A Climategate-like bombshell: State Attorney Generals colluded with Green groups to punish political opponents

Guest essay by Chris Horner

Emails obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) show that the offices of New York Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and those of other politically aligned AGs, secretly teamed up with anti-fossil fuel activists to launch investigations against groups whose political speech challenged the global warming policy agenda.

These emails, obtained under open records laws, shed light on what followed after a January meeting, reported by the Wall Street Journal on April 14, in which groups funded by anti-fossil fuel Rockefeller interests met to urge just this sort of investigation and litigation against political opponents.

Recently, after the think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) criticized the AGs’ intimidation campaign, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Earl Walker — one of the AGs  working with Schneiderman — subpoenaed ten years of the non-profit organization’s records relating to climate change.

The latest email release strongly suggests a financial incentive for AGs to pursue their political opponents, rather than merely silencing and scaring away support for those who dare disagree with their extreme global warming agenda.

The e-mail correspondence between Schneiderman’s staff, the offices of several state attorneys general, and various activists covers the weeks leading up to a March 29 “publicity stunt” press conference with former Vice President Al Gore, to announce the targeting of opponents of the global warming agenda.

The correspondence shows government officials actively trying to hide their coordination, by using a “Common Interest Agreement.”  This sought to protect as privileged the discussions about defending President Obama’s controversial global warming rules, and going after political opponents using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Most intriguingly, this sought to hide discussions among the AGs, “their staff and certain outside advisors”. These communications and coordination included:

  • Lem Srolovic, chief of the New York Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Scot Kline, a Vermont assistant attorney general
  • Matt Pawa, an environmental lawyer who works with the Climate Accountability Institute and the Global Warming Legal Action Project of the Civil Society Institute
  • Peter Frumhoff, director of science and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists

Pawa and Frumhoff have been pushing for this investigation for years, at least since a 2012 workshop entitled “Establishing Accountability for Climate Change Denial,” a brainstorming session in California for activists on ways to convince state attorneys general to investigate “deniers” using RICO laws.

As the Vermont and New York correspondence show, Pawa and Frumhoff were invited to secretly brief the state attorneys general.  They each received 45 minutes to provide arguments on “climate change litigation” and “the imperative of taking action now” immediately prior to the AGs’ press conference, according to schedules prepared by Schneiderman’s office.

The next day, March 30, Pawa wrote to Eric Srolovic of Schneiderman’s office and Vermont’s Scott Kline seeking help. A Wall Street Journal reporter wanted to talk to Pawa, and he asked the two officials:

“What should I say if she asks if I attended?”

Srolovic replied:

“My ask is if you speak to the reporter, to not confirm that you attended or otherwise discuss the event.”

The documents obtained by E&E Legal also include responses to a questionnaire sent to the state attorneys general by Schneiderman’s office.  U.S. Virgin Islands AG Walker reveals his interest, having just completed an $800 million settlement from Hess Oil company, in “identifying other potential litigation targets” and ways to “increase our leverage.” The Hess money, Walker wrote, was used to create an “environmental response trust”.

Other AGs across the country have criticized these investigations. West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey has said,

“You cannot use the power of the office of the Attorney General to silence your critics.”

Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt and Alabama AG Luther Strange issued a joint press release stating,

“It is inappropriate for State Attorneys General to use the power of their office to attempt to silence core political speech on one of the major policy debates of our time.”

AG Jeff Landry of Louisiana said,

“It is one thing to use the legal system to pursue public policy outcomes; but it is quite another to use prosecutorial weapons to intimidate critics, silence free speech, or chill the robust exchange of ideas.”

In the end, it seems the only parties that may be breaking the law are those colluding  AGs in their scheme to silence political opposition, while seeking funds for their preferred policy agenda.  It is they who need to come clean.


Chris Horner is an attorney in Washington, D.C. who obtained the email records for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.  He is also a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

186 thoughts on “A Climategate-like bombshell: State Attorney Generals colluded with Green groups to punish political opponents

      • There isn’t a free country anywhere in the world. Switzerland probably comes closest. When I was young, I used to think I lived in a free country (England), and it does make me smile when I hear Americans speaking of living in a free country. Evidently not paying attention to what’s going on around them. The politics of fear is used by most countries, and collusion is going on all around us – to the detriment of the people. What saddens me most of all is what is happening at this very moment in Germany, to a comedian. Dark days indeed.

      • bazzer1959: America was more or less a free country—you’re right about no “free countries anywhere”, of course—but yes, Americans keep ignoring what was going on. They became all about handouts and what the government could do for them. Now, they’re angry at what happened, but it was entirely their own fault.

        • Paul commented: “….https://turiteadocuments.wordpress.com/turitea-wind-farm-documents/….”
          A foreshadowing of what will happen in the rest of the world unless people wake up. These people have no respect for anyone or anything other than their ideology. Socialism on the march and getting more bold as the populace fails to speak up for the victims until they become victims themselves. It starts with lies and promises that never materialize and complaints are totally ignored. Ignored. And they are allowed to get away with it. When will the “silent skeptic majority” that is spelled out in all the polls make their stand?

