Quote of the week: Obama's Climate Claim in Alaska


As commenter “Bad Andrew” says:

You have got to do a post on this. Meanwhile, other countries laugh:

Obama Rebuffed As Superpowers Refuse To Sign Arctic Climate Agreement

On Sunday and Monday, foreign ministers and other international leaders met in Anchorage, Alaska to attend the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic. As a sign of the importance the United States placed on the Alaska forum, President Barack Obama attended. He used the conference as a platform for urging swifter action to combat climate change. After the conference, the representatives of the Arctic Council members signed a joint statement affirming “our commitment to take urgent action to slow the pace of warming in the Arctic.” China said that it needed more time to review the document before signing. But RT had a different take, saying that China and India “opted not to sign the document” because “reducing emissions entails huge expenditure and loss of economic effectiveness.” The failure to come to an agreement at the GLACIER conference sends a troubling signal for the Paris summit, and for U.S.-China cooperation in general. –Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat, 1 September 2015

The US-led GLACIER environmental conference in Anchorage ended with a joint declaration calling for more international action to tackle climate change. But Russia (the world’s leading oil and gas producer), China (the world largest producer of goods), and India with its huge emerging economy opted not to sign the document, however nonbinding it might appear. For China and India reducing emissions entails huge expenditure and loss of economic effectiveness, and for Russia the upcoming environmental deal brings additional costs to the oil and gas extraction industries. Moscow is boosting Russia’s presence in the Arctic, including militarily, for at least two reasons: future hydrocarbons extraction and the Northern Sea Route, a much shorter way from Asia to Europe, which could soon be operable year-around because of less ice in the Arctic Ocean. —Russia Today, 1 September 2015

While visiting Alaska and becoming the first American president to enter the Arctic Circle, President Obama announced Tuesday he would speed up the acquisition of icebreakers to help the U.S. Coast Guard navigate an area that Russia and China increasingly see as a new frontier. The announcement is the latest power play in the Arctic north, where melting ice has led to a race for resources and access. Forty percent of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves lie under the Arctic. Melting ice also would lead to new shipping routes, and Russia wants to establish a kind of Suez Canal which it controls. More than a Cold War, Russia may be preparing for an Ice War, and the Pentagon is taking note.  –Jennifer Griffin, Fox News, 2 September 2015


The quote from Obama:

“If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”

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  1. “China said that it needed more time to review the document before signing.”
    Which you can interpret as, “We would like to politely disagree with what is in this document. We shall meet again as friends at a future date.”

    • Somewhat like the Japanese. I’ve been told that In Japanese culture a bald-faced “no” to any request is seen as impolite. The polite response is to say that such-and-such a thing “would be difficult”. I imagine there are modifications to this circumlocution to place the reply somewhere on the line from “we can see eventual agreement” to “no f*****g way”.

      • Note that Canada didn’t even bother to attend Obama’s climate religion festival. Just as well – it would have been impolite for any Canadian attendees to tell Obama to go f! himself!

      • You are correct! In East Asia, there are many ways to say no, which to a Westerner lacking experience in that region of the world would sound like a qualified “yes.” They all mean “no.”
        There is one way to say “yes.”

      • In East Asian cultures, they will all say “yes” and mean “no”. For example, Koreans will say “yes” whilst sucking air in, this means “definately no”. Sometimes, a repeated “yes”, whilst nodding and smiling broadly and shaking your hand to show you the door also means “no way”.

    • Actually, the leaders of this nation are not morons. They have a very specific agenda, which is to destroy the US as we know it. The fact that they are somewhat successful in this effort is a testament to the fact that we are a nation of idiots.

      • dbstealey
        The “we” that deserves this government is the majority of American voters who elected him (twice). This group is, basically, the dependent class who pay little-if-any taxes and honestly believe politicians will give them a whole bunch of stuff for free (more money, free cell phones, etc). A tiny bit of this ‘free stuff” actually happens; however, this class of voters is oblivious to their now even lower “inflation adjusted” income, fewer jobs, less savings and significantly reduced opportunity for themselves and their kids.
        Abraham Lincoln said “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. For the most part, this group of “we” represents people easily fooled all the time.
        The rest of us American voters are just waiting for this nightmare to end.

      • dbstealey
        You are assuming that there is anyone better to vote for. Typically politicians say whatever it takes and then go their own way to please their real constituency: the lobbyists, corporations, billionaires and other money suppliers to their personal programs. For example, this president was supposed to be the most transparent ever and how did that work out and look at congressional poll approval, as low as 17%. As long as they owe their soul to their puppet operators, nothing is going to effectively change on either side. I think that is why voter turnout continues to go downhill and there is no end to the “nightmare”.

      • “My point was that I didn’t vote for any of them, so what did I do to deserve this?
        Per Steyn’s books, which are beginning to look very reasonable, the politically correct will eventually cause the downfall of the EU and the US. We are much like the Indians after the European’s arrived, now it’s our turn. After all, history records that no nation lasts forever.

      • Give America back it’s balls. Vote Trump! He’s just cocky and crazy enough to do some serious house cleaning in the executive branch. Watch Gina McCarthy face plant as he has her thrown out the door by her replacement. Watch him tell John Holdren he’s full of $hit as he’s being fired. Listen to howls from those who currently oversee allocation of government grant money when told they have been replaced and are no longer needed. Having Trump as prez could take care of some tough problems in short order. And it would be so fun to watch!

      • Crazyjoe
        I’d go for that, unfortunately the main party repugs don’t like him and will try to keep him out, probably because it will damage their corrupt money flow. Same with congress if he wins. But I like his straight forward aggressive style. Remains to be seen if that stays in place if he becomes a front runner.

      • And thank our Big, Politically Correct Government and universities for preaching the socialist Politically Correct curricula to indoctrinate our teachers. If we had good government and good universities, and the teacher unions vanished, we would have good, patriotic teachers. Blaming he teachers is ignoring the three 500 pound gorillas in the room.

      • Unfortunatly many teachers are told by the curriculum what they must teach. I have long since downgraded my respect for those who preach AGW. They can only be one of two things…criminally corrupt or very stupid. I don’t care to associate with either class.

      • Thank the appointed school board members in states with unionized school districts. Those districts are most concerned with various benefits being handed out to teachers without regard to their achievements. They also fail to award good teachers for doing outstanding jobs. Some states even give teachers tenure without regard to whether they are effective teachers or not.

