Australia Trialling Lessons in Climate Self Hatred for 8yr Olds

Miss Jean Lilburne with her class in the Grade One room at Drouin State School, Drouin, Victoria, 1916

Miss Jean Lilburne with her class in the Grade One room at Drouin State School, Drouin, Victoria, 1916. By National Library of Australia from Canberra, Australia [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Australian NSW Government is trialling lessons about climate doomsday on children, to see what impact being taught to hate yourself has on the children’s development.

Climate change gloom lessons for kids

DOOMSDAY climate change lessons are being taught to children as young as eight who are concluding that human activity threatens to destroy beautiful sunsets and ­waterways.

Six schools in the state’s north are trialling a “world first” curriculum that is expected to be adopted across the state, if successful.

The NSW Education Department-approved trial is being run by Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus and proposes to give students from Year 3 to Year 8 “political agency” and allow them to be “experts in their own lives”.

Running in tandem with the curriculum is a challenge project in which students form their own response to climate change and how they can personally prevent mass extinctions of animals, plants and their habitats.

Some children have concluded that humans have “succeeded in destroying much of the physical world”.

One student researcher in northern NSW said: “It is selfish and horrible how humans are causing animal and plant species to die.

“Kids are doing amazing work where they take a photo which represents some aspect of climate change and they write about it. Some students take photos of beautiful things such as sunsets or waterways and then write about how it could be lost or destroyed because of climate change.

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If there is one aspect of the climate movement which truly upsets me, it is the way some deep greens, frustrated at their inability to influence adults in a meaningful way, feel compelled to worm their way into various education bureaucracies so they can have a shot at messing up the children. Let us hope this horrible trial is ended as swiftly as possible, with minimal damage to impressionable young minds.

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      • I noted the picture, wondered why it was there, and forgot it because of the article. What it seems they are trying to do is get the children to decide not to have children since having children is what is killing Gaia. Really, that is what my take of this sort of “education” is – teach them to hate themselves so they won’t have children of their own, and in so doing, depopulate the world over time. How sad that they would go ahead and waste the natural resource of children’s imaginations and energy to improve, by shutting down their desire to live at all.

      • What I see as a potential effect of this will lead to new John Wayne Glovers or Ivan Milats or for the U.S. Ted Kaczynski the Unibomber. How many of these kids will grow up to loathe society to the extent that they commit similar atrocities against those who they will grow to view as destroying their Earth?

      • 1916 is the photographer’s birth date. The picture was taken/published in 1944.”
        1944 in Australia would be the 30’s in the rest of the world.

      • In WWII, with the Japanese navy on their doorstep, they had more important things to worry about than updating fashions.

  1. Teaching kids the CO2-man-made-global-warming-climate-change-fear-narrative based on Gore-Suzuki astrology like science is reprehensible,

      • There is no outcry because parents aren’t allowed an opinion on how their children are raised. You just have to take it, or your children are punished for the mistake of having parents that “don’t understand”.

      • It is abuse and at various points I have threatened my childs school to keep socialism disguised as environmentalism away from my children by refusing to allow them to participate in various indoctrination sessions. If you like selective home schooling. To do this you need to keep informed on the curriculum, most teachers will cooperate.
        Fortunately as my children went to a private school, I was able to convince them to simply balance the propaganda by giving the other side of the debate on an unsettled science and to their credit they did that. One of my children took a sceptical position and was praised for that. In the end I didn’t need to keep them home, however It takes time and interest, you must write to the science master and insist on balance and the scientific method. I sent them the simple math that says that the models are wrong. Frankly you shouldn’t have to do that, science masters should never have let this junk get into the curriculum in the first place

    • @ Sun Spot – It is reprehensible certainly – It is also a huge mistake by the alarmists – As children grow up they rebel against what they have been taught.
      Have faith in the next generation – they will see this brainwashing for what it is and most likely take action against it.

  2. I advocate Home-Schooling.
    Governments and government activists have no place poisoning the minds of children from loving parents.
    The governments role is to alienate children from their parents and have the children rat out their parents on a host of issues. Schools are the vehicle. Teachers are the operatives, knowingly or unknowingly.
    The world is different that 80 years ago. Children can now get a superior education in a home environment.

      • ..Wow, that was a very dumb “straw man” argument, and please note, most slave owners were Democrats, the same party affiliation claiming CAGW today ! Hint, hint….

      • seaice1-
        I’ve come to expect nothing less from you. Every time you open your anonymous mouth in these pages, I’m reminded of the fact that certain foreign powers have infiltrated and fund the Green groups. Green on the outside, Red on the inside, with paid propagandists regularly visiting every public comment site on the internet… and here.
        How ironic that your philosophy leads to the enslavement of all men, at least all common men.
        BTW, until the Revolution, the Founding Fathers were all British. It was their American grandchildren that put a stop to slavery.

      • Seaice1: From where did the FFs get their slaves?
        Then again, they also had rickets, scurvy, pox, you name it. I guess that for all that they managed to produce a state that brought forth…you? Big fail there then.

      • Not all did-the Slavery Issue was resolved later in the blood of the civil war and the Nation
        was rebuild under the very Constitution that they created…
        It works…

      • At that time most people were home-schooled. It took time for local people to be able to pay for a teacher for a public school in their local community.
        Children learned to read by reading the family Bible which they had even when there were no local churches in their community.
        By the way, people had higher reading levels back then than they have today.