          • Thanks Markl, you certainly appreciate the seriousness of the Turitea wind farm fraud.
            Will Karen Price (recently married to David Cunliffe, aspiring Prime Minister), Shonagh Kenderdine the fake judge, Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, Nick Smith, Judith Collins, and Helen Clark (now after Ban Ki Moon’s UN job) not to mention a slew of other green troughers ever be held to account?
            One can only hope so.

      • We clearly should have forseen the danger in the exemptions to the draft for Vietnam, effectively turning our institutions of higher learning into the collegiate equivalent of Sanctuary Cities for draft evading hippies, black radicals & domestic terrorists a-la the Weather Underground and transforming the fringe elements of the far-left into the future leaders of America.

      • “We clearly should have forseen the danger in the exemptions to the draft for Vietnam, effectively turning our institutions of higher learning into the collegiate equivalent of Sanctuary Cities…”
        What you mean “we” white man?
        Vietnam was not something anyone could call a just war, it was a meat grinder for unwanted children. Late term abortion Democrat style. It’s difficult for anyone to blame other than Lyndon Johnson and his Texan oil cronies I’m not sure who that might be?
        I’m fairly sure this RICO thing has a deep history and many bodies rotting in the closet. Today’s leftovers are the disgusting progeny of a cult born from post WWII entitlements inherited by people like Johnson. This is hardly a plan laid down by “the people” of the US.

      • I wrote:
        “It’s difficult for anyone to blame other than Lyndon Johnson and his Texan oil cronies I’m not sure who that might be?”
        Of course this is a pure example of someone with repressed anger attempting to write coherently on a subject he finds deeply disturbing.
        What I meant to write was; it’s difficult to blame anyone other than Lyndon Johnson and his Texan oil cronies. If it was someone else, who might that be?

  1. The desperation of these groups to silence all dissent is clear illustration of how much money they are making of this scam. CAGW is the single biggest fraud ever perpetrated.

    • It’s the same old scam, but the scale is unprecedented. Alarmist “scientists” enjoy all the perks and false authority of pre-scientific shamans. The easily frightened masses always seek comfort from hucksters peddling certainty and easy answers.

    • “CAGW is the single biggest fraud ever perpetrated.”
      I’m pretty certain that prize goes to the “financial crisis”, which was the largest daylight robbery ever committed in the history of history.

    • No, McCarthy was correct in that FDR did have Russian (Communist) spies working at high levels in his administration. Gore is not right about anything having to do with CAGW.

  2. After spinning of this by the Leftist Maintream Media, the general public will find it is OK for government authorities to “consult” with green groups. They are doing this for the common good. Everybody knows The Science Is Settled. Climate Skeptics are engaging in a form of hate speech. Nothing to see here… move along…

    • Well…right up until the general public realizes that the so called green groups have determined that in order to save the planet, (by whatever scam sticks)…a certain number of the general public must be systematically exterminated, in order to achieve the green goals.
      I suspect when the ‘day of reckoning’ arrives, the proverbial dog poop will hit the fan. Just saying….

      • I wish it would. If things don’t turn around sharply, I sometimes think our only hope is anger. Waking up is a start though, and people are certainly doing that.

      • “in order to save the planet, (by whatever scam sticks)…a certain number of the general public must be systematically exterminated, in order to achieve the green goals. ”
        We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

    • Not needed. 18USC241 makes it a crime punishable by fines and up to 10 years imprisonment to conspire to deprive any person of any constitutional right. Basic civil rights law. Applicable here. Most formal entities have standing as legal ‘persons’. CEI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable org with IRS EIN 52-1351785, annual ‘income’ of about $6.5 million and assets over $1.2 million.

  3. There are two courses of action that CEI should follow. 1. Get a sympathetic AG to press criminal charges against the activists and the US VI AG under 18USC241. Just figure out how to get standing with one or more of them. 2. File a civil suit against same under 42USC1985. Make the damages several years worth of total CEI funding. The emails and previous meeting information provide all the evidence necessary for a criminal conviction and a civil summary judgement award. CEI could crowd source the cost of the civil action. Surely many WUWT readers would contribute.

    • One more thing. All attorney participating in the fraud should be disbarred.
      I think the group of AG’s just may the day they listened to Gore and Obama and pursued this. The big screw up was thinking that Exxon would just roll over.
      I expect that Exxon as well as other oil companies and “defendants’ will drag the whole green movement into this via the discovery process. It’s going to get ugly. Really, really ugly.

    • I would 2nd that proposition. Their tactics go beyond just CEI as I also feel threatened/assaulted by the actions of the said AG’s and arbitrary policies of the current administration.
      This is outright oppression in my opinion, right along with many other aspects of the current administration’s pursuits that follow the same path to suppression of our rights as U.S. citizens.
      A class action suit may be warranted in the end.