  2. He said that in between saying we need more ice breaker ships. I guess we can ferry polar bears with the ships when the ice is a thing of the past, at least in the minds of Dear Leaders. Also, which summer do they have the Pope scheduled to come up to Alaska to bless the bears?

    • That’s only one or two degrees per fifteen years. Very plausible, you’d be den ialist if you suspect that. Besides, 90 degrees is a right angle, so better to stop before that.
      Fairbanks people better start preparing for the wave of tourism and climate refugees.

      • Alaska sounds like it will be a great place to live in a hundred years, so whats all the fuss about. Maybe grow food year round. Is that so bad?

  3. Wait: Didn’t James Hansen predict that the Major Degan expressway in NYC would be under six feet of water by now? And the IPCC curve shows global temperatures should be higher? When will these charlatans be held responsible for their lies?

      • Better yet he and his comrades will be [trimmed]. It may take a generation or a fulfillment of prophesy to end these lies.

    • The UN IPCC, UNFCCC, UNEP have no intention of letting their lies catch them. By the time the UN Proctologist-General is Global C-in-C and UN dogma the required catechism, such trivial considerations are likely to be the least of our concerns.

      • Still kind of lame though, isn’t it? You might have though Ronnie could have done it when he was in Iceland.
        And Tromsø has a ‘local’ golf course at 69° 39′ 30″ N, well inside the Arctic Circle. Not like BO to miss a trick like that.
        Errm…on the other hand… “Global Warming to cause more Arctic Golf courses” may not be the message he had in mind.

      • “Ronnie” had more on his plate in Iceland than a photo-op in Alaska, which, by the way, is no where near Iceland…or was that some nebulous sarc/ on your part?

      • Because to do that, he would have to go into Greenland or Canada. You can’t just fly a military plane (there’s a reason that it’s called “Air Force 1” into another country’s airspace. While a great circle route to Russia would go that far North, it’s more productive to stop in Europe along the way. Furthermore, every major city is outside of the Arctic Circle. Moscow, Toronto, even Oslo is below that parallel. The only reason to go that far north is a photo op (this conference too, could have been done anywhere on the planet), and I hope the president has better things to do than to fly the plane north just for the heck of it.

    • From History.com
      In 1923, as part of a cross-country tour, Harding became the first American president to visit Alaska, which had been a territory since 1912 and would achieve statehood in 1959.
      I saw a program about this and apparently they thought Alaska would be chilly in the summer they only brought wool suits. The highs when he was there were in the 90s.

    • I was on a cruise ship visiting Glacier Bay last summer and the NPS brochure was surprisingly candid about the history of glaciers in Glacier Bay – in 1600, there was no bay as it was dry land and the glaciers were far from the maximum extant ca 1750 – 1800. What would be a more impressive graph would include the advancing of the glaciers in the 1600-1750 timeframe.

      • A graph of Glacier Bay ice prior to 1760 would be neat, but the observations don’t exist. But I’m sure some good folks would be happy to produce model “data” that would disappear the LIttle Ice Age. Meanwhile, here’s a chart of rate of retreat of Glacier Bay’s glaciers since 1760. Note the success of President Lincoln’s executive order slowing the rate of retreat, immediately enforced by President Johnson’s purchase of Glacier Bay (and environs) in 1867.

  4. “… The announcement is the latest power play in the Arctic north, where melting ice has led to a race for resources and access. … –Jennifer Griffin, Fox News”
    Ms Griffin and her Fox handlers are evidently completely unaware of climate assessments from skeptic scientists, and likely have never heard of WUWT.

  5. President Obama:

    “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”

    We should be so lucky. Count my vote for the “do nothing” alternative.
    Whatever possessed President Obama to think the leaders of all the other countries are as anxious as he is to strangle their own economies? They don’t seem to want to play along with Obama and it appears they are showing appropriate common sense.

    • I would be amazed if a source for such a claim could even be found. Who, besides a politician, would put their name to such a ridiculous claim, and range?! Temperatures may abruptly start increasing at 5-6 times their current rate… or maybe double even that!

    • Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise
      since when was a projection of any consequence? a projection isn’t real. it is a ghost. an image cast from something in the past.
      A projection has ZERO PREDICTIVE SKILL for the future. If it did it, if it had predictive skill, then it would be called a PREDICTION not a PROJECTION.
      So the US wants other countries to sign a document agreeing to start chasing ghosts.

    • H.R.,
      Because the US is a world leader and Obama listens to leading climate scientists. Have you been to Alaska and witnessed the changes that are occurring? Increased temperatures, decreased volume of glaciers, increased sea levels, decrease in Arctic sea ice, rapid erosion of coastal areas along the Arctic Ocean from greater wave heights due to loss of sea ice, increase in the length of the fire season and acres burned. You have to be in total denial to believe that these changes are unrelated to anthropogenic global warming.

      • Luke

        You have to be in total denial to believe that these changes are unrelated to anthropogenic global warming.

        Hmmmn. But, since the earth average global temperature has NOT changed for almost 20 years now, how can you (or Obama, or anybody else) claim that a non-changing atmosphere temperature cause the changes that you (falsely) exaggerate?
        For example, that “village” being eroded? Not due to sea level rise.
        Glacier ice receding? Not consistent – and those glaciers have expanded and contracted worldwide ever since the years 15,000 BC.
        Arctic sea ice levels lower? Why are Antarctic sea ice levels setting all time high levels across all times of the year – melt season, freeze season, AND ice-expansion seasons. Can’t be due to melting land ice – that fresh water CANNOT cause freezing of salt water a thousand kilometers from the fresh water source. That supposed melting (under land ice) cannot cause increased freezing offshore when the land ice is itself freezing even more intensely under -25 deg winters.

      • Luke,
        When the Vikings’ descendants move back to Greenland and resume farming where the original farms are currently emerging from the permafrost, call me and we’ll talk warming, eh? With any luck at all, farms will flourish there again by 2100, but I’m not encouraged by the fairly short satellite temperature record. It’s not giving us much hope at the moment.
        You mentioned leading climate scientists that Obama listens to. Are you referring to John we’re-gonna-run-out-of-everything-by-1985-and-the-survivors-will-be-eating-grass-by-2000 P. Holdren? That science advisor? Yeah, I read his and Ehrlich’s stuff way back when it was hot off the press; Holdren was more of a limited resources type guy. He missed a few calls. I’m not aware of evidence that his record has improved, though I confess I gave up reading his stuff by the mid 1980’s. Maybe he’s gotten better. I wouldn’t know.

