Michael Mann: Donald Trump is a "threat to the planet"

Detail from the Arch of Titus showing his triumph held in 71 for his successful Sack of Jerusalem

Detail from the Arch of Titus showing his triumph held in 71 for his successful Sack of Jerusalem. Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1693193

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Michael Mann seems to think only a strong green President with the will to override Congress with “bold” executive orders can save the world from catastrophe.

Yes—Donald Trump Is a Threat to the Planet

In just a matter of weeks, we will be confronted with a critical decision. It is not mere hyperbole to assert that we are facing a make-or-break election as far as climate change is concerned.

My co-author Tom Toles (the Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post) and I put it this way in the concluding chapter of our new book, The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics and Driving Us Crazy.

In the current presidential contest, we could not have a more stark choice before us, between a candidate who rejects the overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening and a candidate who embraces the role of a price on carbon and incentives for renewable energy.

If you care about the planet, the choice would seem clear.

In this next election, we need to decide whether we are going to build on the successes of the Obama administration — which has used a combination of bold executive actions and international diplomacy to achieve action on climate change even in the presence of intransigence, denial and outright hostility from congressional republicans—or whether we are going to retreat back into the energy-equivalent of the stone age, continuing to degrade our planet through the profligate burning of increasingly dangerous fossil carbon even as the rest of the world moves forward, embracing the renewable energy revolution destined to be the hallmark of the 21st century.

Read more: http://www.ecowatch.com/michael-mann-climate-change-2028789080.html

Leaving aside Mann’s overhyping of the importance of the US contribution to global greenhouse emissions, I find Mann’s apparent insistence that a strong president can pretty much ignore the will of Congress rather disturbing.

Is this really the true state of affairs in modern America?

Putting a green zealot in charge, with a mission to save the world, and the authority and will to “boldly” override the wishes of other branches of government – what could possibly go wrong?


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Non Nomen

I agree with Mann when he says, in other words, that Trump is going to be a bad president. But he forgot to mention that Hilarious C. is going to be worse, much worse. Unfortunately, the time for Ted Cruz has still to come.


When you idiots turn out wrong about Trump, will you come out and admit it, or just find something else to bitch about? He’s the first President since Reagan that has actually spoken pro US


edit: rather a “Presidential candidate”.

Non Nomen

Who do you mean by “you idiots”?


I remember when Reagan was elected and lots of people thought WW3 was going to happen. It’s possible the Soviets also believed that. In any event they treated Reagan with way more respect than they treated Carter. Then the USSR collapsed.
Sometimes bluster and bull crap have a positive effect.


An awful lot of what Mr. Trump does is theater. I doubt he is the brightest bulb around, but a lot of folks do not understand what he is doing. Scott Adams does though. I recommend his blog attached to Dilbert. If I am correct, he has just sandbagged Hillary with the tax situation and the first debate. Tactically, he has had the center of his line fall back to tempt the opposition to charge at it. He will then close with his wings in the classic trap. Sansa will not show up with the cavalry.


I find it fascinating how idiots assume that only someone who agrees with them could possibly be pro-US.
Trump is going to be a disaster, his trade plans will create a new depression and his foreign policy plans will quite possibly lead to WWIII.
In his defense, Hillary would be worse.

The Original Mike M

So all of us who recognize Trump’s lefty past such as – contributing a few $100k to the Clinton Foundation or wanting to make the assault weapons ban permanent or flip-flopping on abortion or arguing for an enormous tax increase or indicating a desire to enact “universal healthcare” – are all “idiots”?
” … has actually spoken pro US”
Words are very very cheap especially when you have $billion$ and lefty news media, (are NYC media elites and Trump not joined at the hip?) gives you ~10x more free “news” coverage than your closest primary competitor, Ted Cruz, the most conservative and Constitution loving candidate to come along in a 100 years.
People like you told me to hold my nose and vote for McCain then Romney and now Trump. None of them are conservatives. but then … I’m just an idiot.


ShrNfr, yes, it’s difficult to ascertain what’s going on with trump. Much of what he’s doing could just be classic “art of the deal”. It’s embarrassing how the media (even fox news) fell for the “mexico’s going to pay for the wall” line. He tells you how he does it, then he does it and yet people are so stupid that they still don’t get it…


MarkW says: October 6, 2016 at 6:20 am
… his trade plans will create a new depression and his foreign policy plans will quite possibly lead to WWIII.