      • 7,000,000,000 in the class and growing daily. That’s seven billion people, for the innumerate among us, and we be many.

  4. And who is going to investigate this and possibly take action? FBI? AG Loretta Lynch? Uh huh.

      • If that were the case Marcus, Hillary would be in the same boat as General Petraeus, but she isn’t.

      • Really? Q: Who does the FBI Director report to? A: AG Loretta Lynch. Q: Who appointed Director James Comey? A: Dear Leader

      • Not yet. Confirmed that FBI accessed at least some of the private emails. Confirmed that Comey has broadened the investigation to imclude political corruption in addition to secrecy (State favors to foreign doners to Clinton foundation, already documented ‘appearance coincidences’, but needing corrupt intent evidence). Many who know Comey say he has great integrity, and if he recommends charges and Lynch doesn’t follow the recommendation he will resign and there will be the equivalent the Watergate Saturday night massacre.

      • who pays any award, ultimately?
        so taxpayers get punished for paying taxes- that’s an established norm- but it does nothing to discourage the vultures
        imo, it’s far preferable to get the conspiring AGs fired and no pensions.

  5. From the perspective of ‘We’re conspiring to present what we want others to believe, therefore any dissent must be a conspiracy’.

    • When you want to know what a leftist is doing, just look at what they are accusing others of doing.

  6. Chris, I read this story a few minutes ago as reported in the NY times. Your report was much cleared than their version. the NY times version was almost unintelegable.
    I gave up part way through. It’s like they didn’t really want anyone to understand what was going on

  7. Conspiracy against rights is a federal offense in the United States of America under 18 U.S.C. § 241 (Wikipedia). The industry and the think-tanks should take this matter to court.

  8. Isn’t the first step in proving Exxon and others were withholding damaging information to put forth the damaging information they were supposedly withholding? I have not seen any credible evidence of CO2 induced harm to date . Even the speculative “evidence” is incapable of showing present harm and wildly speculative on future harm. It seems to me that declaring these speculations to stockholders as reason for concern would be misleading. Basing company policy on them would be betraying their trust. So these AGs are in effect attempting to cause the companies to mislead their owners to promote the AG’s agenda.

    • It’s one thing to “know” something.
      It’s another to have actual evidence of the thing you “know”.

    • Times, as well as presidents and the people they appoint, change.
      Right now, those AGs probably think they are untouchable.
      Lots of criminals thought that, right up until the cell door slammed .

    • Wealthy trust fund progeny, never having known anything but pampered luxury, learning how their riches originated, socialized by liberal Ivy League professors, suffering from guilt and living a meaningless existence, discover “saving the planet” as a way to atone for their forebears’ sins.

    • Yep, that guy, the one who funded US eugenics programs and supplied Hitler’s war machine.
      Lloyd Finicum was murdered by FBI and Oregon State Police a few months ago. They stated under oath that he was shot in self-defense as he reached for a gun, although video released by the FBI showed its snipers had fired through the roof of his truck and tried to kill its occupants before he stopped. His murder was judged to be justified. Let’s pretend the Nazis haven’t taken over.
      I sure hope Energy & Environment Legal Institute shreds them.

    • Kinda reminds me Winchester’s heir. She was nuts!
      But at least her madness didn’t infect the rest of the world.

  9. Green drivers. Renewable technology? Clean power?
    It’s a tale told by activists to promote special interests.

  10. While you’re at it, an investigation is still needed of the Justice Dept. role in ousting Alaska senator Ted Stevens with charges that were later dismissed but which resulting in breaking of the senate majority rule vote to pass key Obama agenda items and almost Waxman-Markey.

    • The Just Us Department. Yes, Rg, this is a particularly egregious and evil example. Stevens is now dead, but honoring his memory would be to bring the matter to better resolution. It is an ongoing sore, seeding further federal failure.

  11. Maybe there is a simple solution to this argument. Why don’t all fossil fuels companies just work to rule and only deliver limited quantities of oil petrol coal and gas especially restrict deliveries of kerosene to airlines and especially to airforce 1 and then see what Obama says?

    • No. Hess operated since 1965 one of the largest WH refineries on St. Croix, USVI. Massive oil spills contaminated the main island aquifer in 1990s from lack of maintenance investment. EPA has already recovered 43 million gallons. Hess sold half to Venezuela (PDVSA) in 1995, form of a JV, to spread liability, in return for committing tomuse only Venezuelan crude. In 2002 the JV signed an agreement with USVI to keep the refinery operating (VI taxes and jobs) until 2022 in exchange for tax breaks. Then on one days notice in 2014, shut the now unprofitable, old, underinvested in, badly maintained refinery and put the JV into liquidating bankruptcy. Essentially tried to walk away from the JV operating agreement and the environmental cleanup costs. USVI could not touch PDVSA, but nailed Hess.
      Nothing remotely like Exxon or CEI concerning climate change.

