our worries.

  55. Yes the truth is slowly leaking out… I hear people talking about fossil fuels and renewables… But did you know that both are just a money making machine for the elite with propaganda directed to keep you in the dark (literally, lol). Tesla already knew that energy can be capture basically for free, for everyone in the world to use it whenever. Key word is “free”, those in power don’t give stuff away for free, so maybe this kid will, let’s hope…https://youtu.be/yPhRq5r8iqg

  56. How typical. Here we have a bunch of snobs that are so rich the only problems they have anymore is worrying about the world burning out or something so they cant fly their jets and sail their big boats around anymore, then you have us real people who dont have time to worry about bull crap like that because we have to worry about paying our rent/house payments and keep a car on the road and kids in clothes and actual problems that they have forgotten about simply because we have turned them (actors mostly) into God like figures. Why dont we wise up and stop making fools like Dicaprio (sp? dont care) filthy rich snobs who look down upon and laugh at the very people, or FOOLS that made them so rich? Stop going to their dumb azz movies, stop chasing them down for a stupid autograph, hell w/these people! It is not normal to worship just people like they are Gods and anyone that does should get a life for Christ sakes. These people take your money and then call you stupid then laugh at you! Whats wrong with you?

  57. You are a moron. Do you ever challenge the things people who disagree with you? You really need to watch discovery channel

  58. Decaprio is another Hollywood moron. And Natgeo has no credibility whatsoever. Man made global warming theory is a cultist practice be the left to appropriate property. Marc would be proud.

  59. Leo is getting way too old to be doing this shit
    Overall his films are not doing good, he got an AA , but that award is now meaningless
    It’s a political trophy

  60. Al Gore is a scam artist and DiCaprio is an idiot to believe all this garbage! They should both be put in jail, and have all their money confiscated!

  61. I am glad that this was another flop by one of hollywoods self professed know-it-alls that wants everyone to do as he says, but not as he does. He is an idiot, and has no clue what he is talking about, and easily lead by the nose, as he sees natural events and then equates them to my dirty car, ironically as he flies over the even in his helicopter. Only in hollywood would this kind of hypocrisy fly.
    Since he became a “star”, he has been nothing but a talking head for the left. You can only fill a cup that is empty, and he may well be the most empty cup in hollywood.

  62. DeCaprio is good at one thing only – pretending to be someone he is not. That’s what acting is, after all. When he plays himself, there’s just ah ignorant dolt who is a baptized member of the religion of global warming. What a waste of time and energy.

  63. Anyone that believes that the NATURAL PHENOMENON of Climate Change, which has been happening since time began, is affected in any way whatsoever by the MINUTE portion that PUNY MAN adds to the already MINUSCULE atmospheric TRACE Gas that is CO2 is a MORON. There is no Scientific Proof whatsoever for these claims and all the Green NAZIS have got re COMPUTER MODELS and we all know what GIGO means don’t we. They even miscounted the earths trees by HUNDREDS of MILLIONS.

  64. We won’t have to worry long about not driving our cars or using our air conditioning, with the rate the Prog-Libs are allowing 3rd worlders into out country–3rd worlders who are invading not wanting to embrace the American Way–it won’t be long until from sheer numbers they drive us into being a 3rd world country ourselves

  65. Hey Leo, I’m all for saving energy. We really should cut down on activities that create carbon emissions needlessly. Take movies for example. People don’t NEED to go to movies for life to survive. So that makes ALL the fuel used to create the movie, as well as ALL the fuel used by people going to SEE movies, 100% WASTED.
    So you, being so concerned about our planet, should take the initiative and QUIT MAKING MOVIES. And please get your holier-than-thou liberal puke Hollywood cohorts to follow suit.

  66. I almost forgot. This piece of fear mongering propaganda is available on youtube to view for free, and from what I saw, out of a possible American Population of 300 million only one million have wasted their time, and we don’t know that those were even Americans do we, but what we do know is that of the possible 300 million here, most of us have shown the good sense to give this crap a miss.

  67. I just ordered SLING TV and wanted to see some animals on NatGeo, but this worthless democrat propaganda lie was on. Seriously NatGeo? You put on a tv show about a hoax using a mindless horrible actor? What a worthless channel you’ve become. Not much to watch at all on cable. Will stick with Redbox from now on.

  68. The info commercial couldn’t even beat out Comic Book Men . In fairness the Malibu Beach house was apparently up for sale so is some other poor sucker going to get flooded out … in a thousand years ?
    He cares about the environment but flies all over the world in kerosene spewing jets . Hmm .
    There ain’t no Ghandi here .

  69. I have visited Greenland and have seen the foundations of farms, grain storages, and grape vine stumps. That is the day I truly realized that the climate took a sharp cooling curve prior to any industrial effects. Not telling the rest of the story is truly disingenuous.

  70. Another Hollywood high school dropout that doesn’t know his butt from a hot rock and now he’s an authority on climate change? Sheesh.

