Cultural Tipping Point Reached – Hollywood has started mocking global warming

Guest essay by David Archibald –

They used to be against us, but now Hollywood is on the side of the angels in mocking global warming

clip_image001The science of climate has had intense scrutiny for the last ten years and more with the result that we now know why the planet warmed in the second half of the 20th century and why it is going to cool instead from here. Yet the meme of global warming continues, seemingly unstoppable and immune to facts.

Politically, global warming peaked out at COP 15 in Copenhagen in December 2009 when heads of state of countries accounting for the bulk of the world’s GDP were in attendance. They don’t bother to attend now – it is mainly time-servers who turn up. But global warming’s momentum is still resulting in destructive and pointless legislation and regulation in the English-speaking parts of the planet.

Commercial storytelling in the form of movies has reinforced the global warming meme. As a plot device, global warming itself isn’t scary enough as the result of global warming would simply be warmer rain. So, for the movie world, global warming was somehow the cause of intense cooling. This was the plot device of the film The Day After Tomorrow in which the protagonist battles wolves in a frozen New York.

A movie just out, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, indicates that the cultural tipping point has been reached. It is now safe and commercially profitable for moviemakers

to mock belief in global warming. The plot is that an evil billionaire by the name of Richard Valentine believes that humans, who cause global warming, are a virus killing the planet. To stop global warming, he sets out to kill a large proportion of humanity. His evil plan, which is much the same as the dreams of the green movement, is thwarted by people who dress well and have impeccable manners.

Instead of working against truth and beauty, Hollywood is now on the side of the justly righteous. The next stage will be when, to indicate a character’s gullibility, insanity or mental instability, it is mentioned that he once believed in global warming. Of course Hollywood does not have any moral scruples and mocking global warming is only a business decision. But mocking something is the first stage of destroying it and we should be duly thankful.

David Archibald is a visiting fellow at the Institute of World Politics in Washington.

His most recent book is Twilight of Abundance (Regnery, 2014).

219 thoughts on “Cultural Tipping Point Reached – Hollywood has started mocking global warming

    • The old idiom “When Pigs Fly” was disproved a long time ago.
      Seen in a commenter’s tag line on slashdot.
      With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine. That doesn’t make it a good idea however. The pigs don’t land so well and nobody want’s to be standing underneath when one goes overhead.

    • Kingsman is a great movie especially because it does not follow the spy movie mold. It’s original, funny and surprising.
      The bad guys get their heads exploded just like the climate change ad reversed and the audience actually cheered !

  1. They should be ashamed, mocking settled science. Doesn’t Hollywood understand the basic physics?

      • They had many gems to choose from in Day After Tomorrow. That was the most stupid movie of all time, in my opinion.

      • I think, that excepting the Good Graphics and Effects, 2012 has The Day After Tomorrow nearly beat for least intelligent

      • Competition for the most abusively stupid sci-fi movie is very crowded. Two recent appalling mingers much worse than Day After Tomorrow are Transcendence (where a scientist- killing bimbo is the heroine) and Lucy (a narcotic turns Scarlett Johansson into God). Even true stars like SJ and Morgan Freeman, and great effects, can’t save such rubbish.
        It would be better to focus on the tiny minority of sci-fi movies which give the sense that they were written by someone who cares about science. Like Contact, or Blade Runner, AI and a few others.

      • Hey, Guys, Come on;
        Surely the diamond amongst them all is the product-placement-free ‘Lego – the Movie’.
        uh – Mods, do excuse the plainly totally unnecessary /Sarc.

      • I’m pretty sure that the giant wave that overtakes the Statue of Liberty in The Day After Tomorrow would have had to come from across New Jersey.

    • They just heard the head of the IPCC describe global warming as his “religion”. They can’t possible NOT mock anything having to do with religion.

    • I was much amused to see in an episode of NCIS Either Abby or McGeek pointing to the ‘senders IP address’ that featured a dotted quartet of numbers one of which was over 300…

      • Actually, they do that intentionally. It guarantees that they’re not putting out someone’s real IP address.

    • Di Caprio is in my hometown of Canmore, Alberta (just outside of Banff) shooting a movie but friends working on the set tell my he flies home every weekend.
      “Do as I say, not as I do!”

      • Leo is renting a mansion from an OIL TYCOON in Calgary and getting an hour ride to the set and back in a black Escalady every day…and flying home. (we have people in the neighbourhood)

      • And he wants to be able to continue doing it, so can you please walk to the grocery store from now on?!?! Those reusable grocery bags make great ear muffs!

    • No, I think their AGW advocacy is actually harmful to the AGW cause — they both seem to me to be highly likely to say something that is so egregiously stupid that it will make even the dimmest of their “fans” cringe.

      • They must think that by siding with the communist green movement that when they (the greenies) take over they will be among the last to be shot.

    • You’d think the fact that there’s unusually high levels of snow falling all over the planet, would make them think about what is actually going on. Don’t these guys realise that we are in a cooling phase now? Numbskulls is the right word to use for them.

      • You’re confusing weather with climate. And we don’t know whether we’re in a cooling phase, and won’t know for a few years. Same holds for warming.

      • Jeff Mitchell,
        Record cold may be taken as a valid refutation of the AGW hypothesis, which puts that we should be experiencing milder winters, just so, as likewise the lack of warming constitutes a reputation of AGW.
        Climate is weather and weather trends are climate. No trend of milder winters yet.

      • Check out the temperatures in Europe. Moscow has been warmer than Baltimore all winter.
        Because climate.

      • mpainter:
        In global warming climatology, arguments can neither be refuted nor validated. I provide a proof of this contention in my comment of March 1 at 9:17 am.

      • @joel,irrelevant, you haven’t told us that Moscow is at seasonal normal. BTW joel AGW theory says global warming is to be accelerating not stopped and/or cooling !!

    • Sorry, Clooney the climate looney and Di Caprio The climate Pinochio, are currently Incommunicado on their gas guzzling, sea poluting, CO2 emitting, Ocean liners, spreading the green word.

  2. Don’t forget the film Interstellar had a Dr Mann who fakes data.
    From Wikipedia:
    “Mann (Matt Damon), who always knew Plan B was the mission’s true goal, faked data about his planet’s viability so Endurance would rescue him. Mann breaks Cooper’s spacesuit visor and leaves him to die, and flees to Endurance on a shuttle; Romilly is killed by a bomb Mann set to protect his secret. Amelia rescues Cooper using the other cargo shuttle, and they arrive at Endurance in time to witness Mann docking improperly. The airlock explodes, killing Mann and causing serious damage, but Cooper uses the cargo shuttle to get Endurance under control.”
    Where have I heard that name before? Is there a hockey stick of fun emerging?