  12. Call me cynical but nothing will come of this. The only thing that will stop AGW madness in the US is a sympathetic administration. Look at the AGW leaders in Europe….the UK and Germany….they are economically self destructing in front of everyone and nothing is being done about it. Only a Brexit can help them now.

    • The only problem with getting our Brexit, which i’ll be voting for, is that for the last 20-30 years the British government and the Civil Service have been kow-towing to the EU. Will they now be able to a) think for themselves and b) have the b*lls to fight our corner in all the tricky negotiations that will be necessary.

      • a) probably not and
        b) probably not.
        “…. against groups whose political speech challenges etc …….. .”
        If only this whole thing could be un-politicised. (if that is a word.)

      • It isn’t a problem. If we don’t get favourable trading (export) conditions, then we ban their imports. Don’t forget that when Brexit happens, Cameron and Osbourne will have to go. In will come a more hardline approach with Jonny Foreigner. We’ll have Boris, IDS and David Davis.

  13. So power corrupts. So much for American exceptionalism. Just more proof that the US is little different and no better than other thuggish governments. Any wonder remaining why the second amendment?

    • Some amount of American exceptionalism will remain as long as the second amendment remains. How much longer that will be is anyone’s guess. Our constitutional rights are gradually being watered down and eroded. When that process is complete, and American has been fundamentally transformed, there will no longer be any exceptionalism. That will make a certain political party very happy, at least at first. But when they discover that the faith and credit of the country has also been destroyed and they can no longer borrow and spend to fund cronyism and buy votes to the same degree they are used to, they will become very sad again.

  14. It seems every level of justice is becoming more corrupted by politics. What good is a constitution if the people interpreting and enforcing the laws are allowed to misbehave to forward their own agendas. This is simply shameful.

    • I just read a report on Drudge about how several states are planning on erecting a $1000 per gun tax on hand gun sales.
      They can’t outlaw them, so they’ll try to make them so expensive that only rich politicians can afford them.

  15. Not that it would happen, but I dream about the day that “Big Carbon” does full commercial blitz to the effect of “The Gov’t of your state has said they don’t want any energy from Carbon soruces. We will agree with their wishes. As of next Xday (within a week) we will cease delivery of all Carbon Energy to your state until such time as your Gov’t through it’s legislature and Governor sign legislation …” And watch the cars go empty and the power shutdown….
    I mean let Big Carbon take the AG of all these states at their word.

    • Nah, they could fund commercials highlighting how they stood up to the fascistic bully boys, and continued to provide reasonably priced energy to the people . . if they really want to do the right thing.

    • Al Gore has been very busy in the middle man role.

      Exactly . . as always.
      Whatever is said about Al Gore, he should be recognised for his classic sting operations.
      He’ll just stand aside and watch these guys go down if that’s what happens. He won’t be affected
      Same as “An Inconvenient Truth”
      He used IPCC data to create a scary story and smoothly moved on to that CarbonExchange (or whatever it was).
      He’s a user and a manipulator who is adept at taking the credit (and profit) while avoiding the responsibility.

      • My friend Peter Bocking said that if Al Gore’s hair were set on fire it would provide enough heat and light for a small English village.

      • When Al Gore was threatedn with a lawsuit, he and his wife looked into a divorce to compartmentalize and isolate their holdings

  16. After seven years under Obama’s rule Americans don’t even know which bathroom to use these days. Who is surprised at this state of affairs?

    • *I* know which bathroom to use. 🙂
      Don’t confuse all Americans with a bunch of Radical Loony Leftists.
      The Leftists just seem like they have the loudest voices, because they control most of the news media. But there is a silent majority out there, that is starting to make some noise of their own.
      This next presidential election is going to be a turning point, I think. For everyone, not just Americans. We need a confident, forceful, smart leader, who has not stolen furniture from the White House in the past.

      • Yeah, to which public bathroom would you send your 12 year old daughter so she could see some 40 year old perv flashing his manhood?
        Or, where to send her to not have to see.

  17. Justice sold for political gain
    Hiding behind locked doors, Attorneys General have sold their souls for partisan gain.
    The prophet Amos cried out against such injustice in Israel.

    “Let justice roll down like waters!” (Amos 5:24). Magnificent words, but what do they mean? What the prophet Amos means by them you can work out from the injustices that he attacks. The people he denounces take their own cut from the hard work of poor people (Amos 5:11), treat them with contempt, and take bribes. When they sell wheat, they rig the scales and the currency (Amos 8:5). It is always poor people who are their victims. These ruthless exploiters are nameless, but they plainly have wealth and power. Their home is Samaria, the capital of the eighth-century B.C.E. kingdom of Israel (Amos 3:9, Amos 4:1, Amos 6:1). Amos shows God demanding justice from them rather than worship: “I hate, I despise your festivals…But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream” (Amos 5:21-24).

