GWPF Calls For Halt To UK Low Carbon International Climate Funding


PRESS RELEASE: Embargoed until 19 November 2014 – 00:01am

The Global Warming Policy Forum is today calling for the UK’s new international climate finance contribution to go towards helping developing countries with adaptation measures to increase their resilience, rather than the funds being allocated to low carbon development.

It has been reported that David Cameron will later this week pledge £650m to the Green Climate Fund, which aims to help the developing world deal with climate change.

The Government has already allocated £3.87 billion of taxpayers’ money to international climate finance. Since 2011, more than half of this funding has been allocated to low carbon energy development with only around a quarter being used for adaptation purposes.

It is also estimated that of the $35 billion of global international climate aid over the period 2010-2012, less than 15% was allocated to measures helping poor nations to cope with climate change.

Responding to reports of the UK’s contribution to the Green Climate Fund, Dr Benny Peiser, the director of the GWPF, said:

“International climate finance for low carbon development is a detrimental use of aid money. The international community should be encouraging the development of the cheapest forms of electricity generation that offer populations in the developing world the best chances of escaping poverty. It is irresponsible to be actively promoting expensive alternatives that have already led to increasing fuel poverty in the UK and the EU.”

“We are also concerned about western green investors profiteering from the Green Climate Fund; something that Governments around the world should ensure does not happen.

“The UK’s contribution to international climate finance should be targeted at helping the developing world become more resilient instead of making energy more expensive for developing economies.”

Notes to Editors

  • The Green Climate Fund aims to catalyse climate finance from public and private sources, and at the international and national levels, to help the developing world adapt and mitigate climate change.
  • The UK has already allocated £3.87 billion for international climate finance for the period 2011/12 – 2015/16. The Independent Commission for Aid Impact estimates that 56% has been directed to low carbon development, 27% to adaptation and 7% to forestry from 2011 to Feb 2014 [link].
  • For the period 2010 – 2012, the World Resources Institute estimates that only $5 billion of international fast start climate finance was allocating to adaptation, comparing to a total of $35 billion [link].

63 thoughts on “GWPF Calls For Halt To UK Low Carbon International Climate Funding

  1. Finally some sanity but what will the money actually be spent on? This should be interesting. How do you ‘protect’ against something that has been happening for millennia with a positive influence on humanity?

    • I know how to fix it.
      Tomorrow let the UK and the US each give the UN 100 trillion pounds and dollars.
      With the UN having 200 trillion they should be able to save the world.
      We don’t have the money but that doesn’t stop the spending.
      Let’s do the right thing and save the world and just give $500 trillion.
      I’m sure Obama and the US Congress could make that work and all the world will be fed, clothed and housed.

  2. This action, while sounding laudable is only perpetuating the fraud that is Global Warming. These funds would be far better spent encouraging developing countries to use their own more available and cheaper resources than to saddle them with something that is both costly and unsustainable.

  3. The number one killer on the planet is lack of clean water. Shame of humanity. Warming schmarming…

    • Condoms only work when people desire smaller families — which happens with development, not cajoling by global do-gooders.

      • That’s correct. Prosperity eventually leads people to have more satisfaction with life, other than focusing on the goal of procreation. Today, they are kept energy poor and reliant on others to give them basic sustenance… which leads to well…

      • Using scrubbers, unlike our Asian neighbors. I get tired of the argument that coal has caused so many deaths. They don’t want to compare that to how many deaths this whole CO2 driven war on the third world has caused. Couple that with the mortality cost of nuke testing and accidents in recent history and burning coal with the presently available technology is apparently safe enough, and appears to be the most cost-effective option for the immediate future.

