Watch Live Stream from Paris #COP21 skeptic conference here – including new film, "Climate Hustle"

The program begins at 09:00 GMT+1 with a press conference featuring several representatives of “skeptic” organizations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It will be followed by panel presentations by some of the world’s leading climate scientists and policy experts, and a keynote luncheon address — featuring recorded remarks by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

Schedule and live video follows:

Schedule of the “Day of Examining the Data”:

09:00: Press Conference

Members of the “Cooler Heads Coalition” from the United States, Canada, and Europe

10:00 – 11:30 PANEL 1: The Latest Science and the Errors of the UN’s IPCC

James Taylor, USA (Moderator)

Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., Australia

Willie Soon, Ph.D., USA

S. Fred Singer, Ph.D., USA

Christopher Essex, Ph.D., Canada

11:45 – 12:45 Keynote luncheon

Speakers: U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), via video; TBA

13:00 – 14:30 PANEL 2: Sensible Energy Policy for the Poor vs. UN Energy Policies

Tom Harris, Canada (Moderator)

Patrick Moore, Ph.D., Canada

Nick Loris, USA

Wolfgang Müller, Germany

Christopher Monckton, United Kingdom

14:30 – 14:45 Closing Remarks

James Taylor, USA

18:30: WORLD PREMIERE of the film “Climate Hustle,” presented by CFACT

Cinema du Pantheon, 13 Rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris

Click the play button for live stream.

NOTE: This YouTube channel has a VCR mode, allowing you to go back or forward using the timeline bar at the bottom of the video window. Mouse over/click to operate it.

50 thoughts on “Watch Live Stream from Paris #COP21 skeptic conference here – including new film, "Climate Hustle"

  1. I can’t believe that the first question (diatribe) referred to “97% of Scientists” and funding from “Big Oil”. Delivered in the requisite screetching tone, this was not a person who was there to weigh the scientific merit of the sceptical side. This was a person with an agenda to disrupt and prevent an orderly and civilised discussion of the scientific evidence. A total Frightbat (h/t Tim Blair).

    • she has not been paying attention. Obama has upped the anti, it’s now 99.5%
      Please bear in mind that a lot of people actually believe this crap because they hyperventilating in their enviro-echochamber. They are unquestioning fools.

  2. What kind of video is this using?
    I Have Firefox with HTML video, H264, and webM support. The world is moving away from the forever buggy, broken and insecure Adobe flash player. It is a shame this streaming is not visible to all. It’s a great initiative, I would like to have watched it.

    • Major Strasser: We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37. Cannot return to his country. The reason is a little vague. We also know what you did in Paris, Mr. Blaine, and also we know why you left Paris.
      [hands the dossier to Rick]
      Major Strasser: Don’t worry, we are not going to broadcast it.
      Rick: [reading] Are my eyes really brown?

    • Apologies for linking to a narrative from the slick well funded dirty PR site D*smog their protest story.
      I note the byline is by Kyla ..someone who just disrupted the press conference and then after being ejected tweeted that Heartland is suppressing free speech !
      – Mainstrean media seemed absent as if protesters had scarfed then away
      In full Youtube there is a chat window

      • I heard her ranting hysteria too. Seems like she doesn’t know the difference between “speech” and “screech” .
        There is no right to “free screech”, or right to shout vulgar epithets at people either, for that matter.
        There is a concept called “civilized discourse”.
        If she doesn’t think that is so, let her attempt to do the exact same thing the next time President Obama attempts to speak at a press conference. It is likely she will get the same result and be thrown out on her * minus teric (and maybe not so nicely).
        If she would have posed her question in a civil manner, she would have been respectfully listened to and answered, exactly as the panel responded to others posing provocative, yet civil, questions.

    • absolutely just watched Willy Soon …Brill
      Hope all of this stream will be available in individual bits

  3. Too bad the microphone technique is bad – with rapid talking speakers and high reverberation, intelligibility is almost zero.

  4. Willie Soong could lead a horse to water, but he’d have to suck on it’s ass real hard to make it drink.
    The guy is obviously a genius. He talks WAY too fast and his slides are horrible.

  5. Pity that you did not think of the global audience.
    We do not need to see the presenters, we need to see the graphics in as large a format as possible.
    Also many speakers speaking too fast or microphone system very poor.
    Finally PLEASE GIVE ANYONE ASKING A QUESTION ACCESS TO A ROVING microphone …. we need to hear the questions?