  71. Perhaps it failed because we’re a lot smarter than Hollywood dropouts give us credit for.
    NOTHING that Algore predicted in his own Manbearpig movie actually happened. Nothing. He is batting 0.00. Now DeCaprio has rebooted exactly the same B.S. He, too, will miss the mark about as badly as it’s possible to miss it.
    Flying all over the world in jets to see how horrible the use of fossil fuels is…..only a Hollywood snowflake could possibly be that stupid and hypocritical.

  72. There most certainly IS a “greenhouse effect”, and it’s a good thing. Without it we’d be in a helluva fix. But the only meaningful greenhouse gas on Earth is WATER VAPOR.
    Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System because of carbon dioxide, mostly, but that’s because it’s atmosphere is over 90% CO2. Ours is about 0.004%. It is utterly insignificant. It has NO measurable effect on the Earth’s temperature.
    One number they never talk about is the total amount of “fossil carbon” released by humans as compared to the total carbon in the short-term “carbon cycle.” We have not changed a thing. We’ve added such a tiny fraction of one percent to the cycle that it’s actually funny to claim that it makes a difference.
    It is well documented that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere during the height of the last Pleistocene glacial MAXIMUM was several times higher than it is today. Ice Ages INCREASE CO2 because they kill off so much vegetation. It doesn’t work the other way around.
    The Earth’s climate cycles are driven by solar cycles and orbital dynamics. Humans don’t matter. The climate IS changing. It IS warming. It has been doing so, with occasional pauses, for 40,000 years.

    • “Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System because of carbon dioxide, mostly, but that’s because it’s atmosphere is over 90% CO2. ”
      Stop with the Venus Earth comparisons. The two are NOT comparable. Beyond roughly similar masses the planets have nothing in common.
      1) No oceans (most likely never had them although that is debatable). What isn’t debatable is that Venus has had no oceans for at least a billion years (or three).
      2) Atmosphere is 90x earth’s.
      3) No magnetic field to protect against solar wind streams & galactic cosmic rays
      4) a good bit more solar radiation than earth
      5) a ‘day’ is 116 earth days long. Any guesses as to what earth’s daytime high temperature would be if the ‘heat of the day’ lasted for two weeks instead of 2-3 hours?
      6) No Moon

    • “Bitsko 3 November 1, 2016 at 10:46 pm
      Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System because of carbon dioxide, mostly, but that’s because it’s atmosphere is over 90% CO2.”
      Nothing to do with CO2 and *ALL* to do with mass. Look up the well known gas laws.

  73. I’ve seen Bubble Guppies. They are more serious and make more sense than “global warming” agitprop.

  74. Surely there was no discussion abkat the NAOA’s temperature data that was thrown out (atmospheric data showing we aren’t warming). Instead they used local land baseball evidence which is distorted due to the effect of concrete asphalt has on showing incorrect higher temperatures. When asked why they ignored what all scientists agree as the most accurate reading, the NOAA refused to comment. Why? *
    It doesn’t fit their prolongda narrative. Guys like Leo should be ashamed. -at least know both sides of the arguments and present I objectively. But, that would take critical thinking from a Hollywood loon. What a joke. And isn’t the East Coast supposed to be underwater already? And how has the ice in the North Pole INCREASED by 60% since its low point in 2012? Another inconvenient truth?

  75. I laughed until I cried when the TV ad showed a fully active calving glacier (caused only by severe cold ice building up its weight) as evidence of global warming. This is the same stupidity, as most sixth grade students know, that Al Gore loved to highlight in his silly propaganda movie.

  76. 1. The sun = 99.9% of the mass of our solar system.
    2. The sun’s output fluctuates.
    3. Hence climate change.
    it is that simple. Keeping earth clean and wholesome is a different issue. Unfortunately duped alarmists blend the two…

  77. Leonardo DiCaprio is making me sick with all of his hype about global climate change and his commercials pushing the “Flood” fake docudrama. After filming each segment he hops in his private jet and is off to his next scheduled fake tour and alarmist news blast.
    What a hypocrite. I wish there was a way to charge him for all of the damage to the environment he has caused .

  78. DiCaprio’s dismal lack of formal education constantly sees him acting out causes which are way beyond his ken, as if he hopes his audiences will mistakenly think he understands science. It’s an act.

  79. This unfortunately is about global control that people are starting to understand. If they really wanted to have an effect on future carbon reduction, it could be addressed as clean energy that can be sustainable that would benefit everyone. People will make their own energy decisions and not have some government bureaucrat running your life. Today’s down your throat science is conscience science and not real science. I’m no expert. Tweet Judith Curry.

  80. A few years into Obama’s Presidency he had passed a major bill that he didn’t think would be passed so Rahm Emmanuel turns to him and says (on open mic-doubt if they realized it) something to the effect about what legislation was next. Obama replied “global warming, and Rahm says “Wow, that’s going to bring in Billions” and Obama replied (with a huge grin on his face), “Not Billions, Trillions”! Which proves that global warming is all about lining their pockets (with kickbacks, etc.) with hard earned tax payers dollars!