    • It’s just become too much material for scriptwriters to ignore. They’ve delivered real life farce in spades.

      • I was too shocked to laugh. It was ultra-liberal Obamaist Hollywood openly ridiculing Mann. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

      • Honestly, a lot of folks did not “get” it–I laughed out loud. First shock, then laughter. I am glad at least some movie mogals have the courage to put in these zingers. Haven’t seen Kingsman yet–but look forward to it.

      • Being a bit more specific, Dr Mann in the movie fakes data to show that his frozen world is much warmer than it actually is. He also claims to have been to the surface. He is also a coward. He also only thinks of himself. He is also willing to eliminate people who would expose his perfidy. He is finally the architect of his own end. What could art be imitating??

      • Andrew, Chris Nolan has great form in putting a mirror to the liberal beliefs. As well as the Interstellar example, his barbs aimed at socialist ideas through the final Batman movie, when Bane allows the ‘poor’ to steal from the ‘rich’, was brutal.

      • The thing that shocked me was the Matt Damon, a noted fan of Howard Zinn and about as far left as you can get, played the part. Is he following the usual trajectory of tending toward conservatism as he gets older, or does he just accept whatever role comes his way?
        It would be nice if the leftoids were finally reverting to their supposed support of the working class, and were realizing that the tracks for the AGW express are laid across their backs.

    • I was going to mention Interstellar.
      Another film with a British director who has a large amount of creative freedom because of the past commerciality of their work.
      Excuse my obvious repetitive agenda here but please note:
      In the UK the AGW thing is not split left-right politically so our branch of Hollywood is more capable of being sceptical without losing the arts liberal bias..

    • Curious that Mann hasn’t sued the writers, producers, director, actors, etc. I do not think it a coincidence the narcissistic self serving scientist faking data to show a planet warmer than it was, was called Dr Mann.
      Dr Mann pointing out what a dishonest ass dr Mann is probably was not going to go well.

      • There is no grounds for a suit or a complaint. Dr Mann does not own the name “Dr Mann ” .
        So the only way Dr Mann would recognize himself being mimicked in the Movie would be if he attributed the actions of “Dr Mann” in the movie to be referring to himself . Then surely such recognition could then be construed as recognition by Dr Mann of guilt of such things.
        If I was the defense Lawyer that would be part of my Defense case.

      • It would bring attention to himself. If the judge ruled that the “fictional’ Dr Mann was very close to the real Dr Mann, and thus not derrogotary, what would be the compensation? It would be like mentioning someone famous in some movie, eg the president, and having law suits going on. If such a ruling were to occur, Mann would be finished.

      • Perhaps Mann is aware of what happened to Joan Baez when she threatened to sue Al Capp?
        Joanie Phonie was a character in the heyday of Al Capp’s “Li’l Abner,” believed to have been loosely modeled on folk singer Joan Baez, who, like Hillary, was bereft of the common touch. When Joanie ran across a child who had fallen, lying helpless and bruised in the street, she imagined that the way to help was to step on him. That gave the kid an incentive to get up and give her a smack.
        Then Joanie heard that the orphanage had run out of heat, light and groceries, and the children were starving. So she, with the heart as big as all outdoors, donated $10,000 to the orphanage — not in mere cash, but in Vietnam War protest songs.
        Miss Baez, with the liberal’s usual disdain for somebody else’s free speech, demanded that Mr. Capp eliminate the character, threatening to sue and to do all manner of ugly things to make him stop. Mr. Capp was puzzled. “Joanie Phoanie is a repulsive, egomaniacal, un-American, nontaxpaying horror,” said he. “I see no resemblance to Joan Baez whatsoever, but if Miss Baez wants to prove there is, let her.” Miss Baez shut up, and Miss Phonie lived out her days in Dogpatch.

  3. Unfortunately, Obama’s War [Democratic Party’s War; EPA’s War] on inexpensive energy is continuing. Coal is evil; Oil is evil; Trees produce smog/evil; Natural Gas is sort of evil [Fracking is the devils opening of hell on earth]; Nuclear is spooky evil. Only when California gets cold enough to need heat will the Country finally turn on this attack. Only when the Delaware freezes over Washington, will sanity return.

    • California imports tankers of oil and great long rail cars full if oil. They may have loads if activists blocking pipelines and “fracking” by the pump jacks still pump, the ships still dock, and the trains still roll.
      California is the third largest refiner of petroleum in the United States. Where are the protestors? Where are the folks standing in the rail lines blocking the trains if death blocking all the dirty oil coming from the Canadian oil sands on Warren Buffet’s (and others) trains???
      /sarc off
      This paper is 9 years old, but the story hasn’t changed.

      • Within the last decade, I watched an “expose” on some cable channel of the fact that you could shop and eat in places in Los Angeles within walking distance of an oil well. The thirty something skate boarders were shocked and all expressed suitable anger that someone in Sacramento hadn’t done something to stop the outrage. I thought of the Belmont learning center, (Built on an old field.) The Farmers Market,(Built on an old field.) Beverly Hills High,(Built on an old field.) Signal Hill, Lomg Beach Harbor, Santa Barbra and the La Brea Tar Pits. I considered how few ways there were to get from LAX to L.A without going through a field of pump jacks, and in an Ozymandias moment, I despaired.

      • You can walk across the grounds of the natural history museum at La Brea and find yourself accidentally stepping in a seep of tar. The ground is soaked with it.

  4. Yes, quite. It would considered rude to dis-invite 5 billion people to the party. Not the behavior of a gentleman. Any civilized man knows than in such circumstances, a good host must simply accommodate.

  5. And what does the Guardian see in Kingsman?

    Is Kingsman the most conservative comedy this century?
    Contemptuous of women and the working class, with an environmentalist baddie and an establishment hero,….
    It is an unpleasant, carelessly violent cartoon, in thrall to the establishment and utterly contemptuous of women and the working class…..

    The end result of the solution of the villain is the same as the Greens. ;-p

  6. In the television series “The Walking Dead”, life for the remaining survivors has greatly improved because the reduced carbon emissions have made the climate as pleasant as it was prior to the intolerably hot year of 1988 when Hanson warned the world about the coming sizzle apocalypse.
    I haven’t caught up with the latest season of the show as I had to re-record the shows after my TV provider swapped my PVR for an updated version during a switch to fiber optic service. I am sure things will probably get quite rosy for Rick, Bob, Tyreese and the rest of the gang especially once they realize that wood can be used as a source of energy. Have I mentioned how warm it is out in western Canada? Well, I’m going to go look at the flowers.