      • Luke,
        You need to broaden your sources and look at other sources which give a greater perspective on history. Note below how long the subject glacier has been receding.
        This is not a recent event but has been going on for centuries.
        “Between 1767 and 1909, as the world was thawing out from the Little Ice Age, the glacier’s terminus retreated nearly a mile, leaving behind a terminal moraine ridge, composed of rocks, sand and silt at the southern end of River Road.
        Successive recessional east-west trending moraines were deposited in places like Mendenhall River School, along Taku Boulevard, and across the Loop Road near Threadneedle and Garnet Streets. Melt water pooled behind the moraines and formed Dredge Lakes. Subdivisions, roads, campgrounds and a visitors’ center now occupy sites that were covered by 500 to 1,000 feet of ice merely 100 to 200 years ago. We live in a unique community that has a glacier flowing into its own backyard!
        A U.S. Geological Survey map made in 1909 shows a small pond at the edge of the glacier, south of the present Skaters Cabin. The basin that was to become Mendenhall Lake was still occupied entirely by ice, and both Duck and Jordan Creeks received a steady supply of glacier melt water.
        Glacier retreat accelerated in the decades that followed, receding another one-half mile by 1931, and Mendenhall Lake was born.
        While the world struggled with the Great Depression and World War II between 1931 and 1949, Mendenhall Glacier retreat was wreaking havoc on rivers and water flow in Mendenhall Valley”
        More at the website

      • Luke,
        If you believe that you can keep your Dr and your insurance you can also believe that Alaska is warming 6 to 12 degrees or you can believe the data posted later in this blog:
        omwhite September 2, 2015 at 11:56 am
        “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatdegreesures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
        “It’ll be a tropical paradise what with all that warming in the 20th century!!!”
        Where is the dramatic warming or what happened to my insurance?

    • HR
      Please don’t try to resort to the Greenland was green myth. There was slight warming in the North Atlantic around 1000 AD but globally temperatures were not even close to what we are seeing today.
      Check this out:
      When you can provide something of substance, we can have a conversation.
      As for the scientists I am referring to, it is the scientists that contributed to the IPCC report. When you can come up with a group of reputable scientists that can refute the accumulated data they have compiled, let me know.

      • Yeah – we all believe everything that comes out of sks – NOT, There is PLENTY of evidence that the medieval warm period was global, not local. Co2science has many papers proving that.

      • You’re not quoting the scientists who wrote the IPCC science report, you’re quoting the politicians who wrote the Summary for Policymakers and then went back and changed the science to reflect their political claims.

      • But if we name scientists who contradict the narrative you’re pushing, you’ll conclude that that means they aren’t reputable. (You could try looking at the NIPCC volumes, however. For more names, you could also look up the Bali Conference petition – or read the book, The Deniers, by L. Solomon)

      • Luke, perhaps you are unaware. Many of the scientists who contributed to the various IPCC reports–as lead authors, too–are regular contributors here. You haven’t been around here long enough to recognize that, obviously.
        Skeptical Science is run by a guy currently obtaining his masters degree in Psychology (he got an undergraduate degree in Physics in 1989). Ron Painter is an ex-policeman who developed a “hobby” in global warming in 2006 or 2009. The sheer scientific firepower on this website dwarfs anything you can come up with at skepticalscience. So spare us the reference.

    • Obama was born in the US, but he is acting out the dreams of his anti-colonialist, socialist, Kenyan, muslim father and grandfather. It was not for nothing that he named his autobiography: “Dreams from My Father”. He is part of the extreme progressive ideology that sees the American “empire” as the greatest force for evil in the world.
      Reducing American power, influence, and disproportionate consumption of resources is simple fairness in his eyes. By his own measurements, he has had a rather successful presidency, so far. Obama does not likely give a damn about CAGW, much less understand the science of it, but he knows what a political tool it can be for furthering his agenda.

  6. The quote from Obama:
    “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
    Well, while most of us know that “projection” isn’t well founded,
    I’m wondering how many Alaskans cheered when they heard that it won’t be so cold up there anymore?

  7. I don’t understand why more icebreakers are needed. Bill McKibben stated in 2013 that, “we have already melted the Arctic.” He wouldn’t lie, would he?

    • I don’t understand why more icebreakers are needed.
      Exactly. Obama’s announcement that the US will buy more icebreakers is a direct contradiction of Obama’s announcement that temperatures are projected to rise 6-12 degrees.
      And because of this contradiction it is plain that the US government and Obama do not believe the projection to be true.

  8. Back in 1937 the Hudson Bay company had two ships meet, one from the east and one from the west, in the Arctic North West passage (not ice strengthened or with ice breaker support) and exchange cargo. It was internal company politics to not continue using the passage. In 1935 the Russians sent two cargo ships through the North West passage for the first time.
    In 1967 the Russians were going to offer up the NSR for world shipping but a political crisis stopped it. The offer was finally made in 1987.
    Several years later-
    “A large freighter completed a voyage through the hazardous Arctic Northwest Passage for the first time this week, showing the potential for cutting shipment times and costs as global warming opens new routes” – Uh no!

    • richard
      This Northwest Passage “myth” has long puzzled me – I was first exposed to it through Hudson’s failures when he (and several of his crew) were killed by mutineers fearing death in the cold depths of Hudson’s Bay 400 years ago in 1611. It has never been commercially viable – except for stunts like the SS Manhatten’s icebreaker-escorted voyage back in 1969.

      Manhattan‍ ’​s route began in August 1969 on the east coast of North America and transited the passage from east to west via the Baffin Sea and Viscount Melville Sound. The master of Manhattan was Captain Roger A. Steward. Heavy sea ice blocked the way through M’Clure Strait, so a more southerly route through Prince of Wales Strait and south of Banks Island was used. A single, token barrel of crude oil was loaded at Prudhoe Bay and then the ship went back. She was escorted by the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS John A. Macdonald. At various times during the expedition, Manhattan was supported by the icebreakers CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, USCGC Staten Island, and USCGC Northwind.
      This route through the Northwest Passage was quite controversial in international relations as sovereignty of these waters is claimed by Canada and this claim has been disputed by the United States. The Government of Canada has defined all waters in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago as being “Canadian Internal Waters.”