That’s what many of my friends thought when Reagan was elected. There’s a vast gulf between what politicians say and what eventually happens. Trump’s economic advisors are not a bunch of crackpots. One of them even had the foresight to predict the sub-prime crisis and make a pile of money as a result.
China will be a big deal:

Regardless, Navarro endorsed Trump’s proposed 45% tariffs on Chinese goods, which critics say would trigger a ruinous trade war and global slump. “We’re already in a trade war with China. The problem is we’ve not been fighting back. Trump, through tariffs, wants to call a truce.” He called 45% “a good number”. link

Sometimes it’s better to take some pain rather than continuing to slide to eventual ruin. ymmv


@ Non Nomen: He’s talking to you, Non Nomen.

The Original Mike M said, “Words are very very cheap especially when you have $billion$ and lefty news media, (are NYC media elites and Trump not joined at the hip?) gives you ~10x more free “news” coverage than your closest primary competitor,… ”
Trump wasn’t “given” the free media, he took it. Any candidate can get on TV any time they want. The Media is always hopeful to get the “exclusive” or with Trump especially, get the latest outrage or gaffe.
All the professional politicians were “too smart” to go in front of the cameras and talk to the people so much.


commie, the reason for our slide into ruin has nothing to do with China. It has everything to do with the insane tax and regulatory environment on this side of the Pacific. (Not to mention suicidal unions.)
Slapping big tariffs on imports benefits nobody. Forcing Americans to over pay for products, or settle for second rate products does not help the consumer, and it’s a killer for our own export industry.
If you want to ensure that the US falls further behind the rest of the world, tariffs and import bans are the best way to do it.


MarkW says: October 6, 2016 at 9:48 am
… the reason for our slide into ruin has nothing to do with China. …

The trend was well established by the time China got on its feet. Now we do have a problem because China is feeling strong and confident.
America has a third of a trillion dollar annual balance of payments problem with China because they don’t buy our products. We have to do something. What do you suggest?

I’m banking on a bunch of Senators and Congressmen with D’s after their names will suddenly become quite interested in that pesky document limiting the powers of government known as The Constitution. Something they haven’t been paying much attention to the last 7.5 years.
Yes, I will point out the hypocrisy when that happens.

Mann and Hansen are both in a panic, and growing senile with crazy thoughts in their old age.

Samuel C Cogar

@ Non Nomen – October 6, 2016 at 12:14 am

I agree with Mann when he says, in other words, that Trump is going to be a bad president.

Are you just mimicking what you have been hearing at your government funded job site or do you personally have a legitimate reason for thinking said about Donald Trump?


…No, he’s just an idiot…..IMHO


It really is sad the way some people automatically assume the worst about anyone who disagrees with them.
It used to be only leftists who did this.
Then again, the only major difference between leftists and populists is how they feel about gays.


Interesting how most, especially liberal “know-alls” are immediate experts in everything from military operations to the economy including Trump’s “mind”. Trump is not and can not be an “expert” on all things but what he appears to be best at is gathering people who are competent in areas needed. The problem with Liberals/Warmists is exactly this attitude of smug ‘I’m a genius that’s always right and anyone that disagrees is stupid’ as in the following VOX article:
“The trouble is that stupid hicks don’t know what’s good for them. They’re getting conned by right-wingers and tent revivalists until they believe all the lies that’ve made them so wrong. They don’t know any better. That’s why they’re voting against their own self-interest.”


ted Cruise is a religious fundamentalist no better than ISIS.
Donald Trump is a buffoon
HC is a career politician with many closets filled with skeletons.
You guys have over 300 million people and that’s the BEST you can come up with… it truly is a tribute to modern mediocrity.
Your country is the laughing stock of the world… ‘merica…
Wattsupwiththat used to be filled with scientific research, nowdays it’s more and more like reading Infowars… pathetic.


Merica!, you can skip the occasional thread that mixes climate change and politics; you don’t have to read or comment on every one!
Oh, wait–if you were to skip every thread that mixes real politics with climate politics, there wouldn’t be much to comment on, would there?

tom s

Laugh all you want. But we still kick every other country’s ass, including yours. ‘Merica is right!


