Aussie "Green" Opposition Leader Busted Texting while driving a SUV

Yipes! Great White Shark, South Australia pictures underwater photos

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Australia’s Federal left wing opposition leader Bill Shorten, who has repeatedly demanded far more ambitious greenhouse gas cuts than the current Australian government, has just been busted on video sending a mobile text message, while driving a SUV.

According to the Australian ABC;

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been fined $455 and has lost four demerit points after he was caught using his mobile phone while driving in Melbourne.

A video, obtained by News Corp, showed Mr Shorten driving along Kings Way in August this year with his phone in hand.

Today he made a public apology for the incident.

“Like most drivers, I always try to do the right thing,” he said.

“But there’s no doubt that using your phone while driving is the wrong thing to do — there’s no excuse for it.

“I shouldn’t have done it and won’t do it again.”

Mr Shorten told reporters he had contacted Victorian Police about the vision and would accept any fine that is issued.

Read more:

Lets be charitable – as a politician of the green persuasion, Bill Shorten’s SMS message was undoubtably a vital part of his campaign to save the planet from global warming. No doubt Shorten was driving a SUV rather than riding his bicycle, because his bicycle was in for repairs, due to wear and tear from overuse. Shorten is an example to us all!


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Jane Davies

Don’t you just love it when Karma strikes?

James Bradley

It actually struck twice – 2 weeks ago he crashed his mother’s car in to three stationary vehicles when he spilled hot coffee from his mobile phone shaped cup into his lap.


Shorten claimed it was caused by spilling hot coffee. I suspect that the hot coffee explanation was a cover up for a previous texting episode.


“Shorten claimed it was caused by spilling hot coffee.”
What precisely was he doing with hot coffee when he was driving?

sysiphus /

“I always try to do the right thing”
Except when I don’t.


Is he being fined for using the phone, driving an SUV, being a green opposition leader or driving a SUV and being a green opposition leader?
Should commit himself to community service at the very least! 😉


Too bad his “Karma” doesn’t run over his own “Dogma.”


Bit disappointed that he wasn’t reported to have been using his other hand to eat a giant hamburger.

I ate a small hamburger while driving today. Kept me awake and alert, and helped support the local economy too.

…..or using his other hand to eat ……


Eating dried up human mucus must be the Soylent Green version of beef jerky.


Sort of like Greens everywhere. SUV’s are ok for them but not us Hoi Polloi …
I’d like to see what is parked on the ramp at Le Bourget right now…

Steve Case

My search for a webcam at Le Bourget and Orly came up empty


Do as I say, not as I do.


The Gore style of leadership.


He’s actually the leader of the “Labour” party, not the Greens who are even further into fairyland than “Labour”.

Bruce Cobb

So what if he is a law-breaker and has a carbon footprint the size of a dino? He’s “saving the planet”. That’s what matters. Sheesh.



Leo Smith

Sports Utility Vehicle.
4WD off road capable.


unless it’s muddy

but hardly ever used off road


When driven by police they are Law and Order – SUVs.

Michael 2

Mine’s just an UV — utility vehicle — not much sport. But good on bad roads. It’s also old enough not to care too much if the road eats it.

Tom in Florida

Sorryass Uninformed Vigilante

Robin Hewitt

I had to look up SUV. I must have led a very sheltered life. Perhaps I should buy one.


Toy Wheel Drive.


I am 100% sure he runs on biofuels.
Bio is best, right?

Jamie MacMaster

Absolutely ! Especially the real energy-negative stuff that is heavily subsidized by the tax-payer.


We here downunder use the term Trans-fuels so as not to discriminate against any one type of fuel.

sysiphus /


Mike the Morlock

Eric Worrall ,At the bottom of the of the link you provided there is another link to a spilled coffee incident Mr. Bill Shorten was involved in. Teach him to take his coffee black; with milk he could have gone to the voters and insurance Co. and reminded that there’s no use in crying over spilled……

Nigel S

Speaking of jumping sharks the BBC’s Roger Harrabin is just about (Radio 4 ‘Feedback’, 16:30 GMT) to undergo self criticism for not mentioning climate change enough! Several members of staff were sent for re-education last week for putting out a programme gently teasing the Met Office. We really are living through interesting times.