      Look at the actual Arctic Ocean, and look at the “real world” commercial sea routes: The only functional sea routes that could benefit from an Arctic passage is China coast-to-northern Europe. And back (empty). No other passage makes sense: China-US ports are faster going to the US west coast, then shipping by trains. China-East US, China-southern US ports might compete – but only one month of the year: they HAVE TO get through the Canadian island passages during August and September. If they “miss” that opening – even if only by one or two days – they are stuck overwinter up north, or need to reverse course and go back through the (Chinese-owned) Panama Canal or its future Nicarguan replacement. Too early? Still can’t get through – and so they have to wait.
      China-to-north Europe is reasonable – but that “shortest route” is over to the EAST over the north coast of Putin’s Russia, then down through the Bering Strait. No one trying to get to China from Europe wants to take the longer route over to north Canada. The ice is less off of the north Siberian coast, the routes are deeper (in general), and the routes are “straighter” – only two places have even a chance of being blocked by ice between June and early October: The small area around Severna Zemalya and the New Siberian Islands a bit further east.

      • Even more silly when you consider the effectiveness of a simple rail line from China through Russia to Europe. Also note China is putting rail to the Indian Ocean cutting out a big chunk of the sea route past Indonisia… so they know the power of rail.

        BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) — China and Pakistan have provided further details on their planned economic corridor project, signaling the two nations’ commitment for stronger ties.
        Leaders of the two states agreed to accelerate the building of the economic corridor, which will focus on energy cooperation, transportation infrastructure construction and industrial parks.
        During a meeting with visiting Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday in Beijing, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the strategic significance of building an economic corridor.
        The two sides need to implement large-scale cooperation projects in electricity and new energy, promote the management of the port of Gwadar and advance connectivity schemes, Li noted.
        The economic corridor project was proposed during Li’s visit to Pakistan in May 2013.

        So why ship via ice at all when you can lay a combined rail, communications, pipelines, and roads corridor?

  9. “In 1935 the Russians sent two cargo ships through the North West passage for the first time ‘ meant the NSR.

  10. This the point where biased climate reporters insert more pictures of Alaska and Dear Leader, leaving less room for wild statements on temperature predictions or other claims from the advocacy speechwriters.

    • If you read the LA Times write up you will see that Little O is still “cool”. ……”as the sun glinted off his aviator sunglasses…..” Made me want to vomit

    • Mark

      So what IS the state of the Arctic sea ice this year? I thought it was increasing.

      A valid question: Does “About the same” mean very much?
      The average air temperature at 80 north latitude has been within 1 degree of its long-term average all summer. Warmer over the winter months when the sun is below the horizon – as it has the past two decades – but there has been NO CHANGE in Arctic summer temperatures since the DMI records began in 1959. Arctic air temperature dropped back below freezing right as expected in mid-August, and temepratures have remained below freezing the past three weeks. So, nothing very different there.
      The 2015 Arctic sea ice anomaly has been remarkably stable at -1.0 Mkm^2 since the 2005 – 2006 winter: It had a low but very long maximum lasting from early February 2015 all the way up towards the first week of April. So, although the Arctic sea ice maximum was earlier and lower than recent years, its very broad peak meant that by the end, it was at very high relative levels. This means the 2015 Arctic sea ice anomaly was higher than all previous years in April-early May, then but dipped lower than many recent years in early summer. So, you can claim just about anything and be right for some particular day-of-year, and be wrong for the rest.
      Basically, for almost all of the past 12 months, the arctic sea ice anomaly has been within 2 std deviations of its long-term average, and thus shows no significant deviation from its long-term average. Its been “below average”, but not significantly below average.
      Most important, for the nine years since 2005-2006, the arctic sea ice anomaly has been steady at -1.0 Mkm^2, having stabilized (for unknown reasons!) since its first measurements in 1979 at +1.0 Mkm^2.
      So, is the original “measurement” of +1.0 Mkm^2 in 1979 only a short-time “high” recorded during the 1970-1980 cold spell, and is that long-term average of 0.0 really “correct”? Is the “new average” of -1.0 Mkm^2 correct – or is it too early to tell? (Most certainly a valid observation: 10 years should not reset climate averages.)
      But, even at today’s -1.5 Mkm^2, today’s Arctic sea ice anomaly is higher than six of the nine most recent years.
      But look again: Should that first 1979 – 1989 ten years be considered “more valid” or “more important” than the most recent ten years just because CAGW theory wants 1979 to be considered “absolute best” Arctic ice cap? After all, a declining Arctic ice cap is THE single most important “evidence” of global warming! If the Arctic sea ice naturally oscillates between +1.0 Mkm^2 and -1.0 Mkm^2 over a sixty year period, then today’s -1.5 Mkm^2 will be shortly exceeded by +1.5 Mkm^2 within another 10 years.
      For today’s Arctic sea ice, further reductions only mean increased cooling for the Arctic Ocean 7 months of the year. And that is NOT a good thing.

      • Arctic sea ice values are so uncertain as to be meaningless. The accuracy exceeds the anomalies.
        According to NOAA, “The accuracy of Arctic sea ice concentration at a grid cell in the source data is usually cited as within +/- 5 percent of the actual sea ice concentration in winter, and +/- 15 percent during the summer when melt ponds are present on the sea ice (GSFC Confidence Level), but some comparisons with operational charts report much larger differences (Agnew 2003, Partington et al 2003). Accuracy tends to be best within the consolidated ice pack where the sea ice is relatively thick (greater than 20 cm) and ice concentration is high. Accuracy decreases as the proportion of thin ice increases (Cavalieri 1995).”

  11. Obama said that America needs more icebreakers in the Arctic to combat the thawing ice, of course it does.

    • Ironically, the more the surface water is exposed to air, the more cooling takes place since the decrease in albedo is insignificant for a low-horizon sun.

  12. “President Barack Obama attended. He used the conference as a platform for urging swifter action to combat climate change. After the conference, the representatives of the Arctic Council members signed a joint statement affirming “our commitment to take urgent action to slow the pace of warming in the Arctic.”
    Instead of fighting climate change and urging action to slow down Arctic warming ( which is futile), they should use the trillions of free dollars given for subsidies to line the pockets of special interest groups , the leaders should rather work on and develop joint methods to learn from and adapt to climate change and provide financial assistance to those communities directly affected by climate change..