      • seaice1 October 17, 2016 at 8:28 am
        “And had slaves.”
        Really? Some did many did not and fought against allowing it into the Constitution.
        As for these founding fathers are you referring to John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, or just from N.Y.Lewis Morris, William Floyed, Gouverneur Morris? Those are just a few whom you misrepresent.
        As a matter of fact before you hurl stones perhaps you may wish to read the fate one those who placed their names on the Declaration of Independence.
        Yes I am aware of modern attempts to trivialize their fates, or point out it was no more then others lost. But remember that they were the ones with the most to lose. We have never produced such a generation of men such as these, and that is why so many feel the need to disparage them, for they themselves are so deficient and lacking in comparison. Yes I mean you seaice 1

      • “BTW, until the Revolution, the Founding Fathers were all British. It was their American grandchildren that put a stop to slavery.”
        Good point. Other nations brought slavery to the Americas to make money. A Civil War in the U.S. decided the matter in favor of freedom for all.
        Over 600,000 white men died or were injured in the effort to free the slaves. I would say that exonerates subsequent American generations of the stain of slavery.

      • From the Wiki, seaice1;
        History of slavery
        The history of slavery spans nearly every culture, nationality, and religion and from ancient times to the present day. …

      • You are wrong sea1ice.
        Yes, a few had slaves; mostly through inheritances and several did purchase new slaves.
        But the founding Fathers from the Northern colonies did not have slaves. And the argument over whether the new Constitution should disallow slavery was a majority opinion, but those lines were deleted in order to gain support from state legislators in the Southern slaveholding states.
        An argument that recurred regularly every year until half way through the Civil War.

      • Although there are still many areas of the world that still practice slavery, as a country the U.S. only held slaves from 1776 to 1865, 89 years. It was practiced in the British colonies though.but they were British colonies at the time

    • The problem with home schooling is is the difficulty with socializing the kids. About half of what they need to learn comes from interaction with other kids.

      • Not so. My grandchildren are home schooled and doing quite well. My children were all schooled in public schools (in Oklahoma) and are also doing quite well.

      • Not even close to being true. There are dozens of other ways that kids can get socialization.
        Playing with neighborhood kids. Church groups. After school activities such sports or dance/music/etc.
        As to the socialization that they get from other school kids. Most that has to be unlearned before they can become productive citizens.

      • That’s a myth. A lot of homeschoolers actually play school sports are involved in school plays and music programs ect. They are not schooled in caves in the middle of the woods.

      • “A lot of homeschoolers actually play school sports are involved in school plays and music programs ect.”
        Hopefully they also learn not to say “ect”. 😉

      • Home schooling can be done well, but it requires time, effort, and skill. Most home schooled children do very well because their parents are extremely qualified to teach them. However, but many who are held back from school for knee-jerk political or religious reasons are taught by unqualified and unprepared parents and end up being VERY behind, which ruins the averages.

      • Go online and read about what’s involved in home-schooling and the costs.
        Usually costs less than a private school and there are home-school support groups.
        Then decide what you want your children to learn.
        This is government sponsored education program in NSW.

    • And other fire&brimstone original sin religions .
      You are made out of carbon from CO2 . Thus you are evil down to the molecular level .
      What a corrupt message to be indoctrinating children with .

      • A reversal of self-esteem at just the right moment in life. A tactic which makes for well-behaved drones. They can build back their self worth by notifying the authorities when a non-believer is detected in their midst.

      • Original sin, also called ancestral sin, is the Christian doctrine of humanity’s state of sin resulting from the fall of man, stemming from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in Eden, namely the sin of disobedience in consuming from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. [Wikipedia]
        You are born with an original sin, and the only way to get rid of it is to do as the Church says (not as it does).

      • It never ceases to amaze me how little atheists know about religion.
        It’s almost as if they fear to learn anything about the thing they hate, for fear they might learn out how wrong they are.

      • CG: As usual, completely wrong. Christ himself declared that faith alone is sufficient. Works are not needed.

      • Watch out CG, the religious warriors will be on your tail, screaming, “That’s not what the bible said, because…. …………. Jesus!”
        Calm down guys, don’t get upset because we don’t fear your god.

      • Interesting. Correcting a factual misrepesentation is “getting on your tail”?
        Are you normally this paranoid?
        Nobody said that you fear God, the claim is that you fear knowledge, because it might lead to believe that you are wrong.

      • Pointing out an error of fact is “getting on your tail”?
        Do you always react so negatively to correction?
        Nobody ever claimed that you fear our God. So stop with the silly goal post moving.
        The issue is that you fear basic facts? Why, I believe it’s because you are afraid that you might learn that you have been wrong all these years.

      • “You are born with an original sin, and the only way to get rid of it is to do as the Church says (not as it does).”
        Not quite, according to the Book. Adam’s sin is the reason “fleshly” death awaits us all, which we are not offered a way around. The sin we ourselves commit is what endangers our potentially eternal “spiritual” life, which is a far more grievous loss, naturally. That’s what Christ offers us a way around.

      • And lo it has come to pass: now they’re on my tail, telling me I’m, “afraid of facts”.
        There’s nothing to be afraid of, as it’s all a fairy story. Just like the green religion attempts to scare people into fearing ‘carbon’ by dreaming up daft fantasies about imminent thermageddon.

    • A curriculum, sort of reminiscent of ……………..

      These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.”
      —Adolf Hitler (1938)
      From the 1920s onwards, the Nazi Party targeted German youth as a special audience for its propaganda messages. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls were the primary tools that the Nazis used to shape the beliefs, thinking and actions of German youth.
      Read more @

  3. If taught humans are the problem, that should increase sociopathic behavior and correct the problem. The people pushing this are mentally ill and need to be incarcerated.

    • Funny, if Lew was any kind of psycho he would have a paper on this in no time. Talk about ideation…

  4. ..This is not just indoctrination, this is child abuse, and should be punishable with jail time…Absolutely disgusting that any parent or government official would allow this..

    • I would have thought they’d not have time to teach anything other than how the “invaders” destroyed Aboriginal culture. My child knows nothing of the Magna Carta or Declaration of Independence or even the articles of Federation but all sorts of oral/ made up last week fictional history.