    • I found it very easy to follow and I really appreciated being able to see the faces of those whose work I often come across here. No, the production wasn’t advertising slick but that just speaks to the truth about the funding of the Heartland Institute. Certainly not what you would expect if the fossil fuel industry was paying the bills. I also admired how they dealt with patience and grace, the attempted disruptions from protesters and the raving from the HBO guy who was reading from a script. It also showed a lot of class when they extended an invitation to any warmists scientists to participate in and share the podium at the upcoming German conference. Really a great effort

  6. 100% of scientists agree that climate change is real is it coursed by man or not that is the question and to be honest I’ve never even seen the IPCC turn out a real scientist all they seem to be interested in is scaremongering I forced myself to watch the inconvenient truth the other day what a load of crap
    [Punctuation is your friend, but the enemy of the “smart phone” text screen. 8<) .mod]

  7. After hearing the scientific presentations of Singer, Carter, Essex and Soon, it’s no wonder the UN wanted climate sceptics removed from COP21. Four scientists speaking the truth on climate science, truly devastating to the UN’s climate jihad.
    Well done all and thank you Heartland for everything you guys do; putting forward the reasoned side of the climate debate and exposing the climate myths, put forward by the climate crisis industry, that are so detrimental to science and society.
    Looking forward to the rest of the days speakers.
    Jamie (Live streaming from Bali)

  8. It was not so much the first oil funding question and noisy protestors that really bugged me, it was the second, third and fourth questions referring to oil funding that were asked, after the answers to the first question had comprehensively refuted the assertions the questions were based on. It’s not even as if they tried to rebut the original answers with the subsequent questions, they just repeated the first question again and again as if they didn’t even know someone else had already brought up their concern, much less addressed it.
    How do numbskulls like this not get weeded out of the human gene pool over the millennia?

  9. Excellent. Have to go to work so will catch the replay.
    Thanks to the Heartland Institute and presenters.

  10. Patrick Moore, a man that is a walking, talking, fluent wealth of information on so many topics that I have interest and concerns seems to really like geothermal heat pumps in new construction and specifically cites Sweden, where I live as a success story.
    I would appreciate current cost benefit analysis, efficacy and thoughts on commercial and geothermal heat pump installations.
    -Paul In Sweden

    • Paul,
      I hope they do a better engineering/design on the geothermal systems in Sweden than they do here in West Virginia (USA). The systems here use vertical wells for storage. However, everyone I have talked to that has a system complains that they didn’t put in enough wells to handle the load.

      • Joe, I was a wide eyed kid whey Jimmy Carter took office. I was using my math skills to build solar reflective ovens to large to move from the basement to the roof and soldering PV panels together that could produce enough energy to power a small light bulb whose light was not visible and dwarfed by the sunlight that powered it. Now more than 40 years later I still have no positive cost benefit of using and storing PV power. I am still wide eyed and very disappointed. I constantly want to sulk and drive off in my flying car mindlessly for hours, but I can’t even do that.
        I have read and reviewed many writings on geothermal sinks, many here in Sweden. I do not have confidence in this technology. During today’s Paris summit Patrick Moore, a man I greatly admire; his achievements, accomplishments and his ability to navigate through the obstacles that he has had to run through, said that geothermal heat sinks for residential new construction for Sweden, the country where I live is a sound technology. I am not convinced and would like feedback.

      • Someone here said about 6 months ago that recirculating deep geothermal brought up brines containing toxic heavy metals, and that this was a deal-beaker.

      • Joe and Paul – I have been using a water to water heat pump for 14 years to heat a 3600 square foot heavily insulated house and designed for some solar gain, all underfloor radiant heating with high velocity air from waste heat if needed or desired), 2500 square feet to 14 C and main living areas to 18 C (1100 square feet) with wood heat to increase to 20-22 C in the kitchen and living room. I use well water circulated through my fish pond. It works very well, but electricity costs have increased and will increase a lot more as the Alberta government has committed to shutting down coal power and subsidizing wind and solar. I am presently installing in a propane “instant on” heater on the system since propane is so inexpensive at the moment and is expected to stay low for some time. With both, I can adjust the set points to take advantage of whichever energy source is more cost effective. I also have the ability to use the heat pump to take heat off my septic tank and sewage effluent. I use the system intermittently to heat my 1200 square foot shop to melt snow on the slab entry and to make a warm working floor when working on equipment, then I shut it off. (Last bulk propane fill up was 26.9 Cents Canadian per litre)
        Of course, I have the advantage of living in the country. The ground source heat pump systems in the city using vertical wells take a lot more engineering and some folks don’t take into account the long term cooling caused by pulling heat out of the ground especially with our 30 below winter weather. (Although if the system is used for air-con in the summer, it adds heat to the ground.) I have the ability to recirculate water in an out of two wells that are 150 feet apart. My system pulls water out of the ground from two wells at 42 degrees F and discharges it at 37 degrees F at 15 USgpm. When I recirculated back to the wells, I discovered that over a period of months it cooled the whole aquifer region that both wells were in so that over the winter the heat pump discharge got closer and closer to 32 degrees. So, I switched to circulating through my trout pond next to my house. That has worked well for many years.
        I don’t achieve the 3+ coefficient of performance over electricity (CSA test performance for my 42000 BTU/3.3kW unit) but that is because I pump groundwater and that reduces the overall efficiency. On the other hand, for the week per year I use air conditioning, only the well pumping costs apply since the heat pump isn’t required for cooling with 42 degree F water.

        • Wayne, your efforts are not in vain, and I thank you for your detail. I genuinely am drawn to these proposed energy projects and have been way before my kid teeth fell out and my hair turned gray. It just seems so logical with some of these green projects, hydro, wind, etc, etc… Your efforts with natural sump heat exchangers is one example. I can’t help but thinking when I put a sharp pencil to it The Harpies are calling me to either the fate of Tantalus or Damocles. It would be a wonderful world if everything worked out as we can imagine it on paper.