Another fascist who actually believes that anyone who is religious wants to kill everyone else.
It really is sad how filled with hate most leftists are.

Samuel C Cogar

Merica! – October 6, 2016 at 6:41 am

Donald Trump is a buffoon

Your above comment is exactly why the US of A should never have a female POTUS.
All females are born with an inherited survival instinct, that in times of personal stress, irritability, discomfort, uncertainty, etc., ….. their aforesaid “inherited instinct” forces them to make an “emotional” decision …… rather than a “logical” decision.

If you’re smart enough to ignore the MSM when it comes to climate change, you should also be smart enough to ignore it when it comes to talking trash about Trump by taking something he said out of context and spinning it into disaster.

Non Nomen

I had the impression that Trump isn’t „thinking the impossible – and talking about it“ but rather „talking about the impossible – without thinking about it“. If someone who is running for office goes off on a tangent like Trump, that’s not a sign of statesmanship. Well, if the US don’t like a statesman as president, then both candidates are equal.

Samuel C Cogar

@ Non Nomen – October 6, 2016 at 11:45 pm

Well, if the US don’t like a statesman as president, then both candidates are equal.

The above is a typical comment that one should always expect from a leftist socialist …. or a socialist leftist, whatever.
Non Nomen apparently can’t think of anything about Hillary Clinton to brag about ….. so his/her only recourse is to try to “drag” Donald Trump down into the “cesspool” of political corruption & demagoguery alongside of Hillary C.
Demagoguery is an appeal to people that plays on their emotions and prejudices rather than on their rational side.
Demagoguery is a manipulative approach — often associated with dictators and sleazy politicians — that appeals to the worst nature of people.

Michael needs to follow the example of Hillary and Barry. If you can’t say something nice about somebody…hit ’em with a drone.

More like “Donald Trump is a threat to my unregulated pipeline to taxpayer funds, delivered by virtue-signalling, eco-brainwashed, climate obsessed ploictical elites.”


I could not put it better myself. I hope his funding get cut, along with large cuts to all the Junk Science, academic welfare programs.

We need less government and less green/red tape. Survival of the fittest.

DD More

MM – “and Driving Us Crazy.” So short a trip, he could make it in even an electric car.
Don’t worry Mikie, Musk says it is all just a computer simulation
Mr Musk spoke earlier this year about the fact that he believes that the chance that we are not living in a computer simulation is “one in billions”.
Don’t forget to back up you life.

Michael J. Dunn

Relax. Just because one can fantasize does not mean one can perceive reality.
It comes down to the random process, or Gaussian statistics. There is no algorithm that can produce the exact results of the random process, if only because an algorithm, by being coded information, will have lower entropy than a random process, which has the highest entropy. We should easily be able to detect any departure from Gaussian statistics in the behavior of very large ensembles of events. Such as gas molecules in collision with one another. (For example, the numerical density of air molecules is 2.5 x 10^19 per cubic centimeter.) This sort of analysis uncovered the presence of short-range molecular interactions called Van der Waals forces. But otherwise, no deviation from Gaussian statistics. Ergo, there is no algorithm producing the random process. And if that is true, we cannot possibly be a simulation.


The guy is an idiot and just doesn’t know when to STFU.

Non Nomen

Trump or Mann?


The manly Mann

M Seward

and the unmanly Trump.
Both Mann and Trump are self absorbed narcissists.
We are stuck with political Sophie’s choice I suppose with Trump v Clinton. Personally I think Clinton is more likely to see reason than Trump but that’s only because she can put a sentence together without sniffling or going off on a tangent.


M Seward,
Ms. Clinton has a serious neurological condition which her campaign is hiding and the press is complicit in the coverup with their silence.
She won’t last 6 months as President. The Clinton’s though are too enamored with power. Bill will try to shadow run things rather than have her resign and have to move out of the WH and turn things over to Kaine.