    • Repeat after me. There is no global warming. There never was any global warming. There are no communities directly or indirectly affected by global warming.
      If there was global warming President Planet Healer wouldn’t be urging the construction of a fleet of new icebreakers.
      Even in his lies the truth peaks out. That’s because in addition to being an inveterate liar, he’s incompetent too.

  13. Here’s my quote of the day:
    From yet another hottest year ever article:
    “It’s going to be so far ahead of the other record year that it’s going to be beyond the error range,” said Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.
    “What’s important is not so much the land but the ocean data. The oceans have really picked up in the last 12 months or so,” Professor Jones said.
    Technically, yes this true. However, the “pick up” in the oceans over the last twelve months is primarily due to adjustments, not measurements.

    • With almost half the year yet to go, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the temperature number for the whole year is going to be.
      No doubt because they have already generated the data for the rest of the year.

  14. “The announcement is the latest power play in the Arctic north, where melting ice has led to a race for resources and access. Forty percent of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves lie under the Arctic….”
    Who writes this stuff? The exploration for energy resources is not impelled by melting ice, but rather by demand for resources a decade or so hence.

    • “Who writes this stuff?” People with no experience in the real world. People whose egos allow them to imagine that their guesses are probably how the world is. People whose egos do not require them to check basic facts or educate themselves in the areas they write about. People who lack curiosity to second guess the first bit of noise that comes across their desk. People who can not fathom that in fact they are not the brightest person in the room but rather the last person in the room to figure it out. In other words, half of the staff writers for every new outlet.
      /rant off

  15. Well, even if it were true, which it isn’t, doesn’t Alaska have other things to worry about besides the fact that it might be slightly warmer there some day? Wouldn’t that be good news?

  16. Truly amazing China and India did not sign the non binding agreement? How could any news source not count that as an epic failure of presidential diplomacy?

  17. Again, it’s not a question of whether the Earth has warmed or not. It has. It is a question of whether we have anything to do with it. We don’t.
    The most likely outlook for the next 30 years is a continuation of the past, which means a modest long term trend in warmth superimposed with a ~60 year cyclicality. Temperatures will likely stay in their present range, or dip slightly, for the next 20 years, at which point they will accelerate upward again until the next downturn. It’s a long term pattern that was laid in over a century ago, well before rising CO2 could have established it.
    Trying to curtail it by sacrificing our standard of living is like nothing so much as sacrificing maidens to appease the rain gods. The climate always changes. Human nature, not so much. We are still primitives in grass skirts, mindlessly following the shamans out of fear.

    • Yes, and the further question is whether or not we have anything to fear from a slightly warmer Earth. We don’t.

  18. I believe Obama also said “The deniers are increasingly alone, on their own shrinking island”. With all those nations that refuse to sign on the dotted line, it looks like our shrinking island is very crowded and not small at all.

  19. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
    What degrees ? Trust politician to make a pseudo-scientific claim without stating the units that the claim is made in.
    3 deg F is about 1.7 deg C
    1.7 deg C in a hundred years is not going to be keeping the polar bears awake at night.
    Projected by whom?
    One of the other tell-tale signs of science is citing a reference when referring to a previously established result.
    One of the tell-signs of a lying politician is not doing so.
    No wonder that China , Russia and India where suitably unimpressed.

  20. …where melting ice has led to a race for resources and access. Forty percent of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves lie under the Arctic. Melting ice also would lead to new shipping routes,

    Sounds like melting ice would be a good thing, if you ask me. But then I’m not a member of Greenpeas, so what would I know.

  21. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
    You act like that would be a bad thing?

  22. I scanned a few online articles about Obama’s visit to Alaska and his remarks during his visit. The comment sections were overwhelmingly derisive of POTUS remarks and “Climate Change” in general. (Some troll can step in and give us an “oh, but- look at the Guardian comments…” or some such.)
    The fact that POTUS no longer says “Global Warming”, but uses “Climate Change” instead, should tell a thinking person all they need to know.

    • If you can’t verify the results, you define a new term to cover all your bases. This way they can have catastrophic global cooling as well if it suits the political dialogue.

  23. We (the US) has only two icebreakers in service. There were a couple more but for some reason they were retired. Russia has 41. The justification for not building more, as I recall, was that they would not be needed because Arctic ice would soon be a thing only in our memories. Oops.

  24. So, when is this “warming” going to start? They’re saying between .7F – 1.4F per decade to hit 6F-12F by the end of the century.

    • No, we can just rent them from Russia like we do for seats on board the manned launches to the space station.

  25. The full video and transcript of Pres. Obama’s Aug 31, 2015 GLACIER speech is available at the link below, courtesy of the Alaska Dispatch News, which reports it’s currently partly cloudy, and 48°F in Anchorage:
    “Arctic temperatures are rising about twice as fast as the global average.”
    No word on where on Earth temperatures are falling about twice as fast as the global average – just to keep that ol’ global average temperature honest, and all – but it must be somewhere (my love).
    “I had a chance to meet with some Native peoples before I came in here, and they described for me villages that are slipping into the sea, and the changes that are taking place — changing migratory patterns; the changing fauna so that what used to feed the animals that they, in turn, would hunt or fish beginning to vanish. (sic) It’s urgent for them today. But that is the future for all of us if we don’t take care.”
    Yep; anytime something begins to vanish, you really need to pay attention.
    OK. Well, before Max Photon beats me to it, I’m going to slip into my virtual DJ booth, and cue up a little tune:

    “North to Alaska” by the incomparable Johnny Horton, killed by a drunk driver in 1960.

  26. Wondering how the President’s survival outing with Bear Grylls, who always had a support team tagging along, is going? Pay no attention to the 100 Secret Service agents behind those trees, it’s real survival I tell ya.

  27. There is a lot of belief here, I think, that Barack Obama is not too bright. I have no way of knowing for sure if that is true since I would suspect that his IQ test scores, like all the rest of his school records are sealed. But I would like to say one thing about him. We really have no idea what is on his mind or what he truly thinks. The only clues we have are what someone projects up on the teleprompters. In other words, what he says may very well not even come close to what he believes. My ex-wife could type reports and letters from transcriptions and had not a clue to what she typed. I suspect that Obama can stand there and read the teleprompter and never miss a word, and not have a clue as to what he says.