    • Oh. Well I won’t spoil anything for you, but they recently went through a drought. I thought that would be a thing of the past with no human CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, heh.

    • Mild yes, but not breaking any historical records. We will be seeing temps over night going below 0 C so , time to cover those plants that may be vulnerable. Nothing that my hardy palms cant handle though. I am a bit worried about my climbing roses though, they thought the worst of winter was over and have started climbing. My apple trees were not fooled and are still dormant, they have seen it before.

  7. About the movie ‘Kingsmen: The Secret Service’ … it’s a brilliant movie. And Samuel L Jackson’s take on the global warming myth is superb!

    • Samuel L. Jackson also recently did a great job in the remake of Robocop He played an over- the- top media mouthpiece, manipulating public opinion at the behest of an eeevil corporate/government power structure. It was quite obvious that his character was designed to promote the idea that the public mindset is indeed manipulated by by the media, to fulfill hidden agendas of greed and power.

    • Sorry, whenever I hear Samuel L. Jackson all I can hear is Officer Tenpenny (+1 to anyone who gets that reference without having to Google it).

  8. “Richard Valentine” is likely to become a label or a verb like that of Gruber in connection with the healthcare policy guru who advised they could put the plan over because ‘people’ are stupid (or some such). To be grubered is to be easily fooled by deceptive wording. Here’s the money quote:
    ” “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever. But basically that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.”” Jonathan Gruber, Ec professor at MIT.
    This is the reason that Democrats don’t like Gruber to be referred to as the architect of Obamacare. I recommend for the evil plan of the movie the verb “valentinoing”

    • The Gruber quotation sounds a bit like Churchill’s: “All I ever wanted was compliance with my wishes…..after reasonable discussion.”

      • Warmists are like snakes. Never fly with them, despite their great love of flying by plane. They really love fossil fuels,, despite their ‘protests’ – see their Twitters, iPods, iPhones, laptops, ‘carbon reduction’ investments, WARM HOMES IN WINTER, ‘important climate conferences’ and other bits of bulls’ shit. It’s much worse than I thought and we must act now.

        Samuel L. Jackson
        get these mother fxcking snakes off this mother fxcking plane

        The Earth is the plane, get these mother fxcking snakes off this mother fxcking plane.
        PS if any Warmist thins I am silly then please post a comment to me.

  9. From the article:
    “A movie just out, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, indicates that the cultural tipping point has been reached. It is now safe and commercially profitable for moviemakers to mock belief in global warming.”
    That’s the key, right there. Look at the comment section of any internet news item which tries to promote the CAGW premise. The comments are overwhelmingly derisive of the whole meme. The public isn’t buying the propaganda. That fact is not lost on those whose livelihood depends on keeping a finger on the pulse of the current cultural belief structure.

    • Even in the Guardian’s comments there is a large number of skeptics these days. Sooner or later, the editors will take note. Most likely too late to save any semblance of integrity in that paper.

      • Over the past few years I have sent emails to Scientific American, National Geographic, etc., with non-strident comments against CAGW, appealing to reason, etc.
        I believe such non-orchestrated, one-on-one campaigns have a long-term corrosive effect on the meme-controllers.

      • True. It’s worse than it appears though, for the weather-alarmed, as that is despite the Guardian banning commenters who try to be politely sceptical and so aren’t very easily mocked.
        And they’ve banned me as well.

      • MCourtney,
        You should sign up again. Send them your comment and quote some skeptical AGW science from Russia and sign it,
        From Russia with love,
        Edward Snowden
        I bet they’d post it then!

    • In the UK we are getting promoted tweets asking us to invest in solar and wind. Pretty well every reply points out that a business founded on subsidy and preferential tariffs is in no way sustainable.
      Needless to say I am blocked by most of them. The tide is turning.

  10. I wonder if they might consider a making more intellectual drama out of Michael Crichton’s State of fear. There is also a lot of potential for historical dramas. I think Andrew Montford’s Hockey Stick Illusion would make a great movie. I think I would cast Tom Selleck as Steve McIntire and Gary Sinise as Ross McKitrick. Perhaps Mann could be played by a hapless John Hodgeman. Matt Ridley could do a cameo where he explains how the hockey stick has convinced him that the current warming is unpresidented and it has been published in Nature magazine. I would have to include Tamino’s reveiw at Real Climate with Judith Curry (Julie Ann Moore) arguing in the comments with Gavin Schmidt (Joe Panteliano).
    Climategate also offers a lot of potential. I picture Russel Crowe as Steve Mosher typing cryptic typo laden text when the phone rings. He asks the caller if he looked at those emails and a desperate voice replies, “Where did you get these?” The camera focuses in on a smirky grin. I also picture Sam Nel as Anthony getting off an airplane with a worried look on his face and then hearing a siren. He looks around and sees some paramedics attending to someone who has collapsed.
    Could Michael Mann be made into the hero of a movie? Perhaps Keanu Reeves could shave the top of his head, grow a van dyke, and deliver the line: “Woo! They’re demanding to see my data. And my code!” Steve Buscemi as Phil Jones could ask him to delete any emails and pass the request along to Gene. Reeves could reply: “I’ll contact Gene ASAP!” Someone could approach him with a graph and ask, “Did you center this right?” Reeves could mischievously reply “This is modern centering.”
    Reply: It’s good to see someone remembering the details of those rather exciting few days. I really like your false alarm scene/idea. ~ctm

    • Canman: “I wonder if they might consider a making more intellectual drama out of Michael Crichton’s State of fear”.
      Not being a scientist (nor an intellectual), Crichton’s State Of Fear is what led to my interest into the AGW subject – specifically, the lies related to AGW – and eventually led me to WUWT.
      I have been a huge fan of Crichton’s books since The Andromeda Strain (he died far too young – may he rest in peace), and am also a fan of the movies he’s directed.
      But as much as I am a fan of his in general, and State Of Fear specifically, this is one book that I just cannot envision being made into a movie. Not because of the subject matter, but because the best parts of the book (IMHO) were where the protagonists “explained” the fallacies of AGW, thus presenting the science behind these explanations.
      I would bet my life’s’ savings (a meager amount) that Hollywood would remove all of these portions of the book if it was made into a film. And to be honest, I would probably agree with them because I don’t think they would translate properly on the big screen. I would rather that Hollywood (or any movie maker) came up with their own script and movie, as they did with Kingsman (especially given how Sphere and Timeline were butchered).

