Friday Funny – for whom the bell Tols

Josh writes of this latest hilarious drawing:

Richard Tol says that Bob Ward is ‘engaged in a smear campaign’ against him. Reading quite a bit of what Bob has written over the past few years, and not just about Richard but about many others, it is difficult not to agree.


H/t to Anthony Watts who came up with ‘SpongeBob SmearPants’.

Cartoons by Josh

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  1. The little green troll’s bucket says ‘GREEN SLIME’, but its contents are clearly yellowish-brown. Why is that?
    … Oh yeah, never mind.

    • Have you been tested for color blindness? My wife and both my sons are green-brown color blind. It’s only apparent with subdued colors like “sage” and “fawn brown”. “Kelly green” and “chocolate bar brown” aren’t an issue. Based on my observations of their experiences, Josh’s coloring is right in their trouble zone.

      • The RGB value is, approximately, {181, 178, 45}
        This is a dark “wheat” brown with a reduced red:green ratio. If you add some red it becomes a dark yellow wheat brown. If you remove some it will become more green.
        This means, most likely, his monitor is set too warm, since that will add red, and yours may be set too cool, which will remove red.
        It doesn’t have much of a green tint, even on my color-calibrated IPS monitor.
        If you work in HSV and increase the value to max (1.0) it becomes {255, 249, 63} which is almost perfect bright yellow. So, he could also have his brightness or contrast up too high.
        I love color 😉

      • I don’t think I’m green-brown color blind.
        I’ve got my Samsung TV set up as a monitor, and set to max brightness (really bright). So perhaps I am getting a little extra boost in the red. I see yellowish brown, with perhaps a whisper of green.
        Thanks for the explanations.

  2. The clue is in the title ‘SPONGE Bob Smear Pants’! Though I do like the idea of the Big Cheese. Very funny, very apt.

    • I wondered what made Ward be on such a zeolous mission to discredit Prof. Tol.
      The answer became obvious, the continual throwing poop against a wall hoping eventually something, anything sticks is to shut-up Tol, to remove him from the discussion, for Ward to be able to say I won the debate by ensuring Tol is not invited to debate.
      It’s funny that in Wards complaint to IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organization), Ward used the same technique of throwing piles of poop against a wall and hoping something sticks. He filed 6 complaints and the IPSO committee dismissed 5 of them as having no merit. The one complaint they accepted was in reporting Ward did admit some of the errors as small, but did not report Ward thought they still required correction. They asked the Daily Mail to file an amendment to the article. 1 for 6 in specious complaints; in Wards world, where he has nothing better to do, that is a good day.
      In a different environment I would have more colorful choice words for Ward and his behavior but here I’ll just say Wards behavior demonstrates a severe lack of character and reveals how weak his scientific positions are. That he is an IPCC reviewer, demonstrates the pettiness and feeble-minded thinking of the IPCC. And that is not a smear, just the truth as I see it.

  3. He appears to have only three toes on each foot.
    Hadn’t realised that palaeopiezometry fieldwork was so dangerous.

  4. Everytime Bob Ward claims to be working for the London Schol of Economics, he is being Mannian with the truth.

  5. Mr Watts came up with that line? You have a new source of inspiration for your art now. That is a good one. Thanks to you both.

  6. Bob Ward is a professional smear campaigner. Arch malthusian Grantham pays him for that. So, Bob’s just doing his job.

    • “Grantham argues that the late-18th-century doomsayer Thomas Malthus pretty much got it right but just had the bad timing to make his predictions about unsustainable population growth on the eve of the hydrocarbon-fueled Industrial Revolution, which “partially removed the barriers to rapid population growth, wealth and scientific progress.””
      Making false predictions and being wrong is just “bad timing.”

    • According to Grantham: “Agriculture is more worrisome. Local water shortages will cause “persistent irritation” — wars, famines. Of the three essential macro nutrient fertilizers, nitrogen is relatively plentiful and recoverable, but we’re running out of potassium and phosphorus, finite mined resources that are “necessary for all life.” Canada has large reserves of potash (the source of potassium), which is good news for Americans, but 50 to 75 percent of the known reserves of phosphate (the source of phosphorus) are located in Morocco and the western Sahara. Assuming a 2 percent annual increase in phosphorus consumption, Grantham believes the rest of the world’s reserves won’t last more than 50 years, so he expects “gamesmanship” from the phosphate-rich.”
      Here in the US, the BLM has initiated a water pipeline from Indian and ranching land in central Nevada to…wait for it…Las Vegas.
      The plan “to construct and operate a vast pipeline system to transport precious groundwater from the ancestral lands of Goshute and Shoshone people in central-eastern Nevada to the Las Vegas Valley” would also prevent the use of the water by the Indian tribes to mine potash.

  7. HA!!!
    Almost lost control of a mouthful of soup!
    (Note To Self: Swallow any liquids or solids before opening Josh’s cartoons…)

  8. I don’t get it. I’m looking at his pants and I don’t see any smear. Maybe if we got a view of the backside …

  9. I think we all view Josh as the best political cartoonist/caricaturist in the “climate and environment” arena today, whose talent and messages are totally ignored by the mainstream media (for obvious reason: they are part of his subject matter).
    His work reminds me of Thomas Nast, the great 19th century American cartoonist, who exposed the rotund “Boss Tweed” and his corrupt Democratic Party political machine known as “Tammany Hall“.
    Tweed’s biographer Kenneth Ackerman wrote:

    It’s hard not to admire the skill behind Tweed’s system … The Tweed ring at its height was an engineering marvel, strong and solid, strategically deployed to control key power points: the courts, the legislature, the treasury and the ballot box. Its frauds had a grandeur of scale and an elegance of structure: money-laundering, profit sharing and organization.

    I think future historians will marvel at the grandeur and effectiveness of the CAGW Climate Deception, whose scale far exceeds Tammany Hall. Josh has been at forefront exposing this deception to the world.
    Bob Ward, consider yourself ‘fortunate’ to have been one of the climate trolls exposed and immortalized by Josh’s pen.

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