Friday funny – Sustainable science

Josh writes: New Year is always a time to resolve to do better and maybe recycle stuff from 2015 that’s lying around doing nothing useful. Happy 2016!


H/t to golf charlie for the inspiration 😉

Cartoons by Josh

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  1. Wonderful! I love the rather skeptical duck viewing the flood-wall.
    Typing this took a very long time. Why?

  2. Stick ’em in your yard when you need to know the weather (like a weather rock). If you see a shadow, it’s sunny; if they’re blue, it’s cold outside; if they’re wet, it’s raining; if they’re white, it’s snowing; if they’re on their side and rolling around the yard, it’s windy.

  3. I see a caveman sitting by a fire warming his hands, with a mile of ice overhead in the background. Another caveman is standing alongside, saying “see, I told you it would change the climate”.

  4. Those anthropogenic warming bias folks (sometimes also referred to as climate scientists) will auto-recycle into global cooling and will do it faster than you can say “kiss a duck”.

  5. I see a caveman sitting on a rock by a fire warming his hands, with a mile of ice overhead in the background. Another caveman is standing alongside, saying “see, I told you it would change the climate”.

    • Obviously Marcus you are unfamiliar with traditional agricultural practices. Check with your nearest Extension Agent. It does promote the growth CO2 consuming vegetation. That’s one of the reasons you wash your vegetables before consuming them.

      • If you had ever seen a PTO driven manure spreader in action you’d be itching to fling them into the hopper.

      • PTO manure spreader: Wow, that takes me back. As a youth I spent summers on the ancestral family dairy farm. And yes, a few times I was privileged to captain the PTO manure spreader. 🙂

  6. Hire out to public schools who were talked into replacing dependable heating systems with “bio” fuel systems. Disconnect the heating unit and just have the talking head speak into the heat duct opening.

    • “….and just have the talking head speak into the heat duct opening”
      That would dive me nuts. I couldn’t put up with the BS.

  7. One of these days, we’ll turn around and the climate “scientists” won’t be there.
    Turns around.
    Nope! Still there!

  8. How about we have FREE CHOICE !! If liberals want to voluntarily spend triple the money on their heating bills, great !! If intelligent people want to spend the least amount possible on heating their homes and keeping Gramma safe, AND have money for food, great !! …….Obviously, liberals do not believe in free choice, they think they know whats best for everyone else, even if it kills you personally !! They, of course, are not affected by such Draconian rules, because……It was their idea !!!

    • Marcus The difference between A Conservative And a Liberal : A Conservatives made their money by working hard for it and would like every one to be rich like them. A Liberal makes their money from hand outs Gov., funding, and keeps everyone very poor which they know will then vote for them. I can never understand, the poorer you are the more they vote Liberal.

    • Marcus,
      Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

  9. Good grief, you can’t put them in the compost heap! Goodness knows what would grow when you used it.
    Well, I suppose leeks would be OK if Mann was in the compost.

  10. I assume from the flood one, that we have homogenised them all to make them all look alike?
    Apparently someone also did that to the table leg that was shorter!

    • lol — Junk Scientists Recycling Company brochure:
      “Bring in your old AGW climate scientists and we will….
      — HOMOGENIZE!! (best when everyone looks the same)

      • Janice is right Paul-adjust, homogenize, distribute, repeat. Thats what they respond the most enthusiastically to! They are like the CO2 molecules in the atmosphere of science…right? 🙂

  11. Question – What to do with now unless climate scientists who are of the kind with bias that requires there must be large and dangerous GW from fossil fuels?
    Answer – Leave them be, ignore them, the free marketplace will relocate them in suitable jobs.
    For instance, they have proven by their climate science stories (aka popular scary mythologies) that they would make great supernatural fantasy writers for edgy graphic novels. Marvel Comics will take a good share of them.
    Capitalism of the laissez faire sort is the ultimate recycler of human resources.

  12. In his cartoon, Josh wrote,
    “Post Paris you might find your climate scientist no longer required.”

    If so then what should they do now?
    I suggest we should,

    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”
    [one translation is] ”Let them eat cake”
    Note: arguably originated by Rousseau in his autobiographies

    : )
    [Ah, with today’s CAGW elites, only the rich can “Heat their cake, then eat it too.” .mod]

  13. Is the third one ‘Peat’? You’re not tuning into some kind of ‘Environmentalist’ are you? Say it ain’t so!

  14. Trofim Lysenko’s fate is revealing as to the eventual fate of many of today’s Climate pseudoscientists and their editor enablers at once-prestigious journals.. Stalin of course protected Lysenko,, as did Nikita Krushchev. Once Krushchev was gone, 1964, scientists within the Soviet Academy felt secure in coming out to criticize him. Investigations followed and he was fired and his work shown as falsified junk. He died in disgrace in Moscow in 1976.

      • I have a different theory. In “Stalin’s Last Crime” the author makes the point that Stalin was preparing to reinstitute the “Terror”. And start WWIII. Anyway, the Terror would have been hazardous to the health of the Soviet leadership. From the symptoms, it is suspected that Khrushchev and Berea fed him Wafrin.

  15. This seems entirely appropos: if climate science is indeed settled, why are we bothering to pay climate scientists anymore at all? Retain those that are able to adapt themselves to “mitigation science” and boot the rest of them out. That seems a whole lot more palatable than paying these charlatans for years to come.

  16. They are a good fit for positions in public relations, psychology, general circulation pseudoscience magazines, advocacy research, “expert” witness peddling, paid community organizer, and paid protester.

  17. In his cartoon, Josh wrote,
    “Post Paris you might find your climate scientist no longer required.”

    So many possibilities of what happens to them.
    But, given the self-destructive concepts of one of their main intellectual leaders, Naomi Orestes, we should let them continue of their own free will on their apparently inevitable current path.


  18. Re: Josh’s idea of garden fertilizer
    Acidic, yes…, so, just toss in a few enviroprofiteers and envirostalinists with their base motives.
    Aaaaaa, stop throwing tomatoes!!

  19. Wait, MY Climate Scientists are doing the best they can and I hold them in great esteem.
    A CAGW supporter’s “Climate Scientists”, on the other hand, not so much.

    • “How to serve Mann”?
      On a silver platter at a steady temperature. And any “whine” works well with it.

    • OK. Sure. But THAT was just a repeat of: 10 Uses for Dead Greeks (found preserved in a house near Pompeii). Well? Join the party! Tell us one of the 10 uses for dead budgies, then!

    • Pining for the fiords?
      [We wooden’t dream of it. Unless all the Chevy’s and Mercedes have Benz sold. .mod]

  20. Recommission the Satellite of Love. Shoot Mann, Oreskes, and Lewandowsky into space and make them watch every cheesy monster and disaster movie that ever blamed global warming for making the monster/disaster. Broadcast it for our enjoyment.

  21. “H/t to golf charlie for the inspiration ;-)”

    Climate science depends on recycling and reusing failed ideas. 97% of climate scientists therefore think they are sustainable. Climate scientists may not even make good compost.

    Jan 7, 2016 at 5:05 PM | Unregistered Commenter golf charlie

  22. WATCH OUT JOSH. The target may sue you for making fun of him. After all he’s a likable, sensitive, new age, take cash from the taxpayer for his pseudo climate science research, kind of guy! Suggest you contact Mark Steyn for advice!

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