The Last Christmas – A Drowning Reindeer Christmas Story for Kids

Ian Irvine

Ian Irvine, Public Domain Image, Source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Australian scientist and author Dr. Ian Irvine has written a children’s story about climate change, drowning reindeer and the destruction of Santa’s kingdom thanks to Global Warming.

According to the Author;

The story focuses on the littlest reindeer, Vixen, and her challenge to save Santa’s village and workshop from billionaire villain Mr Sneer who wants to steal Christmas for himself. In the background of the story, the ice at the North Pole slowly melts away.

“It seemed like a great story idea that the ice at the North Pole is cracking up, what is going to happen to Santa and the elves, but more importantly, what is going to happen to the kids at Christmas,” Dr Irvine said.

Dr Irvine said the narrative needed to be engaging so that kids could understand the underlying issues of the book while also helping parents talk about climate change to their children.

“The stories make the problems of climate change real for the kids, they can see the characters in the story are really affected by climate change,” Dr Irvine said.

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Sadly I didn’t receive my reviewer’s copy. Based on the writeup, The Last Christmas is probably not as gruesome as the Richard Curtis exploding children video, but is likely right up there with the British government climate action campaign which featured drowning puppies.

Note from Anthony:

And, lest we forget, here’s the execrable David Suzuki, who just a few years ago tried to down Santa and the reindeer with his ludicrous fabrications while asking for money.




55 thoughts on “The Last Christmas – A Drowning Reindeer Christmas Story for Kids

  1. These people are evil.
    Cannot quote Voltaire enough: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
    What these people are doing to children’s minds is an atrocity.

    • Looks like a page taken right out of the North Korean guide for “education” of children.
      The primary education system in the US stopped being about education, and became all about indoctrination quite some time ago.
      Anyone not paying attention is missing the really well run execution of a plan to create a one-world socialist system.
      Control education — check
      Control the monetary and taxation systems — check
      Control health care — check
      Control communications –check
      Get everyone entered into a central system and continually monitor them — check
      Confiscate firearms — in works
      Confiscate wealth — in works
      Some of us are resisting. I took an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If those reading this are not peacefully resisting in any way you reasonably can, well you’re part of the problem. The last straw does not appear to me to be very far away.

      • Owning a firearm shouldn’t be a right, it should be a requirement.
        Every person should be given a firearm at birth and taught throughout school how to respect and use it, heavy on the marksmanship training and targeting skills, even quick draw classes.
        Now I’m not talking Old West, 10 paces, turn and draw and the winner graduates.
        I was handling firearms at 9 years old and do have a healthy respect for their power.
        Idiots like those recently in the news might be a little more hesitant to open fire on a crowd if they were facing 100+ gun barrels pointing back at them

      • @Bryan A
        I think it needs to go a little further than that. Initially, the National Guard was our ‘well-regulated militia’ until the Federal Government gained control of it and started sending them overseas which I believe completely undermines our 2nd amendment rights.
        What needs to happens is that the FEDs need to hand back control of the National Guard to the States followed by requiring all citizens to serve for at least one year after High School. But not just to learn how to properly use firearms or combat training, but how to work as a community in the face of disasters both natural and foreign/domestic. This is so that when were hit with things like hurricane Katrina or massive forest fires, everyone knows exactly what to do and how to work together in keeping every safe.
        I could go on and on on the benefits of this, but I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

  2. Up where Santa and his elves live in Northern Finland the temperature in December is – 4 C and -13 C with an average near – 9 C. So it is far more likely that Santa, his elves and reindeer will need thermal underwear than life vests!

      • His workshop is actually submersible and sits under the Ice. The opening through which he enters and exist sits just above the ice when the Sun has set for the season and all is dark. During the summer, is remains under water and so goes undetected

      • Are you sure it’s not that the Earth is hollow and this entrance, of which you write, actually goes to a world of prehistoric creatures and mightily thewed barbarians?

    • St Nicholas lived in what we call Turkey today. Based on that location, his global warming issue should be dodging the terrorists that our politicians tell us are motivated by our CO2 emissions.