    • Insidiously not funny…it is true in fact.
      Schools teach kids to hate themselves and to see themselves as simply farm animals. Then they teach them to fornicate in countless number of ways, BUT only if contraception is used. So have fun and use each other but NEVER reproduce. If by chance a baby happens, kill it in the womb. If it gets big in the womb, pull it out somewhat and snip its spinal cord. If it is born, tax the family into poverty. Force the children into government indoctrination centers where they learn to hate themselves. Usher in assisted suicide as a norm and promote the self in lieu of children. then..
      while childrenexist=true do
      repeat the above;
      It is the Club of Rome solution.
      It is intentional.
      Margaret Sanger, who referred to black people as “Human Weeds” started the whole process ~100 years ago.
      Death of the child, or death of the child’s mind or death of the family of the child.
      Death is the ultimate goal.

      • Whilst you’re right about the evil Club of Rome, I have to attest that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of protected fornication.

      • David Smith,
        There is something wrong with it.
        I said “Then they teach them to fornicate…” There is definitely something wrong with schools teaching 8 year olds to fornicate.

      • Paul,
        If you mean teach them the facts of life, that isn’t quite the same as encouraging 8 year olds to have a go at fornication themselves.

    • “Module 2 is on assisted suicide.”
      This is not a funny joke because for some sensitive adolescents this option is a grim reality, as I know by a first-hand experience in my own social environment.
      Some years ago, a very smart but also quite sensitive high school girl of about 17 was very depressed and committed eventually suicide for she was convinced that mankind will destroy planet Earth by pollution and climate change.
      Until her funeral ceremony, where it was revealed in great detail by her parents, I didn’t know the reason for her depression. Had I known it earlier, I would have tried to stop her depression by giving her some enlightening information about the really known facts about AGW and other alleged pseudo-disasters of our environment. But alas, it was to late then…
      I’m afraid, this might be not the only case where a suicide of a child or adolescent was triggered or at least partly promoted by the endless scaremongering and self-hate propaganda of organizations and people like GREEN PEACE, WWF or Bill McKibben.

    • Teaching is a thankless job that carries with it the constant risk of being accused of a sex offence by any disgruntled kid. It is the institution itself that creates the ‘little monsters’ more so than the teachers, most of whom are well-meaning and try to do their job to the best of their ability.
      We are well aware that prisons don’t work as a means of reform; all they do is turn part-time crooks into professional crooks. Yet, we somehow imagine that sending kids to a very similar-looking institution is a good idea. It is often overlooked that the modern schooling system is a product of the proto-Nazi political party in early 20thC Germany. Its original purpose was to instil obedience in the working classes, along with basic literacy and numeracy skills such as would allow them to carry out orders from above.
      A major problem with the school environment is bullying, and strangely enough, the power of the Nazi hierarchy depended to a great extent on bullying, too. Instead of trying to tackle this problem, the administrators try to pretend that the bullying doesn’t go on. Any admission that it did, would after all be an admission that the system itself is fundamentally flawed.
      That aside, schools are an ideal stomping-ground for propagandists of all kinds. A captive audience who can be not only lectured-at with no option to leave, but then forced to repeat the dogma ad nauseam until it is echoing round and round inside their heads. What more could they want?

  5. What kids are taught sticks with them, and they will resist un-learning later in life. They might hate themselves the rest of their lives.
    Reminds me of the myth that lemmings stampede into the sea and commit mass suicide. That, as many know, was a theatrical exercise by a dishonest wildlife photographer. They lied to us. Several generations of Americans still think lemmings stampede into the sea every year. My 30 something children still think lemmings do this.

  6. What’s their metric for considering the trial “successful”? How much propaganda these children can regurgitate?

  7. Some students take photos of beautiful things such as sunsets or waterways and then write about how it could be lost or destroyed because of climate change

    How on earth are children at this level supposed to build a scientific argument for the proposal that climate change is going to destroy(!?) sunsets and waterways? This is a very dangerous game being played out here. If my children were involved I’d be taking them out of lessons and/or suing the school board.

  8. This amounts to a horrible form of child abuse, and those perpetrating it are nothing less than monsters.

  9. When my children were taught climate doom, they were immediately skeptical and dismissive. As were many of their friends. The good news is that many kids recognize propaganda when they see it. The bad news of course is that many don’t.

  10. We already knew from the 10-10 video how evil the AGW movement is. In their hearts, they’ve already murdered children. Torturing them psychologically and experimenting on them is only to be expected.

  11. Thankfully children do have good BS detectors.
    However the parasites require an uninformed and compliant electorate to exploit.
    The mendacity and outright evil actions of those who claim CAGW, is more evidence that persons this gullible are unfit to hold positions of authority.
    Whether fools or bandits their actions,such as attempting to corrupt children, speak for themselves.
    Eugenics and witchburning are back.

  12. There is a history of telling children about doomsday – only recently I was reading about ‘duck and cover’ and the effects of the H bomb being taught to US schoolkids in the 50s/60s…

    • ..Hey Griff, that was for safety and survival…Are you claiming there was no Russian nuclear threat ?? Can you ever pull pull your head out of your @ss to look at the REAL world around you ?

      • Both Fascism & Communism were founded, funded & fostered by the banksters.
        Keeping people at war, even the cold war, is profitable.
        Book: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr.
        Book: The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin.
        John Doran.