    Social Justice and the Prophets Walter J. Houston
    Noble Cause Corruption
    Now we see Attorney Generals succumbing to <a href=Once noble Romans and Americans>“Noble Cause Corruption” lured by the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow – funds to distribute for their “noble” (aka partisan) “green” cause.
    See : Unconstitutional Policing: The Ethical Challenges in Dealing with Noble Cause Corruption Thomas J. Martinelli, J.D.
    Regress of Science
    These Attorney Generals follow down to corrupt depths the regression and decline of Climate Science.
    Big (Climate) Science is broken See:
    Scientific Regress, William Wilson, May 2016 FirstThings
    Once noble Romans and Americans
    These corrupt Attorneys General reflect the wider decline in America – having forsaken Justice Truth and Righteousness, we see greed, bribery and corruption.

    “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: Bread and Circuses.”  –Juvenal – Satire (100 A.D.)
    Roman satirist and poet Juvenal was displaying contempt for a degraded Roman citizenry that had shunned civic responsibility, shirked their duties of citizenship within a republic, and had chosen to sell their votes to feckless politicians for assurances of bread and circuses. Rather than govern according to noble principles based upon reason, striving for public policies that led to long term sustainability and benefitting the majority of citizens, politicians chose superficial displays and appeasing the masses utilizing the lowest common denominator of “free” food and bountiful spectacles, pageants, and ceremonies in order to retain power. . . .

    Bread, Circuses & Bombs – Decline of the American Empire
    Jack Curtis writes: Bread and Circuses: The Last Days of the American Empire

    Pan et Circenses (Bread and Circuses) famously described the relationship between the Roman Emperor and his people in the decadent years of the Empire, and they seem fairly applied to America today. We have, in line with our technological advancement, upgraded (if that is the term) to food stamps (47.5 million and counting) and sports, but the broad scenario hasn’t changed.

  18. 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—
    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  19. I almost yawned at this because here in Oregon it is thoroughly standard operating governance at every level. From the State down to little municipalities the rampant public deceit and conniving by public officials is expected rather than discouraged as inappropriate.
    Those involved have convinced themselves that’s just how things are done nowadays. It starts with the pretense that a little dishonesty here and there is no worse than a bit of creative embellishment or cheerleading.
    Once that is acceptable, the parasite of public deceit quickly flashes a green light green to limitless mendacity and colluding as needed.
    Ushered along in the shadows and fog of concealment and the flexing of influences.
    In short, scum bags run much of Oregon.
    That’s just the way it is.

    • Vote with your feet. I did leaving Illinois. Two of past three governors in prison for pay to play. Worse financial situation than California and no means to fix it without amending state constitution. ‘Chicago politics’…

    • Our current Governor in Oregon, Kate Brown (who was moved into office after John Kitzhaber was forced from office for corruption related to his girlfriend, Cylvia Hayes’, tom-foolery involving influence-peddling with green energy groups) while she was acting as Attorney General, said after being caught not destroying extra ballots on election night, said that the security of the ballots and the destruction of the ballots were ‘conflicting orders’, and that ‘we might need them later.’
      Serious. Not only was that the excuse she used, but it was apparently sufficient to allow her to keep her job and eventually get appointed to Governor.
      Steve’s right – Oregon government has been almost totally corrupted by single-party rule. The above example is just one example of blatant criminality that has become standard operating procedure.

  20. I support the idea of an immediate suit against this shameful collection of anti-American AGs. I only worry that all the corrupted lefty judiciary will interpret the law differently than one may think. One more lefty judge in the SCOTUS and what used to be America may be gone! It was a mistake not to have P. Gleick charged and I think the good side had better take the initiative in the courts before the end-of-worlders line up more kangaroos for the judiciary.

    • Gary Pearse
      April 18, 2016 at 11:21 am wrote:
      “I support the idea of an immediate suit against this shameful collection of anti-American AGs.”
      I agree. A good conservative Federal Judge would go a long way towards putting these people in their proper place.
      I think a suit should also be brought against U.S. government employees who have been involved in distorting the surface temperature records in an effort to make it appear that humans are influencing the climate.
      The government employees should be required to supply the taxpayer-owned raw surface temperature data they used to create their current computer models, and they should be required to show their taxpayer-funded work product. All of it. Every step. All taxpayer-funded records should be made public.
      For goverment employees to refuse to supply their taxpayer-funded data and methods to the taxpayers is an outrage, but that’s exactly what our government employees are doing: refusing legitimate requests from the people who employ and pay them.

  21. This has been standard operating procedure for at least the last seven years. For a few dollars more they will read your speech at the podium, including those speeches that attack any and all who question the Climate Con.

    • I believe that speech actually runs a little over $200K.
      I’d have to check all of it with Al Gore’s and the Clinton’s records to be certain.

  22. This is no noble cause stuff, this has Rockefeller stink all over it. The money flowed, the will provided, the corruption completed.

  23. While I think there is probably a civil rights violation here, I don’t get the “bombshell” reaction to “collusion” with green groups. In the abstract, what is wrong with public agents forming common ground with private interests? Seems to me just a variation on lobbying. Maybe you don’t like it, but that doesn’t make it illegal. Now if their is a way to add the green groups into any civil rights action against the AG’s to give them some grief, I’m all for that. But I am not the least bit surprised that they “colluded” with environmental action groups, nor does that concern me per se. What concerns me is abuse of power.