We are indeed. We live an age of taboos. Not a good sign for the poli.

Mike the Morlock

In Portland OR. other cyclists would probably hunted down the train driver down.and demanded the cops arrest him after roughing him up.


. . LOL..Sad but probably true !!!


That cyclist guy with the train was very lucky that he wasn’t just a second or two earlier.

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

He went around the boom to do that. Just another example of a certain type of two-wheeled vehicle being driven on our roads by people who think they are above the law.


Krudd Gillard: “Just another example of a certain type of two-wheeled vehicle being driven on our roads by people who think they are above the law.”
Ah, but when you’re saving the planet you are absolved from observing the rules that apply to everyone else.
Pity trains don’t understand that!


Please don’t refer to them as ‘greenies – this makes them sound like naughty children.

Alan Robertson

What would you suggest they be called? (This could be fun.)




I prefer the term watermelons. It is the most accurate description yet.

Keith Willshaw

Well that is basically what they are. Most of them are about as sensible and self controlled as a 3 year old.


I’m with Hugh.
Streaky green on the outside.
Bright red on the inside.


I also like Lord Monckton’s Traffic light correlation:
They say they’re GREEN
But they’re too YELLOW
To admit they’re RED

Eco-jihadists. They impose their beliefs and morals on you.


When Australia’s Greens were led by Bob Brown, I christened them as Bob Brown’s green shirts…pity he’s gone….no more Earthians.

I have always used Ecoloons, as they use the excuse of “protecting the environment” as the reason for their insanity…pg

I would never be caught texting while driving. I haven’t driven for the past few years and have only spent $10 on gas this entire century so far. I have ridden by bicycle several thousand kilometers so far this year. I do wear out my bikes. Why just a few weeks ago I borrowed my mothers bike because my bike needed a handle bar tightening. Unfortunately when I borrowed the bike and went to the coffee shop, it was gone when it came time to go home. This made me very sad. Date of bike theft November 16 +/- 1 day. Location Starbucks patio 2353 Ottawa St, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia V3B 8A4 Canada 49.256671, -122.747035
White ladies bike.

Shouldn’t we demand that the global nanny-state ban bicycles that lack self-tightening handlebars?


What sort of caddish tramp would abscond with a woman’s bicycle?


Gary, you say you have “only spent $10 on gas this entire century”.
Oh no, more Liberal math. How do you think the bike was made, transported and sold. How was the metal made and rubber heated. How were the lights powered during assembly and for that matter, how was that coffee heated after the raw materials (coffee, cups, etc) were transported to McDonald’s in the first place. It may not feel good but you’ve spent a lot more then $10. Need to stop bicycling and drinking coffee to be really “green”.


He is certainly an example to us all. An example of the rank hypocrisy that is roaching out people’s faith in the governing elities. “The new boss. Same as the old boss” The Who
Unfortunately the “We won’t get fooled again” lyrics may be over optimistic.


I don’t want “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” to happen to the world.


Can I say though, that Pete Townshend kind of sums up the popular conception of reality by the anti-humanist crowd in the song ‘Street In The City’:


How many carbon-generated electrons were harmed in this texting incident?


Give me a million dollar grant and I’ll find out !!


Give me a half-million dollar grant each year until I retire and I’ll find out !!
Help – indeed, fixed – at no cost to you.
Good luck my researcher!

Mark from the Midwest

Yes, fodder for political rivals, served on a silver platter. Doesn’t get much better than that.


2nd time…From the ABC News :
” It follows an incident last month where Mr Shorten sideswiped a number of cars in Melbourne, after he spilled coffee on himself. “

Jezus and this guy who can’t be left responsible with a car for five minutes thinks he’s fit to be responsible for a nation?

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

Was it McDonald’s coffee? Inquiring minds personal injury lawyers want to know.

