Personal note: C++ programmer needed for a small project update

Knowing that WUWT has global reach and that many, many, technical people read it, I’m going to use that reach to help me solve a problem I have with a piece of programming that I use daily, but that has new problems due to the world changing around it, and the original programmer I contracted is now moved on and unavailable.

Without giving too many details, let me just say that this is a mature piece of code, well commented, and something that has been reliable for years. It’s just that for me to continue using it, I have to make an update for it, and that update is beyond my capability as a “I know enough to be dangerous” C++ programmer. The program is Windows based, and runs under Win XP and Windows 7 continuously fetching data by making use of the CURL library.

Basically, the program is an automated “fetcher” or synchronizer for web content files like images, text files, etc.

If you think you can help, please use the contact form to drop me a line, and I’ll send details so that we can work out an arrangement.

[UPDATE: The response has been tremendous, I have so many offers it is hard to choose. Thank you all!]

Thank you for your consideration – Anthony Watts

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