While warning us of 'rising oceans' in SOTU, did Obama just buy a beachfront mansion?

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

Rumours are flying that the owner of a beachfront mansion in Hawaii, which was once used to film the hit TV series “Magnum PI”, is none other than President Obama – the same President who warns us that global warming, and rising sea levels, are a greater danger to the future of America than Islamic terrorism.

The estate used in the filming of "Magnum, P.I. "

The estate used in the filming of “Magnum, P.I. “

According to the Daily Caller;

News reports indicate that President Barack Obama may have just purchased a beachfront home in Hawaii. But isn’t he worried about sea level rise from global warming?

Hawaii’s KTV4 News reports that a man connected to Obama purchased the multi-million dollar beachfront home featured in the show “Magnum P.I.” — the property was then sold to a limited liability corporation in Colorado. But if the House was bought on the president’s behalf, isn’t he worried that rising sea levels will harm his new real estate?

Obama has long warned that sea level rises caused by man-made global warming will make storm surges and flooding worse for coastal communities. In his 2015 State of the Union speech, Obama said “we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods.”


According to Fox News, the White House is refusing to confirm or deny whether the President is the new owner of the beachfront mansion in Hawaii.

Fox News video of the story;


Former Vice President Al Gore was accused of hypocrisy in 2010, when it was revealed that he purchased a beachfront mansion in Montecito through a front company http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/17/photos-al-goree-new-8875_n_579286.html , after years of warning the world about the dangers of climate change.

If the new owner of the seafront mansion is confirmed to be President Obama, the President can expect to face some very difficult questions during the rest of his term, about why he thinks an investment in a seafront mansion is a good idea, given his track record of public statements about the climate and sea level.

Statements like the following, from the President’s State of the Union speech earlier this year.

“The best scientists in the world are all telling us that our activities are changing the climate, and if we do not act forcefully, we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods, and massive disruptions that can trigger greater migration, conflict, and hunger around the globe. The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security. We should act like it.”


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  1. Refusing to neither confirm nor deny is good enough as confirmation. What’s the harm in denying that particular claim…unless it’s true.

      • dbstealey
        March 22, 2015 at 9:55 am
        Obama can’t even pretend to be sincere.

        But they’re sincere in the Maldives. :-p You sometimes have to wonder whether some in the Maldives actually think they are just taking us for a ride or whether they believe in the peer reviewed ‘The dynamic response of reef islands to sea-level rise‘.

        Paul Homewood – September 19, 2013
        Maldives Building Five More Underwater Airports
        …..Ministry of Transport and Communication has said that the delayed works on five regional airports are now underway. Speaking at a press conference today, Minister of Transport Dr Ahmed Shamheed said that the ministry’s highest priority currently is the development regional airports. …..
        NTZ – 3. November 2013
        Developers Dismiss Sea Level Rise Claims – Plan To Build 30 New Luxury Hotels In The Maldives – Nasheed’s Cash Machine
        ……..In 2012 former President of the Maldive Islands Mohamed Nasheed said: “If carbon emissions continue at the rate they are climbing today, my country will be underwater in seven years.”…….
        …..Kulke writes:

        30 additional new luxury class hotel complexes are planned for the next 6 to 10 years, never mind the countless smaller homes. Tourism is currently increasing 20% annually.”…..

      • Jimbo

        Transport Dr Ahmed Shamheed said that the ministry’s highest priority currently is the development regional airports

        I almost mispronounced Dr Shamheed name phonetically as I’m Ashamed but perhaps I’m A Sham Head is better

    • Or they could be buying time to figure out how to either dispose of the property or spin its ownership as the result of the doings of some 3rd party so that the “president” can remain blameless.
      Of course, as with Gore, the troops will eventually forget and forgive anything.

  2. Hawaii is an expensive location and expensive to get to his dotting liberal sychophants in So Cal. Not sure Obama’s ego could handle that separation. I could see Michelle take up residence in Oahu though. Her BFF Oprah has digs there too. Obama may “bache it” in Palm Springs, closer to his coterie and Kamala Harris.

    • Where would he have gotten the kind of money to buy that place? He wasnt a wealthy man when he entered the Whitehouse.

      • Well, you could make several guesses. He worked for it and earned every penny before he became a public official. He worked very hard for it while President. Or he worked very hard for it….
        If you agree, send all the money you have to the red cross.

    • From the ever so trustworthy CNN –

      Madorsky, a Chicago lawyer, told CNN he represented Nesbitt and his wife in purchasing the property.
      “Marty and Anita did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction,” he added.

      So Obumbler didn’t buy the property but his “lifelong friend” Marty Nesbitt apparently doesn’t believe a word of the AGW tripe “The One” has been spewing all these years? I’m not sure that what CNN chose to swallow is going to make anything better.