  81. Elitist snob politicians and overpaid, irrelevant, and often intellectually dim actors love telling the rest of us how to live while they live lavishly and give up nothing. Had entertainers not been incredibly good Looking, most would live lives of no note and live modestly. Because they are blessed with good looks they think their IQ goes up, well it doesn’t. They should just shut up and act. As for politicians, they are jerks who are sleazy and get rich from their nice little exemption from insider trading laws. They don’t rub elbows with the “unclean masses” as they consider average taxpayers to be. Only at election time do they put on a feigned face of concern. I hope Trump drains the swamp in DC. He knows this global warming farce is about one thing: redistribution of wealth for the new world order.

  82. The average person is getting sick and tired of being aggravated, preached to, and otherwise bothered by Leonardo DiCaprio lecturing about “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” or whatever term they are now calling it. Leonardo DiCaprio struts around the World and talks about nothing else than this all the time. Leonardo DiCaprio is a hypocrite! There, I said it. Leonardo DiCaprio goes around the World, being flown in a chartered private jet and being driven around in a chauffeured-driven limousine putting out and producing a massive carbon footprint in the process. He lectures that people should be making every effort to reduce greenhouse gases and their carbon footprint, while he’s committing the very same crime. Then, he gets back in his chauffeured-driven limousine, being driven back to the airport and gets back on the chartered private jet and being flown back to his elegant and spacious mansion(s). While he’s jetting around the World, those ever same mansions are being air conditioned with central air and heating causing an even larger and massive carbon footprint in the process. Leonardo DiCaprio IS NOT the only celebrity that is guilty of this. There are far too many of them that are equally as guilty! That includes former Vice-President Al “I invented The Internet” Gore. GOD! How I truly wish for a Zombie Apocalypse!

    • Zombie apocalypse? It’s right here, right now. Ever travel/walk in a busy city like Sydney, Australia? All I see is people gawping in to a mobile “smart” phone with gay abandon. Walking, I stop, and when they crash in to me, and bounce off, they look at me in disgust. At least am watching where I am going. Maybe driver less cars are a good thing in the future.

  83. DiCaprio is a play actor who gets paid big bucks no matter how lousy his product “performs”. If he were working a real job where results mattered, he’d have been fired and starved long ago. His pseudo job is one of the few where you buy the product and can never make a return, i.e. you’re just stuck paying the price.
    Besides never having had a real product oriented job, he’s been duped by his own personal overlords and thinks of himself as some mega mind whose thoughts are far above his viewing public. He’s just another “loaf” circling the bowl having heard that flushing sound.

  84. Seems like DeCaprio is making the film for the control freaks in government who want to restrict and tax our energy use more. It will look really stupid in about 20 years when the Sun cools, the ice sheets start expanding, and the crops start failing. Then scientists will tell us that government needs to tax us, so they can release more CO2 into the atmosphere to warm the planet.
    You know, the guys in the 70s who warned about the coming Ice Age. Except this time, it’s scientists researching the sun whose models are now the best predictors of solar activity, and the energy it beams to the earth who are predicting another Mauder minimum at a minimum.

  85. From the Leonardo Wikipedia page:
    “However, he dropped out of high school following his third year, eventually earning his general equivalency diploma (GED).”
    Why the hell would I listen to this guy? Networking skills? Good memory? He should just go count his millions and leave the thinking to people with education; what a jackass.

  86. Dear Leo, I enjoy your acting but no one cares what you think about Climate Change…especially when you fly around on private jets to preach your religion. Limousine Liberals who preach about what the rest of us should do while they are out doing the opposite really don’t ring a bell. Besides, we’re as intelligent as you…and many of us reject the idea that humans have a significant impact on the climate and look instead at that great big round yellow ball in the sky as having much more of an impact.

  87. Kiddie Tax is the answer. There are too many people. Tax women for having children. First one is free. After that a progressive world-wide tax. If a carbon tax will work, this will work.
    Two hundred years ago, there were only one billion people on our planet. One hundred years ago there were two billion. Now we have more than seven billion. Whether global warming is true or not, overpopulation is ruining the Earth.
    We have wrong headedly incentivized having children by providing welfare and tax exemptions. Stop those programs immediately and begin imposing a child tax.

  88. And we’re supposed to believe that the GREATEST THREAT to humanity is Global Warming. That’s according to our president. Man-made Global Warming is a warm alright, a warm stinky pile of poop.

  89. Shouldnt this be about pre-NOAH times since we had the flood and God said he would never do it again. Oops my bad, throw out scripture cause DiCaprio in his world and those that put him up to this stuff know better than God ( heck may not even believe in Him) But neanderthals like me do
    Nothing new under the sun, we just get a chance to watch it closely now

  90. I really don’t care what any of the ruling elite have to say. Until they live the way they want ME to live I will ignore them.
    I am sick of puffed up, self important, ignorant people telling me their stupid lies..

  91. The bonehead who left this credible review can’t even spell DiCaprio. Yea. Real impressed. I saw Before the Flood, and was impressed. The person who left this review likely doesn’t believe in the problem either.