      • “And hiding under your desk will protect you from a thermonuclear explosion ?”
        Yes, it very well might. You should read the book “Hiroshima” published in the 1950’s, right after World War II. It describes the effects of the nuclear blast on people, and it shows that people survived quite close to the center of the blast, if they were shielded from the direct effects of the blast.
        From the way Putin sounds, we might want to start teaching these “duck and cover” lessons again. Putin is telling his citizens to seek out and find nuclear shelters near them and be prepared for the worst. Maybe we should be paying attention. Putin sent a small flotilla of Russian warships into the English Channel yesterday. Puting says *we* are provoking the tension.
        The U.S. has reinstated some of its bomber runs towards Russia in recent days, after months of provocation from Putin. But it is not the U.S. that is buzzing Russia’s ships and aircraft, it is Russia buzzing ours. So resuming nuclear bombing runs is an appropriate measure. I guess even Obama is not going to roll over completely.
        If Putin escalates, then we are going to escalate. No doubt about it.
        All this activity may be a bluff on Putin’s part to scare Obama into inaction when Putin makes a move on some eastern-European territory. If that’s the case, then Puting will be making this move in the next three months or sooner, before Obama leaves Office.
        I hope that’s what he is doing. That’s better than Putin losing his mind, and suddenly becoming paranoid, and really thinking the U.S. is about to attack him and he better attack first. If that’s the case, let’s hope saner heads prevail in Russia.
        Whatever is going on is quite orchestrated. On one hand we have a voice from th past, Gorbachev, warning about war with the U.S. And we have the government of Turkey sounding warnings about a war between Russia and the U.S. Lots of wardrums beating for some reason, and the U.S. is not actively provoking anyone.
        The world spirals out of control when the U.S. abdicates it leadership position. That’s what you see happening before your eyes right now. Thanks, Obama/leftists.
        It probably wouldn’t hurt to buy yourself a months’ supply of canned goods.

    • Griff
      I was one of those kids doing the duck and cover drills. I recall no hatred being taught, and in particular no self-hatred.
      It all seemed rather low-key and practical given the fact that there was a period of time when our school was maybe 30 minutes button-to-bloodshed away from Russian missiles in Cuba, thanks largely to the weakness-waffling of Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs, etc. But its a good thing our current leadership would never think of training surrogate forces and then walking away from them when things get hot…

    • Griff, there is a considerable difference between teaching children survival techniques suitable for a real existential threat, and teaching self-hatred and hatred of their species over a non-existent threat that exists only in the fevered imaginations of guilt-tripped self-hating scientifically illiterate “Liberals” such as yourself.
      That’s called “child abuse”, and is very likely to cause those children to develop psychiatric problems including self-harm and even suicide.

    • Ah Griff, your young age is showing. I live in Canada. I grew near the US/Canada border, not a long way north of a major SAC base in Spokane, Washington. We were taught “duck and cover” too because in the event of war or missile attack much of the battle could have been over our heads. We often watched the contrails from bombers and fighters doing mock battles in the sky above us. We toured missile silos and military aircraft. Duck and cover may have been a useless concept, but for those of us who had family in the military, or in cadets being given survival training or training to fight a guerilla war in the event of an invasion back in the 50’s and 60’s, it was pretty real stuff. Sounds nuts, but it was and still is very palpable. Much more real than a few degrees of temperature change somewhere in the world that probably is a net benefit to humans. As for me, my world is currently about 10 degrees C below “normal”. But next week, who knows. Maybe we will get some of our crops off. But a least I no longer worry about Bomark missiles and ICBM’s falling out of the sky.
      The day JFK was killed, many of us thought the loud speaker announcement was going to be about a missile attack. Most of the world has come a long way since then. Most.
      Have a good safe day.
      Life is good.
      Wayne Delbeke
      PS: A light coat is a lot easier to doff than crawling in and out of a bomb shelter.

  13. Parents could instruct their children not to participate in this class and deliberately fail it while excelling at all others and then band together to hash this out with the schoolmasters in court.

    • Home-school your children.
      One of the results of local school boards losing control over their school districts?
      This situation gets worse and worse.

      • Maybe that’s a role grandparents can fill. My wife and I are fortunate enough to be retired at 60, so we could teach our grandchildren if and when our daughter, who is almost 30, ever has any. She is a product of the affluent societal thinking that kids are not necessary for her own fulfillment and cramp her activities during the little time she is not working 2 jobs to support herself and put her mate through grad school.
        I also believe that learning to get along with peers who are not family is an important component of early education. Organized group learning with an expectation of self-control and participation from each child is vital in building social skills and self-esteem. This is not available to an only child whose parents are the sole educators.
        I also have watched others homeschooling and know that the curriculum materials are expensive. If you’re on welfare, often your kids have to go to public school just so they get fed properly. Then, what do we do for those who don’t have a sufficient education themselves to teach anything to their offspring?
        Homeschooling is not a universal option.

      • If parents have high school diploma, then they can go through grade 8. University graduates can go through grade 12.
        There are organizations that provide computers to children who can’t afford them.
        And sometimes children can become a mob of little monsters in a school. So much for socializing!

      • Some curriculums are expensive. Others are dirt cheap. My wife is using an on line course that is less than $100/yr.

  14. Don’t think of it as teaching children self hatred and doomsday. Think of it as preparing them to fill out grant applications.

  15. So … to sum up the modern ways of raising children. Spanking children ruins their self-esteem and is bad for them. Telling children people are evil and hurting mother earth is good for them. Got it.
    (P.S. My parents spanked me, a lot. And now that I am older I am glad they did.)

  16. It has started already. Apparently, my four-year-old grand-daughter in New Zealand was upset recently after learning that the polar bears will soon have nowhere to live because of global warming. These people should not be allowed within a mile of children!!!

    • Tim Southgate
      Well, you can inform your grand daughter that the polar bears will do just fine. The oldest known fossil of a Polar Bear is about 120,000 years old, which is about the time of the last inter glacial. And then there is fossil evidence that Polar Bear’s molar teeth changed significantly from those of the brown bear between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago. That would be about the time the ice caps were retreating before the current inter glacial. This would indicate that not only are polar bears a recent adaption but that they favour retreating ice, which might also explain why they are such good swimmers. Maybe she wouldn’t understand all that but I would hope her teachers do.

    • Why such concern for polar bears, anyway? Why not concern for the seals or penguins they eat? They are basically the biological equivalent of an amphibious tank, and just as deadly.
      Some of these tear-jerker stories are so illogical.

  17. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
    ― H.L. Mencken

    • Alan Robertson
      Hoisting the black flag and slitting throats is what Daesh does. They are not normal.

      • Hoisting the black flag and slitting throats is what Daesh does. They are not normal.