      • Stevan Makarevich

        I would bet my life’s’ savings (a meager amount) that Hollywood would remove all of these portions of the book if it was made into a film. And to be honest, I would probably agree with them because I don’t think they would translate properly on the big screen.

        To see how Hollywood destroyed – completely made a parody of a good novel’s basic premise, read Starship Trooper by Robert Heinlein. Then see how Hollywood aborted its primary theme of self-reliance and military service and responsibilities vs citizen rights and privileges into the proto-Nazi images and themes of the recent movie.

    • The movie could start out by showing the air-conditioning thermostats being turned off in congress, and end by showing a hockey game on the frozen Potomac – with real long blades at their ends – making goal, after goal, after goal,…

    • When I win the lottery, producing this movie will be first thing on my saving the world from people trying to save the world list. Canman, you should start working on the script now.

  11. And at the same time, they have loosed Bill Weir on the planet to go find stuff we need to see before (he predicts) it is gone. This foul mouthed idiot will be attempting to build serious concern over global warming by taking us on nature hikes. On the up side, nothing but stupid remarks will be a permanent part of the script and will make the stink of this nature show stay around like a dead carcass.

    • youtube constantly takes everytrhing down; it suffices that someone complains about a copyright violation. Youtubes procedure is to take down your stuff just in case, then ask you to provide your personal details to the complainer; so that matters can be settled in a lawsuit.
      Everyone who does not want to be stalked by madmen simply lets matters rest.

      • Jeff,
        Free i.e. taxpayer money will do strange things to people, kind of like gold. If Schmidt was against AGW before, he has had a “conversion” and a come to Gaia moment.
        Google has already figured out how to stiff tax and ratepayers while they get subsidies and millions for “green”.
        Google Kills Birds
        The mercenary motives behind Eric Schmidt’s appeal to green virtue.
        “..The death toll is disputed by others, but Google has made taxpayers complicit in its avian-cide. The $2.2 billion bird fryer was funded with a $1.6 billion federal loan, which Google and its business partners plan to repay by applying for a federal grant.
        “…The do-no-evil company has invested $157 million in a wind farm in California’s Tehachapi Mountains, which has killed thousands of birds including federally protected golden eagles. Google’s renewable portfolio includes a $275 million investment in two wind farms in Texas that are partly responsible for the construction of $7 billion in new transmission lines. The Texas Public Utility Commission estimates the lines will cost ratepayers on average $72 per year. Google has about $60 billion in cash and short-term investments sitting on its balance sheet….”

  12. I think there’s a limit to the number of false predictions you can make before you start to damage your credibility. It appears the alarmists have reached that limit.
    I have a question, I don’t doubt that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and has probably warmed the planet slightly. I am skeptical of the feedbacks used in the climate models and the dire consequences of climate change. Does that make me a skeptic or a lukewarmist?

    • It makes you a denier. Nier, nier, pants on fire. /sarc off
      The worst offender to a cult or religion is not the person who totally rejects it, but the one who almost toes the ideological line. Heathens are bad, but dissidents are the devil. Perhaps that is why Mr. Pielke jr. is on the infamous list.

      • Sort of like: “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
        Revelation 3:16

    • I think there’s a limit to the number of false predictions you can make before you start to damage your credibility. It appears the alarmists have reached that limit.
      The question is, will it matter to the powers that be what we, the people, think? Even if the vast majority of the country understands the entire thing is a scam, (and, yes, we are getting there) is there any reason to believe the Left/Democrat politicians and their bundlers and mega donor crony capitalists will give it up?
      I fear we will, to paraphrase Charlton Heston, have to “pry it from their cold, dead hands”.

      • Plausible deniability.
        We all believed it was true and all the scientists (we paid to tell us it was) told us it was, so how could we possibly disagree..
        I had the same response when query why a local council lost millions in a failed Icelandic bank, when all the columnists in the Financial Times had been saying for months that Icelandic banks were a very dangerous investment.
        The excuses were that:
        (a) Icelandic banks were on the top of a preferred list of investments for local councils,
        (b) the man in charge of council investment was ‘too busy’ to read the financial times.

      • sailor2014:
        The IPCC models do not make “predictions.” They make “projections.” The difference in meanings of the two terms is crucial to understanding what it is that is wrong with the arguments of the IPCC climatologists. My comment on March 1 at 9:17 am provides details.

  13. Tom Clancy, Hunt for Red October, etc., wrote “Rainbow 6”, in which a billionaire planned to use a weaponised virus to kill most of humanity.
    His twist was his company produced vaccines – after the initial staged outbreak, the second step was to follow up with vast batches of live virus disguised as vaccine, and kill people who were trying to protect themselves from the original release.

    • Holywood writers don’t have much imagination. In Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis, a virologist has created a virus to destroy Mankind.

      • “Holywood writers don’t have much imagination.”
        A generally true statement for these times. Thus so many remakes. There was a time when Hollywood produced a whole line up of popular dramas that were both entertaining and thought provoking while having the vast majority of the scenes played out in a single room setting. No more. They have neither the desire, the ability, nor many actors that could pull it off now days.

      • While I don’t disagree with the statement, you probably picked about the worst possible example of unimagintive film making.
        Giliam is arguably the single most imaginative and daring person in Hollywood. 12 Monkeys is no exception, even if its settings backstory is not overly complex.
        Next time maybe you can go for something much more fitting, like say, Indiana Jones – Nazis looking for Ark. Guy escapes their capture, realizes they are looking in the wrong place, and proceeds to lead them right to it. Guy then tries to get it back… The guy responsible for that is similarly held up as a truly imaginative mind, largly because of what others did to make his first two movies what they became (often against his objections)

      • Holywood writers don’t have much imagination.

        Hollywood writers have plenty of imagination. Hollywood bosses, however, don’t have much appetite for risk. A Hollywood movie is a fantastic way to loose a crapload of money if it bombs. Hence sequels and derivative movies: the hard work is already done, so the investment is lower (prop reuse, special effect modeling etc). If the cost is less the risk is lowered because the movie can make its costs back sooner. All the better if it’s a sequel; it doesn’t have to be screened for critics, so if it really bombs the fans will see it anyway.

      • D.S.February 28, 2015 at 10:27 am
        You’re right. I actually like 12 Monkeys. Whereas the Indiana Jones movies seem somewhat overhyped.