      • That’s a classic lawyerly statement. The truth as far as it goes because Nesbitt would presumably not need a partner seeing that the property was almost immediately sold on to the LLC.

      • Because Fox news is so much better?! Who the honestly cares if he bought a water front house, its not a crime. People on this website really go out of their way to find things to hate about Obama. Why cant he buy a house in his own State?

      • Danilo says:
        Who the honestly cares if he bought a water front house, its not a crime.
        No, it’s not a crime. But the concept of hypocrisy seems to escape you.

      • I admit being brainwashed by FOX years ago, propaganda is so much more comfortable than truth.
        Follow Our Xenophobia News more wrong than ever
        “The latest scorecard showed more than 60 percent of the claims made on Fox News were mostly false or worse – and half of all claims were either demonstrably false or outright lies.
        Politifact found that 39 percent of the claims made on air during Fox News broadcasts had some basis in fact, with 10 percent that could be proven as true, 11 percent rated as mostly true, and 18 percent that were half true.
        However, a nearly equal number – 38 percent – of the claims made on Fox News were demonstrably false, while 26 percent of them were mostly false, and 11 percent were mocked as “pants on fire” falsehoods.
        CNN was rated the most accurate news network, with 80 percent of its claims rated as half true or better.”

      • I’m afraid “news” are pretty much stuff made up to make watchers happy; or in case of progressive media, to fullfill the editors internal need to change the world.
        Western MSM still has a long way to go down before they reach a Pravda / Russian Today level.

      • Edward Martin says:
        CNN was rated the most accurate news network
        Who did the rating? Media Matters? …Oh. Politfact. Same-same.
        There’s a reason that CNN continues to hemorrhage viewers. People don’t want their propaganda spoon-fed to them…
        …well, most folks don’t, anyway. YMMV.

  3. On the one hand the likes of Gore and Obama are driving down the value of beachfront property with their scare stories. On the other hand they are buying up beachfront property at knockdown prices.

    • For your viewing pleasure a new version of the series is coming: Magnum P.I., Ribbed
      Speaking of which, I suspect Obamama only requires a condomminimum.

  4. “The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.”
    The Pentagon, who works for Obama, tells him exactly what he wants to hear.

      • There’s a fishy smell coming from Obama’s biography, his birth and early years included. But until somebody offers actual evidence, he’s innocent (born in Hawaii) until proven guilty.
        I’ve seen my original 1962 birth certificate. It’s filled out by hand. But when I asked the state for a copy, they sent a computer-generated certificate, not a copy of the original.
        BUT A REASONABLE PERSON asks, if there is nothing to hide, why not show us the original?

        • His actual birth certificate is (now) irrelevent – driven by the deliberate ignorance and prejudices of his ABCNNBCBS new media the past 8 years.
          But …
          What did he study?
          What were his grades?
          Why was he (and Michelle) disbarred (er, refused re-certificate/renewal) of BOTH of their Illinois law licenses?
          How many bar exams did he take, and what were his exam results?
          What (if any) essays or articles did he actually edit as “editor of the Harvard Law School” paper/journal?
          What were his transcripts from ANY of his three colleges?
          What were his entrance applications, and who approved them?
          What were his qualifications over other, (more qualified?), opponents/applicants to all three schools?
          Why did four judges release the personal sealed divorce records of four of his political opponents’ just before each of his prior four elections?
          What oath of office did he actually say in front of Judge Roberts, and why did he require “replacement” oaths of office to the Presidency in both 2009 and 2013? Could he not get it right even the second time, or did he actually swear something different?

      • Apparently the constitutional requirement to be a ‘natural born citizen’ of the US only applies to Democratic candidates, see Cruz, MacCain, Romney.

    • Thought he was a native born Kenyan? 😉
      Poor chap, does seem a touch confused about which country he was born in.

  5. You can’t believe a word Our Dear Leader emits…. so why should anyone believe or not believe what his teleprompter has told him to say?

  6. He can have beach parties with Al Gore, who has also bought on the waterfront. Tim Flannery also lives right on the water. I think Julia Gillard and Greg (carbon) Combet as well. Either they are liars, hypocrites or fools. Certainly rather suspicious indeed.

    • You need a degree in all those subjects to become a politician anyway !
      (honors in, lying, hypocrisy, and a bonus prize in stupid)

  7. It is surprising that Obama’s handlers would deny the effect of the (Barbara) Streisand Effect, the eponymous event also involved a beachfront mansion. wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect
    Nassim Taleb warns us of prognosticators without doxastic commitment, I wonder what he has to say of one betting against his own prediction.

  8. But I haven’t noticed sea-front property prices tumbling only rising steadily, but not the sea-level with it. The onlt area within the UK that costal property prices have fallen is in well known areas of coastal erosion!