  3. Well if you happen to be heavily into fantasy science fiction, then this book for children fits the narrative.
    Looking at it from left brain, none of the characterisation is real or exists,so its OK for kids.
    Pity about the plot.
    Real breeding up polar bears may eat Santa if he and the elves are not careful, unless he carries protection.
    Could make this one into a Harry Potter, as the kids grow up introduce more horror and depression.
    At least that would fit this Author’s doom laden narrative.

  4. Well the “Climate Scientist” is well versed in fiction.
    Course if he writes with classic Alarmed One hype, even children will reject his fable.
    Time for Bad Santa to visit a few of these leaches.

  5. It would be justice indeed, if someone would arrange to have several dump-trucks of coal delivered to Dr. Irvine’s front lawn.

    • (Note: “Michael Darby” is the latest fake screen name for ‘David Socrates’, ‘Brian G Valentine’, ‘Buster Brown’, ‘Joel D. Jackson’, ‘beckleybud’, ‘Edward Richardson’, ‘H Grouse’, and about twenty others. The same person is also an identity thief who has stolen legitimate commenters’ names. All the time and effort he spent on writing 300 comments under the fake “BusterBrown” name, many of them quite long, are wasted because I am deleting them wholesale. ~mod.)

  6. As ISIS indoctrinates its next generation of jihadis in its creed, so do the warmists indoctrinate the next generation of AGW believers.

  7. “Kids, this year, instead of toys, which are made from nasty, evil oil, which is killing Santa’s reindeer and frying the polar bears, Santa is donating money in your names to Greedpiece”. Now, say thank you, Santa.”

  8. Folks like these take out all the fun out of Christmas. I don’t want to jump in the climate discussion, because everything feels too political on every side. My theory or my belief is that these guys are like The Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, in that they totally hate Christmas, and then one guy decided to ruin the celebration by writing this story, despite the fact that he probably does not have any storytelling experience like I do. Essentially, I do not know this guy, and this guy does not know me. I’m not famous enough to be put on the death list of people like this scientist or even President Obama. I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas. I don’t know if these guys hate Christmas or not because I have never met them or known them. Probably don’t plan to know them anytime soon. I don’t knew if they’re Christians, or atheists, or agnostics, or anything like that, because I don’t know them, and they don’t know me. I can tell you that I am a Christian and that I should not fear death because when I die, I’ll go to Heaven and be with Jesus forever. No offense, but that’s my view, and my family’s view.

  9. Of course the amoral rewrite the Christmas story featuring “Vixen”, the only character they can relate to.
    I think the perv is just broadcasting his Xmas wish list.

    • I would include a link to what “vixen” means, but there’s just too much porn to wade through in the search engine.

    • I’ve heard from a reliable source, that Santa purchased some property at the South Pole. Can anyone confirm this for me?

    • I heard from a reliable source recently that Santa has purchased several properties at the South Pole. One of the properties is beach front and in the same neighbourhood where Suzuki, Mann and a few other global warmist’s purchased their properties. Can anyone confirm this for me?

  10. In other words, the non-existent fictitious home of a child’s imaginary Christmas benefactor is the appropriate vector/vehicle for children to indoctrinate their parents on the dangers in which the teachers’ unions believe.

  11. “The last Christmas”!!
    No more December 25th!!!
    I’ve heard of “Climate Change” but “Calendar Change” is getting ridiculous!!!!

  12. Two questions:
    1. What kind of parent would read that book to their young children?
    What a great idea, let’s make our kids anxious and worried. That way they’ll grow up happy and well adjusted. (Sounds like child abuse to me.)
    2. How are the sales of the book doing. Anyone know? I’m betting on “not good”.

  13. Haven’t you heard? It will be assigned reading in 1st through 4th grades and available in every elementary school library

  14. The picture at the top of an imperious, whiskered pedant….make me ill. What kind of F#@kwit would do something like this???

  15. As I have said before, what kind of people seek & want to frightend the children so that they can influence them for their own ends?????

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