    • It’s a dirty game where no one trusts you if you are clean. In that game, honest people have no friends

  24. Self revealed as rogues and oath breakers.
    Impeach them all.
    Prominent positions in a set of stocks would go a long way to improving our progressive comrades understanding of the constitution.
    Classic members of the Guild of parasites these Attorney Generals and their henchmen.
    Funny how they do not understand the very principles their careers depend on.

  25. Have we now embarked on employing the Socrates standard. Those who crusade for science and truth will be forced to recant their beliefs or face the punishment.

  26. “The correspondence shows government officials actively trying to hide their coordination, by using a “Common Interest Agreement.” ‘
    Sounds like a really subtle way to hide coordination.

  27. The election for New York State Attorney General was in 2014. Noe CEI needs to find out which green groups if any contributed to his campaign.
    Walker also. The Hess Oil settlement may be worth scrutinizing. If some of the settlement funds are going to Green orgs. Next see if Walker was in contact with prior to bringing on the case. Oh yeah the formal name, “Secretary of Justice of Puerto Rico” Note the governor of Puerto Rico appoints the Secretary of Justice of Puerto Rico. So it’s Alejandro García Padilla CEI may wish to take a look at. And yes he is a Democrat and surprise,, surprise he is up for reelection November 6th 2016.
    The plot sickens.

  28. Venezeula – larger scale corruption
    For the consequences of larger scale “bread and circuses” corruption see Venezuela.

    In 2015, Venezuela’s economy — largely dependent on the sale of oil — contracted by 5.7 percent and is expected to shrink by an additional 8 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. The currency has lost 98 percent of its value on the black market since Maduro took office in 2013. Inflation is projected to rise to nearly 500 percent.
    All of this has made Maduro not a very popular leader. His opponents won an overwhelming victory in legislative elections in December. But nearly every attempt by the new legislature to take the country in a new direction has been blocked by Maduro and a Supreme Court he appointed right after the elections.

  29. Unfortunately, it would take a full rebellion to ever bring justice to these embedded socialists. There is no democracy left in the USA. Too many think that democracy consists of elections only. A corruption free civil service is also vital. Prosecution of these AGs is essential to at least give a meager impression that democracy still rules, in the land. GK

    • Trump just might go after these Liberal AG’s. He says he is going after Hillary with his newly appointed Attorney General. So it is not much of a stretch to go after the Liberal AG’s. After all, the Liberal AG’s are conspiring to illegally deny free speech to American citizens.
      I personally hope Trump sics his new AG/and or Special Prosecutors on the entire criminal enterprise known as the Obama administration. Justice must be served, and right now there are a lot of criminals in the Obama administration getting away with their criminality.

  30. The AG fantasy fueled by Oreskes Mrechants of Doubt claim that big oil behaved like big tobacco may be one of the things that finally breaks the back of wamunism.
    The British surgeon general equivalent had published on the connection between smoking and lung disease (cancer, emphysema, COPD) in the early 1950s. By the 1970s when the US surgeon general proclaimed the same, the epidemiological and animal model data was overwhelming. Very little uncertainty. Tobacco companies continued to proclaim the opposite, and got nailed on their own internal documents showing they had known about the health problems for decades.
    Here, we know that climate changes, that CO2 is a GHG, and that fossil fuel consumption is increasing CO2. But there is no observational evidence on exactly how much AGW results, or whether it is dangerous as opposed to beneficial. What can be proven is that the GCMs are wrong (pause, missing tropical troposphere hotspot, high ECS compared to observation), none of the projected warmunist outcomes have materialized (pause, accelerated SLR, vanishing summer Arctic ice), and that natural variation plays a large role on various scales (1920-1945 warming, 1946-1975 cooling, MWP, LIA). We also know that the debate is politicized, and warmunist solutions are very expensive (needing subsidies), do not work well (intermittency), and are irrelevant when China and India won’t play.
    If Schneiderman tries to bring a case against Exxon, under New York shareholder disclosure lawhe will get his head handed to him. Liquid transportation fuels are indispensible, and CCGT produces 1/3 the CO2 of coal. Ever since Exxon moved big into natural gas, it has advocated for carbon taxes (Which hurt big coal up to three times more).
    It woild be wonderful if Oreskes fantasy ‘sold’ to overzealous AGs resulted in court processes that exposed the whole thing for the fools errand it is.