  9. Why not? Obama is going to fix the climate, so the mansion will be safe from the disaterous effects of climate change. /sarc

    • I think the high-fives, victory laps and self-congratulationing will start soon since the CAGW meme is losing steam (so to speak) and there has to be a climbdown.
      “See? All those hundreds of billions of your dollars we spent have saved the planet (thanks to our brilliant leadership) and now it’s time to move on to our next global challenge – Fresh Watermageddon!

      • You’ve hit the nail on the head. Once they have a tax on air they will move forward with a tax on water.
        The ultimate dream of every government, to tax the air we breath and the water we drink. They already tax the land on which we live.

  10. If it is Obama’s home or a close friends or a mysterious LLC it doesn’t matter.
    Obama unequivocally stated he was going to stop the seas from rising during his presidential campaign and has apparently negotiated an agreement with Gaea to slow or stop the rising.
    So no worries, everyone can continue buying sea front property, Obama’s got it covered.

  11. Give Obama some credit! During his reign:
    Sea level rise has slowed down.
    Tornado count is at record low.
    There has been no major hurricane landfall in the US.
    There has been no significant global warming.
    He must be doing something right! What else could it be?

  12. Obama said “we’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods.”
    Maybe he’s counting on that part of the globe having more of the drought part of the problem?

  13. Well, he does enjoy body surfing, so maybe he, the wife and kids could ride the waves to higher ground when the glaciers melt.

  14. Fox News:
    The Obamas are not the secret buyers of the beach-front Hawaiian home Tom Selleck once roamed as the star of the 1980s television show “Magnum, P.I.,” according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest and an Obama associate who says he and he alone is the proud new owner.
    Date: March 20th 2015
    Please have some courtesy and at least try to find additional news articles before posting such unsubstantiated claims.

    • Parakoch,
      Since his lips were moving when he made his denials, I think we can discount whatever the Administration’s spokesman says. Only the truly credulous and naive would take them at their word.
      When someone is such a serial liar as Obama, the prudent thing to do is to assume that he hasn’t suddenly found Jesus.

  15. Since the highly efficient Honda 420 doesn’t have the range to make it to and from the mainland it will be necessary to use a fuel guzzling, carbon spewing, air-hog, like a Gulfstream G650, or my long time favorite, the Falcon 50. After all, to paraphrase HRC herself, “what difference does one more private aircraft make?”

  16. Global Warming is a fact of life our Planet is getting hotter internally. It is heating the seas and influincing other climate factors as a result. President Obama knows that by the time the scientific forecast is fulfilled with seas 3 feet higher we will all be in our graves.But President Obama also knows that the sea levels are not rising; they are receding. Remember seafront property has always been more expensive. The rising sea media hype is to debase the value o seafront property. Australia is a prime example of this occurance. The seafront has been zoned flood plains and the property values have dropped. The large corporations move in and buy up the cheap seafront. The plot is exposed and the people are fighting back.

  17. Preachers wearing Armani suits and $50,000 Rolex watches preach to full houses. This is the same thing.

    • The move to TV star would be a no-brainer (he’s cool, can memorize a script and is already a celebrity), I suggest a reboot of the series with Obama in the lead role. They’d have to replace the 308GTS with a Tesla Roadster of course. But can he grow a moustache? Because the moustache is essential for Magnum to have.

  18. y’all are obviously underestimating obumbler, the 12 imam. he’s gotta plan to stop AGW dead in its tracks, along with the out of control human race and modern civilization. just because it might take killing off 90% of mankind (according to the ludite zpg malthusians) doesn’t mean it’s a problem.

  19. The house is in an area of Oahu called Waimanolo. It is just south of Bellows AFB which is helpful for the secret service and the former President’s access to military medicine should he so desire. OTOH, the neighborhood is kinda sketchy. Parts of it are really nice but big chunks of it are a ghetto. There is very, very limited ingress/egress to the house and it is a pretty good jaunt to either Honolulu or Kailua down some two lane roads first. The streets are really narrow and jammed with cars on both sides. There are a lot of strangers walking through the neighborhood. I kinda doubt the Secret Service would have said this is the right house for a former president.

  20. Why is anyone surprised that lefty doesn’t apply his standards to himself. This is standard operating procedure. It’s like Michael Moore burying a wetland to build his Michigan mansion. It’s what they do.

  21. I think the ‘denial’ on CNN by a CHICAGO lawyer who handled the purchase for another couple seems unsuspicious. After all how many friends could Obama have in Chicago?
    I realize I’m still an innocent prairie boy, even though I was caught up in a civil war in Nigeria seeing bodies on the streets of Jos in the prewar riots, shot at, arrested and put on trial in pre-breakup Yugoslavia as a spy, mugged on a climb of Kilimanjaro and had my passport taken…..The worst, I’ve experienced is the loss of moral compass of two generations of those who would lead us. This has to end, soon. It isn’t good for the survival of our species.

