Climate Craziness of the Week: White House fence jumper was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary identified the fence-jumper as Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas. According to court documents, he was carrying a folding knife with a 3.5-inch serrated blade.

Gonzalez faces federal charges of entering a restricted building while carrying a weapon, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. A U.S. District Court magistrate judge in Washington today ordered him held without bond pending a hearing Sept. 22.

Margarita O’Donnell, a lawyer representing Gonzalez at a court appearance today, said he served 18 years in the military, including three tours in Iraq, and reported living in the Washington area for about three months.

Gonzalez told Secret Service agents he was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president, according to an affidavit filed with the court.

Source: Business Week

One wonders if he was a member of or some other similar climate propaganda organization.

Or maybe he simply got the idea from NASA: A Puzzling Collapse of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

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    • The sky IS falling. . .
      The climate has ALWAYS been changing.

  1. “Gonzalez told Secret Service agents he was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president, according to an affidavit filed with the court.”
    Actually, that’s not that crazy. The advanced microchip in my wisdom-tooth from 30 years in the future has warned me about it as well. I already let Stephen Harper know by telepathy though, so I assume he’s already briefed Obama.

  2. Wow! That “poor” man… Mr C. Little really needs HELP! “The SKY is falling, the sky is falling!!!”

  3. “…he was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president,… “
    Well, that should move him to the top of Obama’s appointment list and might supersede a round of golf.

  4. Army Vet; so on SSRI medication. Trusts in Democrats; who will have him jailed. Climate change believer and unable to perceive reality.
    Is this leading somewhere or is it me?

  5. This hits close to my family, real close, similar to the way Anth***’s hearing loss does when issues related to his condition leads to inappropriate remarks about him.
    Mental illness is a medical condition and is as hard to treat, let alone cure, as lung cancer is, or neural hearing loss. Let’s not go there folks. The man needs medical treatment, not disparaging remarks. And this has nothing to do with AGW. Please close this thread.

    • Pamela see my remark, posted just after yours. Sounds like we might have some very private personal things to commiserate about. Agreed, this is not appropriate for ‘normal’ WUWT.

      • Yes. I read your remark. Thank you. Mental illness, whether caused by post traumatic stress, or schizophrenia, or bi-polar conditions, or whatever, are devastating to the person and his/her family and friends. Let’s not add more pain to their already very difficult circumstances by continuing this thread one more minute.

      • Why don’t we wait for a professional evaluation of Mr. Gonzalez’s mental condition before jumping to conclusions?

    • I agree this a mental illness and should be laid at the feet of those liars for profit….the true believers…. Who also suffer from the mental illness of AGW. When a vulnerable mind is bombarded with this type of scare tactic, it often becomes unhinged. It’s high time to start arresting these liars for profit.

    • Yes mental illness is a serious issue.
      It highlights the dangerous irresponsibility of those in science and the media who indulge in alarmism without basis in truth.
      The revenue structure of both science and the media rewards alarmism and fails to punish fraud.
      And there is no debate about the danger that this culture of hollow alarmism poses to the mentally unstable.
      I am reminded of a report a while back about a father and mother who killed their children and themselves over fears of climate change.
      There does need to be a debate on this. Don’t shut it down.

    • Pamela, you’re right that we should not speculate and joke in an insulting way about this particular person. But I would not close the thread.
      I think the aspect of populist political alarmism that unnecessarily provokes both healthy people and mentally unstable people needs to be discussed. This is one good reason one ought not do alarmism. I remember a particular thread here on WUWT about a very young, high school age man who was suffering fears and near delusions about climate disaster, who needed some reassurances, not provocations and to be spoon fed silly reasons to believe humanity is a blight on the Earth.
      Treating mental illness is hard. Deprogramming people who join cults is also very difficult. Stopping leftists in K-12 public education systems from brainwashing children to be climate cultists is important.

      • This. How do you think he was pushed into mental illness in the first place? Kids 4-5yo are being exposed to al-Gore’s death cult at school. Hiding the result is not helping.

    • Given the incessant reports of impending climate doom it should be no surprise that a mentally fragile person might be frightened to point of losing control. The hoax thugs should bear all the blame for how their irresponsible rhetoric can adversely affect the most susceptible among us.

    • Pamela, mental illness is indeed a serious issue. The lives of those who suffer from it, or are susceptible to it, are not improved by living in a society where people are routinely deceived, alarmed, or frightened by reports of an imagined looming environmental catastrophe. Or any other imagined catastrophe, for that matter.
      Intellectual dishonesty from either the MSM or ‘climate-scientists’, focusing on ‘worst possible’ events to either sell copy or receive funding/publicity has a lot to answer for. Which is partly why I gave mpainter’s comment about “negative feedback” a +1.