  31. I would like to make a complaint! Can someone give me the contact number for the Minister for Twitter?

  32. In 1980, after long consultation with some of America’s most senior nutrition scientists, the US government issued its first Dietary Guidelines. The guidelines shaped the diets of hundreds of millions of people. Doctors base their advice on them, food companies develop products to comply with them. Their influence extends beyond the US. In 1983, the UK government issued advice that closely followed the American example.
    The most prominent recommendation of both governments was to cut back on saturated fats and cholesterol (this was the first time that the public had been advised to eat less of something, rather than enough of everything). Consumers dutifully obeyed. We replaced steak and sausages with pasta and rice, butter with margarine and vegetable oils, eggs with muesli, and milk with low-fat milk or orange juice. But instead of becoming healthier, we grew fatter and sicker

  33. At the NDP convention in Alberta the NDP Party leader, Thomas Mulclair was ousted but remains as interim party leader. A type of Coup by party activists?.
    Same convention the Leap Manifesto passed but as a watered-down version. Maybe Canadians and others should take a good look at what happened in Alberta a few days ago.
    Perhaps other party leaders should watch their backs?

    • 350.org
      Board includes:
      Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Alberta, Greenpeace Canada and also on the Steering Committee of Tar Sands Solutions Network Canada along with Bill McKibben.
      Naomi Klein
      Bill McKibben
      Jessy Tolkan, Currently focused on shifting the auto-industry in a more sustainable direction.
      Also view the US 350.org Advisory Council and the 350.org International Advisory Council for Greenpeace and Rockefeller connections.

  34. When they get to the point of using ‘the law’ then we can all see that they have completely lost every element of any scientific debate.
    I find some global warming over the last twenty years down the back of a filing cabinet in my office. Conveniently just in time for the great Paris jamboree – These people are full time, paid, professional liars. When their ‘scientific’ lies don’t work then they look to some liar Judge that will make their liar ‘science’ real. By ‘Law’.
    I really don’t remember Einstein calling upon ‘tha law’ in order to silence his critics. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any real scientist calling upon the FBI.
    It’s just another Cult. Nothing more.
    If CO2 was proven to be beneficial by tomorrow morning then the Cult would move on to some other nonsense. Too many Sardines in some section of the ocean, too many marmosets in some set of trees, too many people on HK.
    These people just cannot ever be placated. They will ‘find’ that life itself needs to be snubbed out if they are payed enough for promoting their whack job fantasies. Science Nein Danke. Fully paid up fools that would find significance in pretty much anything they were told to if their pension plan were assured.

  35. In the end, it seems the only parties that may be breaking the law are those colluding AGs in their scheme to silence political opposition, while seeking funds for their preferred policy agenda. It is they who need to come clean.

    Not remarked upstairs is the fact that the attorneys general perpetrating these malfeasances are universally and exclusively politicians of the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP). Those states’ attorneys general quoted as criticizing these actions are members of the Republican Party.
    Never has a dichotomy been so cleanly cleft. The “reactionary” Republicans are proving to be the party of free speech while the “progressive” National Socialists are pushing suppression of public discourse by way of criminal prosecution.

    Progressivism is the belief that we have too much freedom with which to make too many stupid choices.

    — David Harsanyi. “Enlightened tyrants,” Denver Post (19 May 2010)

    • “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.” –
      Illustrated London News (ILN), 4/19/24
      GK Chesterton
      Note the year.
      Nothing changes.
      Looks like he may have been correct even back then.

  36. “Climategate-like”? Does that mean that we will again have “Eight committees investigated the allegations and published reports, finding no evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct”?

  37. So, CEI does what it needs to do. Chris Horner (from CEI) drops names. He wants you to put pressure on people. That is how his “think tanks” works.
    CEI is under pressure to reveal their business connections with Exxon Mobil. Exxon is accused of knowing that their own scientists knew of the reality and dangers of AGW decades ago, but they did not make these risks clear to the public or their stakeholders, instead they financed CEI and other think tanks to sow doubt. That is the issue (making money as long as the scam functions).
    Chris Horner is defending his business here by putting out a list of names you can rile against.
    WUWT is for a part special interest reporting.

    • Wagen,
      Lots of baseless accusations there.
      I accuse you of being a paid troll. See how it works? Like you, I don’t need anything but my opinion.
      So, who pays you? And don’t say “no one”, we know you’re paid. We know it just like you know that Exxon’s…
      “…own scientists knew of the reality and dangers of AGW decades ago, but they did not make these risks clear to the public or their stakeholders, instead they financed CEI and other think tanks to sow doubt.”
      So, what are the “dangers” of AGW? And who pays you?

      • “All nd don’t say “no one””
        No one pays me to post here. I expect the same scrutiny of you regarding people ABL

        • Ah, but Wagen, you made some unsupported assertions.
          Now you don’t like it when someone else does the same thing to you.
          Goose/gander. Pot/kettle.