M Seward

the ‘neurological condition’ sounds like fake moon landing or ‘birther’ stuff to me frankly so perhaps you might try a bit harder.
The Clinton’s are enamoured of power, eh? And….? And Obama isn’t? The Bushes weren’t? And are you saying TRUMP ISN’T?? Donald Trump is utterly obsessed with power just like all those other privileged upbringing, Daddy funded, dribbledick frat boys out there. He would buy a pet mouse just to have power over it.
Get real. You sound just like those nuff nuffs who gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Well he sure Peaced On Our Time. Trump will finish the job and Dump a Big One On Our Time and Our Children’s Time.
Just because Clinton is a lousy candidate by any objective measure does not legitimise a narcissistic nut job Caligula with a comb over like Trump.

Samuel C Cogar

@ M Seward – October 6, 2016 at 1:15 am

Personally I think Clinton is more likely to see reason than Trump

And I personally think that 97% of all the people that have been feeding at the “government trough” for the past years n’ years n’ years …… will agree with you 100%.
Most all of the ”trough-feeders” luv singing that line from the Jerry Clower song that states …. “Mr. Trump, …… Momma don’t want you messing with the great deal she’s got going!”


The Turd or the Douchbag?
Whichever f***s-up the establishment the most!

Bubba Cow

M Seward –
instead of the MSM cartoon about Trump, who is happy to act the part, you need to look at the issues, which Hillary does not want you to know with her and Kaine’s attack the man strategy –


The Clintons are already on the zero carbon band-wagon. Otherwise they would not be allied with Branson, The Carbon War Room, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.
What you see is what you will get.

Joel Snider

‘Personally I think Clinton is more likely to see reason than Trump’
There simply cannot be any logical reasoning behind this statement.


He’s a legend in his own mind.

Joel Snider

There are probably older lines that that, but I can’t think of one.

I agree with M. Mann title of the book: “Climate Change Denial …. Is Driving Us Crazy”. Climate Alarmists are crazy. M. Mann is crazy.


I think Michael Mann needs to stick with something he is at least reasonably good at, climate science, tree rings not withstanding. To write an obviously biased tome with of all things an editorial cartoonist as a co-author is not good career move.

Bubba Cow

but makes it very clear that this is politics and NOT science …

Steve Case

Twenty-two posts, and you’re the first to state the obvious that a “scientist” teaming up with a political cartoonist isn’t very intelligent.

Joel Snider

Well, I don’t think we’re talking about a very intelligent scientist.

John in Oz

Just to add some authority to his co-writer, he added:

the Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post

even though we are constantly told that you do not have any authority on climate unless you are a ‘climate scientist’ (whatever that is).


…not *a* good career move.


Hey Mann how’s that lawsuit you initiated coming along?


You mean the one where Mann was claiming he’s not a climate mullah to the planet?
I’m sad this nc’s piece got buried under Matthew.

michael hart

With enemies like him, who needs friends?

Coeur de Lion

If I was the object of Mark Steyn’s A Disgrace to the Profession in which 100 world-class scientists say what they think of Mann’s dishonesty, I’d shave off that nasty little beard, change my name and go hide in a cave.

Non Nomen

When you live in a cave, you have to grow a full beard. It’s terribly cold inside. And, thus, I hope that tiny cave-Mann soon learns that “warmer is better”.


..When Trump becomes president, I am assuming you will be moving to a cave !! Whether you have a beard or not really does not pique my curiosity !

Non Nomen

“@Marcus October 6, 2016 at 5:17 am
..When Trump becomes president, I am assuming you will be moving to a cave !! Whether you have a beard or not really does not pique my curiosity !”
How prickly you are if a shadow is thrown upon your beloved Saint Donald of Toupee and Queens.
[b]Get a life, boy![/b]


His boyfriend obviously must like his bit-o-fuzz beard and not into a brazilian-style experience.


Are you saying he is a d***head?
Please, no personal abuse.

One candidate is beneficial to his future income and the other detrimental….. so which does he back? If you vote Clinton Mann keeps getting richer and more influential, hell he may even enter politics himself….. scary eh!


You need to be elected for the position of city dog catcher?


I wouldn’t trust Mann even with that lowly political position. And I certainly wouldn’t want HRC within miles of a pay-for-play political office or confidential information.


Without Michael Mann’s hockeystick, non alarmism ! No delirium carbonum…Therefore Michael Mann is a threat to the planet. Elementary, my dear Watson….