    • Hi Pamela,
      in this case. sorry but it does have to do with agw ists and their actions intended to get the weak scared and needy to follow their line of “faith” or cant.
      and the SSRI/
      well again sorry, but the amount of people taking them and having some real issues, self and others losing lives Admitted BY the pharmas after so many people also valid.
      Ive lost 4 friends 2 by suicide and 2 by side effects of SSRI meds.

    • The three tours in Iraq should give him the benefit of the doubt on any prosecution and how he is treated by all. One good point made so far, it will be Democrats who will be most likely to want to prosecute him, after all, he was carrying a weapon, a 3.5 inch knife. Just think how this would be broadcast if he was one of us (not you, but me, in that “us”) gun toting bible clingers.

      • Time for Democrats to call for a ban 3.5 inch knifes? Especially those uber deadly folding ones.
        IMO: Calling a 3.5 inch knife “a weapon” is a lame stretch.

    • Which “the man needs” are you referring too?
      The possibly paid publicity stunt fence jumping man, or the man who goes golfing after his publicity stump speech on latest ISIS beheading.

    • Please see my comment below,
      Who determined that Mr. Gonzalez was suffering from mental issues? That may be your opinion, but it is not a professional evaluation.
      I have impaired mobility. Think how many times you’ve seen the pejorative lame used to describe something substandard…

      • Steve P. are you saying my use of “lame” above, was inappropriate?

        For better English though, and to avoid the slight chance of offending someone who is lame and might be sensitive about it, your sentence could read:
        Calling a 3.5 inch knife “a weapon” is a stretch.
        without any loss of meaning, and with improved clarity.
        That said, for better or worse, lame is in the common vernacular, as in lame excuse. This is the first lame stretch I’ve heard of, however, and since many lame folks don’t stretch that well, there is a certain self-contradicting incongruity to your colorful construction.

      • Steve P. – “avoid the slight chance of offending someone who is lame”
        Attempting to link what I said to the handicap or being offensive to handicap is Liberalized Political Correctness run amok.

      • The English language has many words that have multiple meanings. It is usually quite easy to discern which meaning to assign to any particular word, according to context. One of my favorites is the word kosher, which probably has over a hundred meanings. Another is the acronym SNAFU, which I have heard very proper elderly ladies use, who probably have no idea that it is an acronym based upon a good solid military description of a bad situation. In my humble opinion, Darren was using the word “lame” in a perfectly acceptable manner for the context, which casts no aspersions upon anyone who has impaired mobility.

    • I have issues with some things. There are some excellent movies I will never watch again, as the subject matter disturbs me. There are some excellent books that I will never read again, for the same reason. We all have baggage and issues from our own personal lives and experiences. If there is a thread on a blog that has something in it that I find disturbing or uncomfortable, I simply stop reading that thread. There is no reason for anyone else to stop reading or posting, just because I have some personal problem with the subject. It is solely the responsibility of the owner of a blog, to decide what is appropriate or not.

  6. A very sad case.
    Shows what climate fear mongering can do to minds already weakened by other factors like three combat tours in a ‘not war’ where your buddies still get blown up daily. Shame on us all for not yet stopping the fear mongering, stopping the ‘not wars’ (I was slivhtly affected by the later consequences of Vietnam), and for not helping this poor deluded vet better through the Obama scandaled VA. The first and last of those three are on OBama’s watch. No excuses.

  7. …jumper was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president
    Now doesn’t that sound exactly like the Chicken Little parable?

  8. The man had 18 years in the army (presumably active duty since 3 tours overseas) and he didn’t stay for two more to make his 20 and his retirement? That’s sad!

    • Not only sad, but most peculiar.
      As I said below (September 21, 2014 at 7:46 am ), no GI would willingly get out after 18 years with only 20 needed for retirement. After 18, you get zip.

    • Extremely sad in that some useless bean counter will have decided that he doesn’t qualify for anything.
      Sad that such decisions are made by people whose version of PTSD is having been made to attend a late Friday afternoon meeting two week running.
      Hopefully the Judge, if it gets that far, will recognise what he is dealing with and get the guy some help rather than 10 years in prison.
      We happily send them out to fight our wars and wonder at what comes back. We shouldn’t

    • My wife and I have just spent two and a half weeks at the Western Washington State Fair with a display we set up honoring Vietnam Veterans. A couple days ago a guy who was too young to be a Vietnam Vet became enraged because he claimed that the insignia we had on one of the uniforms was wrong. The insignia had been placed on the uniform by the veteran herself and is correct. (Before 1979 when the WAC was integrated into the regular army the regs were varied sometimes for women, this often causes confusion at our displays.)
      Anyway, the guy started yelling at us and said he had been in the army for 19 years. After he left our co-conspirator Master Sergeant Emmons ret. who was in the army special forces for 36 years and did multiple tours in both Vietnam and the Middle East, made a comment that anyone who washed out with just a year to go is a very sad case. Only he said it in a much more colorful way… think of R. Lee Emmy in Full Metal Jacket. I did my best to keep his volume down so he wouldn’t offend any more of our visitors.