    • its not farfetched
      consider some certain natural immunity gained from common childhood diseases(measles) actually does help protect against its far more deadly related ones.
      everyone gets the lab version doesnt have that assistance, and what little they do get wears off, while natural is a lifetime thing.
      whooping cough is another, the bugs mutated past the vax strains, which is why immunised people are getting it, even after as many as 3 vaccinations. I was vaxed. copped it as a 50+yr old 2 yrs ago, annoying, but I will now have the rest of my life problem free:-) Natural immunity now.
      immunised for mumps n caught them too just 10 yrs on as a teen.

  14. David, might there be Hollywood movie-deal for you for a “Twilight of Abundance” – like story, telling the story of the Maunder Minimum, the Dalton Minimum, The Little Ice Age, the Modern Maximum, and our slide towards the impending weak Sun induced cooling?
    The world needs to how serious it is getting as big governments are preparing for the wrong “emergency”.

  15. “The next stage will be when, to indicate a character’s gullibility, insanity or mental instability, it is mentioned that he once believed in global warming. ”
    Dear David Appell,
    Your future is bleak.
    That is all,
    Your pal.

  16. Really surprised to see leftwinger Jimmy Kimmel mock Stana Katic’s Alternative Transport Program of having people walk or take the bus.

  17. The next stage will be when, to indicate a character’s gullibility, insanity or mental instability, it is mentioned that he once believed in global warming.

    I’m waaayyyy ahead of you. I exploit this multiple times a day, every day.
    My favorite thing to do is, instead of saying “hello” to everyone I know (and don’t know), I ask them, “How’s your carbon footprint?”
    It’s very effective! People are taken aback. The unusual question interferes with the mechanistic greeting and makes people think for a moment. Next they usually chuckle, because they see how stupid the question is. Then I sense they don’t want to be seen as gullible, so they attempt to distance themselves from the whole climate change concept.
    Try it. It’s fun and it works!

  18. Hollywood has an unfailing instinct for being a weathervane. No doubt their strategists have been discussing for a long time when the time would be right for throwing the alarmists overboard and try to get money from the other side. The disaster orange has been sucked dry, enter the Alarmist Bad Guy.
    If this becomes a trend, imagine what rich pickings may be had from the story about a certain IPCC chairman, warts and all.

    • dmacleo,
      It depends in part on how well it does at the Boxoffice, but it at least indicates that in the Movie industry the use of climate warming as a theme may be losing marketing momentum.

  19. …His evil plan, which is much the same as the dreams of the green movement, is thwarted by people who dress well and have impeccable manners….
    That would be a re-run of The Avengers, then – the classic ones, not the comic book. I wonder what Steed and Mrs Peel would have thought…?

  20. …My favorite thing to do is, instead of saying “hello” to everyone I know (and don’t know), I ask them, “How’s your carbon footprint?”
    It’s very effective! People are taken aback. The unusual question interferes with the mechanistic greeting and makes people think for a moment. Next they usually chuckle, because they see how stupid the question is. Then I sense they don’t want to be seen as gullible, so they attempt to distance themselves from the whole climate change concept.
    Try it. It’s fun and it works!…

    Most people say “How are you?” to me.
    I explain that, without a current medical doctor’s qualification, I’m really not in a position to hazard an opinion…

    • A: How are you?
      B: Beats me, how are you?
      A: Ok as far as I can tell, but I’ve been tricked before.

    • Not related to weather or climate, but I’ve been having fun with “My privacy policy does not allow me to divulge that information.”

  21. The movie Snowpiercer was very popular among Marxists and their fellow travelers because it featured a proletarian rebellion against wealthy exploitative overlords, with an ample dose of revolutionary carnage.
    However, the movie also presented two points consistent with the theme of this article.
    First, the environmental catastrophe of snowball earth was caused by a stupid geo-engineering scheme to combat global warming.
    Second, the evil oppressor overlord played by Ed Harris instituted regularly scheduled slaughters of the lower class population in order to maintain a “delicate ecological balance” on the train.

  22. Although many Hollywood Left wing morons like Michael Moore mocked American Sniper, especially for the protagonist’s downhome patriotism, raking in over $330 million in 7 weeks gets their attention. Money ultimately is what motivates Hollywood producers.

  23. We’re back to 1966 where the movie “Our Man Flint” made fun of the spy movie genre, scientists, environmentalists, and extreme weather.
    Plot line from IMDB: The world’s weather seems to have changed dramatically with violent storms everywhere and long dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting. No one is sure what is happening or why but when American intelligence chief Cramden loses yet another team of agents, there appears to be only one man who can do the job: Derek Flint, former super spy, incredibly rich and the ultimate ladies man. Despite Cramden’s concerns, Flint is on the job and soon discovers that the Earth’s weather is under the control of a secret organization known as GALAXY whose scientists are looking to pacify the world and devote humankind to scientific pursuits.

  24. Comercially profitable? Roaring success. I saw it (for the second time, as the wife’s cousin was visiting from Turkey, where it isn’t out yet) last weekend and the cinema was still full. We had to buy premium seats, even booking in advance, to get a decent view. That was over 3 weeks after it was released in the UK.
    Quantum of Solace did lead the way for it though, with an environmentalist as villain supported by corrupt government officials and politicians. Perhaps why it is one of my favourite Bond films despite its unpopularity with reviewers.

    • Quantum of Solace was almost a very good movie but it was ruined by terrible editing.
      There’s not a single memorable scene as the camera angle moves so often – to build the viewer’s heart-rate – it doesn’t let the mind engage. Even the brilliant stunt in the plane and the girl coated in oil (a la Goldfinger) don’t stick in the mind. The Bourne Identity had a similar problem.
      Which is a shame as it was the first film to feature mocking of AGW.
      When the taxi-driver blames global warming for the weather Bond looks at his colleague and wears a scornful expression.
      A British movie again, of course.

  25. The fact that a film can make fun of the warmists agenda and achieve commercial success supports the assertion the public does not believe global warming is a significant problem.
    The warmists are losing support for their extreme global warming crisis, due to the fact that there has been no warming for 18 years and there is now observational evidence that there is cooling of both poles.
    The tipping point in the warmists propaganda program will be unequivocal planetary cooling, coupled with an unexplained drop in atmospheric CO2, and accompanied by unexplained changes to the sun (TSI will eventually drop). Do you think the public, politicians, and non warmist scientists, will connect the weird and sudden change of the sun with the unexplained cooling of the planet?
    Have a try to predict (put on your mass psychology thinking cap) how the climate wars will morph in response to unequivocal planetary cooling, coupled with an unexplained drop in atmospheric CO2, and an unexplained change to the sun (TSI will eventually drop, which will require a revision of stellar physics to explain, hint the explanation for a change in TSi is the same reason why quasars do not exhibit time dilation which is a paradox and is the explanation of super massive black hole downsizing which is also a paradox)?
    1. Will there be public panic and a demand for answers concerning a list of issues? It will appear obvious to the public and media that some scientists and some theories were completely incorrect. How is that possible? Is there going to be a new ‘Ice Age’? It is a fact that the earth has cyclically warmed and cooled in the past with the changes correlating with solar magnetic cycle changes. Is a climategate culture part of the reason why mother nature fooled 70% of all climate sciences?
    2. Is it possible/likely that top scientists in the scientific community (have started to abandon) will quickly abandon the incorrect warmist paradigm, to protect their jobs and because the majority of scientists believe the goal of science is solve scientific puzzles, rather than to ignore/suppress data and analysis that does not support the warmist paradigm?
    Hot off the press.