        I quite sure that neither Mencken nor Robertson meant this in anything other than a rhetorical sense.
        Are you suggesting we need “trigger warnings” here, Stephen? Or some other form of unwarranted self-censorship?

      • Ralph Dave Westfall October 17, 2016 at 1:14 pm
        “Are you suggesting we need “trigger warnings” here, Stephen? Or some other form of unwarranted self-censorship?”
        OK, I see your point. Having looked up what a “trigger warning” is then of course I don’t and perhaps Alan and Mark used this quote in a rhetorical sense. That I get, except this particular quote at this time is remarkably similar to the motivations of Daesh who have no concept of rhetoric, irony or humour, or lets face it, life. So, I will point out this similarity otherwise I must self-censor myself?

  18. Teaching how to read, write, and count is so out of fashion nowadays… This had to happen somewhere in the world. Happened in Australia, fair enough. Pity them…
    I guess the NSW Education Department run out of mad scientist after Lewandowsky left australia, so they offered the job to Doctor Frankenstein, unfortunately he declined for some reason, so they turn to a man that says “Kids are doing amazing work” when they paint apocalyptic ending because of man sins.
    I guess they never learned the old saying “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” , which is specially true when dealing with children. Such nihilistic teaching will have consequences, bad ones, not only for the poor children, but also for everyone else in the country.

  19. I grew up in a conservative Muslim country. Every Friday, the Mullah (priest) would gather the young men and ask one group to think of all the things they wanted to do that would lead to afterlife in hell. The other group would have to think about pathways to heaven. Fortunately, most of us were smart enough to recognize the truth — there was no heaven or hell. Unfortunately, a few were fully indoctrinated into beliefs about hell and heaven. I would surmise that many of the suicide bombers belong to the indoctrinated bunch. Let’s hope that the AGW cult doesn’t end up with similar results.

    • Mohatdebos,
      Well at least there was some attempt to present two sides of an argument.
      This Australian “experiment” is nothing short of appalling.

    • (1) Name any country that is “Conservative Muslim” !!
      (2) Any Muslim that does NOT believe in “Heaven and Hell”, is not a Muslim..
      (3) I am in no way a religious person, but I have read the Koran and the Bible, first page to last page for both, and have found BOTH to be full of errors…BUT, in my eyes, a world without religion, is a world doomed to self destruction…
      English version of course…

    • Can you prove that there is no heaven and hell?
      If not, are your beliefs any less faith based than the Imams?

      • I can’t prove that there is no tooth fairy either but somehow that does not compel me to believe in the tooth fairy.

      • Can’t prove a negative.
        Can you prove the universe isn’t run by an invisible dragon riding a banana boat?

      • How does that expression go, something like extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.
        Rebuttal does not need to demonstrate an absolute alternative but merely to produce some reasoned doubt.
        there is no, repeat no, evidence for heaven and/or hell.
        p.s. I have previously been admonished for replying to “religious” comments by others as against site policy, could you please adhere to the policy.

      • Interesting. You reply to a religious comment, then note that it is against site policy to reply to religious content, so I should not reply to you.
        Is that a sad attempt to get the last word?
        Regardless, if you can’t prove it, then it is nothing more than a faith based statement on your part. No matter how many times you try to twist the facts.

      • I ask again Mark:
        Prove to me that the universe isn’t ruled by an invisible dragon riding a banana boat.
        You can’t, so it must be true. All hail the banana dragon!

  20. This stuff can stick. Recently an elderly relative stated that Hitler was born in Germany. I corrected that he was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire commenting on the obvious irony. She replied “but they taught us in school that his mother sneaked across the border to have him”
    She went to elementary school in Germany in the 30’s. I pointed out that the Nazi’s lied about everything. But you can see how deeply that seemingly small lie kept its place in her mind for these many years. Always fooling with the kiddies aren’t they.

  21. I would go with the program but demand they have modules in which the little kiddies pick various climate change celebrities and government officials and gather pictures of their mansions and jets and yachts and various travels and calculate their carbon footprints relative to their own.
    Another module could force them to add water every day to a glass at the rate the seas are rising each day. then at the end of the year they can see the terrible rise in seas over the year.
    Another module could assign a student each day to track wind speeds and turn off all the power in the room whenever it falls below a speed needed by wind turbines to generate electricity. Then turn it back on if the wind recovers, then turn it back off etc.
    Another day could be no petroleum derivatives day and they would be required to dress and use only products with no petroleum derivatives.

    • And some children could be exposed to ridicule from other children if they don’t accept what’s being taught.

    • The indoctrination IS having an effect and the negativity (and ignorance) is kind of scary – like this recent article on cracked, opening with some diatribe on how humans put mercury into the environment. (wth?!) I would suggest another course for the kids should include taking them from their urban safety into the real world and introducing them to such things as minesites – a place where substances happen to be concentrated naturally and from where we extract them.. ‘natural’ forests where they can meet such things as bears or lions or brown snakes (if they live in Oz), tropical regions where they can contract pathogens within minutes that can debilitate or kill them.. the cold oceanic currents which will strip their body heat, deserts alive with all manner of animals and plants, they should watch an army of ants slaughtering another army of ants, see the vast areas flooded and drowned by beaver dams, visit the plains were elephants push down tree after tree to get to the small portion they wish to eat before moving on to kill the next tree, they can be introduced to the horrors of parasitic wasps, lungworms and all the deadly nematodes that surround us – made to understand each time a pelican swallows a fish (or a pigeon!)
      you know – the real world not the imaginary fantasyland of urban gand green.

      • continuing.. It’s eating that animal alive, for the thing to suffocate or be crushed or digested slowly just as ‘mother’ nature intended., Maybe then they’ll understand why to keep back the hostile world we do as many others do and create safety zones for ourselves, why we do what we do to simply stay alive in a world that wants to kill and eat us.

  22. Young friend of the family got his brain injected with the AGW mush in his high school and college
    Then he went into the Army- first duty station-Ft. Wainright..
    (Fairbanks, AK.)