  28. It it was 100 degree change on the index card of talking points from NRDC and GreenPeace, Dear Leader would recite it.

  29. O certainly lacks engineering science skill. If he didn’t, he might grasp the proof that CO2 has no effect on climate and end his misguided war on fossil fuels. The proof and identification of the two factors that do cause reported average global temperature change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) are at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com (now with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured average global temperature (AGT), the near-perfect explanation of AGT since before 1900; R^2 = 0.97+). Use of V2 SSN changed some coefficients but had no significant effect on R^2.

  30. Reference: “The US-led GLACIER environmental conference in Anchorage ended with a joint declaration calling for more international action to tackle climate change. But Russia (the world’s leading oil and gas producer), China (the world largest producer of goods), and India with its huge emerging economy opted not to sign the document, however nonbinding it might appear.” (Copied from the report).
    So … SOMEONE must have orchestrated this so-called “Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic” eh ?
    Well, strike me down somewhat melted but … exactly WHO will or was or would be “leader” of the Arctic ?
    Does he or she know the name of the “leader” of the “Arctic”, or of the Pacific (ocean) or the Indian (ocean) or even the Atlantic (ocean) ?
    INDIA, according to the report, seems to be included in that “conference”: now THAT is most peculiar !
    Unless I am very much mistaken, India is NOT ACTUALLY connected to the “ARCTIC” at all (at this time) so WHY, I wonder, should that country be even involved in such a meeting ? It’s all very strange.
    It’s all (as we say here in Britain) complete BOLLOCKS, or NONSENSE, CODSWALLOP … the parrot is most definitely deceased, not breathing, dead !

  31. Thanks buddy, got to laughing and just about wiped out a fence with the haybine. Unintended consequences…

  32. According to Deborah Kurtz, the physical science program manager for Kenai Fjords National Park where Obama hiked Tuesday, the Exit Glacier, which flows from the Harding Icefield has retreated 800 feet since 2008, 187 in 2014 alone.
    “Climate is the primary driver of ice loss,” she said, adding that Harding Icefield is 10% smaller than it was in 1950. She called what has been seen in recent years an “unprecedented rate of warming.”

    But –
    Unlike many glacial terrains where cooling trends reduce summer melting, bringing on glacial advances, the Kenai Fjords glaciers move forward when warmer weather brings moisture-laden storms to the coast. Air is rapidly forced over the abrupt mountains and drops copious snowfall onto the Harding Icefield.
    So if there is less ice, is Resident Obama now confirming it is getting cooler?
    Changes in magnetic susceptibility (MS), organic-matter content (OM), and biogenic silica (BSi), record environmental changes since ~9500 BP. Goat Lake is situated ~450 m north of a drainage divide at ~70 m above lake level that separates the lake basin from the Harding Icefield (HIF) outlet glacier. Sediment analyses focused on the last 1000 yr; this interval includes a sharp transition from gyttja to overlying inorganic mud at ~1660 AD, which marks the first time since the Pleistocene deglaciation that the North Goat Outlet Glacier (NGO) of the HIF overtopped the drainage divide to spill meltwater into Goat Lake. One 14C age of ~1470 AD from a subfossil log buried by till in the NGO valley requires ~145 yr for the outlet glacier to have thickened 150 m to the elevation of the drainage divide where it remained until ~1890 AD. Since ~1890, the NGO has thinned 150 m and retreated 1.4 km, back to where it was in 1470 AD.
    Current glacier positions last seen in 1470.
    See also – Calkin Wiles 1992

  33. I was struck by his comment that while he’s President the United States will lead the world in fighting climate change. Methinks he’s got an inkling that in fact the US leads in skepticism of the ‘Catastrophic’ in AGW, and methinks he’s got an inkling that the Democrat nominee is going down, in part over this issue.

  34. He renamed Mt Mckinley Denali when most people in Alaska already called it Denali. Wow,what a hero! Now if somebody calls it Mikinley will they face a summons? Is it ok forAmerican Indians to call it Mikinley? I never knew of a president that claimed his legacy on all fabricated and useless symbolic issues. Climate change, Affordable care act, shaking down police officers in citiess that riot and shaking hands with Cuba. Progress indeed

  35. That’s funny the Obama administration this past Monday gave approval to allow drilling for oil off the Alaskan coast, a major victory for the petroleum industry and the Alaskan economy. BTW fossil fuels is integral to Alaskan economy. The glaciers are not.
    That’s the thing about Obama he can get liberals to vote using climate change hysterics while telling the oil companies, “Drill baby drill!”. The man speaks with forked tongue and is good at it.
    Or as it will be put in the next speech, “I will save Alaska from climate change and bring economic prosperity to Alaskans.” The cognitive and practical dissonance be damned.

    • I am not surprised that Sitka is moving. Whether it was moving up or down I didn’t know.
      Sitka sits near a mostly transform fault moving at 5.5 cm/yr.
      But the mountains exist for a reason.
      Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 54 (1989) 241-257
      Elsevier Science Publishers B.V ., Amsterdam – Printed in The Netherlands

  36. Obama wants to build more ice breakers: Viva Yahoo News: Obama pushes for more U.S. ice-breaking might in Arctic:
    By Roberta Rampton
    My comment was: Why do we need any ice breakers? According to “CO2 drives the climate” alarmist the Arctic will be ice free. According to Big Al the Arctic should have bee ice free back in 2009.

  37. Secular Apocalypse, whats not to like?
    First they never come true, only the bad actors change, and then not by a huge degree. The script changes, but its the same story every time.
    I recall the Romantic comedy ‘2012’ with John Cusack, playing John Cusack in the lead role, couldn’t stop laughing.
    The formula is as follows…
    ‘Something, something, something SCIENCE!,
    Something, something, BAD HUMANS!,
    something, something, GOOD HUMANS!,
    Special Effects!!!,..DISASTER!,
    Rich White people die en mass,
    Poor huddled masses inherit the earth,
    Mucho mucho Sophistry voice over ending.
    (Often Morgan Freeman, cos James Earl Jones – Darth Vader init)
    Cue Sun coming up over unrecognizable landscape with statue of liberty crumbling in background.’
    Over and over again for the last twenty years.
    Handy Hint: Inspect your children’s minds.
    Note: Cognitive dissonance smells like burning hair, cordite, diesel exhaust and freshly tilled earth.