Lewis P Buckingham

Despite their obsession with the doom laden reporting of war and weather events, even the ABC seems to have decided Bill Shorten can’t win.
When they want someone out, say Abbott, they just keep on reminding viewers of supposed bad things and link to others.
They even do so when he’s gone.
As for Shorten they either ignore him, unless he is talking about something green, or link to some indescretion.


I’m sure the report forgot to mention that it is a solar-powered SUV. It goes along with the solar-powered planes they all took to Paris.

Bubba Cow

“has lost four demerit points” ??
didn’t he gain them ?
(I know – picky)

D Matteson

This happened in the southern hemisphere, that’s where everything goes the opposite way.

Climate Heretic

Yes the opposite way, but the right way.
Climate Heretic



Perhaps the thinking is “One man’s loss is another man’s gain.”


…Still no reason to use the double negative.


do you think sharks worry about their appearance ?

That’s why they are so snappy.

Only white sharks, perhaps.


Right, but this one’s a hammer-head.


California liberals are crazier then Aussie Liberals !… Wonder how many starving people could have been fed with this money ?
…Insanity !


only a couple of weeks ago Shorten pranged another car because the coffee he was drinking spilt on him. clearly he can’t do two things at once:


the other day there was a picture posted of Arnie in a Bugatti or something, looks like a nice car but the tyres seemed over inflated because of the wear or maybe tracking/camber/toeing ?


when that shark bites with his teeth babe, scarlet billows start to spread

This is a pretty good “gotcha”, but ultimately the whole thing boils down to the fact that CO2 does not do what these fools think it does. And even if CO2 did warm the planet in any detectable manner, it is up to them to prove it and to prove humanity would experience any harm from that.


So you think a story like this is worth publishing on a science site? Wow… just wow.

The “About” page says

News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts

I deem this commentary on puzzling things. I’ll never stop puzzling over politicians.


Exactly. This is National Enquirer stuff, not science content.


Simon, like who are you to complain?
When you start paying the bills, you can start telling others what they are supposed to be interested in.


So we have a climate conference going on that potentially will influence the lives of millions if not billions of people across the planet (by influence I mean good and bad) for the next however many years and here we have a story about some random politician texting while driving. A politician who immediately admitted his mistake and apologised. So Mark, let me get this straight, you think this is a story worthy of a site that in the past has been about the science? Really? Maybe that explains things.


..Want some cheese to go with that whine ?? Geez…….

Bruce Cobb

So you think that conference is about science? Really? Also, I notice you skipped the part about the hypocrisy of a greenie politician who pushes “green” policy driving an SUV.


^ Obviously missed the point and therefore can’t begin to make a valid one in the comments.


Bruce, there are SUVs that get 30-40 mpg, they are not all gas hogs:


” that potentially will influence the lives of millions if not billions of people across the planet”
No, not really.


” that potentially will influence the lives of millions if not billions of people across the planet”
No, not really.”
Keep up. If they decide to tax the richer countries, to subsidise the poor ones…. you will be influenced and I am guessing you wont be too happy either.
And RWturner, please tell what point I missed?


Simon: “Keep up. If they decide to tax the richer countries, to subsidise the poor ones….”
No Simon, you keep up, it seems you suffer from delusions.
There is no “they”, and there never will be any “they”. There is no supra-national organisation in the whole of the known universe with the power to tax the United States of America, Russia, China or India. Kerry has already stated that there will be no money forthcoming from the USA, and the Chinese and Indians have stated that they don’t believe in the whole AGW BS anyway.
This is the 21st time that this luxury pi$$-up for climate trough-snouters has taken place, there is no chance whatsoever of a clique of Third World no-account scroungers taxing anybody – even less this year than any previous COP fiasco.
You can take that to the bank.


Maybe do some reading before writing. China is very much worried about the long term affect of climate change on its people. And at this very point in time they (group in Paris) are trying to sort out just who does pay the most if any agreement can be reached. Your clueless rant merely highlights my point that articles like this distract from the real issue. And whether you like it or not and whether it is in Paris this month or not, sooner or later money will start to change hands between nations and I am certain people like you will be the first to wail “it’s not fair and how did that happen?” Let me tell you now, it will happen because you will have let it…. reading and supporting nonsense like this.