    Solar forcing of Holocene summer sea-surface temperatures in the northern North Atlantic
    March 2015, v. 43, no. 3
    Mounting evidence from proxy records suggests that variations in solar activity have played a significant role in triggering past climate changes. However, the mechanisms for sun-climate links remain a topic of debate. Here we present a high-resolution summer sea-surface temperature (SST) record covering the past 9300 yr from a site located at the present-day boundary between polar and Atlantic surface-water masses. The record is age constrained via the identification of 15 independently dated tephra markers from terrestrial archives, circumventing marine reservoir age variability problems. Our results indicate a close link between solar activity and SSTs in the northern North Atlantic during the past 4000 yr; ….
    … Furthermore, the high-resolution SST record indicates that climate in the North Atlantic regions follows solar activity variations on multidecadal to centennial time scales.

    • I thought this was why they changed it from THE GLOBE IS WARMING AND IT’S ALL MAN’S FAULT. REPENT AND GIVE US YOUR MONEY SO YOU WILL BE SAVED. THE END IS NIGH to Climate Change? No matter what happens they can say, “See, we told you”.

  26. What is the point of taking note of a movie actor’s views on any topic other than acting? They are paid to act, but how can you tell when they’re not acting, especially when there are cameras around?

    • Bohdan Burban

      What is the point of taking note of a movie actor’s views on any topic other than acting? They are paid to act, but how can you tell when they’re not acting, especially when there are cameras around?

      A good question, but I notice “nobody” in the CAGW religion doubted the utility or wisdom or problems with using Hollywood celebrities as Congressional witnesses for farm relief, for homeless photo ops before Congress, for “peace” missions and appeals, for international “wisdom” and support at fund raisers, the Oscars, in New York demonstrations, at parties (did I mention fund raising ?) and for publicity at democrat party conventions and in front of the democrat party TV newsreaders of the ABCNNBCBS press corpse.
      See, it seems that only now that Hollywood publicity is “not favorable” to the democrat party elites and the administration’s political demands that people complain about how inappropriate it is to listen to Hollywood actors and actresses about international events.

    • What is the point of taking note of a movie actor’s views on any topic other than acting?

      1 They are expert communicators.
      2 They have access to the people at the top of other fields because of their celebrity.
      3 The actors who are spokespeople have reached the peak in their field. Anyone who is very good at one thing is worthy of respect.
      4 Screen acting is a profession with lots of downtime which permits expertise to be developed in other fields.
      5 Many actors have excelled in other fields because they have the riches to take advantage of their opportunities (for example Hedy Lamarr developed weapons guidance systems in WW2).
      6 Being rich and famous doesn’t make you stupid anymore than it makes you smart.
      7 They are more pleasing to the eye than most politicians.
      OK, you get a Ronald Reagan for every Glenda Jackson but you can’t always get what you want.

      • MCourtney…..
        They are expert liars. They are schooled on drugs, alcohol and narcissism. For every Ronald Reagan there are 10,000 Tom cruises…for every heady Lamar there are 100,000 Kim Kardashian. Exceptionally few have the capacity to read more than a few lines of their scripts AND even fewer work on attaining any “higher education.”
        Okay… a few that have “excelled in other fields” and ease don’t use any conservative actors. Use only liberals.
        That is an exercise in futility.

      • Er, I meant you get a Ronald Reagan (doh) for every Glenda Jackson (heroine). I’m a lefty.
        From recent times I would put forward Emma Watson’s recent speech on feminism at the UN as a fine example of a celebrity promoting thoughtful and useful ideas. And feminism is hardly conservative.
        Yes, many celebrities are stupid, obviously. News just in, many bankers, salesmen and even scientists are stupid outside of their speciality. But not all. And they have specialist skills that are transferable.
        In the case of actors their transferable skills are media manipulation and communication.
        Don’t ignore that resource.

    • Your comment reminds me of a very old tale in which a man has a bad cold. He is given advice on how to cure it. To prove her credentials, the woman giving the advice says (and this shows how old the joke is…..): “I’m Billie Burke of Hollywood.'” He replies, modestly: “I’m a doctor at the Mayo Clinic.”

  27. I refuse to believe that the idiot left has somehow gained IQ and has flip flopped to the other side. It’s probably their attempt at sarcasm, although it maybe a little too subtle for some people.

  28. Given some of the apparent misgivings in the States about the integrity of some of the Congress men and women , especially on environmental issues , I wonder what a remake/ update of “Mr Smith Goes to Washington ” would look like. (Probably need a gender update).

  29. Hollywood has always had an influence on society both in the USA and on this side of the Atlantic. I am certain that the number of people who believe in AGW will go down sharply if more films like Kingsmen are released. Here we have our Nanny state finger wagging whenever someone lights a cigarette on-screen followed by shrill squeals to ban it!
    The w’rm1sts should be very worried.
    There is a good website that specialises in failed climate predictions
    (I know it has been mentioned on WUWT before, but there is no harm in another mention)

    • andrewmharding , Thank you for posting it again. I had not seen it before. I suggest you keep posting it. I am very happy to have it to add to my files.
      PS I have noticed on certain sites that I visit regularly, the Wall Street Journal being one, the AGW true believers have gone silent. Now, I will admit that the subscription price is hefty and you probably have more than your fair share of intelligent people on there, but it is interesting to me how I no longer hear of rising sea levels, melting ice caps and Global Warming. The prior AGW believers just don’t mention it anymore. Not one has said, “Oops, guess I was wrong”, but they know they will be creamed if they dare mention Climate Change, so they just pretend the topic does not exist. The trolls don’t even comment on it anymore.
      Has anyone else noticed this on other sites?