  9. I finally got the nerve to watch “A Beautiful Mind” just this past year. I cried till I fell asleep. I ask again. Please close this thread.

      • I skipped some of the comments but I gathered that the claims of “mental illness” hit close to home. Please forgive and overlook those who have jumped on the phrase. Whatever the person you know is or was dealing with, this guy jumping the fence was triggered (maybe) by the CAGW PR.
        And do read the real story of “A Beautiful Mind”. Reality is not as Hollywood would make it seem.
        The author of “Mary Poppins” really did cry at the end of the movie as “Saving Mr. Banks” portrayed. But it was in anger and frustration at what they had done to her story, not because she was “touched by it” as the Disney take on it would imply.

    • For Pamela this hits close to home. While I don’t think the the thread should be closed, being a bit familiar with her comments, if she asked that it be closed then it hit REALLY close to home.
      My uncle was a law professor. I know that he wrote at least one law book. I saw it on my Dad’s bookshelf. Years later I also saw him forgetting how to make a sandwich.
      There are jokes about death or zits that are really, genuinely funny, unless you just suffered a loss or have a loved one or you have zits yourself.
      Again, I don’t think the thread should be closed but, give a reader and frequent WUWT commenter a break.

  10. You are right. This is not my house. I will leave you with this. There but for the grace of God go I. Somewhere down the road, quite a few of us will have to face mental illness in our direct experience. I hope you are treated kindly if you are a caretaker, and I hope the person with the illness is treated compassionately.

  11. Even if it were true this boneheaded Administration’s only answer would be to tax us. Call it the Chicken Little tax. That way you have tax but the word little right next to it so it doesn’t sound so bad. Orwellian verbage.

  12. An example of why NO wars should be fought unless absolutely proven necessary. Unfortunately those at the top who don’t have to fight in the trenches and who usually consider the rest “cannon fodder” make the decisions. And NEVER considered is the mental/physical damage done much more massively to civilian innocents or those many military personnel who are unwillingly caught up in the conflagration on the other side. And this usually in some poor country that has no where near the treatment resources that we have.

  13. I will agree with Pam Grey. This is classic “schitzoid” behavior. Sometimes, it can also be the MANIC phase of Bipolar, as during the Manic phase many bi-polar people become “obsessed’ with a single idea. Usually something related to the themes of the external world or some prominent experience in their life. (I know of several, one was the mother of a friend, who every 3 to 4 years HAD to move to a new house…another was the son of someone in my neighborhood. He became obsessed with being an “entrepreneur” …would pack up his car with most belongings and drive “out west” to start his new business. SO, in either case, yes…sounds like treatment time.

  14. I’ve been looking around trying to identify the scaffolding that’s holding up the sky.
    So far, all I’ve seen is clouds.

  15. Poor man. But this episode is a classic example of the current mentality concerning AGW (if you make that jump), not a condemnation of the man or his illness. Get a grip.

    • That was my first thought. A loon trying to warm the President that the atmosphere is collapsing jumping the Whitehouse fence? Surely just John Holdren losing his security pass again….

  16. Pamela, again some ‘double’ empathy.
    First, this is also your house, and mine, since we both virtually inhabit it as WUWT guests. Would that others were so kind and courteous as our host here.
    Second, a personal story, names redacted, for all to understand that this is not some laughing matter. and the facts are revealed so that you all can understand.
    I own a large dairy farm in Wisconsin. Since decades, the cow part has been subcontracted to the adjacent smaller farm/family. Thatnfamilymsent the oldest son to study Ag. First of the family to be a college grad, and we held a party to celebrate.
    Unfortunately, he became schizophrenic. Came to me wanting legal advice how to sue U. W. Madison over his appendectomy, since during that operation the doctors had transplanted a radio listening device into him.
    Then he became violent. Using large farm machinerymtomtake out fences, destroy shelters, and such. His family called the county police so many times they stopped,coming out…
    So, I was going to terminate the land lease and get him out. Called his mother Diane, who sobbingly said you must, but please consider youngest son Andy as an alternative…
    So I went to terminate the oldest sons land lease.Went to the Iowa County police first, asking them to accompany me. They refused, since had already gone on too many violence calls. But they did say I was justified to go armed, and could shoot in self defense. Really, but cold comfort. So,I did go armed, confronting mental illness alone….
    Well…,the upshot of this Willis like story is that the eldest son is gone (and still mentally ill when not taking his meds), the youngest son is a terriffic farmer with whom I am proud to be partnered, (producing over 2 million pounds of milk per year not to mention veal and hamburger and surplus soy and corn), and neighbor Mother Diane and I am still both heartbroken.