Simon: “China is very much worried about the long term affect of climate change on its people.”
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just keep right on telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.
I can absolutely guarantee you this, absolutely nothing binding concerning taxation will be legislated as a result of COP21, and in a years’ time COP22 will take place, and no binding legislation will take place at that either, nor at COP23 a year after that.
Meanwhile, China and India in particular will continue to ramp up their usage of fossil fuels, and they won’t be the only nations to do so.
You can take that to the bank.
Oh, and China is worried about POLLUTION, which does not include CO2.


“I can absolutely guarantee you this, absolutely nothing binding concerning taxation will be legislated as a result of COP21, and in a years’ time COP22 will take place, and no binding legislation will take place at that either, nor at COP23 a year after that.”
Latest news from Paris re a proposed agreement…
“It also requires rich nations to maintain a US$100 billion a year funding pledge beyond 2020, and use that figure as a “floor” for further support agreed by 2025, providing greater financial security to developing nations as they wean themselves away from coal-fired power.”
Oh dear…..


Simon: “Oh dear…..”
So let’s take a look…
Here’s what good old Jailbird Jim Hansen has to say:
James Hansen, father of climate change awareness, calls Paris talks ‘a fraud’
The former Nasa scientist criticizes the talks, intended to reach a new global deal on cutting carbon emissions beyond 2020, as ‘no action, just promises’
Mere mention of the Paris climate talks is enough to make James Hansen grumpy. The former Nasa scientist, considered the father of global awareness of climate change, is a soft-spoken, almost diffident Iowan. But when he talks about the gathering of nearly 200 nations, his demeanor changes.
“It’s a fraud really, a fake,” he says, rubbing his head. “It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises. As long as fossil fuels appear to be the cheapest fuels out there, they will be continued to be burned.”
And here’s John Kerry, Secretary of State:
Speaking in Paris, Kerry said:
The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions, guess what – that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world.
If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions – remember what I just said, all the industrial emissions went down to zero emissions – it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65 percent of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.
So the “Father of Climate Change Awareness” says the COP21 agreement is a fraud – no action, just promises, and the Secretary of State says it’s not worth the US or any of the developing World doing anything about it because it won’t make any difference.
Oh dear indeed.


So the can gets kicked down the road again, and you think that is somehow going to make any difference?
Get a grip!


Perhaps it is time for you to take your hands off your glands and focus on what is happening…


Simon: “Perhaps it is time for you to take your hands off your glands and focus on what is happening…”
Oh, I think that’s you actually, sunshine. I’m absolutely certain what’s happening.
Apart from the fact that any US agreement to legal obligation requires 2/3 Senate approval – and the chances of that are zero – you seem to have missed this little nugget, the almost toothless COP21 has just had its last tooth knocked out.comment image
has now becomecomment image
Can you spot the difference Simon?
See here for chapter and verse.
I can assure you, it is extremely important, you bedwetters have lost, big time, you’re going to have to keep sleeping on your rubber sheet.
Just you did at COP 1 through 20.
And I’m going to keep right on driving my very thirsty chipped BMW Alpina that pushes me back in the seat when I gas it at 135 MPH on the progressively cheaper and cheaper gasoline, guaranteed by that nice Mr. Putin.
Russia plans $40 a barrel oil for next seven years as Saudi showdown intensifies
Oh happy day!
Live with it!

Tom Judd

Aw, c’mon guys, let’s not be too critical. An SUV is merely a bicycle: that has four wheels instead of two; sorta’ like two bicycles next to each other. With tires that are different only because they’re a lot bigger. And operate at a much lower air pressure. And with bodywork to protect the rider from the elements. It’s constructed out of steel ’cause it’s gotta’ be constructed out of something. So it weighs a couple thousand or more pounds. And, because of that, it’s too much weight for the rider to pedal. So it needs an engine. Of course, the engine needs something to develop power. Bill Shorten needs carbohydrates for energy to pedal and the engine for his SUV bicycle needs hydrocarbons for the engine to make energy: not much difference.
See, he’s just like you and me
No wanton display of hypocrisy
As he tools around in his SUV
Moreover, his green creds
You may soon see
As he texts and drives his SUV
We may soon find him
Hugging a tree

Jeff Mitchell

Many cars no longer use much steel like they did in the 50’s and 60’s of the last century. They’ve been getting lighter and lighter. As a side comment, I’ve been puzzled as to why they call themselves green when they fight feeding the plants more food.