Robert from oz

Perhaps Mann should man up and run for president himself after all he’s honest well informed has no intellectual equal ,,,,,,, sarc

Non Nomen

I hope nobody will help him out of his Mann-hole he has dug himself in.


Michael Mann better be careful — I hear Donald Trump is sue-happy 😉


PANIC. !! That is all I see in Mann’s comment !!

Dave N

There’s a new Avenger: Irony Mann


…I am proud to be a “DEPLORABLE” !


The wrong people are telling me to not vote for Trump……

Joel Snider

… and like I’ve said before, all the right people seem to hate him. Regardless of what kind of president he makes, it would almost be worth it just to see the expression on Obama’s face when he turns over the keys to the White House. Now THAT would be a Kodak moment.

Charles Nelson

When is Mike gonna turn up in court to face Steyn?

Johann Wundersamer

OK with me. Just sort out.
That thread is escalating to oblivion.
Me knows the borders.


Counting tree rings is a very time-consuming occupation.
Mann is obviously “petrified” that Donald may distort tree rings.
Mann O Mann!


When Mike is done googling “bleachbit”.

Johann Wundersamer

Non Nomen on October 6, 2016 at 1:10 am
Who do you mean by “you idiots”?
[snip . . stop it . . mod]

Mann is getting beyond parody.

Considering that “Dr.” Mikey Mann has been wrong about everything (except how to skim money from the public) since he received his bogus PhD, this looks like a major enforcement for Trump.


That’s “d” as in “Denier” and “Deplorable”.


Any Republican president would be an existential threat to the global climatists’ funding gravy train and paycheck. From Mann’s own words we see that a Democrat or Green President will continue the destruction of constitutional liberties and representative democracy. Indeed. Mann shows himself to be a supporter of authoritarian kleptocracies. Democrats today support and condone such anti-constitutional high crimes by the Executive by both the words and their silence of not condemning Executive high crimes such as “ratifying” treaties without US senate consent.
All of which demonstrates why every and all Democrats are unfit for public office in the USA.

Samuel C Cogar

Right, ….. most every elected Democrat Politician knows damn well that they are not going to “uphold their Oath of Office” even before they are told/asked to swear and confirm to “uphold their oath of office and the Rule of Law as defined in the COTUS”.
If they violate, ignore or disregard their sworn Oath of Office, then they should be prosecuted.


“Any Republican president would be an existential threat to the global climatists’ funding gravy train and paycheck. From Mann’s own words we see that a Democrat or Green President will continue the destruction of constitutional liberties and representative democracy.”
Hillary Clinton is an existential threat to the U.S. Constitution, our form of government, and our personal freedoms. Trump is not, he is just an existential threat to CAGW, and to the terrible status quo, which is a good thing.


“Hillary Clinton is an existential threat to the U.S. Constitution, our form of government, and our personal freedoms.”
More importantly, she is an existential threat to the rest of the world. She is tied to, and supports, the current US policy of bombing everyone who can’t bomb back and stirring up war with Russia and China. Who can.
Trump, for all his faults, seems less enthusiastic about reducing the world to a pile of smoking rubble. For those who live in potential or actual rubble heaps, this is no small recommendation for Trump.


Yes. If there’s a threat to the world in the Presidential race, it’s Clinton, who seems hell-bent on starting WWIII with Russia. Americans will be lucky if their country isn’t a radioactive wasteland by the end of her first term.
But, hey, better dead than cutting ‘Global Warming’ funding.
Or something.

Donald Trump would a breath of fresh air to Washington and both national and international affairs. Also if he fouls up can be removed after a term unlike Putin who seems to go forever.

John M. Ware

Poor Steyn! To be opposed in court by a true Force of Nature, which erupts (like Yellowstone) every so often with poisonous blather. I pray for a speedy resolution of Steyn’s case, though I know Mann won’t cooperate.

MM’s opposition may actually help Trump.

Robert of Ottawa

Why not the entire universe? When you start off by calling your political opponent Hitler, there’s not much elsewhere to go.