  17. I thought 3.5 was legal ?
    A quick Google says 3″.
    One has to wonder where the man learned “the atmosphere was collapsing”.
    It certainly wasn’t here.

  18. Pamela Gray:
    My mother was beginning to show signs of mental illness late in her life before she died at 88 back in March of 2013, and it greatly saddened me to see it happen. Thankfully, she is now resting in peace.
    If it is any consolation Pamela, this incident should lead to this individual getting the treatment for his mental condition that he needs. The court will likely (I should think) order an evaluation of his mental condition. If he does truly have a mental condition that requires treatment (as appears to be the case), I would think that the court will commit him to a facility where he will get the treatment for his condition that he needs.
    However one chooses to look at this incident, he is crying out for help for his condition by doing this. Hopefully the court will see to it that he gets it. And that is what is important here.

    • Last I heard, all skeptics are mentally ill.
      Oh, and you must have taken her comments the wrong way.
      Yep, I double down on your concern.

  19. Gonzalez […] was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president

    No need to warn the president, he already knows. And was not arrested.

  20. A ha! Buried deep in this link “Or maybe he simply got the idea from NASA: A Puzzling Collapse of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere” is the explanation for the pause:
    “When carbon dioxide gets into the thermosphere, it acts as a coolant, shedding heat via infrared radiation. It is widely-known that CO2 levels have been increasing in Earth’s atmosphere. Extra CO2 in the thermosphere could have magnified the cooling action of solar minimum.”
    So not only is the sky collapsing, but that collapse is caused by CO2 (of course) and it is causing the pause as well by cooling the thermosphere!!!

  21. I’d be skeptical of his lawyer’s claim that he thought the “atmosphere was collapsing”. That may just be an excuse manufactured by the defense.

  22. Rush to judgment
    I missed the part where there was any medical or physical evaluation of Mr. Gonzalez, or any public disclosure of any such evaluations by qualified personnel
    There are several thousand activists marching in NYC today as part of the People’s Climate March. Quincy Saul, who thinks Americans are “parasites” and “predators”, and who has been rallying activists with his column at Truthout sounds crazy to me…

    The only thing that we can do to meet the deadline for climate justice is to engage in a massive and permanent campaign to shut down the fossil fuel economy. But we have to do this strategically, not in the symbolic cuff-and-stuffs that are a perversion and prostitution of the noble ideals of civil disobedience and revolutionary nonviolence. So we are going to shut down coal plants; we are going to block ports, distribution centers and railway hubs where fossil fuels are transported; whatever it takes to keep the oil in the soil. We’re going to put our bodies between the soil and the sky.So let’s make sure that the call to “Flood Wall Street” on September 22 is the “angry riptide” it should be, and not “the gentle flood.”
    Getting back to Mr. Gonzalez, the 18 year service hitch is very odd. No GI with 18 years service would wiliingly get out with retirement just two years away. I wonder what he has been doing in DC for the past 3 months?

  23. Maybe he was simply making a political statement.
    Let’s see. Jumping fences. Crossing borders and entering areas without proper authorization/documentation. Claiming the sky is falling/collapsing. A pocket knife. Question: was he wearing golf shoes?

  24. Business Week reported
    “. . . . A U.S. District Court magistrate judge in Washington today ordered him [Gonzales] held without bond pending a hearing Sept. 22.
    Margarita O’Donnell, a lawyer representing Gonzalez at a court appearance today, said he served 18 years in the military, including three tours in Iraq, and reported living in the Washington area for about three months.
    Gonzalez told Secret Service agents he was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president, according to an affidavit filed with the court.”

    – – – – – – – – –
    Initiation of physical force like Gonzalez’s alleged very disturbing act is a very serious concern in a free society.
    Please do not close down this thread because there needs to be a discussion of the principle of no initiation of physical force as being the fundamental rational basis of free society.

  25. we should encourage this type of action.
    may wake people up faster.
    would be difficult to do in a manner that would prevent physical harm though.

  26. Truth is

    the fundamental rational basis of free society.

