WUWT at 200 Million Views

200million_viewsWhile the WUWT counter number on the right sidebar will likely hit this mark while I’m sleeping, I just wanted to give a short notice to everyone that we’ve reached this milestone. This post is automatically publishing at a time that is my “best safe guess” (4AM PDT) for when we’ll have reached that number. If it hasn’t yet, it soon will. For those who might have been refreshing the page to see if you can capture it at 200 million, you won’t; the counter display only updates every 15 minutes to save resources, and doesn’t update in real time, though it does track every “hit” (but does not count reloads).

I wish to thank everyone who has helped make this possible, the readers, the contributors, the moderators, and most importantly my long suffering family who has dealt with dad being distracted in his study far more than he should be.

For all of my detractors, who send hate mail, publish snide attack pieces, have attempted to dig through my trash, shouted “denier” in my ear on the telephone (and then hung up like the cowards they are), launched Twitter attacks, claimed I “have sex with farm animals” (thanks Mike Roddy), or ruminated rants from their parent’s basement, I thank you too. Because love it or hate it, you all read WUWT anyway and are part of the success.

My sincere thanks to all of you for making WUWT “…the world’s most viewed climate website” – Anthony Watts

P.S. The recent site upgrades I have made have resulted in significant increases in views – thanks to everyone who made suggestions for improvements and for being patient while we worked out the kinks in the new format.

P.P.S The next big thing here will be announced in a couple of days, watch for it.


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Yes, it’s just ticked over to 200,000,000 plus, Fantastic Success!!

Yea, the counter is already 5,815 over 200mil! At 7:04am EDT (about the time you posted this).

WUWT is a world asset.
Thanks to all involved.

Barbara Skolaut

What jd said!
Thank you, Anthony, et al.

Jimmy Haigh.

Well done Anthony. It’s a superb achievement.


Congratulations, Anthony!

Well done.
Congratulations! It is well deserved. Thanks to our host and all his helpers.
Especial thanks to the Moderators who have applied our host’s rules which make WUWT what it is.


200 million views is testament that this Climate site is the best there is. (Jo Novas site is pretty good too)
Congratulations to AW and the team 🙂

Good on ya, Anthony.


Congratulations and thanks for all the effort.
This is probably more significant than the 400 ppm “threshold” in that it will only happen once 😉
.. and it matters.


Gratz on a job well done….

José Tomás

Congratulations from a daily reading Brazilian lurker! 🙂


Wow congratulations !


Congrats, WUWT. I think I got a million of those views meself.

Thanks for all the time you put into WUWT Anthony – the world is a better place thanks to your efforts.


It demonstrates that a quality product draws an audience.

Wow! Way over 200 million by the time I got here this morning (Florida time).
Congrats Anthony. Evidentially, once you built it, we came.


This is quite an accomplishment. I greatly appreciate the years I have used this site to have sanity brought to this argument.
Thank you Anthony!

An amazing accomplishment in only 7 years. When WUWT started, 2 – 3 comments were normal. Many times there were none. Now, a MILLION reader comments! And the 3-time winner of the internet’s Best Science & Technology website. Awesome!
Congratulations, Anthony. You make this site what it is: most excellent.

Leon Brozyna

Not too shabby and just think, with another fifty million it’ll be a quarter billion.

Billy Liar

Maths warning!!

Billy Liar

Yeah – my maths!


Well its 21:30 Wednesday 10, Sept here in Canberra. A big congratulations from Australia. Must admit I am a WUWT junkie. Check it out first thing in the morning before my run, at work during lunch and when I get home. Absolutely the best.

A superb milestone for a superb site and author, well done Ant!!!

Bloke down the pub

Congratulations Anthony. If you’re still coming to Bristol for the Cook chinwag , I’ll stand you a beer to celebrate.

Luke Warmist

Congrats Mr. W. Well done.

Congratulations Anthony. Great job!


Thank you Anthony and your family, friends, mods …. thank you all.