“Why not the entire universe? When you start off by calling your political opponent Hitler, there’s not much elsewhere to go.”
The Left *always* calls their opponents Hitler. It’s what they do. It’s part of the deception they use to demonize any and all opposition. Calling someone Hitler, stops the conversation, and that is one reason the Left uses this trick because they *want* to stop the conversation on issues and turn the conversation to character assasination of the opposition.
You notice Hillary never said what she was going to do for us as far as policy, during the debate, she just trashes Trump’s character relentlessly. Without character assasination, the Left would have nothing with which to do battle. Their ideas won’t sell so they have to make the opposition out to be worse and scarier than they are.
The Left is quite good at this (mucho practice), especially since they have the huge megaphone of the Leftwing Media to parrot and spread the lies to the public, and unfortunately, they also have Trump who has a penchant to give them ammunition to use against him, even if it is for the most part innocent.
But, even if Trump didn’t give them ammunition, they would just make it up, and hype it just as much as they do now. That’s what the Left does. They are totally dishonest when it comes to getting or keeping political power.
Trump is definitely his own worst enemy. Let’s hope he gets it together soon enough to save our country from the totalitarian Leftist fools who want to dictate how we live our lives, and what we can say, embodied by Hillary Clinton.

Joel Snider

‘Calling someone Hitler, stops the conversation.’
Heh. Well, in my case, it STARTS a conversation, usually a loud one, where I make sure the accusers learn a lot about themselves – sometimes their families, parentage, DNA and evolutionary origins.
Comes from being compared to a Holocaust denier once too often. Or sexist, racist, etc…


I am pretty sure our planet will survive – it has coped with worse disasters in the past, I believe!

Ivor Ward

It is amazing that the luvvie left actors, scientivists and pollies don’t seem to be able to get past their over inflated egos to realise that every assertion from them just adds a few more votes to their opponents campaign. They kept jumping up and waving their willies at us in the UK Independence vote and where did it get them? … Out of the EU gravy train. Now they are willy waving in the US election. Somebody said the mark of a fool is to keep repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different result. At the moment Hilary is repeating the same personal attacks on Trump that have failed to have an impact for two years. Now Kaine has tried the same strategy and had a negative impact. With no change of course it appears that Trump will be the next US President. There does not seem to be any thing that he can say or do to prevent that. So it is up to Hilary to stop thinking that everyone should vote for her because she is female and called Hilary and start expounding a few policies that might be beneficial to the actual American voters in the heartlands. Calling them deplorable was not a good move.
Personally I think Trump will make a good President if he follows the business practice of putting the best managers into the Departments and learns to play golf. If he spends his time with his head inserted into his own firmament like Obama he will be as much of a failure.
Then, I am not an American voter. But I will have to duck under the nukes as they go over if Hilary is left in charge.

Ed Zuiderwijk

It takes one to know one.


“…I find Mann’s apparent insistence that a strong president can pretty much ignore the will of Congress rather disturbing.
Is this really the true state of affairs in modern America?”
Yes. Congress has slowly been ceding it’s power to the President for years. Past Presidents were just more discrete about it than Obama has been. One of the things that a Trump presidency will do will be to unite Congress (against Trump). I think a Trump will go a long way to Congress reassuming the powers it has given up while it was creating our wonderful imperial presidency.


I’m sure that Hillary is champing at the bit in her mouth to wield the unconstitutional powers that Obama did, and which Congress sat silently for. Obama got away with it because he’s black and because Congress is corrupt. If elected, will Hillary get away with anything because she’s a woman?
What this world doesn’t need is power being concentrated into the hands of people who consider themselves to be entitled to it and above the laws.


By the way, a federal judge recently added his voice to leftist in government who say the Constitution is meaningless. Someone needs to educated these people that it’s the Constitution that gives them their titles, power and authority. Without it these people are nobodies who are simply using violence to enrich themselves by oppressing everyone else.

Ian W

It is strange that all these leftists in government and this judge always say the Constitution is meaningless, but then ‘claim the 5th’ at the first opportunity. If the 1st and 2nd are meaningless so are the 4th and 5th.


“..always say the Constitution is meaningless, but then ‘claim the 5th’ at the first opportunity.”
Ian, that’s brilliant.
By the way, I read that Hillary’s IT guy was given immunity, which legally forces him to talk, but he still took the 5th. And some arms dealer just successfully publicly blackmailed Obama and Hillary. And the mainstream media hasn’t noticed.
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Marcellus to Horatio, Hamlet

Tom in Florida

Unfortunately, that education will only come from the business end of a gun, millions of them.