    Lies and false witness are the root of much evil. So too are jumping to conclusions, and being misled by appearances.
    Of course, it’s entirely beyond the realm of possibility that Mr. Gonzalez was on some kind of assignment, and even if he was not, what about all those people marching today in NYC? Many have had their minds bent by the relentless media propaganda about damage to the planet from carbon, and runaway global warming.
    We all know the injunction against falsely yelling Fire! in a crowded theater, but what about the likes of Quincy Saul, whose hysterical caterwauling exemplifies the kind of fiery demagoguery that makes mobs run amok, and leads deluded, but self-righteous people to do seemingly crazy things?

    • Steve P on September 21, 2014 at 10:13 am
      – – – – – – – – –
      Steve P,
      If a person believes there is a fire in the theatre, like if an CAGW activist believes the earth is burning up, and even if either of those has no real physical evidence about their beliefs, then yelling ‘fire’ / ‘earth burning up’ is not intended to cause harm, quite the contrary yelling is believed by them to prevent harm. Yet harm may be very likely to indeed result from them yelling out about their beliefs when others simply, without actual reason, panic at the yells of alarm.
      This is why the nature of risks of uncritical based panic needs exposure.

  27. Alright!! Another Global Warming euphamism, Climate Collapse. Sounds much worse than Climate Change or Climate Disruption or even Climate Weirding. I hope it catches on.

  28. RobRoy: “Another Global Warming euphamism, Climate Collapse.”
    Sounding more and more like the Fence jumping, White House door crasher was part of a AGW political stunt. A stunt I wouldn’t be surprised to find Obama administration having setup.

      • u.k.(us)
        You are asking wrong person about Conspiring. You should be asking Mann, Gore, Hansen, Obama about their AGW Scam. Then there is Obama and Holder’s gun running (aka Fast & Furious) that was setup for purpose of calling for new and stricter gun control laws. Whatever these people appear to be doing, rest assured they have a hidden agenda.
        Obamacare was never, I repeat NEVER, about better and affordable Health Care for Americans. If it were, Obamacare would have been centered on TORT reform, saving Americans 250 Billion dollars a year. Obamacare’s purpose is to break America’s Health Care system to where America has to implement a Universal single payer Health Care system. A system that is controlled by Big Brother, a system that ensures We the People are beholding to our Elitist masters in Washington.

  29. John Whitman: “Initiation of physical force like Gonzalez’s alleged very disturbing act is a very serious concern in a free society.”
    You do realize, the Obamas, Holders, Reids, and Pelosis have instigated these kinds of acts?
    The aforementioned are same ones who promoted Occupy Wall Street trashing, ugly protesting and rioting to force Zimmerman’s arrest; while declaring peaceful and respect demonstrations by Conservatives and TEA Party members as radical and racist.
    Thus, I see the act only as serious concern to “free society” in that Obamas, Holders, Reids, and Pelosis have promoted such acts. They are the ones who have been brain washing people into believing in AGW Sham. As far as fence jumper’s act being a threat to President, a serious concern – Ho Hum. A serious concern would be an actual (no False Flag) attempted assassination, aka a Hinckley type shooting at Obama.

    • Darren Potter on September 21, 2014 at 4:46 pm
      @ John Whitman
      – – – – – – – –
      Darren Potter,
      Do we both agree that if the government of the USA initiates the use of physical force against its own citizens then it is acting against the basis of our open society?
      I do not doubt that there have been or are cases where the USA government has acted with initiation of force on its own citizens. The idea is that our constitution gives weight in independent courts to protect us. Do they sometimes fail to protect? I think they have sometimes failed. BUT GENERALLY there has been protection here in the USA if the government tries to initiate the use of physical force against its own citizens. Is that protection significantly degrading in this most recent decade? Some make a very vocal case that it is degrading and I think it is likely to be a focus of upcoming USA elections this year and also in 2016.

  30. The climate kooks prey upon the vulnerable like Mr. Gonzalez by pushing their apocalyptic climate fear 24 X 7.
    I hope he can get the help he deserves as a Veteran. I hope that climate fear mongers will start considering how their hype encourage the most vulnerable to act as if their hype is actually true.

  31. This Quincy Saul is right up there with Pol Pot as far as his vision of a people in balance with nature.
    He is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

  32. Well not to worry about a somewhat impaired WH fence jumper. The Casa Blanca security have ISIS under control, and besides, global climate change is a far more serious threat to the White House, than some 7th century butchers.

  33. On another note: John Key now has a bigger majority in Parliament, in NZ, so maybe he is up to kissing off Kyoto at last.
    He was helped along by some German nutball, mumbling about hackers.
    Not that Germans are nutballs; just this nutball happens to be German. My sympathies to our German friends, for this albatross around your necks.

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