  22. There is some evidence that the Hawaiian Islands experience massive landslides, such as along the beautiful Na Pali coast of Kauai, that produce very large local tsunamis.

  23. A couple of days ago, volcano geologist John Seach, tweeted that Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii (site of one of the major global CO2 monitoring stations) is experiencing slightly elevated seismicity and continuing low level inflation. Any ideas on how to put a cork on this thing? The volcano, not the tweet.

    • Chris,
      You can’t see it?!
      Obama has been banging the “climate catastrophe” drum, which includes rapidly accelerating sea level rise. Now he buys a mansion right *on* the ocean. If he believed what he’s telling the public, he would buy up the mountain instead.
      Thus: hypocrisy.

    • Stupidity. Hypocrisy was Al Gore saying it didn’t matter if he used as much electricity as 25(?) households, because he could buy carbon credits to offset the CO2 generated.

    • Cassidy is correct, it is stupidity (if the intended owner is Obama) and not hypocrisy. Obama would be a hypocrite if he said people should not buy beachfront property, and then he went ahead and did it. But he didn’t say that, he simply said that rising waters will affect coastal development. So it may well turn out to be a terrible investment for him, but that doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

      • Its kinda sad when you even have to ask the question, “Is our current president a hypocritical lying ahole, or is he just plain stupid?”
        So my question to you is, do you truly think President Obama is just plain stupid? An honest answer (without qualification) would help you make your point.

    • I’ve actually looked things from that perspective when the regulators would balk at shoreline (river, not ocean) protection for properties with existing structures. Build a new deck with 14′ deep footing/stemwall (or just threaten sheet piles) outside of the riparian/regulated area. Let the erosion take place over the years, and you end up with a true riverfront home and you can fish right off of the deck.
      When the regulators begin to think that you are somewhat serious, and that they are going to eventually end up with a 200′ vertical steel wall rather than a vegetated river bank, they back off and allow the permitting for the rip-rap for protection.

  24. For the record, Al Gore’s “beachfront” mansion in Montecito is about 2 miles (3km) from the ocean and about 200 ft (60m) above sea level. It is in much more danger of being burned down by a fire raging down from the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest during Santa Ana wind conditions.

    • Drought induced fires on the one hand, rising sea levels on the other hand.
      Where’s a huckster to live?

  25. I doubt it. This would be the hardest place to guard. It’s nearly a stone throw from the road to the ocean. The main road that goes by it is the circle drive around the Hawaii Kai area to the Sea World exhibit.
    For him to live in Hawaii, he would have to find a more secluded place such as on the cliff where Tony Curtis lived.

  26. Problem is security shouldn’t admit ownership. Isn’t there a place where he has vacationed, to the consternation of locals who have to put up with a security zone?

  27. “The Planet Will Boil Over” ….By Barack Obama . Sounds like a catchy tune.
    Lets see now …the oceans are going to rise so why do champions of scary global warming have houses by the ocean .Susuki ,Gore ,….now Obama ?
    Apparently global warming pays well . Just not from those yucky energy companies .
    The Planet Will Boil Over …Now there is a legacy quote .
    Of course he is in good company following on bizarre comments of Al Gore that” the interior of the earth is several million degrees” . Really… where did that come from ?
    I had no idea the world was being led by such complete and utter idiots .

  28. Get this straight and though your thick scull the sea is only going to rise in some locations in the world ,this Hawaii location the sea level will not rise ?

  29. Just another example of the catastrophic man-made global warming scam!!!!!!!!!! If the story is true about this property, I hope when Senator James Inhofe attends the December 2015 Paris Climate Conference, he draws attention to this matter before all the nations of the world.

    • No, the idea is not that the water is scarce. The idea is to create a monopoly and then make money with it. Monopoly can be created for example by limiting the right to use local rainwater or groundwater and selling the rights to someone who can enforce the policy. I
      That works in development countries far too well. I’s that close we’re not paying for the air we breathe.

  30. Here in Canada, I believe one of Saint David Suzuki’s homes is also on the oceanfront. Yes, I said “one of”…

  31. Wasn’t he “born” in Hawaii? Then it is just natural for him to want to return there when he “retires”.

  32. Hey great market strategy, scare the crap out of owners and market valuations and then send in the low ball offer from an agent. It could save millions that way—-right Mr. R. Branson?

  33. Terrorism is STILL the greatest threat to American Society and the free world. Especially if Presidents and FEMA do it.

  34. Would that it were true. This President hasn’t faced a difficult question yet and there’s no reason to think anyone is going to start asking them now – least of all as they relate to poorly informed and unpopular environmental policy. He should have been impeached multiple times over but it will never happen, just like catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

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