      • Carrie says:
        If Wagen is getting paid, he’s a lot smarter than you, because you aren’t getting paid to post here.
        You may be right about that.
        But that raises the same question about you, doesn’t it? ☺

      • Come now, y’all, what is this, middle school debate club? Address the matter at hand.
        Wagen, your claim makes a few unsupportable assumptions: that Exxon agrees with you. That the secret knowledge accessible only to them (despite the IPCC existing since 1988) is so devastating and conclusive that they had to move to ban fossil fuels (despite the fact that doing so would cause 4-6 billion deaths within the year) and that the only reason they did not do so was because of greed.
        The problems with this
        -By their actions, clearly, they do not agree that climate change is dangerous and requires immediate action.
        -The idea that they had some special information unknown to the United Nations for these past 28 years is absurd. It cannot be fraud by just not speaking up to support something with massive international support and exposure.
        -The idea that a company must support a political action or face fraud charges is anathema to the concept of freedom or speech. Of all speech, political speech is the most protected and the most sacrosanct. Even if every last one of the other charges, despite the sheer madness that would entail, was true, supporting a political activity, ANY political activity, is still well within their right.
        You are UnAmerican and should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Ben,
        What did you not understand about “Exxon is accused of knowing that their own scientists knew of the reality and dangers of AGW decades ago, but they did not make these risks clear to the public or their stakeholders, instead they financed CEI and other think tanks to sow doubt.”?
        The tobacco companies were sued along similar lines. The relevant information is openly available regarding the facts on Exxon. Just google it. You may disagree on whether the legal procedure is the right thing to do or not in this case.
        This piece however should have been more upfront about the author’s affiliations, and not be added as an after-thought at the end.

  38. We have the Wagner, Sherman, Clayton, SEC and and FTC act to stop business collusion, we need a similar set of laws to protect the public from NGOs and the Government. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing, and the government and NGOs can harm the public infinitely more than a company.
    BTW, Chris Horner does a great job in this documentary.

  39. CEI got money from Exxon. Exxon under investigation that they knew AGW is true but paying outfits like CEI to sow doubt. Chris Horner dropping names. Fits the pattern.

    • Like the millions of others, my doubt over CAGW comes from the fact that the evidence for said theory has yet to be demonstrated. CEI has little to do with the fact that the minuscule warming of the last century can not be shown to be be only man made and not natural. Until this can be shown, no amount of politicking by any side will convince we millions otherwise.
      It is very telling that you imagine our doubt comes from influence and not simply a lack of evidence.

    • Wagen
      April 18, 2016 at 4:05 pm wrote:
      “CEI got money from Exxon.”
      “Exxon under investigation that they knew AGW is true but paying outfits like CEI to sow doubt.”
      NOBODY knows human-caused global warming/climate change is true (that’s what you mean, you are not talking about a mild warming so small it cannot yet be detected). So how can Exxon know something that no other human knows?
      “Chris Horner dropping names. Fits the pattern.”
      Not sure how that is relevant to anything.

  40. Wagen got money from Mann. Mann under investigation because he knew AGW is minuscule and doesn’t matter, but he’s paying outfits like ‘realclimate’ to sow doubt. Wagen dropping names. Fits the pattern.
    See what I did there? ☺

      • There’s no evidence to back up the theory of AGW either. If there was it’d be out in the open for all to see, the scientists would want everyone to see and to understand (after all there’s the world to “save”). Instead… nothing. Not one scrap of evidence.

      • I cannot give you examples, but in my view the so-called “collusion” is no big deal. The big deal is that this is is an attempt by AG’s to limit free speech and is thus an abuse of power. Public agents “collude” with private interests all the time. It is called “lobbying.” Or “politics.” It only becomes a big deal when it is illegal, as this appears to be.

    • Looks like colluding might be SOP for progressives and NGOs.
      Things like scientists working on the taxpayer dime own their findings.
      And the world’s taxpayers have no right to the data they paid for.
      These lying climastrologists are not required to provide proof of their findings.
      The liars can make up, hide data and remove any scientist or journal editor that fails to support 100%.
      The whole thing sounds unconstitutional to me.
      Like Mark Steyn says “Always pay close attention when someone in power tells you to shut up.”

  41. Reply
    Nicholas Schroeder
    April 18, 2016 at 3:53 pm wrote:
    “Not really. The permanent government continues no matter the party or incumbent.”
    No, it doesn’t. Let’s see if the “permanent government” continues after Trump is elected. I have a feeling it won’t be “business as usual”. I also have a feeling that is the reason Trump will win.
    “W was just as bad.”
    A ridiculous statement. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

  42. Tax payers have been ripped off for $$Billions by an increasing list of financially bankrupt “clean ” companies and the response is some USA AG’s supporting more of it ? WTF ?
    Why would the USA government be supporting a Spanish company to the tune of nearly $$ 3 Billion dollars ? Abengoa has been on the verge of bankruptcy with over $$10 Billion in debts . If it goes down it will be the largest bankruptcy in Spanish history and we have USA AG’s cheerleading a sector that even with all the tax payer backing is incapable of remaining viable . Why would those AG’s be lobbying for an industry in free fall ?

    • Amber commented: “…. Why would those AG’s be lobbying for an industry in free fall ?…”
      Because they’re useful idiots? For the same reason their President keeps bellowing about AGW being the most pressing problem for his administration and the people continually put it last?

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