…and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Paul Westhaver

Losing 4 demerit points makes no sense.


Bare faced wazzack, bet he runs the SUV 4×4 on bulls**t.


“I shouldn’t have done it and won’t do it again.”
Will be driving a bicycle, right?

Brandon Gates

Must be a slow news day Down Under.


I was kinda thinking the same thing.
It’s like, is that all you got ?

Brandon Gates

Calm before the storm, I reckon.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

Clearly Bill Shorten needs a professional driver, so Bill can sit in the back and text or spill coffee on himself without endangering others on the road. This must be what progressive politicians mean by “creating green jobs”.

Brandon Gates

Fossil fuels were a nascent technology once upon a time, and that resulted in an enormous amount of job creation … why should their ultimately necessary replacements be any different?



Brandon Gates

Fossil fuels are a finite resource. They will get expensive. Tell me why their eventual necessary replacements will not have the same job-creating benefits.


“Fossil fuels are a finite resource. They will get expensive.”
Oh dear, you’re a “Peak Oiler”, aren’t you?
Currently there are enough fossil fuels to last centuries, possibly millennia if we take into account the ocean bed methane and the new technology for in situ coal gasification.
Long before they come even close to running out, we will have energy production that is cheaper and more convenient than fossil fuels, and it won’t be unreliables such as bird mincers or solar panels.


I have to partially agree with brandon, The creation and subsequent demolition of these relatively inefficient, land consuming, ecology disturbing sources of power will be a source of employment, largely at the taxpayer’s or utility customer’s expense and all the while displacing efforts to curb things like plastics being dumped into the ocean and 3rd world water pollution remediation.


Brandon said:
“Fossil fuels were a nascent technology once upon a time”
…and completely ignores his own dependence on them.
Spoken like a true progressive, obsessed with a fantasy future which overrides the conception of present reality.


“Fossil fuels were a nascent technology once upon a time,”
Once upon a time, there were three bears.

John F. Hultquist

My favorite regarding resource depletion – from Wikipedia:
Peak Copper
In 1924, noted geologist and copper-mining expert Ira Joralemon warned:
“… the age of electricity and of copper will be short. At the intense rate of production that must come, the copper supply of the world will last hardly a score of years. … Our civilization based on electrical power will dwindle and die.”

Brandon Gates


Oh dear, you’re a “Peak Oiler”, aren’t you?

In the sense that I recognize we’re depleting oil reserves faster than they replenish, sure.

Currently there are enough fossil fuels to last centuries, possibly millennia if we take into account the ocean bed methane and the new technology for in situ coal gasification.

And the main thing driving research into those technologies is … ?
Careful you don’t brand yourself as a “Peak Oiler” when you answer.

Long before they come even close to running out, we will have energy production that is cheaper and more convenient than fossil fuels, and it won’t be unreliables such as bird mincers or solar panels.

My vote is nuclear fission for baseload electrical power. Presently there is no equally mature replacement for liquid fuels.

…and completely ignores his own dependence on them.


Spoken like a true progressive, obsessed with a fantasy future which overrides the conception of present reality.

Strike two.
John F. Hultquist,

“… the age of electricity and of copper will be short. At the intense rate of production that must come, the copper supply of the world will last hardly a score of years. … Our civilization based on electrical power will dwindle and die.”

If you can figure out how to recycle combusted oil, you’ll make a mint.
Eric Worrall,

They might, eventually, when the technology is mature enough so they are viable replacements for existing solutions.

Technology does not invent itself.

That time is not now.

Research takes time and money.