  92. I have been a subscriber and member of National Geographic for 52 years, but this – over the top – baloney has brought me to end the relationship. Goodbye NatGeo and your settled science BS. Good riddance.

  93. I pretty much make it my policy to not give a sh1t what people who read the lines written by others think. This is a good example of why I am right.

  94. When will people wise up. Who is going to accept their view of reality when they are where they are by playing make believe.

  95. This is absurd propaganda. The movie was moving and beautifully done, with facts and experts consulted throughout. Perhaps the low ratings were because it only aired on the National Geographic Channel? Te science does NOT lie on this issue. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Please stop spreading misinformation.

  96. Did they all buy tons of Tesla and solar energy stocks hoping that their scare tactics, without any facts to back them up, would make them rich?

  97. LEO is a two-faced hypocrite who is the epitome of “do ad I say not as I do” jerk. His carbon footprint is bigger than my entire family lineage.

  98. Attention all climate deniers: We here at the Ministry of Truth have determined that we have fallen out of orbit and are spiraling in closer to the sun, meaning that all of your children will be charbroiled to extra-crispy cinders within days. All hope is not lost, however. Your generous donation of your entire net worth, liquidated into cartons of small, unmarked bills please, will allow us to employ millions of of forward-thinking progressives to face the sun and blow really hard in unison to push us back away from it. Please drop off your generous Earth-saving donations at your nearest DNC campaign headquarters. Allah, er, Gaia bless you.

  99. The arrogance of all of these players, backed by their own globalist agenda is a turnoff from the beginning. I have no interest in being “gas lighted” by these crooks.

  100. next time make it a cartoon
    1-6 month has a captive audience
    keystone cops as environmentalist
    show barney and big bird suffocating from pollution
    caprio will die asking people do you remember me i was once a somebody star

  101. This is entirely understandable. It’s a well-known fact of the scientific variety that bubble guppies have a much smaller carbon footprint than DiCaprios. Warmists are voting with their feet, er, eyeballs.

  102. Quite frankly, I’m surprised it pulled .15. The trailers for the show were over-the-top ridiculous. Even a person who was otherwise inclined to believe it man-made global warming would recognize it was nothing but hype. Chicken little exists in every generation. It used to be global cooling. It used to be acid rain. It used to the ozone hole. Now it’s global warming. Once global warming fades from consciousness some new looming environmental catastrophe will take it’s place and some pampered, aloof celebrity will take up it’s cause. You can count on it.

  103. Since mankind is responsible for global warming (per DiCaprio, Gore, etc.) Isn’t the solution to simply kill off the human race?
    Maybe they should solicit ISIS to help them.

  104. MGW is no longer on anyone’s list of important things to worry about – why you say? How about there is no PROOF of it and all past methods to PROVE it turned out to be fraudulent. I think they’ve even given up on this topic in high school science classes as the teachers were being laughed out of the room. So what IS going on out there you ask? 1) no rising seas 2) more polar bears than ever 3) highest levels of Artic ice in decades 4) sun cycle moving toward solar minimum in three or four more years 5) ouster of left wing fanatics around the globe and 6) a return of common sense. Do not think for a moment however these preening “scientists” will slow down their efforts to hog the stage and pretend someone cares about them.

  105. Leonardo DiCaprio is such an a–hole that I won’t even watch his regular movies any more, much less this crap.

  106. Seems appropriate since the dayum earth is NOT warming !!!! The progressives tried the same crap in the 1970’s except it was “Global Cooling and the Coming Mini Ice Age” Research it for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Leonardo . . . . . It is time you stick with something you know . . . . . . ahhhhhh! I’m having trouble figuring that out too! Sorry!

  108. Leo’s movie would have done better if it had been marketed as children’s fiction instead of a documentary.

  109. From Phil Jones To: Michael Mann (Pennsylvania State University).
    “I can’t see any of these shows being in the next report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow — even if we have to redefine how weekend ratings are calculated!”

  110. Climate change is real. You have no idea what you are talking about. Let me tell you something, don’t take into consideration all the scientific FACTS that prove global warming IS real, just get out of the house and take a look. The temperatures in the summer are huge, in the winter I can barely see some snow now..in our country we used to have huge snow falls every winter..now it barely snows at all. And that’s not happening from last year. It’s been like that for the last 10 years…are you really that blind??