  38. The quote from Obama:
    “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
    This needs to be added in the interest of completeness: ‘And if we do anything the Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees in the same time period.’
    The probabilities of both are the same.

  39. This is in the category of “A man will say anything if it helps him get laid”. Obama doesn’t really care about climate change. His life is all about becoming a rich celebrity who people think has a good heart. Politically he takes the side of the issue that seems more caring and makes him seem more like Robin Hood. Less war so fewer people are hurt, more taxes on the rich to help the poor, better health care for the poor, and save the planet from greedy people exploiting it. There is no thought involved in his political positions other than what looks better to Hollywood. He also uses his position as president to increase his status as a celebrity, appearing on talk shows (over 10 times) and inviting movie stars to sit with him at fund raisers. This Alaskan trip was perfect for him because he got to be a guest on the “Bear Grylls” show and go on a trip to save the planet. What acting president goes on a reality TV show? He has us all fooled, racking up outrageous bills for his lavish vacations, the “Vacationer in Chief”‘s only concern about any issue is that he supports the side that makes him more popular with the Hollywood crowd he wants to build his status with.

  40. Fishy Foot Fetish Follies & Derivative Doggerel Department
    While the media are fawning
    Big Salmon are spawning
    North to Alaska!
    They go North, the Rush is on.

    Those boots were made for Obama
    But watch out what he do
    One of these days a fish is gonna
    Spawn all over his shoe

    Chip Javert
    September 2, 2015 at 11:31 am
    Despite what many think, there is no record of Abe Lincoln writing or uttering those well-known words about fooling people, which inconvenient truth however, makes them no less true.
    (Just be glad I didn’t post the picture of the squirting salmon)

  41. They might build ice-breakers for the wrong reason and eventually look good. As the ice increases in the next number of years they will need the breakers. Of course they will blame global warming for the increase.

  42. “I had a chance to meet with some Native peoples before I came in here, and they described for me villages that are slipping into the sea, and the changes that are taking place — changing migratory patterns; the changing fauna so that what used to feed the animals that they, in turn, would hunt or fish beginning to vanish. (sic) It’s urgent for them today. But that is the future for all of us if we don’t take care.” ~Obama via comment by Steve P
    Natives are always so handy to prove one’s own point. If I have seen it once I have seen it a thousand times.
    In this video, a man from the Sioux reservation shares his dream, and asks for help interpreting the dream, “since no one has all the answers.”
    Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama
    I could not bring myself to shorten this video.

    • It just sounds like your run of the mill Obama dream. Obama representing something else he says he is. It is just a dream though. I am not going to comment on spirituality but I don’t believe any ethnic group or tribe to have any deeper knowledge of such principles over another. To me dreams are mostly just your brain playing mental movies that reflect your anxieties, thoughts and emotions while you are asleep and the veil is off. It doesn’t tell me much other then possibly what this chief was thinking or feeling at some point.

      • Charlie says, “To me dreams are mostly just your brain playing mental movies that reflect your anxieties, thoughts and emotions while you are asleep and the veil is off.”
        I really like that description. We all understand the importance of language in conveying meaning to each other. In the case of language, the more specific and measured, the better.
        But people also speak in images, pictures, and analogous stories. People communicate in pictures because not everything we know can fall into words. The fact that we dream shows that we speak in images. Y’shua often spoke in parables. “Why do you speak to them in parables?” Most myths are a kind of parable, conveying things which cannot be described, only shown. Perhaps that is why we enjoy movies. The number one rule for a good movie is “Show, don’t tell.”
        In sleep the right hemisphere may speak while the language center is “down,” or the “veil is off,” as Charlie put it.The brain is really made of two brains, which operate very differently, but equally and in parallel. We know a little bit about that because of split brain patients, whose corpus collosum has been severed. The people who have lost connectivity to the right hemisphere can function but they cannot understand any kind of idiom. For example, they can be very startled by statements like “it’s raining cats and dogs.” “I could eat a horse.” For split brain patients, this can cause considerable anxiety and there are various ways they may use to cope with idioms which are so incomprehensible to them.
        And the tyranny of the linguistic and syllogistic is sometimes balanced by warnings and humor from visual dreaming. After all, reason and appearances can be very misleading, and sometimes the non-linguistic side must alert us to our own conclusions or extrapolations which are often actually based on very limited data.

  43. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ”
    Where do you get such complete crap as this? No study at all is predicting this.

  44. As usual I am a bit late to the party.
    My little contribution owes its existence to writer Mike Phillips and singer Johnny Horton – that great old song North to Alaska
    Way up North (North to Alaska)
    Way up North (North to Alaska)
    North to Alaska
    The warming scam is on.
    Big Bam left Seattle
    In the year of naught fifteen
    With Mrs Heinzes partner
    To paint Alaska green.
    They crossed the Yukon River
    And found it mighty cold
    There was no global warming
    Despite their prayers to Rome.
    The Pres renamed the mountain
    And the valleys down below
    He said to his team of flunkies
    Get rid of that stupid snow.
    With the warming lies a-running wild
    They could not see the sun
    The glaciers not melting
    Poley bears having fun.
    Where rivers are winding
    Big icebergs they’re finding
    North to Alaska
    Go North the scam is on.
    The Barok turned to Heinzie
    And held his freezing hand
    “You know how much I like you
    But I love Mikey Mann”
    I’d trade all the black gold
    That’s buried in this land
    For just one night of ecstasy
    At little Mikey’s hand.
    But a man needs a hockey stick
    To play with all the time
    He has no time for romance
    His puck is on his mind.
    Where rivers are winding
    Big icebergs they’re finding
    North to Alaska
    Go North the scam is on.
    Way up North (North to Alaska)
    etc etc etc.

  45. …..President Obama announced Tuesday he would speed up the acquisition of icebreakers to help the U.S. Coast Guard navigate an area that Russia and China increasingly see as a new frontier. …..

    How can these possibly help if the ice disappeared last year as predicted by the scientists. Surely he is imagining there is ice or the scientists are a load of incompetents who should not be listened to.

  46. Michael Jankowski
    September 2, 2015 at 9:46 am
    “Our US debt is rising much more dangerously. What is he doing about that?”
    September 2, 2015 at 10:30 am
    “In 6 years, he has accumulated more debt than all the preceding presidents combined.
    That’s what he’s doing about it.”