  30. Hollywood, listen up…
    WUWT – the Movie
    Luke Climatewalker (Anthony Watts) battles the IPCC Empire who have developed a Death-Computermodel capable of destroying the entire planet. The secret plans for the computermodel are hidden inside a cute Stevenson Screen weatherstation that talks in chirps and whistles. Luke must decode the programme and deliver it to the WUWT Rebel Forces, whilst rescuing Princess Nova from the clutches of evil Data Evader (played by Michael Mann).
    The movie concludes with an epic light-hockeystick-saber battle between Climatewalker and Evader.
    Coming soon to a theatre near you!

    • I have to say thank you, David, for posting about Kingsman. And thank you, mwhite, for posting the trailer. I wouldn’t have heard about this movie otherwise. I just came back from watching it and had a wonderful time. LOL at several places.

  31. Well, some writers in Hollywood are true belivers. In the TV show Bones there are several references to climatechange and how bad science the sceptics use. I noticed the same in other TV shows.

    • Yup, it’s everywhere. In the UK TV show “The worst place to be a…”, last night featured a cattle farmer from the UK spending two weeks in Kenya with the Samburu tribe, subsistance cattle/goat farmers. Climate change was mentioned as the cause of the “worst drought in 60 years”, but then they go on to mention the cattle have evolved to live in that hot and dry environment drinking brackish water and scrounging for grass etc. Go figure!

  32. Oooooh! I just put “Kingsmen” on my ‘must watch’ list…
    Around the pool (hey, I’m in Florida… Warm is good 😉 most everyone likes making snarky remarks about all that “Global Warming” falling on Boston 😉 We also have a hoot or two about all the new “warm snow” up there. I’ve run into exactly zero people who are ‘true believers’ and only one or two who are “not sure but don’t know much”. True, it’s a place mostly populated by older folks (retired or snow-birds), but some are fairly young (some with kids in the ‘water wings’ stage). Overall, there’s zero belief in the warming idea here.
    Oh, and I need to point out, many of the folks complain about it being colder than in prior years. The ability to NOT use the pool is rare, even in winter, and folks are very aware of it. So, for example, the last 2 or 3 days have been a bust. Today is cold and raining. (Well… relatively cold… still went out with no shirt on but had to use an umbrella and felt a bit cool… Washer / drier access is outside the ‘cottage’…)
    The basic problem for Hollywood is that propaganda movies do not sell once the public realizes what it is. And a cold public waiting for warmth (to use the pool or to melt the snow enough to get food) is NOT buying the “warming” idea.
    So a (belated) cheer for Hollywood! Welcome to the side of truth, justice, and the American Way… 😉

  33. Here’s the perfect cast for an anti-CAGW Hollywood movie: Liam Neeson as McIntyre, Tom Hanks as Anthony; me as myself (a lurker) with Scarlett Johansson (my partner) as we make love reading WUWT and Climate Audit. Since this movie would be for a good cause I would work for free. Anybody paying attention ?

      • Well, I have to defer to your expertise in this matter as I have no empirical data to counter it and frankly, I don’t want any. Unless you are similar in appearance to the Black Widow actress, of course.
        Just remember what happens in a sequel with a Black Widow 🙂

  34. Instead of working against truth and beauty, Hollywood is now on the side of the justly righteous.

    I haven’t seen the movie, nor read all the comments, but that will be the day, when Hollywood is on the side of the justly righteous. Until then, it’s all about profit and propaganda, same as it ever was.
    Just as the other mass media do, Hollywood is quick to glom onto anything that has currency, buzz or legitimacy among certain groups. By showcasing such material, the mass media hope to burnish their credibility.

  35. I looooooove disaster movies! The Al Gore Movie (Day After Tomorrow, not the pedantic Inconvenient Truth) was outstanding, not to mention its own best sly mockery of global warming. But my very favorite was 2012. Can anyone ever top that?

    • But 2012 wasn’t about global warming as far as I can recall. It was about the fears of what might happen when the Myan calandar ended, Dec 12 2012 (I think it was) and the shift of magnetic poles and the like. Notice, it was the Chinese who built the “Arks”?

      • Omigosh!! The end of the world came and went already and I missed it. Thanks for reminding me.

  36. David, please disclose your previous funding from Exxon. From your website:
    “After graduating from Queensland University in geology in 1979, he worked in coal and oil shale exploration in Queensland and then in oil exploration with Exxon in Sydney.”

  37. I still think the film An inconvenient Truth will achieve cult status and people will shout the facts back at Al while they watch it.

  38. “Interstellar” also mocks the enviros. It goes so far as having an evil “Dr. Mann” who murders his colleagues, lies about his intentions to save mankind and is a coward whose attempts to save himself and no others are so panicked that he kills himself, destroys the rescue vessel and condemns the survivors to a short and brutish future (until saved in the last reel).
    “12 Monkeys” as a TV show also portrays environmentalists as man-hating maniacs who want to kill off the human race to “save” the planet.
    Evil fanatics are always good for movies. Not everyone thinks the type is restricted to the industrial- military complex anymore.

    • Evil fanatics are always good for movies. Not everyone thinks the type is restricted to the industrial- military complex anymore.
      The military-industrial complex, past and present, looks downright benign compared to the enviros. Also, like a really cheap enterprise in comparison.

  39. “… First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. …” – Mahatma Gandhi

  40. a quick search on the iinternet tells me this movie is about:
    UK Screen: Review: Kingsman
    When a mysterious internet billionaire, Valentine (Samuel L Jackson), kidnaps a respected climate change scientist, he manages to outwit the secret agent, Lancelot (Jack Davenport), who’s traced them to a mountain retreat.
    & is about world leaders, who are under the control of a Steve Jobs-like tech genius who has gone mad, not taking action on CAGW.
    12 Feb: Wall St Journal Speakeasy VIDEO (watch from 1.20 in)
    Is the villain that Samuel L. Jackson plays in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” based on hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons? What’s up with the movie’s climate change subplot?
    (paraphrasing: Kingsman director, Matthew Vaughn, on Samuel Jackson character, says the character is based on Steve Jobs. Vaughn says Valentine, the villain of the movie, identifies a problem that affects all of us, he talks about global warming, etc, so he identifies a problem which is realistic, but his solution is crazy…he crosses the rubicon into madness”)
    for this, & a million other reasons, i wouldn’t go near this movie.

  41. We all know how the dear BBC promotes everything and anything related to global warming / climate change. So, imagine my surprise when I watched episode 6 of “Yes, Prime Minister”, second series. Sir Humphrey denounced AGW as a hoax and repeated all the facts that we know to be true. This on a BBC program!!