  111. This article is a fail and obviously biased.
    Already 6 million views on YouTube and even more on Facebook.
    The lack of ratings on cable tv has no bearing on the content and truth of the actually documentary.
    [from the TV ratings standpoint though, the movie is a fail and obviously biased, which is the point of the article -mod]

  112. It got rave reviews from the half-naked-models-who-travel-around-the-globe-in-his-private-jet demographic ….

  113. I need to say, I am a lot disappointed by this documentary film. The movie is starting with scenes showing damaged nature and Leonardo travelling around the world, what is showing the reality, but at the end, my feeling is that this movie is just to ask peoples for money, called fossil tax. For me its a little bit similar to Charity for Africa from 1970…and where are we now? After 50 years Africa is still hungry.
    We have in Europe our fossil tax. It is paid by producers…billions of € paid to governments. How much is returning to renew the nature? 10%? We have Euro 6 engines, new cars, new modern fossil powerplants…but I will use words, which have been said in the movie. If you pay fossil tax, you are the most stupid idiot in the world. Because your tax will be not spend on seeding of new trees or cleaning of seas!
    Would you pay fossil tax, if you know it will be used for new road heading to luxury part of the city? Would you pay fossil tax if you know it will be used for seeding of new trees in Brazil?
    Leonardo think he is doing the right thing, but in the reality he is helping to earn money for someone. What was not said in this document is, that billions of dollars have been spent last 25 years on expensive climate conferences! In past 25 years we were able to seed 25 billions of new trees

  114. All of this crap started with the dinosaurs! They had an industrial complex, air conditioning, and drove around the jungle in their Cadillac escalade. Not long after that the ice age began to melt! It’s been melting every since. Those damn Dinosaurs! O sorry, I mean those damn republican Dinosaurs! Better!

  115. We are changing the earth, polluting the air and water that’s making us sick. Everyone I know has had some form of cancer. Kids with asthma. So don’t say we are doing nothing because that’s simply not true.

  116. Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life.
    It starts at the truth, specifically the most important truth in life.
    Before discussing climate change one must first agree that life is most important in life.
    Anyone that does not agree that that is true cannot present truthful evidence of anything, as they have dismissed the most important one of all at the root of their logic.
    If they agree and still enslave, kill and consume animals for the sole purpose of personal gratification (fun, taste, sport, fashion, unneeded nutrition, glamor, etc.), then their words are just lip service, as their actions state they they really don’t agree that their thoughts and words are a contradiction (factually illogical).
    It all comes down to who chooses the truth and who ignores/opposes it. There are no exceptions.

    • Plants are life too, you know. And while they don’t have nerve endings to feel pain, they still have a measure of awareness when something inimical to their existence is happening. Some even release pheromones when harassed by pest insects, to attract predators of those insects! A call for help, of sorts.
      As unpleasant as they may be, suffering and death bring life to many things on Earth. You could hand-wring all day about “cruel” seal hunting (why is it only cruel when humans do it?) or the (completely fabricated) plight of polar bears in an ice-free Arctic. But you do know that seals are prime prey animals for polar bears, right? Cute little seal pups get gobbled up every day by hungry bears up there. They’re easier to catch. At least human hunters go out of their way to pick out a healthy adult.
      You can’t claim “life is most important in life” as an unqualified truth, because the (often painful) death of one living thing is almost always necessary for another to survive. So pardon me if I find your rather self-righteous pontificating ringing hollow.
      Oh, and it would be a good idea to have your doctor check your vitamin B12 levels regularly. Strict vegetarians and vegans have a high risk of B12 deficiency, you know.

      • Sure plants are life.
        Don’t take any more than you need, especially if it is an intelligent life form that screams in pain, screams for freedom, and has a better change than another life form of getting the life on this plant to the stars.
        It’s about the truth. What is in the best interest of life in general.
        That’s it! So show how killing plants by feeding them to animals and then eating the animals is in the best interest of life in general verses just eating the plants?
        That’s a very silly response as an excuse to kill needlessly, destroy the environment, and cause pain to life.
        The real issue here is about the truth.
        Now show us how killing more life is better for life!

      • “You can’t claim “life is most important in life” as an unqualified truth…”
        Life is the first self-evident truth.
        I claim that, and I did! Nothing is true if life is not truly alive.
        There is no because. That’s just silly. To attempt to argue that life is not most important in life, while using life, is contradictions and hypocrisy (telling lies).
        Furthermore, without agreeing that life is most important in life is true, you call into double whether you accept and agree that you are truly alive and that any evidence of anything you present is in doubt because your very existence is, according to your logic.
        Now maybe you have gone around thinking you know better because others didn’t explain the the specific details to you, but now you have found out that you ave no argument against the truth that holds water.
        Meanwhile, the truth that life is most important in life has been proven millions of time today, has been since the beginnign of life, and it will always be true and the most important truth in life.
        It’s not just any truth you have attempted to dismiss. You attempted to dismiss the most important truth in life, the only reason we are most important, the only reason we are equal, the foundation of all just laws, the foundation of any valid cause, and even your own existence.
        Go ahead, prove me wrong. Explain to us all how life is not most important in life without ever using life.
        Now stop your murdering. You have run out of excuses. If’s it’s not to do more for life in general than the position is a lie. It cannot be any other way. That is the truth of the matter.
        Do you care about the truth? Are our children truthfully worth saving from destruction? Does the truth matter or not? You only matter if the truth matters. If the truth doesn’t matter then you are not truly there to consider your welfare.