  4. Sea walls in need of repair all over, on the coastline of Britain, rivers in serious need of dredging and embankment collapse, levee building etc – work not being done because the treasury says, “there’s no money!”
    This year, the UK will top out or, north of £1.4 trillion in nation debt!
    The UK, we are still borrowing £100 billion pa. will waste £11.4 billion of foreign aid and send £19 billion on to the Brussels Empire. Then, we’re gonna send £70 billion down a black hole on something called HS2 – so that senior EU officials can ride in luxurious comfort from Brussels to Brum [this railway is not for us plebs!]. To arrive at conference and so they can hear about British taxpayer funding being wasted on buying Merx cars for African dictators – oooops ” £3.87 billion for international climate finance”……..
    Foreign aid! so says our PM is our ‘moral duty’ – and “we can afford it!”
    Yup………………It’s time we rose up an’ relieved them of their sinecures, and started making the wheels for a new train – of tumbrels.

    • Athelstan– The Brits are pikers when it comes to national debt. The US has almost $18 TRILLION in national debt, plus another $100+ TRILLION in unfunded liabilities… LOL!
      Anyone that believes the US will ever pay this colossal debt off with dollars worth any real value is naive. We’ll just keep printing US$ and “pay it off” with worthless pieces of paper….
      This charade will continue until US bondholders figure out America’s real game plan… When bondholders do wake up, they’ll dump their bonds for whatever price some fool will pay for them, bond yields will spike, and that’ll be all she wrote….
      In the meantime, the US will continue to negotiate treaties with China to reduced US’ CO2 emissions and build massive solar/wind farms paid for with printed dollars and watch prices for everything “necessarily skyrocket”..
      Oh, goody! That’ll work…

      • Samurai,
        The green agenda breathes disease settling onto open sores and the financial-corporate body is ailing, metaphorically speaking it is the virus sapping an already [overloaded system] dying body.
        It’ll all come tumbling down! ‘Funny money’ – It can’t go on indefinitely, there has to be a correction but how that will play out – who knows but………………… it will be bad for a couple of years.

      • The US should declare war on the Middle East – that will get rid of half the debt. Then there is only China to worry about ………. errrrr ……
        Or the US could do an Argentina, and renege on all overseas debts. That just leaves the internal debt to worry about, plus a very angry China. ……. errrr. ….
        Or you could retire to a cave in Montanna, and forget about the world. (Until an angry Chinaman stamps out your fire, and asks for some bever skins in payment….)

    • Athelstan – The rail link (HS2) is EXACTLY for us plebs. We cannot afford to live in London. We could just about scrape train fare and a mortgage in Birmingham. We plebs are still ‘needed’ by ‘them’ to clean up and run their mansions. On minimum wage. Which wouldn’t buy you a garage in “The Smoke” now-a-days. 3 hours added to your daily grind is nothing if you have mouths to feed and renting somewhere in town would put you into negative equity.
      SAMURAI – The Chinese are running around attempting to buy… well, anything they can including mountains because they see where this is going. They already sold us their plastic junk at half-price and now we (maybe) want to devalue their ‘savings’!? I don’t think so. They have trillions of US$ to get rid of spend.

      • Always provided that you are daft enough to want to work in Londonistan – I don’t recognize the place any more……..And all thanks to the EU – something called the single market [a stupid political construct, as is the €zero] and open borders, the politicians driven by their corporate backers and the madmen of International Socialism ref; George Soros, Barrack Obama.

  5. Given that the GWPF is a pro-fossil fuel lobby organisation, this is hardly a surprise. For years their mission has been to attack ANY form of energy production that is not fossil fuel based (check their 2 websites).

    • Still a good statement. It won’t happen but the point is it would be money…..however ill gotten….used better than intended. At least it would help rather than hurt people who need it the most.

    • Exactly what we should expect from our alarmist friends.
      Never mind the message, attack the messenger.
      When will you people ever stop trying to mislead and deal with the content rather than the source?
      Global Warming Policy Foundation is an organisation set up to inject common sense into a deluded world hell bent on spending vast sums of money on pointless activities.
      The clue is in the name.

    • It is a pity that non-fossil fuel sources (excluding nuclear and hydro with a decent head) only produce pitiful amounts of energy. If non-fossil fuel sources were so good, the Netherlands would still be covered with 17th century windmills.