“I read that Hillary’s IT guy was given immunity, which legally forces him to talk, but he still took the 5th.”
So would I. People who cross the Clintons have a remarkable habit of ending up dead.
I wouldn’t want to agree to testify and then feel a sudden, uncontrollable urge to kill myself.


The core of the corruption is Senate Democrats. They have enabled Obama to behave as he has, that is contempt toward anyone who disagrees with his policies and corrupting the DOJ to enable the systemic corruption of all the agencies and depts in the Executive branch. Obama knew from day one he was un-removable, but he still had to get re-elected by a naive electorate. So he put his corrupted IRS to work on his opponents in 2010 and they haven’t stopped since. After the 2012 re-election, he just threw off any pretense of following the constitution.


That’s all true, but Republicans promised to oppose Obama’s illegal actions if we gave them the House, so we gave them the House. Then they claimed they couldn’t do anything without the Senate, too. If they had that they’d oppose Obama and defund Obamacare. So we gave them that.
But on election night, as soon as the historic results were assured, they went on the news and announced that they’d been elected to help Obama implement his agenda and would personally fix Obamacare.
People used to believe that the Republican Party was the opposition to socialist tyranny, but they are in fact simply another faction within the Democratic Party whose purpose is to soak up opposition votes and destroy conservatives. This is why Trump beat a room full of Republicans, even though they out-organized and outspent him by hundreds of millions of dollars.
“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.” — Matthew 5:13

Tom in Florida

All career politicians do not want to rock the boat and endanger their gravy train. Both sides of the aisle are guilty as hell. What they fear the most is a population that will elect an outsider who will expose them all.

Samuel C Cogar

@ joelobryan and LarryFine, ,,,,, great commentary and 100% correct you both were.
I have been saying, ….. since shortly after Trump announced his POTUS run, ,,,,,, that he would “awaken a sleeping giant within the eligible US voting populace”.
And me thinks I was correct ……. and I also think/believe that NONE of the Poll #’s reflect that “awakening of a sleeping giant”. …… (sleeping giant = 100 million eligible voters)


You’re right that Obama has ignored the constitution. And you can bet that Hillary will continue that legacy – who’s going to stop her once she puts her shills on the Supreme Court?

Yes—Donald Trump Is a Threat to the Planet

Note to Dr. Hockey Stick Brain: The planet won’t even notice the election.


The Green radicals in the audience wanted to shut him down for expressing a diverse opinion.


I’ve got some advice for Trump on science in general – climate science in particular. For any position related to science, the job is given to anyone who can prove the incumbent is wrong on any stance within their portfolio. Say that the earth is flat – you’re outta there. Claim a direct and immediate correlation between CO2 and global temperature – gone. Have such a loose stance that nothing can be tested, bye bye… Have theories that sound more like story telling than science – go back to Hollywood. Let’s value being right (and able to prove it) more than being popular. Surely the current climate gurus could not object – they are right with a good head start in funding after all aren’t they?
How do we prove someone wrong? Same as always – design an experiment to test the two competing theories – loser walks. Hey stuff Trump, this could be a new TV show… Science gladiator – two scientists enter, only one leaves – could be fun, and very entertaining!

Steve Fraser

‘Climate Death Match’ ?

leo Morgan

I’m underwhelmed with Nature’s review of Mann’s book.
Using Mann’s analysis of why he was criticised is as disingenuous as exonerating O. J. Simpson on the basis of his “If I did it”.

Bruce Cobb

If he doesn’t step it up in this next debate, his candidacy is likely doomed, unfortunately.


Whatever happened to Mann’s lawsuit against Mark Steyn? That thing has dragged on for so long without any progress that I think the court will throw it out, allowing Mann to truthfully say he didn’t.
By the way, Steyn’s keynote speech at ICCC 10 is one of the best and funniest keynotes ever.


Congress might put a brake on a republican President but at least the President cab put a brake on the Congress!

Johann Wundersamer

be aware of yourself.


says a guy who wants to set world policy based on readings from 1 tree


Tom in Florida

As an aside, if Trump wants to guarantee his election he simple must come out in strong favor of pushing for term limits on Congress and make that a focal point. I would imagine that the entire body of both Houses would scream against it but that will only prove the need for those term limits.