      • B12 is created from bacteria. It exists naturally in water and on grown food.
        If you sanitize your water and wash your food with sanitized water, the is little to no B12.
        If you clean your water and food you need to get it from somewhere else. Killing animals for it when it is easily produced without killing the animals is not in the best interest of life in general. It’s an excuse to murder. Those that actually need to kill animals do more for life in general, do have the need. There is no argument with that. It’s the silly excuse people like you make to commit the greatest holocaust of life ever seen in the history of mankind for the sole unneeded purpose of personal gratification that is at issue here.
        Those people do not accept the truth as master, but we take our final breath and no one that has died has ever raised their voice again against the truth, thus the truth is proved that life was indeed most important for them, as without life they have nothing to say. There are no exception.

        • OMG! A vegan on this site. My reply is that the only persons more self-righteous that a climate change advocate is a vegan. The trick to being a vegan is like Zeno’s paradox, which, if one is naive enough to accept the premises, is undeniable. All your argument is in the premises you want people to accept.
          Humans have not been vegans for much longer than we have been identifiable as humans, as our closest relatives, chimps and bonobos, are not vegans. Demonstrating that if someone is very careful one can survive as a vegan proves nothing beyond the demonstration, as the ecological economics just doesn’t work in the long run, as animal food can be diverted to direct human food in an emergency.

  117. When DiCap starts bicycling to his “climate summits” and goes back to school for a degree in meteorology (or ANY sort of degree, for that matter), then maybe he’ll qualify as a spokesman for something climate-related. As it is, he’s just another of the UN’s stable of unqualified “personalities” pushing the emotional front of their “manmade global warming” charade. I mean, three years ago, the U.N. issued an internal memo essentially admitting that “we can’t sell this hoax through legitimate scientific data,” (particularly with silly, condescending edutainment talking heads such as Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Neal DeGrasse Tyson). The only alternative, the U.N. figured, was to forego any actual and inconvenient science and sell AGW strictly on an emotional, melodramatic level.

  118. Was a a print subscriber for 38 years but the politically correct far left ANTI science and lack of studies of geography and the real world lead me to stop. When I watch the channel, dvr and fast through the manure.
    The founders of the Society are spinning like tops in their graves over such lunacy


  120. I love being scolded about the environment by a guy who travels by private jet and vacations on 150′ yachts. Okay, Leo… I’ll drive an even smaller car so you can party on a bigger yacht.

  121. nice to see people are waking up to the biggest deluded religious cult foisted on humanity since the con that Jesus rose from the dead. These pseudoscientific charlatans need to be drummed out of town once and for all.

  122. Liberalism is what smart looks like to dumb people….actors should stick to acting and not spoon feed people their leftist bullcrap.

    • I mean I can argue against this entire (extremely short) slander article.
      First of all, I’m not sure how reputable WUWT is. Seems like the author, Anthony Watts, is pretty bias (fair enough, we are on his website after all). He isn’t even a real columnist as far as I can tell, he is just a blogger. Did he even watch the movie? If I recall correctly, Leo stated three times in the film that he was not the best person to make this movie, and that he does in fact have a larger carbon footprint than most. Leo isn’t arguing against his hypocritical behavior. And the crew did pay a voluntary carbon tax at the end of the film (full disclosure, I don’t completely agree with the carbon tax).
      Secondly, Watts uses a random, anonymous review from IMDB. Have you seen what that reviewers name and picture is? That WUWT conveniently cut out? Here: https://gyazo.com/865b6bae5479d2bcf207ca38b2bb1d57
      This “Pete” fellow has only made one review on IMDB. It’s essentially a fake account. Could have just as easily been created by Anthony Watts himself. The review is also pretty unprofessional, utilizing capital letters of full words throughout. Some of the review is correct and I can agree with, but much of it is debatable. He is upset that the film is only looking at the last 100 years or so of climate change. We are looking at these years, because any years prior to that haven’t had massive industrial revolutions, creating over 1.3 billion cars, tens of thousands of planes, tens of thousands of ships and a whopping 6 billion more people added to this planet (and tens of billions more in livestock to feed us). It really is just statistics that you need to look at. This amount of growth in such a short time can and does affect the atmosphere. This website has a great index that can help the everyday layman understand climate change: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2007/05/start-here/ I recommend checking it out and broaden your horizon, separating yourself from purely bias and one sided views that you will get with Fox News, CNN and climate change denier websites.
      Lastly, the evidence he uses to make his argument is the weekly top 150 shows/movies. As you guys are fully aware, we live in a society that is extremely reliant on entertainment and consumerism. Anthony Watts argument is basically saying that Before the Flood is a terrible film because it isn’t popular. We know that isn’t true. Many films/shows can be good even if they aren’t viewed by the masses. I mean if you actually took a look at that top 150 list, in the top 10 are Halloween cooking, Walking Dead, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and NASCAR… That should tell you something about where American’s interests and priorities lie. Of course a documentary style film isn’t going to compete with popular culture entertainment. That is to be expected.
      In my point of view, propaganda and big oil run this show. The fossil fuel industry is the largest industry in the world (somethings like $100 trillion I believe). They do not want to switch over to carbon neutral technologies that are completely within our grasp. You better believe they have lobbyists and pay off a plethora of politicians, columnists, bloggers and everyone in-between. It has happened in the past, that is undeniable. Propaganda is what is confusing the masses. There is so much information and misinformation out there that many people simply get confused and give up. Or worse, follow one sided bias media and just nod their heads like sheep, without looking deeper into the situation and formulating opinions for themselves. Nonetheless, why would you not want a cleaner environment? Would you rather continually consume the Earth’s natural resources and use oil/coal/gas for all our technology? You have seen pictures of disgusting smog infested places like Los Angeles and Beijing, China. Why the hell not switch over to electric cars, nuclear power, solar and wind or geothermal energy? All of these technologies are clean and more importantly sustainable. Obviously we can’t just snap our fingers and change over night, it needs to be a methodical integration. All we have to do is make that jump over to the other side and commit.
      How many of you guys have even watched Before the Flood yet before simply nodding your head and commenting on this blog? Watch it and formulate your own undoctored opinions, before you regurgitate this garbage and endorse it as fact. Ask yourself, is the content of this film good or bad? The film isn’t perfect, but what really is perfect in life?
      This is a pretty poorly written article/blog post. I would take it more seriously if it was professionally done and substantive. I’m fine looking at other opinions and having a decent conversation, so long as the content of the piece is meaningful.
      [Your entire argument about bias and unreliability just exploded in your face with this line “In my point of view, propaganda and big oil run this show.” so typical to berate others for not being thorough, and then regurgitate (your word) a garbage (your word) talking point like that. -mod]