  23. If you all want to get really perturbed, check out Outcome Based Education” That’s what my son was subjected to in Perth. It was invented by a US based sociologist and failed there so the Western Australian Labour party though they’d use it. As the minister said at the time “because not all children go to university” Get the picture?
    Basically the premise is you’re not taught to a standard but to your ability. You can imagine what that method does for boys more interested in football and cars than mathematics. Makes for good baristas and hamburger jockeys though.
    Mine actually got into uni and is doing geology but it was and is a struggle to make up for these totally incompetent SOB’s controlling our children’s futures. May they rot in hell.

  24. Here’s a very relevant-to-alarmism quotation I just found:

    A characteristic of unbiased predictions is that they permit the prediction of rare or extreme events only when the information is very good.
    —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

    • Continuing:

      Extreme predictions and a willingness to predict rare events from weak evidence are both manifestations of System 1 [fast thinking]. It is natural for the associative machinery to match the extremes of predictions with the perceived extremeness of evidence on which it is based—that is how substitution works. And it is natural for System 1 to generate overconfident judgments, because confidence, as we have seen, is determined by the coherence of the best story you can tell from the evidence at hand.
      —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, page 194

    • Continuing:

      The illusions of validity and skill are supported by a powerful professional culture. We know that people can maintain an unshakable faith in any proposition, however absurd, when they are sustained by a community of like-minded believers.
      —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, p. 217

    • Continuing:

      The results were devastating…. Even in the region they knew best, experts were not significantly better than nonspecialists.
      Those who knew more forecast very slightly better than those who know less. But those with the most knowledge are often less reliable. The reason is that the person who acquires more knowledge develops an enhanced illusion of hew skill and becomes unrealistically overconfident…..
      The more famous the forecaster, Tetlock discovered, the more flamboyant the forecasts….
      Tetlock also discovered that experts were reluctant to admit they had been wrong, and when they were compelled to admit error, they had a large collection of excuses….
      Experts are led astray not by what they believe, but by how they think, says Tetlock. He uses terminology from Isiah Berlin’s essay on Tolstoy, “The Hedgehog and the Fox. Hedgehogs “know one big thing” and have a theory about the world; they account for particular events within a particular framework, bristle with impatience toward those who don’t see things their way, and are confident in their forecasts. They are also especially reluctant to admit error. … They are opinionated and clear….
      Foxes by contrast are complex thinkers. They don’t believe that one big thing drives the march of history …. It was the foxes who scored best in Tetlock’s study ….
      —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, pp. 219–20

    • Continuing:

      The important conclusion from this research [by Robyn Dawes] is that an algorithm that is constructed on the back of an envelope is often good enough to compete with an optimally weighted formula, and certainly good enough to outdo expert judgment. This logic can be applied to many domains.
      —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, p. 226

      This brings to mind the superior simple formula C. Monckton came up with earlier this year, and also, IIRC, a formula Willis devised earlier.

    • Continuing:

      Overly optimistic forecasts of the outcome of projects are found everywhere. Amos and I coined the term planning fallacy to describe plans and forecasts that:
      * are unrealistically close to best-case scenarios
      * could be improved by consulting the statistics of similar cases
      Examples of the planning fallacy abound in the experiences of individuals, governments, and businesses.
      A 2005 study examined rail projects undertaken worldwide between 1969 and 1998. In more than 90% of the cases, the number of passengers projected to use the system was overestimated…. and the average cost overrun was 45%.
      When forecasting the outcomes of risky projects, executives too easily fall victim to the planning fallacy. In its grip, they make decisions based on delusional optimism ….
      —Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, p. 249 & 252

  25. I don’t see anything wrong with teaching kids that care of the world you live in is a sensible thing to do. After all, they are the ones who will inherit the place. I’m sure there are teachers who take the fear thing too far, but most are responsible when it comes to educating our kids. It would be far worse to shelter them from the potential impacts of irresponsible use of the earths resources.

    • It really is sad the way the acolytes deliberately try to change the subject.
      How exactly is teaching the kids lies about global warming, teaching them to care about the planet?

      • We shouldn’t teach them lies, we should teach them what the mainstream science has to say about it. Anything else would be unfair and dishonest to them.

      • Markw
        “It’s a lie that this is what mainstream science says.”
        Be specific. it’s not a lie that mainstream science says we need to be concerned about the release of greenhouse gases and that limiting their unnecessary production will serve future generations well. It is a lie that certain catastrophe waits us if we carry on this path, but I don’t believe anyone is teaching that.

      • Climate science is not mainstream science. Mainstream science teaches scepticism and hypothesis testing, not groupthink and circular reasoning.

      • Simon, that is precisely the lie.
        Mainstream science has shown that the extremely small amount of warming due to CO2 is altogether good, and nothing to fear.
        Mainstream science has shown that more CO2 in the air is good for plants.

      • There is not a scintilla of evidence to support the notion that restricting fossil fuel use will benefit anyone other than those who manufacture and install alternative energy sources.

      • @Simon, October 17, 2016 at 2:39 pm

        MarkW October 17, 2016 at 2:14 pm
        “There is not a scintilla of evidence to support the notion that restricting fossil fuel use will benefit anyone other than those who manufacture and install alternative energy sources.”

        Wrong! Try either RSS or UAH for the same period then. The land-based datasets cannot be trusted – checkout

      • xyzzy11
        “Wrong! Try either RSS or UAH for the same period then. The land-based datasets cannot be trusted – checkout”
        Given 80+% of the warming is going into the oceans and RSS and UAH only measure the atmosphere, I’d say there were a little limited wouldn’t you? But even then both are highly likely now to have 2016 as a record year, so your redundant anyway.