  11. for those who are in Paris and understand French
    Mardi 8 décembre 2015
    au Musée Social (5 rue Las Cases, Paris 7e)
    « Contre-COP21 » du Collectif des climato-réalistes
    Mardi 8 décembre 2015
    au Musée Social (5 rue Las Cases, Paris 7e)
    Entrée libre et gratuite
    (Les interventions durent 15 minutes et sont suivies d’une séance de questions.)
    13h00-13h50 : ouverture, signatures de livres.
    13h50-14h00 : Introduction, par Marie-France SUIVRE, de l’institut Turgot.
    14h00-14h30 : « Catastrophe climatique. En attendant Godot ? », par Hans LABOHM,
    ancien chercheur principal associé à l’institut néerlandais des relations
    14h30-15h00 : « Aux sources de la désinformation », par Christian GERONDEAU,
    fondateur de l’AFCO et auteur de Climat : J’accuse (éditions du Toucan, 2015).
    15h00-15h30 : « Les Nostradamus du climat et leurs prophéties erronées », par István
    MARKO, de l’université libre de Bruxelles, co-auteur de La Faillite du climatisme (les
    Belles-Lettres, 2015).
    15h30-16h00 : pause, signatures de livres.
    16h00-16h30 : « Climat, pourquoi de la haine ? », par Serge GALAM, directeur de
    recherche au CNRS et auteur de Les Scientifiques ont perdu le Nord (Plon, 2008).
    16h30-17h00 : « La faillite du climatisme », par Drieu GODEFRIDI, docteur en
    philosophie et auteur de Le GIEC est mort, vive la science ! (Texquis, 2010).
    17h00-17h45 : « Le changement climatique : question encore ouverte ? », par Vincent
    COURTILLOT, membre de l’Académie des sciences, auteur de Nouveau voyage au centre
    de la Terre (Odile Jacob, 2011).
    17h45-18h15 : pause, signatures de livres.
    18h45-19h15 : « Intérêt et limites de l’agnosticisme », par Olivier POSTEL-VINAY,
    rédacteur en chef de Books et auteur de La Comédie du climat (JC Lattès, 2015).
    19h15-19h45 : Discussion avec Philippe VERDIER, ancien directeur du service météo
    de France Télévisions et auteur de Climat Investigation (Ring, 2015).
    19h45-20h15 : Clôture, par Benoît RITTAUD, université Paris-13, auteur de La Peur
    exponentielle (Presses Universitaires de France, 2015).
    20h15-23h00 : buffet et rencontre avec les climatosceptiques anglophones en visite
    pour la COP21.

  12. Just watched Christopher Monckton’s presentation, and it was excellent, as usual. He shames the COP21 party-goers and the whole Warmist charade mercilessly. In a very real sense, they are “climate criminals”, telling complete lies, pretending to “save the planet” while killing millions, and destroying democratic principles. Can there be a greater evil? Even ISIS, evil as they are, tells the truth about who and what they are.

  13. Thanks for answering my question : “But surely all those big government institutions and all those scientists who work at them they can’t be wrong, and that small group of skeptics right. Surely it must be the skeptics who are wrong ?”
    – It was not a planted question..I just wanted to ask on behalf of all those passionate young alarmists ? It was clearly an open meeting they would have been able to come along and LISTEN theemselves and put the question themselves.
    But a pity that the alarmist that did come came didn’t come to ask “difficult questions”, but rather to disrupt and intimidate.
    ..Monckton was right they’ve been brainwashed with dirty PR tricks as alarmism seeks to control with the language of menace : getting CO2 called a pollutant, and bona fide critical thinkers smeared as “deniers” , whilst biomass boiler & chimneys and fields of huge wind turbines are labelled energy park.

  14. Thank you a million times to Heartland Institute and CFACT for taking the team to Paris and making the huge and expense effort to make the skeptical point of view heard at the International Climate Conference. I look forward to the new CFACT Marc Morano movie. It is David against Goliath, but the battle must be waged in the non-ending effort to stop the agenda driven, one-world government, tax the rich team from destroying our modern society with only a failed scientific theory behind them.

  15. There are two Patrick Moore(s) that I admire in my long study of science. One is Patrick Moore (Formerly) of Greenpeace. And Patrick Moore of the BBC “Sky at Night” TV show fame. Because we share the same first name is mere coincidence.

  16. Will ‘Climate Hustle’ be shown in schools the way governments allowed Gore’s comedy, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, to be shown in schools?
    What a pity that this movie will not be available for free on YouTube … so that the whole world can watch it in the privacy of their homes.

  17. I just read Mark Steyn’s testimony. Eviscerating is the word that readily springs to mind.
    Bravo Mark.
    I cannot convey the extent of my anticipation of your day in court with your sluggardly and mendacious ‘opponent’. (I inserted the quote marks as I cannot find a word or short phrase that describes this creature’s desperate scuttling to evade the light you will shine upon it whilst dispensing a pain and discomfort that you, so obviously can bear, yet it, again so obviously, must avoid at all costs).

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