      • Excellent. You value the truth, can think for yourself and take the time to prove it.
        Thank you.

  123. The entirety of this comments section has a obvious disregard for the world they live in and have clearly not looked at any facts they don’t like just because it is easier to put you head in the sand does not me it will all just magically disappear

  124. The show was rally good one.Especially when we saw the academy award winning star showing his concern.It was a must watch for everyone.I watched it on Nat-Geo and felt responsible for taking care of out world.

  125. Wattsupwiththat.com = Anti Climate change blog. Supported and brought to you by the Heartland Foundation

    [Got a link for that? . . . mod]

  126. I liked the part of the movie where they showed that the rainfall was far worse than predictions and how these current areas where there is little water result in food shortages too…. and how most of the conflicts in the world are at the boundaries of change. All you need is a food/water shortage and some people will use the need to exploit people. It happens all the time.
    The people denying climate change are the same ones that don’t take the time to review the actual hard facts. They don’t want to take the time to care about all of the children dying while they mistaken call their stomach a stomach, instead of the graveyard of needless murder it actually is.
    And this is what we get…it’s our own doing as people…for failing to uphold The Most Important Truth in Life: Life is Most Important in Life.

  127. Well, at least there is some humor in the posts.
    Tom Halla’s comment labels me as a vegan, then goes on to use evidence to prove that there is no such thing.
    It would have been easier for Tom Halla to say that life is most important in life is true, and therefore a person is actually truthfully defined as most important. That we are not our actions. The John is not a bad boy, he did a bad thing. That we are not doctors, that we practice medicine.
    All of which is true and directly derived from the truth that life is most important in life.
    The humor here is that he calls me something that he himself admits, doesn’t exist, which is true.
    Why did he lie? why did he attempt to reduce me to something less than what I am? What basic simple truth does he himself no understand? (not funny, as he is most important too).
    I think Leo Tolstoy summed it well:
    I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.
    Nope, there is no such thing as a vegan. If someone calls anyone a vegan is is telling a lie.
    Life is always most important in life.
    The fruit isn’t dead.
    If you take a plant and eat it you have killed far less life than killing 70% of our grown plants to animals just to eat the animals later anyway.
    We kill more animals (not including fish) then the count of the stars in the milky-way, every few years. If we include the fish it surpasses that number every year 3 times! Most of it is done for unneeded reasons.
    We can look on the bright side though. Mankind will bend to the truth eventually. The all the darkness in-between, all the the war, all the needless death, all the starvation, all the disease, all the fires, all the floods, and every drop of innocent blood sits squarely on the shoulders of those that continue to kill the animals for the sole purpose of personal gratification (fun, taste, unneeded nutrition, glamor, fashion, sport, etc.)
    These are the people who have attempted to destroy the world and kill the children by destroying their environment this day, and currently work to continue this in the future.
    I have based all of this on the most important truth in life: Life is Most Important in Life.
    Either prove that is not true (without ever using life in hypocrisy) or agree it is true and how killing more plants and then the animals upholds this truth.
    This is now a settled matter.
    Life is Most Important in Life is the most important thing a true living god could ever say to us,. If a god is not living AND true it doesn’t exist. Life is Most Important in Life is true, even for a true living god.
    Square one folks… That is where we all start. You are most important whether you take a life or save a life, or blow bubbles. It doesn’t what you do. If you are living, you are most important, to others, and yourself.
    Just accept who you are, instead of striving to be something less.