  42. Kingsman star, Colin Firth, is married to eco-fashionista, “the Queen of the Green Carpet”, Livia Firth, whose name you see below in the youtube summary:
    54 secs: Youtube by EgoAgeTV: Colin Firth introduces #SustainableFilm at the BFI
    Bringing together key players in the film industry to highlight the importance of sustainability, Director of the BFI Amanda Nevill and Livia Firth introduced a panel of experts to talk best practice, the challenges ahead and outlining what tools and resources can help.
    The panel included Derek Watts (Three Mills Studios), Melanie Dicks (Greenshoot) Aaron Mathews (***Albert Carbon Calculator), David Neilson (Filming Scotland), chaired by John Newbigin (Creative England).

    ***check out Albert online, if u wish, search: BAFTA: Albert The Carbon Calculator
    Oct 2013: Sustainability: film has ‘a unique opportunity to inspire’ says actor Colin Firth
    Last week, as part of the BFI London Film Festival, the BFI and BAFTA hosted a Focus on Sustainability panel. Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age opened the discussion, which included industry representatives from Pinewood Studios, 3 Mills Studios, Filming Scotland, Greenshoot and Albert, along with our own Head of Film Dan Simmons. The agenda, headed up by driving figure Colin Firth, was creating a sustainable film industry; focusing initially on the environmental, but then also social and economic nature of this far-reaching issue.
    This comes after the recent IPCC climate report, affirming that human activity is the dominant cause of the global warming observed since the 1950s. Industry practitioners at the panel gave examples from bottles of water being wasted on set, to lights being left on overnight, and HGVs transporting equipment around the UK…

      • Idiot computer screwed up my joke.
        Reply: Wouldn’t it be great if computers did what you wanted instead of what you tell them to do. ~ ctm, guest appearance over. Carry on.
        [But the computer got the joke. It is now laughing about faulty base10 error-prone unreliable carbon-based computer interface devices. .mod]

  43. “The plot is that an evil billionaire by the name of Richard Valentine believes that humans, who cause global warming, are a virus killing the planet. To stop global warming, he sets out to kill a large proportion of humanity.” Are you sure this movie isn’t based on a true story?

  44. Since when is a film which is based on a comic written by a Scotsman, directed by an Englishman, screenwritten by an Englishwoman, filmed in England, and containing mainly British actors a Hollywood film?

  45. According to the plot, climate scientist James Arnold is kidnapped by evil billionaire Richmond Valentine. As soon as he is tracked down by secret agent Harry Hart and asked about Valentine’s whereabouts, a chip implanted in Arnold’s head explodes.
    Seems there is a hidden message in the movie to climate scientists, after all.

  46. If Colin Firth is involved, it might as well be a follow-up to the infamous 10:10:10 video.
    The greens and the Fabian types are basically happy that they’ve “won”. They foresee no legislative turning back now and that they can mock the swivel-eyed and loudmouthed amongst their supporters. Of course they may well be wrong, here’s hoping.
    Note that the villain in ‘Kingsman’ is a billionaire and that Dr Mann, parodied in ‘Interstellar’, has already got the US liberals against him because of his case against the National Review and Mark Steyn.
    Afraid I don’t see anything to encourage me in either of these movies.

  47. “This was the plot device of the film The Day After Tomorrow in which the protagonist battles wolves in a frozen New York.”
    Not to mention the helicopters flying through all those tornadoes. Oh yeah, and the weather experts in their cabin getting alerted to the really bad weather coming their way by watching …. the weather forecast on TV.
    Everybody should watch this film again, it is a comedy.

  48. I think Sharknado was the beginning of the end of the AlGollywood machine. However, we have one last attempt to be serious effort. The potty mouthed Bill Weir. However, I look forward to deliciously stupid statements that will rival Sharknado’s level of intellect. These people have no concept of when to get off the stage, even after being pelted with rotten sharks.

    • What got me about Sharknado was the “scientists” afterward explaining how it could “really happen”

      • Tony, your comment reminded me of old movies that echoed nuclear scientists suggesting that fallout could possibly cause mutated bugs. The “scientists” in Sharknado where of this variety: There is a certain amount of the “mad scientist” in Ivory Towers. Unfortunately, some of them make it to policy-deciding department chairs.

      • Sadly, I was referring to supposed scientists coming on real-world “news” shows to talk about how ‘climate change’ could actually cause waterspouts that would be strong enough to pick up sharks and bring them to land.
        And they wonder why people don’t believe them…
        (as for old movies and nuclear fears – remember “Crack in the World”?)

      • Unfortunately, some of them make it to policy-deciding department chairs.
        Even more unfortunate, some of them make it to the highest levels of Government.

  49. I am surprised no movie critics called attention to Kingsman doing a play on the Ten Ten project. In Kingsman the imbedded exploding devises are used against the alarmists. It was epic.

  50. Contrary to the author’s assertion, a “science of climate” cannot have been under “intense scrutiny” for there has been no such a science. A science is marked by one’s ability to construct a histogram. The height of each bar belonging to a histogram is proportional to a count of the associated observed events: a so-called “frequency.” A normalized frequency aka “relative frequency” is the empirical counterpart of a probability. When the numerical values of probabilities are restricted to 0 and 1 they are respectively called “true” and “false.” These values play crucial roles in the structure of the classical logic.
    A science is logical. In logic, a probability is a property of an inference. A result from removing one’s ability to construct a histogram is for an inference to lose this property. Global warming climatologists have removed this ability from us through their obdurate refusal to identify the events underlying their models. They must prefer illogic to logic or be unaware of the difference.
    In believing in one’s ability to scrutinize the outputs from global warming models the author is has plenty of company. Believers in this false proposition are dupes of a deception that is created when “projection” is treated as a synonym for “prediction.” This deception yields the false conclusion that the climate models make predictions. In philosophical terms, this deception is an example of an equivocation fallacy.

  51. I think that it’s ok that film makers put an accent on such topics. It is a good way to tell the public about climate change and other effects of wars and over industrialisations. Sometimes I like watching such movies, but I also like to read well-documented articles on this subjects. I found some of them on, which will help anyone interested to understand the causes of climate change our influence on climate change.

  52. Loved that the villan was a CO2-will-destroy-the-earth freak. Unfortunately, the movie was horrible – 20% of it wants to be a sophisticated take-off on Bond/spy films. The other 80% was apparently written by 14 year old boys with a violence fetish, no connection to the laws of physics, and a very limited vocabulary. It’s gross (in more ways than one). Sad that Colin Firth’s career has fallen to this low….

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