    • The report says $51.41 million of $56.25 million pledged has been deposited into the fund. If the British and U.S. governments have pledged billions, where, or what fund, did they pledge to?
      Is the fund really named the “Green Climate Fund Trust Fund”? That’s almost as bad as “The Department of Redundancy Department.”

      • Is the fund really named the “Green Climate Fund Trust Fund”? That’s almost as bad as “The Department of Redundancy Department.”
        Like most Carbon Cult communication, ‘Green Climate Fund Trust Fund’ cryptically tells you what it is with too many words trying to sound smarter than it is.
        They could learn a thing from real socialists; nobody beat the Soviets for cryptic names for cryptic bureaucracies – the organization responsible for thermonuclear weapon procurement was the Ministry of Medium Machine Building. Kafka’s ghost shed a tear of joy first time he heard that I bet.

  6. I attended a small conference last weekend. It was a small affair, some forty people at best.
    The invited speakers were flown first class from the other side of the planet and stayed at a five star hotel. We are talking about one of the most expensive of the largest capitals in the world.
    This is common… for those in the “loop”. And, no, my field does not enjoy even a fraction of 1% of the funds available for climate science.

  7. This shifts the burden to the average taxpayer, while big fossil fuel corporations continue to reap subsidies and excessive profits and are allowed to pollute the planet. Government is just a convenient scapegoat (in the pocket of the big corporations if they go along with it).

    • Your average taxpayer is the consumer of the fossil fuel/energy industry.
      Why the disgust with what people need? What does the world look like without energy for cooking/heating and transportation?

    • There are various toys that have a button. Press the button and the toy says something. Press the button and the toy says something else. After a few presses the toy starts repeating. Here is one of the things said:
      big fossil fuel corporations continue to reap subsidies and excessive profits and are allowed to pollute the planet
      Anyway, my retirement fund has stock in energy companies, including, so called, fossil fuel ones. I thank you for the excessive profits.
      What’s an average taxpayer?

      • Mine as well John but the FF shares have not been going too well recently with the move to even cheaper fuel. 🙂

    • Which subsidies? And excessive profits compared to what? Unless you are paid to troll, your motivation cannot be other than to inform others of these crimes. Please provide specific and verifiable details. And please elaborate at length. I await for the evidence as do many others.

    • Define excessive profits. Most oil companies average 10-11% returns, low enough to get a CEO fired in some industries.

      • Steve,
        I’ll define excess profits: the cut the gov’t takes. It is far more than what the company makes. The government takes zero risks, it does nothing to produce energy, and it always has its hand out for more, more, more. Always more.
        Maybe ‘profit’ isn’t quite the right word for the government’s confiscation. But “excessive” sure is. Here in California we must pay more than 80 cents per gallon in taxes. That is EXESSIVE! They have a lot of gall always blaming “Big Oil” for “gouging” consumers. Big Gov’t is the real gouger.

    • This is one of the problems with the AGW crowd. “They know so much that just ain’t so”. (paraphrasing Will Rogers)

  8. No doubt that pollution is the major Global Problem. Definition of pollution: the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects
    In other words a real concrete problem a problem that GWM never was or will be. If founded money is used to stop ALL pollution being spent on best filters possible to stop SO2 (major problem in most areas) and other being spread into the air from industrial plants down to heating systems used in cold environmental homes,
    IF founded money helps clean the water available for drinking,
    the founded money would be used in the best way.
    Pure clean water and clean breathable air should and ought to be included in the Human Rights.
    But as I said before: There never ever been a Global CO2-threat. What’s existed before human set foot on Earth is micro-level to local regional problem due not to CO2 (most of the CO2 leaked origin from existing or dead vulcanos)
    the GWM problem has been a problem of undereducated scholars who never learnt to understand that “Snuttification doesn’t give an understanding of more than the bits and pieces they studied. IF and that’s ususally the case the undereducated scholars never understood or studied Theories of Science – Basic knowledge than they hardly have what it takes to understand difference between sound conclusions and political drawn conclusions….
    The new faith of IPCC: Humans are Universe’s centre
    Btw snuttification is a word used last 40 years to explain "studying a bit here and a bit there without having been taught how to learn to understand the full picture)
    And….it doesn't help the undereducated scholars' case not having understood mathematical statistic nor that bad or incomplete input always ends in bad and unreliable output no matter which model they use.