      • Simon. Re 80% of warming going into oceans. Long wave radiation of the atmosphere does not penetrate water. The oceans are warmed, down to 100 metres, by short wave radiation of direct sunlight. It’s got nothing to do with carbon dioxide,. Re 2016 warmest year. The planet has been warming for 300 years since the Little Ice Age, when would the warmest years be? The Vikings settled Greenland in Medieval times. They grew crops there. That is now under ice. 2016 warmest year evAH !!

      • Clive Bond Wynnum Queensland Australia
        How much nonsense can you get into one paragraph? I think you just broke a record.

        • “How much nonsense can you get into one paragraph? I think you just broke a record.”
          Dunno Simon.
          Why don’t you tell us, as you’re one of the resident expert practitioners?

      • “Simon October 19, 2016 at 3:54 pm
        I expected an outcome that reflected the truth of the situation…”
        Truth?! LOL The Ministry of Expected Outcomes. Helen Clark, the once PM of NZ, binned the ties to the Privy Council, and you think the “Justice” system in NZ is corruption free? I have seen some of the e-mails between high profile “Judges” and mere Telecom NZ workers that would make you skin crawl. Truth and justice at MoJ? Don’t make me laugh!

    • “Some students take photos of beautiful things such as sunsets or waterways and then write about how it could be lost or destroyed because of climate change.”
      Teaching the kids everything they value will shortly be destroyed is not likely to produce a productive, positive outlook on life.

      • EW
        “Teaching the kids everything they value will shortly be destroyed is not likely to produce a productive, positive outlook on life.”
        Who is teaching them this? I know a lot of teachers and I have never met one who teaches kids everything they value will be destroyed. That is just nonsense.

      • Lessons encouraging kids to take photos of things they like then write about how climate will ruin the scene are obscene.”
        I think that is fair enough to say a changing climate will change the landscape in many areas. Do you disagree?

      • There is no evidence a few degrees climate change, even if it occurs, will ruin sunsets, or introduce significant changes to local vegetation or landscapes.
        The lapse rate of 1c / 1000ft (or 2c / 1000ft for dry air) means if you want to see the impact of a 1c change in local temperature, all you have to do is climb a local hill. What differences will you observe? In most cases, not a lot – maybe a few species will be less prevalent, or more prevalent. But you would likely need to be a botanist to see the difference.

      • Eric
        Mmmm. I’m not a botanist or a biologist, but I do know things are a lot more complex than simply saying everything will adapt. Species evolve over long periods of time into the habitat they live. You change things quickly (and we are) and you put species at risk. That’s not good and I would have thought it is best to keep things as stable as possible (if we can). Natural change is one thing…. but this is not.

      • Nope, it is that simple. The top of a 1000ft hill is a reasonable approximation for the impact of a 1c local change in temperature – because the temperature at the top of the hill is 1c cooler than the bottom of the hill.

      • “Nope, it is that simple. The top of a 1000ft hill is a reasonable approximation for the impact of a 1c local change in temperature – because the temperature at the top of the hill is 1c cooler than the bottom of the hill.”
        You are only talking temp. Temp is one part of the puzzle that makes life on this planet so unique. Animals and plants depend on each other for food. Just because one is forced to move because the temp goes up doesn’t mean the other will. The food chain is critical to survival. Like I say it is complex and I would rather we didn’t mess with things unless we have to. It’s an experiment that carries enormous risks.
        A good example is the Tuatara (a native to New Zealand). The sex of this amazing creature is determined by the incubation temperature of the egg. One degree Celsius can make all the difference and risks too many of one gender being born. Biologists in New Zealand are extremely worried because of the recent rapid increase in temperature. You will forgive me, but I tend to get worried when they do.

      • Simon it’s not just the Tuatara. many many other species have this capacity and they USE it .. bury the eggs a tiny bit deeper or ad more organic material to their nest/egg mound/whatever – birds regulate their offspring’s temperature externally too.. don’t think animals as as fragile as you’ve been told. As to adaptations there’s always the case of the stickleback in Canada, displaced thousands of feet from the ocean by geological upheaval, in the space of a few decades the water they lived in went from salt to fresh water – and yet the sticklebacks, a marine species now are fresh water. Like the dolphins and seahorses elsewhere in fresh water, trapped eons back. They are but one example of many.
        As a former greenie/hippy child who went to university where the taint was lifted, I was involved in ‘garbage’ cleanups, which is where we concerned folk removed bottles (and other rubbish) – many inhabited by octopus – from the ocean and took them to the dump. Trolleys from sandy shallows encrusted with crabs, bivalves and seaweed (the only life on these seabeds was found around ‘rubbish’) and anything human made went to the dump and the greenies sat back looking pleased while I found myself troubled by what I’d just done. For them it was simple.. they’d done a Good Thing. On that day we’d destroyed countless habitats and homes – human discards that these clever life forms had re purposed as secure living quarters, these clever adaptive animals all murdered in the name of saving nature. It was that day I clicked this was about a human aesthetic and nothing to do with nature at all. I also noted the greenie friends viewed the dump as a monumental human abomination, where I saw the most concentrated seething mass of life I’d ever witnessed, from fungi to bacteria to insects, rats, mice, frogs, snakes, gulls, hawks – it was one huge source of food and housing to countless lives – but the green friends didn’t see it. Their eyes were closed.

      • Eric
        See here is the problem. Do I believe the flippant “she’ll be right” comments of a journalist, or the in depth studies of the people who live in the area and work on this stuff in depth? Seems to me I either believe this is all a big money grabbing conspiracy, or there is reason for concern. Call me shallow, but I’m leaning towards there is genuine reason for concern.

      • “Simon October 18, 2016 at 11:05 am”
        Wow Simon, linking to the Victoria Uni of Wellington, Wellington the home of Govn’t. Now, Vic Uni would not be alarmist would they? Another Govn’t agency, NIWA. is equally alarmist. You worry too mush, this animal has been around for millions of years, I think they know climate better than all climate scientists.