Bruce Cobb

Mikey and his friends live in an imaginary world of their own making, which they like to call “the planet”. Trouble is, it is dependent on money from the real world. It’s very existence is continually threatened by reality itself. And Trump threatens that, so in a way he is correct. Just not in the way he thinks he is.


How’s Mikey’s legal case against Mark Steyn going? You know, the one where Mann is stalling for time and hoping Steyn’s money runs out? I wonder why that is so? Can’t imagine….


PS Didn’t see LarryFine’s post just above. Great minds and all that. 🙂


Isn’t just about everything created and/or used by humans a “threat to the planet” the the eyes of the Green Blob?

Adam Gallon

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
That applies to all of them!


I’ve always thought that the main disqualifier for being president, would be, wanting to be president.
We should give the job to the person who wants it the least.

I always thought that that was the original aim of the constitution – calling the most able but reluctant from Colomby les deux eglises.

I’m sure that when Donald gets into the Whitehouse there will be checks and balances with the civil service helping with decision making and making clear what he can and cannot do. Both candidates if successful should be strongly advised to leave their respective spouses back at the homestead in Arkansas or Trump tower.


I’m pretty sure the Clinton homestead is now in New York. Arkansas doesn’t want him back.

I’m pretty sure he is too; just being facetious and reminding myself how a rogue from Arkansas can become protus.

Donald in the Whitehouse would also save billions by having no climate change advisers; he wouldn’t even have to sack the one’s already there saving further billions in severance pay.

On another point you can sign their petition of ‘scientists’ at:
I have it on good authority that none other than ‘Oliver Closoff’ of Simpson’s fame just signed it. Word has it that Hugh Jass and Al Coholic are still on the fence.


“a strong green President with the will to override Congress with “bold” executive orders” Sounds like Hillary’s vision:
Carol Browner is in “Hillary Clinton’s climate army”, http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/hillary-clinton-climate-team-226930
“Like Obama, Clinton is prepared to rely on her executive powers to make progress on climate change, rather than waiting on Congress to send her legislation.”
“Browner, Obama’s first-term climate adviser and Bill Clinton’s former EPA chief, and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm have also played a major role in shaping the campaign’s energy and environmental agenda”
“The Clinton campaign’s policy bench starts at the very top with Chairman John Podesta, who was a leading architect of Obama’s second-term climate strategy and remains involved in developing the campaign’s climate and energy agenda. Podesta is also leading a separate effort aimed at planning for Clinton’s transition that could draw from the energy and climate policy recommendations.”
Podesta is the “Man Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign”, http://time.com/4308369/hillary-clinton-john-podesta/
Browner is a member of the Board of Directors of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, where Climate Progress Joe Romm resides as a “Senior Fellow”.
https://www.americanprogress.org/about/c3-board/ Check out the other members.
Browner was a former vice-president at Socialist International, prior to becoming “Climate Czar” in Obama’s 1st administration:


And look where Michigan is today. Facing a power shortfall by the middle of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. Michigan and also seeking power from Ontario, Canada to cover power shortfalls.
Not good news for Michigan manufacturing companies unless they can provide their own back-up power.


Granholm is a former Michigan governor. During her two terms in office the Michigan Renewable Energy Mandate was brought in.

tom s

Mikey Mann as a disgusting POS. Dang I detest his ilk.

Dave in Canmore

It’s very telling that alarmists imagine that ONLY the state can force people into using less fossil fuels. Alarmists have resigned themselves to the fact that not enough people believe their shrill warnings and are voluntarily consuming less.
If a majority of people believed them and acted on their beliefs, they wouldn’t need the state to force these changes on people. The casual acceptance of tyranny as the only means to solve their problem is deeply disturbing. It boggles my mind that the left-leaning electorate can imagine they have a monopoly on sensitivity, empathy and a desire for justice, and yet be so willing to adopt the most anti-human kind of force to achieve their desired outcomes.

Brilliant comment! +1000


I suppose Mann’s Earth System Science Center gets funding from the federal government? then from a certain point of view, the planet is doomed if Trump is elected if one’s point of view is that ESSC is the planet