Sorry about that Brandon,
I was too quick to jump to the conclusion that you were pushing the low density renewables.
I agree that the medium-term future of energy depends on bridging the gap between fossil fuels and viable fusion power. I see molten-salt nukes as the best candidate with an emphasis on using spent fuel from conventional nukes. If radiation standards were set more realistically, the fear factor would be reduced. I was exposed to considerable radiation from the pulverization and burning of Wyoming anthracite when I worked in the power industry. The company told us that we were in radiation higher than was allowed at the nuclear plant when we were close to the bunkers, mills and burners.

Brandon Gates


Sorry about that …

Appreciated. No worries.

I was too quick to jump to the conclusion that you were pushing the low density renewables.

I’m not against solar and wind where they make sense. Like you, I think nukes are the better medium-term baseload power option. While many of the proposed reactor designs look attractive, the latest production designs have performed quite well, and I think they’re still the best way to feasibly address the urgent calls for emissions reduction.
I really don’t want coal to be the mid-term answer for liquid fuels, but that’s probably what we’ll get unless one or several of the large petroleum companies are closer to bringing competitive biofuels to market than they’re letting on.


Well, as Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds says, “I’ll believe there is a climate change crisis when those who are telling there is a crisis ACT like there is a crisis”.
I don’t own a car, which in the Morality Shame Game apparently gives me a bazillion points on this bozo to start with…added to the fact that I don’t own a cell phone, I’m practically a Green Pope.

Caliph. And their flags are already green!

Bill Shorten – ex Trade Union big honcho – leads the Oz Labor Party and has recently announced –
Renewable energy: Labor puts forward 50 per cent target by 2030; pledges to introduce emissions trading scheme
Bill Shorten lays out bold climate aims as Malcolm Turnbull heads to Paris
All subjects relevant to this blog.
There will be more Labor people now thinking his days leading Labor are numbered but their recent rules changes means that a rank and file vote is needed before Bill could be sacked.

Stu Miller

RH, In reference to your suggestion, Greenshirts< I think you somehow got an r in there by accident.


The first mobile phones to come out were called CAR PHONES . Now their called MOBILE PHONES implying their used on the go. So should all fines be passed on to your phone provider ? Should they be promoted as “stop and use phones” or “wait a while phones” or none car phones anything but Mobile would be appropriate. The technology here via GPS to switch of your phone automatically, if say you were traveling over 10 km or link them to the horn and the hazard lights as a warning to others that your on the phone or texting . There’s plenty of ways to address the problem electronically. But what about the revenue the fines bring in would be the cry. And here’s another , why don’t they put a chip in our car’s that read the chip in the speed sign , and our cars would not be capable of going over the speed limit. What no speeding fines, where’s all the money going to come from to pay for policing. I wounder how long it will be before you get a fine in the mail because you mobile was caught going over the speed limit.??

Patrick MJD

Here in Australia you can be fined for parking your car in a parking bay even after you paid for a ticket. Once, when my sister was here in Aus, I parked my car in a parking bay at a local beach, Coogee. I could not read the small print on the sign up the street only the large number, which was 3, meaning up to 3hrs parking with a ticket. I parked, in that case front of the car in the bay to the curb. I came back to find a ~AU$80 fine. At first I could not understand why I got the fine. The car was parked neatly in the bay, between the lines, not obstructing the road, other parked cars or the footpath/sidewalk. So I took a walk to the sign further up the road that had the number 3 on it and in small print it stated “Boot to curb” (Trunk). Technically, it made no difference.


Labor = hard physical work .
Liberal = Sit on your ASS and make money from the hard working .
Greens = Will sell their soul to the highest bidder, Greenbacks.


Australia equals nanny state I pity the people that live there I left years ago and will never go back even for a holiday LOL

Only 2 weeks ago, Australia’s official opposition Drongo crashed his mother’s car in to three parked cars when he said that he spilled hot coffee into his lap. It is far more likely that this was a previous texting episode, or perhaps he is as bad a driver as he is a politician.


” as bad a driver as he is a politician” – that’s hard to believe – he’s only the opposition leader because his predecessor changed the rules to make it impossible to remove himself (and then resigned after he lost the election).