We of the 2 million salute you.
Well at least I do.

Geoff Connolly

Congrats Anthony and all that have contributed over the journey.
Remember, 97% of all Climate sites.. aren’t a rounding error compared to WUWT visitor numbers!

Bair Polaire

399,14 ppm of those 200 million page views from my computer… Well, not exactly, that would have been more than 36 page views per day since Climategate broke. I guess some people here might approach that number. They are to WUWT what CO2 is to the atmosphere…


At 0842 hours in the Chilean morning: 200,007,904 views – and counting. Congrats to you, Anthony. Great work – you have created a unique ressource! All the best,



So what counts as a “view”? I check this site nearly every day, so I must have racked up well over a thousand views myself – correct?

Every time you look at a new page or reload an old one counts as one view.


WoodPress does not send a cookie when viewing a page.
Therefore relaods count as a “hit”


Watch out for “hits”. Some shady operators like to use that metric. 25 “hits” can be one page view plus 24 1×1 px transparent pixels.

I can absolutely relate to this.
“…and most importantly my long suffering family who has dealt with dad being distracted in his study far more than he should be.”

Jack Savage

Not a day goes by without me visiting your site, and I learn something new every time I do. Thanks again to you and all the other excellent contributors.

Steve Keohane

Congratulations Anthony!


Congratulations! This is certainly one site on which I can happily post that its been a beautiful day today in Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia. Probably 25c where I live and that’s just the start of another great warm year.
Fortunately for us we are half a world away from your cold crazys over there. Here you can almost plant a broomstick & when it grows it will give you mangoes, custard apples, mandarins or papaya depending upon the season.
WUWT is a site that allows people to give expression to the joy that feel for living in a naturally warm world. Thank you for giving so much voice to those who so strongly reject the CAGW nonsence/non-science.

I first encountered WUWT in 2009, probably via a link in another forum, and first commented on 18Feb09: “I’ve just spent way too much time reading through this extraordinary thread. . .” I’ve continued to spend “way too much time” here (I’m sure my wife thinks so, looking at all the chores put off), but it’s been worth it, even (or especially) when some topics are way over my head. WUWT provides an education for anyone willing to read, and its open (but moderated) Comments are a model that other blogs should emulate.
Congratulations on the 200-million milestone, and thanks for standing up for scientific integrity in a world seemingly captured by an increasingly nasty form of Lysenkoism, under the rubric of “climate change.”
/Mr Lynn

Tom in Florida

Not only a fantastic climate resource but a window into peoples of other countries and parts of the world.

Congratulations Anthony, well deserved success!


1 billion or bust


A stunning success that would be impossible without such high quality content. Congratulations.

Thank you sir!
(Now 200,012,743 views …. at 5:10 AM Pacific Time. Funny, the Pause has continued, as the “Reads” keep increasing……)

Couldn’t happen to a better site, or a nicer guy. Thanks for all that you do – keep up the good work!!!
– Phil


Nearly 13k visits over one hour. Nice.

Charles Nelson

Is two hundred million like…a consensus?


Proud to have accounted for some of the 200 millions. Thanks, this website has made history.

UK Marcus

Thank you Anthony and your family.
Also your great team of mods and contributors, especially Willis and Lord M.
200 million and counting! You deserve to feel very proud.
You are a classic example of ‘work like you dont need the money’.

Proud Skeptic

Congratulations, Anthony! Keep it up! I visit WUWT every day.


Thanks, Ric. I was wondering about the rate of change. And now “To infinity and beyond!”

Dire Wolf

And the greatest thing about these milestones… no one can homogenize them to “correct” the exponential slope.

Oops – my monthly Tables of Content pages have the latest date first.
The first post got three responses, on three different days, so I should have said:
1: 2006 Nov 18, http://wattsupwiththat.com/2006/11/17/welcome-to-watts-up-with-that/


I check in here every day. There’s always something worth reading.


We need to gather together and have a global warming BS march