  9. How does money lower temperatures? This is just stupidity masquerading as compassion.
    Lift them out of poverty by helping them acquire cheap abundant power. It’s just common sense.
    Why does the left claim to be guardians of the poor while constantly stomping on them?
    What a bankrupt ideology.

  10. These polis are completely insane. Money to the UN is money to crooks and thieves. Europe already gives $billions to poorer countries and to the UN in the form of aid.
    Me, I would cut all funding to the UN until it was cleaned right through, from top to bottom.

  11. I think the money should be given back to the poor people that are being ripped off by their government.
    That is the British Tax payer.

    In economic circles it is well known that government appropriations are the major cause of economic recession. These people are paying the billions mentioned above with their standard of living i.e. poverty and job losses.
    For a conservative government, the Brits seem to have copied New Zealand. A so called conservative government spending untold taxpayers money irresponsibly on a non existent problem.
    I have mentioned before the we have significant taxpayers money being allocated to find out ways to stop cattle and sheep from farting. Whats particularly stupid about that is that the farting (methane) is a renewable resource but that hasn’t saved the taxpayers here any.

  12. The western world has had enough decades of experience to understand that the solution to providing financial aid to third world countries is not by going through the United Nations such as this latest Green Climate Fund, and is not by directly providing cash to third world governments. Any country providing aid must provide the project itself.
    Hence, if the UK wishes to help a third world country with its health or education, the UK should, itself, take responsibility to build schools or hospitals and directly fund positions and resources, if that is to be the case. Money for such purpose must never be given to anyone in these countries because by the time each corrupt official has taken a cut, the original purpose of the aid is irrelevant and the people it was to benefit do not get that benefit.
    And the same would apply with this Green Climate Fund… the billions of dollars will simply end up lining the pockets and bank accounts of corrupt people and swallowed up in administration,very and little of the money will end up being used to benefit the people in third world countries.
    Just look at Haiti and the pledges of aid after its earthquake. Go see Haiti today and ask yourself about what happened to the money… and where did it all go?

  13. “…It is irresponsible to be actively promoting expensive alternatives that have already led to increasing fuel poverty in the UK and the EU.”
    (Maybe it is against the agenda to be allowing 3rd world nations to acquire a level of prosperity that may someday lead them to be a trading or combat threat to developed nations.)
    Let them use windmills.

  14. I wrote a long 8-page missive on Sunday, on the disinformation, half-truths and lies being propogated by the Climate Alarmism political lobby. It was sent to all 250-odd Conservative MPs. I hope it has an effect.
    Like most media reporters, many MPs are empty vessels with no idea what is happening in the real world. Unless you fill those empty vessels, they will forever remain ignorant. And at present, the likes of the BBC and Grauniad are determined to fill these vessels with disinformation, half-truths and downright lies.
    Hopefully, the graphs I sent will conflict with the usual misinformation songreatly, that these MPs will be jarred back into the real world.

  15. The Government has already allocated £3.87 billion of taxpayers’ money…
    The government has allocated £3.87 billion of money they haven’t got so they will have to borrow it, The grandchildren of the taxpayers will be expected to pick up the bill.
    There, fixed it.

  16. The problem with throwing money at any problem is that there are no guarantees of what will be done with it by the people standing in front of you to catch it.

  17. A complete waste of money, just to make those smug prats suffering from ‘Save the world syndrome’ feel even smugger.

  18. What will the money be spent on?
    Chinese paper hand fans that will cost $50 a piece.
    Eugene WR Gallun

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