    • Truth. Free thinking.
      You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.
      You’ve done nothing but beg your vague pseudo-philosophical premises, and have done so with an attitude of unearned moral authority so typical of activist rants. That high-and-mighty, indignant, “you aren’t allowed to legitimately disagree with me” tone is instantly recognizeable. A little humility and openness to the possibility of being at least partially in error goes a long way in convincing people. But you don’t seem interested in taking an appraiseable position and holding it responsibly in debate. You just like to yell, and a well-articulated yell is still a yell. The one thing worse than a closed mind is an open mind already made up.
      You don’t have anything we haven’t seen before. It’s actually quite heartening when leftie trolls, Gore-bots, and progressivist ranters come out in force. It means you’re getting scared. It means the real free thinkers have struck a nerve. What are you so afraid of? Truth fears no question.

      • “You’ve done nothing but beg your vague pseudo-philosophical premises…”
        So let’s lets see…………
        There is philosophy, a thought that could possibly be true.
        There is theory, a thought that is more likely to be true.
        However, “Life is Most Important in Life” is neither philosophy or a theory.
        Keep in mind that no philosophy or theory can be true without life, a truth to base it on and think it, and state it.
        “Life is Most Important in Life” is a self-evident truth.
        “Life is Most Important in Life” is THE FIRST self-evident truth.
        No thought, word or action cannot be truthful if it disagrees.
        No truth is more important to life.
        “Life is Most Important in Life” is not vague. Though it can be difficult to to think through if we happen to be looking for excuses to harm life.
        Clarify with additional words? Perhaps there were a few typos in my typing.
        Sure. That happens to us all. The mind likes to see things as vague when it has been to taught to ignore the basic truth of which it itself depends and actually has to think to defend something it has been taught not to defend without understanding.
        Worded differently:
        “The Most Important Thing in Life is Life” or “The Most Important Thing in Life is Life itself”.
        If a thought, word, or action is not in the best interest of life in general, it is the wrong thought, word, or action. Why? Because the truth states that, “Life is Most Important in Life”, is true, eternally true for life, and “Most Important”.
        It does take less life to eat the plants directly than to feed them to the animals and then eat the animals.
        Hence, eating plants instead of the animals does more for life.
        If there is an option for a person, i.e. eating the animals is not necessary at that time, then the truthful action is to not eat the animals.
        There is no real philosophical or theoretical way around that because in order for there to be any truth in either, the philosophy or the theory, one (life) would need prove that:
        “Life is Most important in Life”, is not true, using life itself to do so.
        That is called contradiction or hypocrisy, which is a type of lie. i.e. not truthful.
        That choice to accept the truth is yours.
        Acceptance from anyone, you, I, or anyone else, will not change the Most Important Truth in Life.
        We will never disprove it is true.
        Yet, we can go on all day proving that is true.
        We are always most important to the life we take.
        The life that takes our life is always most important to us.
        You are most important to yourself, whether you take your own life or live your own life.
        You are most important. Accept the truth. Accept yourself and all the rest of life that goes with it.
        It is called living in the truth while you live.
        Let them live.

        • The endless argument about global warming is just stalling work that needs doing. If you choose not to accept scientists over ‘global warming’ will you look at the marine life worldwide? The destruction of forests around the globe that work with rain cycles? Why anyone does not want to clean up the air & water since the trawling of the land & seas, leaving it in blight, is incomprehensible. You just believe in take & take? Me me me & words like fanatics, contrary, morons, and argue statistics instead of opening your eyes to a over populated planet in peril is very very sad. There is no discussions with people who want to stall progress and only want it their way. We have islands of plastic floating in the Pacific. Ok lets just stop with the arguing & get to work on REAL ISSUES.
          On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 11:56 AM, Watts Up With That? wrote:
          > David Wishengrad commented: “”You’ve done nothing but beg your vague > pseudo-philosophical premises…” Really? So let’s lets see………… > There is philosophy, a thought that could possibly be true. There is > theory, a thought that is more likely to be true. However,” >

  128. Here in Canada the Federal Government has imposed a carbon tax, at the same time our Federal Government wants to bring in nearly 1,000,000 immigrants over the next three years. If they believe CO2 is a climate changer what will be the carbon footprint of this increase in population. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in this ? What it really points out is that CO2 as a climate changer is a farce.
    As for Leo Di Caprio he doesn’t know the difference between global warming and a chinook.

  129. Andrea,
    If you happen to come back to this article and read this, could you please answer me as to why you mentioned my name at the end of your comment?
    I make no secret of the fact that I do have my own personal view that certain things need to happen in order for the needless destruction of life to stop and that if we don’t see everyone, choosing of our own free will, on our knees crying tears of happiness before our true living master, truth and life, that things that need to happen have not happened yet and the destruction will continue. It is about the first self-evident truth; life. It always has been. Interestingly enough though, the truth always hold innocence and can never be the cause. The causes of needless destruction are choices. Choices that must exist. For without choice there is no true glory. Being as there is true glory, there is choice. The truth is not anymore responsible for the problems of life than a baby is for being born.
    Time to get some work done somewhere else.
    Thank you

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