King of Cool

I am also a little bewildered why a reputable scientific site like WUWT should choose to kick poor old Mr Fourteen Percent whilst he is down – even under Ridiculae – who poses less threat to the well being of Australians than the great white shark pictured on the post.
If you want to identify the real menace, it is in the darling of inner city latté drinking set, Lord of Waffle, accomplished pretender and narcissist, champion of the true global warming believers – newly appointed prime minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull – who walked past me a few weeks ago striding up and down the platform of Sydney Central Railway station saying “look at me, look at me, I travel by train”,
The great tragedy in the theft of the country’s leadership was the loss of Tony Abbott as the shining light in combating the waste and misdirection of the CAGW movement. Fortunately he still has a voice but his attendance in Paris was very sorely missed. And Turnbull now holds all the levers of power.
This grip on steering the country further to the left is only being held in check by those to the right of the Coalition who are holding him to deals in giving him their vote. But mark my words, if he retains the polls over poor old Bill, it is only a matter of time that these tenuous agreements will disappear and we will be looking at the whole gambit of CAGW action.
Sure Shorten may be a figure of ridicule of the Left but the man to really fear is the devious pretender leading the Right. So Come on Bill – get on your bike.

Patrick MJD

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Malcolm “Look at moi, look at moi” Turnbull will be a disaster for Australia. The pantomime that is Australia politics has been running since Rudd(erless) took office in 2007.

Dave Mitchell

Last month – November 2nd to be precise – I was in Honiara airport in the Solomon Islands. I briefly rubbed shoulders with Tania Pliberseck, who is Bill Shorten’s deputy leader. Ms Pliberseck promptly boarded a private jet and flew off to the Marshall Islands. I did not see Blundering Bill but Ms Pliberseck’s Facebook page was subsequently bedecked with photo’s of she and Bill meeting with various groups from several different island nations. Why were the opposition (ie not the official government) leaders flying around the Pacific in a private jet I hear you ask. Cue drum roll . . .Their mission was to talk about the impact of climate change. The muffled boom you can hear is the sound of my irony chip going super nova.

Cecil S. Teddy

Perhaps you should get your chip updated so that it can tell the difference between irony and hypocrisy.

Laws and regulations for thee, but not for me.
Power, money, appearance of all things good while doing all things bad, and invitations to cocktail parties with toney and rich and famous and moneyed people for me, but not for thee.


Lets be clear here – Bill Shorten isn’t a Green polititian. He is Labor party – the relationship is that the Greens tell the Labor party what to do and they do it.

sysiphus /

A rose by any other name,…

Steven Burnett

This is stupid insipid bullshit preaching to a throng of the converted. Come on sceptics at least try to be better than our opposition.


Steven, that is the motivation here, what suggestions do you have?


Sorry, should have quoted this, first: “at least try to be better than our opposition.”


I resemble that remark 🙂
Now define “better”.


Many years ago I was not concerned about the US NSA “dragnet”. At the time I thought that if archived it would yield great evidence of the nefarious day-by-day conquests of the likes to Obama and Kerry, members of the US Congress, Merkel and her East German benefactors, the Greens and even people whose lives or deaths do not matter even in the least of quantities, like the Prime Minister of Greece, Australia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Vietnam and Japan, amongst many others.
I find it curious that Obama, and his bisexual lover John Kerry, have not sued NSA, for holding such incrimination information on their many trists. Surly the Supreme Court of the USA would want to own all of the incriminating information of Obama and Kerry trists, just for the purposes of Black Mail and Extortion! Well. What Supreme Court Judge does NOT wan to the a Billionaire! Ha ha.
Bureaucracy serves Bureaucracy and its criminality and nothing more.


Let’s be fair. Bill is of the beige persuasion in politics. Towards the end where green can be found but not green.

Jaakko kateenkorva

That’s nothing. The Finnish Green Party leader Ville Niinistö, environment minister at the time, was caught by Finnish police over-speeding 39 km/h with his green ex-wife and both their kids in the car. As a bonus evading harsh green car taxation in Finland by driving a car registered abroad.
The MSM reported it, but only in Finland it turns out
The best part in my opinion: the Finnish Green Party was unable to find a more suitable leader among their own ranks.