      • Patrick MJD
        Yes that’s right the “NIWA” that the Climate Change Coalition took to court saying they fudged the data and when they lost refused to pay the costs which the taxpayer had to pay because of their dishonesty. So yeah that NIWA, the one that was right all along.
        And I have great faith in Victoria University. Fine place. Been there myself.

      • “Simon October 18, 2016 at 7:12 pm”
        Yes, that other great NZ institution, Ministry of Justice (MoJ). With MoJ on NIWA’s side, what outcome did you expect. Ah, it’s no wonder you are filled with so much worry having attended VoW uni.
        I worked for MoJ and NIWA (And Departent of Conservation) and I can tell you. At best the the work of NIWA is shonky. Don’t get me started on DoC or MoJ.

      • “Simon October 18, 2016 at 7:12 pm”
        With the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on the side of NIWA, what outcome did you expect? Ah I see, now I understand why you feel so worried about things you cannot control, you are the product of the VoW uni, makes sense now.
        I worked for NIWA and MoJ (And the Dept. of Conservation). The level of the quality of their work was shonky at best. Don’t get me started on DoC.

      • I expected an outcome that reflected the truth of the situation…. and that’s what we got. And… a bunch of clowns being asked to pay for the time they wasted that cost the NZ taxpayer. In the end we also got clowns turned crooks, who ran for the hills to hide under their mother blankets so they didn’t have to pay for their stupidity and dishonesty.

  26. They. Are. Mad. At a time in their lives where love and encouragement is essential, we tell them that they are worthless f*@kwits. Brilliant.

  27. Next we will have our pledge of allegiance to Gaia and her apostle Al Gore. You begin passing the collection plate children.

  28. In 40 years time, today’s school children will be entering the final and most influential decade of their careers.
    What if, by then, climate has significantly cooled – as is reasonably likely. They will look back on their school indoctrination with disgust and ridicule. Perhaps then the politicisation of the classroom will finally be recognised as the evil that it is. Citizens of former Soviet and Warsaw Pact states already understand this reality.

  29. Children in the classes who dare to object to the mantra are systematically bullied into submission by the teachers and indoctrinated students. In 1950, the children were the beneficiaries of education and not indoctrination in climate fictions.

  30. We shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by this. Co-opting cultural institutions has long been a key strategy of the progressive left. Italian Marxist/socialist guru, Antonio Gramsci, (who died in 1937) advocated this approach as the best route to socialist domination. He advocated against revolution and in favor of deliberate, gradual infiltration and domination of cultural institutions as the best way to win the ideological war. The education system was seen as one of the key institutions and leftist efforts in taking it over have been wildly successful. Humanities faculties and their curricula throughout the West are saturated with progressive leftist philosophy. It’s the source of all the political correctness and postmodernist/Marxist idiocy out there. And since the universities train the teachers, it has spread to elementary and high schools.
    The problem, for those who haven’t already bought into it, is what to do about it.
    Antonio Gramsci:

  31. Why are Ozzies voting these idiots in all the time. That scares me more than anything. Europe I understand. Marxbrothers politics is like Groundhog day there. No matter how often they fail with it , they keep doing it over and over again. They invented it just like they did CAGW and there is no letting go of it. Common Oz! Earlier generations of you were gutsy, individualistic iconoclasts.

    • There has been a slow, but steady, movement in the entire population from a basic conservatism to a radical leftist attitude over the last 4 decades. You can see it in the governments we elect. It was once rare to see a Labor government. Now Labor governments are almost the norm, with an occasional conservative government to fix the budget problems ready for the next Labor government.
      You could ascribe it to any of several causes; steady socialisation of the education system; the dole becoming the norm, so that there are now families that haven’t had employment for several generations; systematic bullying in the media of anybody that doesn’t take a sufficiently “progressive” social attitude. Take your pick.

      • The left is the black-green hole into which democracy eventually gets sucked. People eventually discover they can vote money into their own pockets without working, and at the same time, get a morality high painting themselves green.

    • Aussies typically vote *OUT* Govn’ts when they have had enough. They don’t do much thinking about the consequences of that action. Still, one does not need any qualification/license to vote or procreate in Australia and politicians don’t need anything but 3 word sound bites to win.

  32. “… that is expected to be adopted across the state, if successful.”
    I have some bad news for you. In Australia, these far-left wing trials are always successful, no matter how meaningless the result. This is sure to become part of the mainstream education program, even if they have to push less important stuff like English language skill off.
    A decade ago in Canberra, the government decided to trial a 10km/h reduction in speed limits. If successful, it would save 20 lives a year. After a year of the trial, the government proudly announced that it was successful and would be rolled out over the rest of Canberra. Nobody ever saw a report. BTW, Canberra never lost 20 people in a year to road accidents.
    It was obviously just an indoctrination session to soften up the suckers and nothing more; and this is what this trial education program is.

  33. By the time the children are in their 30’s, a lot of the children will be traumatised to find out AGW was a total scam. It’ll be a nasty wake up call from this mostly lying cheating world.

  34. History has always been written by the conquerors normally having the better arms and the bigger numbers. Just remember the aboriginal children taken away from their parents by the Australian, US and Canadian governments to destroy their culture.
    So this is not something new.

    • Yes…
      I read an account of education in the Alsace district from 1914 to 1950…
      alternately French/German with an Nazi interval…
      syllabus repeatedly changed to say ‘Alsace has always been part of….’
      (and as I mentioned above, my great grandparents weren’t allowed to speak their own language in school, in their own country)

  35. Groups with rigid ideologies target children.
    Nazi party, Jesuits, Islamists, Christian cultists, Soviet Russia.
    (My great grandparents were beaten in school if they used their native language).

  36. They’re already getting set to roll out a campaign to teach boys they have toxic masculinity. When the kids end up killing themselves the government will call it a success.

  37. Socialism at work! Australian Teachers Union rotten with Socialist doctrine, Australian Politics falling rapidly to liberal thought and social policy. More like “National” Socialism perhaps? If this is permitted to continue the population of the future will be doomed.

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