    Michael, Mark, I think you’ll find that much of the current national debt results from servicing interest on the debt accumulated under R Reagan, and the Bushes:
    “Reagan took some economics in college, and he really did want to reduce the debt. But he got snookered by some Wall Street “economists” (mostly political journalists) who told him he could have his cake and eat it too. They came up with the brand-new theory, mentioned above, that said the government can collect more money by reducing taxes. Wouldn’t that be nice! That’s the supply-side economics that George H. W. Bush called Voodoo*.
    So we will ask, “What if Reagan and the Bushes had balanced their own budgets?” And what if Clinton and Obama had taxed the same and spent the same as they actually did?
    The answer is that the National Debt would now be lower by $13.5 trillion! So that’s the Republican National Debt — according to their own standard of balanced budgets.
    They go like this: When Reagan took office the debt was $1 trillion. When he left it was $2.86 trillion. So $1.86 trillion for him. Then Bush-I added $1.55 trillion. Total so far: $3.4 trillion. Then Clinton took over.
    Now the national debt is like a mortgage, and so the bigger it is, the more interest must be paid on it. Without the extra Reagan-Bush $3.4 trillion, there would have been a few hundred billion less in interest on the debt every year under Clinton. That interest adds another $2.3 trillion to the Reagan-Bush debt. Then Bush II increased it by $6.1 trillion to $11.8 trillion. And interest on that has been increasing the debt under Obama. The total Reagan-Bushes debt is now $13.5 trillion.”

    *Note that GHW Bush denied he ever used the term “voodoo economics:” He also claimed to be “out of the loop” on the Iran-contra scandal, but that’s another story.
    Vice President George Bush was only ‘kidding’ reporters when he denied branding Ronald Reagan’s economic proposals ‘voodoo economics’ during the 1980 campaign, a Bush spokesman said Wednesday.
    But Wednesday night, NBC News broadcast film of Bush making the statement at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh on April 10, 1980.
    In regard to Reagan’s economic platform, Bush said at that time, ‘So, what I’m saying is that it just isn’t going to work. And, it’s very interesting, who invented this type of what I call a voodoo economic policy is Art Laffer, a California economist …’

    KCET broadcast Eugene Jarecki’s documentary “Reagan” last night, so much of this material about “voodoo economics” is fresh in my mind, although here I’ve had to rely on others to set the record straight.
    Streaming version of “Reagan” is currently available for LA county residents on KCET website. Highly recommended.
    It’s way past time to see through the smoke and mirrors hooray for my time polarized mumbo jumbo that is keeping us divided, folks. Remember: Divide and conquer.
    United we stand; divided we fall. ‘Just sayin’.

  47. Just a note. We might have hit the annual minimum for NH sea ice. I couch it as “might” given the possibility of a dead cat bounce. That having been written air temp has been well below freezing for weeks now and there are no major storms breaking up the pack or blowing it into the Greenland Strait.

    • No, we ‘bounced” off of a low point back on August 20, then another on August 30 – September 1, but we appear to be more-or-less on-track towards our annual yearly low point between September 6 and September 22. Most recent years have been at minimum around September 12-16. The long-term average is slightly earlier though, so there is precedent for earlier Arctic sea ice minimum.
      Following is from Cryosphere, Univ of Illinois, for Arctic sea ice AREA (not Sea Ice Extents!).

      Date.decimal    Date     Anom.   Area   Avg.Area Date.cal        %      Lat.    W/m^2  MWattsxArea
                      Julian   Mkm^2  Mkm^2   Mkm^2                    of avg
      2015.6110	224.0	-1.718	3.670	5.388	12-Aug-15	-31.9%	80.3	1084	1862
      2015.6136	225.0	-1.752	3.587	5.338	13-Aug-15	-32.8%	80.4	1056	1850
      2015.6165	226.0	-1.715	3.581	5.296	14-Aug-15	-32.4%	80.4	1034	1774
      2015.6191	227.0	-1.687	3.570	5.257	15-Aug-15	-32.1%	80.4	1012	1707
      2015.6219	228.0	-1.626	3.612	5.239	16-Aug-15	-31.0%	80.3	995	1618
      2015.6246	229.0	-1.609	3.595	5.204	17-Aug-15	-30.9%	80.4	967	1556
      2015.6274	230.0	-1.657	3.511	5.168	18-Aug-15	-32.1%	80.5	938	1554
      2015.6301	231.0	-1.687	3.448	5.135	19-Aug-15	-32.9%	80.6	910	1535
      2015.6329	232.0	-1.719	3.394	5.112	20-Aug-15	-33.6%	80.6	886	1523
      2015.6356	233.0	-1.663	3.438	5.101	21-Aug-15	-32.6%	80.6	863	1435
      2015.6383	234.0	-1.566	3.528	5.094	22-Aug-15	-30.8%	80.5	845	1324
      2015.6411	235.0	-1.505	3.572	5.077	23-Aug-15	-29.6%	80.4	827	1245
      2015.6438	236.0	-1.442	3.617	5.059	24-Aug-15	-28.5%	80.3	809	1166
      2015.6466	237.0	-1.440	3.598	5.038	25-Aug-15	-28.6%	80.4	778	1121
      2015.6493	238.0	-1.421	3.578	4.999	26-Aug-15	-28.4%	80.4	753	1070
      2015.6521	239.0	-1.431	3.543	4.975	27-Aug-15	-28.8%	80.4	727	1040
      2015.6548	240.0	-1.433	3.497	4.930	28-Aug-15	-29.1%	80.5	695	996
      2015.6576	241.0	-1.488	3.410	4.898	29-Aug-15	-30.4%	80.6	662	985
      2015.6603	242.0	-1.507	3.380	4.886	30-Aug-15	-30.8%	80.7	629	948
      2015.6630	243.0	-1.514	3.348	4.862	31-Aug-15	-31.1%	80.7	602	911
      2015.6658	244.0	-1.514	3.326	4.840	01-Sep-15	-31.3%	80.7	575	871
      2015.6685	245.0	-1.485	3.323	4.807	02-Sep-15	-30.9%	80.7	548	814
      2015.6713	246.0	-1.573	3.215	4.789	03-Sep-15	-32.9%	80.9	508	799

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